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    Easter Egg Extravaganza

    After a long day, all you really want is a big dinner and a soft bed. The mobs have been slain, the mats have been found, and the crafts have been crafted. You’ve completed quests, messaged with friends, and hardly spent any time at all considering the harsh realities of the virtual world you’ve been trapped in. All in all, a good day, and one that you- Wait a minute. Nestled in a tuft of green grass is a vibrant pink ball. As you crouch to examine the object, you realize it isn’t exactly spherical. In fact, upon further inspection, the item is actually quite familiar; nostalgia swamps you as you reach for it. Item Acquired Easter Egg O X Beginning Wednesday, April 1st, Aincrad will be flooded with colorful Easter Eggs. Using a variety of methods, both combat and non-combat related, players will have the opportunity to collect as many eggs as possible. They can then redeem them for fantastic prizes. Eggs will only spawn in threads created on or after April 1st, and only if the title includes an [E3] tag. These eggs will disappear come April 20th, so the last day to collect is Sunday, April 19th. Items and consumables will be allowed, but not certainly required to partake in the event. Grab your gear, form your parties, and prepare yourselves for a little spring-time fun!
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    IIJJ22GG - The Unknown

    Approval pending.
  3. “And we were meant to find each other. That much, I know." Lessa’s heart tripped, and she ducked her head to hide the grin that exploded with his words. The affirmation that he provided was something she hadn’t even known she needed. It was one thing to decide they were destined to meet, but it was another entirely for him to confirm it. Maybe she wasn’t so crazy after all? Or she was, and so was he. Oh well - he was wonderful company. Childish charm turned to flushed embarrassment when Bahr spoke again. “Listen,” she began hurriedly, but when she glanced up into his laughing eyes, her own expression relaxed; he was teasing, of course. After a few seconds, her smile mirrored his. “I don’t know what kind of girls you usually take out, but I’m not like that.” She snaked her arm around his waist, tugged him closer. “Sorry to disappoint, but I just didn’t want to make the long walk home by myself.” Her voice softened as she added, “I also really enjoy spending time with you. Everything is a lot better with you around.” Before Aincrad, Alyssa had never struggled with her sense of worth. Raised by two incredibly strong people, she’d known how important she was even without a boyfriend to confirm it. But just as Sword Art Online had changed everything, it had seriously skewed her perception of herself. Because she’d felt best with Alkor, Lessa had convinced herself she needed him to survive. When he’d died, so had she. Though she had eventually recovered, her exterior had grown too hard; various players had attempted to scale her walls, but she’d resisted. Even Baldur, who she’d considered her closest friend, had been held at arms length. Like a pendulum, she’d swung from one extreme to another - from living for someone to needing no one. So where did that leave her? Lessa’s hand tightened against Bahr’s side, fisting a bit of the shirt’s smooth fabric. It was a possessive gesture, but it helped ground her as she focused on his next statement. “One of many,” she confirmed with a small nod. “And sure, I’ve got the next one. I promise that only...” Her voice trailed as she pretended to do a bit of mental math. “... half of the dates will involve horses.” With a wink, she amended, “Maybe sixty percent. But no more than seventy.” They’d reached the front porch. In what felt like the blink of an eye, Lessa and Bahr had reached the finish line of a race she never wanted to finish. Her gaze flicked to the front door, her smile faltering as she recalled leaving it that morning. Was she ready to let a day so perfect draw to a close? ”Alright, look,” she began, turning into him and drilling her finger into his broad chest. “No funny business, but, uh-“ Lessa’s weight shifted from one foot to the other. “If you want to come in for something to drink, you can. I’ve got pop, hot chocolate, water....uh, milk.” Who needed a nightcap when they could have milk? Who even drank milk before bed? Babies excluded. She offered him a shrug and a crooked smile. “You can have whatever I’ve got.”
