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    • Mascot's of Sword Art Online   11/20/2015

      Greetings trapped gamers of Sword Art Online! Every great online being has a mascot to identify to their name right? Internet Explorer has Inori Aizawa, Player Vs Player has lolbat, Vocaloid has Hatsune Miku, Nintendo has Mario, Sega has Sonic, CyberConnect2 has CC2-chan, Clamp has Kero, Studio Ghibli has Totoro, Pokemon/Gamefreak has Pikachu, and etc.. What will SAO-RPG have? Well, that's for you to decide. We at SAO-RPG will he hosting a mascot artist challenge. The goal is to seek out our new mascot that will represent our site and community. The requirements for this event is that the mascots must be original works created by you and not stolen from someone else online. That includes digital editing any other persons or companies works including digital art of Sword Art Online. Your contribution for submission has to be original; but you make use themes or designs from Sword Art Online to make it lore-friendly.s The gender of the mascot is entirely your choice, or if you prefer you can draw a duo. Doesn't necessary have to be human, Anthropomorphic works as well. Whichever format you choose to save your work as is also your decision. Do note that by submitting an entry, you give us consent to use your work for all our publication needs i.e. social updates, signatures, avatars, promotional images, advertising, etc.. Who will be SAO-RPG's mascot, who will determine the face of our lovely community, and how will you embrace that character? With your help, maybe we all will get to see that soon enough! Entries can be posted here http://www.sao-rpg.com/topic/9963-sao-mascots-entries/#replyForm
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      Avatar uploads have been updated to allow up to 2 MB in size and up to 1600 x 1200 in dimensions.
    • News Team   11/20/2015

      Emerath and Zelrius have become our Editor-in-Chief and official Podcast Host respectively. Now you can keep up to date with SAO-RPG on the go via email or iTunes, depending on your preference.
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  1. Sword Art Online

    Beginner Floors

    114,476 posts

    Welcome to the early floors, where the monsters are weak and the bosses are fairly easy. But don't let that cloud your judgement, packs of monster are just as disastrous as one high leveled monster.

    Intermediate Floors

    1,814 posts

    Here the monsters are fierce and the bosses are plenty. At this point if you haven't been advancing with a group, now is definitely the time to start looking.

    The Frontlines

    0 posts

    Welcome to the highest achieved floors, where even soloing monsters is extremely deadly, and boss monsters are raid tier battles. It's almost guaranteed you're going to die.

    No posts here yet

    Merchants and Shops

    10,093 posts

    Looking for a place to upgrade your gear or perhaps to set up a personal shop and make a few Col? Then look no further traveler for your entrepreneurship and shopping needs are available on all floors!

    Player Vs Player

    463 posts

    Arrange a fight between a player in Aincrad. Duels are a safe way to fight one on one, where the victor does not become an orange player and the loser does not die, well most of the time.


    30 posts

    The rules and how-to of the roleplay. You MUST read this before partaking in the RP.


    2,353 posts

    Apply for a character here and record progress with your journal. Make sure to read the Tutorial/rules before applying.


    2,980 posts

    Have a member of GM evaluate your craft or familiars.


    1,742 posts

    Various quests will popup when you are nearby a certain area, in select floors, or within certain towns. You can review this list to see which quests are available for you. Remember quests involve performing a certain action for a nice rewards, be sure not to endanger yourself if the risks are too great.

    This forum is available as a player bulletin board. You may post requests, services, trades, and similar. All posts in this section are still considered in character.


    651 posts

    From your guilds menu, you can review what guilds are accepting players. Or you can communicate with your fellow guildee's and receive updates from your guild leaders.

    Out-of-character discussion about the SAO roleplay. Ask others to RP with you, discuss plots, characters, or anything related to the rp.

  2. ALfheim Online

    Characters of ALO

    119 posts

    You must fill out the entire character sheet requirements before you start posting. Character sheets that are incomplete will be deleted and if you do not have a character sheet, you may not play and all RP posts deleted as well.

    Enter ALfheim Online the next VRMMO to Sword Art Online. Here unlike SAO, you can use magic, flight, and die without dying in real life. The world is separated by regions of land that surround the great tree at the center. Various races make up this world and the lands are controlled by guilds. The goal of the game is to reach the top of the great tree to meet the great king Oberon and be granted powerful wings.



    197 posts

    Swilvane home of the Sylph's and Freelia home of the Cait Sith's are two major capitals in this area. Along with the Ancient Forest, Ruger Corridor, and Butterflies Valley. To the far north is home to the Puca's.


    178 posts

    Home of the Undine race and where you can find Rainbow Valley.

    Ancient Ruins

    13 posts

    Home of the mysterious Spriggans.


    109 posts

    Gattan the capital of the Salamanders is the only major city. To the north is Dragons Valley.


    32 posts

    The frozen north home to the Gnome's and Leprechauns.

    Here is where ALO players can talk about the game Out of Character. Get to meet your fellow race members or form alliances with another guild or race.

    This is the mature only section, recommended 16+ age players only. There is no restrictions on language or perversions in this section. However all the other role-play rules still apply such as godmodding. To gain access to this section, please contact Erroneous, Shark, or Mari to be added to the special group for access and the password necessary to enter.

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  3. Gun Gale Online

    GGO Launcher

    48 posts

    Rules, Updates, and Announcements for the Gun Gale Online game.

    Locker Room

    193 posts

    Create your GGO avatar.

    Bounty Board

    154 posts

    Collect a quest to participate in.


    21 posts

    Join or create a guild.


    704 posts

    Fill up on your weapons and ammo at the shops.


  4. Real Life Offline


    2,761 posts

    Introduce your real life self to the whole community so that you may learn and meet people who may share your likes and interests to serve a bond later in your RP'ing skills and activity.

    Share your love of everything anime, manga, graphic novel series. Non-Sword Art Online discussion please.

    Share your love of your favorite video games, online MMO games, mobile phone games, and table top games.

    This covers anything else not grouped in the other forums.


  5. Out of Character

    Support Ticket

    3,778 posts

    Having problems with your favorite VRMMO? Submit a ticket here and a member of the staff team or a fellow contributing player may assist you with your questions.

    Talk about SAO's manga, anime, games, or merchandise.

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