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  1. Black would have been in the confines of the frozen tundra, trying to avoid a blizzard. "Damn it..I knew I should have grabbed that stupid survival skill." The man states as he looks to his fingers which were incredibly cold. "This is seriously just screwed up...I'm going to turn into a damn...chocolate popsicle out here!" He cries out as he takes his shovel and starts digging snow out and shoveling it into a pile by a tree. "Nope. I'm not dying out here. They got me messed up man. I'm not turning into an icicle. " He grunts as he now has dug himself six feet deep into the snow. "Yep. They don't know me. I'm a Marine. I survived the snowy mountains of Bridgeport! I'm going to build myself a snow coffin!" He exclaims as he carves out a three foot little resting block inside of the snow and lays down a sleeping bag and goes to sleep. He then gets startled by a noise and springs up out of the hole like a mole rat and shouts "Halt! Who goes there?" @Kirbs
  2. Black grumbles as he realizes that his friends abandoned him on this journey. He shakes his head in disappointment. ”What a drag…” He complains as he shoves his hands in his pockets and walks over to the bat to buy another drink. “Here's payment for the tab today.” Black hands out a bag of col. Only a mere portion of his earnings from gambling today. “Maybe it's time to really test my luck, he states as he slides his hand over to his translucent menu. “Let's see...480 HP...52 MIT...I have the rest of my items and gear should things get a little crazy.” He then blinks towards his damage stats. “Can't hit anything worth a damn, though...at least not yet.” He hums lightly. He then monitors his Battle Ready Items. “A few potions and food buffs...everything looks in order.” He then begins to scroll through his friends list. His hand hovers above Hestia's name as he begins to PM her. “Time for my first right of passage, Sensei. I'll be meeting you near the Case of the Wyrms Quest. I'll be taking down the beast head on. I want you there as a contingency.” @Hestia
  3. Black

    Black's Bountiful Feast Evaluations

    Craft Attempt Day 10/18 Craft Attempt Day 10/19 Craft Attempt Day 10/20 Craft Attempt Day 10/21
  4. Black would be sitting at a bar nursing his drunken stupor as he drank the ta vern's ale. Getting drunk really didn't matter to him as much as enjoying the ambiance of incessant chatter and easy prey for his gambling vices. The city of Nimbus was ripe with competition for card and dice games galore. His “Lucky Devil” bandana across his forehead shimmered in the laternlight as he smirked at the gambler across from him that was playing cho-han with him. "Alright, evens or odds" A husky voice replied as the other person laid down their col. "Quit stalling, hurry up and pick!" The rugged adventurer dressed in a hooded robe replied. Black frowned and bobbed his head a few times, appearing slightly pleased. "Well, odds are that the dice show up as evens." He calls out as the man lifts the cup. "Snake eyes..that's even.." He demurred like some western cowboy who had just won a standoff. He tipped his head to the gentleman and began to rake in his Col. "Well, damn, when I said I'd buy you drinks..I didn't mean enough o buy out the whole bar, Black, give me a break." The other player whined. "Hey man, you know better than to test my luck. I told you already man, it's a gift." Black chuckled, as his eyes darted to notice a familiar face in the crowd. "Well, how about a r ematch?" The burly man queried, throwing more Col at the table. "Nah, I got bigger fish to fry..looking for bigger coin." The black swordsman replied as he stood up and walked over to another brown. "You running aroun d lo oking for fool to buy those shitty song crystals, homie?" The hip-hop-esque player gae off urban vibes in his accent. One could tell he enjoyed that flavored ambiance. "I've been training up since we last met.." He sa id with a smile, before looking over to ebony skinned woman with fiery red hair. "Word on the street is there's a quest around this floor that drops this sick poison that lasts for ten turns. I'm talking enough to get some really good items for boss fights and raids..maybe even some money for a nice player house." Black bobs his head like his was up to some grand scheme, wondering if they'd take interest. “Whoa, whoa whoa man. You're talkin g about Case of the Wyrms? You do realize the beast's venom can carve right through that armor of yours, right? That's crazy dude. You might think it's a good deal, but Nah fam. I'm out.” The black skinned player replied to Black. The woman rubbed her arm nervously. “Yeah, I'm sorry Black. I got to bail on that one too...too dangerous.” Black winced in disappointment. “Wha...wait...hey co me o n…” But his words would fall on deaf ears as the duo left. @Hestia
