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  1. He listened intently, carefully to what she told him. She seemed to really place a lot of importance on the method and Alkor didn't want to screw things up. He nodded, golden eyes flickering over the snow as he shaped it in both hands. Was that right? Firm, but gentle? Had he ever done anything quite like that? He found himself doubting his ability to follow those instructions solely based on the wording, even if the snowball did seem to be taking shape. She looked like she was getting colder, though. Reddened face, increased movement, rapid speech... he wondered if she had been out too long? Not that it was incredibly dangerous in this area, to his knowledge. There were zones where the weather had the potential to be hazardous. Still, he felt a bit concerned. Against his hesitant nature, the urge to help others always seemed to win out. He tilted his head. "Are you cold?" he asked. "I've got an extra cloak in my inventory, if you need another layer." Then, he heard a familiar voice. Father Wuotan approached, and he greeted Alkor before moving toward the other Player... Players? Was there anyone else there? "I'm well, Father," Alkor returned the greeting warmly. "I hope you are, too." He then set about packing and rolling the snowball, the way An had instructed. She was getting her Christmas present! It was important not to interrupt, after all. @Andromeda
  2. Alkor

    [SP-F1] Guidance

    The hardest thing to accept when faced with the Cardinal system was knowing that it knew your mind. It could scan memories and thoughts, and in a single instant conjure your greatest fears or inadequacies. Alkor knew that this was just that- a phenomenon brought on by the Cardinal system, in response to his accepting the quest for a familiar. But, was this the normal familiar quest? Wasn't he just supposed to find a creature, throw it some food, and make nice? It seemed like a low-grade form of psychological torture, from what he could feel, see, and hear. Are you going to cry? Alkor stopped, cold. It was like the bullies that plagued him during his years of school, or the people who never understood why he kept his distance from others. They always asked questions or taunted him. There was never peace. He felt tugging at his hair, like someone was pulling him off the ground. You are. You're crying again. How pathetic is that?
  3. When she started to laugh, Alkor blinked. Had he said something wrong? Done something? His gaze followed the woman to make sure she was alright even as she dexterously handled the ball of snow and formed it in front of her. She seemed to be alright, so he sighed in relief. "Andromeda," he repeated as she gave her name. After the galaxy, perhaps? Or the name of the goddess from Greek mythology? Either one was a fascinating concept, and spoke to something about the girl for choosing it. He didn't know her well enough to ask about that, though. Or rather, he supposed that it might be rude to ask someone why they picked their username. "Oh- uh, alright," he said as she said he could help her. That startled him. Alkor wasn't much good at doing things with other people, or as a group. Anything that involved working as a team... yeah, he was still working on that whole aspect of Sword Art Online. "If you're okay with it, I suppose I'll try, An," he knelt down a distance away from her, toward the fresh snow she'd indicated. Safe distance. This'll be okay, right? "Okay, so... I start to do this?" @Andromeda
  4. Alkor

    [OP-F1] I think... I'm back

    The first floor offered a quiet place for reflection. After several days of trying intensely to catch up on all the things he'd fallen behind in, Alkor decided he would head to Tolbana Town and relax alone, where there would be fewer people to interact with. He stepped from the teleporter and headed to the edge of town at top speed. He almost came colliding into Ceres, who dragged someone along behind her. Almost, because he managed to stop himself by lowering his level and skidding to a halt. Alkor slowly recovered and stood, jarred by the sudden change in momentum. As he did so, he looked at the two Players who almost ran into him. Did he know them? Maybe? "Sorry," he mumbled as he made to pass them by and get back to traveling toward Tolbana. Whether or not he remembered their faces after a few moments, he had come to the first floor in order to get away from the constant barrage of people trying to make their way in Aincrad. He wasn't exactly interested in a good conversation. @Ceres @Atzo
  5. Alkor

    [PP - F2] Raven Hollow [School]

    "Wh-oah!" He called out in surprise as she hit him, albeit totally on accident. He had picked up his pace when he heard her call out to him, and because the whole building seemed to stir and shift around them, he had no sense of their relative distance. Hissing in pain, the Swordsman staggered backward while clutching his head. "Ow," he mumbled as he slowly focused his eyes on Lessa. "It is you," he said breathlessly. For some reason, he had not expected the woman to run into him. Even less, he did not expect her to call out his name. "Are you alright?" he asked. Alkor held out his hand and offered to help her to her feet. "We should probably get out of here before we start conversing," he added. "I don't want to find out how hard it is to get trapped in this place." Without hesitating or waiting for her response, he helped her up and they headed for the exit.
  6. I like to think of myself as a one man wolf pack.

