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  1. Clarence smiled warmly at the woman and nodded. "Yeah... I suppose I was out here to, well, be out here. I do not get out very often, and it's been difficult in the past to leave the buildings and inns I was accustom to frequenting. This is, I suppose, a step forward for me.." His voice trailed off as he realized he overshared. "S-sorry.. I tend to talk a lot when meeting new people." His blush worsened and he tried to focus on anything else that could steal his attention away from what was transpiring at the moment. Luckily for him he was able to find something else to distract himself, and picked up two pieces of rock, which read as material within his HUD system. "O-Oh nice, two more!" He smiled and forced the conversation away from the talk of his agoraphobic episode. "So Cordelia, do you happen to be apart of any guilds? I can only really recall the Holy Dragon Alliance as existing, but I think that guild started to break apart as members of it lost interest, but I'm always curious to hear about any others that are out there!" @Cordelia ID: 127941 LD: 16 + 4 = 20 2 Mats [ 4 Mats - Clarence, 1 Mat - Cordelia]
  2. Clarence stumbled back a little bit as she popped out of where-ever she was sitting at. Clarence took a couple steps back and sheathed his dagger. Noot gasped in surprise and cowered back into Clarence's hood. "S-Sorry for disturbing you. I didn't mean to intrude in whatever you are doing." He blushed and looked down at the ground. When Cordelia mentioned Noot, he sighed softly and smiled a bit. He reached back into his hood and pulled out the fluffy bird. He held him close to his chest, and Noot slowly peered out and smiled, giving a small wave and going back to Clarence's chest. "Sorry, he's become a little shy over the years." Clarence stroked the bird's back. "And no! You're perfectly okay, I'm just not used to, well, people being around." He shrugged a bit. "I'm Clarence by the way. May I ask what brought you out here?" He asked, and Noot quickly hoped out of his arms. The penguin ran into the forest for the moment, gave out a few soft Noot Noot! The penguin came running out with two small items, and held them up for Clarence. "O-Oh. Thank you Noot. Sorry, he's a Loot Familiar, and he loves to find materials." ID: 124109 LD: 14 + 4 = 18 [ 2 Mats - Clarence, 1 Mat - Cordelia ] @Cordelia
  3. While Clarence walked along the path, he began to reminisce about his life before he shut himself away from the world, and who we could of been now if he would have stuck with it and powered through his pain. He gave a light shrug, knowing that he wont ever know what he could be. I wonder how Lowenthal was after everything happened... I wonder if he still hated me before he died. I wonder if Zelrius and Ssendom thought of me before they passed away.... God I can't be thinking like this, this will only put me back into the Inn I was holed up in. I need t- His train of thought was broken when he heard a soft 'thud' coming from somewhere nearby. He quickly got low to the ground and drew his dagger, not trusting whatever it might be. "H-Hello?" He called out, and then cursed himself for stuttering when he was trying to sound threatening. He slowly approached where he found the noise, and peered around. He didn't see anyone yet, but that didn't mean no one was there. ID: 124016 LD: 6 + 4 = 10 [ No Mats] @Cordelia
  4. "I don't even know why I bother after what happened with me and Hestia, yet here I am." Clarence muttered lowly to himself and walked the path he was on. After leaving the confines of the beginning city, he decided to travel along some paths within the overgrown ruins. He didn't know exactly what he was looking for, if her was looking for anything in particular, but he decided to go till he saw something that he found interesting. Noot stayed in his cloak's hood, watching intently for anything that the small bird might find. Unfortunately for the pair, neither of them were able to find anything for the moment. "Should I have found someone to explore with? Probably... Will I? Probably not." He laughed softly and shook his head. He reached back and picked up Noot, giving him a soft squeeze. I can't believe my anxiety is so bad that I can't go for a G*d D*mn walk without needing my emotional-support Penguin. His own thoughts attacking him as he took a moment to pause, looking over the ruins he found of what used to be a settlement. Got to give it to them, the game sure can make you feel like everything is real... ID: 123899 LD: 2 + 4 = 6 [No Mat Found] [Clarence][HP: 400/400][EN: 40/40][Chest Opening LD: +5][LD: +4][Environmental Immunity][Stealth Detection: +2][Dim Light/Darkness Effect Negation][DMG: +1][EVA: +1][ACC: +1][BLD: 8-10 BD, 12 DMG, 2 Turns] @Cordelia
  5. Clarence

    [PP-F4] Who.. Who am I?

