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  1. Are there any guilds that are still active?

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    2. Zero


      There's also Dapper Rogues I think, as well as Azure Knights. All of which are pretty open regarding whom they recruit.

    3. Xion


      Come to KOB if you want, we're pretty open to most players, saying that most guilds are 

    4. Brice


      Thanks. I just wasn't sure if many were actually still active.

  2. Yay! Just made my first Perfect quality item!

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    2. Brice


      Omg! Piera-senpai noticed me!

    3. Piera


      xD you've made your sensei/senpai proud!

    4. Brice


      And this was actually for my first potion order too. 

  3. I'm considering joining ALfheim Online. Is there anybody in it that is still active?

    1. Amira


      Yes. Leader of the Cait Sith here. XD

    2. Brice


      Sweet. Can you point me to the race summaries? I can't find them.

    3. Seul


      I'm there as well... But my character is kinda screwed up because the rules kept changing so if I can get him sorted out I'll play.

  4. Brice

    Cross Syndrome Raffle


    I'm in.
  5. Welp... Me and the mob I'm fighting just missed our attacks twice in a row.

    1. Icarus


      The Eternal Battle. 

    2. Brice


      Some say that Brice and the Little Nepent are still missing their attacks toward eachother to this day.

  6. I am back after an uninteded long hiatus.

    1. Baldur


      Welcome back! So am I

  7. I can't wait for Saturday. I'm going to NYCC and I just hope that I get my prop painted in time.

    1. Jomei


      Brice! I'm gonna be there too and it would be awesome to meet someone from the site in person!
      Just look for me in this costume, I'm sure I'll be hard to miss. 


    2. Brice


      Omg! Awesome. It's so cool that I might meet a fellow guild member at the con. I'm gonna be dressed up as God Tier John Egbert from Homestuck with his Warhammer of Zillyhoo. Just be careful. There will probably be some other people dressed up as the same character. I'll definitly look for you though.

  8. Huzzah! I have just crafted my first potion! And it's lime flavored too.

  9. Finally became an alchemist. Now all I have to do is figure out how setting up a shop works.

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    2. Jomei


      ^ What Ariel said. As an alchemist, you could make Vanity potions. For example, someone created one that was a cure for a hangover (Not for ridding the alcoholic buff, just for RP sake) and I have even suggested creating Hair Dye. 

    3. Carambit


      Now all we have to work out is the "full metal" part and we'll be sorted.

    4. Brice


      Aww sweet. I can have a lot of fun with that. Also, nice reference there Cara, but you might want to work on your subtlety.

  10. The door to the clothing store opens up and Brice walks in. He looks around at all the different types clothes the store had on display before walking up to the front counter. He sees a box on the side of the counterand the woman behind it. "You must be Ariel. I'm the one who sent for the suit." Eying the box he points to it. "This must be it then, right? Well I guess I'll be taking it. Here you are." Brice makes the transaction, giving Ariel the owed 3 materials and takes the suit. Heading out, he waves. "Thanks." Name: Tall, Bright and Handsome Profession: TailorRank: High MentorID: 33262Ro
  11. I am looking to comission omething from a tailor. Are there any that would be willing to help?

    1. Mack


      Check with Blue and Lowenthal.

  12. I have been granted access to the Night of Freedom. Is there any tailor out there would would mind comissioning formal attire for me?

    1. Red_Rose


      Just say yer character stopped in at an NPC shop and picked up something cheap. Thats what I did

    2. Brice


      Oh okay. Good  idea.

  13. Just got back form my school's homecoming dance. Sadly my date couldn't come and I did more standing in a crowd of people than actually dancing. I'm still not even sure why I went.

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    2. Endilix


      Hey, a positive. There is always a silver lining my friend. It may be a dull silver, but it's there. Besides, Japanese culture is awesome!

    3. Brice


      Yeah. I want to go to school in Japan during College. It'll be helpful that my papa is friends with a professor over there.

    4. Endilix


      Very nice! I had a dream to go to college in Japan, but then life had other plans. Now I just want to go live in Japan at some point. Someday~

  14. Just finished my first thread, leveled up for the first time, and joined my first guild! Yay!

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    2. Kalesh




    3. Piera


      Not just a butter flavored potion....a buttered POPCORN flavored potion! >:D

      DOUBLE THE BLT! Gah I'm really hungry now guys I hate you all >__>;
      Soy sauce, teriyaki sauce and BBQ sauce are all staple flavors that should be discovered.

      *snickers at Lemon's idea* Booger flavored fish.

    4. Brice


      Gtg. Imma go sleep. Night.

  15. My first BD and MD turned out to be a critical sucess for me and a failure for the monster. Thank god for beginners' luck.

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    2. Brice
    3. Ariel - The Crowned Lion

      Ariel - The Crowned Lion

      I mean recently...today that is. There are plenty who had died even with the old system when boars had a min of 3 or 5 HP

    4. Carambit


      Oh and for the love of GOD, whatever you do, DON'T take on more than one or two enemies. 2 max. Trust me. Just don't go there.

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