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  1. Oikawa

    [PP-F6] Banquet Above, Feast Below

    The scene swirled around him. Back and forth he was torn between dealing with the final Kingsguard and wanting to tear away to check on Mari. Crozeph had done his best to keep the minion at bay, but his attacks fell on quicker reflexes and stronger A.I. mechanics than the noirette was ready for. Oikawa couldn't fault him for trying however. After all, he was still courageous enough to try despite his efforts being futile thus far. The brunette steeled himself. The flurry of blows tore into him as the Kingsguard released relentless attacks. Though small nicks, Oikawa could feel the intent to kill with each slash of its blade. This Kingsguard was definitely different from the rest. It thirsted for battle. However, Oikawa had his own plans and eliminating the final guardsman was priority number one. As Crozeph recovered from the knock-back of the guards attack, he wondered if Oikawa was doing alright. Weirdly, Oikawa was doing fine. He was more worried about them than himself. "I'm fine. This place rubs me the wrong way in so many ways, but keeping you and Mari safe is my only concern. As for you," he paused gesturing to the remaining knight. "You are done here," he exclaimed as he rushed past Crozeph and executed three whipping swipes on the creature. Swapping the spear tip for the hilt, he thrust the back end of his blade into the Kingsguard causing it to shatter into dust and polygons. The wailing creature fading into nothing as the dust settled. Expelling a long overdue breath, Oikawa turned to Crozeph and nodded to him. "Are you okay? How are you holding up?" He let the question hang briefly as he made his way to Mari. the unsettling look of fear still ingrained into her has she hugged herself. Words fell from her lips but fell uneasily on them as it was rather incoherent and low. Kneeling down, he brought her head to his chest and rocked with her to calm her down. "I'm not sure what that insolent King was on about but Crow and I are still here. We are still with you." ROLLS: ID: 152813 BD: 9 (6 + 3) [Vent Forth on CK 6: 19 x 10 = 190 - 40 = 150] CD: 6 [Recovery Not Activated] (-11 EN) (+3 EN)
  2. Oikawa

    [PP-F17] Olympia

    Her words wavered. The tightening and loosening of his cloak his only indication that she was as close to him as she was. He stopped mid-stride. Eyeing her from the side without turning his face too much, he caught a glimpse of the shift in facial expressions before she finished her sentence. Guilt tugged at him now. He wondered if his airy sense of confidence was giving off the wrong impression to her. His eyes closed. The sun soaking into the melanin of his skin as he took in the radiant rays. "Sunshine is underappreciated I must admit." A single eye oped open to measure where she had located herself too as they continued their walk. Letting his lid flutter back shut, he continued. "Judging by the look on your face from earlier, something stopped you. What's eating at you?" His face then softened as his eyes transitioned to hers. The small pools of cerulean dancing and glistening in the glow of the heat from above. "Y'know someone and sunshine have he same amount of syllables. I suppose you could even swap them with each other in your sentence. Let me be that someone. Tell me what's on your mind. Was it something between you and Baldur?"
  3. Oikawa

    [PP-NK-F20] Discomposed (Oikawa)