    Clarence smiled softly, and Noot ran over to Ryo, hugging his leg. "Noot doesn't usually like everyone. He's a lovable bird, don't get me wrong. But he is rather protective over me. He only likes good people, and I think you finally realized that title refers to you, or at least is beginning to." He stood up and stretched, yawning softly. He looked outside at the time and thought for a moment. "Not to rush you out, but this isn't my shop. The owner is very nice and lets me stay here whenever I want, however I think we should probably get going." He scooped up the penguin, who gently nuzzled into his chest. "I want to thank you for finding me. If you wouldn't have found me.... I don't think anyone else would have." His face dropped for a moment, but returned to a soft look, not as grim as it was earlier in the night. "Oh, I almost forgot." He quickly opened his HUD screen and sent Ryo a friend request. "If you ever need to talk to someone who loved him too." He gave a crocked smile and walked to the door, holding it open for the purple-haired man. "And, if you ever see Jomei again. You... you two I think have a lot to talk about." @Ryo
  6. Clarence

    [PP-F4] Who.. Who am I?

    "So you're going to sacrifice your own well being and life to repay for your crimes and to help others. While to some that may seem honorable, to me that is stupid." He shook his head and made eye contact with Ryo. "The idea of wanting to help others is not lost on me. But if you're gone, how does that leave the people around you? Do you think Lowenthal would want you to do this? Piera, Lee, and Jomei. Would those three really agree with you throwing away your life for this? If you wish to kill people who kill people, your own hypocrisy will make you a target in the future, the very thing you swore you would protect from." He sat up and looked at the man. "Obviously I do not know your life, and this kidnapping and slave thing," He pauses, gritting his teeth, "Is definitely news to me. But yet, I don't see you as a bad guy. I see bad decisions, very very bad decisions, but not a bad guy. You're growing, learning, getting better." He paused, trying to think of the right words. "You see yourself as unlovable I have a feeling, but yet.... you are surrounded by people who care for you? You got my name from someone, someone close enough to you who would trust you with that info, and there is probably many more whos heart would break if you passed away."
  7. Clarence

    [PP-F17] Help (Hestia)

    Clarence smiled brightly at Hestia as he started to hear discussion about all the friends that he used to have, and the people he knew. "I miss them all so much, even the ones I didn't really know like Calrex and Jomei. Zelrius and Ssendom were good people, no matter what anyone says." He looked a bit angry, but quickly pushed it away. "Sorry.... And Lowenthal was- is a good man. Always will be." He said with a distant look, looking down at the hall behind Hestia. "As for the Azure Brigade, yeah I was one of the founding members of the guild. Most of the members of Azure Brigade are gone, so it is surprising that people still know about it and discuss it. It's strange to even talk about it, like opening up an old home." He smiled a bit, feeling nostalgic. "What about this guild that you are in that Jomei is apart of? I don't really get out.. at all. So I don't really know anything major about what has been going on recently." He asked and looked around, a chest appearing where he didn't even see before. "Oh wow um, while you answer I'm gonna open this." He chuckled and went towards the chest. ID: 110460 LD: 20 + 2 = 22 [ Chest Found ] [Clarence][HP: 400/400][EN: 40/40][LD: +3 Chest, +2 Natural][DMG: 4][MIT: 8][EVA: 1][Bleed: 8-10. 12 Damage][ACC: 1] @Hestia
  8. For you merchants. For Golden Keys, what are y'all pricing them at? I know the base is 1,000 Col, but didn't know if anyone was selling lower than that.

    1. Neopolitan


      If they sell lower than the base, they'll actually be losing money. If you want to price compare, the three most active Merchants I know of are Shield, Dagger, and Cosi. Shield obviously has them, and I believe Dagger does now as well. I'm less sure about Cosi though. And I don't know their prices off the top of my head, sorry.

    2. Hirru


      For the most part, expect 10% from the original price.  That's what most of us do.

    3. Anise


      Im taking 1,000col for them.

