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  1. Kasier

    [PP-F1] What is a Death Game? (Sunova)

    "Sorry, I cannot show you how to fight. Fighting is kind of like swimming. You just have to go deep into the waters without much help. If you want to fight, you just have to get out your sword and start swinging at the mobs." Kasier explained shaking her head. "We're just going to have to find you a weak mob to kill, and if you get too low, I'll heal you up, even if it means you won't get the loot." Kasier finished. She was curious at the moment. It seemed like the girl knew what she was doing, which was something that was rare from all the low-leveled players that she had met previously, except for a super genius that she had met a while back... Kasier didn't know what happened to that particular girl. She probably found it too much work to go ahead and continue with leveling. Kasier scratched her head, wondering if the girl had done research or something from all those times that she hadn't been out in the fields fighting monsters and getting more powerful. "So you've held a sword in real life? I'm not sure if that will help you in this game... the game does most of the things you need to do for you. For now, though, let's go search for a wolf pup to get your first kill under your belt." Kasier exclaimed, looking around to see if there were any mobs that could be useful for the low-leveled player. "If you manage to kill it, you already have more kills than me," She chuckled. Kasier had never killed a mob on her own. She had never even swung a weapon at something. Although Kasier looked like she was serious and ready to attack anything at any time if the situation required it. However, since the beginning of the game, Kasier had sworn not to personally hold a weapon. She could not kill. And she had managed to find a way to continue surviving and improving despite the "weakness" that others see in her. "Well, there's one. Let's see what you've got." Kasier exclaimed, pointing at the silver wolf in the distance. @Sunova
  2. ID: 101343 MD: 5+2=7 (300 - 72 = 228) <<Howl>> Activated (+3 Hate) <<Regen>> Activated (+20 HP per turn) Kasier smiled, chuckling at Itzal's rare joke. "Just let me tank, Felix. I'm trying to practice doing that anyways. Can't be too sheltered from taking damage at times," Kasier exclaimed, "Besides, I have a teleportation crystal in case things get out of hand, so we are fine. I wouldn't be a very good tank if I let my DPS take damage, right?" Kasier finished, smiling before walking towards the quest location. Upon reaching there, she spotted the monster immediately. It was raining all over, but her vision was still clear enough to see the gigantic dragon-life figure in the middle of the lake of the swamp. At the same time that Kasier noticed the dragon, it seemed that it had noticed them. With its threatening red eyes filled with hatred, it stared at the two players, wondering why the two of them had come to disturb its peace. Kasier looked around, "swampy waters. It seems that we won't be able to dodge its attacks efficiently (Evasion: -2)" Kasier pointed out, but that was completely fine with her. She was out here to take damage, and her job, she shall fulfill as a healer who could tank at times. "Get ready, Felix." She said, activating her howl skill, releasing a feminine version of the fierce howl skill that every tank should have as an essential skill. Immediately after using her howl skill, the sea wyvern swung its massive fin/arm at her, forcing her into the air as she was swept off of her feet and into the air. She managed to land on her feet, and if this wasn't a video game, she would've definitely broken something from falling like that. "Attack!" @Itzal HP List [3] Kasier: 592/820 | EN: 82/82 | [EVA: -2] [Regen: 3/3] [0] Itzal: 1490/1490 | EN: 146/146 [EVA: -2] Sea Wyvern: 300/300 | DMG: 300
  3. Kasier

    [PP-F08] Sizing down Trees (Kasier)

