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  1. Though having only received a formal reply from Shield, Oikawa could only assume his S.C. brethren couldn't be far behind. Closing the window, the noirette swiped through a few menus before stopping as a certain feline materialized into view. The smokey grey cub sprawling his toes as if he had just awakened from a deep slumber. "Alas it has been some time King. Ready for some action?" The childish leopard raised a brow in confusion before executing a yawn and pawing off into the grassy field. Shifting his gaze, Oikawa begin to descend from the middle level of "The Coliseum". Along the horizon, specks bobbled in and out of view and Oikawa wondered if any of them resembled the party he had called for. Shouldn't be too much longer. Though it will be interesting trying to explain the reasoning for the gathering. Perhaps this might've been a bad idea.
  2. How long? How long has it been since I last heard from her... The faint memory of black and white hair nestled into his armor seemed all too familiar as the raven-haired man gazed out from his manor. His eyes closed. His mind reminisced on the times he spent with her., the ice queen. She was more than just a memory to him, yet only just that in the literal sense. It had been months since he had last seen her. Let alone speak to her. You just had to disappear again huh? Just like last time. You are never around when they need you most... First...Kotori... Now... Ki- He stopped himself. There was no point in furthering his own pity. Oikawa's eyes blinked open. The crimson orbs scanning the horizon as the sun began to lower behind it. This was no time to loathe. No, he needed answers. Looking down, he swiped up to draft the system menu. From it, he selected a few names and typed out a message. Selecting send, he sighed before dismissing the messenger HUD and returning his gaze to the now darkened window. With a small grin, Oikawa equipped his newly crafted spear, and prodded the window open. "Let's go find this... Vile" @Calrex @Baldur @Shield @Beat
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  4. Metal sparked once more as the furnace roared to life. The usual sounds molten ores echoing in the chamber as the familiar hands of the blacksmith twitched with work. Oikawa's gaze settled on the remaining materials that lined his shelf. His confidence only lowering as the amount of failed attempts towered in the corner. Breathing yet another heavy sigh, the noirette continued to hammer away at the glowing item as he hoped his luck with crafting increased. Crafts Attempted: New Items:
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  6. Another day another craft they say here in Aincrad, thought the puzzled smith as he racked his brains for a solution. The noirette had turned up more and more requests and keeping up was quite the bit of work considering how out of practice he was. While most of his requests came in the form of tier 3, Oikawa knew that the experience wasn't dependent on the grade of the weapon. That being said, he should practice more with the surplus tier one materials he owned. Pushing that notion aside, he continued to work on the remaining two orders. @Mars Your order is complete! Crafts Attempted: New Items:
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  8. "Another piece of garbage," muttered the noirette as he scrapped another "non-perfect" item. Grabbing another handful of sapphire ores, Oikawa's ears perked up at the sound of foot fall. Suddenly the door swung open as a man with similarly colored black hair entered. He offered Oikawa little more than a nod before hastily filling out an order request and placing it on the counter. Finding the nearest seat, the newcomer plopped down and awaited his item. "I'll get to this soon," Oikawa assured before returning to the forging flames. @Hazado Your order is complete! Crafts Attempted: New Items:
  9. After having messaged the merchant, Oikawa had returned for the second time in a month to retrieve some wares. This time however, he needed materials. With his shop requiring a strange influx of orders, the raven-haired smith realized just how out of stock and practice he was. Pushing through the front doors, he nodded to Shield before depositing the Col and awaiting the materials. "Sorry for the short notice, it seems I'm popular this week." Purchasing:
  10. Sparks scattered with each blow of the raven-haired smith's hammer as he continued to work on his orders. The sudden interest in his shop intrigued him. So suddenly I have orders. It has been a long time since I was a relevant blacksmith, he mused. Finishing up the final touches on a piece of heavy armor he began eyeing the next set of materials he would use for the accompanying weapon. Perhaps some onyx will work for this. Looking over the request he chuckle. Hmm I guess sapphire it is... Crafts Attempted: New Item:
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    Items 3, 4, & 5:
  12. Flames licked at the edge of the furnace as metals sparked and glowed with each entry and exit from the fire. Oikawa looked up as the bell chimed, signifying yet another customer entry. His gaze settled on the intruder. A smile creasing his features as he nodded to the familiar face. As Calrex mentioned the changes in Oikawa's appearance, the noirette materialized <Grand Skypiercer> in response. King excitedly purred at the return of his feathered friend he sat perched upon a ledge before swooping down and landing next to the cub. "Yeah, as they say new year new me. This just seemed more fitting I suppose." Oikawa noticed a small furrow in the bluenette's brow. Somethings not right. But Calrex never mentioned it and instead chimed he needed to test the weapon out. "I have a few more orders to handle here, once they're complete; quest, we shall." Waving each other off, Oikawa turned to restart on his orders when the bell chimed again. This time a very unfamiliar face approached his counter. Seemingly friendly enough, Oikawa waved a soft hello in response to the young lads greeting. Looking over his request, Oikawa responded. "I should have this complete soon enough. I'll Pm you upon completion and approval." With that Oikawa took the payment and began working. Crafts Attempted: New Items: @Itzal @tricolor_mina [Your Items are ready for pick up]
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    Item 2:
  14. "The upgrade was much needed," chimed the noirette as long time friend entered the shop. King purred at the sight of an old friend. The cub's eyes darted about look for his feathered friend. "Is Roc not with you?" Oikawa asked. Though the question must've went unheard as the Ultramarine knight scrambled for the pricing. After exchanging the payment, he waved as he existed, but not before mentioning they should catch-up over some hunts soon. "We shall," the smith echoed as he turned to start on the order. However, not too far into this particular order, the doors of the shop opened once more. This time, a man covered in clothing remniscent of a raven waltzed through. Placing his order and payment on the counter, the youth urged that his order be created as soon as possible as well as strangely requesting a drop off point. Nodding, Oikawa took the order and payment. "Give me some time and it shall be done." With that the man stepped out, but it wasn't long before his spot was filled with yet another customer. Hmm, oddly busy today... he thought as a wide-eyed lass stumbled across shop. Awe-stricken, she placed her order on the counter and sent over her payment. "Very well, you have a few before yourself, but I will complete this request as soon as possible." With chances of another customer appearing, dwindling, Oikawa set to work on the tasks at hand. Crafts Attempted: New Items:
  15. "That's how it always starts," mimicked the noirette. The silence settled around them. Their soft steps merely white noise against the backdrop of low whistling winds and flapping coats. A crimson orb looked over Oikawa's shoulder at the sound of the cigar dispelling into air. Arsenal kept pace. Staring at the ground as they adventured further north. Oikawa could only assume he was lost in thought. Not one for small talk among strangers, Oikawa surprised himself as he began to speak. "So you mentioned a significant other. What makes you think she's the one? Or he? It isn't right to assume these days I suppose." Oikawa's own mind began to flash images of his first love, Kotori. Her brown hair softly bouncing with every step as they walked among the fields. Its hard to believe there was time for him before the orange crystal... His thoughts trailed.... before settling on another woman. Kiru. Pain hinted behind his eyes. Despite both being alive. Neither were to be found. Where? Where are you? @Arsenal