    Clamor and footfall soon filled the air. Life seemed to be inhaled by the edge of the city as players and NPCs alike seemingly materialized out of thin air. His meal was mostly finished. the remnants a little less than a bite or two of the cutlet. Despite his usual appetite, hunger escaped him as he continued to mull over what to do with his day. His thoughts from before had subsided, even if briefly. Something he was grateful for as the past had an annoying way of plaguing his future. Eventually he'd have to forgive himself but he wasn't nearly in the position or mindset to do so. A cloaked figure darted past him. Their brisk pace seemingly purposeful as they hugged their hood tighter as they walked past. Something was off. And familiar all the same. It couldn't be, he thought. His mind flashed to brief glimpse of the girl that hugged the edge of the rooftop only moments earlier. "Kiru?!" he let out. He wasn't even sure if it was her. His outburst gaining him a few looks from passerbys. The hooded person continued their walk. He wasn't sure if he had been heard or ignored or both. He wanted to chase after them to ensure but his mind relented. She doesn't want to see you. She hates you. You are dead to her. He tried to shake the thoughts, but couldn't find the will to do so. They were right after all. He didn't deserve her company or her presence.
  4. The bowl was steaming hot. But in a way Mari's hands were warmer. Her touch lingering a little longer than normal as she handed him the ramen. He offered her his usual grin. Letting the moment go as it wasn't pertinent to the current situation. "You have my thanks Mari," he said gesturing to the bowl before finding a notch in the cavern wall to lean against and eat. As the group talked amongst themselves, the idea of resting and gear circulated. On the one hand, he was already eating so this was rest to him. On the other hand, giving everyone time to regenerate health and energy wasn't necessarily a bad idea. Especially for Calrex, he thought as he glanced over to the blunette. Macradon detailed out the little bit of information he had on the next portion of the dungeon. The insight was minimal but was all they had to go on. Oikawa didn't have to give it much thought. He could only assume, the next boss would spawn more expendables for them to deal with throughout the fight. Whether they let that be their downfall or not was entirely up to them. "Whatever it is, it will spawn more monsters for us to deal with. I imagine successful AoE attacks and focused direct damage will be our strong suit. And of course keeping the Ultramarine Pengu Ranger here alive," he explained as he finished his ramen. Giving Mari a look of thanks, he nodded her way before continuing. "That being said, we should continue to stay on out toes and make call-outs. Communication is only going to be more important as we go further in." Looking around, he re-materialized his spear and motioned for the others to follow suit. "I'm ready." Oikawa's Updated Stats: +2 ACC 1410/1410 | EN: 138/138 | DMG: 22 | MIT: 106 | ACC: 6 | EVA: 0 | SR: +5 @Calrex @Mari @Macradon
  5. Oikawa

    [PP-F17] Olympia

    "Pompous huh?" He chimed. Admittedly he knew more about Greek mythos than Egyptian, but he felt more in tune with himself when in the Egyptian attire. It felt right. His smirk widened as he met her inquiry with a little laughter. "You'd be right to assume that. However, as far as I know, there aren't any floor dedicated to Egyptian mythos at the moment. So I have to make do with what I'm given." His legs became outstretched as he worked his way off the rock. Puling one arm overhead and behind his back, he allowed his limbs to contort into a more forgiving stretch. Then the other. His eyes unwavering as Mari questioned her reason for being invited. The look of doubt washed over her features. Once again he noticed how much she really didn't think of herself. Once again he'd have to remind her how much her time is worth. "I asked you here because I wanted to spend time with you. And take you to a place neither of us have seen before." An air of confidence flowed subtly beneath his words. His amber gaze settling into hers. "Is spending time with a guildmate such a bad thing if there is no loot involved?" he asked teasingly. Lacing his fingers behind his head, he began to stroll off in the direction of the mountains. "I wouldn't ask you here if I didn't want your company," he explained over his shoulder. "But I understand if you have other things to attend too." @Mari
  6. Oikawa

    [F9-PP] <<Burning Phoenix Feathers>>

    “All that sounds very noble. I’m not sure if I wanna get rid of mine.” I suppose so, thought the brunette. "I don't see it so much as noble but more so what I owe to the one I felled in coward's combat," he explained. "As far as your crystal, there's nothing wrong with that. Having it is more so a warning for others than a debuff or nuisance for us. A lot of things are still obtainable without the need for towns." Oikawa knew everyone was different and had their reasons. Seul was no different. Though he has changed a lot from what Oikawa remembered about him. Aincrad does tend to have that effect on people however, he mused. His eyes continued to scan the sands for anything remotely close to an ore. They had been out searching for a while now and they only had two materials to show for it. Worse part, was that he hadn't contributed to the two at all. "Until now," he muttered under his breath as he plucked yet another ore from the dunes. "I believe that makes three no?" Relaxing his stance, the brunette looked back towards Seul. "So what're your plans now? What's your end goal? And what made you a bearer of that crystal?" Loot: ID: 151192 LD: 20 (17+3) [Materials Found][3/5 Found] @Seul
  7. Oikawa

