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[F11 - OP] Christmas Chaos (aka Come Eat All Of Koga's Food)

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Koga | HP: 700/700 | EN: 108/108 | DMG: 23 | MIT: 30 | ACC: 4 | EVA: 2 | BRN: 56 | BLT: 32/20 | FALN: 8 | REGN 13 | B.HEALING: 38/77 (SURV)

equipped battle-ready inventory
  • none




  • Mastery: Damage III | Gain 1 * Tier Damage per rank | 15 SP
  • Battle Healing V | Recover 5% (rounded down) of your maximum HP at the start of your turn | 30 SP
    • Emergency Recovery | When non-fatal damage would leave you with 25% or less of your maximum HP, recover 10% of your maximum HP after the attack resolves. Effect cannot occur more than once per thread.  When activated if the player has lower than 10 energy remaining, simply reduce the player's energy to 0. | 6 SP
      • EN Cost: 10
  • Energist | Increase Base Energy by 5 * Tier | 8 SP
  • Howl | Gain +2 Hate against up to 4 targets | 10 SP
    • EN Cost: 2 EN
    • Cooldown: 2 Posts
    • Focused Howl | Gain +4 Hate against a single target | 5 SP
      • EN Cost: 4 EN
      • Cooldown: 4 Posts


  • Curved Sword I | +1 DMG when equipped with a Curved Sword | 4 SP
  • Katana V | +7 DMG when equipped with a Katana | 30 SP
    • Stamina | Reduces the energy of all Katana attacks by 2 EN | 4 SP
    • Ferocity | +2 DMG when using Katana Sword Arts | 4 SP


  • Light Armor V | +30 MIT when equipped with Light Armor | 30 SP
    • Meticulous | +1 DMG when equipped with Light Armor | 4 SP
    • Resolve | +1 ACC and +10 * Tier HP when equipped with Light Armor | 6 SP


  • Familiar Master: Rending | You and your familiar attack in tandem, applying Rend [7*tier unmitigatable damage] to the target that lasts for two turns. | 10SP
    • Cooldown: 5 Posts
  • Survival | Increases Healing effects received from all sources by 10%. Grants immunity to all damage dealing environmental attacks/effects.


  • Laurel Wreath | Earn Col equivalent to 15% of player’s EXP earned in thread
  • <<Well Rested>> | -1 energy cost for the first three expenditures of each combat.
  • <<Squeaky Clean>> | The first time you would suffer DoT damage in a thread, reduce damage taken from DoT each turn by 25% (rounded down).
  • <<Relaxed>> | Increases out of combat HP regen by (5 * Tier HP) and decreases full energy regen to 2 Out of Combat Posts.
  • <<Multipurpose>> | Gain +1 to LD, Stealth Rating, Stealth Detection, or Prosperity to one post in a thread. Can be applied after a roll.


Koga's House, 5:59pm

Koga flew around the kitchen, doing his best to make sure nothing burned, bubbled, or boiled over and ultimately trying to avoid causing a mess that he wouldn't be able to clean in time. Sadly for him, not only was Yukiro an atrocious chef, he was also nowhere to be found! Koga hadn't the slightest idea where the man was, so the man was not able to help poor Koga's frantic predicament. Okami, for his part, did his best to help his owner for once...which meant staying well out of the man's way as he shoved a 42 lb turducken into the over, and then aggressively went to mash potatoes into...well, mashed potatoes.

Now how ever did things get this way? After all, Koga did not have many (living) friends, and he certainly was not one to go out of his way to socialize. The answer, dear friends, is that it's a Christmas miracle (and also Mina told me I had to, so really its all her fault).

Satisfied that the mashed potatoes were sufficiently mashed and potatoey, Koga took the bowl over to his small dining room table, and put it alongside the other food. Everything was almost done, and Koga was beginning to think he'd be done before anyone managed to show up!

Ding dong.

"Ah fuck...Coming!"

Note: Whoever posts first, feel free to write Koga opening the door and greeting you in whatever manner you think Koga might do so

Koga's outfit:


Christmas Rin Okumura x Reader(BlueExorcist)(8/25) by ashleymaeeeee on  DeviantArt



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Oji had been ill prepared for the holidays. The feelings of the season had felt dull since his entrapment in this game. But, he still enjoyed the festive onlook the code took during this time of year. Even though it had felt like years since he had seen his family for the holidays, he knew that they were home safe, and even without him he was sure his niece, brothers and parents were all doing well and enjoying the time together.

And that was enough to put a smile on his face in these troubling times.

He had found himself with an open invite, posted onto a billboard for all players to see. Most seemed disinterested in the festivities, a disheartened light in their eyes and they felt time pass onto another year within the game, and another year without their families, friends and loved ones. Oji, on the other hand, took this to be a grand opportunity to get to know some people. He went to the nearest tailor and asked for a festive suit for the occasion. They only had one in stock, but he was desperate and decided to wear it.

As he donned it the suit seemed... a little tight. But that wasn't the first priority on his list. He followed the directions that was on the post and soon arrived at a quaint little home, and he knocked on the door. He heard a muffled voice and the door open to reveal a smaller man, but with eyes of wisdom from his time in this game. He tipped his Christmas hat with a small smile

"Hi there, I pray I'm not too early for the party?" he asked a bit shyly. The young man probably questioned the... attire, he wore, and he pulled out his watch to quickly looked at the time. "And before you ask, no this suit was not supposed to be this small." He sighed "But it was last second and I just wanted to get into the right spirit." an almost cartoon-like bead of sweat could be seen on his head, showing the embarrassment he felt about the outfit. But, he made his way in and got comfortable, taking a look around the house to try and make mental notes of things he likes for his own home.

