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[PP-F24] Itzal & Zandra <<Saying Vows>>

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Level: 84
HP: 1,680.  1,710 with Acrobatics.
Energy: 168

DMG: 17 (base 1 damage + 9 dmg (Velnia) +5 sword skill +1 Athletics +1 Ferocity)
Stealth Rating:  +5
SP Available:  10
Total SP:  495

Combat Setup
Slot 1:  +3 EVA / +1 EVA +2 MIT
Slot 2:  +2 BLD/PLZ +1 Keen 
Slot 3:  +3 ACC
Looting Setup
Slot 1:  +3 ACC
Slot 2:  +3 LD
Slot 3:  +3 EVA

Rank 5 one handed straight sword 
(+5 DMG) <50 sp>
Rank 5 light armor (+25 MIT) <50 sp>
Rank 5 Search and Detect  (+5 LD) <50 sp>
Gatherer (turns each material found into the ammount of 4) <10 sp>
Picking (+3 LD when opening chests) <15 sp>
Rank 5 Charge (+5 dmg first attack) <50 sp>
Rank 5 Battle Healing (+5% total health per combat post) <50 sp>
Rank 5 Hiding (+5 Stealth Rating) <50 sp>
Rank 3 Exceed Mod Limit (+3 Mods allowed)  <10 sp>
Expert Martial Arts (+3 unarmed damage) <23 sp>

Reveal +2 LD when searching for dungeons and labyrinths. You may search for a sub-dungeon once every 15 posts (instead of 20). Reduces the personal post cooldown when searching for a labyrinth to 3 posts (instead of 5). <9 sp>
Detect  Grants +2 Stealth Detection. Grants +1 LD when searching for sub-dungeons and labyrinths <9>
Night Vision Ignores any penalties from low light or darkness. Negates the bonus Stealth Rating from low light or darkness. <5>
Dismantling +2 LD when opening a treasure chest.   <8 sp>
Tracking:  Allows the user to track a previously-encountered monster, NPC, or other player. Negates all bonuses to the target’s Stealth Rating. After tracking, your first attack against the tracked creature cannot miss. Cannot be used in combat.
Monster Tracking: Must have already defeated the monster or an identical monster in order to track.
NPC Tracking: Must know the NPC’s full name and the floor they are located on in order to track.
Player Tracking: Must have previously partied with, traded with, or be currently registered friends with the player in order to track.  <12>
Gain +1 base damage and +(10 * Tier) HP while wearing light armor.   <9>
Sprint & Acrobatics +1 Evasion while wearing light armor. <15>
Ferocity:  +1 base damage when using Sword Arts of the specified weapon type (one handed straight sword) <15>
Untraceable:  Negates the effect of the Tracking skill against the user. <9>
Surprise Attack (Assassin): Attacks made from stealth cannot miss. Attacking from stealth grants +1 * player's tier DMG. Stuns and other status effects (Bleed, Paralysis, Burn, etc) cannot trigger. Cannot posses both Surprise Attack (Assassin) and Surprise Attack (Trickster). <15>

Extra/locked Skills: 
Meditation:  Recover an additional (5 * Tier) energy. Getting hit by an attack before the beginning of your next turn reduces the energy recovered to (3 * Tier). Cooldown: 3 Turns <0 sp>
Survival Increases out of combat health regeneration to (15 * Tier) per post. Grants immunity to most damage dealing environmental attacks/effects.  <3 sp>
Disguise:  Gain +1 EVA until the start of your next turn.  3 Turn Cooldown.
Familiar Mastery: Gain +(1 * Tier) base damage per Rank when fighting with your familiar. This does not stack with the Damage enhancement. <18>

Excitement, nervousness, joy, anxiety, relief, fear. All of these emotions pulsed and surged throughout Felix's entire body. And of course he was having the biggest sense of deja vu. This wasn't the first time he had gotten married in the world of Aincrad. Not the first time he had fallen in love and moved to marriage. However his last love ended up dying while the two were separate. Now he would be marrying again and that both excited and scared him. Thoughts like 'will I be able to protect her' and 'what if this happens, or that?' But these thoughts were always short lived. Zandra helped him learn how to move on and not let stress get to him when there was so much to be happy about. And that indeed applied to this situation far more than any other. Currently he was helping set up the rest of the wedding. Beauty about a video game was it was hard to get your clothes filthy, even in combat due to no blood. And even if you got them dirty you could just throw them into your inventory, pull it out and it was good as new. Preparations were almost finished, especially since there wasn't too much to set up. After all, they were having a beach wedding, and you couldn't really decorate a beachside much.

The plan was simple: They'd have a quick and straightforward service, which he was grateful for Zandra allowing him that, where they'd share their vows, hear a few words from the priest, say their I dos and it would be over. After that they'd have the 'reception' which was basically mostly celebrations, which was what Zandra really wanted and he understood why. He was looking forward to seeing Mina and Jonathan again too. It had been far, far too long since he'd seen them (mainly after becoming Are and keeping himself hidden from their sight) and he looked forward to just talking and hanging out with them once again. Having finished the wedding arc, Itzal stepped back and smiled. "All done... Ah, it's getting close to the time. Everyone should be arriving soon."


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As Itzal was fixing with the arch where he and she was going to say ‘’I do’’, Zandra was further up, closer to the forest, and fixing with some refreshment. There was plenty of food and drinks for all the guests. Or well, if there would be any guests. She took a paus as she turned around, leaning towards the table she was decorating. She looked up at the sun and let out a sigh. ‘’Ja du Sandra. Gifta sig i ett spel. Vem kunde trott det.¹’’. She said to herself. Her crimson eyes turned down towards the beach. There she could see a small figure. A small figure that at the end of today, would be her husband. It still felt so unreal. She thougth back on the day where the two of them met for real. That the feelings would be awaken thanks to some player killers. Just the two of them, all alone in the rain.

She shoke her head. No, don’t think about that now. She had task’s to do. She turned back to the table and did an extra check so all food was there, and all drinks prepared to be poured up in glasses. When she was satisfied with how it looked, she made her way to one of the tents. Her cheeks blushed of emberrasment for what she was going to do. She, was going to wear one of those white, big, fancy wedding dresses. She looked at the clock, not much time left now. She closed her eyes and took a deep breath.