    [PP-NK-F20] Discomposed (Oikawa)

    Perhaps he was mistaken. His eyes playing the cleverest of tricks on him in the waking hours of the sun. His mind working in tandem with his golden orbs to produce the image of the girl he had hoped was still around. But it had been months. Several agonizing months since he had last heard from her. Seen her. But he deserved it. After what he had done, he didn't deserve her company or presence. But that didn't mean he wouldn't welcome it. His breath shortened. Expelling itself in the form of a curious but saddened sigh. "Where are you?" he wondered. He let his eyes wander back up to the terrace, but the girl or mirage he had seen earlier was no longer there. "Hmm, maybe it wasn't real after all," he mused out loud. Fixing his cloak, Oikawa continued his search for the vendors. If he wasn't mistaken, they should've been rather close still. Moving from the vicinity of Inti, the brunette managed to locate a few of the vendors. Their carts arranged similar to food trucks back home. Various foods and delicacies were available but today he was feeling a classic bowl of ramen. His eyes searched across the carts. The signs ranging from desserts to full meals, but none explicitly stating ramen as a choice. Perhaps the cart had moved to a different floor or town. Or maybe Aincrad's cruel way of saying you don't deserve anything. Not even ramen. Stepping to a Tonkatsu cart, Oikawa selected a simple meal of pork cutlet and curry. Time seemed to be off for him today. It was as if everything was standing still or coming to a crawl. Just overall slow. He hated days like this. "Nothing good comes from a slow day," he muttered to himself as he collected the tonkatsu meal and searched for a place to eat. Spotting a well a little further up, he made his move. The cobbled wall seemed firm and big enough for him to eat at least.Taking a seat, he gazed back at the horizon. The sun had already settled into the sky by then. His mind drifted.
  8. Oikawa

    [PP-F6] Banquet Above, Feast Below

    Ear shattering wails reverberated in the hall before them. The remaining Kingsguard seemingly mourning their fallen comrades as they advanced towards the spearman. Their blades danced through the air vehemently. The nearest guard showered his armor in sparks. The further one spewed maggots in his direction before leaping towards him. Prepared to deflect its blow while holding the other guard off, Oikawa was surprised to see a blur of motion dive into incoming attack. Blinking, Oikawa pushed the fifth guard off and watched as Crozeph drove the the sixth into the wall. Snapping its maw at Crozeph, the sixth guard managed to out maneuver the noirette and pin him to the wall. Though he took in a sharp breath and grunted from the attack, it seemed the damage was negligible to his health bar. Oikawa's eyes darted about. The fifth guard still seemed to be regaining itself and Mari was still somewhere behind him. Spinning around he located the girl, but the sight behind her stole his attention. "You return only to bring back another pair of traitors" Like a ghastly projection, a face emerged from the wall behind her. Swollen crimson colored eyes locked on to her. A crown, tilted in its seating, sat atop his head. It was the king from the painting. He seemed fixated on Mari. His presence emanating from his projection alone. The feeling of chilling despair loomed over them. "Mother!" The word rolled out. Enveloping them in fear and confusion. Oikawa begged his body to move, but he remained planted as Crozeph called out to him. He was aware, but couldn't fix his mouth to answer either. Then the King vanished. The weight of darkness suddenly peeled off of them and Oikawa felt his intangible restrictions lessen. He wanted to check on Mari, but his attention was brought back to the guards as their wailing continued. Turning back, the guards had begun to circle him again. Drawing his spear, he yet again executed another whirling sweep around. His spear punctured the fifth guard once again activating his bleed and paralysis. Looking back, he let his eyes find Mari's. She was still shaken up. But he pleaded with his own. Non-verbally asking her if she was going to be alright. ROLLS: ID: 150794 BD: 12 (10 + 3 - 1) [Critical Charged Weeping Moon on CK 2: 19 + 5 + 2 = 26 x 9 = 234 - 40 = 194] CD: 1 [Recovery Not Activated] (-11 EN) [Paralytic Venom Activated] [Bleed Activated] ID: 150795 BD: 8 (6 + 3 - 1) [Charged Weeping Moon on CK 2: 19 + 5 = 24 x 9 = 216 - 40 = 176] CD: 7 [Recovery Activated] (-2 EN) (+3 EN) @Mari @Crozeph
  9. Oikawa