Oji's Outfit:





Oji, The Uncle of Aincrad
Level: 1
Paragon Level: 0
HP: 20/20
EN: 20/20

Damage: 1
Loot Dice: 1

Equipped Gear:

Custom Skill:

Searching R1

Active Mods:

Inactive Mods:


Active Extra Skills:

Inactive Extra Skills:

Battle Ready Inventory:

Housing Buffs:

Guild Hall Buffs:

Scents of the Wild:

Wedding Ring:


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The holidays were often really busy for violet... well, most of the time that is. Normally right about now she would be back at rikers edge helping out with a few different community meals, or out in the woods capturing and killing various food-mobs just to get some ingredients, or gathering up some rare plants in order to make some seasonings, and even mushing up fruits and veggies in order to create a variety of different drinks that others could enjoy. She had spent a few hours earlier that day working on a few plates of cookies and a caldron of Ragout Rabbit stew. She hoped that there would be enough so that everyone that was going to be where she was heading could try it out. 

She wanted to be able to enjoy her Christmas with other players, and dammit she was going to do that! Her friends going missing wasn't going to stop her at all, even if she missed them alot. Besides, going to a party meant that she'd get to meet new faces!

Violet made her way to the door, an anxious look on her face as she peered at the sight in front of her. A pair of guys were standing near the door, chatting away. One of them she recognized immediately as a guy she had met a few times before, Koga. She adjusted her coat and cuffs, and made sure her hat was on her head straight, before making her way up the stairs so that she could head inside after the other guy went in. She skipped up to the steps, smiling brightly. "Hi-Hi Koga-san~!" she said cheerily, holding up the caldron of stew in both hands. "I hope you don't mind if I brought a bunch of food items? I wanna make sure everyone has plenty to eat!" Violet bowed respectfully to Koga, before skipping inside, setting the stew on a table, and placing the cookies off to the side. She picked one of them up, and started to nibble on it, looking around Koga's house with a soft smile on her face



Tricolor_Mina | HP: 680/680 | EN: 102/102 | DMG: 21 | MIT: 78 | ACC: 4 | BLGT: 32 | BRN: 56 | FRSTB: 40 | V.D.: 68

Level 31 (Paragon Lvl: 5


Mina's outfit!



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"That'll be 300 Col."

Astreya shifted the money over to the fellow, making sure to tip some extra on top of it.  It was the holidays, after all!  You couldn't just expect to get through only doing the bare minimum.  Astreya had always enjoyed the holidays, but admittedly in the time she'd been here, with the one person she really knew not...making it through, she'd gotten a little despondent, as of late.  But she had made a few new friends and was looking to see about celebrating the holidays!  And so she had gotten a cake and a few pies.

For herself, of course!  She wasn't going to impose on anyone else and ask them to come and spend time with her when she was sure they had other friends to hang out with.  "You heading over to that house party?" 

Astreya blinked at that, cocking her head a little to the side.  "There's like, a party?" she asked, looking around a bit, before she followed the point of the baker she was talking to, seeing a flyer on a billboard advertising an open holidays party for any who may want to attend.  "Oh man, I'm totally not prepared for something like that."

The fellow shook his head.  "I'm planning on heading over after all the late snackers like you get their sweet tooth fixation.  Why not just head over?"

"Like, I guess I could.  I was totally just going to eat all these yummy sweets on my own, but like, maybe it'd be better to hang out with other people for a change?". She did have a festive outfit already (she'd seen it for sale and couldn't help herself) so she might as well go.  "Thanks random baker guy!" she called cheerfully, waving as she left.


The woman arrived at the location a few minutes later, noting a few others having arrived as well.  "Heyyyy!" she called cheerfully, waving one hand while balancing the several cakes and pies in the other.  "Heard there was a party!  You guys, like, don't mind if I crash it, right?" she asked with a grin.  "I brought sweets!"


Everyone else doing outfits.  Why not?

Astreya's Outfit!


Thread Stats:



-Level 21
-HP: 465
-- 420 (Base) + 45 (Iron Skin)
-NRG: 60

-Base Damage: 10
-- 1(Base) + 6 (Weapon Skill) + 1 (Impetus) + 2 (Weapon)
-Mitigation: 62
-- 0(Base) + 35 (Armor Skill) + 15 (Iron Skin) + 12 (Armor)
-Regeneration: 2% (Currently 9)
-- 0(Base) + 2% (Battle Healing II)
-Accuracy: 3
-- 0(Base) + 1 (Weapon) + 2 (Accessory)
-Thorns: 18
-- 0(Base) + 18 (Armor)
--EN Recovery: 0
--Taunt: 1

»Silver Frost [2H Straight Sword] | Rare T2
[Damage] - Gain +2 base damage per slot.
[Accuracy] - Add 1 onto your BD rolls (Cannot cause crits)

»Battle Dress | Rare T2 Heavy Armor
[Mitigation] - Prevent 12 damage from successful attacks against you.
[Thorns] - Successful non-critical attacks against you deal 18 unmitigated damage to the attacking enemy. Only activates on damage dealing, melee attacks.