Level:  88
Energy: 191 (176(level)+15(Energist)+...)
HP: 1,805 (1,760(level)+45(Athletics)+...)
DMG: 19 (1(base)+2(2-hand)+5(wpn skill)+9(familiar)+1(Athletics)+1(Ferocity)+...)
ACC: 4(5) (3(trinket)+1(Axe)+0/1(Axe)...)
EVA: 0 (...)
MIT: 99 (35(skill)+27(mit hvy armor)+36(flame aura)+...)
Thorns: 30 (30(Flame aura)+...)
Burn: 36-2 turns (36(Jacks axe)+...)
Blight: 72-2 turns (72(Jacks axe)+...)
Bleed: 36-2 turns (36(Jacks axe)+...)
BH: 88 (5% of HP)
Vampiric(OFF): +10%(axe)

Utility & Mobility:

Grandmaster(rank 5) Search & Detect (50)


Grandmaster(rank 5) First aid (50)
Grandmaster(rank 5) Charge (50)
Grandmaster(rank 5) Heavy armour (50)
Grandmaster(rank 5) Battle Healing (50)

Howl (10)
Energize (15)
Quick Change (12)
Expert Extended Mods (10)
Energist (12)

Weapon skill:
Grandmaster(rank 5) Two-handed Battle-axe (50)

Extra skills:
Concentrate (0)
Survival (3)
Unskilled(rank 0) Martial Arts (0)
Expert mastery: Figther (18)

Purify (10)
Sharpness (10)
Field medic (15)
Barrier (10)
Athletics (9)
Reveal (9)
Ferocity(Axe 5) (15)
Bull rush (8)
Precision (15)
Finesse-2HBA rank 3 (10)


Jacks 2 handed battle axe: t3 2hba 36 burn, 36 bleed, 72 blight

Ebonshield Shard: t3 2HBA 1 Ab acc, 1 Keen, 10% Vampiric(OFF)

Inferno: t3 heavy armor. +2 flame aura (+30 thorns +36 mit), +27 mit

Handwraps of accuracy: t3 trinket. +3 accuracy

Zita: Fighter familiar rank 3. +9 Dmg

Battle ready inventory:

-Amphibian war rally: Unique item, paralyze all enemies for one turn. 1 use/thread.
-Unicorn horn: Unique item, heals players: 1 player 15% or 2 players 10% each or 3 players 5% each
-Santas cloak: t3 light armor, Life mending (+20% outgoing healing), Antifreeze, Paralyze immunity
-Teleport crystal
-1x Mass heal crystal

House buffs:
-Well rested: -1 energy cost for first 3 expanditures of each combat
-Squeaky clean: First dot damage taken reduced by 25%
-Item stash: +1 battle ready slot
-Relaxed: ooc healing increased by 15 HP and energy refilled reduced to 2 posts
-Col stash: +5% bonus col from monster kills and treasure chests
-Multipurpose: +1 LD, Stealth detection or prosperity to one post. Can be applied after roll result.



Edited by Zandra
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Weaving the last of the flower vines on the wedding arc, Itzal took a second to double check his work. Making sure all the knots were in place, that nothing would slip and fall off at the wrong time, and especially made sure that-
     "You're doing a fantastic job with that." "D-what?!" Itzal stumbled backwards, but out of instinct twisted his body so that he'd land on his feet. Turning what would have been a backwards fall onto his back into a backflip with a somewhat steady/unsteady landing on the soft sand. He turned to see who spoke and saw the NPC priest, who had introduced himself as Able, smiling with amusement. "...Damnit Able, don't DO that. This is the one time I swore I WOULDN'T use my searching skill, so I don't know who's sneaking up behind me." Able gave a light laugh. "I apologize, that wasn't my intention I assure you. So then, to recap: You wish for the ceremony itself to be as brief as possible?" Itzal nodded. "Yeah. Zandra doesn't share my religion, so I'm content enough to stick with the basics. After that we'll move on to celebration. You'll play my song crystal at the right time correct?" The priest gave a slight bow. "Of course. I have it with me and ready to start when she steps onto the aisle." Itzal sighed and nodded. "Good... Man, I'm going over every worst case scenario trying to prepare in case something goes wrong. I really need to put a stop to this bad habit of mine.."


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Zandra sat on one of the crates, with her face in her hands. She felt her heart beating rate increase. What was she doing? Was this the right thing to do? Yes, she loved Felix, she really did. But wedding?

She rose and started walking back and forth. What if she screwed everything up? Or just lost in on the way, turned around and ran away? Or just…

‘’No, get yourself together Sandra! This is your big day. Don’t screw it up.’’ She said with a gulpand calmed down. ‘’Well, I guess it is time.’’ She opened the menu and sent a mail to one of her best, if not  the best friends she still had.

Hi Ariel

I am ready now. Can you come and help with the last preparations?

She pressed send and the screen shut down. Then she walked up to the mirror. Back on her stared a normal woman with red eyes and long black hair. ‘’Well, here we go.’’ Once again she opened her inventory, went into her menu and equipped her <<Wedding Dress>>. The whole body of Zandra gave away a bright shine for a few seconds until it faded away. Her eyes went wide when she saw, the woman staring back at her, now weared a big white wedding dress.

 @Itzal @Ariel - The Crowned Lion

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With the last of the decorations on the arch taken care of, now that Able was being quiet and merely observing calmly, Itzal backed up and brushed the dust off his suit. "Alright, it's all done. Now we just wait for the guests to arrive." Zandra had done most of the invites, since... Well... Most of Itzal's friends had either vanished off the face of the earth, were somewhat distant with him now, or died. The only people he was friends with who were still around were Morgenstern and Mina. There were a few people he knew who weren't bad, but he wasn't good friends with them either. The prime examples of these were Fearx and Domarus. Both were enemies of his at one point (Domarus more so Hestia's enemy than Fearx) but they both buried their past and were trying to be better. Still, they weren't close enough to be invited to the wedding. He did mention it to them still, and both had declined. Domarus said he wouldn't because he needed to stay with Keres, and Fearx felt it would be best if he didn't appear in public before Morgenstern or Mina just yet. He had a feeling they wouldn't take too kindly to him... "Oh lord I'm anxious... Where's Jonathan though? The best man should be here before the wedding starts you'd think.."


Both @Morgenstern & @tricolor_mina received invitations to the wedding!


