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  1. Lessa

    [PP-F2] The Answers we Seek (Lessa)

    The faintest tendrils of recognition licked at her, but Lessa was unable to place the man who stood before her. She was sure she had seen him before, but was unsure of where. He was of average height and build, his shaggy black hair long and on the unruly side. Must just have that face, she determined. The one that is always familiar, even if we’ve never met. At the same time that he asked her identity, she told him, “The shop is closed.” It was a gut-reaction, and she hardly knew the words were coming out of her own mouth. Why else would the man be here, except to place an order? But she immediately recognized that she had been mistaken, upon giving him a more thorough inspection. Light armor, and of high enough quality that she suspected he was a high-level player. No one matching that description would need her services. Her blue eyes narrowed with slight suspicion, and she tilted her head as she studied the man further. One hand gravitated toward her front counter, fingertips leaving tiny blotches in the dust. Though holding onto the structure did nothing, it somehow provided some stability. “Yes, I’m Lessa,” she replied slowly, unsure of what it was she was getting herself into. “Why do you ask?”
  2. Lessa

    [PP-F2] The Answers we Seek (Lessa)

    A fine layer of dust coated every surface, and hung heavy in the still air. Sunlight that filtered through the dirty windows set the particles ablaze, shimmering like a veil of magic. There truly was something surreal in the blacksmith shop, something Lessa had never been able to put her finger on. Through all the years, she had been unable to close up the shop for good. Something always brought her back, despite having no materials, or desire to craft. She figured it was the smell, so sharp and familiar. It reminded her of home, even when everything in Aincrad chased those distant memories away. She thought of nights in the barn, watching with fascination as metal was pounded, and horses were shoed. The sparks that flew with each clink of the hammer, and the heat radiating from the forge. Lessa envisioned both as she studied her own forge, still and cold in its disuse. How long had it been since she had created something? How long had it been since she’d cared enough? Besides, after so many months, she had grown rusty. Her tools were no longer top-of-the-line, and her skills were severely lacking. Her knowledge of the game’s weaponry and armor was limited to the days when she’d given a damn. The distant jingle of an opening door caused her to turn, and emerge from her dark hideaway into the shop’s front room.
  3. Lessa

    What up my friends

    Hey Dylan! Great to meet you. :)
  4. Lessa

    [PP - F16] The Most Dangerous Game

    "Find her?" The voice seemed to come from directly behind them, and despite her time training in Aincrad, Lessa's fear instinct caused her to practically jump out of her boots. Noticing this, the man gave a small chuckle. The gesture, she supposed, was meant to be lighthearted and apologetic. But when Lessa turned, and met the man's gaze, it was something else entirely that she found in his green eyes. "I apologize for startling you," the man continued, a small tugging at lips that were just a tad too thin to be handsome. "Believe me, it was not my intention." Lessa blew out a breath, and shook her head as if to rid herself of lingering unease. "You did a damn good job of it though," she confessed. Likewise, her response was meant to be casual, but she felt her hand itching to grab for her weapon. His own head bowed slightly in acknowledgement, sending his long mane of ink-black hair slipping over his shoulder. A few streaks of silver caught the sunlight, and momentarily, Lessa wondered if they were a stylistic choice, or just conveniently placed signs of aging. It was difficult to guess at the stranger's age, as she saw no evidence of wrinkles on his thin, sharp face. High cheekbones slashed below piercing slits of emerald, and his chin came to a point she figured could pop a balloon. There was something oddly... fantasy about him, as if she had been transported into some weird Lord of the Rings spin-off. Odd place for a man like this, she mused. His armor was unlike anything she had ever seen before, seemingly crafted of scales that shimmered blue and green. There was something uniquely Japanese about it, and briefly, Lessa thought of Baldur's attire. Though her companion was powerful, the man before her seemed to simply ooze authority. Despite his (forced?) stammering, she sensed he was quite confident, and entirely in control of himself. As she was generally a good judge of character, that unease took tighter hold. "I also must apologize for my eavesdropping," he continued. "It is a nasty habit, but I'm afraid I could not help but overhear your troubles. I believe you are looking for someone, yes?"
  5. Lessa

