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  1. Haine

    [F21 - Tier 3 Boss] Raiding the Reaver

    The dragon revived from ash, seemingly immortal. The bluenette gulped and scurried back for safe measure. A brutal sweep of the floor had done a number on the field. The beast, imbued with power and rage, had sabotaged its own self. Its wings grew heavy, anchoring its body down to the soil. The party had the upper hand for now, but there was no telling what would come next. The foe left no indications and Haine assumed the worst. Her defense was up after the creature had rent her with its claws not too long ago, whisking away a good chunk of her health. Maybe once, but she would ensure it was the last time she got wrecked, if she could help it. Her love, now beside her, went on. She searched his expression, traces of his energy still lingering. His attention divided between her and the battle. "What?" Haine replied, ears straining to comprehend the words that escaped him. Just then, a ground shattering series of clashing drowned out his voice. "I don't understand!" She hollered over the noise. She reached up and planted a palm on his shoulder. She stayed idle for longer than she preferred. "-Nevermind. Just tell me later!" The woman flexed her palms and noticed the absence of her glaive. It went flying back with her. She snatched it and gripped the hilt. With renewed determination and her energy restored, she swept in for Skalaugh's blindspot. One hit down at its hind legs. If they struck hard enough, they could cripple the thing even further.
  2. Haine

    [PP| FL 04] A Hidden Blessing

    "Very." Her cheek rested against his back. His hands dwarfed hers as he held them between his. Light tingles on her fingertips ebbed away. Her eyes glimmered at the plate slid over on the counter. Her keen sense of smell had been right. A fresh cinnamon roll was calling her name. "Yes please! I'm starving." She clapped her hands in delight and picked the roll up. At one bite, the soft dough and sugar melted together. She closed her eyes and hummed. A nudge and a mug of cocoa brought her back to reality. She reached for the mug and nursed it. The warmth on her fingertips was soothing. A few sips warmed her freezing frame. Extra chocolate and piping hot, just how she preferred it. Haine stopped in the middle of scarfing the pastry to face him. "Hmm? What's up?" She looked up at Kiluia and sipped. All while, a milk mustache formed above her lip. She leaned back against the island and spaced her gaze on a cabinet before her. In between sips, she mused aloud. "Just things for the guild, the usual. Took a whole day to try to catch a familiar for Vie." She chuckled at the memory of the fiery redhead taking the metaphorical bull by its horns, really a cub. The woman had called it quits for the day and swore her bad luck was just a sign she was meant to have something else. And so be it. "After that? Just grinding with some new recruits. It's hard to keep up with these new faces." She scarfed down the remaining half of her cinnamon roll. "Bh'wut bouth yhu?" Haine inquired through a mouthful of pastry.
  3. Haine

    [PP| FL 04] A Hidden Blessing

    There was some magical to a wintry town at night. A luminous sheen reflected off the snow, lit lamp posts guiding the way. The town square was the woman's favorite place to be, in the heart of the attraction. As per usual, a mixture of delightful aromas greeted her. Firewood from the butcher's shop melded with the bakery's signature scent. The bluenette's stomach grumbled, demanding sustenance at once. She popped a fist over her gut to quell it. The day's agenda had left little room for breaks, the grind brutal yet rewarding in the long run. Alongside her comrades, Haine was able to clear quite a few things off her checklist. All this while, she'd forgotten she was hungry. A message from her love chimed in. Head to the shop later? Haine glanced at the watch. It was later than she'd usually call it quits for the day. In opportune time, she had business near the wintry town today. The shop was a stretch down the road. A particularly frigid gust knocked the wind out of her. Golden eyes squinted and she shielded her face. Geez, no wonder the streets were empty tonight. Nobody in their right mind would stick around for long outside. She rounded the corner to the shop where her love awaited. Haine stepped past two youngsters seeking shelter under the awning. She pushed her hood down and twisted the key in its groove. With a click, the door cracked ajar. She rushed in at once, eager to escape the weather. She leaned back against the door and pushed it shut. Her eyes fluttered close and a soft sigh escaped her. The bakery's warmth enveloped her like a comforter, a scent of cinnamon beckoning her. "Love, I'm hooome!" Haine called out from the entrance. The weight of her battle garb pressed down on her shoulders. With a few swipes, she rid herself of her armor. Ten pounds whisked away, like that. She donned her comfortable base. She leaned back, cracking her spine. "Ooh, that felt good." She followed the cinnamon trail, leading herself into the kitchen. The sink and work counter was a mess, evidence that Kiluia had been hard at work. "Mmm. Cinnamon rolls today?" the other started. She wove around the counter to reach him. His back was facing her. She slid her arms around him and squeezed. His tall frame blocked her view of the counter and what he was working on.
  4. Haine