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Zandra stood infront of the mirror. Looking at the berserk healer, now completely clad in white. Her cheeks shined a bright red. This was so embarrassing. Having a big and fluffy dress wasn’t her style. It was so impractical to fight with compared to her combat-skirt or armor. Also, after another look, she did look kind of cute. That was a feeling she had never felt before. And was she really worth it? To be allowed to feel that? Also, where is Ariel? She had waited for quite some time and she wasn’t here yet. Well, maybe this meant no one else would come either. And that would mean she didn’t had to embarrass herself infront of several frontliners. She gulped and looked at the time. It was almost time for her to leave. One of the biggest moments of her life in this world of death. The blush had started to tone down as she calmed herself down. Took some deep breaths. ‘’Zandra, this will go fine.’’ She said to herself.

Quick description:

The wedding area is on a beach with the wedding arch facing the sea and a bunch of chairs in the sand towards the forest. A bit closer to the forest is some tables with plates and glasses as well as alot of delicious food and drinks(gives you probiotic 3 food buff for your next thread). There is half dozen tents, four of them with seats so you can cover from the sun, one for extra supplies and in the last one is empty except of Zandra and a mirror.

And it is a big damn fancy place, only the best is good enough for two of the strongest players in Aincrad ;)



The wedding Arch like this but closer to the sea. And not that many lanterns

Zandras invites:


@Macradon Zandra value you as one of her best, if not the best friend. So obvious choice.

@Calrex Zandra value you as a dear friend and hope you will share this day with her.

@Baldur You are dear to Zandra and she wish you want to come.

@Morgenstern I know Itzal inveited you, but Zandra would like you to come as well

@Mari yes, we didnt started good, but you have been her biggest idol alchemist and after the last few threads, she want to have a closer bond with you and invtes you to show she cares.

@Shield The relation between us have been kind of up and down, but she want it to be more straigth and in a good way. I hope you want to come.

@Ariel - The Crowned Lion after Zandra beeing the only one staying on Ari's side after the Lowenthal insident, maybe not so strange she wants you on her wedding.



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elesis (elsword) drawn by xkxh1674 | Danbooru

Violet straightened her bowtie, making sure that the small silver clasp that held the Ribbonlike material in place was set straight. She had decided to completely forgo a dress, and was wearing a rather fancy Tuxedo for a certain event that was happening today. A dear friend of hers, that hadn't contacted her properly in so long, had sent her a message, inviting her to join him at his wedding. She gently swiped her hands over her hair, sweeping it into a ponytail that was adorned with the same ribbon that her gloves and neck had, along with a secret sheathe for her beloved rapier, the deep red blade appearing to be a fancy ornament within her hair. She briefly shot @Morgenstern a message, frowning slightly. 'If he's late, i'll kick him in the shins after the wedding.' she thought, before whistling for her familiar, Akame, to come over to her so that she could place the ribbon on her neck. She pulled out a teleport crystal, one of the many she kept on her person, and called out the name of the 24th floor main settlement.

A flash of blue light later, she walked out of the teleport gate, making her way to the location that they had set up. Violet felt her breath hitch in her throat as she spotted the setting. The elegant background of the Aisle was breathtaking, and she spotted a very, very familiar face standing at the altar. A warm smile crossed her face, and she gave a short wave to her dear friend. 'Kami, he looks so different from what I remembered...' she thought faintly, unshed tears pricking at her eyes. "Itzal... I hope you can move on, and be happy again. just like it was before, y'know..?" Akame seemed to be visibly sad, hanging her head a bit at the sight of Itzal. Violet silently moved her hand to her familiar's feathers, stroking the saddened familiar. "Naaa... I guess you miss Velnia as much as I missed Itzal, don't you, Akame...?"

Stats And BR/S Inventory Listed Below


Stats + Equipment


  • Level 22
  • 440 HP
  • 44 EN
  • 26 MIT
  • 12 Bleed
  • 1 Slot Paralyze
  • 3 ACC
  • 1 LD


 Armor - Crimson Rose (Perfect T1 Light Armor (2 slots mit, 1 slot LD))

 Accessory -  Mask of rose (Perfect T1 Jewelry (3 slots Acc))

 Weapon - Righteous Executioner (Perfect T1 Rapier (1 slot bleed, 1 slot Para, 1 slot DMG))

Battle Ready inventory

  • Hummus Dip x1 (+2 ACC Snacc)
  • Energizing Smoothie x 2 (Rare +2 VIt Snacc)
  • 1x Viper (T1 Paralytic venom)
  • 3x T1 healing potions (Heal 40 HP, reward from TFFLaF)
  • Teleport crystal x 2

Storage (House)

  • Empty Slot

<<Normal Inventory>>

Guilty Thorn (Perfect T1 Rapier (2 Bleed, 1 Keen))
Jack's Burning Lament (Perfect cursed weapon (1 Burn,1 Bleed))
Righteous Executioner (Perfect T1 Rapier(1 Bleed, 1 Para, 1 DMG))
Angel Rose (1 Life Mending, 1 Recovery)
Prospering Watch (1 Prosperity, 1 Recovery)
Mask of Rose (Perfect T1 Jewelry (3 ACC))
Crimson Rose (Perfect T1 Light Armor(2 Mit, 1 LD))
Snack of Strong (Rare Protein Snack(T1))
Vicious Dragonfang Potion (Perfect Damage potion (T1))


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Of course Zandra would have her wedding on a beach.

He couldn't remember when Zandra had he had finally become comrades in arms. He did remember a sub dungeon they did together, perhaps the highest floor sub dungeon attempted and completed... it definitely was at the time. He had seen the Berzerk side of her title many times, but she was also the healer more often. She was beautiful, quirky, and unlike anyone else on the frontline. While they had not necessarily been an instant fit, Baldur felt like they had both taken the longer road of earning one another's respect. It was hard one, over many battles, events, and floor bosses. Perhaps they had had ups and downs, like the floor 24 lab guardian, but Baldur felt like they both knew that the other would hold up their side of any fight they were in.

It meant they trusted each other with their lives.

Itzal, on the other hand, had hit it off with Baldur immediately. However, the former Paladin had been absent of late, and Baldur hadn't had a chance to catch up with him in a long time. It would be good to finally catch up with the Scout Paladin. And Baldur was glad to see that it was a joyous occasion, and not a somber one.

Baldur had been surprised to get a  invitation from Zandra for her wedding, mostly because he didn't even know she was getting married, let alone to Itzal. But when two people that Baldur cared about and respected found joy in one another... there was nothing that made the gaijin samurai happier.