    Kasier scratched her head before looking at the note again, and then looked back up at the guy. "Tank needed," She read out loud, looking questioningly at the man who seemed like he needed some work on grammar when writing notes. Kasier sighed, before nodding to the waiter who had come to deliver her the water that she had asked for. "I'll go with Hazado. My name is Kasier," she introduced herself, "of the Celestial Ascendants." She cleared her throat, wondering what she would go do now that her plans had been ruined. She had no need for a tank at the moment, in fact, she was a tank herself, just a mediocre one, but one that can do the business when she is needed. "What was that, by the way? The scream. Do you have a habit of screaming randomly in public locations?" Kasier asked, "and it was kind of stupid of me, since there cannot possibly be danger in the safe zone." Kasier exclaimed, when he apologized for potentially worrying her with the public scream. After that, the guy offered to help her with something, so the two players don't leave empty handed. "Well, all the quests that I have yet to complete are high-tier ones. You may be able to help me out with them... what's your level?" Kasier asked. "If you aren't high-level enough, I guess we can go gather some materials or something." @Hazado
  4. Kasier

    Ryder's Documents (Finished)

    APPROVED! - Welcome to Aincrad -
  5. Kasier

    Benjamin Bookworm's Evaluations

  6. Kasier smiled as the two players finally managed to finish off the Mimic with her assistance. She normally wouldn't help out players when she sees them, because it's not her business to do so. From this group, however, Kasier could tell that they were struggling and tired from previous combat, so she was sure that helping them would not arouse complaint from anyof the players in the party. From her observations, Kasier could only see two players that were actually active during the combat... the other one did not wish to participate, or something like that, because she didn't attempt a single attack. Perhaps she was low, Kasier thought, shrugging. It didn't matter though... All of the players had survived, and they can all be potential front liners in the future. Who knows? Maybe Kasier had managed to save the life of a hero that will potentially participate in the saving of the prisoners of Aincrad? "No problem. I just saw that you guys were struggling a bit there. My name is Kasier of the Celestial Ascendants. Don't hesitate to contact me if you guys are in danger again. I'd suggest that you two go rest and heal up a bit before fighting again," Kasier concluded, "For now, though, I will have to leave. Stay safe out there." Kasier finished, making a serious face... the same face that she always put up in the public... the same face that would let people know she means business even if she's just a healer and a tank who can't deal damage to anyone. Kasier leaves the thread @Vigilon
  7. Kasier turned around at the sound of the NPC's speech at the same time as Itzal. She, too, had seen that the dragon had managed to find delight in swallowing a whole fish, which was somewhat disgusting to her, and the scene of it was kind of gross. How slimy would it feel inside the dragon's stomach? Kasier looked away, sighing and covering her mouth in case anything came out from her stomach as a reaction to the scene that she had just witnessed. Eating raw fish is scarier than any of the bosses that I have faced so far, Kasier thought. "Geez, Velnia, you need to stop eating that stuff. Raw fish is not healthy for you, what if you get sick from eating it?" Kasier asked once Velnia joins the two from her feast, "Even though I'm not sure you can get sick in this game." Now the time for chattering had ended, and it was time for the quest to truly get underway. They would just have to get to the quest location. She would tank, and Itzal would finish the boss off in two or so hits. Kasier smiled, it would be fine... as long as things went to plan. "I'm am so ready. Lead to the way, but don't go too fast. My legs aren't fast enough to chase you all the way there." Kasier smiled, "besides, it's not like we're in a rush or anything." Kasier looked at Itzal and nodded before looking at Velnia and nodding as well. "I guess the plan is for me to take the agro while you dish out hits. After I howl, I can give you a small little damage boost to speed it up a bit." Kasier declared. She needed Itzal to not rush into combat so she can get her tanking stuff down before doing her support things. Although this type of strategy where she acts as both tank and healer can be slow sometimes, it will prove to be quite efficient once she improves her skills. @Itzal
  8. Kasier

    [PP-F08] Sizing down Trees (Kasier)

