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  1. Lessa

    [F22 - PP] Stars and Galaxies

    His words had the strangest effect on her. Even as they warmed her to the core, they sent shivers dancing like fingertips across her skin. Once he finished, and his final question hung in the space between them, Lessa simply sank into the happiness that swamped her. Surely, the swirling galaxies above cast enough light to reveal the red in her cheeks. In an attempt to hide her embarrassed pleasure, she pressed gently on his shoulder, guiding him back onto the blanket. Once the swordsman was lying down again, she fit herself against him. One long arm draped across his midsection as her cheek nestled in the fold of his jacket. That dang jacket, she thought, even as she turned to breathe in it's familiar scent. He had been wearing it the first time she saw him, fabric spilling like blood across the black, stone floor. Despite the oddness of the situation, Lessa thought of their chance encounter often. It was grief that had brought Bahr to his knees that afternoon, and guilt that had driven her to the Monument of Life day after day. How strangely poetic it was that so much darkness could give way to such light. "I never thought you were the kind of guy to believe in fate," she admitted finally. "But I'm glad you do. It means I'm not the only one who believes this all worked out the way it was supposed to." Letting her blue eyes drift closed, the girl focused only on the steady beat of Bahr's heart. "That all of the crap, and all of the hard stuff, all led here. That makes it all seem a little easier to swallow. And instead of dreading the next couple of years, I'm actually planning for them. I want to fight again. It's cheesy, but I guess I want to live again." She paused, then on a soft sigh, she concluded, "That's largely because of you." With the rustle of fabric, her hand moved to find his, and she interlaced their fingers. "I remember the first time we met, at the Monument. You probably don't remember, but you said something that stuck with me. You said it would all be meaningless once you got out. I- well, I hope you know that's not true now."
  2. At the mention of the elf's skinny ass, Lessa couldn't help but snort. The glares, the scowls, the heavy judgment in their beady eyes all worked to weigh Lessa down. Oscar's easy dismissal came as a surprise, wasting no more effort than if he were flicking off an annoying fly. The next breath she drew came a bit more easily. "I have no idea if NPCs build bridges," she replied slowly. "I guess literally, if they have somewhere to go. But probably not in the figurative sense." The blonde pursed her lips in thought, then let them curl into a smirk. "Granted, they're so scrawny that they probably couldn't build much of anything." And truth be told, she did feel better as they left the city behind. Even before the pair reached the cave, Lessa recognized the smell of death. The cool breeze carried the distantly familiar scent, like a perfume she recalled someone wearing a decade before. She could place it, but it wasn't something she had experienced in a very long time. Not a freshly dead animal, Lessa mused, thinking back on deer she had harvested with her family. No, this was something long dead - the roadkill sitting untouched for a week, or the mouse carcass discovered in a grain bag. And as Aincradian dead bodies burst into pixels, Lessa couldn't quite understand why the sour aroma of rotting flesh assaulted her nostrils. Oh. That was why. The grotesque giant's fart blasted Lessa's blonde hair back from her face. She might have found it comical, even laughed, if she weren't so busy hurling. Doubled over at the waist, hands on her knees, Lessa and Oscar shared an intimate moment of synchronized gagging. When she finally straightened, a little green around the gills, she shook her head. "I've never really been the kind to complain about bad smells," she informed her companion. "Then again, I've also never been farted on by anything as ugly as this son of a bitch." With a metallic hiss, the Guardian slid Sickle free of its sheath. "The sooner we kill it, the sooner I can bathe in bleach."
  3. Lessa's lips tugged down in a small frown. "I suppose we could do that," she answered, hesitation clear in her words. "But I really hate to hog everything like that. It's a quest, and you're a really good partner." Tilting her head, Lessa studied the corridor that yawned out ahead of them. If the quest description told the full truth, she and Yuki approached the end of the quest. She didn't want to snipe all of the kills, regardless of hate counters. "I'll take a whack at whatever is protecting the witch," she decided. "No doubt, something is going to be guarding her. You can finish them off if I leave anything, or you can go straight for the witch herself." Her frown vanished, and a smile took its place. "Sound good?" So saying, Lessa thundered through the next doorway. More flying monkeys, she thought with a sneer, and these ones are bigger. God, she hated the Wizard of Oz with every ounce of her being. Pumping that anger into her weapon, Lessa dragged her sword across both winged guards, carving a crimson gash into their dumb little bodies.
  4. Lessa

    [Special Dungeon]Norsing Around.