  5. The greedy fox of a gambler sighs with a non-chalant gesture as he throws out a six of diamonds. Terror begins to ensue on Tyrell's heart as his eyes dilate towards the final player on the board. ‘He has to have the little joker...he has to..he has to...he has to…’ Black's partner in crime on the battlefield shrugged his shoulders with a smirk on his face. “I'm sorry. I'm all out of spades. But I suppose you could say...I found a diamond in the rough. “ He states as he flashes his three of diamonds card. Tyrone slammed a first on the table and looked to Tyrell like he was an idiot. “You fool! You wasted a spade card and you cut me. Why would you play a card higher than mine when I already had the King!” Black allowed the men to ramble on and on as he revealed that he held enough cards between him and his partner to win the match. As he and his partner scooped up the spoils, Tyrell slammed a hand around his wrist and stares into his eyes. “Oh yeah? How about...triple or nothing?” The dark skinned man said with a flick of his tongue, as if prepared to dare the man to the most obscene challenge he could think of. “I mean...if you really want to go bankrupt, be my guest.” Black said with a demonic lick of his lips at the idea of all that precious col as he leaves forward and stared the man in the eyes. “I bet you can't beat the Herculean Labors on Floor 17! Few teams ever do! Some see it as a right of passage to prove your worth as a tier 2. I mean, you're almost there anyway...unless that Marine Corps courage ran out from a little video game.” The man taunts. Black behind to tighten his “Lucky Devil” headband. “Ohhh, now this is going to be fun~” He started as he scooped up the coins into a bag, through the bag over his shoulder, and began making his way out. Tyrell began to get aggressive and attempted to tackle Black out of rage, but the gambling trickster simply pushed a bucket in the way of the man's feet and caused him to flip in the water with a huge splash. The ebony skinned warrior then looked to Hestia and Kimi. “Oh, looks like you made it. It's good to see you both.” He said before watching Tyrone try to help fish Tyrell out of the water. “I got a mission for us on floor seventeen. Herculean Labor. Let's get going before the drama queens show up again.” He suggested. @Hestia
  6. Black hoped the man's patience wouldn’t wear thin. Of course, if it did, Black would just think the man had some death wish and didn't have his priorities straight. However, this man out that idle time to good use. He was a thinker who was mindful of being vigilant and able to detect threats. “Good thinking. We got to always maintain fields of security when we can.” Black retorts as he stares down the buzzing beast that was infuriated with him by now. The man was right to be wary of other players in the game. Sometimes they were the larger threat. Enemies and bosses could be learned and often evaded, but a man hunting person no one knew anything about could pose a large problem. There were rumors of thieves liking about the lower floors, seeking to intimidate new players into handing over materials or Col. The Bee winded up into a fearsome penetrating sting that rammed Black against a tree. A loud cloud of dust shot from the impact and black's sword emanated a bold red aura as he thrust it straight through the insect. With only a tiny increment of his health gone and the beast at half health now, he shouts out to CrownS. “Alright, you have the green light! You're clear to engage! Stab it hard like you want to kill it!” @Cr0wnS
  7. Black would lean back, cleaning out a mug as he watches Kyoto look over the menu. He was curious what the man might decide to go for. It seemed that he was studying the menu with a very pensive expression upon his face. There were so many rich flavors, of course it would be a challenge to decide. Black tightened his white headband across his forehead in a dramatic flare once the man finally looked like he was going to make a decision. “Something popular around here, eh?” Black grins previously as he looks confidently at the man. “Order up!” He says as he goes to prepare the man a meal fit for a champion.” I call these the Thunder Roll because the flavor really pops in your mouth like a bolt of