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  1. Current Level: 7 Current SP: 15 Link to SP Tracking: [link] Item Upgrades: 2.6 | PRE-CONVERSION 3.0 | UPGRADED ITEM #1 Item Name: Item ID: Item Tier: Item Type: Item Rarity: Item Enhancements: Description: Item Name: Item Tier: Item Type: Item Enhancements: Description: ITEM #2 Item Name: Item ID: Item Tier: Item Type: Item Rarity:
  2. Name: Silver Frost Your Profession: Merchant Your Rank: 1 Item ID: 186155 Identifying ID: 187245 Identifying Result: BD: 4 | CD: 6 | LD: 18 Item Type: 2HSS Tier: 1 Quality: Rare Enhancements: DMG I / ACC I Description: A silver two handed straight sword with a silver blade, and a blue colored hilt with black accent designs. Post Link: Name: Fixer Upper Your Profession: Merchant Your Rank: 1 Item ID: 186155 Identifying ID: 187246 Identifying Result: BD: 3 | CD: 2 | LD: 1 Item Type: Consumable (Salve) Tier: 1 Quality: Uncommon Enhancements: Antidot
  3. Astreya had been fast to come and get her identified items, and she smiled when she was handed two more items to identify. "Of course! I'll get those done quickly. I'll send you another message, though it shouldn't take too long." Dynasty took the items and the col before she went to her back room to get to work. Almost two hours later she had sent the payment that was required by the banker to the bank before she looked at the weapon and salve that had been identified. Both were ready to go, and she sent a message to @Astreya, letting her know that the items were good to be picked up.
  4. Dynasty smiled warmly at Starla's thoughts and reasoning on why they were being watched. Of course, that didn't stop the woman from being prepared for anything and everything that could possibly happen. "Possibly, I was hoping to find a silver fox, and the game sent me Asimi. At this point, in this game, I'd think that anything is able to truly happen." She felt like her words were true, but there was just the question on if her words were actually true. Only time would be able to tell. She hoped that Starla was able to find the creature that was stalking though, that would make for an interes
  5. She looked at Lissandra and studied her for a moment, did she really think that her brother wouldn't be too worried? That was something that Dynasty didn't want to believe really, as far as shew as concerned, everyone in the real world was concerned about those who were still stuck here. "I'm certain that he is worried. At least, that's what I'm going to believe for you. Besides, if you think he isn't worried, then allow me to worry because that's what I do." She chuckled lightly as they walked. This was shaping out to be a nice end to a day that could have gone horribly wrong if Dynasty hadn'
  6. Name: Dodge Ball Your Profession: Merchant Your Rank: 1 Item ID: 186153 Identifying ID: 186720 Identifying Result: BD: 7 | CD: 8 | LD: 17 Item Type: Trinket Tier: 1 Quality: Rare Enhancements: ACC II Description: A small trinket that resembles a red dodgeball. Post Link: Name: Spotlight Your Profession: Merchant Your Rank: 1 Item ID: 186154 Identifying ID: 186721 Identifying Result: BD: 6 | CD: 4 | LD: 9 Item Type: Trinket Tier: 1 Quality: Rare Enhancements: TAUNT 1 & RECOVERY 1 Description: A small trinket that seems to resemble a spotlight perfectl
  7. It seemed like just yesterday that she opened her shop, and already, she could hear the chimes telling her that someone had come in. She came around and looked at the items that she was given and smiled warmly, "Of course!" When the girl also took a pair of potions, this just seemed to warm Dynasty's heart even more. "I hope those work out for you! Give me just a bit, and I'll message you when the identifications are done!" After she paid the prices for the pair of potions and the two identifications, she was happy with the result, sending a message to @Astreya, hoping that she would be happy
  8. Starla had stayed quiet for a little before she started to respond to Dynasty. Right when Starla started to talk again, Dynasty figured out one thing very quickly, this woman could talk. It wasn't something that was a bad thing, in fact, for this quest, it was probably the best thing that could happen. While Dynasty didn't say anything while the talk went on, she did listen intently. Starla was right about foxes, they were mischievous, and it was interesting to see. Asimi himself was hiding on his own, only instead of being in her pocket at this point, he had turned back into his ring and was
  9. She smiled warmly, "We all do, I mean, we all decided to join this game didn't we." She chuckled lightly as she watched Lissandra go after the last remaining hornet, and watched it die. She waited a few moments before deciding to sheath her sword, putting her shield back over her back. Dynasty couldn't help but laugh lightly, "It's no problem. I was avoiding doing some quests for some unknown reason. It seems that I was right in doing so, though." Asimi seemed to notice that the fight was over and pawed at Dynasty's leg, which prompted her to give him a piece of jerky as a treat for a fig
  10. Dynasty had been more focused on watching the smaller hornet, that she missed the other player hitting the bigger one, at least until the hate was moved away from her. Damn it. She spun around to try and see if there was any way that she'd be able to help Lissandra, and this gave the smaller hornet the perfect opportunity to hit her. Dynasty brushed it off though, even if it was a critical, she had enough mitigation to just ignore the little pin pricks that they were giving her. Ignoring the smaller wasp, she shook her head at the girl, "Sorry darlin' that's not a chance that I'm willing
  11. Dynasty seemed to be more focused on the smaller hornet, knowing that if the other player kept her attention off of the bigger one, that it would stay focused on Dynasty. She just really didn't want to chance the new player getting hurt, so yeah, her focus was where it was needed, on the smaller bug. She watched as the hornet missed Lissandra again, and that made Dynasty sigh in relief. The randomness of this hornet's movements were starting to really get on her final nerve there, but she still smiled at Lissandra. "You're welcome, I'm actually really happy that I attacked this trio when
  12. Currently OPEN! Identifying Prices Junk Sale Prices Shop Inventory Coming Soon Eval Form Name: Your Profession: Merchant Your Rank: 1 Item ID: Identifying ID: [Leave Blank] Identifying Result: [Leave Blank] Item Type: Tier: Quality: Enhancements: [Leave Blank] Description: Post Link: [Leave Blank] Notes To Self
  13. She had been ready to attack the hornets again, but a quick bark from Asimi threw Dynasty off of balance. She had thought that she was going to get lucky and be able to hit them again, but that didn't happen. Instead, another player came out of hiding and hit the smaller hornet. One simple mindset kicked in for Dynasty, and that was to protect the low leveled player. No one needed to die on her watch today. She did smile at the girl though, watching how quickly she was to be able to dodge the hornet's attack in return. This green-haired woman would last long and well in the game if she co
  14. Dynasty looked at Starla, a happy smile on her face, "Of course! Helping others is something that I strive to do, and well, keeping you company during this quest is going to be good for us both." She chuckled lightly, "I haven't exactly held conversations with an actual player in a bit, been mainly helping the NPCs around the town this entire time." It was the truth really, she had gotten so wrapped up in helping around the town, that she sometimes forgot the difference between a NPC and a player. "When I first started the quest, I had an idea of what I was looking for. I love foxes, and
  15. Name: Treachery Your Profession: Merchant Your Rank: 1 Item ID: 185842 Identifying ID: 185858 Identifying Result: 12 Item Type: Dagger Tier: 1 Quality: Uncommon Enhancements: BLEED Description: A basic dagger with a red hilt. Post Link:
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