    [PP - F16] The Most Dangerous Game

    At his question about teleport crystals, the blonde shook her head. Something, perhaps sheepish embarrassment, ghosted across her face. “No,” she confessed, “I don’t carry them anymore. Probably stupid of me, since I should always be prepared. But I just really don’t go anywhere dangerous anymore.” She accented the last bit with a small, one-shouldered shrug. Thunder rolled, low and foreboding, like the drummers of an approaching army. Though Lessa adored a good storm, she found herself shivering at the eerie feeling it brought her. Stop that, she silently chided herself. She would make things worse for herself if she let her imagination run wild. This certainly wasn’t the strangest thing she had ever encountered in Aincrad, especially when compared to the haunted castle she and Jomei had stumbled upon. But because it was something out of the norm, she was finding it easy to worry. ”Still sounds distant,” she commented, “but I agree that shelter should be our main priority. I’ve got no idea when that storm’s gonna hit.” Lessa fell silent for a moment, then finally gave into her fears, and added, “Or what else is out there. If this IS a dungeon, and that does make the most sense, whatever’s in here isn’t going to let us take a nice camping break. We have to be on our guard.” The last bit was unnecessary, and she regretted saying it the moment it left her lips. Of course he already knew that. So she gave him a tight lipped smile. ”I hope Janix’s friend was smart enough to think of shelter as well.” Lessa’s blue gaze swept their surroundings, searching for tell-tale signs of another player’s presence. She saw nothing, but did notice that the ground sloped slightly upward to their North. ”If this island ever had a volcano,” she observed aloud, “there may still be caves of some sort? Maybe a good place to start?”
  6. Lessa

    Community Game Night!

    Anyone play Ark Survival? Might be fun to have a server going for us.
  7. Where are we? FIRST FLOOR 120/250 minutes Oh baby, we're just getting started.
  8. Hey, you. Yes, you. Guess what time it is? It's time to get sexy. WHAT This is an exercise challenge. We won't be weighing in, tallying team points, or any of that Biggest Loser junk. No, this is all about getting that hot bod of yours up and moving. Keep track of how many minutes you exercise every day, and update your total here. All of your minutes will be added up by your lovely host (me), and together, we'll scale this floating castle! With every 250 minutes of exercise, we clear another floor. But it better be deliberate exercise. None of this "5 minutes of walking to the fridge" garbage. So get lifting, bro. Or running. Or doing whatever else you cuties do to get that heart rate up. And when you beat the game, are you going to emerge looking like the next Asuna or Kirito? You bet your sweet ass you will. HOW It's pretty easy (just like Tristan). Make yourself an official minute-tracking post. Hey, like the one I posted. Then, edit in your minutes. See, did I not tell you it would be easy? I'd never lie to you, baby. I'll link to your official posts here, so we can keep track of how sexy we're all getting. What do you do when you're not working on your fitness? You can talk about working on your fitness here too. And I'll even post occasional challenges to keep things fresh. You're in control, but remember, you only get out of it what you put in. So get to it. We've got a death game to survive. WHY Because you're worth it. WHEN Now. Stop waiting. You slacker. WHO Lessa Macradon
  9. Lessa