    Kasier suddenly heard a scream from the side as if someone was under attack. Her first response was a step towards that particular direction, in case there was some how a method for which players could kill in the safe zone. The voice had been of a man's and the surprising yell in the middle of a quieter place was quite a surprise for both players and NPCs who were currently inside the place. Once everyone realized that nothing was wrong around here, they went back to the own businesses, drinking coffee, drinking whatever the heck they were drinking. Kasier sighed, calming down as she, too, realized that there was absolutely nothing wrong with the place at that particular moment. Kasier glanced at the guy who had made the scream, what a weird dude, she thought, shrugging as she continued to look for the owner of the note. Then, the same man who had made a scene came walking towards her to get her attention. Kasier smiled a fake smile, before following the man down to one of the stools that the guy had been sitting on. Kasier coughed, clearing her throat. "Business? Let's first talk about what you need. There are certain things that I cannot follow through with," Kasier exclaimed. These things mainly included quests where the boss is far too difficult to deal with. "Let's talk about what you need for now. Why is it that you need a tank? I assume that it is for a quest or a boss or something of the sorts?" Kasier asked with a questioning tone. "Oh, and water for me as well," Kasier said, watching as the waiter came to the table with a cup of water for the man. Kasier really wasn't thirsty, but she decided that it would be polite to get something to drink for courtesy reasons. @Hazado
  9. ID: 101298 LD: 4 +0 T2 Materials Kasier scratched her head, wondering where she had met the guy when the guy seemed to recognize her as well. He reminded her that he had seen her in a bar at one point, to which Kasier immediately remembered. She thought about how there were some spills of sorts... and she wasn't sure if it was a bar, because she would never even touch alcohol. Nevertheless, the general gist was there... but she couldn't remember exactly how the day ended. Whatever, it's not that important, I suppose. Kasier thought. "Kasier," She responded, when asked what her name was, "You are Pin- Pin something, sorry, can't remember." Kasier chucked, embarrassed that she could only remember half the name. From what Kasier could recall from her memory, the man was a moody, kind of cold character. Is he a crafter as well? Probably. It is the only explanation that someone was searching for materials here in this particular location. @Pinball Total T2 Materials: 1
  10. Kasier

    Sager's Journal

    APPROVED! - Welcome to Aincrad -
  11. ID: 101274 CD: 8 <<Recovery>> Activated <<Sharpness>> Activated Kasier had already noticed that the girl seemed to do more damage than the guy, but according to the status that she was keeping track of the two players, it was apparent that the blonde female player was actually running out of energy. Kasier had the skill energize, but she didn't like to use it because it seemed to be useless to her. Instead, Kasier would rather keep on boosting the damage of the player who had more energy and can use that energy to inflict some damage on the Mimic, so the battle would end faster. Kasier sighed, opening her menu and activating the <<sharpness>> skill to boost the damage output of one of the players. Other than that, she kept a close eye on the condition of the hate on each player, realizing that she was still safely ahead in terms of hate, and she would not have to use it any time soon. Kasier smiled. She had managed to save someone today, which she was very happy about. [3] Vigilon: 420/420 | EN: 26/47 [+1 Base Damage: 2/2] [3] Krysta: 300/300 | EN: 6/30 [6] Kasier: 820/820 | EN: 44/82 [Sharpness CD: 1/1] Mimic: 32/210 | DMG: 63 @Vigilon
  12. ID: 101272 LD: 13 +1 T2 Material Kasier looked down and immediately found a material that she could use in her crafting. The mushroom that she had found was of decent enough quality that she could use on some of the items that she made at her shop. Now, most of the crafting that she does is for her own personal use, not for the use of other players. She hadn't done business in a long time, and Kasier would like not to admit that it's because her crafting is not good enough. Honestly, she would like to think that having a coffee shop run by a player was quite a good idea, but she guessed that it was not necessarily the case. Having no customers and having no time to deal with any of them was not a good combination. Kasier looked around, checking to see if anyone else was around before she recognized a familiar face that she has seen before. "Hey, I've seen you around before, right?" Kasier asked, walking up to the guy. @Pinball Total T2 Materials: 1
  13. ID: 101243 CD: 3 <<Recovery>> Not Activated <<First Aid>> Activated Kasier now had fully secured the situation, and she had made sure that no one would die at this point. Now, her job was complete - she had the hate, and the health of the players were completely fine. Kasier sighed, smiling as she watched the Mimic shiver when it tried to attack, and she could almost see jolts of electricity that had occurred as a result of its paralysis. Kasier knew that she was imagining it, but it made sense that the paralysis was caused by some sort of electricity that was conducted from her shield and transferred into the body of the Mimic. Now that she had nothing to do, Kasier figured that it wouldn't make sense for her to attack the mob due to the one damage that she possesses through her vanity weapon that she isn't even holding right now. She would simply spend the turn healing Vigilon through first aid to try and get his health up a bit more. @Vigilon HP LIST [3] Vigilon: 420/420 | EN: 27/47 [+1 Base Damage: 1/2] (84 FA + 16 LM = 100 HP) [3] Krysta: 300/300 | EN: 7/30 [6] Kasier: 820/820 | EN: 52/82 [Regen: 1/3] [Sharpness CD: 0/1] Mimic: 32/210 | DMG: 63 [Paralysis: 0/1] [Stun Immunity: 0/2]
  14. Kasier

