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      Donations and Recognition!   12/22/2016

      Hello everyone! We are becoming a huge community and that doesn't come cheap. All staff here are volunteers and do this because they love the site. Right now, everything is paid out of pocket, by Erroneous. We would love for you to donate in order to help out with the site costs (i.e. Forum License, Domain Name, Hosting) so that we can keep Security and Forum Software up to date and possibly add some new features. If you do decide to donate, we have some fun, snazzy gifts of appreciation for you ;) Please message me (Shark) so we can get you the gifts of appreciation! We thank you for your support! Please use this link for more info   _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ How To Donate Scroll to the bottom of the screen and click the donate button.

      NOTABLE DONORS LIST Here is where we honor the donors who go above and beyond the call of Aincrad! Top Tier Donors! Percival Row  Teayre Nezumi Zandra Alice Arc Atzo Baldur Claim Corvo Dominion Genji Ignavus_veneficus Jomei Kaya Lee Lessa Mack Macradon Nocturn Persephone Piera Ruus Sarial Hawke Shi Unyeilding Vale To express our gratitude, here is a picture of the iconic duo for all you wonderful supporters!
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      The SAO Staff Team!   02/21/2017

      Hello members of SAO-RPG!

      I'm sure most of you (if not some) have noticed or heard changes were made to the staff team. If you are applying to staff, you may have noticed that the application process has recently changed. This has all happened because of a reformation of the staff team and the way it operates. The staff now has separate teams for development. These teams are: Floor Creation Team [Floors, Quests/Events, Bosses], Systems & Clarifications Team, and Player Support Team.

      "Who is on these teams?" Well the answer to that lies below! Floor Team Systems & Clarifications Team Player Support Team * - Denotes Team Lead

      We also have a team to work on and develop the current systems but that team will search for its members and is not allowed to be applied to.

      Now you may be asking, "Shark, how does one apply to the Staff Team?" And I have but 1 simple answer!
      Go read this thread and it may answer all your questions!

      If you have any more questions, send me a PM and I will answer your questions about staff. (Only the format of teams and/or the application process)
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      [Live] 2.5.0 Patch Notes   10/02/2017