»Hoya of the West | Perfect T1 Trinket
[Accuracy II] - Add 2 onto your BD rolls (Cannot cause crits)
[Prosperity] - Gain +1 to the base multiplier when receiving col from killing an enemy.



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Level 11

HP: 220/220 EN: 40/40

DMG: 1

It's always interesting to see how other cultures celebrated. In some parts of the world, Lish noted, there was no national recognition of holidays that were venerated in others. And for those nations that shared in the festivities, scant few of them enjoyed the same foods. Even regional variances existed, a fact she'd learned on the west coast of the US in school when she'd visited another friend's home for the holidays in her second year. California was a world unto itself, a place much of the other states seemed to cultivate their own opinions about.

For her though, much of the way they thought seemed more like home than the other states. Surprising and shocking political opinions made her uncomfortable at times, while at others, she found herself unwittingly compelled to understand what had allowed such diverse and at times- in her own opinion- extreme philosophies to substantiate and spread.

Inside Aincrad, all of that was suspended. Whatever they brought in with them conglomerated in a mishmash of traditions over the course of six years, to the point there was little religion or sanctimony involved. At this point, it was an opportunity to step away from the daily strife and come together in positivity.

In short, it was just the kind of event she got motivated for.

Though it had been some time since she met him, Lish reached out to Koga and got the details. She would be late, but only fashionably so. Unlike many other Players, she hadn't fostered her cooking skill. Instead, she'd spent her time learning about how people lived and worked together, and she was doing her best to make Aincrad's society cohesive and friendlier.

Work was admittedly hard.

She still knew so few of the people fighting on the Frontlines. Those were the people struggling the most at times, who's lives were on the line constantly for the sake of others who were too weak or afraid to take that next step. It was important to understand that perspective as much as it was every other.

Because sometimes, it put people on edge and at odds. What better place for a fledgling Anthropologist to flex her muscles? With a bright smile, she rapped at the door and waved, waiting patiently to be noticed and ushered inside.

"Koga?" she leaned forward slightly, revealing a wry smile and fluttering her lashes sweetly. "Have I found the place?" she asked.

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A Party.

A Christmas Party.

Holidays and the events tied to them usually meant two things... Parties...and Desserts!

"Oh, hell yes..." Yona thought aloud. Having allies and friends was important in an MMO, anyway, so this would be a good opportunity to do so, as well as take a load off and relax...right?

With three dozen festive cupcakes purchased, she would make her way to the specified location. Along the way, though, she still munched on a cupcake or two... wouldn't hurt if it was only a few, right? She would take a deep breath when she approached the door. It's been a while since she had to put on a brave, public face. "You better not blow this, Tora." She muttered to herself.

She opened the door oh so suddenly, she almost slammed it against whatever wall it opened towards. She also happened to be on the assumption that there was no doorbell. "Ding Dong, Yona has arrived to the party!" She announced to the players around. ...Wait, there were only five? "...Huh...are we early or something?" She asked as her eyes took in her surroundings. "Well, anyways, I didn't exactly come here empty-handed!"

She opened up her inventory, but there were only two dozen cupcakes left. Oops.

"Shit, I shouldn't have eaten so many of them already!" She thought. She pulled out the two boxes, each containing a dozen cupcakes. "I've got some festive cupcakes for anyone who wants some!" She'd say.

"Just please take an ample amount before I eat the rest of them..." She thought.

@Koga @Oji @tricolor_mina @Astreya @Lishuu


Stats and Equipment:


Level: 6



HP: 120

Energy: 30

Base Damage: 10(CS R1[7], Sharpened Wakizashi[2])

Mitigation: 6(Moonshard Veil)

Accuracy: 0

Evasion: 2(MoonShard Veil)

Loot Die: 3(Thuban's Eye)



Additional conditions:

[None Yet]




[T1]Sharpened Wakizashi(Curved Sword, 2 DMG)

[T1]Moonshard Veil(Cloth Armor, 1 MIT, 2 EVA)

[T1]Thuban's eye(Trinket, 3 LD)




Teleport Crystal x1




Curved Sword Rank 5



Extra Skills:










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A holiday party? The lady time Jomei had attended a holiday party was when he threw one himself with the fellow members of the Holy Dragon Alliance. A simpler time, when he had all the friends he needed and the love of his life by his side. As the memory of that joyous time faded, the ginger was left in the same apartment.. just undecorated and he alone.

Honestly, he had considered just not doing anything this season. Just let the holiday pass and go on, business as usual. But he had to admit, he always did enjoy this time of year. Originally he considered trying to put together something.. invite the few friends he could think of off the top of his head; Lessa, Macradon, Baldur. Though, would have made quite the ass of himself asking his friends to take time out of their schedules because Jomei couldnt get up to plan something sooner.

Maybe this random party was the next best thing; almost a clean slate of sorts. Unfamiliar faces, no one to ask specific questions about topics he didnt want to talk about, maybe even make new friends. To hell with it, its Christmas. Time to get holly and jolly.

He didnt have much in terms of Christmas attire.. so he threw on a fitted black sweater, some grey slacks, and an olive green scarf. Stepping out into the biting cold air of Taft, Jomei made his way through the streets to his, apprent, neighbor who was throwing said party.

