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  1. Hirru

    [BR-F24] 'Sahagin Shenanigans'

    Following the course of actions, everything seemed to be falling into place now. They only had one shaman left, which needed to be kept alive for a time. That meant that they should now focus all their attention towards the Chieftain and whittle it down until they could finally be done with this fight. It had been going on far too long. It would do them well enough to get this fight rolling. Zandra seemed to be falling back, but the hunter thought it would be better to focus single target instead. Though, if she was joining any of the parties, that may work out quite a bit more. Taking everything in, Hirru figured that it was time to start the assault. He wanted to wait for Baldur or Shields signal, and it didn't take long for him to get it. Shield said that they should go full tilt, so he would do just that. The hunter was no longer curious to the ramblings of these creatures. They were only noise now. Bursting forward, the chieftain was a much bigger, and slower opponent to tackle. His sword burned green as it slashed through the chieftains scaly hide. It seemed to be a bigger hit than usual, but those thick scales made his blade's damage seem miniscule. [ID: 111128] [BD: 10] Crit +2 [Sword Art: Meteor Break] 17+2+4(Charge)= 23x11= 253-75 = 178 Dmg to Sagahin Chieftain
  2. Hirru

    [BR-F24] 'Sahagin Shenanigans'

    With the plan going this way and that, Hirru really was getting confused on what to do. It only helped that he was listening more to Baldur than his own head, or anyone else. Could they continue their fight with how they were going? The hunter wasn't seeing everything that they were seeing, so he just let the planning continue on their side. He would just find the weakest creature and attack, as a proper DPS should. What Beat was saying made sense too. If they go with the original plan, and leave one sahagin alive, but stunned every so often. THey could kill off the chieftain with minimal effort. "Alright, I'll see what I can do!" Taking stance, he aimed for the first sahagin to try and deal a finishing blow. It would still end up the same. This time, the creature would awaken from their stunned state to evade the hunter. He really wasn't making any hits. [ID: 110995] [BD: 3+2=5] MIss
  3. Hirru

    [BR-F24] 'Sahagin Shenanigans'

    The fight seemed to be going well, that was until the Chieftain decided that he wanted more company. They had an uphill battle to fight against, and the hunter wasn't doing his part well. Sure, he was a damage dealer, but the way that the floors have been lately. He would have to pick up something a little stronger, or start bringing numerous amounts of buffs. Still, Hirru had to do something about the newly spawned creatures. Baldur had taken notice and called the hunter's attention towards the middle of the three newly spawned shamans. Pulling his blade up with him, the hunter would jump forward to attack the newly risen fish beasts. However, the fish men were much faster than he was. He was really only getting in the way now. "So, what do you guys call something like this?" [ID: 110892] [BD: 5+2-2= 5] Miss Stats
  4. Hirru

    [BR-F24] 'Sahagin Shenanigans'

