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  1. Oikawa

    [SP-F21] (Quest) Nature's Treasure

    [129874] LD: 7 (4+3) Slinking off King went off in search of more ores. De-materializing his spear, Oikawa would do the same. Placing his hand along the cavern walls, he slowly inspected each crevice for anything that could be of use. While several minerals lined the walls, only a few would make perfect specimens for crafting. Knowing this Oikawa admittedly had to pass over more minerals than he cared to admit. Glancing over to King it seemed even he had turned up empty handed for this part of the cave. Dusting his hands, Oikawa motioned for King to follow him towards the back of the cave. "Perhaps we'll have better luck over here."
  2. Oikawa

    [SP-F21] (Quest) Nature's Treasure

    Hmm, not nearly as strong as I used to be. MoBs like this used be one-shot-able. I suppose the ante might be higher given the tier these days. Since we are officially in tier three territory. Shifting his focus back to the Golem, Oikawa raised his spear to the creatures chest. Six machine-gun blows rattled off the creature before Oikawa knocked it back with the final hit of the chain. [Imperial Southern Cross] was more than enough to wipe the creature but due to the way his sword arts lined up he had to expend more energy than he anticipated for the fight. Nonetheless, the creature dissolved into polygons, leaving behind a nice amount of Col, some trinket and a couple materials. [Oikawa]: 1290/1290 [95/126] (-15 EN) [18 DMG x 14 = 252 DMG][36 Bleed DMG] [Obsidian Golem]: 0/630 | DMG: 189 [-288 HP] *BLD (2/2)* (129869) BD: 7 | CD: 6 | LD: 9 | MD: 8 Rewards: +3,780 Col, +2 Tier 3 Materials, & +1 Unidentified Tier 3 Rare Trinket
  3. Oikawa

    [SP-F21] (Quest) Nature's Treasure

    Bursting from the cavern wall an obsidian covered golem roared out at him. An <Obsidian Golem> hmm? Well let's see just how rusty I am. [Charging] forward, Oikawa launched himself towards the creature before erupting into [Dimension Stampede]. Ripping into the golem, Oikawa darted back and forth puncturing the creature with successive blows to the chest. Chaining the final hit and channeling King's fighter trait, Oikawa leaped skyward before rotating into a drop kick slam, critically wounding the mob on impact. Dusting his spearing, Oikawa motioned for the creature to bring it on. "Surely the creatures of this cave are more of a threat than this," he mocked as the Golem buckled beneath paralysis and clutched at the bleeding hole in its chest. Stats: [Oikawa]: 1290/1290 [110/126] (-16 EN) [18 DMG + 2 CRIT DMG + 5 Charge DMG x 15 = 375 DMG][36 Bleed DMG][Paralytic Venom Activated] [Obsidian Golem]: 219/630 | DMG: 189 [-411 HP] *PAR**BLD (1/2)* (129806) BD: 10 | MD: 4
  4. Oikawa

    [SP-F21] (Quest) Nature's Treasure

    [129800] LD: 14 (11+3) Rewards: +1 Tier 3 Material Echoing a soft purr, King headed off too look for ores. Not all too worried about his furred companion, Oikawa began to search about the cave. Surely he would have some luck right? The cave emitted various glowing effects as crystals lined the cavern walls like lights at Christmas. Pushing further in he spotted a slight twinkle in the walls. Inspecting further, a sigh escaped him. It was nothing more than some critters shell. Panning over, he spotted the grey cub pawing at the walls. It seemed he had better luck than the brunette. Perhaps this may be a lot harder than we thought, mused the smith as he retrieved the ore from King. Crash! Turning towards the noise, Oikawa called upon his spear. "Hmm now that's interesting," he admitted as a sly smile snaked across his lips.
  5. Oikawa