    [PP-F17] Olympia

    Grass softly crunched beneath her steps. Her voice being the second thing to draw his attention to her as she approached from his right. Shifting his weight, Oikawa let his gaze settle upon hers. In typical Mari fashion, the ginger razzed him for the use of her nickname given by him. The tip of her index gently pressing into the center of his forehead. The threat of being flicked causing a grin of his own as she pulled away. "I expect nothing less from you Mari." Finding a rock of her own to occupy, Mari seated herself opposite of him. Hesitance briefly flickered over her features, but faded as she inquired as to why he was here. His eyes traced the path hers left. The shimmering rays encompassing the horizon, reminding them just how peaceful this world could look. He too appreciated the realism of the sun on this floor. Returning his attention to Mari, he addressed her inquiry. "I thought now would be a fine time to just explore something I had never seen before in my time here." Amber ores danced over her figure. She seemed in better spirits than when they last spoke alone in his home. Since then, they've had the guild meeting and a few outings but never re-addressed their situation. And with Baldur in the mix, Oikawa wasn't one to pester the situation. His feelings were out there. He didn't falter in his stance or in his feelings, but he would however respect the outcome and if that meant just being good friends; he would embrace that. "Have you heard of Mt. Olympia? It is rumored to be based off of the one from Greek mythos and apparently players have reported run-ins with God themed Mobs that help or deter them from their path." @Mari
  10. Oikawa

    [PP-NK-F20] Discomposed (Oikawa)

    Ambient rays settled upon him as the day broke free from the clutches of night. It wasn't often that he stopped on the twentieth floor, but being as that it was a floor away from his home, it didn't make sense to ignore the sight before him when he got the chance. It was early for him, far earlier than his usual waking hours. But after the night he had, returning home took far longer than normal and he was in dire need of some food. He had half a mind to tough it out and just finish the trek home, but his stomach disagreed with that notion entirely. Rumbling with agitation, Oikawa continued towards Inti. If he recalled correctly there were vendors outside the main settlement he could go to for food. His steps were heavy. Having to take the long way through or around places weren't a foreign concept to him, but today seemed particularly annoying. Perhaps it was the lack of sleep the last few nights. Nightmarish flashbacks had kept him up more than a few times and constant reminder above his head was no better. Maybe it was the fact he had told Mari he like her and she didn't reciprocate the same feelings. Not that it hurt him that she didn't, but he wondered why it was always like this. First Kotori, she reciprocated the feelings but disappeared not long after. Briefly there was Audacity, they had an amazing outing and afterwards she disappeared too. Then, there was Kiru. A complicated situation to say the least. She had Keith whose disappearance and death weighed heavily on her. His eyes watered. Then there was Zelrius, one of her best friends. Maybe even more, but never explored because of him. He took Zelrius away from Aincrad. Away from her. Then he had the nerve to confess feelings for Kiru like that would be okay. That would never be okay. She would never be okay. And it was his fault. He was the reason. Should he be surprised she didn't want to feel for him that way? Not at all. In fact he should be grateful she would even hear him out and not just flat out kill him on the spot. No she was better than that. She was a maverick hunter after all. But did he deserve better than that? The tears rolled. He didn't even bother wiping them away anymore. They would roll and roll and he deserved to be alone with them. He brought this upon himself. Selfish desire and jealousy. Kiru owed him nothing. And ironically like the others, she disappeared too. Maybe his heart was cursed. He was never meant to be with anyone in this place. Not now. Not ever. His steps stopped. The sun began to reach its apex in the sky. Inti was nearly out of sight, but a few shops and places of interest littered the outskirts of town. The tears had resided for now. His eyes only slightly swollen to those that managed to steal a glance. There were few player around if any. Mostly NPCs making their way around. His gaze lifted up. Scanning the horizon to watch the sun meet the sky in unison. As the sun settled into its perch, his gaze drifted back down to earth. He enjoyed the view. It was always serene. Shifting his sights back up, a terrace near the edge of Inti caught his eye. Tucked away, vines covering nearly most of it, a lone figure sat. Their features were hard to make out from below, but one thing was certain. "White....and black..." "Kiru"
  11. As if the shadows had heard his words, Macradon suddenly lunged out from the darkness. His blade arced in a wide sweeping attack that not only caught the Dark Chocolate Bunny as it tried to have at the rest of the party, but managed to cleave and finish off the Red-Hot Bunny as well. "As expected from Imperial Topaz," exclaimed the brunette as Macradon side-stepped the remaining attacks from the bunnies. The attack was impressive and fueled the group further as Mari followed up with a whirlwind of strikes that left the Frosted Bunny all but powdered frost as it shattered into polygonal fragments. Wiping her blade, Mari joked about allowing Macradon to lick it clean, but thought better of the idea for fear she may injure the knight. Oikawa could only laugh at the image that resulted, and shake the thought away. "I doubt Macradon would die from it, but you may not get your dagger back if the chocolate actually tastes good," he replied with a smirk. Following up with an idea to regroup afterwards, Calrex made quick work of the remaining bunny and shouldered his weapon. With all the bunnies removed, Oikawa dispersed his spear and sifted through his reward before walking towards the rest of the party. "That was interesting to say the least. I can only imagine it gets worse the further we go right?" He asked gesturing to Mac. "As for restocking on items, my effects will last a little while. Though I wouldn't be opposed to accuracy buffs if you still have any?" He questioned Mari. ID: 150796 LD: 3 Oikawa's Loot: @Macradon
  12. Oikawa