  4. Lessa

    [PP-F2] Majesty

    Lessa pouted at her quest log. "I really don't want to do these," she whined. "They're so low level. The rewards probably aren't even worth it. Besides, I'll look ridiculous doing level one quests at level forty seven. I'll be like a senior sitting in 6th grade math." The woman paused to peek down at her familiar, who was too busy chewing on his own foot to pay her any attention. Well geeze, if her concerns were so trivial that her wolf would rather eat himself than actually give a rip, maybe she was overreacting. Maybe she just had to suck it up and get the job done. Rewards were rewards, right? Every little bit helped her catch up with Bahr, and the new friends Lessa had made for herself. If she hoped to be powerful, she had to put in the work. Besides, the packed quest log was beginning to drive her nuts. "Alright," came her grumbled concession, "fine. We'll do the thing, but only if no one is around to see. Understood?" Riker at least stopped gnawing on himself long enough to glance up at her, his aged-whiskey eyes as soulful as always. Since that was likely all she was going to get out of the lazy mutt, she reached over to scratch him between the ears. "You probably won't even have to do anything," she informed him, beginning to walk toward Urbus' front gate. "These suckers should be super easy to take down. You can just watch." Apparently reassured, Riker pulled himself to his feet and padded after his master. She hadn't gone far before she noticed a heavily armored woman speaking with another player. Immediately impressed by the equipment, as it closely mirrored her own, Lessa decided to take a quick detour. Weaving through the crowd of people that often populated the second floor city, she approached the stranger with a warm smile. "Hi there," she greeted. "I hope I'm not interrupting, but I wanted to compliment you on your armor. It's really well crafted, and the design is fantastic." @Morningstar @Rosary
  5. “Tower?” Lessa stared at her guild mate for a moment, then blinked owlishly. “What the heck are you doing here?” Sleep still rode the man’s face, a bit of grogginess despite surprise. Had he been sleeping in the room he’d just left? In this massive, creepy building? At least he had fun boxer shorts to sleep in. They had little anvils all over them, and she wondered if he had them custom made. WAIT- WHERE WERE HIS PANTS? ”Um, hey,” Lessa stammered, immediately averting her gaze. “You should probably, ah, put some pants on.” The woman gave an awkward half-laugh, reaching up to rub at the bridge of her nose. ”Introductions, I guess. Cord, you already know Tower.” They both belonged to the Tarot, after all. And who could forget someone like Tower? He stood a billion feet tall, and was probably her grandpa's age. In a word, he was a badass. Lessa nodded to the blue haired player. “Tower, Calrex. Calrex, Tower.” @Calrex @Cordelia @Tower
  6. Despite the situation, a smile bloomed. “I know both Baldur and Celes. They’re very good friends. Do you know them too? I just spoke with Baldur a couple of days ago, but I haven’t been able to get ahold of Celes.” Lessa reached back, rubbing at the base of her neck as she glanced around. “Honestly, I haven’t had need for paper in ages. Even if I did, I can’t access my inventory, so...” Her shoulders rose and fell. “Guess it doesn’t even matter.” She held up a finger in a quick ‘hold on’ gesture, then jogged to the empty check-in desk. The surface that should have held computers, papers, and phones was completely spotless. In fact, there wasn’t even evidence that any of those things had once existed there. But when she reached for the drawer and gave it a good tug, the lock held. Something jingled inside, but without the key, Lessa wasn’t sure how she could access it. “Nada,” she informed Calrex and Cordelia. “We can keep an eye out as we go. Maybe look for an office along the way?”
