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  1. Oikawa

    [PP-F1] Igniting an Old Flame (Teion)

    A chime sounded. Echoing around the shop and causing the man to blink as he retrieved the notification. Much to his surprise, Teion responded and seemed to be on her way. Looking towards the door, Oikawa wondered what he should even ask her. Frontlines? Where we're at floor wise? What has become of Azu... KIRU?? Where is the two-toned woman and where and what happened to Opal? More and more questions flooded his mind as he tried to wrap his head around why he had so suddenly decided to drop off the face of Aincrad in Kiru's time of need. He shook his head. "Incredulous..." Just as the words left his mouth, a tuft of grey fur bobbed in and out of view. "Hmm" Leaning over his seat, the smith peered past the cushions to see none other than his most loyal of friends, King. Gesturing for the leopard to come here, King slowly pawed his way to Oikawa before parking at the foot of the chair and laying down. "Long time no see King. Hopefully you didn't miss me too much." King's ears perked up. "Seems our company may have arrived..." he mused.
  2. Oikawa

    [PP-NK-F13] Shattered

    Crimson eyes glossed over her frost blue gaze as she unraveled her yarn of ideas on what to do about their situation. Part of him wanted to just grab her, take her hand in his own, and protect her with everything he had. The other part of him knew what is was like to have pride. The unyielding feeling to take task head on regardless of the known outcome become you know you wouldn't forgive yourself otherwise. "Hmm," he murmured. "I suppose we call it a day for now and revisit the subject when we're both not running on emotions." Glancing around, he nodded before continuing. "The immediate threat has passed and I fear we will just argue in circles at this rate. So lets go shall we?" He hadn't a place in mind where to go. For Kiru, she had a plethora of options at her fingertips, the guild hall being one of them. For himself however, the blonde was limited to all but one place, his shop. "My shop should still be warm enough to hang out at. Given its safe zone qualities and the fact that its one of the few places I can go with this cursor over me, I will be heading there if you care to join me m'lady?" he offered with his hand.
  3. Oikawa

    [F22-PP] Floor 23 Boss Meeting

    As Oikawa finished, the lad in charge, took a moment to collect himself before responding. His detailed walk-through gave the blonde further insight into what had already transpired due to his tardiness, and explained the reasoning behind certain aspects of the plan. Upon the mention of Baldur being the one to incite the idea of the lead, Oikawa gave a soft smile, as it made sense that if he wasn't the one to lead, it was only right that he was the one to suggest it. Following along his sentiments, Oikawa finished listening to the man only to hear the soft voice of the woman who had opened the door for him. Her words seemed worried in sense. Rolling out as if she was trying to keep the peace between himself and the one who was now introduced as Shield. She echoed both their thoughts. She offered merging the ideas, something the blonde wasn't opposed to because more or less, between the three of them, they had all rehashed the same plan with multiple implication of what could go wrong due to the unknown factors of the boss. Nodding once more, as she closed echoing Shield's idea on target priorities, Oikawa simply offered a few more words before stepping back from hopefully what was the center of attention. "Then it seems we have a rough skeleton of a plan. First, select a Raid Leader to call the shots. Second, create liquid team formations given we won't know who will show up until the day is upon us. Third, upon entering combat, asses the fight and decide our target priorities. And lastly, execute when given commands and win. While simplified, it does imply complications for each given step, but we'll take those in stride." Looking around, he stepped back and awaited closing remarks. From his perspective, it would seem that aside from item priority, figuring out the teams would be the next important step. "Shall we solidify our Raid Leader and draft teams that way we have a loose idea of who is where on Raid Day?" @Shield
  4. Oikawa