    [SP-F21] (Quest) Nature's Treasure

    [129799] LD: 7 (4+3) The sound of water droplets rippling through the expanding pool echoed louder as they neared there destination. King, the curious cub he is, sniffed and pawed around the entire area as the path narrowed in on the mouth of the cave. If he was searching for ores, he must have not found any as the look of failure showed as he returned alongside Oikawa. "Don't worry King. There should be plenty to be found up ahead. If we're lucky, we may find a chest or a dungeon, or even a labyrinth. But who knows," he explained with a shrug. Nodding along, King followed the master smith right through the entrance. "Keep your eyes peeled. This is where we look."
  6. Oikawa

    [SP-F21] (Quest) Nature's Treasure

    Nodding the old man, began to walk around the corner. Following quickly behind, Oikawa just as quickly came to a halt. The man had stopped. A trembling finger rose and pointed to the far side of the falls. The mouth of a cave lined the walls just behind the falls. "I see", muttered the brunette. Returning to the hut, the old man echoed over his shoulder. "This quest is more for you rather than completion as it is repeatable. However, it is the most effective way to gather materials without investing in skills. Enjoy young man." Oikawa nodded in response before turning back to the falls. "King!" The cub suddenly materialized before him. "Let's go." The cub purred in agreement as the two moved towards the cascading waters.
  7. Oikawa

    [SP-F21] (Quest) Nature's Treasure

    Approaching the shack, Oikawa dismissed King. He didn't want to cause any misunderstandings or come off as hostile to the NPC. His crystal alone would suffice for that. Placing a loose fist upon the wooden door, Oikawa rapped the oak a few times. Slowly, the door creaked open. Darkness lined the space between him and what awaited inside. Suddenly, an older man emerged from within, causing Oikawa to slightly stumble back to allow him room to exit the shack. The gray NPC glanced to the floating crystal above his head. Stroking his beard, he locked eyes with Oikawa. "I assume you're here to gather?" "Your assumption would be correct," Oikawa voiced. "Would you be able to tell me where I can make the most of my time collecting?"
  8. Oikawa

    [SP-F21] (Quest) Nature's Treasure

    Steps echoed along the main road as the pair moved from the outskirts of their home into the less familiar area known as the <<Underground Waterfalls>>. This area seemed to be home to a plethora of vacation spots for most players; however, despite the outward appearance it was also home to the <<Cavern>>. The fabled area was supposedly housing several upon several materials used for smithing and other various professions. At least that is what Oikawa had heard. Pushing through the infamous falls, Oikawa and King reached a small shack like building. Just inside awaited what he hoped was the NPC to guide him in the right direction.
  9. Oikawa

    [SP-F21] (Quest) Nature's Treasure

    Swiping the air, the brunette manifested the menu. Scrolling through and array of options, he selected the item he was looking for. "Ahh the Gate of Babylon," he mused. Equipping the small trinket, he let the item rest within his cloak before turning to the cub that awaited him at the door. "I suppose you're ready to move out King?" Though the cub wouldn't answer verbally, the leopard nodded and pushed the door open. Exiting Seijuro Manor, the duo made there way to the <<Cavern>> where they would meet the NPC rumored to be giving information on exactly where he could acquire extra materials.
  10. The sun shimmered as usual. Its benevolent rays stretching across the grass fields of the twenty-first floor, or at least, that is what would be true if the floor was blanketed in constant darkness. Well not total darkness. Ores, minerals, and the vegetation adapted to the darkness by growing illuminating colors alongside their natural growth which helps with lack of light the floor provides. For some the view can be unseemly, but Oikawa having moved to the floor was far accustomed to it. He enjoyed it surprisingly. The doom and gloom setting seemed fitting for him but his past wouldn't be his focus today. He had some catching up to do to rejoin the front lines, he also need materials to trade for goods and place orders. Today he'd start with the minuscule task of collecting them first.
  11. Oikawa