    "Don't mind me!" Following his brothers-in-arms, an unlikely contender appeared with them. Despite the insane actions that he took not too long ago, he was out here with three well known front liners. Bursting forward, the green haired hunter donning none of his regular red gear, nodded to Baldur's orders. With only two creatures out that he could see, the blips from before would mean that they had already taken care of one of the mobs before they got there. It seemed that they didn't really need their help too badly. Still, they came up with the silly phrase, and had to go with it. "Thought you could use a Hirru!" The joke seemed stale in his throat, but the joke was done. With that, the hunter rushed the weakened <<Sahagin Shaman>> they got there, and unleashed a [Concentrated Charge Art]. Luckily, it seemed that someone had stunned this particular fish person. Hirru would use this to his advantage to deal a considerable blow on the creature. Though, his thoughts would get in the way, and would make it only a near fatal blow. If only he were stronger, both physically.. and mentally. [ID: 110736] [BD: 3+2+1 (Concentration) = 6 Hit] [Sword Art: Meteor Break] 17+4 (Charge)= 21x11= 231-50 = 181 Dmg to Sahagin Shaman 3 Stats: Party Stats
  5. -On the outskirts of town- On a snow covered hill, overlooking the town of Snowfrost, a lone man sat idly by as he watched the merriment from far away. His attire contrasted that of the snow, in a black sleeveless turtleneck, and dark pants. The only thing that looked festive on him, was his green hair. He carried nothing that would be construed as red on him, except the symbol for his guild; one that he wished to temporarily part with. The fourth floor was as beautiful as ever. The snow from the mountain was constantly falling, even more so than ever before. The weather didn't seem to mean much to the green haired hunter. His survival skill had nullified much of the cold that would be freezing him, by now. Looking down upon the festivities, Hirru could only smile. He couldn't join them. He was an outcast to society now. A mark of betrayal hung over his heart, not unlike the orange crystals that hung over some players heads. However, his was not visible to the naked eye. No, it was only through the eyes of those that know that betrayal exist, that it would be known. Hirru figured that if he walked into the festival, anyone that would have a grudge on him now would spill the beans to everyone there. Not only the front lines would hate him, but also the entirety of Humanity. With that being said, he opened his menu to see what friend he had left to see in there. Out of his entire friends list, it seemed like many had undone that very friendship. He wondered about the mechanics of this trinket that held everyone's information and items. If one was really a friend, if they were added through this system. This 'game system' as it were. Hirru could only trust the words that Baldur and Shield gave to him. Speaking of, they seemed to be there. That meant that other front liners were there too.
  6. As they raced across the bridges to get closer to the forward scouting party and their battle. Hirru suddenly felt a strange occurrence ping from beneath the water. It was something that he was all to familiar to now. It was the same ping that would come from the entrance to a sub-dungeon. It came surging out from the depths before breaching the waters surface. The hunter could only fathom what this thing was. Breaching the surface, was a large aquatic turtle, nearly half as big as one of the islands. "What the.." However, there was no time to marvel. They needed to help their brothers and sisters-in-arms. The creature swam around a bit before looking at their direction. Hirru called out to Shield. As a fellow merchant, he should have a blank map ready to use. "Shield! If you have a blank map, that creature is sub-dungeon entrance! Mark it and we'll come back later!" [ID: 110609] [LD: 11+15= 26] Advanced Sub-dungeon Found
  7. The counts didn't add up. As they ran closer, the amount of pings didn't add up right. Why were there only three players out there? Shouldn't they have waited for the rest of us. That's what the hunter did with the other every time they found a Labyrinth Guardian. Or, have the rules changed. If what Baldur and Shield said was true, then this 'game' should have rules that would be followed. However, the rules for a game can change as constant as the.. ..as often as their stats have been changing. Hirru quickly pulled out his menu to check his stats and skills. Most of his stats were the same, except his level, hp, and energy, which leveled from the boss fight since he last checked. Though, his skills seemed slightly changed. Mostly the search mods where slightly different, but nothing to significant. Setting those aside, he brought out his armor to swap into later. "There are only three players out there! If anything, we should act quickly to help out." Hirru's stats going into battle:
  8. "Alright, I heard, while I was searching for that bloody memory quest on the 22nd floor, that some resource heavy gathering spots have been found. I'll make my way down to the twenty first floor to burn through some mobs and gain col and third tier mats." Hirru spoke while keeping his eyes forward and keeping the noise of the bleeps and bloops to himself. It would be maddening if he was by himself, but thankfully he had everyone here to keep him level headed. At least, to a point. "Have you guys had any luck finding that rumored quest that unlocks memories? I've been trying to find that ever since Hikoru sold it to me for info. That and another with demons, and waterfall. I was too preoccupied on the former quest to do anything else. It was because of that quest that I collapsed that one time, Baldur." It was around then that he started to notice some rather irregular pings. These sounds were more for players than enemies. Who else was here? Were they finally getting closer to the forward scouting party? "I think I'm picking up something strange in that direction." He said while pointing towards a set of bridges that seemed to extend towards a particular island.
  9. When Baldur suggested that the hunter should hold back from fighting in the next boss raid, he understood. With the tension that happened a few hours ago, Hirru didn't figure that he nor anyone else there would tolerate his presence. Though, everything said after made him think otherwise. Sure he wasn't of sound mind, but they need every front liner out there for the next few floors. Especially if they were all on borrowed time now. That being said, Hirru would follow what was for the greater good, in that department. "Alright, I'll be sure to help with what I can. I would rather fight with you guys, but I understand that I should stand down, for now." Shield and Baldur continued on about planning and such around the front lines, while Hirru kept his eyes from flying in all directions from the creatures that were making his detection go off. He couldn't even pay any attention to anything that could be construed as evidence towards the forward scouting party.
  10. Hirru's head didn't want to process what he just heard. Nerve gear? Argus? Sword Art Online? Who names these things? They all sounded ridiculous to the mindblown hunter. The hunter sighed once more. It was so hard finding any information on the outside world, as everyone he talked to had made a unanimous pact: No speaking of the outside world. After some time, he started to understand why. People vary on their responses to stimuli that would provoke MEMORIES and emotions. If he brought up the other side with people, most get tight lipped, while others angry. Teayre almost killed him for her story. "Yeah, I'll.. ween myself into that." Continuing onward, it seemed they came upon a large structure, a colosseum, it seemed. Shield had raced on ahead, and Hirru tried to keep pace. His focus, though, wasn't on the building, but the hundreds of pings that were setting off his detection underneath them. Stats: Shield: LD +12 [0/5] - Individual Total [34] - Versatile Cool Down [0/9] Beat: LD +5 [ 0/5] - Individual Total [18] Baldur: LD +4 [ 0/5] - Individual Total [15] Hirru: LD +15 [1/3] - Individual Total [18] Group Total LD: [85/100]
  11. "When you put it like that.." Hirru scratched his chin as he thought on the matter. Still skeptical on the matter, but every new bit of information could help him relive the memories that he had lost. Even if it had to be dumb down for him to understand. "..a dream that kills you on the outside, if you die on the inside. It sounds more like a nightmare." The hunter scratched his head hard. Some of these concepts made sense, but the dream part really felt child like. Then again, he figured Baldur was trying to make that explanation as easy as it should for him. He nodded, as it would have to do for now. Shield was right in that they had to move, or else they would be left behind. "Right, I'm better at learning on the go, it seems." Hirru chimed in while activating every single search mod he had at his disposal. As they activate, a sphere of detection opened up around him, in his vision. With the recent luck boost, his gaze was seemingly larger than he had anticipated. Though it was still only reaching most of the bridges, he could now see things underwater too. There were some nasty things down there. "Stay alert everyone!"
  12. The way that Shield said that made the hunter sound like something foreign to life itself. Hirru snorted a bit from that realization. To them, this must be quite foreign. "No, sorry. I think I didn't word that right, without context. When I say that I don't remember anything before killing boars, I mean.." He sighed heavily. A pause to think, but his mind was really made up. He had held this secret for so long. "I don't have any memories of the other side, of the Real World, as I've heard people call it." It felt like a long heavy burden had been lifted from his shoulders, to be replaced by a noose. This was a long standing lie that he had tried to keep from everyone. Something that he knew would haunt him, if revealed. He wanted to have the same goal as everyone else. He wanted to be one of them, patrolling and fighting for the same reason. To get home. How can you fight for a home, when you don't know where home is? Nonetheless, he was somewhat free of the burden of keeping that to himself. He held a small smile that he had never been able to uphold before. "I call it your world, because I don't see my home there. It's been here the entire time." He gestured to the floor around him, but it was more for the entirety of Aincrad. "So much so that, I truly believed that everyone