  9. Clarence

    [PP-F4] Who.. Who am I?

    "Killing a murder only makes another murder. Fighting fire with fire only makes the blaze bigger." Clarence sat there for a moment as Ryo broke down in what he was saying, referring to himself in his own anguish and hatred. "So, what you're telling me is that you used to do bad things? Now you are atoning for what you did and trying to be better?" He cocked his head at Ryo and gave a small smile. "You're better than the rest of the world Ryo, you are growing." He sits up and stokes the fire more. "I used to think that bad people deserved to die, but bad doesn't breed bad, it just is. You can't eradicate the evil when the evil isn't something that can be controlled. Bad things happen to good people just because they happen, it is your choice on how to come back from that." He looked at Ryo. "I wanted to die for such a long time, I lost sight of how dying would affect everything I used to think was good. You're here because you want to right wrongs, even if your end result would be bad, your intentions are good. You are getting better, that is no easy feat. So take a breath, think of your actions, and worry about the consequences, because you're telling me that you murdering another human being will be fine by every single person in your life you care about?" @Ryo
  10. Clarence

    [PP-F17] Help (Hestia)

    "I-It's my actual name.... I didn't want to go through the stress of remembering a username," He smiles and gives a soft laugh, looking down at the ground, "I-I'm fine with exploring the dungeon with you.. If you'll have me that is." He blushes a bit and runs a hand through his blonde hair. He gives a soft sigh and looks back up at the woman, trying his best to force his social anxiety away with a small smile. "I... I haven't really been up to a lot as of recent, only been active around now, so that might be why you haven't heard about me. You may have heard of my friends? Zelrius, Sssendom, Daeron, Calrex, Jomei, Oikawa,..... Lowenthal, Zero, Miaki, Keith, Nikki... They are a lot stronger than me, well the ones that are still around..... They were some of my friends." He bit his lip and ignored the sadness that crept the way into his mind. "Zelrius, Keith, Miaki, Oikawa, Lowenthal, Daeron, and Ssendom all used to be in a guild together. I met Jomei through Lowenthal.... And the rest just randomly throughout my times. I was apart of the Azure Brigade, but they fell a while ago, now just local legend." He felt his mind let out a loud gasp if air mentally, he was very, very stressed. Social interaction, dear lord. @Hestia
  11. Clarence

    [PP-F4] Who.. Who am I?

    Clarence sat there, not expecting the onslaught or words and hateful comments that were thrown on to him. He gritted his teeth, the pang to his heart was a bit more than he expected, probably because he was the only man he opened up to since everything with Lowenthal. The affect of these words, caused Clarence to bubble up with anger for a bit, his eyes narrowing. He barely recognized what Ryo said about who ran absolute Pin, the guild he was sort of in for a moment before it got disbanded. Clarence slowly stood up, looking down at the purple haired man. He could see anger coursing through the man's veins, and almost.. hatred of himself? Clarence knew what hating yourself felt like, and he could connect to that within the man, which caused another pin prick of anger. "Listen. Ryo." He glared at the man, taking a step forward. "You come to me to talk about Lowenthal, come to me to discuss this man who you idolized, and who I loved." He knocks the chair he was sitting down with a loud CLANG. After he knocked the chair down, he drew his dagger, pointing it at the man. "Listen to these words. Do you honestly believe someone who kills, does horrible things should die? Do you, with every ounce of your being, believe that redemption is not possible? For this woman, I hate her with my being, but I also hated someone close to me for a very, very long time. Let people learn to live with themselves, and atone for their actions. Killing this woman stops nothing, and Lowenthal would not want more people dying because of him. He wanted people to LIVE. So, How DARE YOU say these types of things. ESPICALLY in relation to HIM!" He glared at the man with intense anger, and slowly sheathed his dagger. "Now, you can either A: Leave, go find this woman and kill her, which solves nothing, and Lowenthal will not see you again. Or B: Stay here, talk to me, understand this loveable man just a bit more, and heal." He picked up and sat down at his seat. @Ryo
  12. Clarence

    [PP-F4] Who.. Who am I?

