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  1. Haine

    [ PP | F6 ] Deforestation

    The sight was a comical one to behold. Pingu, who seemed to loathe the little bear, had been curled up with him. Sure, maybe she was using the polar bear as a shield, but it was... progress somehow. Haine knelt down to assess the situation. "Now, now, that was nothin'. Pretty soon you two'll have to fight along with us." She fluffed them both. "And you'll be just as cool." Pingu felt a little better. She chirped, and then noticed her wings were all over Miska. She recoiled in disgust and folded her wings, waddling off to Kiluia. The blue haired woman laughed. She looked behind to see Byakko materializing. It was a shame they had slain such a beautiful creature. She looked away from its face, unsettled by its still open eyes. She stood up again and made her way to the man. "So," she put a hand on his shoulder. "What do you wanna do now?" She paused for a moment and then, her eyes lit up. Before he had a chance to speak, she put a finger to his lips. "Aha! Why don't we go shopping? I was thinkin', we could get some outfits for those two." Haine scratched her head. "For battle flair?"
  2. Haine

    [PP|FL6] Training your Friend

    Haine stood there, curious to see how Pingu would fair with her instructions. She couldn't help but laugh out loud at the bird's tentative slap at the dummy. She was uncertain of what her owner was trying to convey. She covered her mouth and walked off. The last thing she wanted was to be a distraction by standing nearby. Haine pulled a chair up a good distance away from the obstacle course. Miska, upon seeing his owner, padded over to her. "Here bud." She patted a spot beside her on the grass. The polar bear collapsed on his side, laying there. She noticed his fascination with the sugary red cube she was munching on. "What? Want some watermelon?" She didn't think he'd enjoy it. She forked a piece from the bowl and held it up to the cub's mouth. He sniffed it tentatively, and then bit down. He licked his snout, shaking his head as he was conflicted about the sickly sweetness. It was far from his palate. But... it was interesting. He stood on his hind legs, leaning against her. His beady eyes looked up at her for more. "Ahh, damn those beady eyes. Have another." She flung the watermelon at the grass, and the speedy bear caught it at record speed. Her eyes widened in surprise. Reflexes like that could prove useful in battle.
  3. Haine

    [PP| FL5] Blood in the Sand

    They'd decided to set off at night for the desert quest, after a while of thought. Arriving at the floor, she noticed a drastic difference in weather than the last time they did their quest in the sand. Why didn't she think of this earlier? There was something magical about the dessert town at night. Little lights lined the streets, colorful ones. She spotted an interesting tavern, which did not go unnoticed from the other. He took the famished girl inside, and there, they decided to dine it out. It would be quite some time till they could fight the sand shark anyways. The vibe of the restaurant was an interesting one, a hybrid between casual and upscale. Her mouth watered at the aroma around, the smell of applewood pervading her senses. After a while of thought, she settled with a teriyaki rice bowl. Once it arrived, she all but forgot to say thanks. "Well don't mind if I do!" She eagerly reached for her chopsticks, shoveling a mouthful of food. "Mmm!" Her lack of words and a full mouth of rice spoke for her reply. She set the bowl down and clasped her hands together. "Here, try some of mine." She scooped up a piece of the chicken and rice, holding the chopstick to Kiluia's mouth. Pingu and Miska chowed down on their supper, a handful of fish.
  4. Haine

    [PP|FL6] Training your Friend

    "Oh, sweet! Good luck with her." Her tone was a wee bit sarcastic as she shrugged. Kill would need the luck, with how much of a handful Pingu was. The bird was resting in the shade, watching her owner build some strange looking fortress. She chalked it up to human stuff, although her curiosity was getting the best of her. She waddled up to him and poked his leg with his beak, as if to ask a question. Across the yard, Miska was resting in front of the pond. He leaned his head off the edge, dipping his snout into the cool water. She returned his kiss and pulled back. She tried to be a lady, she really did, but she couldn't help stealing a glance at his physique. She hoped he didn't notice while he took a swig of his water. She gulped and stuffed her face with a croissant. "...Me? Y-Yeah! Still as a rock." Her cheeks began to flush as she reflected. Me? Seriously? Who else?! To save herself the embarrassment, she padded down the stairs with her plate. "Thanks for the breakfast, sweets! It's delicious," she called over her shoulder. She chewed a mouthful of fruit, surveying the obstacle course. "Ya' sure she's not too fat for this tunnel?" She pointed at it with her fork.
  5. Haine