For such a special occasion, Baldur would forgo his typical blue and white haori, and instead go with the traditional black for weddings. The Montsuki Hoari also bore Baldur's sigil, a heron wading in the rushes. The haori-himo was metallic, and suspended a jade magatama. The kimono underneath was also a deep, dark blue only noticeably different when against the black.

Ever present was a katana at Baldur's side, slid through the obi. Not the infamous <<Muramasa>> but instead a different blade, the <<Zanshin.>> It felt thematically appropriate for the ceremony.

He walked up and stood off to the side. Somewhat unsure of where to stand, but excited for what was to come.



» Base Stats

  • Base HP: 1470
  • Base EN: 144
  • Base MIT: 79
  • Base ACC: 3 (4 and does not automatically miss on 1s with Warden's Fury)
  • Base DMG: 19 (with fighting familiar)
  • Muramasa Base DMG: 22 (No bonus from familiar)
  • Base EVA: 3
  • Battle Heal: 74 HP
  • Search: +0

» Items Equipped:

  • Warden's Fury - Absolute Accuracy/2 Paralyze
  • OR Muramasa - +12 Damage
  • Montsuki haori - 54 DMG MIT/+1 EVASION
  • Emerald Teardrop - +2 ACC/+1 EVASION
  • Hammerspace Backpack (HB) +1 BR item (allows stacks up to 7)

» Battle-Ready Inventory:

  • Medium Damage Potion x7 | Rare T2 Item | +2 Damage
  • Basic Teleportation Crystal x1 | Good Item | Teleports player to the Town of Beginnings
  • Max Mass HP Recovery Crystal x7 | Perfect T2 Item | +30*Target Tier (30/60/90)
  • Max T2 HP Recovery Crystal II x5 | Perfect T2 Item | +180 HP
  • Safeguard Potion x3 | Perfect Tier 1 | Safeguard
  • HB: Max Vitality Snack x2 | Rare Tier 2 | Grants +12 Energy
  • EWL: Medium Antidote Potion x1 | Rare Tier 2 | Immune to negative status effects for 2 turns
  • EWL: Muramasa or Warden's Fury
  • EWL: Emerald Matagama | Perfect | +3 Accuracy
  • SC: 


» Skills:

  • Battle Healing | Rank 5/5 | While in combat, recover 1% per rank (45HP) at the beginning of your turn
  • Charge | Rank 5/5 | +1 base damage per rank (+5 damage) once per opponent per combat
  • One Handed Curved Sword | Rank 1/5 | Novice
  • Katana | Rank 5/5 | Grand Master
  • Light Armor | Rank 5/5 | +25 Mitigation
  • Concentration | No Ranks | Gain +1 BD for a single attack | 5 Turn Cooldown
  • Familiar Mastery: Fighter |  3 Ranks | +9 base damage (Does not stack with equipment)
  • Survival | Purchased |  Increases out of combat health regen to (15xTier) 45 per post
  • Extended Weight Limit | Purchased | Increases Battle Ready Inventory by 3
  • Parry | Purchased | 3 Turn Cooldown | 5 Energy | Reduces incoming damage by 50%
  • Quick Change | Purchased | Swap Equipment as a free action | 3 Turn Cooldown
  • Extended Mod Limit | Rank 2 | Increase Active Mods by 2
  • Meditation | Purchased | Recover 15 Energy if not hit, takes a post action

» Mods:

  • Athletics: +1 DMG +30 HP
  • Katana Precision: +1 to Accuracy
  • Katana Ferocity: +1 damage on katana sword arts
  • Sprint & Acrobatics: +1 Evasion
  • Finesse: Rank 3 | -3 Energy cost to sword arts
  • EML: Bull Rush | Stuns target on successful charge
  • EML: Emergency Recovery | if dropped below 25%, heal 10% once per thread

» Housing Bonuses:

  • Rested: -1 EN on first 2 uses
  • Tasty: Turns 2 food into feast for 4
  • Advanced Training: +2 SP to a thread 1/month
  • Filling: Add 1 extra tier 1 slot to food
  • Item Stash: +1 BR item slot
  • Relaxed: OOC regen 5*tier, recover EN out of combat after 2 turns in lieu of 3
  • Angler: +1 Mat when fishing


Edited by Baldur
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Touken Ranbu | Yamanbagiri in tux!!! | キャラ イラスト, アニメイラスト, アニメキャラクターIt was odd receiving a message from Itzal. It was also odd that the message was an invitation to his wedding. The blonde frowned, reading over the message again. It had been a few months since the death of Kasier and even for a video game... this felt far too soon. It didn't settle with him. However, he would be damned if he wouldn't be found supporting his best friend from the sidelines. He was also sure Violet wouldn't let him see the sun again if he didn't make an appearance. Looking at the invitation, he had to admit that the twenty-fourth floor was a great spot. 

Arriving at the wedding, the blond gazed forward to the altar, where Itzal stood. It had been quite some time since he had seen the man. The two had grown apart, which was funny because at one time they were never separated. After the fall of the Ascendants, both were caught up in their own problems. It was nice to see though, they both found someone to cope with. His eyes caught the sight of Baldur which brought a warm smile to his face. He respected the man, as it was he who helped him get control of his own rampant emotions. 

Jonathan, adorning a tux of black, stepped forward and gently bumped Mina with his elbow. "Hey." He said casually. Supposedly he was the best man of this wedding, however he wasn't sure what to do. Last wedding he played the music. The scenery was quite nice, but he still wasn't too sure about the ordeal. Of course, perhaps Itzal would not approve of him and Mina. They were both CA members before after all. 