      <<2.5.0 Patch Notes>> Main Guide: The main rules/tutorial section has been rewritten. Resources: A Resources section has been added. This contains reference material such as the SP/Level chart, Skills list, Enhancement list, individual profession stats, and a new FAQ. General Rule Changes: Word count requirement in Merchants & Shops section has been reduced to 100 from 150. Col logs are no longer required to include in journals. The Banker system will be used to track currency/materials going forward. New characters and Rebirth characters may choose a Starter Package containing a variety of basic equipment, col, materials, and/or potions. NK/KE tags have been removed. The table for SP gain based on the number of players in a thread has been removed. SP gain is now issued at 1 SP per 3 posts, up to the number of completed pages. (e.g. 3 SP for three pages, requires at least 9 posts) A Skill Refunding System has been added. Players may now pay a col cost to remove known skills and receive a refund of the invested SP. Rules on vanity items have been clarified. Health regeneration outside of combat has been adjusted to (10 * Tier) per post. Stealth and Stealth Detection no longer have a base rating for players. Both now use a LD roll plus a Stealth Rating/Stealth Detection modifier. NPCs and monsters still utilize a base rating (10 as a baseline for player-created mobs). 'Using cover' no longer adds to Stealth Rating. Low light or darkness conditions grant a +1 to Stealth Rating, down from +2. Switch has been added as a game mechanic (no longer a skill). Players may call for a Switch when landing a successful attack. If the Switching player also lands an attack, a Switch is performed and the two players may immediately swap hate values. Players are required to post their level, stats, equipment, skills, etc., in their first post in a thread. This should be a snapshot of your character and should not be changed after the initial post. Players are still allowed to declare their characters at a lower level or with fewer items than what they currently have, but may not claim items that have not been approved or were obtained in an unlocked thread. Turn order rules have been modified slightly to reflect the leniency of Boss Raid combat. Players may post in any order so long as each player and the enemy has gotten one action in a single round. Outside of Boss Raids, parties may have a maximum of 4 players. Combat with more than 4 players should follow a Group order similar to boss raids. When fighting multiple enemies, players must now make individual rolls for each mob. This applies to both making attacks against multiple enemies and multiple enemies making attacks. One roll no longer applies to/for all targets. The Running Away mechanic has been updated. Running away from combat now uses a LD roll with a set of situational modifiers. The col/material values and frequency in the loot table have been adjusted. Labyrinth searching rules have been adjusted. The map fragment system has been removed. Bonus rewards for scouting and defeating the field boss have been adjusted. Housing and Guild Halls have been completely revamped. PvP rules have been adjusted. Players must make an initiative roll when engaging in combat with other players. The extended Player Killing rules/restrictions have been removed. Rules on player cursor colors have been expanded. There is now a strike system for criminal infractions that would cause a player's cursor to turn orange. Killing a green player outside of a duel now results in a permanent orange cursor. An NPC Guard mechanic has been added. Orange players may now enter safe zones, but must stealth/run from guards in certain safe zones. NPC guards have a Stealth Detection rating equal to (Floor / 3), rounded down. Added more detail to character death rules. The RGQ system has been removed. Crafting Changes: Fishing as a profession has been removed. It is now a skill. The CD result chart has been adjusted across all professions (except Merchant). Good and Bad quality items have been removed from the CD result chart. Salvage chances have been adjusted. Alchemists now have a chance to salvage one or both materials when attempting to craft crystals. Crafting Die tools no longer have an effect. Consumables, familiars, housing, and some items still provide EXP and Crafting Attempt bonuses. The process of crafting Feasts has changed slightly. Cooks may now take 3 identical food items and spend two materials to combine them into a Feast. A Feast can be used in a thread to provide that enhancement to up to six players. Artisan craftable item types have been modified (Trinkets, Jewelry, Sculptures). The buffs they can provide are largely unchanged. Alchemist craftable item types have been modified (Salves, Potions, Crystals). The buffs they can provide are largely unchanged. Skill Changes: Extended Weight Limit Removed Ranks - 15 SP cost Now adds +3 Battle Ready Inventory slots Adjusted Mod: Large Pockets Now has 3 Ranks Cost set to 5/3/2 SP (10 total for Rank 3) Now increases single Battle Ready Inventory slots to 7/10/15 Removed 'Larger Pockets' and 'Largest Pockets' mods New Skill: Fishing Cost: 10 SP Effect: Use a dice roll to fish something up based on a natural CD result: Gatherer Now has a chance to yield 1-3 bonus materials based on a natural CD result Sneak & Hide Renamed to 'Hiding' Now grants +1 Stealth Rating per rank New Rank 3 Mod: Untraceable Cost: 9 SP Effect: Negates the effect of the Tracking skill against the user. New Rank 3 Mod: Blindside Cost: 9 SP Effect: Gain +2 Stealth Rating. Natural BD rolls of 9-10 reduce the target's accuracy by 1 for one turn when attacking from stealth. New Rank 5 Mod: Vanish Cost: 12 SP Cooldown: 5 Turns Effect: Allows the use of a post action to re-enter stealth while in combat. Getting a killing blow on an enemy allows Vanish to activate without using a post action. Search & Detect Renamed to 'Searching' Now also grants +1 Stealth Detection per rank Mod: Night Vision Now requires Rank 1, down from Rank 3 Cost reduced to 5 SP, from 9 Mod: Reveal Now also grants +2 LD when searching for Labyrinths and allows Labyrinth searches at 15 posts. Mod: Tracking Now requires Rank 3, down from Rank 5 Cost reduced to 12 SP, from 15 Tracking requirements for monsters, players, and NPCs have been clarified. Mod: Detect Cost reduced to 9 SP, from 15 No longer uses or affects Tracking. Now Grants +2 Stealth Detection. Grants +1 LD when searching for sub-dungeons and labyrinths Battle Healing Now recovers 1% of max HP per rank, instead of (Rank * 5 * Tier) Mod: Emergency Recovery Cost reduced to 10 SP, from 15 Now recovers 10% of max HP, down from 25% Block MIT gained is now set per rank: 5/8/12/18/25, down from 1 MIT per SP invested. New Rank 3 Mod: Shield Bash Cost: 10 SP Cooldown: 2 Turns Energy Cost: 10 Energy Effect: Make an attack with an equipped shield. On a hit, deals (Base * 10) damage, stuns the enemy for one turn, and applies paralyze/thorns/flame thorns enhancements present on the shield. Note: When calculating Base Damage for Shield Bash, Weapon Skills do not apply. Mod: Safe Guard Reworked into 'Rampart' Added a 5 turn cooldown Added energy cost of 8 Now uses a post action to reduce final damage that would be dealt to you by 25% (rounded down). Effect