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  1. Lycan

    Killia's Journal (Rebirth)

    This is Lycan confirming the rebirth. As stated, Lycan committed suicide after Addel urged him to after his events with Esther. 29 SP as of this journal:
  2. So, can I reincarnate this thing into someone more up my ally or what?

    1. Teion


      What'cha mean exactly? Feel free to PM me~

  3. Hey guys. Did you know there was a Windows 95 beta of SAO? Here is rare footage of the original "Link Start!"



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    2. Azide
    3. Erroneous


      @Lycanthat's moving awfully fast for Windows 95.

    4. Calrex


      It was like Donkey Kong, you needed an external extra processor to play

  4. Saw Ordinal Scale in theaters. Pretty good. Lots of nostalgia.

    1. Baldur


      I really liked it too! :)

  5. We on floor 74 yet?

    1. Macradon
    2. Calrex


      I believe you mean my level, and you're short by 5 XD

  6. I've hung up that GM mantle yet again for lack of contribution. Here's to hoping the new team keeps up the momentum.

    1. Calrex


      Stop getting good at Overwatch! XD

    2. Lycan


      Naw, I'm focusing on work and my spare time has been going into admin duties elsewhere. I just couldn't get my head wrapped around the work staff was doing on 3.0. You guys got it though. Should be amazing when it goes live.

    3. Calrex


      Hopefully I'll be done with coding bootcamp and ready to rock by then XD

  7. Back from vacation. *Throws off Holiday Hat* 

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    2. Ariel - The Crowned Lion

      Ariel - The Crowned Lion

      *pops confetti... looks around*
      Get to work!... after cleaning all this



      wb. :D

    3. Calrex


      *hundred party horn salute*

    4. Lycan


      Hmm... this mess poses a problem. Great thing that confetti makes excellent tinder. *Lights match*

  8. What is with the food poisoning this year? My fiance, my boss, Baldur, and Mac? Cook your eggs and chicken folks! ;p

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    2. Calrex


      O_O, so this means I'm avoiding eggs and chicken for...crud I just had a buffalo chicken burger the other day. I'm screwed!

    3. Macradon


      Nah, Cal. You would've known the day you ate that burger if you got food poisoning.




      Unless, of course, that you're already dead 

    4. Calrex


      Lol yeah I know, gotten it before, although I don't think it was too the severity everyone else had O_o

  9. thanx for following me thats cool of you

    1. Lycan


      Not cool actually. You've been warned several times on your behavior and incorrect journal postings. Correct it and start following the rules or I'all be forced to remove you from the community. This is your final warning.

    2. major_cat
  10. Lycan

    Astric's Journal

    Approved. Welcome to Aincrad.
  11. Lycan

    Blitz' Journal c:

    I'm not too big on the psychotic depression flaw. We try to avoid psychological illnesses in any of our journals. However, I'll make an exception since PTSD and depression are two symptoms that run synonymous with finding out you are trapped in a death game. If I hear any player complaints about the manner in which you are carrying your character, I will give you one warning. Afterwards, disciplinary action will follow. Apologies if that seems harsh, but I'm looking out for the community and trying to prevent potential problems before they start. Also, you should only have enough SP to award either Search and Detect OR Charge. The first rank of each would cost 5 SP. Please change that before you begin. With that out of the way, welcome to Aincrad.
  12. Lycan

    Art thread!.

    Still trying to work off the rust and dust. Have another sketch.
  13. 2016 better finish getting its punches in. I want a clean and relaxing 2017! >:{

    1. Beatbox


      thats asking for too much.

  14. Lycan

    Bring Sweet Bab Home

    The teen felt sour in the pit of his stomach. Mari's store, dimly lit and cold from the weather of the forth floor did no favors to lighten the group which it harbored. Even if she was Esther's so-called caretaker or friend, and he knew the reason for her orange marker, it still floated threateningly above her head. The others, while still innocent in the means of taking lives, didn't exude an aura of peace and tranquility. Everyone in her shop hungered for the feeling of their blade in someone's corpse. As Mari mentioned Addel and his organization, he realized that he too had become one of them. His head shook, and his hands wrapped over his face. He never wanted to kill someone before. Jokingly sure, but he wanted to see Addel's face warped by fear of death as his heath bar plummeted into nothingness. If he could, Lycan wanted to watch his brain simmer and boil in the real world as well. "Lycan. Tell me, what business do you have in rescuing the girl Esther, after what you did to her" spoke the knight clad in full armor. The teen's hands clenched, nails biting into the meat of his cheeks and dragged off his chin as he turned a fierce gaze to the culprit. "Excuse me?" The teen hissed as the leather of his gloves groaned from tightness. "What the f-ck did you just say to me?!" Without regard for Mari's shop, the idea of levels, and the identity of those present, Lycan rose from his seat. He happened upon the knight as fast as his digital avatar could muster and wedged his hand between the plates of his armor. He jerked the player's hollowed helmet to meet him. "Who the f-ck are you to ask?! What I did--" Lycan jerked on the player's armor once more. "What I did is none of your god damn business! You don't know ANYTHING!" The intensity of emotions poured through the teen's callous, yellow eyes. All sign of the boy who smiled and laughed lakeside with his fellow players buried deep beneath roaring flames of rage and hatred. Lycan drew in a deep breath through clenched teeth and he felt the eyes of the other two upon him. With a shove, he separated himself from the stranger. "You don't know anything," Lycan repeated, this time softer. He shook away the flood of memories as they rushed forward in his mind. Her pleading voice as his boots met her bruised face. Tears welled in the corners of her innocent eyes as he stared down at her in disgust. He remembered the feeling of being tied, bound, and gagged in his own body as his own hands held a blade to her throat. "We have to save her," he droned on like the damaged pup he was. "I need to tell her the truth." He focused his eyes on his hands as if they dripped with the blood of his wrongdoings. The palm opened and closed, but the sin of his actions still burned upon his fingers. Then, his fist snapped shut and the fiery gaze returned to the tinned man. "And so we're clear, I don't care about you. I don't care about why, and I don't care what you think of me but if you're here to save her, shut up and listen." Lycan gestured to Mari. "SHE is the best chance we have at saving Esther. What she says is law. Don't question why she can't get involved because that too is none of your god damn business!" Lycan pulled up his menus as he spoke. From a quick-list, he prompted a series of samples and data. With the press of a button, prompts appeared to all the tenants except Mari. "This is the Black Adder Toxin," Lycan began. "This is what they're using on her. Read it. Do you see what that does? Complete control. These people can make us do whatever they want if they can get this into our system. Do you get it now, tin-can? Do you realize now how little you know?" Lycan swiped away his interface and slammed himself back into the seat he rose from. "If they have something like this for her, there is no telling what they can do with some other brew. In short, even if we had a team of front-liners, if one of their guild cuts you with a poisoned blade, there's no telling what would happen. Far as you know, dumbass, they could make you wring the life out of Ether's body with one pin prick of a dagger." Lycan huffed, a weight lifted from his shoulders. The heat of anger still rode on his breath and his hands remain clenched as his arms folded over his chest. The teen looked to Mari, deep bags under his eyes, but diverted them from her with a pang of guilt. Mari knew. Mari knew everything. "If anyone has a reason to save Esther it's me and her." He shook his head as Arc's absence came to mind. "So, I don't give a sh-t about you or this guy." Lycan gestured a jab of his shoulder to Corvo. "Just do your damned jobs."
  15. Lycan

    Pixel's Journal

    Approved. Welcome to Aincrad.