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        New Skill - Energize: Spend energy to restore another target player's energy. New Mod - Hyperactive: Increase a target's passive energy regeneration for a short time.
        Focused Howl: Now generates 5 hate on a single target. Fighting Spirit: Increases Hate generated from attacks by 1. Missing an attack will generate 1 Hate, successful attacks will generate 2, and critical hits will generate 3 before other modifiers. Picking: No longer has ranks. Provides a flat LD bonus to opening chests. Dismantling (Mod): Reduced SP cost to 8 from 9.
        Enhancement List Update:
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  1. "Is it me, or am I beginning to think that we're just dozing off in some sort of dream land, which is why EVERYTHING IS GOING WRONG!" The hunter piped up when he noticed the lack of action that was happening on all fronts. Although, Capt. Mac was attacking the mobs to bait them away from the hunter, he was still missing and contributing little to the fight. Hikoru had slipped away somewhere, hopefully doing something good; and, Itzal was pretty much being blocked on all fronts by Mac whenever he would try to attack. The hunter had wasted all of his energy already and Anemone couldn't harm a fly, though, she still did her part. "Capt. Mac! Concentrate on the main body instead of the head. Itzal, just move around Mac's wide swings. It's easier than you think. Hikoru.. get out of hiding and attack something! Anemone..." The hunter had to think about for her. "Keep doing what you're doing." - Health List - [H:0]< Macradon > 1335/1335 HP || 111 MIT || 19 DMG || 61/132 NRG (-2 NRG, +1 NRG) [H:2]< Hirru > 975/975 HP || (78)MIT || 14 DMG || 1/96 NRG (+12 Mit Buff, +1 NRG) [H:0]< Anemone > 780/780 HP || 0 MIT || 0 DMG || 33/78 NRG (-8 NRG, +1 NRG] [H:0]< Hikoru > 1315/1315 HP || 84 MIT || 22 DMG || 101/130 NRG [H:0]< Itzal > 1,260/1,260 HP || 3 MIT || 15 DMG || 53/126 NRG - Monster Health - < Hobgoblin > 390/670 HP || 0 MIT || 198 DMG || < Hobgoblin > 544/670 HP || 0 MIT || 198 DMG || < Hobgoblin > 544/670 HP || 0 MIT || 198 DMG || < Hobgoblin > 544/670 HP || 0 MIT || 198 DMG || - Loot Acquired - Mats: 15 T3. Col: 23,890 x2 Rare Armour x1 Rare OHAS - Notes - Barrier: Cooldown 0/3 Monsters defeated: 12/20 @Anemone
  2. The snow felt cold after Hirru fell into it to avoid being hit more by Captain Macradon's area of effect attack, that decimated the four that struck out at the hunter, causing him some damage. Thankfully, Anemone was able to get to him to heal a fair amount of his health, but not all of it. It would have to do, as the fight had to continue. Some how, the health regeneration felt like the snow that fell upon them now, but the thought would be pushed aside. The hunter wasn't going to let his pride get thrown about around his fellow guild members, but he wasn't going to throw himself into another group like before. This time, he would have all of his skills active at once. He wasn't going to let anything get by him like that again. This time, the hunter found the undead before they could do another surprise attack, and performed one of his own. After they shattered on to the moon mother, he would give one last scan around the area to make sure that that was the last group. "It seems we're clear from those undead. Night King is the only one left." ID: 86336 BD: 4+2=6, Hit Sword art used: Shadow Explosion - 9x1x14= 126-25=101 AOE DMG - Health List - [0]< Macradon > 1335/1335 HP || 111 MIT || 13 DMG || 103/136 NRG (-19 NRG, +3 NRG) [0]< Hirru > 970/995 HP || 66 MIT || 13 DMG || 79/98 NRG (+1 NRG, -18 NRG) [0]< Anemone > 780/780 HP || 0 MIT || 1 DMG || 69/78 NRG (-9 NRG) < Frost Wight > -1/100 HP || 25 MIT || 120 DMG (-101 HP) < Frost Wight > -1/100 HP || 25 MIT || 120 DMG (-101 HP) < Frost Wight > -1/100 HP || 25 MIT || 120 DMG (-101 HP) < Frost Wight > -1/100 HP || 25 MIT || 120 DMG (-101 HP) - Notes - 12/12 Wights slain
  3. The battle would begin not soon after they had fully identified where it was. Capt. Mac sprung forward with a quick attack, but when the monster surfaced to strike back, it looked like Mac's attack did nothing to it. There was a slight film of oil that the hunter could recall from his first stint against Hebishinu, which acted like the safeguards that the front liners used against all of the floor bosses. With that, the large snake was also able to paralyze Macradon to which most of the teams attack power would have been coming from. Without that, the hunter seemed like he would be the next target for the large snake, if he was lucky enough to catch it. His eyes were fast enough to catch every movement of the illuminated Hebishinu from his search and detect activated as one, but that meant nothing if he couldn't hit. The hunter got his chance when the snake was about to strike out at Macradon again. Deflecting the attack with a simple