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  1. After the attack, Eva shouted for him to stop. He didn't understand why. Did they not see eye to eye now? Did he not gain any trust with her? "I.." The hunter didn't know what to say to that. Baldur and Shield were his actually two of the closest people that he truly got along with, and now.. His mind was in the right state of mind, regardless of what the others thought, until that moment. Previously, he thought he could get through to them, as well as the boss. He achieved one of those goals, but lost so much more. With his comrades lost faith, he didn't understand what to do anymore. Sure, the fight was still going, but what was the point? His will to fight, his oath. A promise to himself to see his friends through this world. Why does it all feel like a lie? As if something was missing, some information that wasn't sitting right. As if, all that he was fighting for was for nothing? What are the consequences of our actions? What are the consequences of your actions? What are the consequences?What are the consequences of our actions? What are the consequences of your actions? What are the consequences?What are the consequences of our actions? What are the consequences of your actions? What are the consequences?What are the consequences of our actions? What are the consequences of your actions? What are the consequences?What are the consequences of our actions? What are the consequences of your actions? What are the consequences? With his mind in such a state, his thoughts racing out of control before he slumped down on both knees, sitting on his feet. His sword clatters to the ground as he becomes motionless, his will to fight was gone. His lips quiver before speaking softly to himself once more, coughing blood as he did. "What am I doing?"
  2. The events that transpired were not exactly what the hunter was expecting. After taking his place between the raid and the boy, he could feel the overwhelming pressure coming from everyone. So this is what the elves could feel as they were slowly whittled away. If it wasn't for his own resolve, it would have crumpled him the moment someone spoke ill of him. Which seemed to be the brunt of the chaos that ensued. His party didn't know what to do. Shield was asking for orders, Ruby just healed Beat whom couldn't do anything, and Baldur.. ..the hunter never saw such a look upon him before. It wasn't until Calrex's group went up that the real ordeal came. A tier 2 player, @Stryder, immediately decided to take the hunter out of the way. His words would seem to cut deep, but the hunter would only smile as he was held to the ground. "My words and actions are my own. As are yours. Got a good arm on you? Reminds me of Grave. He would of liked tutoring you." Soon after, the sinking of a blade fell into his side while being held down. Another of the T2's, this time one that he had seen before in the last raid. With their orange crystal and dagger in tow, they reminded him of a certain sneaky duo that carried daggers. When @Hidden, accosted him for being a traitor to humanity and wanted no part of his world. "The pot calling the kettle black, I believe the phrase goes. It seems you already have left your world behind." He immediately coughed up more orange blood as the bleeding affect mixed with the coughing fits from earlier. Added to it the paralysis that he gained from the attack. Though, the big thing that the hunter didn't expect was to be slightly rescued. @Pinball rushed the dagger wielding player and stunned her down to the ground. This was not what the hunter had in mind. He did not want a civil war to break out from his actions. Though, this too also reminded him of a specific spear wielder. "Pin, I'm grateful.. ..and I understand.. ..but did you really have.. ..to go all out on em?" He chuckled weakly before more more blood skirted his lips. The damage was slowly getting to him now. If anyone else attacked, he would be done for. Which then came to the second orange player of the raid team, Aereth. His eyes seemed to want to cut down the hunter, but they stopped upon the actions of team 2. The hunter couldn't see team 3, but could hear their words. He couldn't tell exactly what was happening, but their words suggested that they were attacking the strategist. While they were busy yelling somethings about 1's and 0's, and "AI" as it were, the moment when Aereth would act was upon them. Though, instead of attacking either the hunter or the Pinball, he protected Hidden. His words didn't seem to bother the hunter, though, the threat towards Pin wasn't really necessary. "Protect em well.." This left Mac's group. He was waiting for his guild mate and ally to