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  1. Lessa

    [PP - F3] The Cult of the Dragon

    Her relief was nearly palpable, but she masked the enormous emotion with a small smile, a curt nod. "Yeah, that's a good point. I know Cardinal has been known to create quests on the fly, and even tailor them to specific people, but I can't imagine it making one about Sanctuary. Besides, I'm pretty sure this dragon quest has been around since the beginning of time. I've just never gotten around to it." When the dark-haired swordsman asked for her opinion, surprise came into her blue eyes. "Oh," she answered as she turned them to him. "Uh, I think maybe we should head toward that big elven settlement?" The question in the statement might have been humorous were it not for the uncertain expression she wore. The Alkor she had known took charge of the situation. While he varied dramatically from the picture of a perfect, charismatic leader, he molded the situation in his own quiet, sturdy way. As such, his effortless question caught Lessa off-guard. The blonde cleared her throat, casting a glance into the bushes to avoid meeting his gaze. "I mean, that's logical, right? It was in elvish, there are elves on this floor, and they probably have a cemetery of some sort."
  2. Lessa

    [PP - F6] Things We Lost in the Fire

    Though she eyed the vial dubiously, the woman downed her own potion once she watched him do the same. The odd sensation was difficult to describe, but she felt as if she somehow pushed back against the fire. In a way, she was fighting it's very influence over her. That's so bizarre. When he motioned to Riker, Lessa nodded. "Understood." She dropped her gaze to the wolf, who lifted his head to gaze up at her. When their eyes met, hers deep blue, his warm amber, she swore he understood her. Sometimes, the game was just a bit uncanny. "You hear that?" she asked the familiar. "You're in the lead, but I'll be right behind you." Arm outstretched, Lessa shoved her finger in the direction of the crashing. Jesus, she thought, sudden unease blooming in her chest. I can hardly see my own hand in front of my face. But as Riker bounded toward the direction she pointed, Lessa had little time to dwell on the matter. Instead, she lunged after her companion, hoping that the other player dogged her heels. It was nearly impossible to see him, and amid the chaos, she struggled to sense his nearness. He'll just have to keep up. "Hey," she called back, remembering something. "My name is Lessa, by the way. And that's Riker, up ahead."
  3. Lessa

    [PP - F18] Abandoned

    Pleasure and embarrassment mingled as a faint blush crept Lessa's cheeks. "You're right," she confirmed, "we really haven't had much of a chance to hang out. I figured since our boyfriends are buds, we would likely spend a lot of time together too, and-" Her voice trailed, and her hand moved to scratch awkwardly at the back of her neck. Not only was it surprisingly weird referring to Bahr as her "boyfriend," but her statement was winding down a path she hadn't intended. If she kept talking, she might make it sound as if Bahr and Oscar's relationship was the only reason she and Cordelia should be friends. On the contrary, Lessa had hoped to befriend the white-haired beauty far before her relationship status changed. She blew out a breath, and finished on an unconvincing, "Yeah." At the woman's mention of her familiar, Lessa glanced dubiously toward the odd blackbird. "Pacco is quite something," she mused aloud, tipping her head slightly as she studied the bird. It wasn't that she hated Pacco. In fact, she didn't even strongly dislike the thing. It just had a habit of watching her with it's beady little eyes, and she found it a tad unnerving. "How did you come across him again?" There must have been some kind of story behind it. "I appreciate that," Lessa finally replied, "and your faith in me. I could totally be leading us on a wild goose chase, but at least you're being a good sport about it." The blonde smiled faintly, though the expression bordered on grimace as her boot splooshed through the mud. "God, this stuff is nasty." A sudden notion struck Lessa, and all thoughts of muck were momentarily forgotten. "Hey, I meant to ask, how are you enjoying Tarot so far?"
  4. "Thanks for coming all the way out here, Cord." As she spoke, Lessa's stepped atop an especially spongy bit of land; the squish and tiny burst of bubbles beneath her boot made the woman wince. "I know this floor is pretty nasty, so I really appreciate your tagging along." Nasty is an gross understatement. Ha, gross. Despite the pun, Lessa simply could not find the amusement in their situation. The seemingly endless swamps that covered the eighteenth floor really stank. Literally. The odor that hung heavy in the stuffy air held faint notes of fish, mud, slime, and something sort of musky. No light permeated the canopy above, though that was likely due to the complete lack of sunlight. Were the clouds a constant fixture? Did this floor even have a sun? These questions, and more, would likely remain unanswered, as Lessa avoided the floor at all costs. "I even left Riker at home, so he wouldn't have to climb through this gunk." To demonstrate, the swordswoman lifted her boot, and pointed to the mystery substance clinging to the sole. "He'd never forgive me." An uncharacteristic shyness crept into Lessa's voice, and her blue eyes grew clouded as she slanted Cordelia a look. "I just hope you forgive me, even if we don't find this purple tree." Even as she spoke the words, Lessa cringed inwardly. "I know it seems kind of silly," she confessed, "but this was one rumor that actually caught my interest."
  5. Lessa