    Lessa grinned as Riker loped away from her. The typically stalwart Riker had a soft spot for Leeroy and Jenkins, and seemed to forget all training when they were around. In truth, that was perfectly fine with Lessa. For years, neither she nor Riker had done much socializing. She enjoyed watching the familiar forge other bonds. While the wolf booped noses with both Leeroy and Jenkins, the blonde turned to to Oscar. As he offered her a platter of food, her blue eyes lit with excitement. "Yessss," she murmured, drawing the food closer and taking the first bite. On a groan of pleasure, she regarded Oscar through heavily lidded eyes. "You should come be my personal chef," she announced, once she had swallowed her food. "I'll give you anything you want. Just let me eat this every single day." As if suddenly remembering where she was, Lessa gave a quick wave with her half-eaten hot dog. "Nice to meet you all. I'm Lessa, and that's Riker." After finishing her first hot dog, and moving on to her second, the Guardian turned to Haine. "I've heard a lot about you from Kiluia. It's a pleasure to finally put a face to the name." Lessa consumes: Focused Dog [+2 ACC], Evasion Dog [+2 EVA], Diamond-Infused Hot Dog [+45 MIT] Stats updated in first post. Lessa: HP: 1270/1270 | EN: 118/118 | DMG: 19 | EVA: 1 | ACC: 5 | MIT: 171 | BH: 38 | THRNS: 54 | HM: 1 | REC: 1
  5. The plan made sense, a point Lessa demonstrated by nodding along with it. "Sure, that sounds fine." Again, the boss they planned to fight likely did not require so much strategizing. It was entirely possible that they would kill Ugzeke in only a couple of hits, meaning the journey there took more time and effort than the fight itself. But planning ahead definitely made Lessa feel better, so she allowed silence to fall between them. It wasn't until they had reached the teleportation plaza that she spoke again. "Kalanaes!" she called, then allowed the game to whisk her away. In the beginning, the sensation of being zapped somewhere else had thrilled her. Now? It had no impact at all. After so many years, she hardly even noticed the magic of it anymore. It took mere seconds for the heavy weight to settle on Lessa's chest. The elven eyes burned into her, the resentment and distrust as scalding as a red-hot poker. Despite herself, Lessa shivered beneath her heavy armor. "I really hate this place," she muttered to Oscar, subconsciously picking up the pace to escape the settlement. "I know they're just NPCs, and it really shouldn't matter, but you can just feel the hate. It practically rolls off of them in waves." As if on cue, a long, willowy man sneered at the pair as they passed. Lessa offered him a quick smile, only to be met with a hard tch of disgust. Her smile falling away, the woman huffed out a breath. "It's not like we even did anything to them. Hell, we're here to help them."
  6. Lessa

    [Special Dungeon]Norsing Around.

    With a practiced press of the submit button, Lessa sent the quickly-composed message winging into cyberspace. Then she leaned back in her chair, yawned, and stretched. An equally sleepy Riker opened a single eye to check on her from his spot on the couch. "Why is it," the woman began, "that we're always lounging around when people invite us to do things? Does that mean we're lazy?" Perhaps to confirm her suspicions, the wolf let his eye close again. Lessa grinned. "Uh uh, nope, none of that." Striding over, she combed her fingers through his thick, mocha-colored coat. "If I'm doing this, so are you. We're a team, remember?" So the familiar dutifully padded alongside his master, wearing an expression that Lessa would swear was annoyance. How did I manage to tame Aincrad's moodiest creature? she wondered, but she still reached down to give Riker a scratch between the ears. When she straightened again, and caught her first look at Oscar, she noticed the small group standing around him. A quick headcount revealed she was the sixth and final member of the party to arrive. "Hey there," the blonde greeted Oscar, moving up alongside him. "Thanks for thinking of me, and for waiting. I love Manderley's solitude, but the walk back to Coral can be a pain." In typical Lessa fashion, her attention subsequently swung to the food her guildmate prepared. "That looks tasty."
  7. Though months had passed since Lessa's last visit, the cave had hardly changed at all. She actually took a bit of comfort in that, considering how much she had changed recently. It's nice that some things stay the same, she mused with a small smile. When she caught sight of the plum-haired shopkeeper, she lifted her hand in greeting. "Hey there. I'm not sure if you remember me, but I bought some teleport crystals from you a while back." The smile softened shyly, and she amended, "Well, I tried to, but you gave them to me for free. I still really appreciate that." With the twinkle of bells, Lessa summoned Scarecrow Sickle from her inventory. Carefully, reverently, she laid it across his counter. "So I was hoping to reroll Sickle's bleed slot into something more..." she waved her hand through the air, searching for the word. "Unique." Tilting her head, she studied Jackpot thoughtfully. "Would you be up for doing that for me?"
  8. Lessa