figure out what the hell the mad man was doing. Though, it seemed that he only got the small bit of it. Don't hurt the kid. However, his words are what really crept into the hunter the most out of everyone else. Everyone else keeps talking about AI this, AI that. Did it ever occur to people that some didn't know the lingo of their world, that when the people of this world seem confused, it was more of misunderstanding than them not being "programmed" to say such? The hunter well and truly didn't understand the humans of their world. But it was this misunderstanding was what made him fight for "their humanity". "@Macradon, I was never.. ..a good guild mate to you. Never really went on.. adventures and couldn't bolster our numbers. Lost so many.. ..to time or the blade. I feel like our time as the last few Knights was wasted. Never got to know each other.." As he was talking, his head would swivel from the raid party, to Stryder, to the Council. Though, most of it was checking on Durares, whom was mostly in full view, thanks to Eva's quick protection against Hikoru's kick. The boy was far to emotional to keep on the battlefield. They say that these people are all evil for their deeds. However, there is a fine line between good and evil. Ones actions could be good for the few, but evil towards the many. Whom decides these dictations? The boy squeezed hard on the crystal and shattered it, but nothing would come. The hunter sighed softly, his plan didn.... A flash of light that the hunter had known quite well before rang out before Durares disappeared; not as a shattering body of crystal light, but as a whole teleporting home. His plan didn't disappoint. A grin fell upon the Jade Hunter's lips. "..we never got to know our finest quirks. Like when we're planning something big." This brought a new instance to the fight. They could take out the rest of the council easily from here on. However, this was only the starting point for the hunter's plan. Jomei had mentioned it earlier. The dark elves owe their entire lives to the Queen, and believed the lies of the council about the war. However, what if they could change that. What if they could send word, not from a human, but from a Council Member that the Queen is dead, and have evidence to prove it. He didn't understand the war and the surfaces destruction part, but if they could be free to choose their own future, than to wallow in the dark until the end of days. The hunter would bargain his life for it. One for all. His head quickly turned towards Shield and his group. As he was about to say something to the blonde beater, she immediately took him out of his paralysis. The hunter felt his limbs and voice come back to him. "Thanks, Ruby. I promise not to body block, but I've still got a plan." "I'm sure you don't trust me any more! Hear me out, though! Durares has given us a new way to pass through, but I need your cooperation now! Beat, keep Isaxi busy. Baldur, could you cut down the chains that hold the Queen to her eternal prison while intercepting Isaxi, with me. Shield, could I trouble you to give Evahira a teleportation crystal. I'll pay you back later. His head moved on to Styder. "Could you let me up, please. I'll introduce you to my boy some time, if he's still around. You could learn something or another." He said before pushing the boy aside with some effort. The boy seemed to have greatly trained into a GM rank Martial Artist, but he wasn't the first. Though, level difference was also a telling factor. He had technique, but the hunter had time and patience to work around it while everyone fought. He was also sure that the sudden attack by Hidden and Pin would jolt some persuasion in his favor. Also Ruby's request may factor in too, he didn't know. After finally removing himself of Stryder's hold and getting off the ground, the hunter looked on towards Evahira. "Evahira, you serve your queen and country, but your queen is dead, and her people suffer. It's time to let the truth out! Take your Queen's Remains and give her a proper burial, instead of this atrocity to her image! She may be gone, but there is an entire country of your people that you must now serve and protect. Show the people what lies above their heads. Not only that, but you must also protect Durares. The boy is young, but has an impressive gift. One that could easily be taken advantage of by anyone of darkened mind.." He quipped with a quick flick of his sword towards Isaxi. "..Like you." He said as his sword burst with a red glow. His AOE sword art, Shadow Explosion, was called upon one more time. Though, not to hit everyone in the Council like last time. No, all of this was aimed at a specific target. Rushing into battle, as he should, the hunter used his first few attacks to push Isaxi towards a specific wall. As they got closer, the rest of his combos would be erratic, not focused on her, but more the wall behind her. More directly, the chains that held the remains of Queen. Sparks would fly as his attacks would break one or two of the chains, but not all. Too erratic, it would seem. "I don't know what AI or 1s and 0s mean, but I do know this. Your lies end here." Action: AOE Shadow Explosion [6 EN +2 per hit] (With the way I did this, i'm saying 10 EN used for the chains) Isaxi - ID: 107166 / BD: 5+5-1= Hit [17x9=153- 50= 103 DMG to Isaxi] Chains - No roll required. Player Stats