    [PP - F6] Things We Lost in the Fire

    Lessa nodded her agreement. "You're not wrong there," she assured him, shifting her weight from one foot to the other. She wanted so badly to wipe the sweat from her face, and were she not wearing heavy armor, she would just use the back of her hand. That sort of thing was difficult, given the hefty gauntlets she wore. Instead, she hooked her thumbs in her criss-crossed belts. "Honestly, I'm one of those people who hates this game. I'd give just about anything to get out of it. But at the same time, I can't stand by and watch this sort of thing happen, you know?" She gave a quick shrug, flashed a smile, and added, "I suppose it's like how I hate being rude to NPCs. I don't see them as lines of code, so-" A sudden, thunderous crash cut Lessa off. Both she and Riker whipped around, peering into the dancing flames. Sparks flew high, dazzling like fireworks before falling again. The woman had seen the same reaction when tossing a piece of wood on an already burning fire. Was it just a tree finally succumbing, or was there more to it? "Wanna go check it out?"
  6. Lessa

    [PP - F6] Things We Lost in the Fire

    The chaos surrounding them nearly stole the soft spoken man's words, and Lessa was forced to lean closer to hear him. Despite the stranger's seemingly gentle nature, the flames dancing in the lenses of his glasses appeared strangely sinister. It doesn't get much more anime than this, the Guardian mused. "I agree," she confirmed, shoving her mane of blonde hair back from her flushed face. Apparently, her survival skill did nothing against the fire lapping like waves at her feet. "The environment is really important. I saw all of the animals trying to escape the heat on my way over here." Genuine concern hardened Lessa's face as she added, "If their habitat is destroyed, I'm not really sure where they're meant to go." Riker's high-pitched whimper drew her attention, and instinctively, the swordswoman placed her hand reassuringly on the mutt's head. The conflagration was drawing closer, and even her familiar was beginning to grow uneasy. "Curiosity," she stated quickly, striding a few steps away to put distance between herself and the blaze. "And concern for the animals. I know they're just bits of data, but I still can't justify letting them burn, you know?"
  7. Lessa

    Wild Rose Forge Crafts

    Item Name: Railroad Track Profession: Blacksmith Rank: Six Quantity: 8 Consumable Used: Crafter's Respite (ID: 159184) acquired here. Craft IDs: 159811, 159813, 159814, 159815, 159819, 159821, 159822, 159824 Post Links: http://www.sao-rpg.com/topic/4366-wild-rose-forge/?page=6&tab=comments#comment-617355
  8. Lessa