was alive." Hirru then looked up to the sky, or more so the ceiling that would be the 25th floor above them. "But now I'm being told that it is all fake. Man made, and fabricated to feel like it is real. I don't know what is real, anymore, however.. I'll believe in you guys. I know that you're not trying to trick me in any way. Especially since other 'players' also say all of the same things. It's easy to not 'flip the sheit', as I've heard it. Even if it's feels too weird." Lowering his gaze back to his brothers. "Though, that doesn't mean that I haven't been trying to regain my memory. I figured that I should have some connection to your world. Something should trigger my mind. I've been trying to find my memories this entire time. Maybe, just maybe. They would be under the next rock that I unturned." He gestured to himself. "No, such luck."
  13. Shield and Baldur seemed to be concerned about what Hirru was saying. They tried to explain to him the meaning of the phrase 'A.I.', which seemed to be short for artificial intelligence. The hunter didn't quite understand what the two words together meant, especially the explanation that would go with it. He really didn't understand from there, but the hunter tried to piece together what he could. He squinted his brow and began to think aloud. "I'm not sure that I'm getting it, but let me think. Artificial is man-made, so an artificial intelligence would be something created by man that can learn? Elves are.." He stopped himself there. Hirru didn't want to bring that up anymore than he had. He was a rational person, whom used his own knowledge to find out the solution. Even if it brought about an entirely different solution to someone else. That was how he saw himself as a tactician to the front lines, at least. "I don't get the computer programming and video games. I've heard of other people talk about 'computer games' and I know what games are in Aincrad, but I'm not sure on all of it myself. I get that we're trapped in this floating castle, and that we're fighting through each floor to get out... ...to your world" Then Baldur asked the big question: What happened at the start? "To be real with you guys, I don't remember. I was.." Before Hirru could continue, he froze in place. Not like lagg, but stood, staring at Baldur, but not really. His gaze seemed to go on for miles outward. A single tear fell from Hirru's face. His hand reflexively went up to his cheek to catch it. He had felt that before. Glimpses of the past, memories that.. don't want to be remembered. Before he could continue, the hunter took a handful of the bread and shoved it into his mouth. The taste was grand, and it helped him forget a little of what he thought he saw. He swallowed hard before continuing. "I don't remember anything before.." His eye twitched. "..fighting boars on the First floor some years ago." [Luck Stat = 5 + 3 + 2 + 1 + 4 = +15 Luck Die]
  14. Beat entered the picture after a while, dropping a table with a worthwhile feast upon it. Hirru had only seen such servings before during one of Jack's many extravagant parties that he actually participated in, before leaving after pranks started being pulled.. He shook his head before looking towards Beat. He had that look from before, but only for a moment. The hunters betrayal was still fresh on everyone's mind. He held his hand back from taking without permission. "Guys, I want to apologize properly to you all. I did something, inexcusable, back there. Protecting someone against the very thing that I swore to uphold and serve." He looked on to Beat, Shield, and Baldur. Every one of them were in the first team, and saw first hand his actions before the rest. "I'm not too far gone to understand that I shouldn't have, but.. I'm still trying to understand why I did it. The boy was crying, it felt real, but.." "Everyone is saying that it was fake. That it was a lie. Something about A.I.? I'm sorry. I don't understand what that means again, but it doesn't take much to know that I've done something wrong." "I wanted.. no, needed to apologize to the team, to you guys. More so, I need to apologize to Mac. He didn't deserve any of that. What I did to him... what I said..."
  15. "I don't know if I can swim or not? Never really tried, to be honest. Someone.." He blanked out for a moment before going back into what he was saying. "Someone told me I shouldn't, as there was something wrong with the 'water physics', or something along those lines." Hirru didn't really understand that much, but something kept gnawing at him whenever small bits of knowledge like that popped up. Every time some piece of lingo from the other word was said, he was starting to get this grating feeling in the back of his head. It wasn't particularly painful, but annoying to say the least. Especially since everyone used some sort of jargon in this world. "My search skills, with conjunction with Favor of the Golden Dragon, can take my vision pretty far, but the detection range is only a few mel, or so. I can detect to partly down some of these bridges, but that's it." That being said, the sea creatures would be the most problematic. They could all be just like the snake quest that kept hiding in the water, and one would need to find it before getting a chance to attack. Luckily, Hirru had his own search mods to find anything under the surface, but the others..