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[F16-PP] Wedding Of Neo & Haz <<Saying Vows>>

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It was quite a while now and people came and go and things Seemed to be going Okay now, Haz looked over to Neo and smiled happily with her it was very simple to see that both were having a good time now and it started to get quiet. People started to leave and Neo and Haz where left alone with the party It seemed people had been happy with things and seemed happy to see both that it was time to leave as well, "Well Neo, it been some time now and let's say it was a good day, So how about we going to wait a bit before we get into combat," He says to Neo taking her as he carries her to the house and walks into the room itself, "I will get things going for us two I promise I will," He said to Neo and smiles before he sits down with her on the bed and smiling looking at the rings. "I hope I see you outside, Probely will be with much longer hair for sure," Haz said smiling.


Thread Summary,

Hazado: 200 Col | 3 SP | Wedding Ring
@Neopolitan: 200 Col | 3 SP | Wedding Ring
@Cosi: 200 Col  
@Sunova: 200 Col | 1 SP
@Kirbs: /
@Hydravion: /
@Morgenstern: /
@Dustin: /
@Ruby: /
@Hestia: /
@Ennakai: /
@Vigilon: /
@Krysta: /
@Arabelle: /
@Mishiro: /
@Penelo: /

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