lasts until the beginning of your next turn. Energist Removed Ranks - 12 SP cost Now adds (5 * Tier) to total energy, instead of (Rank * 2) Howl Added energy cost of 10 Mod: Focused Howl Added energy cost of 8 Parry Increased SP cost to 12, up from 10 Added a 1 turn cooldown Energy cost has been fixed at 5, instead of (2 * enemies parried) 50% damage reduction has been specified to apply to the final damage (after mitigation). Effect applies to the next attack against the user, and cannot reduce damage from multiple enemies at once. Mod: Vengeful Riposte Increased SP cost to 12, up from 10 Added a 3 turn cooldown Damage reflected is now 50% of raw damage, up from 25% of damage taken. This damage can still be mitigated. Switch Skill has been removed. Two-Handed Weapons The +2 DMG bonus for 2H weapons has been clarified in the first rank of 2H weapon skills. All Weapons The Ferocity and Finesse mods have been condensed into a single description. You must still specify the weapon type when acquiring the mod(s). Mod: Ferocity Rank requirement set to 3, instead of ranging from 1-5 Now increases base damage of all sword arts for the chosen weapon by 1. Mod: Finesse Rank requirement set to 3, instead of ranging from 1-5 Now has 3 Ranks Cost adjusted to 5/3/2 SP (10 total for Rank 3), down from 15 at Rank 5 Now reduces energy cost of all sword arts for the chosen weapon by an amount equal to its rank. Mod: Quick Change Cooldown reduced to 3 turns, down from 5 Now allows the user to swap, equip, or unequip a weapon in their Battle Ready Inventory. Mod: Stamina Now reduces the energy cost of all attacks by 1. Heavy Armor Increased the amount of MIT gained to 8>12>18>25>35, up from 3>7>12>20>30 Mod: Athletics Bonus health increased to (15 * Tier), up from 15 Mod: Stonewall Bonus health has been adjusted to (15 * Tier), instead of equal to mitigation from other skills. Now also grants 10 MIT when wearing heavy armor Now also reduces damage taken from damage over time effects by 25% (rounded down) when wearing heavy armor. Light Armor Adjusted the amount of MIT gained to 5>8>12>18>25, down from 3>7>12>20>30 Mod: Athletics Bonus health adjusted to (10 * Tier), from 15 Familiar Mastery 'Accurate' now has 3 ranks. 'Assistant' now provides bonus EXP (crafting attempts at max profession rank) instead of CD. Meditation Removed Ranks - 8 SP cost Added a 5 turn cooldown Now recovers (3 * Tier) energy. Getting hit by an attack before the beginning of your next turn reduces the energy recovered to (2 * Tier). Survival Added 3 SP cost Increases out of combat health regeneration to (15 * Tier), instead of 20. Enhancement Changes: Life Steal has been renamed to Vampiric. The Crafting Die enhancement has been removed. Alchemist and Artisan item types for enhancements have been modified. Sword Art Changes: Multipliers have been simplified to a single number (x6) from the two-part formula (2x3). Several descriptions have been updated. Quest Changes: The 'Redemption' quest has been revamped. The level and repeatable restrictions have been adjusted to affect only the bonus SP rewards: The First Few Lessons Are Free The Second Lesson is Also Free The Third Lesson is Just As Free The Fourth Lesson is Actually Free The Venemous Warg Repeating the 'Earning a Living' quest now allows a player to change their profession. Changing professions will reset experience to 0. Repeat completions of the Earning a Living quest will only award bonus materials if the quest-taker is changing their profession. The following quests have been removed: «Witch of the West and the Three Treasures: T.M.H & S.B.» «Witch of the West and the Three Treasures: T.L.C.» «Witch of the West and the Three Treasures «The Falling of Tagas» Housing Changes: The cost and size of Player Housing is now determined by a 'plot size'. The plot size dictates how many room slots, yard slots, and stories a house can have as well as the initial cost when purchasing. Purchasing a PK-accessible home (outside of a safe zone) has an additional cost. Buffs from Guild Halls/Player Housing now comes from the type of room, rather than furniture. Certain rooms for Player Housing have upgrades. Player Housing buffs must be assigned to a player. Home owners may use the Housing Evaluation topic to re-assign a room's player(s) once every 30 days. New/Rebirth Character Changes: Players who have submitted a new or rebirth character journal for approval in the past 30 days are eligible to add one of the starting bundles. <<2.5 Update Survival Guide>> Skills: If you spent more than 15 SP on the Extended Weight Limit skill, refund any SP over 15. If you have spent less than 15 SP, the skill is inactive until a total of 15 is invested. If you spent more than 12 SP on the Energist skill, refund any SP over 12. If you have spent less than 12 SP, the skill is inactive until a total of 12 is invested. If you spent more than 8 SP on the Meditation skill, refund any SP over 8. If you have spent less than 8 SP, the skill is inactive until a total of 8 is invested. If you have the Parry skill, you must spend 2 SP to continue using it. Otherwise, it is inactive until a total of 15 is invested. If you have the Survival skill, you must spend 3 SP to continue using it. Otherwise, it is inactive until a total of 3 is invested. If you had the Switch skill, remove it and refund 10 SP. Mods: If you have the Detect mod, keep it and refund 6 SP. If you have the Tracking mod, keep it and refund 3 SP. If you have the Emergency Recovery mod, keep it and refund 5 SP. If you had Rank 1 or 2 of the Ferocity mod, lose it and receive a refund of the SP spent. If you had Rank 3 or 4 of the Ferocity mod, you must spend 6 or 3 SP to continue using it. Otherwise, it is inactive until a total of 15 is invested. If you spent more than 10 SP on the Finesse mod, refund any SP over 10. If you have the Large Pockets mod, you must spend 1 SP to continue using it. Otherwise, it is inactive until a total of 10 is invested. If you had the Larger Pockets mod, it becomes the new Large Pockets mod and you receive a refund of 2 SP. If you had the Largest Pockets mod, it becomes the new Large Pockets mod and you receive a refund of 5 SP. If you have the Night Vision mod, keep it and refund 4 SP. If you have the Vengeful Riposte mod, you must spend 2 SP to continue using it. Otherwise, it is inactive until a total of 12 is invested. Professions: If you had the Fishing profession, all EXP may be transferred to any other profession. If you had a Tool with the 'Crafting Die' enhancement, you may post it for re-evaluation with the Ambition or Crafting Attempt enhancement (item name/description may not change). If you retake the Earning a Living quest in order to change professions, your EXP resets to 0 for the new profession. Edit your existing shop thread with your new profession information. Housing: Existing Guild Halls and Player Housing have been removed. They may be repurchased through the Housing Evaluation template. Players who previously bought a home or hall have been reimbursed for the total col cost in their original housing application. If a guild had shared col lost due to the removal of a guild hall, PM the details to @Teion for review/reimbursement.
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      State of the Site Discussion   10/03/2017

