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[2.6.3] Patch Notes



Mechanic Changes:

  • Stealth:
    • Players must roll to maintain Stealth at the beginning of their turn. If a player wishes to attack out of stealth they must roll to maintain stealth and attack in the same roll (declaring both in the purpose). If they failed to maintain stealth, they are considered detected and would lose any appropriate bonuses before their action is processed.
    • Simplified Passive Stealth Detection rules (whenever the stealth roll falls below the passive stealth detection rating, stealth is considered broken and detected).
    • Systems & Development Comments: We wanted to discourage Stealth from possibly being constantly re-rolled before combat in order to bypass Passive Stealth Detection. These changes should put more pressure on people who decide to use Stealth for their combat bonuses and should hopefully increase the first turn diversity.

Skill Changes:

  • Charge:
    • Charge no longer caps Accuracy at 2 during Charge Attacks.
    • Charge Attacks now have a -1 Accuracy debuff (e.g. someone with 5 Accuracy normally would have 4 Accuracy while using a Charge Attack).
  • Hiding:
    • Mod: Untraceable:
      • New description: You've learned how to reduce evidence to your existence giving you the option to hide your names within a party and allowing you to pass without a trace.
      • Systems & Development Comments: We're currently planning on giving skill description's a bit more love and a bit more weight when it comes to narrative and roleplaying. Certain players may want to try to disguise their identity whilst in a party and, with this mod, they'll now be able to.
    • Mod: Surprise Attack (Assassin):
      • Reduced damage bonus when attacking out of stealth from (3 * Tier) to (1 * Tier).
    • Mod: Surprise Attack (Trickster):
      • Removed additional turn when attacking out of stealth for DoT status effects.
  • Shadowed Path:
    • Option for base damage bonus when attacking out of stealth reduced from (10 * Rank)% to (4 * Rank)%.
    • Effect (Listed here as Unique Skills are not in the Resource List).

      When using Shadowed Path sword arts and attacking out of stealth, user can choose to gain (4 * rank)% base damage or have DoT status effects to do (5 * rank)% more damage for the first two turns. User only gains hate on critical strikes.

      Hiding and Shadowed Path does not stack, but Shadowed Path allows the user to buy and use Hiding mods. Adds +1 stealth rating per rank. Cannot be detected by Passive Stealth Detection.

    • Systems & Development Comments: We decided to decrease damage of Shadowed Path in order to closer match a traditional DPS in order to compensate for its survivability as opponents are either forced to possibly waste their post action to try to find the wielder (which they may fail in the first place) or let the wielder stay in stealth.


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