    [F21 - Tier 3 Boss] Raiding the Reaver

    In her shaken state, the woman did not comprehend she'd knocked another person out of the way in her dramatic fall. Her mind recognized the thud a moment later and her head whipped back. Surely enough, there was someone laying on the floor there. She cringed and approached the blonde swordsman. "Eeeeouch. Are you alright?" At a quick glance of his health bar, he seemed in tip top shape. She all but outstretched an arm out to help him up, but he was swift on his feet. "We'll pick this up later-" A chime on her HUD directed her attention elsewhere. She skimmed the menu and noted to thank Zandra later. Haine's health was in moderate state, however there was no telling what the beast had up its sleeve. A single hit was enough to slice through half of her defense, she could not risk another slip-up. She couldn't distinguish her location in the dark, but she noted to thank her later. Haine accepted the unicorn horn and crushed the item, feeling the energy return to her. An shattering roar from the distance brought her attention to the forefront. It was none other than her love, in all his unbridled rage. Kiluia was livid, that much was clear from the gruesome tear he had left on Skalaugh's form. She would not sit around and be idle any longer. She pulled herself together. @Morgenstern
  5. Haine

    [PP-01] <<DHA:1>> A Measure of Friendship

    Kiluia is well... Kiluia. There was no way for Haine to describe his energy, his zeal to take hardships head on. She couldn't imagine losing almost all her hard work, having to build up from rock bottom. If she were in his shoes, she wouldn't be talking so big. She'd more than likely rage quit and spend the rest of her days stress eating with the fortune she piled up. Her mind wandered to ChaseR, she all but forgot about him and his insane growth. His aura was soft yet threatening simultaneously and she couldn't put a finger on it. "Yeah but still!" She cut in. "You all powered through that, takes some serious drive." She cleared her throat and gestured as she spoke. Mishka, uninterested in these humans chit-chatting, searched around. A wispy shadow revealed itself as Percy and the cub's nub of a tail wiggled. He bopped the other with his moist snout and padded off, hoping the shadow would follow him out to play. He preferred kinder playmates, he was tired of that blubbery tyrant of penguin. "Hmm, sure. Lead the way!" She trailed behind the cub and kept a watchful eye, lest he run off into the crowd. "Elora? Green haired lady, pointy ears at the festival right?" She tried her hardest to remember through foggy memory. She looked different in her festival attire, she didn't recognize her until she spoke. They'd gone on a quest or two as a group before. "She's adorable in a yukata," Haine gushed. All of Firm Anima's women, really. One glance at Kasumi and she was floored.
  6. Haine

    [PP-01] <<DHA:1>> A Measure of Friendship

    "Marv?" She put a finger to her chin and circled around the stone faced NPC. "He looks more like a Brutus." She waved in his face to test his patience. The guard simply cast her a downwards gaze, grunted, and straightened his attention to nothing across the street. Her faithful cub, ever attached by her side, padded in front of her. The familiar sniffed at Freyd's shoes and then looked around in search of Percy. His voice rumbled in acknowledgement, whatever that sound is that a cub makes. Haine wouldn't know what to call that. "I think she's looking for a buddy." Haine stayed close, just in case Mishka would try and butt into the other's personal space. She placed a hand on her hip and lingered off in thought. "Well lately, just grinding my way up there. It's getting rough in the middle. And you...-" The bluenette did a double take at Freyd's level above his cursor. "Jeez! How hard have you been grinding?" Her eyes widened. She admired that fire, grinding was brutal but she'd never witnessed such gain in little time. She preferred to go at turtle speed. "...How did you do it so fast?"
  7. Haine