  3. A sudden flash of light came from Shield which messed with his vision slightly. The darkness was seemingly easing out, but the light which now shone from Shields hand made the farther reaches become that much darker. Though, the bright side of it all was their current vicinity was well lit to a couple mel. Whether or not it would help more with locating this sub-dungeon would be all on how they both were able to interact with their surroundings. The hunter was sure that, by now, Shield would have started to carry his own on search. Luck easily gains more materials and non-invest items, and a tank could easily pull his own, if they wanted to. It looked as if their other member wasn't having as much problems as the rest. Did he have Night Vision? Interesting.. the hunter thought to himself before realizing something. "Oh yeah, that's right. I don't think I've introduced myself." He turned to Pin while keeping his skills on. "I'm the Jade Hunter, Hirru. You can just call me, Hirru." @Pinball
  4. "I would agree with you on the darkest areas part, but.." Looking around at his surroundings as they met. "I haven't been to this floor yet, so I wouldn't know about any goings-on up top, or wherever you were talking about. I'm assuming there is more to this floor than another underground area." From what he could understand, this floor was a two parter with the Underdark and another above ground part. The hunter wondered why so many dark elves, as he would so eloquently name them, seemed to be in quite large numbers in this crowded space. One would think that they would settle up top too. So either their society was thriving quite a bit, but with quite a few left to squander and rags. Or something was amiss. Activating all of his search skills the moment that they left the hunter blinked and the world became different shades of green. Anything that approached them from farther than 10 mel would ping through his mind and alert him to the dangers ahead. However, the dark would make things slightly different than usual. He didn't have the Night Vision modification, and doubted if he ever would. Although the amount of floors that were covered in darkness were increasing, and it wouldn't be long until the darkness would be their only salvation. The hunter shook his head. He needed to get more sleep. @Pinball
  5. The hunter found himself in a rather new area. Although it had the near damp dark feel of the 21st floor, he could tell that it was incredibly different. This time around, everything wasn't as illuminated as it was on the previous floors. It seemed smaller too, like they were all cramped together with the residents of this floor. This also brought the hunter to the notice of the dwellers of the dark. White, nearly silver, hair adorned the heads of people with long sharp ears. He recognized the elven ears from his exploits on the third floor, but he had not seen a single trace of them from that point forward. Of course, these elves seemed to have a very distinct difference, besides the silver hair. All were noticeable indistinguishable under the dimly lit streets, as their skin was much darker than those on the third floor. If the hunter wasn't in his own search, he would be investigating the area, but instead would be looking out for the hulking shieldman. It wouldn't take long as with the many adventures that they had, the two never really changed much in wardrobe / armor. "Shield!" The hunter would call out and raise his hand over the crowd, gaining many glares and remarks from players and NPCs. @Pinball