    [PP - F4] Warmth

    "I'm not choosing to do this alone." The words exploded from her like water through a burst dam. Once they hung in the air, mingling with the steam of her warm breath, the embarrassment bloomed across her cheeks. Had she been thinking more clearly, she never would have admitted as much out loud. But it was the truth, wasn't it? With one hand rubbing at the back of her neck, Lessa fought to keep her gaze leveled on Baldur. "I mean, it would be nice to have more of a community here. I wish I had more people to talk to, more people to lean on. But I don't have that right now. Outside, I had no problem making friends, and surrounding myself with people. In the real world, I have so much family, so many friends. Here? I have you." The hands that had been gesticulating wildly stilled, then dropped to her sides. "I have you, and I know that's better than nothing. I'm so, so grateful for you, but I can't depend on you for my happiness. I don't want to become your responsibility. I don't want to hold on too tightly, because there might be a time when you're not around, and then where would I be?" Her voice cracked, and so did she, with all the grace of a calving glacier. "I don't want to depend on you, Baldur, because I don't want you to know how weak I am. I don't want to be this weak. You are fighting so hard, for all of us. I want to be someone worthy of that fight." Had she succeeded? Lessa stared out over the frozen terrain. The frigid wind sent shimmering snowflakes pinwheeling inches above the ground, and whipped her blonde hair into a tangled mess. Absently, she shoved it back with a gloved hand, only for it to tumble back into her flushed face. Even after so many years, the lake remained untouched, a pristine snow-globe that never ceased to amaze her. Some things never changed, and truthfully, Lessa took comfort in that fact. But some things did - she did - and she took comfort in that, too. Lessa, and the woman who had stood in this same spot four years ago, had just as many differences as similarities. How would that conversation go now?
  9. Lessa

    [F21 - Tier 3 Boss] Raiding the Reaver

    Only one bar of health left. The good news came like air to the drowning, and Lessa let it wash over her before preparing her final attack. If all went according to plan, they would finish the boss off in only a couple of minutes, and be free of the surprise hell. I came here for food and the party atmosphere, the blonde mused, pausing to appreciate the irony of it all. She had hoped to have some fun, and escape the bad mood that had been dogging her for weeks. Instead, she fell into a spontaneous boss battle, one that had chipped away a good portion of her health. Can't trust anything anymore, can you? It wasn't enough to avoid potentially disastrous situations, but she also had to avoid the fun ones, too? But there was no use mulling it over - the fight wasn't over, yet. And besides, if she let the fear of combat continue to control her fate, she'd never be rid of that weight on her shoulders. "I've got this," she whispered, then delivered one more strike.
  10. Lessa

    [F21 - Tier 3 Boss] Raiding the Reaver

    “This guy is a total tank,” Lessa muttered through gritted teeth, her jaw clenched so tightly her head pounded. Recognizing how tense she was, the blonde inhaled slowly through her nose, then exhaled the same way. After a couple of controlled, conscious breaths, she leveled her gaze on the dragon once more. She was confident that they were dealing insanely high amounts of damage, but those health bars still burned red like slashes of fire over the enemy’s head. A couple more rounds, she assured herself, a couple more rotations. The dragon couldn’t last much longer, could it? Hefting her shimmering blade yet again, Lessa exploded toward the dragon. It’s beauty, and the novelty of the situation, was beginning to wear off. Now, she just wanted it dead. After it fell, she could go home, change into comfy clothes, and sleep. Maybe (most likely) she’d sneak a second dinner in there somewhere
  11. Lessa

    [F21 - Tier 3 Boss] Raiding the Reaver

    Though the game soaked the damage like a sponge, saving her from feeling the pain, Lessa cried out as the dragon struck her. As it always did, her gaze immediately snapped to her health bar, surveying the damage. Sprawled across the hard earth, she winced, realizing a considerable chunk of her hit points were gone. She blew out a breath through clenched teeth. “Should have brought heeling items.” Fortunately, her need for them was negated when another player crouched beside her. With his help, her health creeped back into a more comfortable zone. “Thank you so much,” Lessa managed, both surprised and immensely moved by the man’s actions. She clapped him on the arm with a gauntleted hand, then collected her sword from where it had fallen in the attack. Time for revenge. Eyes sparking angrily like twin, blue flames, Lessa adjusted her grip on the weapon’s hilt. Then she plunged the blade into the boss’s scaley side.
  12. Lessa