  7. Alkor

    I Lived.

    Su'cuy gar, vod.
  8. Alkor

    [F17] Obsidian Invasion

    There was nothing else but heat, ashes, and smoke now. The world spiraled around him and choked him, threatening to encroach from the immense pressure on either hand. Whether they intended to or not, the other two Players weighed heavily on the anxious Swordsman, who shored up all of his resolve to block out the things that were dragging him down. The other man disappeared. The sensation of other people faded. Darkness sucked him in and drowned his senses. Aincrad and Alkor stared at each other through the abyss, and a moment later, the world went white. Serenity washed over him. Whether the system understood him, or resonated with his determination he couldn't say; but what Alkor could say was that a familiar voice came to him in that moment. You can do it. The shakes faded from his arms and he felt something swell in his chest. His eyes opened, burning now like gilded flames. He stared into the portal at the epicenter of their circle, and he willed it to be gone. In that single moment, their will was as one. The Portal responded by slowly flickering from existence.
  9. Alkor

    [F17] Obsidian Invasion

    Alkor grit his teeth as Bahr spoke, fingernails biting into digital flesh as his knuckles turned white. This arrogant prick just pushed all the wrong buttons, and he had plenty of words for the stoplight eyed Player. "I don't know who the f-" Just as he was about to unload a torrent of unhealthy, unfiltered curses at the man, Alkor was stopped by Lessa. She said she understood, but apparently this was the only way for them to move forward. The swordsman let out a heavy sigh and closed his eyes. "...fine," he resigned himself. It was less important that he chew Bahr out for existing and more important that he got this over with as soon as possible. He took Mac's hand finally and accepted Lessa's, but kept his eyes closed. He couldn't help but fidget uncomfortably. This type of touch based interaction made his skin crawl. And he kept telling himself, "stop thinking about how much of a douche he is, stop thinking about how much of a douche he is..." The effort went about as poorly as expected. "Dammit!" he seethed in frustration.
  10. Alkor

    [F17] Obsidian Invasion

    Wait, did they just... start holding hands? What the hell did Macradon just say about singing campfire songs and being best friends? Alkor stared from one face to the next, mortified by the suddenly display of muted, mandated affection between four people who really didn't know each other all that well. Well, he didn't know two of them that well. "Wait wait, what the hell?" He pulled away before either of the other two Players could take his hand. "There's got to be a different way to go about this, because I'm really not comfortable with Christmas Cookies staring deeply into my eyes. And no offense Mac, you're a nice guy, but I'm not really the hand holding type. You didn't even take me to dinner first." Alkor shifted uncomfortably and looked from one Player to the next. "I think we need to really think this one out before we jump headlong into it. Is standing around it and playing My Little Pony going to do the trick?"
  11. Alkor

    [F17] Obsidian Invasion

    Once he was content with the knowledge that the citizens were safe behind friendly guards, Alkor hurried through the tunnels and navigated his way above ground. What he saw when he returned to the surface was horrible. Devastation wrought across the face of the settlement only worsened as the onslaught continued, and even while the Players toiled to beat it back, the Cardinal System gave rewarded them with outright war. He kept his blade at the ready as he moved through emptied streets and burned out buildings, an elaborate maze of desolation. They kept coming from a concentration of sources- the information dealers had worked quickly to obtain that info and make it available, and the incursion was being swiftly dealt with as a result. So, when he eyed the last portal, Alkor gunned it straight toward- Lessa? Oh, good, someone he could trust to help handle the situation, and she was hugging... "...woah, woah! Hey there!" Alkor called out absently as he came to a halt a healthy distance from the two. His eyes moved from Bahr to Lessa, and he put up a hand to direct his speech solely to the woman. "Hey, what are you doing with Mister Temper Tantrum?" he asked her, no hint of subtlety in his voice. "You shouldn't get too close. He might punch you for no reason." [Moving to Portals] @Bahr @Lessa
  12. Alkor