Koga.. guess this is the place.” Jomei said to himself, looking at the building. Stepping up, he would tap the back of his knuckles on the doorway before turning the handle and entering. Just as he had expected.. no familiar faces. Scanning the party and its colorful attendees, Jomei picked out the host of the shindig.@Koga I take it? I’m Jomei. Hope you don’t mind a stranger hanging out.” He chuckles sheepishly. He spots the tables nearby where other players set down food items, “Ah shit.. uh.. sorry, I didn’t think to bring anything to eat.. Oh!” With a swipe of his hand, the Irishman summons his inventory. A quick search, and Jomei summons a small crystal into the palm of his hand. “I’m a musician, I recorded some music that we could just play in the background if you’d like.”



Level: 31 | Paragon: 50 | Tier: 4 | HP: 820| EN: 120 

Nihilim's Wrath  : Abs Acc | Bleed | Fallen
Vestige of St.Patrick: Holy B| Mit | EVA | EVA
Alatreon's Will: ACC | ACC | ACC

Rending Familiar: Adere

Saber R5 | TECH Spec.
Cloth Armor R5
B Healing R5
Fighting Spirit
Combat Mastery DMG R3



Housing Buffs: 
Bedroom: -1 energy cost for the first two expenditures of each combat    
Bathroom: The first time you would suffer DoT damage in a thread, reduce damage taken from DoT each turn by 20% (rounded down)    
Dining Room: Turn 2 identical food items (same quality, tier, & enhancements) into a Lesser Feast.
Living Room: Increases out of combatHP regen by (5 * Tier HP) and decreases full energy regen to 2 Out of Combat Posts.


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Oh, Koga.

To host a party catering to so many different players of Aincrad, simply with a poster announcement on a bulletin somewhere. With cooking skills and speed as they were? Yukiro may have been missing, sure, but a gaggle of strangers could've matched his appetite, even more.

NIGHT shook her head as she closed in on his estate's location, hands tucked into her tracksuit's pockets. No -- no celebration suits and no extra company today. Knowing the state of Koga's abode, it would've been barely enough to fit the gathering that was growing outside his front door.

And if any of them were still waiting to be ushered within, it was in irony that NIGHT excused herself to the front of the group, to twist the handle and let herself in uninvited. The door almost closed behind her, but with a foot, she would stop it in time. Koga's interiors were loosely decorated, sure, but decorated enough they were.

With a number of loose taps upon menu interfaces, there would be more than a number of entrees set upon the dining table ahead. The player regarded their quantities with a concerned eye, before deciding an extension to the banquet would be required... later.

"Koga," she drawled, her hands tucked back into her pockets. An idle foot toyed with the still-ajar entrance. "I'm letting them in~"

b3ue0Fx.png | NIGHT
 | Lv. 98 >> P. 67, Lv. 31
 | Status: yukiro's missing out.



NIGHT | HP: 880/880 | EN: 126/126 | DMG: 21 | ACC: 3 | EVA: 3 | MIT: 44 | LM: 2 | HLY: 8 | PHASE | LD: 5 | BH: 38 | Stealth Rating: 6


  • Orgoth's Legacy
    ACC, PHASE, HOLY (8)
  • Tracksuit of Unfathomable Fashionability
    MIT (24), LM II
  • Silver Crescent Necklace

battle-ready inventory

  • //



mod count: 4/5

  • 2HSS | RANK 5/5
    • focus, stamina, precision
    • shift: aoe
    • athletics, nimble
  • SEARCHING | RANK 4+1/5


    • blindside, vanish, surprise attack-t




  • MOTHRA | +1 EN Recovery
  • TANOS | +25 MIT
  • MORETSUNA | +50 HP
  • OROCHI | +1 LD


  1. - - -
  2. - - -


  • Lv. 5 | Gain additional col equivalent to 15% of EXP earned in that thread.
  • Lv. 10 | +1 LD to looting.

sword arts


en cost matches multiplier unless stated otherwise. shift underlined.

  • ST | x12 -> x15 | x20
  • AOE | x15 -> x18
  • TECH-A | x12 | STUN | 13EN
  • TECH-B | x12 | DELAY
  • TECH-D | x12 | SHATTER
  • TECH-G | x12 | BURN




  • Dimensional Backpack, Item Stash
    | +2 Battle-Ready Inventory Slots.
  • Well Rested
    | -1 EN for the first three expenditures of each combat. 
  • Relaxed
    | +(5 * Tier) HP per out-of-combat post. Full energy restoration occurs after two turns out of combat.
  • Squeaky Clean
    | -25% DoT damage taken from the first DoT applied to this player in a thread.
  • Skylight: Searching
    | +1 Expertise to declared utility skill. Cooldown of 30 days to reassign.
  • Multipurpose
    | +1 LD/Prosperity/Stealth/Detection to one post per thread. Can be applied after a roll.
  • Filling
    | +1 T1 slot to a food consumed by this player in a thread. Can exceed Cook enhancement caps.
  • Col Deposit
    | +5% col from loot-minimum mobs, +10% col from treasure chests.


  • Greenhouse
    | +2 G.EXP, +1 CD&LD to gathering attempts.
  • Familiar: Profession
    | +2 G.EXP
  • Demeter's Cornucopia
    | +1 CD to gathering attempts. 