lightning.” Black states as he lays out a tray of a dozen Thunder Sushi Rolls. There is also a tray of ginger, soy sauce, and wasabi. “Don't go too hard on the soy sauce and wasabi...especially the wasabi unless you want to breathe fire like a dragon.” Black chuckles. He then considers Kyoto's inquiry about quests in the area and he knew that it was his duty as the local bar owner to deliver results. “Oooh~ What are you doing, Black-Senpai~ Are you running off on a quest again? Why don't you guys save the little pretty trees?” A woman that was short with large breasts and long silver hair spoke. She was adorned in a waitress outfit. Black smirks at the woman. “Are you eavesdropping on me again, Midori? And you talking about that boss mob Byakko? “ He then turns to Kyoto. “There's a pretty strong monster that's been destroying the beautiful a** forest out here...so I've been wanting to and together the strongest hippies I know to go save the trees!” @Kyot0
  8. “You cocky little…” Black retorted as he danced about the battlefield, staring down his opponent. The woman had a comeback for everything. It was great. “It's starting to fill a lot like Christmas!” Black said mockingly as she jingled again. “And here's your present!” He shouted at the Nepent while bearing his sharp fangs. He tightened his grip upon his blade and made sure he ripped through his enemy. It knocked off a tiny increment of health. Black was only able to do so much, but relied on his armor to do the finishing blow. However, it seemed this Neoent Variant was short a few chromosomes as Black stood perfectly still and yet the poor thing missed. “You missed! How could you miss! I was three feet in front of you!” Black shouts out, referencing the little dragon from Mulan. He then pauses and blinks at Mutsu after she calls him the crayon eating muscle and suddenly a lightbulb goes off in his head as he points a finger to the sky and begins to speak like the Chef Ignus from Final Fantasy XV “That's it! I've learned a new recipe!” And then he began to write in his journal. “Crayon eating muscles….DMG buff...yes, yes…” Once he was done, he shot a thumbs up to Mutsu. @Mutsu
  9. Black maintained a sharp and militant composure. He knew that if he had appeared confident and assured that everything would flow smoothly that it would give Crown peace of mind. As long as the dark haired warrior didn't get ahead of himself, he'd make it out okay. He knew this deadly wasp was able to one shot level ones with ease. All it took was a single sting to send them shattering into nothingness. Black's dark eyes reverted back to check on August and make sure he was holding up alright. It seemed the man didn't have any issues following orders which was good. Things should work out well. “You're disciplined. You should be fine. “ Black grunted as noticed the man was tensed up. Black remembered the same feeling when he was in the man's shoes. Black's boots sprung up from the ground as he leaped to his left and entered a soinning vortex as he used the powerful force from his hips. His momentum poured into his sword art as he unleashed the power of yet another rage blow after evading the nimble wasp's attack. “One more hit ought to do it. After I hit it one more time, I want you to go in with everything you've got, but if I say ceasefire don't you dare swing that damn sword, alright? Let me regain control of the situation. I'll guide you through this but you have to do exactly as I say “ Black said firmly with no room for debate on the matter. @Cr0wnS
  10. Black would begin to wash the dishes in the back. With the digital functions it was a very simple tasks, much like how much of the cooking was a digital exercise. The ebony skinned shinobi felt at peace as he tended to the patrons that poured in one after another. Today seemed to be a pretty relaxing day. He came from the back to check how everything out from was going. That's when he discovered that Kyoto was in the area and stopped by to visit. He appeared to be still wearing that black jacket. “Oh yeah? I'm glad word is getting around man. I'm sure once I hit rank 7, I'll be recognized as one of the best chefs in all of Aincrad!” He beams with delight. “And you know the best spots to eat are normally in some hole in the wall joint. “ Black cracks back with a refreshing grin. “Come slide up a chair and I’ll bring out something for you. You know what you want to order?” Black slides him a menu from his restaurant. He then looks curiously at the dark haired swordsman as he suggests the idea of them doing a quest together. “Sure, why not. I’m just a few points shy of being a Tier 2 player. Might as well make today the day I earn my stripes.” @Kyot0