    [PP - F16] The Most Dangerous Game

    His voice sounded distant, and somehow tinny, when it finally cut through her shock. "Huh?" she asked dumbly, unable to tear her eyes away from the tower. It was remarkable. Terrifying, and alarming, and a million other -ings that meant something bad - but also remarkable. In all her years in Sword Art Online, Lessa had never seen something like this; it took her breath away. Drawing it back with a large inhale, she finally swung her gaze back to Baldur. Excitement and awe left her cheeks flushed and her eyes wide, but the expression dulled as his words sunk in. "Oh," she stated, shaking her head slowly as if to clear it. "Oh, okay, that's not good." Risking another look at the castle, she let out a low whistle. "It's pretty amazing though." A cool breeze whipped up from the land's edge, blasting her hair back from her face, and sending her loose clothes flapping. Given she was escorted by Baldur, she hadn't deemed it necessary to don her heavy armor. Now, she was reconsidering. So with a tinkle of bells and a swirl of color, Lessa summoned her silver-and-pink rose-etched armor. Hell Rose's familiar weight settled upon her back, and she gave her friend a tight-lipped smile. "I'm willing to bet Janix's friend stumbled here somehow. Want to take a look around?" Then, with a shrug, she added, "I mean, it looks like we don't have much of a choice."
  10. The sudden crash gave Lessa a start, and she instinctively reached for a blade that wasn't there. Her heart galloped in her chest, and she drew in a deep breath to calm herself. And then, she looked back to Baldur and Minako. Well, at least Lessa considered herself a confident, no-nonsense kind of woman. But there was always a line in the sand, and even the confident, no-nonsense sort could go tumbling over it. As Lessa watched the little santa-clad ViewTube celebrity leap into Baldur's arms, she felt herself stumbling closer to that point of no return. But she managed to draw herself back, draw herself up, and even attempted to hide the grimace as it flashed across her face. "Scooby and Shaggy," she observed, forcing the snark from her tone with a tight-lipped smile. "I honestly thought that move was reserved for the cartoons." You're being silly, a voice patiently reminded her, and she knew that it was true. Years ago, she had allowed herself to fall victim to petty drama and foolish mind games. Now, she liked to believe she was older and wiser. Surely she was more experienced, and well-versed in what was really important. Should she really harbor ill-will toward anyone in Aincrad, especially when their existence there was so fragile? Cliched as it might be, they were all in this together. She had better things to worry about than who Baldur was toting around. So Lessa pumped a bit more spirit into her expression, though the smile never reached her eyes. @Baldur @Minako
  11. Lessa

    [PP - F16] The Most Dangerous Game

    Considering the circumstances, Lessa knew it was no time to argue. It was bold of him to insist he should lead, but at the end of the day, he was a more powerful player. So she gave a small nod. “Fine,” she told him, “but be careful.” Of course he would be careful - he always was. But Lessa still felt the need to say it, and she frowned at his back as he stepped into the haze. And disappeared. “What-“ she breathed, blinking owlishly at the spot where Baldur had been. With her peripheral vision, Lessa could see Janix beginning to tremble. “Where did he go?” she asked, the tremor in her tone as well. Lessa’s face hardened as she schooled her expression into one of firm resolve. “He’s fine.” She only hoped that her eyes did not reveal her worry. “But where did he go?” she asked again, anxiety lifting her voice a full octave. Lessa strode forward, walking a complete circle around the two trees. Her friend was not waiting on the other side, nor could she find any trace of him. All that remained was the layer of shimmering film, strung between the crossed palms. “I’m going in after him,” she told Janix. Lessa raked both hands through her hair, shoving the thick blonde mane back from her face. “You stay here, okay?” “D-do you have to?” Despite it all, a sliver-thin smile crept across Lessa’s chapped lips. “Yeah,” she answered gently. “I do.” Janix’s lips quivered, and Lessa could only imagine what the girl was going through. Having already lost one friend, she was now facing the prospect of watching two more leave her. Janix shook her head slowly, and asked, “What should I do?” Can’t bring her with me, and it isn’t safe to leave her standing here. “Do you have a teleportation crystal on you?” “Uh, yes, I should.” Lessa nodded. “Good. Use it, and get somewhere you feel comfortable. What’s your favorite place in Aincrad?” Her confusion was plain, but Janix answered anyway. “There’s a park I really like on the second floor. Near the White Rabbit tavern.” “Perfect. Go there, okay? Wait for us, and we’ll meet you when we know more.” The girl’s arms crossed tightly against her chest in an attempt at comfort. And perhaps a weak defiance. “I don’t want to leave you.” “Don't trust us to look after ourselves?” Lessa prodded back. At Janix’s wince, the blonde added, “We’re going to be okay. Just go.” And only after the other player did so did Lessa step through the curtain herself.
  12. There were two conflicting emotions warring within Lessa. One lurked in the shadier, more self-conscious part of her. It was a small green burst of jealousy and doubt, urging her to find offense in the scene. She and Baldur were far from exclusive. Heck, they were not even an “item” yet, as her middle school students would have called it. There was no reason for her to be upset, and yet, the urge to fall back on anger and hurt still flared. Fortunately, that flame was squashed by the more secure, more confident Lessa. True, this version of herself had taken a beating over her first couple years in Aincrad, but it was steadily growing stronger. This was the ability to find humor in the situation, which she did. Tremendously. Her smile unfurled slow and easy, like clouds rolling lazily across a pristine sky. “Minako,” she greeted warmly. She took extra care to appear cool and collected, only emphasizing how poorly Baldur was behaving. And to direct more attention to the hand Baldur still clutched, the blonde offered her own for shaking. “It’s a pleasure to meet you.” “I was never much of a ViewTube-watcher,” she admitted, loosing a small shrug, “but it’s neat that you were able to make such a name for yourself. I imagine it was a lot of fun.” The girl was smaller than Lessa, and made even smaller when compared to Baldur. Her santa costume, obviously a custom job, fit her body perfectly. Did the flamboyant outfit also fit her personality? She cut Baldur a side-ways glance, humor lighting her blue eyes, before looking back to Minako. @Baldur @Minako
  13. It had been a long time since Lessa had visited the fourth floor. Though many of the memories that lingered there were good, they belonged to a time she hoped to detach herself from. Even friendly ghosts have no place hanging around me, she had decided, a firm commitment to herself that she would spend less time dwelling on the past. The winter wonderland, with its diamond-shard snowflakes and Christmas-year-round spirit was one place that she knew she would have to avoid were she to keep her word. As such, her stomach gave a little flip as she emerged from the transporter. It was that unusual tug of nostalgia, like hearing an old song she'd associated with an ex boyfriend or an important event. But the feeling faded quickly, drawing more distant with each step she took. In fact, after a few strides, Lessa found herself enjoying the muted crunch of snow beneath her worn, brown knee-high boots. And the gleam in her wide, blue eyes was not entirely from the twinkling Christmas lights. The massive Christmas tree was surely impressive, but the massive man was even more-so. Attracted immediately by Benny's enormous stature, Lessa found herself drawn toward him. The smile that curved from below the bushy mustache simply oozed holiday spirit, and she found herself matching his expression as she approached. That smile only grew when she caught sight of Baldur; his Samurai get-up was unmistakable. She, on the other hand, seemed woefully under-dressed in brown boots, black leggings, and a long, flowing green blouse. The brown jacket would have cut the chill, were it not for her <<Survival>> skill. As it was, the jacket simply added to the ensemble. Drawing closer, she caught the sound of his voice rising over the holiday din. He spoke excitedly, with a sort of cadence she had rarely seen him use. At first, it was concern that ghosted across her face. But as she finally began to understand what was happening, amusement warmed her cheeks, and danced in her eyes as she approached. She toyed with the idea of completely humiliating her friend, but decided against it. Later, she promised herself, she would rib him about the exchange. Instead, she simply walked up to the small party, smiled, and lifted a single hand in greeting. "Hi there." @Baldur @Hikoru @Minako
  14. Lessa