    [F17] Obsidian Invasion

    The most annoying thing was how far he lagged behind the group. It was difficult to discern how quickly they were moving, and impossible to tell if they had run into any trouble along the way. He kept himself operating on the assumption that if he were still able to advance to the rear, they had not stopped in any significant way. That was the only thing he had at this point, because other Players had already hurried ahead of him to secure the refugees. Every so often, he stopped and turned to run to keep the distance between himself and the group as small as he could; but the reality was, this was an exhausting battle. A losing battle. Victory came in what they manage to scrounge from the losses. Everything left behind when the chaos passed meant hope would flourish again. Even though they were not Players, the denizens of Aincrad deserved better than to suffer at the whims of Cardinal. In that way, they were United. Alkor snapped around one last time and began railing against the encroaching line, browbeaten but hardly defeated. The light of dawn would come soon- proverbial at least. He knew it would. With that thought, he heard it. "We're saved!" came the relieved outcry from the people he had escorted. "We're not going to die!" When he glanced back, he saw why. A line of guards, all ready and waiting to defend the people.
  13. Alkor

    [F17] Obsidian Invasion

    He deflected another blow and looked back over his shoulder. There were so many of them gathered, all apparently rallied with hopeful gazes to watch as he fought off their attackers. "I'll hold them!" he called to the group, "you all need to get into the tunnels! Follow the others, I'll be right behind you!" They seemed to take to his words with instant certainty, aware that his skill was equal to the task of their defense. The swordsman held against a wave of smaller attackers with his curved sword in hand, slashing and slicing wickedly through enemies as they scurried at him en masse. It wasn't like the fights he was used to: they were weak, but there were so many. Even a single one would spell doom for the NPCs, but to a Player, this was as nothing. The trials they faced as they cleared floors prepared them for things just like this. He continued to press back against the enemy forces until the last survivor had retreated to the tunnels. Then, Alkor began to fall back himself. There was little time to waste, and they had no way of cutting off the enemy- they just had to keep moving until they reached their goal.
  14. Alkor

    [F17] Obsidian Invasion

    By the time he heard the news, the relief efforts were already under way. The siege brought down immense pressure and made pushing into the town deeply enough to do any sort of fighting a fool's errand. Still, there were things that Alkor could actually manage. While the walls were hideously burned, most of the flames had been doused and much of the wreckage had been cleared. Players worked together to alleviate the horrific damage that had been done to the Floor Seventeen settlement, and for the first time Alkor had a reason to believe his newfound faith in teamwork was not misplaced. The golden eyed swordsman scanned the situation and quickly determined the best course of action. For now, making sure the people trapped in the dungeons made it out safely was the most he could do. "Alright," he steeled himself and drew air into his lungs, then let his voice boom. "Anyone who can hear me, I'm going to make sure you get out of here safe! Hurry up and group around me as quickly as you can!" There were still threats, like enemies that had yet to be put down. Alkor did what he could with his blade and whipped away at smaller foes, keeping them at bay. He saw people trickling out of hiding and taking shelter behind him, so that was good. Hopefully, a good number of them would be able to take advantage of his assistance.
  15. He tilted his head as she explained. Despite the existence of snow back where he grew up, the man behind Alkor spent most of his hours indoors, or away from people. The snow was beautiful and he enjoyed it, but he had almost always done so from afar. So, to walk in it now was foreign. It felt like he was a child learning about the cold for the second or third time. His exposure in Aincrad was limited to the time he had been able to spend on the fourth floor. Now, this event made it seem even more special. He could understand the allure of wanting to take advantage of it. "I see," he muttered as he watched her. It was sweet that she could enjoy the world in such a serene, almost childish manner despite their situation. Perhaps this girl had more wisdom than any of those people who cast aside momentary bliss for efficiency and results. "A snowman, hm? That's pretty cool." He wore a soft smile as he spoke, hands tucked into his pockets for warmth. "I don't remember ever building one myself," he confessed. When she asked about him, and if he was enjoying the festival and the event, he frowned a bit as he recalled the last few hours. They had hardly been his favorite. Then, he managed to smile. Her warm mood was infectious. Alkor didn't want to bring it down. "Yeah, it's been pretty cool to get a little bit of a break," he said. That much at least was honest. "I'm Alkor, by the way," he introduced himself. "It's nice to meet you." @Andromeda