      Please provide your thoughts and opinions! This discussion will affect the future of the site, so it's important that we get as much feedback as possible.
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      2.5 PK Rules / Thread Tags Discussion   10/16/2017

      Hello Players,
      Once again your feedback is needed, so head over to the thread and tell us what you think. LINK


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  1. [PP - F7] Going to Temple

    "Those stupid eagles," Lessa replied tartly, shaking her blonde head. "Do you have any idea how much easier life would have been for Frodo and Sam if those eagles had just flown them there in the first place?" Before Genji could say anything, she held up her hand, and added, "I'm sure there's some very compelling and complex reason that any true Tolkien fan should know. And it wouldn't make for a very good movie otherwise. But man, for a basic movie fan like me, it was pretty annoying." On the matter of mounts, Lessa felt that there was more that needed saying, considering it was a topic she felt strongly about. "Truthfully, though, I just want a horse. Seriously. Like I miss my family, and my house, and all those other things. But I haven't ridden a horse in years, and that's killing me." Her fingers itched to hold a pair of reins again, and because the feeling was nearly palpable, she balled her hands into fists at her sides. “Horses were my stress reliever. More expensive than a membership to a yoga studio, and a lot more work, but I can't stop thinking about how much I want to ride again." She glanced at him with a smile that did not reach her eyes. "Maybe somewhere on the next few floors." When he asked her about her friends, the smile faded completely. "There were a few of them," she answered. "I met them all afterward, as I didn't make the jump with anyone. Alkor was the first player I met here, and we did the grind together for the first fifteen levels or so. Kiluia and I worked together for a while too. He was more experienced than I was, so he showed me the ropes. I tried running my own guild, and that's how I met Ariel, who I still talk with from time to time. I ran with a guy named Daeron for a bit. Later, I met Jomei, Baldur, Icarus, and a few others." Though the smile did not return, she spoke with surprising clarity and control when she added, "Some of them are still around, and some of them aren't."
  2. [PP - F7] Going to Temple

    Silence fell as Lessa mulled over his question. She let her gaze wander skyward, lips making soft kissing noises while she thought. Finally, "I'd capture it. Gain its trust. Train it. Make it my mount." When she turned to look at him, a goofy grin plastered across her face, she added, "I mean, why the hell not? We're bound to find mounts at some point. I think mine should be a freaking dragon." The pair carefully navigated their way around the wrecked path, sticking close until they were again on solid footing. Once they were further along, Lessa let a bit more distance come between them, and answered his question. "I wasn't a fighter before SAO," she admitted truthfully. "Literally, or figuratively. I mean, I was competitive and stuff, but I've changed a lot since then. I'd do stuff now that I never would have before." Realizing she was veering off course, she gave a small wave of her hand. "But actual fighting, no. I was in decent shape when I joined up, from riding horses, and track and field a few years ago in high school. So that probably helped. But I'd never really held a sword until Aincrad." At the mention of her prized weapon, she let her hand drift to it's rose-bud hilt. "I practiced a lot. Trial and error, mostly. Learned alongside some friends, who were also around my level. I know the people who joined with experience in martial arts and swordplay had an edge, but I managed to close the gap after a while."
  3. [PP - F11] Hallowed Halls