    [PP - F16] The Most Dangerous Game

    "Nope," Lessa answered easily. "I haven't spent much time at all on this floor. So I'll be about useless when it comes to the ins and outs of this floor." At Janix's concerned expression, she hastily added, "But I've got plenty of experience exploring other ones. We're also fairly powerful players, Baldur especially." Lessa gave her companion a small nod of acknowledgement. "We'll be able to handle anything that comes our way." Her soft smile was warm and reassuring as she reached out to pat Janix's arm. Janix's returned expression was wobbly, and she gave a small sniff, but it was a start. As they walked, falling into a shaky silence, Lessa had time to reflect on what Baldur had said back at the tavern. It had been a very long time since she had heard him discuss her, and it tugged at Lessa's heart. Though she'd also lost someone, it had been to death. Tyger, however, had not met such a final end. Instead, she had simply disappeared, in what was most likely a conscious decision to abandon her boyfriend. Where Lessa could easily blame a boss battle, Baldur was left wondering why. And, perhaps in his moments of weakness, wondering what he had done wrong. The mere thought that he might blame himself upset her tremendously, but she had done her best to avoid the topic. "Hey." Janix's voice startled Lessa from her musings, and she blinked rapidly to return to the present. "Huh?" she asked dumbly. Pointing, Janix asked, "Do you see that?" Lessa followed Janix's finger, and went to say she didn't... but she did. Two thick palm trees were perched on the edge of a large expanse of foliage, bent together to create a sort of doorway. As the dense forest unrolled like a red carpet, Lessa expected to see ferns or something just past the trees. Instead, the scene seemed to shimmer a bit, as if she were looking at it from underwater. "That," she stated, "is not normal."