    [ PP | F6 ] Deforestation

    "Oh..." She didn't know how to reply to the revelation. She was just glad that the two of them made it out alive. She was thankful to have known this beforehand. The rambunctious bluenette was no stranger to pushing unsuspecting people into the water. "Well I'm glad you two are okay," she responded. As they moved, the wildlife had grown scarce. Bright, lush greens transitioned into grey, shriveled ash. The air smelt of smoke and a thin veil of smog floated among the jungle floor. Instantaneously, the little cub began to shiver. Pingu, upon running into a cloud of smoke, sneezed. The fur on her back spiked at the looming threat. "Oh yeah. I think we're here." She fanned her way through the clearing. A good distance forward, she could hear a mighty roar. She shared a look with Kiluia and crept forward, until the two were within view of the creature. It was a gigantic tiger, flames licking at its sides.The two familiars were all but petrified now. "Alright, I'm going in first!" She slapped Kil's shoulder and slid out from behind the trees. "Here, kitty kitty!" She swiftly unsheathed her glave, stabbing it onto the ground. A bold Pingu trailed behind her, ready for some action. On cue, the tiger came charging at the two. A blaze of fire came her way, and she maneuvered with record speed. She backed up to gain distance, and then charged up to the creature. She jumped off of its back, using the momentum to spear it from above. With a devastating blow, the creature was paralyzed on the ground. "C'mon. Finish it off, love!" She hopped off of Byakko's back as quick as possible to evade the flames. Pingu, who was initially charging with her, was frozen in fear. She stood there dumbfounded. "We need to train these two." She shook her head. ID: #158271 BD: 9 [ CRIT + 1 ] // (DMG: 9 + 1 CRIT) (10*15 = 150 DMG - 40 MIT = 110 DMG) + MOB PARALYZED 1 TURN Activates Sword Art: Dimension Stampede Haine | HP :960/960 |EN:79/96| DMG:9| MIT:12 | ACC:1 | PARA: 2 Kiluia | HP: 560/560 | EN: 56/56 | DMG:11 | MIT:23 |ACC:2 | EVA:1 | REC: 1 Enemy Byakko | HP: 40/150 | MIT:40 | DMG: 60
  6. Haine

    [PP|FL6] Training your Friend

    She was passed out like a brick, snoring away a storm. As of late, she had no choice but to alter her sleeping schedule. Most activities were earlier, now that she was involved with the guild and too nosy with Kiluia's endeavors for her own good. Today would be a treat, a chance to sleep in. She was fast asleep on a mountain of plushes, dreaming of a grand feast. In that dream, all her friends were at the table munching away. She took the liberty to strap Pingu to a chair, watching as the bird flailed about in her seat. It was a sight to behold, a table full of sweet- A message chimed, snapping her out of her trance. She slowly yet surely became conscious, her eyebrows furrowed. "Whaaaat?" She groaned, noticing the pop-up on her HUD. She rubbed the sleep from her eyes and clicked it. A message from her love? She glanced at the corner of the screen, gaping incredulously. How long was she asleep? It was already a bit past noon. All the way from her room, she could smell a sweet aroma of baked goods. Her mouth practically watered. She stepped out of bed, and instead slipped into more comfortable clothing. She planned to kick back today. She freshened up and made her way to the table. Surely enough, the food was there waiting. "Oh, how I love you..." She giggled, fixing herself a full plate. The glutton would feast today. She pulled out a chair, contemplating on eating in silence. On second thought, the silence inside was unsettling. She slid open the screen door and stepped out, sliding it shut. "Here I am!" She raised the plate up high and stretched. She then noticed what looked like an obstacle course. "Uhhh, what's all this..?"
  7. Haine