    In her haste to exit the pantry, Lessa nearly barreled over Jomei, who had skidded to a stop. Her heavy armor bumped against him, nearly sending them both toppling. "Wha-" she began, and then her eyes widened. Peering over his shoulder, she surveyed the room. Or, at least, some otherworldy edition of the kitchen they had recently left. Somehow, the room had been turned on its head, the floor now hovering where the ceiling had once resided. As Jomei jumped from his perch, feet thudding on the ceiling, her stomach flipped. Something about the surreal visual made her feel a bit like throwing up. Her hands shook as she reached out, fingertips kissing the edges of the pantry, guiding her toward the three-foot drop. "Yeah," she agreed weakly, "weirder and weirder." Though, to be fair, the Demogorgon in the room with no windows and no doors was probably a touch weirder. But it did not seem like the time to argue such things. She gulped in a deep breath of musty castle air, then leaped from the pantry's edge. It would have been easier if she kept her eyes closed, considering the impossible vertigo she was experience, but the thought of being blind in a place such as this was not particularly appealing. Besides, how often was a person given the opportunity to see a chandelier standing on-point from the middle of the floor? Skirting the lighting fixture, the armor-clad woman turned back to her friend. "We're still on an upper floor, right? I vote we find the first stairs we can, and head down and out. This has been one hell of an adventure, but maybe one that we should finish with a whole stock of healing pots. And maybe an army." Fine grains of salt spilled from the edges of her boots as she moved toward the door, remnants of the thick line she had laid. Once she knew Jomei was following, Lessa tugged open the nearest door. It took a bit of maneuvering, given the room's flipped orientation, but she managed. Instead of a hallway, she found a staircase. Fortunately, these steps descended as they should, an exit from the bizarre mystery-spot kitchen. "Stairs from the kitchen?" she questioned aloud. Then, "Oh, maybe it it's servant stairs. These should take us to the ground floor."
  4. [PP - F7] Going to Temple

    "Bah," the blonde scoffed, automatically rubbing at her wrist where his hand had been. "Look at me. I'm a tank, armored up enough I'd probably hurt the ground more than it would hurt me." Then she scrunched up her face, swiped at some sweat that beaded on her forehead, and added, "or just go slipping on down the mountain. I'm definitely sweaty enough for it." This sun really sucks, she nearly added, before catching herself. Complaining when she was anxious was a terrible habit, and despite her victory, adrenaline still coursed through her veins. But it was something she needed to work on. What good came of complaining about things she could not change? The losses of her friends. The fact she was trapped in a video game. The damn weather. No, there was no use wasting precious breath carping on such matters. When Genji looked to the heavens, she followed suit. "Yeah," she agreed, "I have no idea what it is either. Must be massive though. Some kind of bird, maybe? Or a dragon?" Then her face, still flushed with heat and exertion, stretched in a grin. "See? I totally said there was going to be a dragon earlier." The tension, the nerves, were beginning to die away as she slid her own sword home. "I say we keep moving," Lessa told him. "We did a pretty solid job on this guy, I think. So as long as the next thing we see isn't like ten times stronger, we'll be fine." "Besides," she continued, slowly beginning to pick her way around the ruined path, "I want to find that dragon."
  5. [PP - F7] Going to Temple

    "Got it!" Lessa shouted back, registering Genji's warning with only a slice of her full attention. Her focus was reserved for the goblin and his warg, both snarling as they trudged a tight circle around her. Though they remained outside the reach of her claymore, she swore she could smell their stink, and feel their warm breath, mingling with the already hot air. Her jaw worked as she watched, and waited. Who would attack first? The decision was made for her in an instant, when a number of things happened all at once. A shriek from above her startled Lessa from her battle mode, and though it went against her every logical thought, instinct made her glance upward. She was rewarded with the shadow of a massive figure moving overhead, and the surprise attack of her enemy, taking advantage of her distracted state. She cursed loudly, activating the same sword art as before in her panic. Without any time to think, it was the first thing that came to her. That, and it had worked well the first time. Again, both player and wolf attacked in unison, one dealing as much damage as possible, the other hoping to sabotage the foe's attack. Her blade found its mark, and both beings burst into pixels. Then she glanced down, and recognized her close proximity to the path's edge. It would be pretty rude of her to fall off it directly after Genji's warning, even if she had just vanquished their foe. Genji: 180/180 HP // 13/18 E (2 H) Lessa: 661/700 HP // 41/70 E (6 H) (Galaxy Destroyer - 13 E used, 1 recovered) Goblin Raider: 180/450 HP (180 - (14 * 13 (SA) = 182) = DEAD
  6. [F1-PP] A more refreshing beverage