    [PP-NK-F13] Shattered

    Thread Complete Oikawa: 1 SP & 200 Col Kiru: 1 SP & 200 Col
  12. Oikawa

    [PP-F21] Reunion

    Drip. Drop. Plop. The rhythm unsurprisingly sounded all too natural these days. The tune of the of the cave if you will. Leather patted the ominous cavern floor as Oikawa strolled toward mid-day rays extending just beyond the mouth of the falls. Rushing water soon drowned out the cave's tune as he raised his hand to meet the sun in all of its glory. Its truly been too long, he admitted to himself as he trudged back to the only building within visual range of this side of the Underground Falls. His shop had stood alone for quite some time. Long forgotten in his absence and even more starved for his attention than the brunette cared to admit, the Grand Forge towered alone in the fields. His gaze took it all in. It had been months since he had last been home. Despite the capability of fast travel, Oikawa opted to enjoy the rather tedious task of floor by floor travel. Avoiding people and questions were all to easy given his limited access to towns and even the few souls he met along his way back noticed only his cursor before moving along; rightfully so he supposed. In this absence however, he had time to think. It had been so long since he had seen anyone he remotely knew and with the latest floor cleared he had expected more headway to transpire. Alas, he was wrong, the progress made had not nearly exceeded his expectations. In fact, it was worrisome. At this rate the floors won't be cleared anytime soon. Pushing through the lobby, a surprised King served the smith an earned look of disapproval. "I know. I know," Oikawa motioned. Settling back into his snooze, King paid the man no mind as he seated himself into one of the few chairs the shop had. His hand drafted through the air. The main menu materializing before him in typical fashion. His friends list beeped into view. Names of players he hadn't heard from nor reached out to since his last attempt to resurface. I suppose last time my resolve failed me with the disappearance of Kiru. And with the death of Opal. I only have one remaining goal. Death Adder... His crimson eyes settled back unto this list. Check-marking a few recipients, he clattered out a small message. A simple request really. Presence. He knew not what the frontlines held in store. Unaware of what friendships and bonds he still held, and further more he no longer knew the state of Aincrad nor who or what was leading them forward. Unless something has changed there are no longer any prominent guilds, and last I heard Calrex still maintained the highest level among known players. Where are we and what is our plan? Tracking down why this happened and how to speed up the process is my top priority. Death Adder is just a luxury, but should we cross paths; my wrath will know no bounds... Pressing send, Oikawa awaited the arrival of the party. Perhaps something can be made from the few friends he had left. Not to mention he'd need at least someone to carry back into top form.
  13. Though having only received a formal reply from Shield, Oikawa could only assume his S.C. brethren couldn't be far behind. Closing the window, the noirette swiped through a few menus before stopping as a certain feline materialized into view. The smokey grey cub sprawling his toes as if he had just awakened from a deep slumber. "Alas it has been some time King. Ready for some action?" The childish leopard raised a brow in confusion before executing a yawn and pawing off into the grassy field. Shifting his gaze, Oikawa begin to descend from the middle level of "The Coliseum". Along the horizon, specks bobbled in and out of view and Oikawa wondered if any of them resembled the party he had called for. Shouldn't be too much longer. Though it will be interesting trying to explain the reasoning for the gathering. Perhaps this might've been a bad idea.
  14. How long? How long has it been since I last heard from her... The faint memory of black and white hair nestled into his armor seemed all too familiar as the raven-haired man gazed out from his manor. His eyes closed. His mind reminisced on the times he spent with her., the ice queen. She was more than just a memory to him, yet only just that in the literal sense. It had been months since he had last seen her. Let alone speak to her. You just had to disappear again huh? Just like last time. You are never around when they need you most... First...Kotori... Now... Ki- He stopped himself. There was no point in furthering his own pity. Oikawa's eyes blinked open. The crimson orbs scanning the horizon as the sun began to lower behind it. This was no time to loathe. No, he needed answers. Looking down, he swiped up to draft the system menu. From it, he selected a few names and typed out a message. Selecting send, he sighed before dismissing the messenger HUD and returning his gaze to the now darkened window. With a small grin, Oikawa equipped his newly crafted spear, and prodded the window open. "Let's go find this... Vile" @Calrex @Baldur @Shield @Beat
  15. Oikawa

    Oikawa's Chest