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  1. Hirru

    3.0 and all its information!

    This is an unexpected surprise.
  2. Hirru didn't even know that this place even existed. Sure, Shield was another merchant, like himself, but the man had turned his business into an enterprise, or so it would seem. The entire building was worth more than his entire cart five times over. In terms of Merchants, he was already at the top. Entering the lavish estate, the hunter would behold the splendors that Shield had accumulated over his seasoned ventures. In the many amounts of quests that they had been on, he figured that it would all come to this. Searching around, the hunter found some particular weapons and armor. Though the price tag was something to cringe at, it was all for the better. He needed to change himself. Going over to the counter, Hirru would wave to his friend. "Hey, Shield! Got a minute? I need to make quite a few changes to myself. I wanna grab some of those unique spears from ya, and a full mitigation armor." Purchasing: Total: 21500 Col
  3. Hirru

    [BR-F24] 'Sahagin Shenanigans'

    It seemed that they had truly failed this one. All of their actions in this fight were for nothing. This would really beat the hunter over the head. If only he was stronger, they wouldn't be in this predicament. If he could be like Baldur and Beat, they wouldn't have to run. He had enough energy to continue, but for what? He couldn't break through that armor. If he were truly prepared then.. They wouldn't have to.. Before he could collect his thoughts, Beat teleported away. Hirru clenched his sword hand hard around the handle of his sword. The bosses words were seeming to get to him, but as Baldur's call to fall back came, he remembered that these beings were all fake. He couldn't really understand how they were fake, but he would believe his friends. Taking out a crystal, the hunter looked back to find that Shield had rammed against shaman, finally killing it. "Guess that gives us a breather. I'll see you back at the arena!" Hirru shouted to Shield before crushing the crystal. "Panareze!" He mimicked. A blue light would envelop him, but before he did, he looked down at his sword. 'I'm gonna need a bigger sword' Hirru leaves the fight Used x1 Teleportation Crystal
  4. Hirru

    [BR-F24] 'Sahagin Shenanigans'

    With the shaman stunned, they had a moment to breath, though only for a little. Their next actions would decide everything. The hunter had stunned the shaman, but now what? They couldn't hold it down for long. Baldur and Beat were looking worn out, and wouldn't be able to last much longer. It's about time for that 'final gambit', or whatever Baldur was planning. It was only really in quick whispers as they passed, so the plan wasn't fully explained to him. All that Hirru understood was to continue trading damage to stunning, until a time where the shaman was weak enough. It was weak enough now, so... "Let's do this!" He called out while reading himself against the chieftain. However, nothing came of it. His sword art didn't go off as it should have, and he was thrown back without any way of coming back from it. "Damn!" [ID: 112644] [BD: 1] Miss
  5. Hirru

    [BR-F24] 'Sahagin Shenanigans'

    They were all that was left now. Zandra had ran, Hestia and Ruby teleported away, which left the 'heroes' to play their part and finish this fight. With the back and forth, the hunter only had to pay attention to what he hit last. Since Hirru hit the chieftain last, he should switch off to attack the shaman and stun them to the ground. That was his strategy for this fight, though he would have to think about slowing his reps. It could be possible that he may not be able to stun every time. He needed to be careful of the order, and watch what orders come next. Hirru had to believe in his friends. His health was below half and nearly in the red, he heard Shield call out to him. He could only grit his teeth and nod. They all had each others backs. Hirru needed to keep his end of that trust. Figuring that this was the end-game, the hunter pulled out all the stops. They were going to finish this in style. Flying outwards towards the shaman, Hirru would leap into the air before smashing downward against the fishman's skull. A series of cuts would then scrawl across the four limbs of the creature before falling back. Each slash would shine before binding the creature in place. "That'll hold ya!" [ID: 112632] [BD: 8+2-2=8] Hit [Nova Ascension] 17x9= 153-100= 53 Stun Dmg to Shaman 2
  6. Hirru

    [BR-F24] 'Sahagin Shenanigans'

    The hunter couldn't believe what he just saw. After so much persuasion, Hestia and Ruby relented their position after such efforts to keep going. HIrru could understand why they would want to stay. This was their find; their claim. They may have even been properly prepared, but they were only two people. It wasn't until Zandra came that their odds became a little better. At least, that's what the hunter thought. Though, the endgame would have been worse off for them. Speaking of Zandra, why was she screaming such things while trying to physically run out? Didn't she have a crystal to teleport away with? Hirru shook his head hard. No, that wouldn't do. Even with just their team, it would be a slog. With heavy potential damage on both parties now, they could easily push the chieftain to death. "Za.." He was about to say to stay with them, but would she even believe his words now. He was the least trustworthy person in Aincrad now, besides this Kayaba person. Gritting his teeth, he could only act as he should. Attack the Chieftain when off stun, and stun shaman when ever possible. This was his role. He shouldn't cross it. It was Baldur's call, if they really needed her damage. Bursting forward, the hunter ripped through the golden dust that lathered the scaly hide, and struck true against the Chieftain. Unfortunately, the heightened mitigation would really show, when he could see the relative difference in his damage before and after the gold dust. "Damn.." [ID: 112599] [BD: 7+2-1=8] Hit [Meteor Break] 17x11= 187- 125= 62 Dmg to Chieftain
  7. Hirru