  6. A yawn crossed the lips of rather worn out hunter. His constant search on the 22nd floor for that bloody quest room has taken him farther out from the original location that he wanted. To find ones memories was beginning to really bog down on a guy. When he really thought about it, around now, someone would be interrupting his search to find this bloody room, to go hunting or something. It was around that time that a ding came up from his hud. "Called it.." A message. It's from Shield, this time. Figuring that they could go on another dungeon run. The hunter sighed while shifting his equipment around. Taking off his crimson armor for the lesser bangle to boost his <<Search>> skill nearly passing the maximum. He only needed one more modification to his build to really drive home the skill. All these names for parts of his own body and talents, it really made the hunter think. Getting up from the lush grass that spread far for the peaceful 22nd floor, the man looked as if a bush had come to life, without his armor on. It would take him a bit to get to the town to teleport up, or he could... No, going through the labyrinth would take too much time and too much effort. Teleportation, it would have to be. @Pinball Stats:
  7. After the hit from Evahira's mace, the unexpected explosion from the Experiment, and the coughing of blood; the hunter was looking worse for wear. Already hitting the halfway point at his health, he could swear that his danger streak was probably going to be the end of him. Which didn't help the matter at hand either. His words didn't really seem to affect anyone in any positive manner. Neither his comrades, nor the dark elves before him. His words seemed to have gotten to the shield maiden, in some way, but Isaxi's seem to bring her back to the fight. The raid team, however, only seemed to see the small dots that painted the bigger picture. What was the fastest way to fight these beings to get to the next floor? Take out most of the more annoying parts. Both big damage dealers were gone, so now the little healer was a squishy and easy target for them, logical if it was a monster. However, the hunter could finally see them for what these dark elves really were; people. People living their lives in a horribly one sided world. Where the world before them made them do drastic and criminal things. Where the future of their race was the outcome, and from what the scared boy was foreseeing, a prosperous one possibly. To defend that future, a young woman took up the shield for queen and country, even as it dies. To corrupt that future, a war tactician enlisted a mad scientist, and a sly mercenary to protect HER future. If it wasn't for this place they would be... If there was a way to gain... he could... The hunter watched well the movements of only Evahira. Isaxi was not going to budge much on her ways, but it seemed that Rori's death bothered her quite a bit. Her actions seemed to be less coordinated, but that didn't mean she wasn't a heavy threat. Other than Eva, Isaxi was the main damage dealer now, whom had influence on the shield maiden. To talk to Eva, Isaxi had to go. However, everyone's attention was on the boy. From the very start, the hunter paid attention to the speech and movements of everyone, but paid it no mind until now. Eva and Dura had nearly always been around each other, or more so, they were more familiar to each other. A protective sister to a younger brother? A mother to her son? The last one was definitely not it. Friends-in-arms? He felt a pang of guilt on that last thought, for some reason. Whatever the reason, Durares had to live, for the time being. The hunter sighed. "I never thought I would be doing something like this..." He said aloud before looking towards Baldur and Shield. "Trust me on this, and if not.. Take care of Mac. He'll be lonely." He smiled at them before walking towards Evahira. His blade still in hand, but his other hand was rummaging in his pocket. "Only a few, they seem to care. The rest, seem like monster themselves, don't you think?" Eva would be on guard, but instead of raising his blade to speak, he only continued to walk forward until he was close enough to the both of them. He raised his blade, as if to stab downward, which the hunter knew would evoke a response from Evahira. Either bashed back or not, the hunter will still come back up to plant his blade.. "We came here to protect humanity..." ..in the ground, next to Durares. Using it, the hunter would kneel down and become a secondary barrier besides the shield that could barely protect them now. "...however, killing children will only turn us into the monsters that they envisioned you to be." He would say to the Shield Maiden before pulling out the thing in his pocket, a blue rectangular gem. "This is a teleportation crystal, just chant 'teleport' and your main cities name before crushing it in your hands. I don't know if you can use it or not, but this is a one time offer regardless. Use this to get Durares out of here, while he still can. I can't guarantee his safety, or that this will work. However, what else can you do?" If, at any time, Isaxi tries to say anything, the hunter will raise his head to glare at her before shouting to the rest of his group. "The boy is preoccupied! Go after the loud mouth, if your so inclined to be the raid team of humans that I know you are, and not the monsters that they see you as!" Actions: Hirru refused to attack / Offers item: Teleportation Crystal (x1) Player Stats:
  8. Hirru

    Quest Idea: First Day

    I think this is an amazing idea for an event / eternal OP, like we used to have. It's great for those that can't figure out what their character would be doing for the first few days/weeks/months/years. Especially those coming in now where we already have a somewhat timeline that may-or-may-not be in working order still. Though, I feel that it may be a little off putting for those that have their first days set in stone. Although, I'm sure some of us need a rework in that regard, anyway. Though, I do agree with Morg. This doesn't particularly seem like particularly gaining quest. "You're trapped in this castle until you or someone you don't know clears all 100 floors. Also here is some experience for your sudden trauma." Yeah, I'm not so sure. However, if it was used as a good starting spot, some new players could have some slight interactions to later known frontliner/influencial players. Of course, many of our characters have changed from our first interactions, and recalling those times are going to be quite weird for most, but it may be a learning experience. Now if we're talking about the <<Time-skip>> that will be happening because of these threads, I may see what you're going for. Instead of a quest that is an actual reward for a actual quest, its the experience gained from the <<Time-skip>> that we're looking at instead, and how said players in thread gained it all. If we ever implemented the time-skip lvls, this would be an appropriate thread to be a "Tutorial Thread" for players that don't understand the mechanics too well, before their thrust into the mid-range lvls. With this, we also knock out the possibilities of lvl 1 deaths by a fair percentage, though not by much. With these threads, I would assume this would require at least two or three players, as the fear from the news would make people huddle together for safety. Sticking together to learning the ropes of the world. This may also start some side-plots for any relations / animosities towards other players.
  9. "Is this really.. *cough*cough* the time to be *cough* talking?" I choked out what he could from the fumes after their defeat of Ratar. It seemed that they dealt with him at the right moment too. With the toxic gas and this weird slime that was slowing them down slightly, he could only figure that they could be easily overcome if the slimes were stackable. He couldn't figure out what was going on with Hestia. The bosses were sounding more and more sane, but all the more responsive than ever before. He could only guess that was the main reason why they were trying so hard to strike up conversation, was that this was one of the first instances of humanoid bosses that physically talked and acted like people. Not like the bosses before them that were all large monster and such. Though, the hunter was sure that there was a humanoid boss a few floors back, but Mack wasn't always great at keeping those records together. Although, this one seems like it was actually going with a specific act that had befallen the floor and it's people, with each new shred of info that Hestia could pull out. "If we're gonna talk.. *cough* we should do it like this!" "What are the consequences.." The hunter pushed forward out of the noxious gas that covered his party to rush the enemy that had dropped to a quartet. With his blade singed in green, the hunter was prepared to strike the shield maiden first, but instead stopped before her. He cleared his throat of what he could before a rather serious look came about him. "I hear your words; your loyalty! I commend them all! They are words meant for a true knight that have fought long and hard for her people! For her queen and country!" He looked on to the skeleton before looking back to the shield maiden. "I'm sure she smiles down on you, and you alone. The most faithful of knights." Raising his sword in the sky, mimicking the art starter for his Commander, his voice grew louder. "Now listen to my words, my Blood Oath: I, Vice Commander Hirru, do solemnly swear that I will serve the betterment of all mankind. To bring down all that stand in the way of salvation from the castle in the sky, Aincrad, that has imprisoned us all. To give my past, present, and future for that liberation, until my life is forfeit, as many knights have before me." As if by his words, he thought he could feel the presence of the previous Vice