    [PP-01] <<DHA:1>> A Measure of Friendship

    Floor one it was. Haine chased her last bite with some cold juice. She about chugged it like water to counter the heat of those peppers. With a satisfied sigh, she slammed the cup down on the counter. "Gaaah, I'm stuffed." She ushered the waiter over and held up her glass. "Refill, please?" She fanned her face. "I think I'm dying." The NPC, short of words, turned to face her and accepted the glass. The man in casual garb bowed and walked off. She frowned. Most NPCs were had to talk to. They had a few programmed responses and expressions but beyond that... basically a brick wall. She had a blast messing around in her beginning days. A glass of juice later and she was ready to face the day. Lo and behold, she arrived at the teleport gate. As per usual, the Town of Beginnings was swarming with players. She wandered around the entrance, scratching her head at the dot on her map. She was standing right over it on that map, but surely she wasn't standing over him. She glanced from side to side like a mad woman and spotted him hiding in the shade. Right next to him was a tall... terrifyingly tall guard, and Freyd was... talking to him? Haine approached the two and craned her head up at the NPC. "I've never seen the guy move from this corner before."
  8. A chance encounter with a particular azure haired boy called to Haine's attention as of late. Haine had only interacted with ChaseR once, maybe twice? A neutral impression, she concluded. He wasn't the chattiest, but that was alright in her book. She was known for moseying her way into personal spaces regardless. Her curiosity piqued to see him at the guild hall of all places. She was a step too short as Eruda approached her. The next time she glanced, he left as soon as she saw him. An afternoon later, she scrolled through the guild HUD. His name was absent from the roster and so she resorted to her friends list. A soft scratching beside her pulls her attention away. "Hm?" Haine looks down at the pudgy ball of fluff clawing at the couch. "HEY! That's brand new, cut it out!" She nudged the cub away with her foot and sighed. She turned her attention back to her previous task. With a swipe on her HUD, she pieced together a message. To: ChaseR From: Haine Couldn't catch you at the guild hall yesterday, so here's my hello! How about a quest? Don't say no, I have nobody to go with : ( That was a lie, but she'd see if it worked. Brought along: Damage +3: 164236-1 Loot Dice+3: 164290-2
  9. Haine

    [PP-01] <<DHA:1>> A Measure of Friendship

    "No, no you may not have a bite." Haine, through a mouthful of spicy noodles, was not amused. The polar bear resting faithfully at her feet stood up on his hind legs, scratching at her calf. She quirked a brow and looked down at the demanding creature. The fuzzball should know better than anyone that his master wasn't one to share food. One glance into those soft, sparkling eyes and she was done for. "Oh, piss off!" She set her chopsticks down on top of her bowl and frowned. Mishka was like a cat, never concerned until something yummy came around. A chime disrupted her thoughts and the cub flinched, startled. Freyd? Haine opened her HUD and scanned the message. It had been a while since they quested. She couldn't help but recall the imagery of him stumbling into monkey balls. Despite the horror of the situation then, she could only laugh now. A slight chortle escaped her lips as she swiped up to reply. She couldn't part from her food and decided on speech to text. To: Freyd From: Haine Hey Donkey Kong, How goes it? I'll get to your coords after lunch if you're free now and then we can discuss. She dangled a spicy noodle for the cub anyways and watched with mild amusement as it scarfed it down. It took a minute for the spice to kick in and the familiar sneezed. "Seeee? I said no for your own good." She shook her head and pulled out a tray of water from her inventory to tend to the cub. Haine | HP: 1290/1290 | EN: 126/126 | DMG: 19 | MIT: 66 | EVA: 1 | ACC: 4 | BLD:36
  10. She followed the aromatic trail. Lo and behold, there was the dining hall. She waddled in, her gait affected by a hint of clumsiness. Her surroundings seemed close to spotless, she was afraid to muddy the ground with her soles. She trailed behind the others and settled into a seat at the dining table. Arms folded into her lap, she let her mind wander a moment. She was never one for formalities, neither sharp nor observant. She had little to input with formal matters, but she could follow orders. She hoped that would be enough. The presence of food was a good ice breaker. On cue, the gluttonous bluenette salivated. Just a few snacks, but damn it, she was hungry. Cups and plates filled the tables with various feast buffs. "Well, don't mind if I do." Haine played off her awkwardness with a wave and went straight for her rations. She piled them onto her plate and scooted the chair forward. She stuffed her face and listened to the specifics of the quest. She trusted Raidou's judgment that they could best this quest, so there was little worry. Upon a quick perusal of her HUD and the information exchanged, she all but doubted her confidence. The woman unscrewed the cap of a potion and held her breath. She chased the vile potion with an iced drink. She set the glass down and cleared her throat. "Understood. Is there anything else we should consider?" Haine: HP: 1250/1250 | EN: 122/122 | DMG: 19+3 | MIT: 66 | EVA: 1 | ACC: 4 | BLD:36 Consumes: Titan's Strength (+3 Damage), Lullaby 2 @Oscar
  11. Haine