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As Koga opened the door he was greeted by a complete stranger...which was to be expected when you put out a public invitation to your house, but nonetheless, Koga was still a little bit unprepared. Still, he put on his usual demeanor when meeting knew people and greeted the man. "Hi, welcome. Not early at all, actually you're...exactly on time. Nice to meet you, I'm Koga," he said to the...tightly adorned man. "So uh, I know we just met, but am I allowed to make gigolo jokes?" he replied as he ushered the man in just as a vaguely familiar voice called out his name. @Oji

A pink-haired woman. Koga didn't know that many people with pink hair...actually he didn't think he knew any, but evidently he was wrong...Think, man, think! "Mina!" Mission accomplished. "Hey, long time no see! Honestly, I think we could use the extra food, I don't think I made enough. Come on in!" @tricolor_mina

Just as Koga was about to close the door, he heard another unfamiliar voice greet him. "Ah, yes, party! Right through this door! Can't crash if I invited pretty much every player in Aincrad, just go ahead and put the sweets on the table over there!" Koga said. @Astreya

As Koga was finally able to close the door, he began to wonder if this was a terrible idea. He was so far outside his comfort zone at this point, he might as well have been orbiting Jupiter.

Knock, knock, knock.

"Oh for fuck's sake..." Koga turned around and went back to the door....only to be pleasantly surprised. "Oh, hey Lish. Yeah, this is...obviously the right place...come on in, feel free to roam and eat whatever!" @Lishuu

Ok, now the door can close.


Koga visibly flinched as the door swung open. "Uh, hi?" Koga greeted, looking over his shoulder. "Uh, nice to meet you? You can set those down over there, and feel free to help yourself to other food." @Yona

Thankfully, the next person to Koga's abode was kind enough to not completely destroy his front door. "Ah, welcome. Nice to meet you. It was an open invitation, so of course you're welcome! Go ahead and pop the music on, I'm sure everyone will appreciate it!" Yes...Koga had indeed forgotten about music...did I mention he never does this? @Jomei

Koga looked back at the door one final time and...oh, god. "NIGHT...please, if you've ever valued me at all as friend, please, don't do this to me." Why did he get the feeling his pleas to spare him his social anxiety were falling on deaf ears. @NIGHT

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Astreya grinned widely at Koga as the man invited her into his home, seeming to not at all mind that she was coming in and he had no idea who she was.  She imagined the big green indicator on her head told him that she wasn't a threat at all or a player killer or anything of the sort.  But there was also a line forming behind her, and so the girl didn't want to clog up the entrance at all, so she shifted inside past Koga to where a few other people were already starting to show.  

As the folks filtered in behind her, she moved over toward a nearby table, laying out the array of pies and cakes that she had in her inventory, a little remiss to the fact that she wasn't going to get to eat all of these on her own, before she heard someone coming in behind her mention that they were a musician, and the girl blinked, glancing over her shoulder.

"Wait for real?  Like in the real world or here?  Or both?" she asked, the young woman apparently giddy as she came closer to Jomei, not coming right into his personal space but still close enough to know that he was the target of her words.  "I just got to do the Performer Profession quest thing the other day so I'm still trying to figure all of that out," she added before blinking, realizing that she hadn't actually introduced herself yet.  "Oh, man my manners are, like, totally out the window.  I'm Astreya," she offered, the valley girl 'accent' coming in strong.


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Jomei could not help but smile at the warm invitation, "Thank you". It seemed his mention of his musical talent caught the attention of another party-goer. A girl, possibly a few years younger than him, asked about his musical prowess, and mentioned that she too took the Performer profession. The Irishman nodded, "Both, actually. I played a bit of music in the real world before all of this.. and when I saw that Performers were a thing, I jumped on board." He rubs the nape of his neck with a small smirk, "I couldn't really tell you much about the actual profession though, I'm really not much into crafting. I just like being able to make music for fun." 

As he spoke to the girl, Jomei crossed the open floor and made his way to a less occupied corner of the room, close to a set of stairs that lead to a second story. Taking the small yellow crystal, Jomei lowered himself to a knee and gently placed it on the ground. Tapping the face of the crystal with his index finger, the area of impact sparkled outward like a tiny disruption in a pool of water. The item then came to life, emanating a soft, golden glow a it took to hovering a few inches off of the ground. The crystal began to slowly twirl, like vinyl on a record player, and music began to fill the space. Like most of his work, the piece was an ensemble of various instruments that he had at his disposal that seemed to fit the more fantasy lifestyle they had grown accustomed to. The lively jigs were led by either harpsicord sounding keys, or the plucked strings of his lute. Having being composed for a holiday setting, there were plenty of bells to help fit the correct atmosphere. 

He turned and returned to his current conversation partner, offering a kind bow of his head, "I'm Jomei, pleased to meet you." 


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 It was the season to be jolly and merry, or at least as much as one can be given the circumstances. But given as they were all safe and protected for now, Melodie intended to attempt to enjoy in game Christmas as much as she could. To this end, she put aside her social awkwardness and accepted the invite to a Christmas Party or a Christmas meal, she was not really sure which. Yet she hoped she would manage to have fun, rather than awkwardly hover in the corner, before slinking as quickly and quietly as possible to her room or in this case the exit. 

There were a lot of people coming to this party it seemed and Melodie considered backing away, walking off and disappearing into an inn. People... In the end she had no real option, she was going to do something and try to be herself, round a bunch of people. They were all gamers in the end and ever so slightly stuck with one another till they won the game. 

She walked over to the door, steeling herself in case this turned out to be a prank or some trick. Melodie tried to shoo the negative voice from her mind but it hovered there all the same. Still, the petite player put on her friendliest smile, or what she hoped was one and greeted the person to open the door with a hearty. "Hello. I hope I'm not late." Or her best attempt at such a greeting. 