    [ PP | F6 ] Deforestation

    She leaned into his head pat. Her frown lightened at the reassurance, she wouldn't stop until these two were civil with each other. The animosity was mostly on Pingu's end, with the cub being outright petrified by the other. She intervened every now and then, but she wanted the two of them to work things out on their own terms. She was sure Pingu would come around. Albeit the bird's feisty disposition, she had a soft side deep down. At the topic of insects, she scrunched her nose. "Perfect! You're killing them then." And that was the day he solidified his fate as the bug killer around the house. She was disgusted by those miniature interlopers, she couldn't bring herself to kill them. The mention of swimming prompted her to cock a brow. "Uncomfortable? Why?" His next confession caught her off guard. Her eyes softened. He was earnest, he wasn't trying to be romantic. It was something that spilled naturally. Still, it had an effect on her. Her cheeks tinged a soft pink. "And I feel the same way..." She fixed her gaze on him, smiling softly. "I feel happier now. It was lonely living alone, but now I have you three. The excitement keeps comin.'" She wasn't sure where she was going with this. "What I love the most is how we can be awkward together." She giggled softly. Pingu, having sensed the sappiness kicking in, waddled ahead of the duo.
  8. Haine

    [PP | FL 7] A Case of Wurms

    The shade of the awning provided reprieve from the sun's scorching rays. "Yup! He is speed." She pat Kiluia's shoulder. All the time, she was supportive of his incredible drive. She tagged along with him for a handful of quests. She was shocked by how fast he was working to regain his former prowess. At this rate, Haine had no doubt he would surpass even that threshold. She accepted Freyd's generous offer of the cold elixir, one which wouldn't last long in this sweltering heat. "Thanks, Freyd!" She twisted the cap and sighed, taking a few swigs of it. "Oh, yeah, he saved our barbecue. He's a much better cook than I'll ever be." She raised to her tip toes, pecking the white haired wonder's cheek. She was delighted that the elusive Persi approached her for the first time. Her eyes lit up in adoration, looking down at the mongoose which nuzzled against her leg. "Oh, and hello to you too, precious!" She knelt down, scratching the familiar's chin. She stood up and followed behind the others as they walked to the shop. They had enough water to last the whole trip and back now. She snagged an extra one off Kiluia before he could store it, storing it along with the bottle in her hand. From the corner of her eye, she saw trays of fresh fruit for sale. "Three cups of mixed fruit, please miss?" A moment later, she passed each cup to the adventurers. She paid the difference. With a word of thanks, she forked a piece of cold watermelon into her mouth. She closed her eyes, humming in delight. Succulent. @Freyd - The Whisper in Shadows
  9. Haine

    [ PP | F6 ] Deforestation

    Haine stepped out the door, the cub following suit. He was a straggler, still under the effects of his recent slumber. "Well, most likely, it'll be hideous." She untied her ribbon and worked her hair into a ponytail. "Wanna know what I'll never fight?" The topic came to mind randomly as she thought of all the hideous mobs she'd encountered. "Giant spiders or roaches. Just, bleh! She itched her arms. "I mean, have you seen those things before?" She shuddered at the imagery. "What about you? Are there anything's that trip you out here?" In the beginnings of the death game, there was a learning curve the woman had to go through to get situated. Most mobs she encountered looked daunting until she grew accustomed to the fact that they were all pixels. Miska had finally caught up to the group. Pingu, with her evil eyes, looked back at the bear. His ears flattened as he moved to Haine's other side. It did not go unnoticed by his owner. "Oh, come on! This is gonna be a bonding experience for you two, okay?" She pointed at the sour penguin. "It'll be fun, okay?" She bent down to pat the bird's head.
  10. Haine

    [ PP | F6 ] Deforestation

    "Yeah, exactly! Why didn't we do this before?" She thought aloud, with a cock of her brow. It was a frugal option too, with the location being within walking distance. She could spare some crystals today. She accepted the glass from her love and swished it around. "Ooh, what's this?" She brought the cup to her lips and inhaled a scent of rich coffee. She eagerly sipped at it, savoring the flavor. "Ooh, it's perfect! I'm stealing this from ya'." She stuck her tongue out at him and sipped some more. She questioned whether the two should come along. The bluenette worried for their safety, as they were by all means untrained. She sunk back into the cushion and hummed. "I... guess? We need to keep an eye out for them, they're a bit unruly." Nonetheless, there was no better situation for them to bond than in battle. The two couldn't co exist otherwise. "So, troopers, you ready for an adventure?" Pingu, at the mere mention of adventure, squawked and ran off for the door. She was tired of having to house sit. Miska, as sleepy as ever, groaned at the ruckus the penguin caused. He buried his face onto Haine's chest. She practically downed the iced coffee. She turned to Kiluia. "Well, let's get moving'!" She set Miska down on the carpet. "And You, you need to wake up, bud." He yawned and arched his back, stretching.
  11. Haine