uppercut, the snake went back into the water. "So, Hebishinu has some quirks, which you've found a couple of. One is the weird oil or slime that covers its body, which acts like a full safe guard, or however that is called. I'm sure that it has been taken care over by my attack, but we'll see when it comes back around." The hunter explained while making sure that Mac doesn't fall over into mud, and while keeping a sharp eye on "The other that you found is the paralysis it inflicts. Though, it has one other, which I think was a toxin." He then turned to Anemone. "Stay far from Macradon, as the snake has some reach. Also, I wouldn't use the damage buff on either of us just yet." - Health List - [3]< Macradon > 1335/1335 HP || 165 MIT || 19 DMG || 132/132 NRG <Paralyzed> [1]< Hirru > 995/995 HP || 0 MIT || 13 DMG || 98/98 NRG (-1 NRG) [0]< Anemone > 780/780 HP || 0 MIT || 1 DMG || 78/78 NRG < Hebishinu > //// //// //// HP || 100 MIT || 140 DMG || Safeguard 0/2 @Anemone
  4. "What are you apologizing over?" He asked quizzically, but kept all visual and mental attention towards the Ancient Beast that didn't seem to let up on either of them. It was thankful that the tiger was focusing more on the hunter than the woman behind him. It didn't seemed to be much of a problem though, as any damage that was accumulated, he figured that his newest guild member would back him up with a supportive role. It got the hunter thinking that would make him crack a little smile. Technically, the hunter was a support / dps role of his own, though, it could easily be lumped in with the shifty scout players. No, he saw himself more of a risk taker than a fight or flight expert. Maybe, that is why the hunter is always helping those in need, 'cause that just give him another reason to be in harms way. The final strike would ring out against the beast, even going a little overboard with it as after three hits of the eleven hit combo, the beast was done. Shattering out to meet the moon mother, the hunter watched on until the light crystals were nothing, but shimmers in the sky. Turning around, the hunter would see the fidgeting woman from before looking more worried than thankful. Was she lost in her own thoughts, or what? "Are you.. alright?" The hunter asked while genuinely concerned for many things that were wrong, about the entire situation. [ID: 86166][BD: 3+2+1] Hit (Meteor Break = 18x11= 198 dmg)[MD: 10=10] Crit +2 (137 dmg) Hirru - [895 / 895 HP | 56 / 88 EN] (+1 EN, -11 EN) Anemone - [780 / 780 HP | 71 / 78 EN] [+1 ENR] Ancient Tiger - [0 / 450 HP | 135 dmg] (-198 dmg){ID: 86167] [LD: 2+5=7] [CD: 8] +1350 Col & +1 T2 Mat @Anemone
  5. Everyone was having problems these ugly beast, and the wear was really beginning to show now. Two of them were already past half of their energy pool while Macradon was close to half of his gone too. If the Vanguard commander had not missed so many times, he would be in the same case as the hunter was now. Very little energy to use, with only a weak AOE to be really usable. Although that seemed like the better idea, the amount of energy that the hunter could accumulate would allow him to use his most powerful single target sword art. Either way that he thought about it, the deed would be done, and his energy would be spent far past what he could salvage alone. It was times like these, that the hunter thought about getting those revitalizing skills and food items. Anemone was a cook, so maybe she could throw something together in that regard. The singular target hobgoblin was struck by a hailstorm of shoulder tackles and slashes that would ring out around the upper body. Several of them would cross the head and neck area to cause sufficient damage. "Reaffirm your targets! I'm out of energy." Which wasn't a good thing, as he was now the main target of all four hobgoblins. Thankfully, Mac's earlier stint allowed some leeway for the hunter. [H:0]< Macradon > 1335/1335 HP || 111 MIT || 19 DMG || 62/132 NRG (-2 NRG, +3 NRG) [H:2]< Hirru > 975/975 HP || 66 MIT || 14 DMG || 0/96 NRG (+1 NRG, -11 NRG) [H:0]< Anemone > 780/780 HP || 0 MIT || 0 DMG || 40/78 NRG [H:0]< Hikoru > 1315/1315 HP || 84 MIT || 22 DMG || 101/130 NRG [H:0]< Itzal > 1,260/1,260 HP || 3 MIT || 15 DMG || 53/126 NRG - Monster Health - < Hobgoblin > 390/670 HP || 0 MIT || 198 DMG || (-154 hp) < Hobgoblin > 544/670 HP || 0 MIT || 198 DMG || < Hobgoblin > 544/670 HP || 0 MIT || 198 DMG || < Hobgoblin > 544/670 HP || 0 MIT || 198 DMG || - Loot Acquired - Mats: 15 T3. Col: 23,890 x2 Rare Armour x1 Rare OHAS - Notes - Monsters defeated: 12/20 @Anemone