    Clarence's eyes went wide in surprise as the questions got turned towards him. And when the killer that he learned of a little while ago was mentioned, his jaw clenched and his hands gripped the arm rests. "If I had any say or ability to change him being in the common areas?" He leaned forward, a dark glint in his eyes, but it quickly went away, his body relaxing a bit as he thought a bit. "I... I don't know. Well, that's a lie. I know what I would do, but my heart wants me to do something else." He mentioned and for a moment, didn't say anything. "They.... They shouldn't die. No matter what they did, no matter the wonderful man they killed.... Let them live. Let them deal with the actions they caused, I've grown to accept death, having only two living friends out there, one of which I don't think remembers me. So in total, life isn't something I'm okay with throwing away. Everyone has their demons, it's their punishment to fight them off, not to drop their baggage on everyone else when they leave. The killer should live to see another day, a day that Lowenthal should have seen." He looked at the fire, a determined look in his eyes. He blinked for a moment and turned to Ryo. "Anything else? I have some dumb stories of him as well. I think anyways, he was good at not acting like a dork all the time." @Ryo
  13. Clarence

    [PP-F4] Who.. Who am I?

    Clarence thought for a moment on the words Ryo spoke. It was true the whole Velvet Room debacle caused a strain on Lowenthal's life, but he didn't always feel that way about everything. "That is true, goodwill alone doesn't make a man. But he made himself. When I first met him, he was getting over someone, and not knowing where to go in life, and I was in the same boat. We helped build each other up from where we were into a better version of our selves. His friends, they helped a lot. Like Zelrius, Ssendom, Jomei, and countless others. Lowenthal became who he was by the company he had. He always had dreams of helping others no matter what, and people really helped him get there." He mentioned and smiled at the names, happy to know that Jomei was engaged. Is it to Zandra? I heard that they were a thing, not sure if that lasted. I hope it did, or at least he met someone of good quality for him. "And he, he never really abandoned them. I wasn't in Velvet Room for the end, espically because of our..... breakup." Clarence bit his lip at the comment. "But he cared, and the people in the guild cared for him. Even though he left, and the guild was later disbanded, he still made sure they were okay, he never left anyone behind that didn't deserve to be left behind." @Ryo
  14. Clarence

    [PP-F17] Help (Hestia)

    "Oh crap! I haven't even introduced myself!" He blushed and shook the hand given back to him. "I-I'm Clarence, some people call me Clare." He smiled a tad bit at the nickname that Zelrius had adopted for him so long ago, feels like centuries since him and that man had talked and hung out, he really missed him. Okay, social interaction time, play it cool and everything is going to be okay. He sighed and got ready to talk to the woman. Noot saw Kuro and jumped on to him, snuggling into his wings and fur, nooting happily and rolling around on top of him. "Noot! You don't even know him." He scolded the penguin and scopped him up, who was not missing his furry friend. "Sorry! Noot is super affectionate." He said and squeezed Noot against him, the penguin making a cute squeak and curling into Spencer's clothes. After the moment of Noot loving on animals, the two were now in silence. "S-so, do you want to explore this dungeon some more? Or do you want to leave? I must warn you, the last cave I was in, was years ago with someone who isn't even around anymore." He smiled a bit and started to think about Lowenthal, his thoughts on the man had finally begun to be less sad, and more affectionate and cute.
  15. Clarence

    [PP-F17] Help (Hestia)

    Clarence cheered a bit when he watched the creature dissipate into crystals, signifying that it was, indeed, dead. Clarence took a moment to relax, then looked at the woman tank that was standing next to him. "T-thanks." He muttered and looked down at the ground. Oh god, now I have to interact and talk with someone, this is not good, abort mission abort mission. He sighed a bit and ran a hand through his hair. "I would have died if you didn't come and help me." He said and looked up at the woman, smiling softly. Noot ran up to Hestia and Nooted loud, hugging tightly on Hestia's leg and Nooting more in appreciation, Noot loved people. Clarence smiled a bit more, walked over to the woman, forcing himself to stick an arm out for a handshake. "W-we never got a proper introduction." He blushed and looked around, his social skills were all out of wack from being gone for so long, and it was not getting better any time soon. Shut up Clarence oh my god. 2220 col, 1 T2 mat, 1 T2 rare unidentified weapon