Battle Stats: 
1510/1510 HP | 142/142 EN | 19 DMG | 126 MIT | 4 ACC | -1 EVA | 76 BH  Para. Venom (8-10) | 25% DoT Reduce | Fireproof | Paralytic Immunity | Bloodclot
Level: 71 - 375 SP
1450  HP
142 Energy
+4 Accuracy
-1 Evasion
19 Base Damage
126 Mitigation
76 Battle Healing
Paralytic Venom
Paralytic Immunity

Equipped Items:
» «Raikiri» DMG III | Paralytic Venom
» «Angel's Pendant» ACC III
» «Orgoth's Defiance» Fireproof | Paralytic Immunity | Bloodclot
» *«Dimensional Backpack» (+1 Battle Ready Inventory extra slot)
» *«Celestine» (+81 Mitigation) (Tier 3, Protector Familiar)

Rank 5 - Katana (+7 DMG)
Rank 5 - Charge (+5 DMG on First Attack)

Rank 5 - Heavy Armor (+35 MIT) 
Rank 5 - Battle Healing (5% of Max HP per turn) 
Rank 3 - Search (+3 LD)
Rank 2 - First Aid (8% of Max HP at 5% healing done)
Rank 1 - One-Handed Curved Sword (+1 DMG)
Rank 0 - Howl <<10 EN Cost>> (+3 Hate)
Rank 0 - Fishing

E - Rank 0 - Survival (Immune to Environmental Effects, 45 HP recovered Out of Combat)
E - Rank 0 - Meditation (Inactive)
E - Rank 3 - Protector Familiar (+81 MIT)

Active Mods
Stonewall (+45 HP, +10 MIT, 25% DoT reduced)
Athletics (+45 HP, +1 DMG)
Emergency Recovery (Upon 25% HP, Recover 10%) 
Katana Ferocity (+1 DMG) 

Precision (+1 ACC)
Focused Howl (8 EN Cost>> (+5 Hate)) <<Currently Inactive>>

Active Buffs

Battle-Ready Inventory

  1. Item
  2. Item
  3. Item
  4. Item
  5. Item
  6. Item


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HP: 1805 | EN: 176 | DMG: 3 | MIT: 0 ACC: 4 |  EVA: 3 | TNT: 1 | ACH: 0.5 (See Achilles in Skills/Mods for details)

Equipped Gear:

Rebellion of Sapphire: +3 Evasion | +1 Taunt

Battle Ready:

Grand Gauntlets III: +9 Unarmed Damage

Grand Chariot III: +81 Mitigation

x1 Basic Teleportation Crystal: Upon use, teleport to the nearest town next turn

x5 Safeguard Potion: First Attack Negated

Skills & Mods:

Two-Handed Battle Axe [Rank 5]

One-Handed Assault Spear [Rank 5]

Heavy Armor [Rank 5]: Athletics Mod

Charge [Rank 5]: Bull Rush Mod

Battle Healing [Rank 5]: Emergency Recovery Mod

Block [Rank 5]: Rampart Mod


Parry: Vengeful Riposte Mod

Extended Mod Limit [Rank 3]

Familiar Master: Accurate [Rank 3]

Martial Arts [Rank 5]: Precision Mod

Quick Change





Achilles [Rank 5]:
- 50% Damage Reduction (All Incoming Damage after MIT and Rampart/Parry reduction multiplied by 0.5 (Ex. [150 DMG - 50 MIT] /2 ACH = 50)
- Counter and DoT damage is exempt and doubled (Stonewall reduces DoT effects by 25% rounded down)
- Status effects that removes player action last twice as long


His usual day and schedule seemed to have taken a quick change as the bluenette had received a message out of the blue from Zandra. With a few swipes he opened the message and was able to determine the message, "Huh, Zandra's getting married, neat. Wait...is this the third...meh I won't think more on it. Probably will be a good chance thing to see, especially since it's been a while since there was some kind of formal occasion like this."

Getting to his feet from the small room he was resting in at Baldur's estate, he made his way over to the teleportation plaza to reach the destination, flashes of light briefly covering his form as he changed out of his normal clothing.

It wasn't long afterwards that he found himself at the entrance to the wedding, with only a few people so far in attendance. Giving a small sigh he put his hands into his dress slack pockets. His formal attire for the event was a black suit blazer with similar colored slacks, although underneath he was wearing a dark blue button up and a black tie. "Certainly been a while since I had been to one of these things. The last one I can really recall was Tristan's, and that feels like forever and a half ago now."

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As Felix finished discussing things with Able, he heard footsteps approaching. Turning to see who it was, his face lit up when his eyes made contact with Mina. "Mina! Hey!" He didn't simply wave to her. Far from it. He ran over to close the distance and gave her a big hug. "It's been a long time! How've you been! Oh wait, you changed your hair?" He backed up out of the hug and looked at her with refreshed eyes. "Ah, not just the hair, you changed your image too. Looks good Mina. Oh hey Akame! How've you been?" He asked with a smile, petting the creature. He wished her and Aldion could meet, but.. Well that would be a dead givaway that he was actually Are. Instead Aldion remained completely hidden from view. Present, but not detectable. He looked back up to Mina and his smile began to falter slightly. There was something off about her. Was it... What was it? Fear? Anxiety? Doubt? The thought of talking to her flashed across his mind, but he knew this wasn't the time. He'd need to catch up later, when the atmosphere was different. So instead, he smiled. "It's good to see you again Mina."

The next person to arrive was Baldur, and the young man grinned again. He approached his friend and reached out to give a firm handshake. "Thanks for coming Baldur. It's good to see you here again." It had been a long trip for Itzal. Starting out as a naive scout wanting the perfect world. Trying desperately to grind and get stronger, strong enough to fight beside each and every frontliner. Only to reach that strength and find out it wasn't as it appeared to be. To start by admiring and being inspired by Baldur, to fighting beside him as comrades, to now seeing him as a good friend.

Morgenstern was the third to arrive, and Itzal gleamed when he saw his friend greet Mina. He walked up behind him and patted his shoulder. "Long time no see Jonathan. How've you been man?" Three of the four remaining members of the Celestial Ascendants. Hikoru had seemingly vanished without a trace, which left them and Shield. He felt a comforting warmth, standing next to the people who stood with him for so very long. He could only hope, that he wouldn't lose them too. "You've been one of my closest friends since forever Jonathan. Almost since my big start. There's no competition for best man in my book. No one else fits the bill." He turned to see Calrex approaching before chuckling. "Alright, I'm going to go greet Calrex real quick. I'll see you up by the altar man!"

He approached Calrex. This man, had been an idol for Itzal for so very very long. He didn't really seem to appear too much, save for every floor battle. But his strength, determination, compassion, and leadership had inspired Itzal. Everything he did was to grow to be like the strength Calrex had become. "Hey Calrex! Glad you could make it! How's Teayre?" He hadn't seen her much, but he didn't see her name on the monument lately, so he knew she was still alive. Before they could talk for very long however, Able waved over to him. "Ah, sorry, we'll catch up later. Ceremony's gonna start soon. Hey Jonathan, follow me real quick. I forgot to explain what you'll be doing. It's not much so don't worry too much ha ha!"