Commanders. All raising their weapons with the hunter, giving him strength. "..As I pray, may this oath be etched into the blood of all that seek the future!" Just then, the hunter's blade would burn crimson red before he launched the AOE attack once more. This time, the attack wasn't as prolonged as the last. He wasn't making tricks now. His first attack struck the Shield Maiden, but that would be easily blocked by her shield. However, the momentum of being knocked away could be used to burst out against the small card wielder. Although any damage done to him would be useless until they actually focus him, the hunter wasn't going to let up on the AOE's until three were left. Next was Rori, whom would get a nasty slash as the hunter had clashed blades with him enough to understand that the spastic nature would be slightly predictable. Forcing the boy around, the hunter would kick Rori towards Baldur and Beat to finish the job. Lastly, the commander of the group would get the stab once more, this time forcing his blade against hers. It would be around now that the choking hazard would finally surface again, as the hunter coughed hard with particles of 'orange' splattering out from his mouth. Actions: Shadow Explosion [EN = 6+2 per hit] Durares - [ID:104602][BD:9] Crit+1 / 18x9= 162-0= 162 Dmg to Durares Rori - [ID:104603][BD:9] Crit+1 / 18x9= 162-25= 137 Dmg to Rori Isaxi - [ID:104604][BD:7+4-1]Hit / 17x9= 153-50= 103 Dmg to Isaxi Evahira - [ID:104605][BD:4+4-1]Hit / 17x9= 153-100= 53 Dmg to Evahira Player Stats
  10. Hirru

    The time has come

    I'm up for anything. It'll be a good refresher. @Morgenstern
  11. Hirru

    The time has come

    The hunter will join for a job or two. Gotta work up the story somehow. DPS / Scout {Lv. 55}
  12. What the ever living hell were they doing? Has Mac and his group lost their minds? What in the world was Hestia talking about? The entire area in ruin? He didn't see any of that, although, the Mysterious Merchant did deposit the hunter right at the gates of the labyrinth, so there wasn't much to see to begin with. Also with his rush, he wasn't interested in the dynamics of this entire floor. He had never set foot on the floor itself until now, as he has.. ..prior engagements. Everything that was talked about was foreign to him, but it sounded like the Council in front of him, were actually in the right of it. He didn't know what exactly happened, but if what they had talked about was true, then the people were better left not knowing. "What were the alternatives?!" What are the consequences of your actions?! "What changes could you have made? Would they have won your war?!" The hunter called out. He was tired of this talk, so he had to put the record straight. "Does it even matter anymore?! The past cannot be changed, and there is nothing more to say on it. No matter how hard we try to claw our way back!" He said as he point waved his hand over the entirety of the room. "This is here and now.." He growled before pushing forward towards Rori. "..and we're fighting!" However, his original target wasn't him. With the Shield Maiden's attention trained on him, the hunter could go after anyone and make her follow him, which was his plan. If she can do what she did to before, then she would be following him towards Rori. The hunter would use this opportunity to finally charge the runt of the group. Immediately pivoting in place once he got in front of Rori, the Jade Hunter's blade began to glow as he spun 160 degrees to his left to face Evahira. His sword art immediately flashed as he used his last <<Charge>> to shoot past the shield maiden and come face to face with the small Durares. His first slash would bounce off of the barrier that the little one had up. With that, the hunter had done what he wanted. Next in the combo would be everyone's favorite target, Ratar. A couple solid strikes to him were all he needed before pushing off towards Isaxi, the commander of the group. "You know, if you can really command these people. I would really like to learn that skill myself! Too bad, though." He said before finally giving his one of his rival tacticians a stab. Before his sword art was done, the hunter quickly pushed his foot back into the direction of the waiting blade of Rori. They would clash swords with a grin. "Sorry love! Did you miss me?" Actions: Shadow Explosion [-6 EN + 2 per hit] Durares [ID: 103406] BD: 4+5-1=[8], Hit <<Charge used>> [Safeguard removed] Ratar [ID: 103407] BD: 4+5-3=[6], Hit 9x17= 153-50= 103 Dmg to Ratar Rori [ID: 103409] BD: 5+5-2=[8], Hit 9x17= 153-25= 128 Dmg to Rori Isaxi [ID: 103410] BD: 7+5-1=[8+], Hit 9x17= 153-50= 103 Dmg to Isaxi Player Stats:
  13. It seemed that everyone except for the hunter was in on the planning as everyone was already in their group. He was about to head over to Macradon when the azure samurai came to him. Assuming the notion to greet him wasn't just to check on him, but to point him in the right direction, the hunter walked with Baldur to their team. Turned out, they were in the Vanguard, which was probably the best call for the Jade Hunter. Since he didn't know what call signs that would be thrown out, he could be the initial wave to signal if anything was amiss. Keeping his wits about him, he took a step towards the open doors and.. wh͘at ͘are ̕th̶e҉ ̛c͝onseq͞u̴e͜nc͟e͢s ̸of ́our ̧a͘ct͞ion͞s͠? Something stopped him from moving forward, without first thinking about and observing the area before him. What were the key points to their design, and could he pinpoint anything wrong in the room. What were the exact descriptors from the meeting? He could only remember something about the number five. That number, he would train on that. It turns out, it wasn't the number that he needed to worry about. It was the team dynamic that he could already see. <<Isaxi>> was far too vocal for her own good, but her air. Shot caller. <<Evahira>> was the most obvious tank. The last three were slightly harder to get a handle on. The wild one, <<Rori>> seemed too willy not to be regular DPS, not unlike the hunter himself. The two quiet ones were the most difficult. The small one he couldn't figure out, but the last one, <<Ratar>>. Why does the hunter sense a bit of Hikoru around him? Those two better not be fighting with their doors. Not even hearing Shield's shout, the hunter burst past. He was the weakest one on the team, so what better way to use ones strength. Bait. "Enough talk! We're here to clear the House (of representatives)" He called out before rushing towards the leader of the group, but before he could pass the shield maiden, it seemed that she and the wild one wanted his attention even more and got in his way. The entirety of this attack was focused on those two instead. "Alright, I'll take you on!" Action Taken: AOE Sword Art - Shadow Explosion (-6 EN +2 per hit) Isaxi [ID: 103175] [BD: 1] FFFF Ratar [ID: 103176] [BD: 1] UUUU Rori [ID: 103177] [BD: 6+5-2= Hit] 9x(17+4)= 189-25 = 164 DMG to Rori Evahira [ID: 103178] [BD: 7+5+1= Hit] 9x(17+4)= 189-100= 89 DMG to Evahira Player Stats
  14. Waking with a start, the hunter finds himself inside the familiar confines of his traveling merchant's caravan. Immediately, he wondered how he got here from his stint with Hestia and Baldur, but some vague recollections could be made. They probably brought him back into town, but that still didn't tell him how he got inside his own cart. No one should know how to bring the Mysterious Merchant out except him. [The rest of this part will be played out in the Traveling Flame] ------------------------------------------------------------------- Rushing through the labyrinth, the hunter smelled something quite particular and rounded a corner. There he would find a particular girl with unusual hair, though he was one to talk with his own green hair. The smell seemed to be coming from her. "Excuse me! Are you a raid vendor? Do you mind selling me something from your roster real quick, preferably something mitigation wise? Also, transfer the map data to me for the labyrinth. I was asleep throughout the meeting." The hunter grinned while holding out 10 T3 Mats as payment. A rather large amount for one item, but he was in a hurry and didn't care. @Neopolitan [Buying Iron Infused Steak and Carrots and Squash] ---------------------------------------------------- "Thanks!" He said as he gives the mats and grabs the food before running off while eating it as fast as he could. The raid group seemed to have ripped through the mobs around the area, but some were still spawning. He had to figure was around, but thankfully the map data showed ways around them. After some struggle, the hunter finally could hear voices around the corner. "Bloody finally!" He sighed to himself before rolling the corner to find one of the larger groups that he has seen in a while. The wasn't much to be said about his lateness, and he believed that if he tried to say anything a couple people in the room would say something about it. Especially how he has been acting lately. So, what better way to make an entrance.. .. than to be fashionably late. "Let's make these elves rue this day!" [Use (1) Field Ration+2 / (1) Immolation Potion+2 / (1) Iron Infused Steak / (1) Carrots and Squash]
  15. Will edit later Buying Selling - (Nothing) Modifying (Rolls found here) (2 / 6 Items appraised) Purchases = 0 Col Modifications = 2160 Col Total Expenditures = Col Total Exp Gained = 12