  7. Lessa nodded her agreement. “For sure,” she confirmed. “This is feeling more and more like an episode of Scooby Doo, and splitting up rarely works for them. We should definitely stick together.” She cut Cordelia a sideways glance, tilting her head to look at the taller player. “Infinite IKEA store sounds like absolute hell,” she stated. Despite the frightening circumstances, that needed to be said. “Like a worst nightmare. I really hope that’s not what we’re looking at here, but it wouldn’t surprise me.” Next, she looked to the other man. ”Gonna assume you’re probably the highest level one among us.” It really was difficult to tell without equipment. “So yeah, I know I’d appreciate it if you took point.” A pause, then she added, “My name is Lessa, by the way.” She extended her hand, as well as a small smile. “I know it’s a weird time for formalities, but I’d rather know your name going into this.” “So if this is a hotel, there should be more doors to the outside, right? There can’t be only one entrance and exit. Maybe just head straight back? Pick a hallway and follow it? Stay on this ground floor?” @Cordelia @Calrex
  8. Lessa’s jaw worked as she planted her hands on her hips, then turned to survey their surroundings. “So no messages, and no equipment.” She let the words sink in, and they settled over the trio like a heavy blanket. But not a comforting, fuzzy blanket. This one was scratchy, and smelled funny. Like a grandma’s basement. ”Yeah, I’m not a fan of this.” The blonde turned back to her companions, glancing between them as she said, “I haven’t seen anything like this before. I’ve never just not had access to these in-game tools. If we can’t access our messages, I assume we can’t see our friends list either, and-” A sudden realization hit her like a freight train. “Oh god, do you think we still show up on everyone else’s? I mean, what if we fell off the grid somehow? What if they look and we aren’t there?” What might have begun as an interesting adventure suddenly turned urgent. What would she do if Bahr saw her missing name? What would he do? ”I think the sooner we get out of here, the better. Should we go deeper into the building, and look for a back exit?” @Cordelia @Calrex
  9. Riker knew someone was approaching far before the door opened. His hackles rose sharply, a low growl rolling from deep in his throat. He even went so far as to emit a sharp bark of warning when the entryway flew open with a blast of cold air. As snowflakes swirled like diamonds in the bright daylight, a figure emerged. She was long, lean, and familiar. “Cordelia!” Lessa cried out as the door closed. Then, to Riker she added, “Relax, we know her.” The wolf begrudgingly obliged, though he watched the other player and her familiar warily. Lessa took three long steps toward her friend. “Hey, try the door. See if you can open it, I-“ Before her eyes, the door burst open, and yet another player emerged. This one was unfamiliar, but Lessa called out anyway. “Hey! Try to hold open that door! It might-“ But the door slammed anyway. The blonde blew out a frustrated breath, unsurprised as the stranger tried and failed to open it again. “Yeah,” she groaned. “Locked for me too. Do you think this is some kind of quest or something?” @Cordelia @Calrex
  10. The massive hotel towered over Lessa, looming like a boss that needed fighting. What a strange notion - why did a building inspire such violence in her? It was just a building, one that had miraculously appeared out of nowhere the day before. The rumor mill churned out the news of this Shining-esque resort, and of course Lessa had to explore it. How could she pass up such an opportunity? The white behemoth might have blended into the snowy mountains, had it not been for the blood-red shutters, trim, and roof. Lessa gave the building one final once-over before stomping up the steps and tugging open the front door. Welcome heat blasted her as she stepped inside. An enormous fire roared in the hearth, which dominated the long, polished lobby. Small collections of chairs clustered around tiny tables, and a check-in desk stood abandoned. White marble rolled beneath her feet. Deep mahogany and rich crimson ruled the space, and - A slamming door interrupted Lessa’s thoughts. A sudden wave of panic swamped her, and even before she tugged at the handle, she knew what she would find. The door was locked. The hotel had claimed its first victim.
  11. "I don't think I've been this happy in a long time. Not even before Sword Art." The words carried tremendous weight, the notion apparent in the smile that burst across her face. It was easy, and perhaps even natural to separate the "before" and the "after." Being trapped in a virtual world slammed the door on one life, and began another, a fact everyone just somehow knew on a subconscious level. There were new best friends, new firsts, new hardships, and new habits. While she would go to the grave insisting Lessa and Alyssa were one and the same, she could see the disconnect. She could feel it. So if the joy she brought him had transcended that barrier... well, that was something remarkable. "I'm really glad I could help bring about that happiness," she told him, and meant it. Somewhere down the line, his happiness had become her happiness. So many of her thoughts were for him - what he was doing, where he was, was he happy. He was. So was she. One hand held the heavy coat closed across her chest, and the other held his. As she spoke, she gave it a gentle squeeze, then let it swing easily between them with each step. "I'm really happy too. It's cheesy, but I'm not really sure how I made it through the last couple years without you." She might have