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    • Shark

      New Col and Mats Tracking System - Beta!   09/26/2016

      Hello there everyone! We have an exciting new system to try out for the next few weeks or so. This new system will help everyone keep better track of Col usage. I am sure, by now, that all of you have seen the "Spending Account" under your quick profile info on the main page. You must be wondering "What is this and how can I use it?" Great question everyone! I am here to answer that question for you. 

      So... This new system provides for a better, more efficient, and more honest way of tracking a players Col balance and transactions.  For example, when a player makes a transaction, they will click the drop down arrow to the right of the Col balance and choose "Send to member". They will then set the amount and then type the name of the person being sent the money. Please make sure to leave a note as to what the transaction is for (I.E. Purchase of Light armor gear, Potions, etc...) "Wait Shark... what if we are buying a house or shop space?" Excellent question! If a house or shop space is going to be purchased, then the intended member is Banker. Please leave a note of "Purchased by (Guild Name) on floor (Floor #)" as well as a post on the guild page that lists the house details. Same thing for shop space but instead of Guild Name then it's Player name and a post or edit in the character journal with the description of the shop. In terms of thread completions, once you message a member of staff, they will get the Col transferred to your account. Now after reading this, I bet you are all wondering how you can become a part of this beta... well the answer to that is quite easy. Send ME a message with your current Col balance and I will add the balance to your account and you will be able to start the beta program. Last but not least once you have started the beta, please enjoy it as the staff will collect feedback at the end of the beta. I will make an announcement stating that there is a week or so until the beta is over.  If you do not wish to participate in this beta, you do not have to but do allow people to transfer money to you if you own a shop. That wraps up the brand new and exciting news from your lovely Finned Admin!
      If you have any questions feel free to contact me,
      Shark   EDIT 1: I have now added Mats to the currency So send me your totals! EDIT 2: New account for col transfers. Please make transactions through the banker account instead of the Cardinal account.
    • Oikawa

      Temporary Healing Update   10/12/2016

      Click the link below!  
    • Oikawa

      Buff Stacking for Boss Raids Reminder!!!   10/16/2016

      Hey guys, just a friendly reminder about the stacking of Buffs for raids. While the amount of buffs in your INITIAL post is unlimited, the type of buffs you can use are still capped. The limits for these items are below. If you find that you are unsure of whether your item can stack with what you plan to use please PM a Staff Member and they will let you know whether your items will stack. That said here's the caps on stacking buffs. Damage Increasing Buffs: 1 Damage Potion or Crystal, of any type, can be stacked with 1 Alcoholic (+DMG/-EVA) Item (if applicable). All Banner items (or items with charges) may stack with the former. Mitigation Increasing Buffs: Only 1 Mitigation Potion or Crystal of any kind may be used (if applicable). All Banner items (or items with charges) may stack with the former. Accuracy Increasing Buffs: Only 1 Accuracy Potion or Crystal of any kind may be used (if applicable). All Banner items (or items with charges) may stack with the former. Evasion Increasing Buffs: Only 1 Evasion Potion or Crystal of any kind may be used (if applicable). All Banner items (or items with charges) may stack with the former. Health Increasing Buffs: Only 1 Over-Health item of any kind may be used (if applicable). All Banner items (or items with charges) may stack with the former. Housing Buffs: Do not stack in Boss Raids Meeting Thread Buffs: Stack with all the above buffs and are limited to whatever buff the Boss adds in it's opening post. My reasoning for consolidating these buffs is so that Boss which are scaled to the floor (for the most part) don't end up being a 1 rotation fight. These fights are supposed to be difficult, and if we allow players to buff themselves to high hell then whats the point? No one is ever in danger if they just stack all the above and some and then it becomes more of a lets just keep hitting it as fast and hard as we can till it dies (ie dead by page 2) im not saying we should completely nerf stacking buffs but rather limit the amount of potions and crystal that can be used per raid while also capping what type of buffs can capped. The above just lists the latter, a cap on the types of buffs, but i'd like to limit not only the type but the amount so players can choose wisely and still offer a challenge to the floor bosses.
    • Takao

      Rebirth System rules updated   10/19/2016

      The rules for the rebirth system have been updated and are in effect immediately. Read them here:  
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  1. Sword Art Online

    Beginner Floors

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    Welcome to the early floors, where the monsters are weak and the bosses are fairly easy. But don't let that cloud your judgement, packs of monster are just as disastrous as one high leveled monster.

    Intermediate Floors

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    Here the monsters are fierce and the bosses are plenty. At this point if you haven't been advancing with a group, now is definitely the time to start looking.

    The Frontlines

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    Welcome to the highest achieved floors, where even soloing monsters is extremely deadly, and boss monsters are raid tier battles. It's almost guaranteed you're going to die.

    Merchants and Shops

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    Looking for a place to upgrade your gear or perhaps to set up a personal shop and make a few Col? Then look no further traveler for your entrepreneurship and shopping needs are available on all floors!

    Player Vs Player

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    Arrange a fight between a player in Aincrad. Duels are a safe way to fight one on one, where the victor does not become an orange player and the loser does not die, well most of the time.


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    The rules and how-to of the roleplay. You MUST read this before partaking in the RP.


    2,993 posts

    Apply for a character here and record progress with your journal. Make sure to read the Tutorial/rules before applying.


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    Have a member of GM evaluate your craft or familiars.


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    Various quests will popup when you are nearby a certain area, in select floors, or within certain towns. You can review this list to see which quests are available for you. Remember quests involve performing a certain action for a nice rewards, be sure not to endanger yourself if the risks are too great.

    This forum is available as a player bulletin board. You may post requests, services, trades, and similar. All posts in this section are still considered in character.


    589 posts

    From your guilds menu, you can review what guilds are accepting players. Or you can communicate with your fellow guildee's and receive updates from your guild leaders.

    Out-of-character discussion about the SAO roleplay. Ask others to RP with you, discuss plots, characters, or anything related to the rp.

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    Introduce your real life self to the whole community so that you may learn and meet people who may share your likes and interests to serve a bond later in your RP'ing skills and activity.

    Share your love of everything anime, manga, graphic novel series. Non-Sword Art Online discussion please.

    Share your love of your favorite video games, online MMO games, mobile phone games, and table top games.

    This covers anything else not grouped in the other forums.

    Hello role-play fanatics! Want to create your own RP about whatever subject you want, then welcome to the fan role-play section where you can start and manage your own non-sao-rpg.com roleplays!

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    Support Ticket

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    Having problems with your favorite VRMMO? Submit a ticket here and a member of the staff team or a fellow contributing player may assist you with your questions.

    Talk about SAO's manga, anime, games, or merchandise.

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