    [ PP | F3 ] Rendezvous

    Haine searched Eruda's expression and noted the hint of hesitance once she tugged at her sleeve. "Yeah- yeah but-..." Haine's bottom lip curled into a pout as she searched her mind. She'd known Eruda long enough to witness that she wasn't... one for big social events. The woman was set in one path and that had to be a drag, the bluenette would get to the bottom of this. The blonde shared her story and golden eyes softened a moment. Haine parted her lips to protest. "Well, your chance is here!" Her energy amped as she seized Eruda's hands. "But imagine this." She took the lead and walked off, leading the other down the path to the bazaar. She tilted her head and pictured a story as she went along. "A festival date...!" She closed her mouth and let out a muffled squeal. This was Eruda's opportunity to go in for the kill and Haine would be damned if she didn't.
  12. Haine

    [F21 - Tier 3 Boss] Raiding the Reaver

    A sudden blast of energy had Haine scurrying the opposite direction, but it was all for naught. Skalaugh's remains joined into one mass as soon as they dispersed, reanimating the beast. She was a hair too late and the dragon's talons sunk into her flesh. Her form, dwarfed in comparison, was sent flying like a ragdoll. By instinct she saw no option but to close her eyes and brace for an inevitable, rough landing. Fortunately, there was aid. A tall frame linked arms with her, buffering what would've been a far from graceful sight. The bluenette's feet shuffled as she attempted to plant them. The whiplash had taken some sort of effect on her, her vision spinning momentarily.She stumbled back and shook like a leaf, everything too quick to process. She craned her head up in acknowledgement of the tall - unusually tall man and choked out a thank you. His face was recognizable but she couldn't put a finger on it. She had not noticed the urgency of her state until a soft glow on her shoulder energized her. To her alarm, that single, devastating attack hacked away half of her health.
  13. Haine

    [F21 - Tier 3 Boss] Raiding the Reaver

    Out of darkness in the cavern shone a bright flame, a gargantuan dragon the source. "Well would you look at that..." She whistled, frozen in place in sheer shock of its form up close. Along with its arrival was a wave of heat, pure flame radiating off its scales. The beast swept in from its perch and took lead, flying over the undead. As the others rushed into formation, Haine made haste to follow suit. With trained swipes, she brought forth her defense. Shards of pixel wove into an ornate blue shape, Divine Piercer manifested. In the back of the mass, she gave a once over of her surroundings. Firm Anima stuck together in trained formation. She squared her shoulders and joined beside her guild. Indubitably, there was strength in the mass. She surveyed in awestruck wonder as several players struck the beast. She had never faced a foe as formidable. The woman trained for an opening. Haine cringed at her love's particularly brutal strike, she could've sworn she heard something crack. As he steps back, she shoots a glance over her shoulder. "Nice one!" She nods in acknowledgement and follows suit. In opportune time, the bluenette readied her glaive. Just as the Skalaugh landed, Haine pivoted on her heel. She propelled herself forward and used the momentum to connect her blade to its hind leg. Sharp edged embedded into its flesh, she vaulted off the blade and pulled it up for a second strike. She worked quick to retreat to colder ground, a thin sheen of sweat over her forehead in proximity of Skalaugh's flames.
  14. Haine

