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  1. The samurai managed to stifle a laugh as he attempted to answer their questions. It was apparent that whatever was happening on the frontlines wasn't too good despite the information that this might be the first time the whole raid party would be doused in buffs. Oikawa was unfamiliar with the man named Oscar, but whomever he was, he deserved praise. That being said, the current issue seemed to lie in the fact that there wasn't enough tanks or support players to funnel into the raid this time. With how the game was edging out, the brunette was quite familiar with the focus of everyone being DPS rather than the other roles. Rightfully so he might add, given the lack of options for the other roles. "Ahh I see, " he mused as he rubbed his chin. "If I could refund my skill points I'd definitely help out in that department. I'm far from being a top 10 DPS player anymore, I'd be better off serving a role we were short in. The glory days are behind me so to speak," he admitted with a soft grin. The moment was quickly dispelled however as his line jerked from left to right. Digging his heels in, Oikawa slapped the reel in reverse as he tugged and pulled until the fish unveiled itself from beneath the surface. Depositing a few more eggs and materials into his hand, Oikawa glanced back over to Calrex and the others at the mention of the next raid boss being found. "I wonder if it's too soon for me to come back to the frontlines after that incident.."
  2. Oikawa

    [PP-F4] Melting Preconceptions of Past

    "You look like you could use the rest, no offence - but you've also had a bit of an emotional day - that'd wear out even the most hardened of warriors." She wasn't wrong. His eyelids felt heavier than himself and slightly still puffy from the almost waterworks. He had seen far better days to say the least. But at the moment all he could think about was the lights dimming around him as Mari waltzed from one end of the room to another. Her figure only slight visible in the darkness, outlined by the shimmer of snow and moonlight peaking in through the home. Suddenly she whipped around in confusion. His earlier statement must've finally settled in as she stumbled over her words. "Snow doesn't even have a smell." She muttered beneath her breath. Oikawa could only chuckle. He could assume that she wasn't used to compliments. But the brunette was not going to shy away from giving them. Especially if it flustered the normally withdrawn ginger. "I'm willing to bet all my Col that someone has found away to turn the smell into a candle. And if it was lit right now, it would definitely be you." Oikawa managed to move both legs under the Kotatsu. The fireplace mantle slowly crackling to life as Mari begin to stir its embers. The warm glow illuminated the room in away that allowed their shadows to dance with the slightest movement. Folding his hands behind his head, Oikawa looked towards the ceiling.Golden eyes searching the wooden planks above for nothing in particular, but slowly drifting all the same. "Mari...this Kotatsu is rather warm. I'm surprised you don't sleep here...I-I should get one of the-," a yawn erupting from him. Rolling over to face her, Oikawa let a small grin show through. "You really aren't that bad. And I think you should give yourself more credit. You are a warmth person, Mari. I think if people let you, you could easily melt whatever past preconceptions they had of you." @Mari
  3. Oikawa

    [F9-PP] <<Burning Phoenix Feathers>>

    Sand swirled around them. The dusted particles clinging to his every movement as they inched closer to what hopefully would be there destination of rest. A bead of sweat raced down from his brow. Something was off. Waving his hand, he dissolved the cub from his shoulder and replaced it with one of his spears instead. The steps he followed were deeper. Fresher if you will. As he lurched forward over the hill, a cloaked figure came into view. A mask obscured his face but there was no mistake he was awaiting the brunette's appearance. Oikawa remained cautious, the man's crystal a vibrant orange much like his own though he wasn't familiar with this player as far as he knew. Tension filled the air as he stepped closer. The ex-frontliner remained poised to strike until the hooded figure spoke. “Nice weather today, huh?” the sneering voice echoed. Oikawa remained silent. What were his intentions? He knew people still loathed him for Zel's death. Could this be an ambush for that reason? "State your busi-" "Oikawa, The Faint. Now that's a name I haven’t heard in... I don’t know how long, actually. But it’s nice to see you’re still kicking.” Oikawa was taken aback. "He knows my name. Surely this is an attack the-“It’s Seul. Though I'm not sure if that’ll mean anything of substance. I never did quite reach the upper echelon of the frontlines in my time there.” "Seul?" The name sounded vaguely familiar. He thought back. Images of a lake and the boss raid populated, though he looked much different during those times, and he was sure his crystal wasn't orange then. "Ahh, Seul. The frontlines isn't much more than a title these days. You're not missing out." Oikawa tightened the grip on his spear. He was still unsure of the man's intentions. He wasn't too familiar with him and was in no mood to deal with a PKer today. "Entertain me. What bring you out here?" @Seul
  4. Oikawa