Level: 1
Tier: 1
HP: 20
EN: 20
Dmg: 4 (R1 Weapon Skill)
Acc: 2 (Gear: weapon)

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She hadn't expected to actually catch another player at the door, whilst she had it loosely open. The sudden appearance of that stranger shocked her back into formalities, the woman grabbing the wooden edge with her hand. "Oh. No worries, you're not. Welcome in."

And from that player's visage, NIGHT did look out towards the sea of unfamiliar faces in Koga's home. Internally, she could only chide him for the gall of inviting strangers. How could he have the social capacity to meet and greet every single one of them? An extrovert, she herself was not.

When the newcomer had shifted into the room, NIGHT peered out to ensure no one else might've shown up for the party just yet. She let the door shut gently, before shuffling towards Koga's storeroom. Surely, there must've been another table present in its inventory (despite the practical impossibility), and she summoned it to life once the area was clear of lounging people. Another few taps, and additional seating would appear.

Despite only showing up to assist her friend with the party, she figured it'd be ought to be rude not to speak to any of the guests. The newest player seemed very much out of place as compared to the others; the slight warble in her voice in her greeting earlier, and their just as equal un-Christmasy attire that most of the confident crowd had donned. With one additional summon of a platter of finger sandwiches, she held it out to the stranger, trying to catch her attention with a soft "Hey. One for you?"

"I'm NIGHT. Are you familiar with Koga himself? He's the host of the party, just in case you don't."

@Melodie le Breton

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ImageThe eleventh floor was home to Blueberry, and it was safe to say that when it came to desserts: it was her stomping grounds. So when she seen @Astreyapicking up desserts from some random NPC with a cart in the street instead of walking into Sweet Teart.... It was enough to provoke the girl. Flipping the sign on the door to "Closed♥", Blue would immediately grab an assortment of vanity items that were once to be saved for her own enjoyment and scurry after the girl.



Blue would follow Astreya to a random house where they were accepting an assortment of people inside. Stepping up to the door, she would see a vaguely familiar face. She couldn't even attempt to put a name to it though. "Oh, hey its frying pan boy. Good to see you!" Disregarding if he welcomed her inside or not, she would step past him to continue her mission. She was here for a reason, and she would see it through. Electric blue eyes scanned the area until they once again rested on her target. She was setting the dessert down on a table. Walking up, she would pop one of the cakes that Astreya brought into her mouth. Bland and dry. Forcing herself to swallow instead of spitting out the food, it would take her a second before fixing the mistake Astreya made. "Frazberry, get rid of it." Detaching and expanding from a dark-looking spot on Blue's neck, a small blue slime would land on the dessert table. The creature would examine the desserts before quickly consuming each of them. Blue would watch as the foods(plates included) would dissolve inside of the creature. Making rapid small claps, Blue would applaud the creature. "Good job Fraz!" The slime would bounce onto the floor and begin looking around at the people as Blue began to replace the missing desserts with her own. The upside: They were better than the old. The downside: It was all blueberry flavored. 

A smile of satisfaction spread across the girl's face. Another day was saved. 

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Yona came here to take a break, to meet new people and just have a good time...and sweets.

But sometimes there's always that one who just wrecks at least one thing, and it all goes to shit.


The host seemed a bit awkward in his response, was this his first time hosting a social event? He offered a place to set down the two dozen festive cupcakes she'd brought, but before she reached the table, someone walked in, moving at a faster pace than Yona, and upon reaching the table, this person takes one, but then what happens next was where everything went downhill.

The girl issues a command, and a slime jumps off of her neck and onto the table, taking everything that was on it. Yona watches with shock on her face. Once the slime finished its work, the girl then...replaces everything, with a one-flavor array of her own. This girl walks in, just to sabotage the dessert table without the host's consent, leaving behind a one-flavor array such as this? Yona's expression became a furious scowl.

Ugh. What an absolute disgrace.

"Hey, what the hell do you think you're doing?" Yona demanded. "You don't just do shit like this, especially without the Host's consent! Who the hell do you think you are, that you'd be above everyone else's choices?"

Whatever response would follow, her next words were likely to be spoken, as they may or may not apply to it. "Whatever, if it's really that important to you, just place yours alongside the rest and let the people decide, don't just forcefully take the whole playing field like it's Monopoly or something."



Yona would walk off in a huff, and head over to a corner to pull up her messenger. This was in need of some serious damage control. She needed to contact someone. Someone who's had some decent personal experience around the floors...and what would be better than a higher leveled player?



Yo, Vigi-boy, got a moment?

A moment. What's up?

Do you happen to know a guy who makes sweets?

Yeah, I know a guy, over in Floor 11. He's a good friend of mine,
makes all kinds of baked goods and even runs a bar on the side, too.

Wait, you know him? Wow, I stopped by his place earlier,
but now I kinda need a favor...

What's going on?

I'm at a party and there's been a dessert sabotage. I need damage control.


Yeah. So, care to join in the party and help out, too?

Sorry, can't. I've got plans.

Oooh, lemme guess, a date? ;)

Please tell me that isn't your image of me...


Anyway, if you can't come, who can?

Well, Astralin's free, I'll ask her and see if she can swing by Allen's place and join the party.


She's willing to go, but you'll have to pay me back the cost...
or you could just pay Astralin back, since she's the one picking it up.
Anything else to add?

