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  1. Read!!!!!

    Okay, first of all, hello~

    - My Santa hat is finally relevant again after an entire year of keeping it as my user. (thanks zel.) 

    - Zelrius, so sorry I missed your birthday bud, I also missed mine on here lmao

    - I am extremely sorry to anyone that I haven't responded to over the past two months, I've started school again. (uh oh) 

    - Unfortunately I am not back on the site right now UNLESS I get some people (preferably the people I know, but all are welcome) are wanting to come to the Official Azure Brigade Holiday Party. Please let me know if you're interested in this event in it's third year!! 

    <3 Kiru 

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    2. Domarus


      Heh heh.  Domarus is always willing to go to open events to meet players, if he's allowed to come that is.

    3. Grave


      Hello again, Kiru!!

    4. Zandra


      Azure Brigade? What is that? I have neeever herd of it ;) Must be a tiny group of players that calling themself that ;p

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