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  1. Staff Rewards

    1,000 Col per page/evaluation would quickly add up and is also a higher Col reward than one would earn from actually completing a page of roleplay. I don't think that, at a baseline, approvals should garner more income than the base thread reward. That said, the base thread reward is a wholly inconsequential amount and could do with being ramped up.

  2. I don't know how it would interact with potential Sword Art changes going forward, but I don't really think that it would hurt anything to fold in the Unique Sword Arts as well. It would be much easier for Staff to use an existing Unique Skill (after they're retooled because I think they all need it) as an example of the power ceiling. If we go forward with this change and the option remains to create a Custom Skill or a Custom Art, I don't think anyone would be entirely interested in the latter simply because it's hard to pack the utility and power of a Custom Skill into a Custom Art.

    That being said, if the goal is to remove Unique Arts and Custom Arts entirely, then simply disregard this suggestion.

  3. Custom Skills and Sword Arts in 3.0

    As I understand it, the crux of your contention is that if, hypothetically, the current GMs were replaced in the near future with a different team, then the whole concept of Custom Skills/Arts might go through a more/less rigorous system of approval. I will say one thing on that: as far as Bahr and I are concerned, we spent over five years trying to manage a community somehow more toxic than League of Legends. This community is like a vacation for us. Outside of emergency situations, I don't foresee either of us leaving anytime soon.

    But let's say that happens. Bahr and I are forced to disengage from the site. Would you then be willing to work with us to create something of a rubric people should go by in order to create a Custom Skill or Sword Art? I find that such a thing would make the actual creation easier on the player and would help carve through any bureaucratic issues on the staff side of things. I agree that this system really necessitates trust between players and Staff. It sounds to me as if the solution is creating something to facilitate this that cannot be abused by either side.

  4. Rewarding Staff Members

    Short answer. No.

    Long answer. Hell no.

    Longer answer.

    I am wholeheartedly against any sort of reward to be provided to staff for doing their jobs properly. Keeping your word and doing the job you volunteered to do is its own reward - as well it should be. If it wasn't like pulling teeth to get staff mobilized to do anything or if we as a unit didn't have the attention span of a coked-out squirrel, maybe - maybe - I'd be on board. Without going too much into it, every member of staff knows that we have internal issues that need to be addressed. Issues that choke us up from finishing anything without weeks of waiting and constant, constant spam reminders about the subject.

    So no, Staff doesn't need any extra rewards at all. Staff doesn't deserve any extra rewards at all. An incentive should not be necessary to get Staff to act with a modicum of integrity and do their jobs. In the immortal words of Ron Swanson:

    "When you choose a thankless job, you can't be upset when no one thanks you."

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