Tell her to be discreet as possible, we don't want the damage control to be too obvious,
and we don't want her arrival to be visibly or audibly tied to me in any way.

Got it, see you after the season, I suppose.


With the messenger conversation complete, Yona closed her menu, walked out of the corner, and looked around, for all that was left to do now was enjoy the party, and wait for confectionary reinforcements.

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The fellow had agreed and admitted that he was a musician in real life, which was awesome to the girl.  The idea of someone being able to play music in real life was crazy cool to her, as she wasn't exactly all that skilled in it.  Her mother was practically tone-deaf and while her father could hold a tune, he didn't particularly practice often.  Astreya didn't have much talent with it... but the Profession itself had seemed interesting (plus she'd been roped and practically guilted into it).

"That's okay!  I totally don't know much about the profession either," she admitted with a wide grin, seemingly unabashed in the fact that she had no idea.  "It just, like, seemed a lot more fun than the other ones, y'know?" she asked, even as she watched the fellow move to an open corner, setting up what was one of the crystals she'd worked with Landon to hold the music.  Of course, the song that came out from the man's crystal was much easier on the ears than what she'd put together.  "Oh wow, that's so cool!" the girl cheered, before the man came back, introducing himself.  

"I'm Astreya!  Nice to meet you too!" she responded, a grin on her features.  But her attention was immediately caught as she recognized a new entrant with a familiar voice.  "Mel!  Hey!" she called over, waving enthusiastically at the girl, before she noted someone else that she was familiar with and was about to call to as well, when the woman obliterated all the sweets and pies she'd brought.  "Hey!  What's-" she began, not really angry, mostly just confused before Blueberry filled the empty space with a number of treats with her namesake fruit.

She frowned, glancing to Jomei. "Hey, excuse me a sec, sorry," apologized, moving over to the table and looking at the assortment.  "You coulda-" she began, before an unfamiliar girl began going off, saying what Astreya was going to respond with (albeit the new girl was way meaner about it than Streya would've been).  During that, however, she snagged one of the blueberry tarts, popping it into her mouth while the other girl continued yelling... and Astreya's eyes widened.

"This is really good!" she announced.

@Jomei  @Melodie le Breton @Blueberry

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 Mel gratefully stepped inside and into the lively holiday atmosphere. "Thank you, I was worried that I might be." The last thing she wished was to be the first or the last person to arrive. It was a generous idea of Koga though, to host such a gathering. She stood awkwardly, unsure of what to do now she was actually inside. Hearing the question, she turned to face the player who had let her in earlier, only now she held a plate of finger sandwiches in her hand. "Erm... Yes please." Melodie accepted one gratefully, though did not immediately get round to taking a bite. "I'm Melodie... Er... No I've not met him... But there was the ad for this party..." She trailed of, unsure as to what else to say. 

She jumped startled by the unexpected shouting, though it weirdly reminded her of when her distant assorted family relatives came round. Nothing like a Christmas argument or other festive disturbances of the peace. Mel adopted the usual strategy of not get involved and avoid eye contact with the various disagreeing members. She heard her name being called and looked up, pleasantly surprised to see Astreya. "Hey, I did not expect to see you here." Though if she had considered it, she should have guessed that Astreya would find herself in a party or several.  

Level: 1
Tier: 1
HP: 20
EN: 20
Dmg: 4 (R1 Weapon Skill)
Acc: 2 (Gear: weapon)

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If anything, she was glad to see the newcomer loosen up after a familiar face was spotted. And she might've given their associate a greeting too, had her attention not been stolen away by the outburst further back of the room. What. It had only been less than a couple of minutes. Were players already getting into a fight of their own?

She sighed, and pushed herself to move. "If you'll excuse me," NIGHT mentioned to the two.

Her serving plate was placed on the table before she looked over the commotion. An erasure of the desserts -- not that NIGHT herself had set down any -- but still, and after, conforming them to a single-tasting sort of dessert. And the fact that there was a familiar slime present didn't help this other player's appearance.

"Firm Anima..." she drawled, eyes settling on the blue-hooded player, hiding some amount of disgust and disdain. Had their eyes met, NIGHT would've sobered, head cocked to the side with a squint. "... Perhaps?"

The woman glanced to the outburst from Melodie's friend, before turning back to the 'Dessert Police'. A gesture to the treats splayed out on the table. "I'm sure your gifts are very well appreciated, but on behalf of the other guests, I would refrain from performing that again." It took her a moment to locate the offended woman, but NIGHT pointed them out to the patissier, trying to offer an amicable look, though a sharpness remained.

"I'm sure you'd be disappointed too if your hard work and effort went unrecognized, wouldn't it?"


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"So let me get this straight, you need to bring more of what that Yona chick bought from me over to the same party she went to because of a 'dessert sabotage'? Am I hearing you right, Starshine?" Vigilon's friend asked.

Astralin nodded. "More or less, though a variety would be ideal in this situation, if it really is as was described." She answered.