  6. "I've got your flanks then." The hunter said while moving to the front to intercept anything that would cause Capt. Mac any problems. He would be tracking the great snakes path through the island marshes, so the hunter would have to keep his Reveal off to keep himself from falling into the water, as it became unrecognizable from the actual ground. With that came the bugs that would be wanted to claim a meal from them, but they were more a noise than a nuisance. As long as Mac kept following the trail that he could see, the hunter could do his job and keep constant eyes on the beast once they found it. It wouldn't take very long for them to find the lair of the beast. A burrow whose entrance seemed to be flooded over by the river that ran close by. Under the water, the hunter could feel the intensity in the area, as if they were being watched. Keeping most of his search skills active as they approached, a ping would set off when a ripple in the water flowed out from the den. "It's in the water. Mac, let's blow this thing out of there. Anemone, buff Macradon's mitigation. He'll be able to rip it out of the water easily." [ID: 86150] [LD: 9+11=20] Danger Noodle spotted! @Anemone
  7. "Come on, Anemone. We don't want to lose you from your natural camouflage." The hunter held a hand out to the snow white priestess that played in the snow, while trying to press a little joke in the meanwhile. Though, whether or not it would seem forced would be to the onlookers to figure out. The hunter wasn't always the one to make jokes, but that didn't mean he couldn't. It was just rare. "We can better materials later on, though I won't bash that initiative." The climb up the mountain would be rough, but not as bad as the time that he had with Shield. That time was really bad on the hunter as he had to remove himself from any hard actions to have the tank pull mobs more quickly. Unfortunately, a snow storm came in and made movement that much harder. Hopefully, that wouldn't be the case here as they crested the ridge to find the Night King's stronghold. After Mac took out four of the guards, the hunter was tasked to take out the next ones that would come to greet them. "Easier said than done." The hunter said while pushing forward through the snow. The next four Wights were not in sight at all, which made the hunter think if they were hiding. It was too late as the ghostly white undead sprung from the snow around him and cut into him several times. "Damn!" ID: 86149 BD: 2+2=4, Miss Sword art used: - MD: 10, Crit +2 (120+2= 122-66= 56x4 = 224 dmg) - Health List - [0]< Macradon > 1335/1335 HP || 111 MIT || 13 DMG || 119/136 NRG (-19 NRG, +2 NRG) [0]< Hirru > 771/995 HP || 66 MIT || 13 DMG || 96/98 NRG (-2 NRG, -224 HP) [0]< Anemone > 780/780 HP || 0 MIT || 1 DMG || 78/78 NRG < Frost Wight > 100/100 HP || 25 MIT || 120 DMG (Effect) < Frost Wight > 100/100 HP || 25 MIT || 120 DMG (Effect) < Frost Wight > 100/100 HP || 25 MIT || 120 DMG (Effect) < Frost Wight > 100/100 HP || 25 MIT || 120 DMG (Effect) - Notes - 4/12 Wights slain @Anemone
  8. "It'll be alright. I doubt that anything too big will come after us." It would take a few hours to reach the island, so livening up the atmosphere would be better than nothing. Keeping Anemone from trying to go overboard would be the better part of that venture too. That being said, it wouldn't take that long. The sun would travel a bit in the sky to signal that time had passed from late morning to early evening. They would have enough time to talk to the leader of the village, and break through the large snake's habitat. Of course, the elder would take a few minutes to talk, but it wasn't as bad as it would seem. It didn't take long for them to fully get into the quest that might take them some time to complete. "Well, let's see where this thing really is, then." He said while activating all of his search based skills, but it didn't seem anything was coming up. "Hmm.. weird." [ID: 86147] [LD: 1+11=12] Snek not found Stats
  9. Whatever the hell was happening, the hunter was sure that he was out of the loop for it. When did they get a new member? The last one that he remembered was Beatbox, and he defected back to the Celestial not too long after his initial joining. He tried to remember where he last saw or heard anything from the guild about this, but with Mack always gone for who knows what; Macradon going solo while still keeping the Blood Oath colors; and Commander Heathcliff was.. The hunter slowly began to remember that the chain of command was fairly chaotic, and his own actions were mostly on his own. Putting his attention fully towards the Ancient Tiger, the hunter sighed in response to the woman's apology behind him. The tiger would have to be dealt with soon before they could understand what was going on, on both sides of the table. "We can talk later after we take this tiger down." He said while rushing the tiger for a hefty sum of its health. His blade rushing through the beast's rocky armor to push it from attacking either of them further. [ID: 86132][BD: 10] Crit +2 (Meteor Break = 20x11= 220 dmg)[MD: 4-1=2] Miss Hirru - [895 / 895 HP | 66 / 88 EN] (+1 EN, -11 EN) Anemone - [780 / 780 HP | 70 / 78 EN] Ancient Tiger - [32 / 450 HP | 135 dmg] (-220 dmg) @Anemone