    Wild Rose Forge

    Rank 6 Lessa used Crafter's Respite (ID: 159184) acquired here. Craft Attempts: ID CD LD T3 Mats Lost EXP Gained Result 159811 7 19 1 3 Uncommon 159812 4 1 1 2 Salvage 159813 12 10 1 8 Perfect 159814 11 9 1 5 Rare 159815 11 5 1 5 Rare 159816 4 7 1 2 Salvage 159817 1 11 1 1 Crit Failure ID CD LD T3 Mats Lost EXP Gained Result 159819 9 1 1 3 Uncommon 159820 3 11 0 2 Salvage 159821 10 2 1 5 Rare 159822 7 4 1 3 Uncommon 159823 2 11 1 1 Failure 159824 7 4 1 3 Uncommon 159825 3 9 1 2 Salvage Summary: +8 Railroad Spikes, + 45 EXP, - 13 T1 Mats
  9. "What am I even doing?" Muttering to herself, Lessa closed the distance between herself and Raidou's storefront. She was not the type to jump head-first into an event like this, and she could hardly call herself a blacksmith. Yet here she was, gathering the necessary items to crank out a metric butt-ton of items. Why? Because some kids wanted to build a railroad. Lessa never could say no to kids. Before she was even through the door, the woman was calling out a hesitant, "Uh, hi!" But as she surveyed the shop, the Guardian realized it stood empty. Was he in the back? Or out for the moment? "I'm going to take a couple of these!" she called to the empty store, palming two of the Respite potions. Raidou had advertised the items as free to all event participants, but she still felt really uncomfortable simply swiping them while he was out. So without thinking, Lessa snagged paper and a pen off the counter, and jotted down a quick note.
  10. Lessa

    [PP - F6] Things We Lost in the Fire

    In minutes, Lessa and Riker located the fire. Of course, it would be nearly impossible to miss a conflagration such as the one raging around them. The flames licked hungrily at everything in sight, consuming bushes, fallen logs, and even entire trees. The heat that rolled in waves slapped Lessa like an open palm, and before she knew it, beads of sweat were dripping down her temple. "Oh geeze," the woman breathed, her expression a study of shock and awe. Horror, too, colored her face just as thoroughly as the increased temperatures. At her side, even stalwart Riker whimpered, shifting his weight from paw to paw. Though he may be a familiar, and programmed to follow her into dangerous, deadly battle, his animal instincts told him to run. She understood. As Lessa surveyed the carnage, she caught sight of another player. His red robe snapped angrily, not entirely unlike the flames that surrounded him. What is he doing out here? Had he, like herself, followed the signs to the fire? Was he simply a curious bystander? Or was there perhaps something more dastardly afoot, and he was responsible for the devastation? Don't jump to conclusions, she warned herself, but Lessa's hands clenched into fists at her side as she picked her way closer. "Hey!" she finally cried out once she'd closed the distance between them. "Do you know anything about this fire?"
  11. Lessa

    [F22 - PP] Stars and Galaxies

    She'd screwed up. It was as if each star had slipped from its perch in the heavens to crash down on Lessa all at once. The enormous weight, the sharp lurch in her stomach, the feeling of being suddenly, violently ill - Lessa was entombed in the very emotions she had freed herself of only seconds before. His mismatched eyes grew as wide and round as twin moons, the shock unmistakable as it splashed across his face. The night's vibrant colors seemed to bring his expression into stark relief, unease rippling across his face like the aurora across the night sky. What else lurked there? Apprehension? Fear? Disgust? Yet at the same time she drew back, apologies and excuses lining up along her lips, he drew her closer. Every muscle tensed instinctively, and Lessa prepared herself for the blow that was soon to follow. Of course, Bahr would never strike her, but the rejection would pack far more of a punch than any physical contact. In fact, she would rather face a fist than the devastation his words could bring about. The feather-light brush of his warm breath along her skin was the first thing she remembered. After that, it all went a bit hazy. "I love you too, Alyssa. I have for a long time." Had she heard him correctly? Lessa seemed to remember him saying that he loved her, but the words were somewhat warped, as if heard underwater. Yes, that had to be it, as she was surely drowning in him. Though she swore her heart pistoned too quickly in her chest, it's slow, steady beat filled her head. Then even that grew muted as he consumed every last part of her. She needed air, and a moment to think, but Lessa was too far gone. Even if she'd had the control, she wouldn't have surfaced for anything. It was he who brought her back, drawing her up with him as he finally ended the kiss. It took a few seconds for her eyes to slip open, and when they did, they gazed dreamily back at him. At some point, her hand had slipped to the back of his neck. Gently, she brushed her thumb along his skin, let her fingers move into his hair. The simple fact was, Lessa would have been content to stay on that mountain top forever. There was nothing more to do, nothing left to say, and all was perfect in that single moment. So when she heard her own voice shatter the fragile, magical silence that hung between them, Lessa hardly recognized the raspy, breathless sound. "I thought you were going to say that you didn't love me back."
  12. Lessa