    [F22-PP] Floor 23 Boss Meeting

    The door swung open moments later. A smaller framed lass, donning what he assumed to be heavy armor, stood in the entrance before greeting him and addressing formalities. With a slight nod he stepped through and waited for the man at the helm of the meeting to finish before giving in to her request. After hearing what he said, the blonde splashed together the gist of the meetings issue up until this point. Clearing his throat softly, he glanced around the room. A few faces stuck out like antiques in a modern museum. Two of them more prominent than the rest, however; many new faces settled into view, including that of the raid leader. Returning his nod, Oikawa strolled closer to the round table before introducing himself. "As a few of you may know, I'm Oikawa, the Faint. For those unknown to me, the pleasure is mine." Crimson eyes locked onto those around one by one until he he settled on @Calrex. "Long time no see Ultramarine." Glancing to @Jomei and @Zandra as well, "it's been while since I've seen you two as well." He offered nods to @Baldur, @Teion, and even @Itzal. Turning to the raid leader, Oikawa stood at full height and addressed his concerns. "While I'm by no means in a position to offer my own two cents, I have been a part of my fair share of boss raids. Going solely off what I've heard upon entering. There's potentially a case for a multiple boss kind of fight. Given what limited knowledge we have, taking the safe route of having a tank and healer per team only makes sense. That is something that shouldn't even be up for debate. The team compositions seems to be a small bit of trouble but nonetheless, if you all can come together, that should be the least of your worries. While agree Macradon has also seen his fair share of raids, maybe aside from Calrex being one of the most boss experienced player here, I think Baldur, should he be up to the task, makes a better candidate for Raid Leader, followed by Macradon in second command. While I've never seen Mac lead a raid or quest myself, I have worked closely with Baldur on several occasions and despite my front-line experience being longer than his own, much like Calrex, Baldur led the way most of the time. As for your predicament on how many teams to split into, why not have an initial plan that we'll execute, and if things change fall into either bigger teams with less rotations for a single enemy, or spread out into thinner teams for multiple bosses? Essentially it sounds like you want a four team rotation correct? Well use that as Plan A. Should the boss in fact be a single entity, you can sprinkle the fourth team throughout the first three teams and switch to a Tank/Healer/Off-Tank/DPS per team layout, a.k.a Plan B. Should the boss be more than the four teams can handle, trickle certain members from each team into a fifth team and focus on strictly having at least one Tank, whether Off or actual, and one healer per team and fill out with DPS since we should still have an abundance of damage based players. This would be Plan C. In my opinion this covers your knowns, unknowns and gives everyone a role should things go awry. The raid Leaders can dictate this as they seem fit, within reason, and as long as players know their role in each Plan, we should be able to get past this boss." Oikawa looked around, hopefully his words weren't lost in translation. He had unloaded quite a bit and not knowing the nature of the people listening, he may have lost them the second the orange blip above him bobbed into their view. Stepping back, he glanced back to the helm of the round table. "What do you think?" @Shield
  5. Oikawa