    [PP-F6] Banquet Above, Feast Below

    Taking charge wasn't his strongest trait, but it was a necessary one when working among the likes of the Azure Brigade and with other frontliners. His level wasn't just for show in that regard, but the usually quiet Mari surprised him as she quickly commanded out orders to Crozeph. She was tactically aware of the situation and made sure to focus on the other statues that weren't caught in his initial attack. However, as plans tend to do in Aincrad, hers unraveled quickly as she lunged into the fray. Targeting one of the statues he had just sent flying back, Mari was suddenly in its death grip. "MARI!!!" he roared out as he went after the statue holding her in place. Reaching out to help her, Oikawa was blindsided by the remaining statues. Their blades kept him at bay as one by one they tore into his frame. Luckily the damage was nigh negligible, but the intent was to keep him pinned down and kill him. Though the latter would be much harder to achieve, pinning him down was rather effective. Crozeph however managed to reach the area but was too late as Mari was sent tumbling to the ground. Her eyes welled up. Her body shuddering as she struggled to catch her breath and rise to her feet. This wasn't normal for her. To the brunette, she looked absolutely terrified. His amber eyes flashed. Extending his spear he pushed back the statues holding him and executed another full <Weeping Moon>. This time completely depleting their health bars in the process and only leaving two statues remaining. As flames licked at the torso of one of the Kingsguard that had struck him, Oikawa shot Mari a worried look as he placed himself between her and the remaining mobs. Crozeph checked on Mari before quickly joining him. Echoing that he was standing with the spearman, Oikawa offered the noirette a grin of appreciation. "Lets finish these two off. My <Charge> skill is primed and I have plenty of energy left to handle them." ROLLS: ID: 150184 BD: 6 (3 + 3) [Weeping Moon on CK 1: 19 x 9 = 171 - 40 = 131] CD: 10 [Recovery Activated] (-11 EN) (+3 EN) ID: 150185 BD: 13 (10 + 3) [Critical Weeping Moon on CK 2: 19 + 2 = 21 x 9 = 189 - 40 = 149] CD: 4 [Recovery Not Activated] (-2 EN) [Paralytic Venom Activated] [Bleed Activated] ID: 150186 BD: 11 (8 + 3) [Weeping Moon on CK 3: 19 x 9 = 171 - 40 = 131] CD: 1 [Recovery Not Activated] (-2 EN) [Paralytic Venom Activated] ID: 150187 BD: 8 (5 + 3) [Weeping Moon on CK 4: 19 x 9 = 171 - 40 = 131] CD: 5 [Recovery Not Activated] (-2 EN) @Mari @Crozeph
  13. Oikawa