    "Well," Lessa began, leaning forward conspiratorially, "I have history covered. I was a history major." Then she paused, scrunching up her face as if catching a whiff of something smelly. "Am? Am a history teacher? Or was? I mean, I guess I still am. Unless MSU kicked me out." She waited for a beat longer, then waved her hand dismissively. "Doesn't really matter," she amended. "But I know my stuff. I was even starting my teaching internship, until this dumb game came along." For the most part, Lessa had come to accept her prison. But talking about it now, with this stranger, brought back that old pain. The regret. The loss. The impossible, unshakeable loneliness. Rather than dwelling on it, she answered his question. "I was a front-liner too, for a bit. Afterward, I spent most of my time working with lower-level players. Teaching them the basics, escorting them while they trained, crafting them stronger weapons in my shop." She loosed a small shrug, then picked absentmindedly at a rogue thread in her pastel blouse. "Maybe it's the teacher in me, but I keep falling back on helping other people out. But I have been trying to find that balance between taking care of them, and looking after myself too." When she smiled, it did not reach her blue eyes. "Guess that's a problem whether you're teaching in the real world, or in a video game."
  7. Based on discussions in Discord, I support the following: Require permission from green players. If you want that threat of death looming over your head at all times, always give permission when asked. Or write "available for PK attempts" in your signature. Do not require permission from those with an orange cursor. They put their character at risk by killing in the first place. They can always choose to take the Redemption quest. There is choice. And right now, the site does not have enough punishment for PKers. In the real game, there is far more of a threat. Being excluded from safe zones is HUGE, but here, it doesn't matter. Removing the need for permission puts people at risk, but again, they can always choose to protect themselves by taking Redemption. Edit: Also just remembered that orange players can enter safe zones now. So I don't know. I don't really get that, as it doesn't seem canon at all. Wasn't a HUGE part of Aincrad the fact that orange players couldn't go into safe zones? There was an entire episode about it. What this proposal does, at the end of the day, is make community building and networking possible. I have no desire to write with people I don't know when they could potentially kill me. In my mind, that's not the sort of atmosphere we should be fostering here.
  8. I agree with much of what has already been said here, so I will keep my response brief. We each run the risk of losing our character when we place them in trying situations. Join a boss battle? Create an overly powerful mob? Your character may die. Your account will be locked, and you will no longer be able to play unless you make or use an alt. We all understand that, but the beauty of it is, we choose to put our characters there. If we die, we are to blame. This new system completely negates that. How in the world can we encourage new players to get stronger (leave safe zones, fight mobs, ACTUALLY USE THE SITE AS INTENDED) with the risk of death hanging over their head? It makes absolutely no sense to me. Even now, as a level thirty-something, I have no desire at all to join OPs. This rule change only acts to keep players in safe zones, and makes OPs too unsafe to be worth it. Considering OPs are a great way to bring the community together, I see no benefit at all from the change. I am whole-heartedly in the "you must have permission" camp. Kill NPC players, if you so choose. If you're after that orange cursor, maybe staff could accommodate on a case-by-case basis. But don't ruin the experience for others, especially newcomers, to further your own character's plot. Wanna write a villain? Losing their mind? Slaughtering people? Please do! Because that's good storytelling. But killing players without their permission is just being a jerk, and I don't think the site should be a place for that. I know I'm beating a dead horse, but we must consider what is best for the members. What will attract and keep new players? What will entertain the old? We already have a permanent death. We already have PvP and the option of player killing. Why virtually do away with PK rules, just to play up that "threat?" Don't we put our characters in threatening enough situations as-is? I don't feel like we can even use the "its canon" argument here, because we already address permanent deaths and the fear associated with it. I'm going to make this my signature. I'm going to shout it from the rooftops. I'm probably going to get it tattooed on my body somewhere.
  9. [F1-PP] A more refreshing beverage