    [BR-F24] 'Sahagin Shenanigans'

    Watching closely, the boss battle was crawling into the endgame portion. They had already forced the final abilities out, so now they were on a battle of attrition. The teams all had maybe two or three rotations of attacks to pull through. If not, then they would all have to fall back. If not..., they fail. Hirru had only recently learned the truths of this world, that this plane of existance was created as a form of 'game'; a play thing that was bastardized to fit the imagination of a man twisted. A failure would not be a restart, but a full 'game over'. Death as real as life. Earlier, he thought of death as it was, the ending of life. However, this game was pushing that logic. Making death in this child's game... Hirru wasn't having any of this game. If it was truly a game, then the patterns would mean a lot more. Reading them, was what he knew best. The shaman was ready for a heal, and the hunter was ready to intercept. With another four hit combo to seal the shaman in place, the tables would turn for the 'heros.' If Baldur and Beat could rip into the Chief, they could kill it now, or have enough down for Ruby and Hestia to seal the deal. "Delaying the inevitable, huh. I'm sure that this is checkmate!" [ID:112528] [BD:8+2-2=8] Hit [Horizontal Square] 4x17= 68-100= 1 Stun Dmg to Shaman 2 Players Stats
  8. Hirru

    [BR-F24] 'Sahagin Shenanigans'

    Another heavy blow from the Chieftain and Hirru was already closer to half his health. With the last attack, the groups were suddenly accosted by the bosses final ability, which caused all creatures to become more hardened, it seemed. This fight was already too long, and it had only gotten longer. Hirru's damage output was already minuscule, but if his read on the damage to health ratios that have been shown was anything to scoff at, he could see that his attack would do nothing but tickle the Chieftain. Though, what else could he do? There wasn't anything that he had in his arsenal that could do much. All else fails... they may have to do something either drastic, or more on the less popular side. He didn't want to.. "Joking aside, I'm not seeing this ending well, or at all." [ID: 112393] [BD: 1] Miss
  9. Hirru

    [BR-F24] 'Sahagin Shenanigans'

    Hirru took a heavy toll from the boss, but there wasn't much he could do now. Any moment not attacking is a wasted moment. "I'm on it!" Hirru took the orders given to him from Baldur. The healing shaman was an issue and they needed to silence it. If only he had a particular build to go on, paralyzing the enemy would be much easier. Thinking upon changing his current build and equipment was going to wait for the foreseeable future. For now, he just had to attack the shaman, which was harder than ever. The previous shamans were able to easily avoid him, so he could only guess that these would be no different. All he had to do, was concentrate on it, and he would be able to hit it. Ignoring all else, the hunter proceeded the attack. Pulling out a sword art that he had long since abandoned, Hirru pulsed forward into the shaman. It was fast, however, he anticipated such behavior. Four simple sword slashes to all sides would create beams of light that held the creature in place for a moment, but only for a moment. [ID: 112315] [BD: 6+2+1-2=7] Hit [Horizontal Square] 4x17= 68-50= 18 Stun Dmg to Shaman 2
  10. Hirru

    [BR-F24] 'Sahagin Shenanigans'

    "Let us follow through, then." Hirru had thought that making his move last time would have worked, but it seemed that that wasn't going to be enough anymore. With a sharp exhale, the hunter could see that they were back to where they were with the other shaman. Which meant that they would have to alternate stuns against the creature to keep it from healing the chieftain, as often. He still wasn't prepared as some of the others, and his damage was showing. Were these the limitations of a single handed weapon? Is this 'game' that they were trapped in that biased to show expertise of power to those with more in their hands, than on their hands? No, those were the hands of those that knew the dangers. They prepared for every eventuality, as they had seen it previously; lived through it all. ID: 112261 BD: 1, Miss
  11. Hirru

    [BR-F24] 'Sahagin Shenanigans'