    [PP-F17] Olympia

    Grecian architecture had always fascinated the brunette. Though his attire bore Egyptian themes, he was a fan of many mythos. Egyptian and Greek being his two favorites, but one striking a little more close to home. Marbled steps and columns had a certain air to them that set them apart from normal buildings. The setting nearly felt mythological in itself. But that was Aincrad's job to say the least if what he had heard was right about the referencing mechanics. That being said, he had to enjoy the view of the marbled cities from afar. The curse of being orange to say the least, but only a small price to pay for what it cost him. Glancing over the mountainside he found himself in, he returned to the valley that would take him to floor eighteen. Finding a clearing, he perched himself amongst the rocks circling the area. The trees were no different than most floors, but the feeling they gave off was the same; something magical. He just couldn't place his finger on it. Letting that thought wander off, he drafted up a message. It had been nearly a week since his confession to Mari. They had never been close really. At odds for a majority of the time they had known each other and really only because she was misunderstood. They had shared a moment. His moment. One of weakness and un-surety. But he came to her regardless. Sought her out in his time of need and still he only vaguely understood why. But fate had a funny way of bringing people together he supposed and was lucky to have met her again on different terms. He sighed. His fingers hadn't moved an inch. The cursor blinking rhythmically in the message field, reminding him that he was still unsure of what to do or say. Mulling it over, he made a decision. Why not invite her to his outing? They could talk it out maybe? Or perhaps she could fill him in on the events after the guild meeting since he and Shield had left them alone. He sighed again. He just didn't want things to be awkward or mucked up between them. He shouldn't have said anything really. But alas, like Kiru, and Kotori before her, he couldn't help but drawn to her even if it was only a friendship and nothing more. He would be fine with that. It was still a huge difference between friendship and nearly coming to blows with one another and if that wasn't growth, he wasn't sure what was. Rapping at the digital keyboard he sent Mari the following: Closing out the messenger, he would await her response. If nothing else, this floor had plenty adventure to offer and he wouldn't let the day go to waste either way.
  14. "Proc?" Oikawa was initially confused by Macradon's statement, but clarity soon befell him as the 'Imperial Topaz' cleaved into the Toffee Bunny and then <Vanished> into thin air. The brunette was unaware that he wasn't the only player using the Stealth mechanics in his party. Oikawa smirked as Macradon seemingly chased after the Dark Chocolate Bunny who had finally revealed its skill. "So that one is a stealth attacker, I imagine it shouldn't cause to much fuss once we finish off its companions. Despite her question, the look of worry settled into Mari's features as she glanced at Calrex. Oikawa knew the sooner they finished off the bunnies, the better off Cal would be in the end. Mari must've had the same thought however, as she rocketed past Calrex and plunged her dagger into the healer. "You know, I may just have to duct tape my dagger to a stick- would that count as a spear?" Oikawa grinned at the thought. Shaking his head he called out. "Not quite, but I guess it'll do in a pinch," he laughed. "Knowing Mac, I'd be surprised if there was any evidence of that bunny's existence once he comes back. Either case, that just leave the two in front of us for now, and I think I've got a little bit of payback to give to that hot-footed one over there," Calrex called out as he seemingly scooped the two remaining bunnies into a pile and crushed them from above with the weight of his now equipped axe. Wasting little time, Oikawa followed suit. Switching places with Calrex, his spear sparked to life as golden rays shimmered into the tip of his polearm. Sweeping both of the bunnies up into the air, he sent his blade crashing into each one. Both creatures hitting the ground and tumbling back. Oikawa could sense the other bunny and Mac near them but was unable to see them without entering stealth himself and as such he would leave that to Mac. "Let's finish these two up shall we?" he called out. ROLLS: ID: 149955 BD: 8 (5 + 4 - 1) [Charged Weeping Moon on Frosted Bunny: 22 + 5 = 27 x 9 = 243 - 50 = 193] CD: 10 [Recovery Activated] (-11 EN) (+3 EN) ID: 149956 BD: 8 (7 + 4 - 1 - 2) [Charged Weeping Moon on Red-Hot Bunny: 22 + 5 = 27 x 9 = 243 - 50 = 193] CD: 4 [Recovery Not Activated] (-2 EN) @Macradon
  15. Oikawa