    [PP-F1] What is a Death Game? (Sunova)

    Kasier stood there awkwardly as the girl gave her a hug out of no where. She would rather not have such physical contact with a player that she had just met, but what could she do? Push her off? Kasier was not the type of person to do that, yet she was not used to such an open personality within a player in this death game. Kasier held her breath, awaiting for the hug to finish before she can speak again. Awkwardly, Kasier backed up a few steps, "Nothing can be done about death in this game, though. That's just reality, and we have to move on even if someone important to us decided to jump or passed away during combat." Kasier coughed, clearing her throat. The first thing that the energetic, innocent female player said when she stepped onto the grass of the first floor was her love for wolves. With that attitude, Kasier wouldn't be surprised if she tries to hug a wolf during combat. Kasier scratched her head, not knowing exactly how to approach the situation. "I think we're talking about different wolves here. I'm talking about the type of wolves that would attack you viciously and attempt to kill you... especially low-leveled players." Kasier explained, "I think when you see them, you won't find them as cute as you think they are right now." Kasier finished. The player kept on talking about the calmness, but it was kind of ironic because she was not calm at all, and it was as if she was overwhelmed by the calmness which is currently causing her to disturb that calm. "A bit too loud, Sunova." Kasier exclaimed, trying to make her a bit quieter. It was still way too early in the morning and being so loud right now could probably attract attention from the rare players around at this time of the day. "Well, it seems that you already get the gist of it. Ninety skill points is harder than it seems, though. You can't fight anything on your own, so you have to grind via completing quests with other players." Kasier said. "There's not really training involved. You just have to complete quests, get skill points fast, and then spend them on support skills. If you want to practice fighting something, I can help you with that, but healing does not require much training." @Sunova
  15. ID: 101235 CD: 2 <<Recovery>> Not Activated <<Regen>> Activated <<Sharpness>> Activated This turn, Kasier would go ahead and give the damage boost to the DPS. The amount of damage that is added to him is dependent entirely on the tier that he is currently in. If he is of tier two or higher, the boost would be significant. Honestly, Kasier was surprised that the blonde girl was able to deal quite a bit of damage. She had expected her to be a beginner healer because of the first aid that she possesses, but the girl actually packed quite a bit of damage, which Kasier could not tell from seeing her frame. She seemed like she was designed for healing, but that was not the case apparently. Most people get one class done before they start another role, but this girl seemed to be going for both support or DPS from what Kasier could tell, but it would be a difficult task doing that - jack of all trades, master of none, is what Kasier would call someone who has two roles, but has yet to finish one in particular. Kasier gave the guy a little bit of a damage boost, hoping that he can put it to good use. HP LIST [2] Vigilon: 337/420 | EN: 28/47 [+1 Base Damage: 2/2] [1] Krysta: 300/300 | EN: 12/30 [6] Kasier: 820/820 | EN: 56/82 [Regen: 2/3] [Sharpness CD: 1/1] Mimic: 120/210 | DMG: 63 [Paralysis: 1/1] [Stun Immunity: 1/2] @Vigilon