    [F21 - Tier 3 Boss] Raiding the Reaver

    In an unceremonious turn of events, the young woman began her descent to no apparent destination. All she surmised was that this was... probably it. A wild, untamed wave swept over a once peaceful Coral, crowds of unsuspecting passersby plummeting down the paths. "What the-" The bluenette gulped and struggled to stay afloat. She had no clutch but the quivering ball of fluff in her arms. "Sssh, sssh." Her attempt to reassure the polar bear was to no avail. Having something to clutch felt more like security for Haine than the polar bear whose natural habitat was full of water. With a powerful kick of his hind legs, Miska weaseled his way out of the other's hold. "W-Wait!" she protested, before a cluster of others came colliding into her. With a shriek, she fell face forward into the waves and choked. She broke through to the surface for a split moment, and by then, the edge already drew near. She hyperventilated and squeezed her eyes shut. The ground beneath her dropped, waves thinning out as gravity did its thing. She felt her stomach somersault and resisted the urge to scream. She was falling in midair for what seemed like eternity, until divine intervention did its thing. The breeze slowed to a halt. The woman was levitating. She peeked a golden eye open for a birds eye view of a mighty army and a blue net waiting carrying her to safety. With a winded oof, she fell off the net and landed arms first on the floor. Haine stared at the soil, incredulous, her petite frame shaking like a leaf. A soft snout nudged her arm, revealing a familiar white fluff. "Oh thank god you're okay." She swept the cub into her arms and planted a kiss on his soft forehead. Their reunion was short lived as her attention diverted to the cacophony. There was more pressing matters like those ominous things ahead. A red barrier separated the players from what lied ahead. Haine pushed herself off the soil and cringed at the feeling of her soggy yukata clinging to her. This wouldn't do. She retreated to the back of the barrier and swapped into her comfy battle garb. An expression of relief washed over her as she recognized some familiar faces from her guild in one convenient cluster. She paced over to them. She cut in just as Raidou gave his orders, with a nod of acknowledgement. "Roger that, cap!" The woman saluted in playful fashion. To her right she noticed a tall silver haired man. Wait a minute, why was Kiluia here? He didn't say he would be at the festival. She moved to him and noted his battle-ready stance. "...We'll talk later," she added, with a poke at his chest. She made haste for preparations as the mood was tense with looming threat. Skimming through her inventory, she materialized some buffs. The barrier provided some mysterious source of energy. She could harness every bit of what she got to keep her butt alive. She scarfed a few pastries and plugged her nose in preparation of the strange vial to chase it with. With a quick draft, she was fully buffed. She eyed the remaining potion in her hand and pondered. She held it up to Raidou and gestured at it. "This won't be of use to me. Have at it." From the corner of her periphery, she spotted a familiar raven haired figure shrouded in the shadows and the cursor above her. NIGHT... was it? The bluenette stepped away from her circle and gave a nod of acknowledgement to the other. "So we meet again." She chewed her lip and thought to this bizarre situation. "Not exactly how I imagined this, but we'll roll with it." Haine turned her attention to the front and cracked her knuckles. Haine Consumes: Antioxidant: 150463-1, Protein +2: 163570-3, Antidote +3: 149052-2 BONUS: [Gain +3 DMG, +2 ACC, +2 EVA, 15*Tier (45) MIT] Brought for @Raidou: Toxic Venom T3: 152515
  15. Haine

    [EV-22] Tanabata Celebration!

    It was a much needed break, surrounded by all the colors, tunes, and festivities. In a world that doesn't wait, it was easy to lose touch with oneself and throw their head into the game, driven by ulterior motives. Haine had dedicated herself to Firm Anima and its duties, there was always much to do and she grew accustomed to the frequent schedules. It was odd to see everyone donned in casual attire, mingling among each other. Time ticked by as the guild members talked among each other, but as the event drew to a close, they'd been standing for a while now. The soles of her sandals pressed against her nerves and ached, she was ready to go home. The bluenette stretched, sighing in satisfaction when her back cracked. A gust of wind had her locks flying in her face, shielding her periphery. She brought a hand to brush them away, only to spot slips of colorful paper dangling from her wrist. "Huh." The woman arched a brow. "I swore I hung these?" She shrugged and turned to the shorter redhead. "I'm gonna hang these real quick. Stay put!" She pat Vie's shoulder and began a clumsy beeline down the village. Once she'd reached the spot, the woman untied the slips. She walked up to a shorter branch her short self could reach and tied them close to each other. She clasped her hands together and backed up to admire the sight. Among her slips here a dozen others, decorated in the color of a rainbow. Fairy lights hung from the treetops, giving the shrine a soft glow. She closed her eyes shut as a soft smile graced her lips. "Go easy on me, fate." [ Haine hangs the Tanzaku. ]