  11. Black then sets the Teriyaki chicken down on a white rectangular dish to the side. He then sets down a bamboo rolling mat inside of a plastic bag. He then lays out a half sheet of nori on top of it. He then begins to wet his hands so it doesn't stick so much the he takes about one hundred and twenty grams of cooked sushi rice and smooths it out evenly over the top of the nori. He then flips the sheet over with the rice. He then adds a few slices of Teriyaki chicken and sliced cucumber, making sure the pieces aren't too large so he can still close it. Next he adds a little bit of Teriyaki sauce. Then he begins to roll it by pinching both ends of the nori sheet and very carefully rolling it into a sushi roll. He then compresses it and rolls it several times. He grabs a knife and then drags the tip of the knife and cuts the avocado slices very thin and trims off the sides to make it nice and neat looking and then takes the flat side of his knife, sticking it under all the slices and lays them on top of the sushi roll and wraps it again. He then wets his knife on a damp cloth in between cutting the sushi into six pieces and sets out a little pickled ginger on the side. He drizzle more teriyaki sauce and sprinkles sesame seeds on top of it. (597/639) EXP -7 T1 Mats
  12. Black began to loot the treasure chest. He took everything of value that he could muster. It was filled with col and other valuable items. "Great more materials for cooking. I really could use those. " Black began to rub his eyes again. He had grown weary. He looked to two unidentifiable rare consumables. "Hm..wonder what these are..." He pursed his lips staring at the item for a few moments. He lifted his feet to walk in the opposite direction. Things seemed to be fine until he heard something in the distance near a near the back of the tunnel "What the hell is that?" He muttered as he advanced toward the exit with caution. He took several small steps towards it's direction. The sound of the noise grew louder and louder as if someone was digging around for food. That's when he saw it. It was a large wolf that hadn't noticed him. The pelt it had was an ebony color with a white underbelly. The dog had a Ravenguard black and grey outfit adorned across it and it ceases from digging through the ground. The beast turned it's head away from Black and started walking away. "Phew..that was a close one" The Black Swordsman stated as he ran out and completed the quest. Summary: 200 Col - Kyot0 200 Col - Black 1 T1 Mat gathered - Black 2 SP - Black 1 SP - Kyot0 Black - Treasure Chest: 200 Col, 5 T1 Mats, 1 unidentifiable rare weapon, 2 unidentifiable rare potions
  13. “Yeah I hope this is the last time. I mean..I bet some asshole might just kill the girl. I've been hearing about those creepy ass PKers who don’t care about nobody. They just want to do sick twisted [censored]. “ He shrugs as they continue to travel through the darkness. Something catches his foot and he falls over on top of it, making a loud noise. He watches as Kyoto continues on and he begins to rub across the figure he tripped over. “It’s all good man. I'll catch up with you. “ The sneaky sable skinned rogue said to the black swordsman. He then noticed that there was a familiar object in front of him. “Hm..he trips over rocks...I trip over treasure chests. Nice. I guess my luck just never runs out then. “ Black states as he begins to hover his menu near it for a little bit of better lighting.
  14. Black smirks at Kyoto as he laughs at the man's response. Black just loved screwing around and doesn't seem to care since nothing in the area can really do him much harm. He knew he didn't do much damage so he had to celebrate the small victories when he got them. He loved utilizing his paralytic abilities or using them for his finishers. He felt like a star player on the team when paired up with Kyoto. He watched as Kyoto threw the girl over his shoulder and gave him a dubious expression. “I don't know man...she look a little young for you. Don't you think?” Black smirks teasingly as he walks of beside him. He squints at the girl. “And you young lady! Your mom is pissed! No cell phones for a whole month! Yeah! And we're cutting off the wifi, too!” He knitted his brows with a serious expression. Black then tilts his head at Kyoto. “Looks like your little sister? Whoa, man, keep your fetishes to yourself. I know I might be from the south, but that's taboo around here. “