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  1. Hey, I've been inactive due to school starting. Of course I've been procrastinating, but I should be getting back in a couple of days once I get all my work done.

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      Don't worry about it, real life should take precedence over RP. When you do come back, you'll still be welcomed with open arms.

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  4. Kasier watched in horror as the failed experiment exploded, taking off practically everybody's safeguard. Does this mean there will be more damage coming their way - something that surpasses all the previous attacks? So far, the players were in a decent spot - no body's health was below half of their maximum health, which was a good sign, but who knew how much of their health would remain after they get struck by a dangerous attack? Kasier had two options at the moment. With her purify skill, she could heal up Itzal, just to prevent her beloved from taking any more damage from bleed, or she could purify the other member of her party with the status effect - stun. Stun literally keeps the player from doing anything, and Itzal's health was still good enough not for her to worry too much about him. She looked at the black-haired man before nodding, "Tank the bleeding this time. You've got quite the health, and I'm monitoring yours more than anyone else's, but at the moment, it's more important to get as much damage out there as possible." Kasier explained, activating her purify skill on Telrenya. <<Purify>> activated - (2% Purify * 935 Max HP = 18 Original Amount * 20% LM = 3+18=21 HP Healed) Party Stats
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    [PP-F22] Fishing Trip

    (Shut up, it's really hard to RP someone who's too depressed to talk lol) Kasier followed the two players until they came to an old NPC who instructed all of the players participating in this quest to go find a red salamander in the mountains. Kasier was not a specialist in finding things, which wasn't surprising as she had no need to obtain skills around that manner. This part of the quest would probably just be done by the two other players, and hopefully, one of them had that searching skill which Kasier thought was pointless unless you are a material gatherer or liked farming for stuff. Either way, she will probably be useless on this quest, just like most other quests that she goes on. Healers in this game don't have a reason to exist until the boss fights, when the bosses deal out damage more than the tanks can handle. Otherwise, all the normal quests in this game can be handled pretty easily without healers. At least, this is what Kasier thought. Finally, Kasier realized that she had something to ask Jonathan, about the recent attack on their former guild. When he began to climb, Kasier sped up a little bit, catching up and getting alongside him before whispering so the other player wouldn't have to get involved. "Do you know who those people were? The player killers? Why would they attack our guild? You seem to be dealing with it just fine - these aren't questions that I can ask Itzal at the moment, but I need some answers." She said simply, looking at the man in anticipation. She had been confused during the entire battle, and all she wanted to do during that time was to protect anyone she could, not that she could do much. It was probably a miracle that she survived, tanking some of the hits with her low mitigation. @Morgenstern
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    Approved. But the roll was actually 8+1=9 instead of 9+1=10. Either way, it's a rare, so it doesn't matter that much.
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    [PP-F22] Fishing Trip

    Kasier would follow the two players silently. First, the author of this post was simply too lazy to type out a whole paragraph but still wanted to complete the quest because the SP is still there. Plus, the other two needed the posts so they can continue on and not get delayed by the laziness of the writer. Either way, this post was quite forced, and Kasier could really care less about what happens at this point. She just hoped that the other two players would get the job done while she watched from the side or behind... or maybe she can tank if the creature wasn't that strong. Perhaps it was actually a good thing that she had come along on this quest... perhaps Kasier would be able to find some fun and excitement during combat. Perhaps it would bring her old self back just that tiny bit when she was hit by a powerful water attack or something like that. Either way, life takes you to where it takes you, and there's really nothing that you can do about it. (Yeah I'm too lazy and tired to do anything lol) @Hei
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