    Following the course of actions, everything seemed to be falling into place now. They only had one shaman left, which needed to be kept alive for a time. That meant that they should now focus all their attention towards the Chieftain and whittle it down until they could finally be done with this fight. It had been going on far too long. It would do them well enough to get this fight rolling. Zandra seemed to be falling back, but the hunter thought it would be better to focus single target instead. Though, if she was joining any of the parties, that may work out quite a bit more. Taking everything in, Hirru figured that it was time to start the assault. He wanted to wait for Baldur or Shields signal, and it didn't take long for him to get it. Shield said that they should go full tilt, so he would do just that. The hunter was no longer curious to the ramblings of these creatures. They were only noise now. Bursting forward, the chieftain was a much bigger, and slower opponent to tackle. His sword burned green as it slashed through the chieftains scaly hide. It seemed to be a bigger hit than usual, but those thick scales made his blade's damage seem miniscule. [ID: 111128] [BD: 10] Crit +2 [Sword Art: Meteor Break] 17+2+4(Charge)= 23x11= 253-75 = 178 Dmg to Sagahin Chieftain
  12. Hirru

    [BR-F24] 'Sahagin Shenanigans'

    With the plan going this way and that, Hirru really was getting confused on what to do. It only helped that he was listening more to Baldur than his own head, or anyone else. Could they continue their fight with how they were going? The hunter wasn't seeing everything that they were seeing, so he just let the planning continue on their side. He would just find the weakest creature and attack, as a proper DPS should. What Beat was saying made sense too. If they go with the original plan, and leave one sahagin alive, but stunned every so often. THey could kill off the chieftain with minimal effort. "Alright, I'll see what I can do!" Taking stance, he aimed for the first sahagin to try and deal a finishing blow. It would still end up the same. This time, the creature would awaken from their stunned state to evade the hunter. He really wasn't making any hits. [ID: 110995] [BD: 3+2=5] MIss
  13. Hirru

    [BR-F24] 'Sahagin Shenanigans'

    The fight seemed to be going well, that was until the Chieftain decided that he wanted more company. They had an uphill battle to fight against, and the hunter wasn't doing his part well. Sure, he was a damage dealer, but the way that the floors have been lately. He would have to pick up something a little stronger, or start bringing numerous amounts of buffs. Still, Hirru had to do something about the newly spawned creatures. Baldur had taken notice and called the hunter's attention towards the middle of the three newly spawned shamans. Pulling his blade up with him, the hunter would jump forward to attack the newly risen fish beasts. However, the fish men were much faster than he was. He was really only getting in the way now. "So, what do you guys call something like this?" [ID: 110892] [BD: 5+2-2= 5] Miss Stats
  14. Hirru

    [BR-F24] 'Sahagin Shenanigans'

    "Don't mind me!" Following his brothers-in-arms, an unlikely contender appeared with them. Despite the insane actions that he took not too long ago, he was out here with three well known front liners. Bursting forward, the green haired hunter donning none of his regular red gear, nodded to Baldur's orders. With only two creatures out that he could see, the blips from before would mean that they had already taken care of one of the mobs before they got there. It seemed that they didn't really need their help too badly. Still, they came up with the silly phrase, and had to go with it. "Thought you could use a Hirru!" The joke seemed stale in his throat, but the joke was done. With that, the hunter rushed the weakened <<Sahagin Shaman>> they got there, and unleashed a [Concentrated Charge Art]. Luckily, it seemed that someone had stunned this particular fish person. Hirru would use this to his advantage to deal a considerable blow on the creature. Though, his thoughts would get in the way, and would make it only a near fatal blow. If only he were stronger, both physically.. and mentally. [ID: 110736] [BD: 3+2+1 (Concentration) = 6 Hit] [Sword Art: Meteor Break] 17+4 (Charge)= 21x11= 231-50 = 181 Dmg to Sahagin Shaman 3 Stats: Party Stats
  15. -On the outskirts of town- On a snow covered hill, overlooking the town of Snowfrost, a lone man sat idly by as he watched the merriment from far away. His attire contrasted that of the snow, in a black sleeveless turtleneck, and dark pants. The only thing that looked festive on him, was his green hair. He carried nothing that would be construed as red on him, except the symbol for his guild; one that he wished to temporarily part with. The fourth floor was as beautiful as ever. The snow from the mountain was constantly falling, even more so than ever before. The weather didn't seem to mean much to the green haired hunter. His survival skill had nullified much of the cold that would be freezing him, by now. Looking down upon the festivities, Hirru could only smile. He couldn't join them. He was an outcast to society now. A mark of betrayal hung over his heart, not unlike the orange crystals that hung over some players heads. However, his was not visible to the naked eye. No, it was only through the eyes of those that know that betrayal exist, that it would be known. Hirru figured that if he walked into the festival, anyone that would have a grudge on him now would spill the beans to everyone there. Not only the front lines would hate him, but also the entirety of Humanity. With that being said, he opened his menu to see what friend he had left to see in there. Out of his entire friends list, it seemed like many had undone that very friendship. He wondered about the mechanics of this trinket that held everyone's information and items. If one was really a friend, if they were added through this system. This 'game system' as it were. Hirru could only trust the words that Baldur and Shield gave to him. Speaking of, they seemed to be there. That meant that other front liners were there too.