    [SP-F21] (Quest) Nature's Treasure

    Thread Completion SP: 4 [+1 per 20 posts | +1 Quarantine Bonus | +2 "Advance Training" Housing Bonus (Once per Month)] Materials: 20 "Tier 3" [+20 from Loot] Col: 5,755 [+5, 355 from Loot | +400 per 20 posts] Other: 1x Rare Trinket "Tier 3" and 2x Rare Consumables "Tier 3"
  5. Oikawa

    [SP-F21] (Quest) Nature's Treasure

    "I see. Let's go King," muttered the brunette as the old fishing rod dissolved from view. Easing up from his perch, Oikawa motioned for the cub to follow. They had some traversing to do. Whether it was back to floor ten or somewhere else, he needed to fins her. "On second thought.." the cub suddenly dissolved. "I don't want her to think I'm hostile. If I show up with a damage based familiar, she might be threatened and act. We can't have that." Not that the cub had much say in the matter, he imagined King would agree. Parting the walls that led to exiting the pond, Oikawa stepped through and began his trek. First he would start back on the tenth floor. As it seemed the most logical place to start; though if she wasn't there, finding her would prove to be much harder than he already thought it was going to be. Pushing past the cavern walls into the floor's boss room, he began his descent to floor ten.
  6. Oikawa

    [SP-F21] (Quest) Nature's Treasure

    Waves crashed and lapped at the beach front. Despite the motion of the lake, it seemed the waters had settle once more in terms of fishing. Though he had cast his line again, the bites and nibbles had become even less frequent than they were before. "Hmm perhaps it is time to wrap it up. I have acquired the 20 materials I wanted anyhow. That said, I still don't know where to find Mari. Maybe the locals have heard of her." Still resting his head, the boy allowed the rod to lie in wait a little longer. the slender pole nudged neatly between his elbow and underarm so he could remain as relaxed as possible without dropping the rod into the depths below. He wanted to ensure there was nothing left to catch before packing it up; even if he had already hit his quota he was going for. King stood by as well. The cub aware that there may be a last minute catch to be had.
  7. Oikawa

    [SP-F21] (Quest) Nature's Treasure

    His thoughts were very much still muddled, but he only had a few more materials to collect before he could begin making his way to Mari. He needed her guidance. Someone that knew what he was going through and understood what it's like to be in the spotlight for the wrong reason; whilst also dealing with the consequences of your mistake. He hasn't faced Calrex in quite some time. Nor Baldur or Teayre. He hadn't seen his family in quite some time and he could only shake his head at the thought. "Before I can face them, I need to learn to face myself. Hopefully Mari can help with that." Casting out another line, the bait was quickly snatched and reeled in by the front-liner. As if practiced, King immediately resolved the fish and retrieved the ingots it held. "Thank you, my King." The cub beamed at being able to actually do something aside from sitting their and staring into the vast lake-sized waves.
  8. Oikawa

    [SP-F21] (Quest) Nature's Treasure

    Tossing the line out once more Oikawa rested back into his perch. One arm rested upon his knee. A clenched fist serving as a head rest as he laid his cheek into and closed his eyes. "Zel.. You didn't deserve what happened to you, at least not from me. You were one of my closest allies. A friend. A Commandant. Family. Opal took many things from us. Dom. My free will. And many other things to say the least. However, my own thoughts crept through, influenced by her retched potion and I acted. In cold blood you were slain. How do I redeem myself Zelrius? How do I atone for you?" "Huh.." The line wriggled once more. "King." Nodding the Cub rose up and snatched the rod between his jaws. Pulling on the rod, the cub plucked the fish from pond before pouncing on it and effectively dissolving it into pixels. "Exceptional," explained the brunette.
  9. Oikawa

    [SP-F21] (Quest) Nature's Treasure

    "I wonder where she resides these days? Last I saw her was what floor ten possibly? I'm honestly not that sure any more. It's been far too long since then and I imagine she wouldn't stick around there if she didn't have to." Oikawa's mind continued to wander. Why did he seek her out of all people? Aside from the fact that she seems on her own path to redemption they had never had a positive interaction between them. Yet he felt drawn to her nonetheless. His focused snapped back to the line as it began to tug once more. King's eyes fixated on the bobble as it bounced in the water. The line tugged furiously but, Oikawa was accustomed to the sensation of fishing by this point. Reeling it in, Oikawa captured the fish with minimal effort; retrieving materials as his reward for virtually do nothing. "You'd think fishing would be more used by the general populace. I guess material farming just isn't that important anymore," he mused to no one in particular.
  10. Oikawa