    When the player poked fun at his friend's discomfort around women, Lessa offered him a gentle, reassuring smile. She could party with the best of them, but she also felt for the barkeep. Alyssa had met and worked with all kinds during her time at MSU, and the socially awkward sort were among her most frequent customers. Perhaps it was her history major, or her love of the most bizarre clubs (paranormal, and humans vs. zombies, to name a couple). But Hiro so perfectly mirrored her past acquaintances that she could not help but empathize. "You have nothing to apologize for, Hiro," the woman assured him, nodding over the rim of her glass as she offered him a silent toast. Then, with more gusto, she saluted David. "Cheers!" After a long drink, in which she downed a third of her glass, she licked the amber liquid from her lips. "I always forget how much I like rootbeer," she admitted to her new drinking partner. "I appreciate your reminding me." She paused to survey the still-empty tavern. It was clean, obviously very well cared for. Her own shop was a mess, considering she saw it more as a means to an end. Lessa could take lessons from this Hiro character. "So," she began, setting her glass on the bar and glancing between the two men. "What do you both do all day, outside of hiding out in here?"
  10. [PP - F7] Going to Temple

    "Nope," Lessa growled through gritted teeth. "Over here, you ugly motherf-" Encouraged either by her howl or her taunt (perhaps both), the goblin and his mount thundered past Genji, and directly toward her. Lessa settled deeper into her stance, heaving her sword up and over her right shoulder. The massive blade, crafted by Klein, and styled after Joan of Arc's Sword of St. Catherine, seemed to pulse in her hands. How long had it been since she had faced such a formidable foe? Had it been the Hydra, or even Orochi before? The concern for Genji's safety never left her, but it was reduced to a mere pricking at the back of her neck. Despite herself, and the hours she had spent cursing the risk of combat, she felt a creeping eagerness racing through her veins. Hell Rose flared pink, brilliant even against the glaring sunlight. As the warg grew nearer, Lessa glanced down at Riker, who remained transfixed on the ever-growing threat. Here we go, she thought, then swung. Shifting her weight, Lessa lifted the weapon high, and let it arc downward in a smooth, powerful slash. The blade tore through the creature, leaving a startling red gash against his dark clothing. At the same moment, Riker threw himself at the warg, teeth snapping, claws outstretched. The mount had the size advantage, but Riker still succeeded in bullying the beast off-course. And though Lessa was thrown back a step by the goblin's return attack, her armor held firm, and both she and her familiar survived the first pass. "Still alive?" she called out to Genji, never letting her gaze leave the form of their enemy. Genji: 180/180 HP // 14/18 E (2 H) Lessa: 661/700 HP // 53/70 E (5 H) (Galaxy Destroyer - 13 E used, 1 recovered) Goblin Raider: 180/450 HP (388 - (14 + 2 (crit) = 16 * 13 (SA) = 208) = 180
  11. [PP - F11] Hallowed Halls

    Lessa nodded, though she knew the action was largely lost to the darkness. "I'm glad you're thinking about your mental health," she told him. "So many don't. Or, at least, they don't until it's too late." She reached up to rake her fingers through her hair, shoving it back from her face. A cool breeze whistled through the castle outside, but crammed into the pantry, the air was far too stuffy for her taste. Not long before, she had been thanking the gods for the pantry's sanctuary. Now, she was starting to plan her escape from it. Even as she spoke, one ear remained tilted toward the exit, listening for further threats. At his comment regarding her adventurous tendencies, she gave a sheepish smile. "You know," she began, "I was actually throwing around the idea of creating an adventure and exploration guild." She stood slowly, careful not to bump Jomei, and working a knot from the small of her back. "But I've tried the guild thing twice already. Maybe I'm just not cut out for it." She paused, then, "Or maybe I just need a new approach to guilds. No more hierarchies and structure. Just adventures." Lessa loosed a small shrug. "It might be nice." As Lessa shuffled toward the door, the toe of her boot thudded against something hard and wooden. "Hey Jomei," she muttered, reaching for the chest. "Could be something useful in here." She was wrong. She was so, so, so very wrong. Just as Lessa went to life the lid, a guttural growl filled the tiny space. "Changed my mind!" she announced, grabbing for the pantry's handle instead. "How about we keep moving along? Maybe find a way out of this place for good?"
  12. [PP - F11] Memories

    The stranger led with flattery, something that immediately put Lessa on alert. He was far from the first to comment on her appearance, but the words typically came from drunkards in bars. Instead, she was standing in the man's house, entirely unarmed and unprotected. Her fingers itched to summon her HUD, and the more logical side of her brain urged her to run; in her years aboard the floating tower, she had come to learn that not all threats were constructed of data. Player killers preyed upon the unsuspecting and the unprepared, and she had prided herself on never being either. What was she doing? Learning about Zelrius, cried her emotional side. She was there to find out whatever there was to know, and fight to clear his name, were the opportunity to arise. Her old guild mate was dead, but her interest in him was far so. As such, she took the seat he offered, but crossed her arms tightly against her chest. "Future hero of the frontlines?" she echoed, though not unkindly. Rather, there was a trace of hesitation in her tone. Was that really what he aspired to be? "Well," she decided aloud, "someone's got to do it." Lessa shifted, the leather protesting beneath her. "I suppose my first question is why exactly I've been invited here. What it is you think I might be able to do for you."
  13. [PP - F7] Going to Temple