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» Shield, The Immovable Object

  • Modified HP:
  • Modified EN:
  • Modified MIT:
  • Modified ACC:
  • Modified DMG:
  • Modified EVA:
  • Battle Heal:
  • Search: +1 [Yamata No Orochi Statue]
  • Temp Buff:
  • Temp Buff:
  • Temp Buff:

» Base Stats

  • Base HP: 1850
  • Base EN: 176
  • Base MIT: 181
  • Base ACC: 0
  • Base DMG: 2
  • Base EVA: -1
  • Battle Heal: 92 HP
  • Search: +5

» Items Equipped:

  • Manticore Mask - T3 Perfect Shield - Flame Aura I / Taunt / Mitigation I
  • Stinging Nettle - T3 Perfect Heavy Armor - Envenom (Defensive) I / Thorns II
  • Blessed Greaves - T3 Demonic Heavy Armor - Mitigation II / Holy Blessing II
  • Wedding Ring [+18 MIT]
  • Hammerspace Backpack (HB) +1 BR item (allows stacks up to 7)

» Battle-Ready Inventory:

  • Golden  Keys x7 | Unique Item | +2 Search on Chests
  • Basic Teleportation Crystal x4 | Good Item | Teleports player to the Town of Beginnings
  • Safeguard Potion x3 | Perfect Tier 1 | Safeguard

» Skills:

  • Searching | 5 Ranks | +5 Bonus to LD, +0 to Stealth Detect
  • Battle Healing | 5 Ranks | While in combat, recover 1% per rank (85HP) at the beginning of your turn
  • First Aid | 5 Ranks | +4% HP per rank (+20% HP) on Post Action
  • Picking | Purchased | +3 LD when opening chests
  • Heavy Armor | 5 Rank | +35 Mitigation
  • Energize | Purchased |  Restore 8 EN to target
  • Block | 5 Ranks | +25 Mitigation
  • Howl | Purchased | +2 Hate against each opponent (up to 4)
  • Fighting Spirit | Purchased | +1 Hate when using Howl or Focused Howl
  • Parry | Purchased 3 Turn Cooldown | 5 Energy | Reduces incoming damage by 50%
  • Fishing | Purchased | Fish for equipment and gain prestige among old men

» Extra Skills:

  • Concentration | No Ranks | Gain +1 BD for a single attack | 5 Turn Cooldown
  • Familiar Mastery: Healer |  3 Ranks | +135 HP (Does not require post action)
  • Martial Arts | 1 Rank | +1 Base Damage per slot with Unarmed Weapons
  • Meditation | Purchased | Recover an additional 15 EN on Post Action | 3 Turn Cooldown
  • Survival | Purchased |  Increases out of combat health regen to (15xTier) 45 per post

» Mods:

  • Athletics: +1 DMG +45 HP
  • Focused Howl: +4 Hate against single target on Post Action
  • Dismantling: +2 LD when opening chests
  • Stone Wall: +Gain 10 MIT and 45 HP from heavy armor. Reduces DOT by 25%. -1 to Evasion.
  • Sharpness: Gives target +[Target's Tier] to Base Damage for 2 turns | 1 Turn Cool Down
  • Justified Riposte: A successful Parry also stuns the target for 1 turn. | 3 Turn Cool Down
  • Vengeful Riposte: A successful Parry returns 50% of DMG back to your opponent - mitigatable. | 3 Turn Cool Down

Shield wasn't the type for pomp and circumstance. Still, he was happy to support friends, no matter how uncomfortable he felt in formal wear. He was hardly gussied up much more than was typical for him, but the dark jacket he wore over his traveling attire was more of a gesture than he made even for his own 'wedding,' if it could have been called that. There were friendly faces, many engaged cheerfully with one another, busying themselves with greetings of long held friendships. He would have been lying if he said he wasn't pleased to see the remaining Ascendants and various friends gathered together. Still, even as he nodded to each of his comrades, his mind was elsewhere.

It's probably disrespectful to be so distracted. Still, there are big moves being made in Aincrad, and as much as I want to be mentally present... 

Although he had occasionally felt that the old Scout Paladin was not far out of sight at inexplicable times, now he could see Itzal properly for what was most likely the first time in over a year. He was clearly busy with his guests, not least of which Jonathan whom had always been a dear friend to the groom to be. Shield placed his palm over a relaxed fist and raised them in front of his face, nodding a subtle but respectful bow of greeting to his former brother-in-arms. To Zandra he lifted his hand in a silent wave from across the gathering, not wishing to take any of the bride's precious time on her special day.

We'll all catch up soon.

He didn't know if this thought was accurate. Still, it was comforting, and it took pressure off of the current moment. It was no longer necessary to try to force the gathering to be something that he wasn't entirely prepared for - especially with such a vital battle looming just beyond the horizon.

Edited by Shield
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“Shit shit shit shit …” he said while running and changing his clothes “I’m late, I’m so fucking late …” he grumbled while getting his finishing touches done. He was going to one of his closest friend’s wedding, even though he didn’t know the groom … It was quite odd to have a friend so close and now knowing about their fiancé. Zandra never really talked about that kind of stuff, so maybe that’s just why. Stumbling in at the scene, Macradon was wearing his formal military jacket from his time at KoB, it was still fitting as nice piece of clothing and would fit the theme of wedding attendant. Walking in to greet everyone already present, Macradon would lift his arm and say his hello "Hey everyone, sorry for my delay, was a bit rushed after a lot happened on the way, but I'm here!" he said and looked around. It wasn't the largest of gatherings he had seen, especially not at something like a wedding, but it was better than no participants at all if you wanted someone to celebrate with. He would find any of the unoccupied chairs and get some shade from the 24th floor's sun and just sit and relax until the ceremony would begin.