    [SP-F21] (Quest) Nature's Treasure

    The line remained still. The bobble idle with little to know movement aside from the occasional gust of wind causing it to sway back and forth. He was usually well equipped with patience. That being said, his patience was once again being tested by one of the most mundane things the game could offer aside from actually watch paint dry. It was as if all the fish had decided to vacant the premises at the same time. The line continued to bobble. Dangling just beneath the surface. Hoping to ensnare something, anything really at this point. Oikawa glanced over. A sigh escaping as he leaned forward and began to think about his next plans. Redemption was a topic currently pinned to the top of his to do list, the materials gathered today would be trivial in that pursuit. He needed to seek out Mari. He had heard what she was beginning to make of herself given her status and frankly put, he wanted to join her in that endeavor.
  11. Oikawa

    [SP-F21] (Quest) Nature's Treasure

    Oikawa's amber gaze stiffened. "I wonder just how many of these chest actually appear here? Is there a set limit per day? Is it completely randomized on each floor? Or is it something conditioned by Cardinal?" The question were pointless thoughts to say the least. Once the chest shattered into rainbow reflective polygons, he resumed his seat on the sandy throne over looking what he would now consider his watery kingdom. Not that this place was exclusive to him in anyway, however he did enjoy the thought of it. Nothing stood before him and his only loyal subject also happened to be his right hand in most situations. Icy cat eyes steeled themselves on the un-moving water as King took his seat to the right of Oikawa. Paws folded over as he vigilantly waited for the slightest trembling indication that something was tugging the line. Nothing came of it for the moment however and they continued to wait patiently for the next tug.
  12. Oikawa

    [SP-F21] (Quest) Nature's Treasure

    Circling the chest, Oikawa rubbed his chin as he tried to reason what could be inside. It had been so long since he had last opened a chest, he wasn't even sure what they carried anymore. "Perhaps its just Col, though I seem to recall them having materials and-or items previously. Perhaps all three now?" Guessing was pointless however. All there was left to do was to just open the chest. "Now how to do that..." "Hmm hopefully its worth my while, that was quite a haul and it'd be a waste of time if nothing good was involved." Pressing the prompt, Oikawa watched as the chest rattled back and forth. The audible sound of a click resonated before snapping the lid of the chest open to reveal not only col and a few consumables, but materials as well. "Good. I'd be disappointed otherwise," he murmured as he looked the unidentified items over before allowing them to dissolve into the void know as his inventory.
  13. Oikawa

    [SP-F21] (Quest) Nature's Treasure

    King pawed around the rest of the beach, looking for something to occupy the cub's time as Oikawa hauled in materials to use for later. These ores seemed to be of much higher quality than the ones in the cave. He was rather surprised by the sheer amount in the one fish as well. The cub was used to his master taking him on these rather mundane adventures. It had been quite some time since they had seen a fight barring the golem earlier. The cub seemed nearly saddened by the thought; however, he perked up as the brunette let out a gasp. Scurrying over to, him King investigated the cause of the ruckus. "Ahh. A treasure chest." With a hard yank, the brunette was able to launch the wooden box from the azure pool onto the beach front. Plopping the chest down in front of them, Oikawa watched as King sniffed it over. "Shall we open it?" Nodding his head, the cub stepped back to allow the blacksmith to inspect the chest.
  14. Oikawa

    Journal reviews and help

    Let me have it: http://www.sao-rpg.com/topic/5641-oikawa/
  15. Oikawa

    [SP-F21] (Quest) Nature's Treasure

    Reaching the back crevice of the cave, Oikawa motioned for King to keep up as they narrowed in on a rumored spot the brunette had briefly heard about from the NPC's of the floor. "This way King," he gestured as he found the rather out of place crystal jutting from the cavern walls. "If I remember correctly, this should leave to the waterfall ponds rumored to be on this floor. The fish eat ores rather than plants or other fish to sustain life so if I fish them out, I should be able to get some materials as well." Nodding to his own internal monologue, he and King passed through the now reveal opening in the wall and took in the sight of the water. Drafting the fishing rod in his inventory, he found a spot slightly overlooking the azure pools below and cast out his line. Immediately his line bucked, reeling in the haul, a rather large catfish-like creature broke the surface and flopped onto the ground. Dispersing it revealed 8 ores. "Ahh I should've picked up fishing a long while ago."