    [PP - F3] The Cult of the Dragon

    Hands on her hips, Lessa regarded Alkor for a long moment. Then she emitted a long, low whistle. "You are just full of surprises," she finally commented. "Not sure where you found time to learn Elvish, but I'm certainly glad you did. I figure that's going to save us a lot of aimless wandering." Desecrated, ground, dead go to rest... damn it. She knew where he was going even before he got there, and the grimace on her face said as much. "Yeah," she finally admitted on a long, windy sigh. "There is a church on this floor. We can head that way but I'm not sure we'll find anything. I'm pretty certain there are no dragons there." Her voice trailed, and the woman didn't need Alkor to tell her that she was being vague. She paused to suck on her teeth, then gave a small tch. Might as well explain her thinking. "Alright, long story short, Bahr and I found a cult living inside the Defiled Church on this floor." In the minutes following, Lessa summarized her experience with Sanctuary as succinctly as possible. Some of the juicer, more personal details were neglected, of course - they weren't exactly relevant to the task at hand. Besides, Lessa recognized the weird tension between her boyfriend and her best friend. No use making things worse by stirring the pot. "We can go back there, if you'd like, but I'm not sure it's worth the trip."
  13. Lessa nodded slowly, signaling both her agreement and her apprehension. "I don't smell anything." An idea came to her then, and she cast Calrex a side-ways glance. "Unless the place really is deserted? Would we still have restaurant smells if nothing's cooking?" The whole situation was turning into a weird 'if a tree falls in the woods' paradox, and Lessa honestly had no idea what to do next. The sudden appearance of another player saved her the trouble of deciding. Nearly running head-long into her oldest Aincradian friend, Lessa took a startled step back. "Whoa," she began, then let her eyes narrow. "Alkor? What are you doing here?" Then she caught herself, and with a single-shouldered shrug, she corrected, "I mean, what are any of us doing here, really?" His presence, and his intrigue statement, actually worked to calm her frayed nerves. "I don't suppose you know how to get out of here, do you?" @Calrex @Alkor
  14. In that moment, the young woman looked so pathetic that Lessa's heart ached for her. Sure, the information she had neglected to share had put them both in danger, but they had survived, hadn't they? Besides, it wasn't as if Lessa had asked for a complete run-down of her companion's skills, or even spent the few seconds to inspect her. This blunder was just as much Lessa's fault as it was Yuki's. "Hey," she began gently, closing the distance between them in three long strides. Once she was near enough, the Guardian placed her hand reassuringly on Yuki's shoulder. "You don't need to apologize, and I don't want you beating yourself up over it, either. These things happen, and at least we know for the next fight, right?" The blonde offered her party-mate a gentle smile before withdrawing her hand. "Plus, attracting all of this hate isn't necessarily a bad thing, right? It means you've got the makings of a really stellar tank. We just need to get you a few levels, and make sure you have the health and the mitigation to handle the attacks you'll definitely be getting. You'll get there, I have no doubt."
  15. Lessa

    [PP - F1] Awaken

    Thread Completed Kiluia and Lessa both acquire: - 2 SP (1 thread, 1 COVID bonus) - 200 col