    [ PP | F6 ] Deforestation

    Haine scooted up, leaning her back against the chair. A very lethargic Miska looks up at her, his eyes droopy. He groaned at the sudden movement, looking up at Haine. "Oh I'm sorry, Mees." She scooped the fluffy bear into her arms, turning her attention to the duo which made their way over. She noticed Pingu first, all covered in flour from her kitchen endeavors. The blue haired woman chortled. "So, I'm assuming the assistance was a bust?" Pingu padded over to the couch, climbing up to sit beside Haine. She side eyed the little cub she was holding, folding her arms in retort. It was hogging all the attention from her two favorite humans, and whenever she seemed to come at him, the little cub trembled. She figured a thing as mighty as him would know how to punk back. Haine, having noticed the bird's bitter gaze, bopped the top of her head. "Hey, be nice!" She rolled her eyes and then turned her attention to Kil. "Mmm, you don't have to ask me twice! You'll have to give me a hint later." She stroked Miska's white fluff, holding him up to her chest. She could feel his warmth radiating on her. "So, I found a quest we can do. Lemme send you the deets." She swiped through her HUD and sent him the message.
  12. As per her usual routine, Haine scrolled through the quest list on the HUD. There were about a handful that were on the easy side, she wondered how she could've missed it. Perhaps it was her recklessness in her younger days, forgoing the easy quests to aim for ones beyond her league. After a few miserable outcomes, she'd finally learned to exercised caution. But with all of these little quests in the way, she couldn't see why not. She could take care of them quickly. Haine was laid down on the couch, head rested on top of Miska as she went about her idle routine. Pingu was fascinated by a mere house fly, chasing it down, causing her usual ruckus. Across the house, a shuffling sound could be heard. Kiluia was up there organizing his workshop, she figured. After a moment of pondering, she settled on a quest which was conveniently placed on the same floor as their home. "Kiiiil! I found somethin'!" @Kiluia Seiko
  13. Haine

    [PP | FL 7] A Case of Wurms

    Haine pushed her bangs back and scrunched her nose. Once he had fanned her with his map, she closed her eyes and sighed. "Oh, that's niceee." She tilted her head back and exhaled. She snatched the bottle from him in a heartbeat, twisting the cap and chugging it. "Niceee." She straightened her posture and noticed Kiluia struggling with the heat, overdressed as could be. "That's a lot of clothes for a desert. You sure you need that coat?" She listened to the other speak and laced her fingers with his. She was about to reply until she saw a shrouded figure approaching them. She recognized the attire as her guild mate Freyd's. She waved him over and then propped her hands on her hips. "Oi, nice to see you!" Freyd didn't seem the least bit phased by the heat. He must have been trained to withstand this heat, lucky him. "Yeah, c'mon let's take a break from this heat. Water, anyone?"
  14. Haine

    Haine's Evaluations

    Familiar Name: Miska Description: A minuscule polar bear, seemingly docile until thrown into combat. Miska, despite his size, strikes with a deadly claw. Familiar Mastery Skill: Fighter (untrained) Thread Link:
  15. Haine

    [PP | FL 7] A Case of Wurms

    The woman had just finished helping a new recruit with an easy quest. The matriarch stood no chance, falling at the hands of the two. She felt accomplished, but it wasn't nearly enough for a day's work. She scrolled through the guild wall in search of something to do. Surely enough, she found a post on the front page for quest assistance. It was her love, Kiluia. She frowned. He should've known she'd tag along if he asked. Nonetheless, Haine confirmed she'd be there. She unequipped her coat in preparation of the sweltering heat to come. And sweltering it was. Not even a few minutes into the floor, the woman was fanning her nape. It was too late to back out now. Instead, she made haste for the quest location. Surely enough, the white haired man was there waiting in town. She stepped in front of him, her hand shielding the sun's rays from her periphery. "God, it's hot!" She pulled her long locks into a side braid.