Vigilon's friend took a short moment to walk over to his material stock, before shrugging and returning to Astralin with a smile. "I'm in, business is slower than I expected, anyway. Just give me a moment..." He declared. He walked over to the door leading to his kitchen, then he called out, "Hey, Angie, I've gotten a bit of a tall order, can you handle the counter for a bit?" before entering the room where he made his crafts. A pink haired NPC who must have been Angie walked out to man the counter, and then someone nearby tried to call for her attention. "You in the mood for a chat while you wait?" An emerald-eyed young woman asked. "Don't worry about me, I'm just a regular who knows this place inside and out. It's nice to know that Vigilon and his best friend are finding more friends." She added, hoping not to discourage Astralin. "Oh, you know him too?" Astralin asked. "Sure do." The woman answered with a mischievous smirk. "We were friends back in the real world too, but you don't have to take my word for it, Allen and Vigilon himself can vouch." She added. "My username's Kanari, but some get the privilege of hearing my real name. Starshine your username, or is it just Allen's nickname for you?" Astralin let out a soft chuckle. "Definitely nickname, my username's Astralin." She answered. "I'm just picking up some extra desserts to help with what's apparently some 'damage control' over at a party." Kanari's eyes lit up, with a clear glint of mischief behind them. Uh oh... "A party, you say? With how the situation sounds, it might be open-ended... Ehehe, if I wasn't so busy here, I might just follow you there...but it's not like I'll get the same results with the players there as I do with some of the NPCs that stop by on occasion." She explained, before looking over to an NPC that let out a boisterous, drunken laugh before falling flat on his back. Kanari chuckled and snickered at the sight. Was this one of the mischievous two who Vigilon warned Astralin about? He had some interesting friends, that's for sure...

Some time later, after a bit of a chat, Vigilon's friend returned with a bunch of desserts. Three dozen cookies, two dozen cupcakes, several batches of chocolate-covered pretzels, even two pies and a cake! All festively decorated, to boot! "Wow, you really outdid yourself, these look so good!" Astralin exclaimed. "Thanks, Starshine." Vigilon's friend thanked. "Also, because this was kind of a tall order, and because there was nothing enhanced among these, I took it upon myself to add in a few extras for your personal enjoyment, free of charge....also non-enhanced, of course. It was a nice chat we had before you explained the situation, so I decorated these with that special interest of yours in mind." He explained, before taking out the extras in question and placing them on the counter. Astralin's eyes lit up and her jaw dropped. "These...why... These. Are. Amazing. Thank you, thank you so much!" Astralin exclaimed with glee.



With the sweets paid for and obtained, and the location of the party set on her map, Astralin would check her inventory to make sure she did indeed have everything she'd need before continuing on the road to the party. Honestly, she'd planned to go anyway, but it was Yona's call for help that was kind of the clincher. She wouldn't just be joining a party, she'd be saving it, based on what she'd heard. She had no idea what kind of damage she was put on damage control for, just that bringing more sweets would solve the apparent sabotage. Well, hopefully whatever happened would be the last of the party's worries, and everyone would have a good time from here on out!

When she arrived at the location, Astralin realized it had been some time since her last social event attendance. She often hoped she'd be able to handle the norm of a social interaction, despite that she liked being social... She took a few deep breaths, walked up to the door and put on a smile, before knocking on the door. "Hello, can I come in?" She asked.


Astralin's Attire:





Stats and Equipment:


Level: 30

Paragon Level: 0


Battle Stats:

HP: 600

Energy: 78

Base Damage: 20(MA Rank 5[7], CM: DMG[9], MA Ferocity[2], Athletics[1])

Mitigation: 0

Accuracy: 3(Amulet of Aknossoth, Zero Degree Chill)

Evasion: 2(Alkarina's Resolve)

Loot Die: 0


Additional conditions:

[None Yet]



[T3] Glowing Embers(Burn)

[T3] Zero Degree Chill(Freeze, Accuracy)[Equipped]

[T1]Alkarina's Resolve(2 EVA, 1 REC)[Equipped]

[T3]Amulet of Aknossoth(2 ACC, 1 REC)[Equipped]



(3) Starter Healing Potions (Heals 50 HP)

Teleport Crystal x1




Martial Arts Rank 5(30 SP)

Combat Mastery: Damage(13 SP)

Cloth Armor Rank 5(30 SP)

Quick Change(8 SP)


Extra Skills:

First Aid Rank 5(30 SP)




Athletics(4 SP)

Energize(5 SP)

Barrier(6 SP)



Martial Arts Ferocity(6 SP)

Martial Arts Stamina(4 SP)

Nimble(6 SP)

Field Medic(6 SP)



Edited by Astralin
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Just as soon as the conversation had started, it had ended. Astreya had excused herself to greet someone that they were already acquainted with. Understandable, since Jomei felt himself an awkward partner to small talk with. Not long after, the two, and a couple others included, were attending to a slightly chaotic display at the dessert table. A pink haired girl, who Jomei recognized but did not know, had allowed her slimy companion to slurp up some of the desserts to make room for some of her own. The ginger let out a small sigh through his nostrils as his head drooped a bit. "I was wondering when the drama would start." he would say to himself. 

Using his height advantage to peek over the crowd discussing the ethics of the pink-ette's actions, Jomei scouted out something to drink. He circled around the ground and grabbed a nearby empty cup to fill with, what he assumed was, fruit punch. Standing nearby, Jomei sipped on the drink. It was fresh, definitely made from various muddled and blended fruits rather than sugary fruit-flavored drinks. He looked into the glass, the only thing missing was the kick of some liquor. That's what always made these parties a bit easier to attend... a bit of liquid courage to help slip out of the quiet shell and make fun conversation. Of course, even if this did have that kick, it wouldn't do much to effect him. Taking another sip of the drink, Jomei eyed the party once again. 

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