  10. Going along with Capt. Mac's planning, the hunter had a few things to say about his own excursion through the Night King's realm. From his only time up there, the only thing that was a real problem was probably the cold restricting his movements, causing his potential damage to fall a small amount, but nothing that couldn't be scavenged out. Especially with two fighters of the team. "The minions are nothing, and are easy enough to take out. Heck, I'd say we'll be able to take out all of them before we even get to the Night King's stronghold. The real problem comes when we get into that stronghold and gain the Night King's debuff. It will only be him, if we take everything else out before facing him, but we should be cautious. We won't need Barrier until then, though, but your first aid ability will make up the rest of that side of the coin." He said the last part to Anemone while looking out towards the mountains that house the stronghold. Equipping his Crimson Blades cloak to "We should start heading up there now. I don't want to be up there when a snow storm comes."
  11. "Well, let's not keep the tribal leader waiting. I'm sure we have to slog through another story about an ancient beast that has been ravaging the area, after being awoken by a potato farmer." The hunter joked on as they boarded the boat that would ferry them to Skull Island. Since the island was more remote than any of the other islands that made up the sixteenth floor, access by boat was the only way to get to it without trying to swim, which was rather impossible due to some weird physics with the very water itself. People say that it is something wrong with the realism of the water, while some contribute that to the mobs that frequent the water. Either way, they would not be able to go anywhere without the boats. "All aboard!" The ferrymen called out to all before setting out to the specific destinations, due to its own trade route that it also takes.
  12. How many times would they have to come back to this bloody floor? This thought kept ringing inside the hunter's mind as he stepped out into the cold frost bitten town that he knew all too well. Many true beginnings came from this floor, but that is what kept this place from becoming anything else. It was a place for memories to lie and rest. Falling from the sky as if they were the very snowflakes that come from time to time. Individuals memories that fall and collect, but never fade. However, they can never be found again. That is how the hunter saw this place. A never ending torture against his original goal. Mac had taken the second group to face the Night King, but the hunter was worried that something might not be right. It turns out that worry would be nothing more than prejudice against everything that the fourth floor held. "If you don't mind, I'll be coming with."
  13. "Well, this was going to be a two team development to start with, but I'm not so inclined when I hear that you were taking everyone towards Hebishinu." A voice came from the direction of the beach side where the pier was. The green haired hunter of the Knights of the Blood Oath, Hirru, stood waiting by the boat that would take them to Skull Island where the large snake that plagued the indigenous people of the island. It was said that this creatures was fairly large and quite dangerous. It seemed to hide quite well in the swamp and marsh that it called its home, and could easily ambush anyone that came into its home. At least, it could try. With the combination of the hunter's search skill and its mods, nothing will be able to hide from his sight. Anything, that wasn't Hikoru, that is. "I'll be coming with you too. It can't escape my eyes."
  14. The hunter felt something weird come over his body. It was slightly familiar to an armor ability that he had from a long time ago, but has yet to bring it back into usage. With the blink of an eye, his health seemed to rise back up to full while a feint light seemed to fall over him, like snow. Although it reminded him of snow, the feeling was warm and way too familiar. Looking back, the hunter found the source of the healing aura to be the white haired maiden that he told to stay away. It wasn't until now that he could really get a good look at her, though he wouldn't have much time to do so with the beast ready to attack. It wasn't the womanly figure that snapped his attention, although it was close, it was the crimson guild icon that denoted the Knights of the Blood Oath that floated along her visible health bar. "Wait what?" It was enough to distract him from a lucky miss from the Ancient Tiger, but also cost him his own opportunity. [ID: 86115][BD: 1] Miss[MD: 3-1=2] Miss Hirru - [895 / 895 HP | 76 / 88 EN] (+1 EN, -2 EN) Anemone - [780 / 780 HP | 69 / 78 EN] Ancient Tiger - [252 / 450 HP | 135 dmg] @Anemone
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