    [PP - F3] The Cult of the Dragon

    "Nicely done," Lessa complimented easily, moving up alongside Alkor. The first elven cultist burst into pixels after a single hit, the fractals catching the sunlight as they drifted to the earth. The other two, as the swordsman predicted, would likely go down just as quickly. With that in mind, Lessa hefted her enormous weapon, lunged toward the two enemies that remained. By chaining her attacks together, she was able to rake her blade across both the dragon and it's cultist at nearly the same time. The elf hardly had time to register the damage, a split second of horror crossing his face before he exploded. The dragon, unfortunately, proved unwilling to go down so easily. Though her sword art brought Ghidorah's health to the red, the creature remained. It bared it's sharp teeth, tucked it's head, and rammed it's shoulder into Lessa's midsection. Was not expecting that, the woman mused as she flew backward. Though the actual strike failed to deal damage, one of the dragon's thorns had plunged into her armor's most vulnerable spot. Hissing through clenched teeth, Lessa turned to Alkor. "Finish it off?"
  13. Lessa

    [F21 - Tier 3 Boss] Raiding the Reaver

    Before Alyssa donned the Nerve Gear, one of her family's favorite places to visit was Mackinac Island. Though the family wasn't wealthy enough to afford a hotel room, the day trip always included a trip to Fort Mackinac. The highlight of the tour was always the end, when the reenactor in his crisp military uniform tugged the string, and sent the cannon booming over mainstreet. The dragon's roar was far louder, and Lessa found she liked it far less than the historic weaponry. "Shit," she muttered, turning away and hunching her shoulders against the violent sound. When the creature finally ceased it's scream, Lessa emitted a growl of her own. Going to blow my eardrums out, she thought, jaw clenched as she readied her weapon for another strike. Wait, can that even happen in Sword Art Online? Boots thudding, Lessa thundered back toward the dragon, dragging her heavy blade across it's scales once more.
  14. Lessa

    [F21 - Tier 3 Boss] Raiding the Reaver

    The players lunged like hungry lions, converging on the ruby dragon. In a flurry of color and light, swords, daggers, and battle axes, tore at the enemy's shimmering skin. Though the crimson gash of damage dealt was lost among Skalaugh's red scales, it's health bar plummeted. In a matter of moments, the number hit zero, and their foe exploded into shimmering crystals. This isn't right, came the single, thundering thought. All around her, players reflected her stunned expression, many muttering reservations of their own, or exchanging hesitant looks. Would the enemy really go down so easily? Could something that had torn a literal hole in a floor be so weak? And why did the bits of data floating around her not look quite like the pixels she was used to? The answer came quickly, and before Lessa knew it, Skalaugh was back. As the dragon emitted a roar that sent her stumbling, Lessa shifted Arcturus from one hand to the other. "Time to get in on the action," the blonde growled through gritted teeth, exploding from a standstill to pound toward the beast. As she ran, the slight tingle of reacquired health registered. Battle healing kicking in, and something else? Someone must have been healing her, but she would have to thank them later. With as much strength as Lessa could muster, she heaved the blade up over her right shoulder, then let it drop in an angular arc across the dragon's crystalline flank.
  15. Lessa

    [PP - F3] The Cult of the Dragon

    Still flushing from his "genius" comment, Lessa tore after Alkor. They matched each other stride-for-stride, boots thudding against the well-packed earth as they ate up the distance. When the pair reached the cemetery, perched on the edge of the elven settlement, she knew they had found the right spot. The dragon's emerald scales shimmered beneath the sun as it wandered between ornate headstones. This creature was larger than it's brethren, approximately the size of a large dog. "I almost wish they were bigger," Lessa muttered as they slowed, and approached at a hesitant walk. "They'd be easier to kill if they weren't so small and cute," Even as she spoke, she drew her blade. And the hatchling emitted a high pitched scream that sent her stumbling backward. "What the-" she managed, before two elves in deep green robes spilled from the nearby mausoleum. They both clutched curved daggers with gleaming, gem-studded hilts, and Lessa sucked in air through her teeth. "Guess the little guy has some back up."