The Imperial Topaz
Level: 88
Stats HP: 1760
NRG: 189
ACC: 3
EVA: 0
DMG: 18
MIT: 0
REC: 6
FRT: 36(21)
FRZ: 6(2 turns)
VMP: 180
Equipped Items - Blade of the Bloody Dictator // +12 Holy, Phase, 180 Vampiric Offensive
- Knight's Clothes ........... // +3 LD
- Templar's Necklace ......... // +6 Recovery, +2 Accuracy

- Belphegor: Fighting Familiar // +9 Damage
Battle Ready Inventory - Empty inventory slot ....... //
- Empty inventory slot ....... //
- Empty inventory slot ....... //
- Empty inventory slot ....... //
- Empty inventory slot ....... //
- Dimensional backpack
- Empty inventory slot ..... //
Buffs - Rested ..................... // -1 energy cost for the first two expenditures of each combat.
- Filling .................... // Increase the effectiveness of a single food item
consumed in a thread by +1 T1 slots.
- Relaxed .................... // Increase Out of Combat HP regen by 15(5 * Tier) HP
and decrease full energy regen to 2 Out of Combat posts.
- Col Deposit ................ // +5% bonus col from last-hit monster kills and +10% bonus col from treasure chests.
- Buff name .................. // Buff effect.
Skills & Mods

- Two-Handed Straight Sword .. || Rank 5: +7 Damage.
- - Precision ................. // +1 Accuracy.
- - Ferocity .................. // +1 Damage.
- - Finesse ................... // Rank 3: Decrease Energy Cost of attacks by 3.
- Heavy Armor ................ || Rank 5: +35 Damage Mitigation.
- - Athletics ................. // +1 Damage, +45 Health.
- Searching .................. || Rank 5: +5 Loot Die, +5 Stealth Detection.
- - Reveal .................... // +2 LD when searching for dungeons and labyrinths.
You may also search for a sub-dungeon or labyrinth every 15 posts (instead of 20).
- - Tracking .................. // Allows the user to track previously-encountered
monsters, NPCs, or other players. Negates all bonuses to the target's Stealth Rating. After
tracking, your first attack against the trackedcreature cannot miss. Cannot be used in combat.
- Battle Healing ............. || Rank 5: Heal 90(5%) each post In-Battle.
- Fighting Spirit ............ || +1 Hate generation.
- Hiding ..................... || Rank 5: +5 Stealth Rating.
- - Vanish .................... // Use in combat post action to stealth. Free action
in combat to stealth if target has been slain.

- - Surprise Attack ........... // Cannot miss from stealth. +3(1 * Tier) damage on
first attack.
- Extended Mod Limit ......... || Rank 3: +3 Mod slots.
- Parry ...................... || Reduce incoming damage by 50%(rounded down).
- - Justified Riposte ......... // Stun attacker for 1 turn.
- Energist ................... || Add 15(5 * Tier) Energy to your max pool.
- Charge ..................... || Rank 5: +5 on initial hit.
- Howl ....................... || Adds +2 Hate each against up to 4 targets.
- - Focused Howl .............. // Adds +4 Hate against a single target.

- Disguise ................... || +1 EVA for one turn.
- Survival ................... || Heal 45 HP when our of battle.
- Familiar Mastery: Fighter .. || Rank 3: +9(Tier * Rank) Damage.
- Meditation ................. || Recover 15(5 * Tier) energy with post action.
Reduced to 10(2 x Tier) energy if you are hit before your next round.


Edited by Macradon
added stats
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Itzal stopped moving as he stood in front of the arch where Able took his position in the middle. Itzal looked at @Morgenstern and was confused at first, when he realized his friend didn't know what he was supposed to do. Acting quickly, he opened his menu and sent him a quick message. Technically there were more duties of a best man, but given the fact that there wasn't too much to really set up for the wedding, it wasn't too important.


Hey, sorry I didn't mention this earlier. I thought I sent a message but it looks like I hadn't. For the ceremony all you need to do is stand beside me. When the priest tells you to you can take a seat at the front.

As he waited for his friend to read the message he continued to look at the newcomers. He was.. A little surprised to see Shield there. Not because he didn't like the man or anything like that, but because he was unaware that he and Zandra were good friends. However despite this surprise, he would give a genuine smile and a small wave to him. The two may not have been entirely close, agree on everything, and not really seen much of each other, but he was still a Celestial Ascendant survivor, and thus still family. She didn't tell him who she'd be inviting after all. @Macradon however, he kind of saw coming. He smiled as he watched the man walk towards his seat, wearing a garment from his days as a knight of the blood oath. Warm memories returned to him as he thought of that guild. Not of the guild itself, or most of it's members, but of his first meeting with Macradon. Itzal already had a bad impression of the guild, but Macradon had given him hope for that group. He was unlike the others. Honorable, humble, compassionate, empathetic. He was someone you could befriend right on the spot, and trust just as easily. Itzal was happy that Macradon was here today. When their eyes met, Itzal would give the man an acknowledging nod with a smile on his face.

After Morgenstern reached Itzal he smiled brightly. They didn't have much time to talk however, as before long music began to start playing. Specifically the music he picked out himself for when the bride... His bride. @Zandra. Would be walking down the aisle.



Itzal stood a bit more straight and took in a deep breath.

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Zandra sat in her tent. She have started to hear voices on the other side of the cloth. The guests have started to arrive. She gulped as she walked back and forth in the small room. Wasn’t Ari going to come and help her? It seemed she would have to do all preparations herself. She walked back infront of the mirror. She looked back at herself. As she fixed a part of her hair she suddenly herd the silence as the voices stopped mumbling and it got replaced by a melody. A calm and beautiful melody. Had Itzal been doing this one himself? For this. She smiled at the mirror and this was enough to give her the courage to go out there. She took a deep breath before opening the tent.

She could see the wooden arch. And the white flowers. And under it, Able the priest. And beside him, clad in a costume, matching her dress with its snowwhite color, was the man she was hear for. The man she had decided to share her life with. The man, she loved. Itzal.

As she walked across the wooden walkway, a faint blush had appeared on her cheeks. It wasn’t many people there, but she valued those that was there very high. And it felt emberrasing with having so many eyes on her while wearing a wedding dress. Her steps started to slow down as she wanted to turn around and run away from the feeling. ‘Damn it Sandra, get it together already!’ she screamed to herself in her mind. A short inhale and she continued the walk, closer and closer to her future husband.