    "Pretty stellar foreshadowing, huh?" Her voice rose and fell with forced humor, but it was no secret that she was rattled. If the sudden explosion of dirt and rock had not been enough, the appearance of the mounted goblin was the cherry on top of her sundae. She yanked Hell Rose from its sheath, distributing her weight evenly between her feet, and settling into her familiar combat stance. She had rarely fought mobs with other players during her various hiatuses, considering her refusal to partake in boss battles. Most of the aid she had provided low-level players had been in the form of coaching from the sidelines. While Genji was an exception, as she had recently began hunting with him, she was no more comfortable with the whole ordeal. Her first reaction was an overwhelming fear, hot fire roaring in her gut, screaming that this might be how she loses her new friend. Immediately, cold logic doused the flames. Stop, she commanded silently. She could not go on living that way, and Genji was more than capable. Still, even though he had warned her to stay back, she positioned herself between the player and the goblin. "I'm going to get his attention," she told him. Only a split second later, a blast of green light burst upward from her feet, blowing back her hair, her skirt, and the edges of her tunic. The light died away as quickly as it had come, save for the way her previously blue eyes now shone with it. Her familiar was crouched by her side, hackles up, teeth bared. "Riker," she barked. "Get ready." <<Howl>> activated. Lessa - 700/700 HP | 65/70 EN | 3 HATE (14 DMG, 4 ACC, 66 MIT, 28 THRNS)
  14. [PP - F7] Going to Temple

    Genji was slow on his response, a fact that Lessa could not help but notice as she waited for his answer. This was not uncommon when it came to her silver-haired friend; he often retreated into thought, or memory, or somewhere far away from where they presently stood. At first, it had concerned her, driving her to wonder just what it was that consumed him so completely. Once or twice, she had asked him about it, only to be given vague, non-committal answers. Now, though she occasionally referred to him as "space cadet," or broke into his thoughts with a rousing rendition of "Ground Control to Major Tom," she had given up on trying to diagnose him. It had never fared well for her in the past. "A bit further up the trail should not prove altogether deadly," she echoed, stepping back into the glaring sunlight. She shielded her eyes as she glanced about for the hunched warden, who she found puttering along the brook's edge. "Sounds a bit like famous last words." Only once she felt Genji's presence beside her did she continue moving, steering them back to the well-beaten path they had initially followed. "I'm going to be pretty pissed off if we come up against some deadly beast, but also a little impressed by your clairvoyance." Companionable silence fell between them as they trudged, leaning forward a bit to compensate for the increasing slope. Though her words had been made in jest, something pricked at the back of Lessa's neck. Suddenly, "I'm going to summon Riker, if you don't mind." And she did so, her wolf familiar bounding toward them from where it had shimmered into existence. His rich, mocha fur complimented their surroundings, and despite how much of it he wore, he seemed perfectly content to trot alongside her. He was only data, of course, but Lessa always got the impression that he truly enjoyed her company.
  15. [F1-PP] A more refreshing beverage

    The tavern had one occupant, save for the barkeep, and he was motioning for her to join him. Lessa bit down hard on the inside of her cheek, considering her options. Were she to deny his offer, and take up residence at another table, she would look impossibly rude. It was not as if she could pretend she was joining another party, considering the place was empty, and she wondered if she was a rum enough liar to convince him she was waiting on someone. Were she to simply turn around and retreat back into the bright sunlight, she would appear mixed parts anti-social and crazy. Besides, she scolded herself, you're working on being more open, more laidback. There was a time when Lessa would have scampered over without hesitation, eager to engage the man in conversation, and perhaps a round of shots. Now, however, it took a few seconds for her to make up her mind. "It's a pleasure to meet you, Dave," came her own greeting. "And you, Hiro." The last bit was directed to the other man, whose jaw still rest atop his perfectly scrubbed bar-top. If he reacted in such a manner to Lessa in civilian clothes, she wondered what would have happened had she entered in full armor. Would he have imploded? She perched atop the bar-stool, the toes of her boots tucking themselves around the long legs as she settled in. "A very hot one," she confessed, hoping that her flushed face did not reveal just how warm she really was. "I'm thankful for the cool place to hide out, and for the drink, though I expect you let me buy the second round." She flashed him a smile, and concluded with, "My name is Lessa."