    [F22-PP] Floor 23 Boss Meeting

    Cloaked in white, the blonde made his way through the winding forest. Shade cascading around him as he moved beneath the curtain-like canopies of the trees above. Light separated an opening in the foliage, leading to what he hoped was his destination. Crossing the lush threshold, sunlight beamed unto him, causing him to raise his hand in protection as he entered the clearing. Immediately ahead, a player seeped from the doors of the hall perched atop the terrain-made stump erecting from the ground. Keeping his own gaze low, Oikawa strolled pass the player; his eyes only slightly widening as he realized who the player was. Hikoru Trudging past, the smith slinked up the winding wooden staircase; his orange crystal bobbing along with each step he took. Upon reaching the door, he remembered that the hall could possibly be housing folks that weren't to keen on the color of his crystal, and furthermore; he was showing up uninvited. Nonetheless, he stretched out his fist and rapped it against the door a few times. Hopefully I haven't missed too much...
  6. Dust swirled and settled, akin to the motions snow flurries make when entwined with the passing wind. The floorboards creaked; moaning to life as soft steps made their way across the now open threshold. The sight was surely one for sore eyes. Remnants of metal and leather scattered the counters and surrounding tables. The scene was almost nostalgic; the faint smell of burnt ore sneaking into the blondes nostrils as he stared at what was once his home. His gaze shifted from rack to rack, mount to mount, and wall to wall; taking in the view as if to remember that his own shop was once the most popular smithy in Aincrad. A sigh escaped his parted lips. Audibly echoing off the now empty shop walls as he pulled out his menu, discarding all the gear he had crafted in his time in Aincrad. None of this gear would be relevant to today's frontlines and I'm assuming by now there can't be too many more kids who haven't stepped up from this floor. He could only hope is musings were correct as he shuffled about the shop; swiping his menu left and right as slowly but surely the cluttered messes of the brick building slowly dissolved from sight. In the matter of minutes, the shop had began to return to its former glory, at least look-wise that is. Upon removing a few more items, one could say the shop was in tip-top shape. Stepping through the back wall, the smith resumed touching up the shop. Warming the furnace, he placed his crafting tools in their place and almost instinctively reached for where he kept his materials. Looking down, he noticed a new tag attached to the item descriptions. "Tier: 1?" Well that's new, he thought as he moved back towards the waiting area of the shop. Taking a seat, he pondered what he'd do next. On the one hand, I could go out and gather some new materials. Given my smith level, there's no reason not to go ahead and grand master the profession. However, on the other hand, it would seem I've fallen in ranking as well as memory. Most of my old friends have been M.I.A. and I no longer have any intention of just sitting here twiddling my miserable thumbs. Drafting his menu once again, he scanned the surrounding floors for friends and acquaintances alike. His search concluded with only one name even remotely close to his location. "Teion" If he remembered correctly, the lass was a budding smith during his more active days. I wonder what she's up to these days? Perhaps she'll accept my invite for a little meet and greet. Within minutes the blond had drafted a message and sent it off. Maybe coming back won't be so bad...
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  8. Oikawa

    Re-Evaluations Topic

    From: Familiar Name: King Species: Snow Leopard Size: Large House Cat Description: A leopard cub that was kidnapped by a pack of wolves. He has grey fur and with black spots and sapphire blue eyes. His eyes glow when his trait is activated. Effect: Assistant Rank 1- Adds +1 to the CD when Crafting. To: Familiar Name: King Species: Snow Leopard Size: Large House Cat Description: A leopard cub that was kidnapped by a pack of wolves. He has grey fur and with black spots and sapphire blue eyes. His eyes glow when his trait is activated. Effect: Treasure Hunter [Rank 1]- +1 LD per Rank when searching with your familiar. This does not stack with the Loot Die enhancement.
  9. Oikawa

    [OP-21] A Gathering (Open to All)