    [PP-F6] Banquet Above, Feast Below

    "I'm sure Oikawa would agree with me, Square One was built to help players no matter what square one you're in. I'm sure Azide would help you along with them if you did ask back then, you just have to explain it to him, given that it is within his capabilities." The brunette nodded along. For the most part what Crozeph said was correct. Even Oikawa believed in Azide's abilities to help even the roughest rocks become diamonds. And suddenly his chest hurt. The pained memory of Azide dying flashing back over and over again his head. He wasn't suppressing the memory per say, but he actively chose not to think about how helpless he had been in saving his old guildmate. How he stood by as the boss took him from this world. His eyes watered, but he didn't falter. Simply looking away for a moment as they continued on. He felt a hand at his cloak. He brought his arm to his face. Wiping the beginning of tears from his lids as he turned to see Mari quietly clutching his cloak. He had half a mind to offer his hand instead, but allowed the thought to pass as the air chilled around them. Instinctively, he materialized his spear. Something was off. Stones grinded in the distance ahead. The he saw it. The statues were no longer staring at each other, but instead at him. Eyes glowing as the bodies suddenly begin to crackle to life. The scene was nearly nightmarish. "Traitor to the king!" Their voices echoed. Crozeph asked Oikawa if he knew what was going on. But truth be told, he didn't have the slightest clue. "I'm not too sure what's going on, but what I do know is that they are clearly targeting me, so let me give them a reason to step to the 'King'." He never referred to himself as one, but in the moment it felt right. Grasping Mari's hand, he gave it it a firm shake before releasing it and lunging past Crozeph. Gripping his spear tightly, Oikawa activated the <Charge> skill. Causing his blade to glow a golden hue and vibrate slightly. Stepping into the middle of the statues, he crouched low and immediately swept his spear around himself in a full circle. Cleaving into four of the creatures and sending them careening back. Managing to lock two of them in place, Oikawa glanced back to the other two. "Well they really are just mindless stone statues. We should be able to make quick work of them. Let's finish these four off and then work on the remaining two." Keeping ahead of Mari and Crozeph, Oikawa would resolve to being the tank for them. ROLLS: ID: 149948 BD: 10 (8 + 3 - 1) [Charged Weeping Moon on CK 1: 19 + 5 = 24 x 9 = 216 - 40 = 176] CD: 10 [Recovery Activated] (-11 EN) (+3 EN) [Paralytic Venom Activated] ID: 149949 BD: 8 (6 + 3 - 1) [Charged Weeping Moon on CK 2: 19 + 5 = 24 x 9 = 216 - 40 = 176] CD: 9 [Recovery Activated] (-2 EN) (+3 EN) ID: 149950 BD: 11 (9 + 3 - 1) [Critical Charged Weeping Moon on CK 3: 19 + 1 + 5 = 25 x 9 = 225 - 40 = 185] CD: 5 [Recovery Not Activated] (-2 EN) [Paralytic Venom Activated] [Bleed Activated] ID: 149951 BD: 7 (5 + 3 - 1) [Charged Weeping Moon on CK 4: 19 + 5 = 24 x 9 = 216 - 40 = 176] CD: 3 [Recovery Not Activated] (-2 EN) @Mari @Crozeph