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Itzal's smile grew in anticipation and excitement the second he saw Zandra step out into the aisle. He was breathless, taken aback completely by how beautiful she looked in the dress. In that second. That moment. He knew just how lucky he was to have met her. He could see her hesitating a bit, her movements faltering. He knew she was feeling doubts. She felt worried and concerned. He just looked into her eyes, and gave her an encouraging smile and nod. 'You can do this' he thought. 'You don't have to be afraid.' As she reached the end of the aisle and stood opposite to him he just smiled with joy. The music came to an end and the priest stepped forward. "Here we are today," the priest, Able said. "With two individuals who will join as one in holy matrimony. Marriage. I assume that each of you have prepared your vows?" Itzal had his ready to use. He had told Zandra that they would likely be making and saying a vow to one another, explained what that meant, and how it would work before any of this actually happened. However he did not know what her vow was going to be, as she did not know what his was. Their vows. A promise to one another which would be upheld and kept throughout their marriage. "I have." Able nodded for him to continue. "Zandra... I promise to love you, now and forever, more dearly than any other. I promise to cherish and treasure you, to work with you, beside you, and for you, to assist and aid you in all your endeavors. I promise to stay true to you, and to honor you. I promise to never harm you in any way shape or form. And I promise to always have faith and trust in you." It was a lengthy vow, but he wanted to show just how far he was willing to go for her. How much he'd sacrifice, how far he'd traverse, how much he'd endure. And above all, how much he loved her.


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Zandra felt her hand shaking as the man infront of her and looked into her eyes, given her the strength she needed to keep walking, he had shared his own strength, with just two eyes and a smile he made her take the final few steps. She felt nervous, was fighting with herself to stay where she was. Being on the battlefield and figting dozens of minotaurs would be an easier fight then this. Out there, her other mind would carry her thoughts. Thou she felt that another mind helped her fighting this battle. She looked deep into his eyes. Slowly, she felt the weakness in her legs disappear. And with that, she felt a bit more steady. She herd the priest saying something, thou she couldn’t hear the words. But as she got more and more safe and back in the present, she herd Itzal’s voice. ‘’Zandra…’’ he started before reading his vows for her. If he hadn’t explained for her before the wedding, this would have struck her with panic.

She listened to him talking. Not only the words but also the voice itself filled her with warmth. She had never thougth she would have someone thinking like this of her. She wasn’t wort… her crimson eyes got shiny as she bit her lower lip. She felt the tears was so close, but she kept them back. ‘’…faith and trust in you.’’ He finished and it was Zandra’s turn. She opened her mouth, but no sound was herd. She tried again, with the same result. It wasn’t until that moment that she understood how this must look to Itzal. With her hesitating this much, was he thinking she didn’t wanted this? That she forced herself to merry him against her own will? She would have to explain that to him afterwards. Or did she? She looked at him, blinked away the shine from her eyes. She gulped.

‘’Itzal… I promise to love you, now and forever. I will stand by your side, thru good and evil, never abandon you. I will follow you wherever you go. I will never cheat or betray you.’’ She finished. Her face now looked a bit worried. What would Itzal think? She knew she wasn’t very good at these kind of stuff, but had thougth it turned out okay. But after hearing Itzal’s, this must have sounded like crap.

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He could see her getting a bit nervous. It was in her eyes, her stance. But she had told him enough to have expected it, and he was understanding enough not to have any fears or doubts. He simply kept smiling. Showing her the encouragement and support he planned to give her from this day forward. She would never be alone after today. After this they would be as one, and Itzal was perfectly happy with that. From her reaction to his vows he could tell that the message he had meant to send was delivered to her. That made him happy already. When she had begun her attempts to speak, and failed the first few times, he hoped no one in the crowd would say anything or mutter, and to his relief nobody did. He just smiled and gave the slightest of nods to show that he understood her, and that he wouldn't be going anywhere. He was a scout after all. If anything he was a master of patience. She then managed to voice her vows, and though it wasn't as long as Itzal's, he knew she worked long and hard on it. He knew she meant every word, and by the end of it he was holding back tears as well. Able was silent for a moment as he smiled and watched the two look into each other's eyes for a moment.

"Ring bearer, you may approach the stand." Normally the ring bearer would be someone from either of their families, or in this case friends, but since both groups weren't exactly massive enough to fill a grand number of seats, the ring bearer was a young npc boy who walked up with a pillow. Both rings were resting on it. Able took both rings and handed them to the players. Itzal's ring to Zandra, and Zandra's ring to Itzal. "These rings represent both your love to one another, the bond that now binds you together, and the vows you have made for one another. Take them and give it to your spouse." Itzal smiled and took two steps towards Zandra. When she lifted her hand for him, he would slide her ring on her ring finger, back up and hold his hand out for her to put on his ring.


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Zandra looked at the young man infront of her. The man that she would spend maybe the rest of her life with. She gulped as she glanced on the pillow with the rings. Maybe she wasn’t very good with these kind of stuff, but this much did she know. She raised her hand for Itzal to slide one of the rings on her finger. Her finger that, even after using the battle axe for so long time, still had the same smoothness as when she entered the world of death. Feeling the cold metal on her bare skin felt in some strange way calming and she had started to relax. Or was it his skin against hers? Whatever it was, she answered by taking the other ring and slide it on to Itzals finger. Then her big red eyes went up to his. A soft smile on her lips as she slowly blinked. The time had slowed down to slow motion and she felt the gentle breeze from the sea with the low sound of splashing waves and smell of salt in the air. ‘’Thank you.’’ She said, barley hearable to anyone except her Itzal.











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Itzal smiled back at her, tears threatening to form in his eyes. "And thank you."

"I hereby declare these two, husband and wife!" The priest declared. "You may now, kiss the bride." Itzal stepped forward, his hands holding onto Zandra's, and kissed his wife. If there was any cheering, he didn't hear it. The world was frozen in time as he and Zandra made their lives, their destinies and fates, one and the same. From this point on, they would never act as separate individuals, but as one person. They would carry and share each other's hopes, dreams, joys, sorrows, fears, regrets, pride, weaknesses and strengths. And as they finished their long lasting kiss, Itzal simply stared into her eyes, knowing that he was the luckiest man, and would forever be the happiest, in the entire world. He could do it. He could take on all of Aincrad. Every monster, every boss, every player killer. Even Kayaba himself. Because he didn't just have his family to return home to. He had his wife to be with. To protect, to love, and to live with. And he couldn't wait to see her in the real world as well. He wondered how his family would feel about him having married someone in the video game.

But that was a thought process for later. He turned to the players who had arrived to watch the wedding and smiled. "Alright. How about we start the reception already?"

Thread Completed. Itzal and Zandra Married!~

+Shared inventory.

+Wedding Rings (Itzal's: Strong Will. Zandra's: Driven)

@Zandra : +3 SP (1 Thread Length, 1 Event Bonus, 1 Quest Reward) & 200 Col (400/2)
Itzal : +3 SP (1 Thread Length, 1 Event Bonus, 1 Quest Reward) & 200 Col (400/2)

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