elaborated on that point, but his question caught her off-guard. "Oh," came her initial answer on a heavy sigh, followed by a soft hum of thought. Her gaze dropped to the road ahead, then lifted to study their surroundings. Fireflies blinked in and out of existence like twinkling stars in the night sky, weaving in and out of the foliage that whispered with the warm breeze. The actual stars burned even brighter, tossed across a dynamic canvas of planets and galaxies. These were not the stars in her astronomy textbook, and though Aincrad was stunning, there were days when she missed Mother Nature's creation. At the same time her stomach turned, a vice tightened around her heart. How could she make him understand how she felt? Was it possible to do so without ruining a night too perfect for words? Is it worth the risk? Of course it was. Being honest was worth it. He was worth it. So Lessa drew in a slow breath, and answered, "I remember that conversation. I told you I did enjoy meeting new people, so it wasn't all bad, but... yeah, I felt Aincrad was largely a mistake. It kept me from a life I really liked, and people I loved, and all of the opportunities I had ahead of me. I- well, there are still times that I feel that way. I want more than anything in the world to get out of here. It's a prison, and I hate it." Her hand shifted in his, and her thumb began to absently stroke the side of his hand as they walked. "Is it all bad? No, it's not. Of course it's not, especially lately. But if I would have had the power to keep Kayaba from locking us all in, I'd have used it. There are a lot of people who would still be alive today." Lessa slowed to a halt, then turned to him. The light of the waning moon bathed them both in silver light, softening Bahr's sharp features. She hoped it might soften any blow her words might deliver, too. "I'm really sorry. I know that's probably not the answer you were hoping for. But if it matters at all, I like to think we'd have found each other in the real world. Maybe ended up in the same lobby in a game, or met each other on a forum, or something. I really do think we're-" soulmates? "- a good fit. Maybe we were meant to find each other, and it just happened to be here." The woman gazed up at her companion, eyes wide and searching for any clue as to his thoughts. Their relationship was so new, so fresh, so vulnerable. She hoped she hadn't just thrown it all away.
  12. Thread Summary - 4 SP (Thread Completion, Quest Completion, Yui's Grace, Slime Farm*) * Previously used 12/15/19 - 1000 col
  13. Standing alone in the busy town square, Lessa watched Oliver as he ran back toward the orphanage - he'd said they'd be missing him if he waited any longer. She watched the people, going about their business without any knowledge of the little boy's trauma. And she watched Tythen as he supported his wife in a strong hug, tears dampening his dignified face. She opened a new message and began to write.
  14. The gods listened. It was slow going, as the woman was bulky and difficult to carry. She also occasionally jerked to awareness, flailing in Lessa's arms before slipping into stillness once more. Oliver trudged alongside Lessa, his head down, the sword he'd never had to use limp in his hand. Though Lessa had little time to think of anything other than the dying NPC, what few thoughts she had were reserved for the boy. He'd had his first taste of combat today, and his first exposure to the hellish world of Aincrad. It wasn't just a game anymore. Surely, he was struggling to come to terms with all he had witnessed. Lessa continued to reflect on this as she handed the woman over to her husband, then accepted the rewards, and the follow-up quest. He remained so heavy on her mind that Lessa finally took Oliver by the arm, drew him closer, and knelt down to his size. When their eyes met, she tilted her head, then said, "I know what you saw today was probably pretty tough. Are you feeling okay?" He nodded, gaze flicking between Lessa and the couple he'd help reunite. "Yeah," he answered. Then, distractedly, "They're really happy." A wan smile graced her chapped lips, accenting the exhaustion that creased Lessa's face. "They are. You did a good thing today. But did seeing the Beastmen die upset you at all?" Oliver's gaze remained elsewhere. "No," he answered simply. "Are you sure?" "Yeah." This time when his eyes returned to hers, they were haunted. The sight stole her breath away. "But when I saw the woman lying there, it reminded me of my mom. That's how she looked, right before the bear killed her."
  15. The truth was that Lessa didn't know how Fonsa clung to life at all. Whatever kept her tethered there was growing threadbare, evident in her pale skin and the fluttering of her long lashes. Lessa reached out a hand and pressed it to the elf's cheek. Where she had expected warmth, she found only cool, rubbery skin. Not good. "Fonsa," Lessa began, "can you hear me? I need you to stay awake, alright? My friend, Oliver, and I are going to get you back to your husband, okay? Tythen is really worried about you." The entire time she spoke, the woman checked for outward signs of physical trauma. Unfortunately, there were many. Red gashes criss-crossed the woman's shredded armor like some gore-drenched work of art. Equally unfortunate was the fact that Lessa's CPR training had never taught her how to deal with wounds on fake people in a virtual world. I guess we're doing this old school, she thought as she eased her arms under the small woman's body. She wasn't sure which, if any, game gods were listening in. But she still prayed that she might have the strength to muscle the barely-conscious woman back to town.