    Heavy, misplaced steps alerted the blonde to the presence of another. In one fluid motion, a blade had been drawn and acutely poked into the chest of the incoming player. His hair, matching that of himself, but his eyes were not only of a different color, but a different emotion as well. Swollen and red, the blue orbs that bore into Oikawa, trembled with tears as he forced his lips to part; asking the Faint if he knew anything of a player by the name of Death Adder. Retracting his blade and returning it to it's sheath, Oikawa offered the you knight a handkerchief and a response. "I have no knowledge of this Death Adder. Though in your current shape, your in no way fit enough to even confront a low level player. Why are you searching for this person?" Though he was genuinely curious, the gleam of yet another ore caught his attention as he quickly pocketed the material and returned his gaze to the newcomer. "By the way, I am Oikawa. And you would be?" [ID: 89382 LD: 26 (16+10)] {1 Tier 3 Material Found! 2 Materials Total!} @Morgenstern
  10. Nodding, Oikawa replied "Amaranth Rose huh? Nice ring to it I suppose." Crimson eyes washed over everyone as they gathered, however one thing caught his attention. The combined looks of concern etched into the faces of Hikoru and Jomei as they both nervously glanced into the darkness. The feeling seemed to be universal because soon the blonde felt the piercing gaze of another player from the shadows. "So, since we're all here, lets play catch-up. I'm quite interested to hear how you all have been doing while we wait to fight the bosses." Hikoru's suggestion snapped the blonde from his thoughts. Acknowledging the notion, Jomei echoed his sentiments. "Let's invite our friend in the shadows there." Turning to the edge of the cave, Oikawa gestured for the on-looker to come forward. "Don't be shy. Only a handful of Aincrad's strongest players gathered together. That said, rash actions are strongly ill-advised.." [ID: 89337 LD: 15 (5+8+2)] Vale Found! (Total T3 Materials: 2)
  11. Hexagonal azure crystals collected and parted in a burst of light as the pinkette switched from armor to something more... sleek; comfortable. Her cerulean eyes narrowed as she dismissed his notion of being a God in any form. Knowing it was a phrasing and nothing more, the blonde only shuffled to let the woman pass as she pushed past him and focused on the lad behind him. "Threats in this day and age mean nothing love. Actions speak louder than words and I wouldn't dare waste such time against an elusive player such as yourself," mentioned the crimson-eyed figure as he turned to see her smear a wet palm print into the shirt of the unknown player. "That is until you decided to get all touchy with my clothes. If you want them off just say so." Oikawa chuckled at the player's notion. Judging from the crystal and look from the player, he couldn't be more than a few levels past 10 or so. Poised to follow the pinkette, the blonde made his way past the red-headed stranger, turning his head to offer one word. "Oikawa." Quickening his step, he matched the step of Mari and offered a small inclement of conversation. "What managed to drag you from your self-induced exile?"
  12. Crimson waters carved their way through the necro-themed terrain. The darkness of the floor; seemingly a constant veil unwilling to lift. Dust parted with each step; as the reflection of a man mirrored along the racing river. His blonde hair now cut in a less spike fashion, and his appearance changing that to something more suitable for the skills he currently used. Though his skills would play no larger a role than their need for food and water. "Tch" What am I doing? He wondered as he continued to roam. Though her death is un-confirmed, Oikawa's heart beat painfully as he wondered where his two-toned friend had ran off to. Everything he had come to know and love crumbled around him. His guild, a mere fraction of what it once was. Both of them for that matter. His name once feared and echoed alongside the moniker of "The Faint" now held water as well as a strainer; as players continued to surpass him. What once remained of friendships now lay about as scattered puzzle pieces waiting to be put back together; only to find out he's still missing key pieces. His life resembled that puzzle. Incomplete and a complete mess all the same. His hand swiftly ran through the short of his bangs as another sigh escaped him. His feet dragging along with no real direction, other than a quiet space to mull over his existence here. "What am I doing?" He echoed again. This time audibly. No response came. As expected when walking through the shroud of Floor 10 alone. As if by pure muscle memory, the blonde selected water from his inventory and downed the liquid quickly. Wiping his mouth, his eyes widened as formations of obsidian began to form around him. However, that's not what caught his attention. It was the cotton candy swirl of hair placed perfectly at the edge of the stream that caught his eye. Mari?
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      Ariel - The Crowned Lion

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  14. The rate of progress has certainly slowed in my time away. It's a shame really. With my cursor no longer around to distract the frontlines, I would've thought we'd be further along. Mistaken I was, it seems. That said, progress is still progress and I have no room to talk. I've allowed myself to slink into the shadows. Player have probably caught up to me and I'm painfully aware how much Calrex has widened the gap between us. A sigh escaped him. Thoughts weighing down what little work he had managed to do in finding an are that was hopefully rich with materials for crafting. Blacksmith; his profession of choice and one of his few redeeming qualities as a player. Though the title of top smith was more than likely teetering on the edge of players he knew nothing of. He didn't want to return to the craft for glory or bragging rights however. This was purely for his own personal gain. He needed new gear. Item less outdated than what he currently donned. Scanning the field, his sights settled on a particular piece of metal. "Ahh there we are. One down, several more to go" [ID: 89144 LD: 20 (10+10)] {1 Tier 3 Material Found! 1 Material Total!}