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  4. Kasier sighed, not wanting to bring tragic memories back to her mind. At the moment, she was in quite an awkward position. Itzal was leaning on her, but Hestia was hugging him. The placement was simply weird, and Kasier kind of felt uncomfortable during the whole thing. There wasn't much she could do, though - she must learn that no matter how uncomfortable things got, she can't simply walk away like she was used to doing. When Itzal needed help, Kasier must provide him with it even in the public - it's then that she must figure out a way to deal with things differently. "How many? It's not important now. They have all become part of my memories that follows me whenever I feel down or tired. They are the voices that speak to me in my mind... or rather the memories of them speaking. They have created who I am, and they shall remain on this world with me as long as my memories of them exist. People exist in this world for different reasons - some to learn, some to teach. Well, no matter how much I try to teach, ultimately, I am someone who learns... and I'm a bad student too. These people, they all die, only to impact me. They die so I can learn a lesson and carry on their legacy. The weight that they give me keeps me going even though I am not strong nor smart," Kasier exclaimed, speaking about her true feelings for those who had died and were acquaintances with Kasier. Sure, she had made friends with people since their deaths, but in the end, they were her true friends - only real friends. "Birdie might have died physically - but her legacy lives on as long as the people who has been impacted by her carries on." She concluded, remaining in silence for a bit as she continued to browse through the names on that list. @Itzal
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    [PP-F22] Fishing Trip

    Kasier looked blankly at Jonathan before another man arrived. He was the third person of the party, and would tag along even though he's not too high leveled. Looking at him briefly, she figured that he didn't look all that interesting and quickly looked back to the same spot that she had been staring at for a bit. Kasier listened as Jonathan made an error in his introductions, as if he had forgotten that the Ascendants had fallen - this angered Kasier a bit... just to even be reminded for the tragedy that had fallen about their guild. She clutched her fist and turned around away from the other two players. "I'm Kasier." She introduced, not feeling the desire to say anything ore than that. She didn't even feeling like going through with this at this point, but she had accepted a while back, and could not back out now, so she would tag along no matter how uninspired she was at the moment. "Well, no more wasting time. Allow us to go and complete this quest as fast as possible," She concluded, shutting off any sort of friendly conversation the three of them might have. She meant business, and wasting time right now was not something she wanted to do. Then again, not being around anyone was something that she wanted to do, yet that hadn't proved to be very successful. @Hei
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    PP-F10) Wails of the Past (Kasier)

    <<Howl>> (+3 Hate) ID: 104690 MD: 2 (Banshee misses) Kasier nodded. She had managed to regain some composure after what had happened there, and was now ready to get back on her feet and finish off this darn quest. It had been a while since the two players started this thing, and although it was not over, Kasier felt relieved that at least someone was with her at this point. "Yelling at it? I don't remember doing much yelling." She stated, standing up slowly and making sure that her legs are balanced before taking a few steps to test them out. "If I did yell though - definitely courage" She convinced herself before making her way forwards and getting ready to slide down. Before she could though, the blonde man made a comment about how Itzal would've gotten to her a long time before he did, and Kasier simply smiled without speaking. It was time to complete this quest and conclude it with one final fight with this Banshee. Jonathan could definitely finish it off in no time, but Kasier wanted to do something so that Jonathan could focus all his attacking powers at the banshee, therefore she decided that she would simply tank by repeatedly using howl over and over again. Greeting the banshee with a nod, she got into position and activated her skill, sending the roar of a feminine lion throughout the room, allowing the sound waves to bounce off the walls - making it even louder for the Banshee. "Ok, I guess we have already started. What are you waiting for?" @Morgenstern [3] Kasier: 820/820 | EN: 82/82 [0] Morgenstern: 1370/1370 | EN: 124/124 Banshee: 250/250 | DMG: 200 | EVA: 2 [MD: 9-10] Ignores Armor Mitigation [MD: 10] Paralyze all players
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  8. On vacation atm. I'll be back in like a day or two to get all your posts done.

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  10. "Yeah, but the front lines is not powerful enough to carry us through the entire game." Kasier exclaimed, getting more frustrated than sad at this point. "Sure, there are good people on the front lines, but why is it they who are risking their lives for those who hide on the first floor, unwilling to do anything to contribute to the rest of the game? Why is it they who has to die from jumping off Aincrad in depression or getting stabbed by a powerful boss and not those who sit in the first floor, having not even exited the safe zone, once. There are plenty of players like that, those who don't even attempt to see what it's like out there. They are so scared of dying that they don't even bother - I don't blame them for being scared, but that's something you have to risk in order to help." Kasier finished, standing up from the cliff before turning around the face the man that she had seen. This was the first time that she managed to get a good look at the man's face, and she didn't recognize it. That means, he too, had yet to progress to the front lines. "Say, I haven't met you before. That means you haven't been getting out there in the front lines, right?" She questioned, stepping closer. @Benjamin Bookworm
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    [OP-FX][MM] A Night in Aincrad

    Group 4 Kasier looked up from Sunova as she heard the expected voice of a rough, uncivilized male. This was her impression of the man from the description that she had been given. Kasier clutched her teeth, wanting to criticize the man for helping a maiden in need with the obvious intention of attempting to pull an advantage from it. Now, she needed to put up an act, and openly beginning an argument and making a scene would not be a good idea no matter how you looked at it. Kasier made a decision that she would continue with the act, no matter how much it goes against her morals. Although this was a good opportunity to find out more about a killer who has taken multiple lives, Kasier hated the idea of using feminine charm to get what they wanted. Luckily, Kasier doesn't have to be the scapegoat, and although Sunova volunteered, Kasier still didn't feel right allowing the white-haired girl to do so. When the man mentioned something about a white-haired girl, Kasier's first response was that Elucia had somehow been noticed. It was a split second of thinking that caused her to act natural and conclude that he was talking about Sunova instead. She coughed, clearing her throat as she brought Sunova closer to the man. Speaking in a softer voice than she usually does, and attempting to place a few fake sobs in there, Kasier began the interrogation. "You see, one of our best friends have recently been killed by a player killer and we're distraught. She was our life-long companion, someone we planned to spend the rest of the game with, but unfortunately, she passed away because of him. Naturally, we want to find him, and having him take responsibility for what he did. However, we don't have any information, and we're not strong enough to do anything on our own, so we can only remain sad and look out for a hero who can help us. There's a famous player killer called Wyson that we've heard of... Perhaps he is the one that we're looking for? It's a shame that we don't know what he looks like or how powerful he is." Kasier paused, "So what can we do? And she even keeps saying that she'll do anything to seek him out for her friend... We're truly desperate at this point. If you know anything, please help us!" Kasier exclaimed, in a less loud voice so the other customers wouldn't hear of the scene. At the last few sentences though, she felt like spitting in disgust. This was not her, and she was terrible at acting. Hopefully, the man believed her enough and Sunova was enough of a bait to get him talking. @Sunova
  12. Kasier didn't know this Birdie person very well either. She had known her, of course, since the kind girl was part of the guild that a group of them had made from dust. The guild was like family, and just like family, there were people that you loved more than others... in the end though, they are all still family. Kasier looked up at the name in the board - she had gone through a few quests with the girl, nothing much, nothing really to get a glimpse of her personality and her emotional state. It was then that a thought hit her. Perhaps she could've stopped her from jumping? Kasier had always acknowledged her ability to teach people lessons through dramatic means or to read an individual's general personality, but she had failed. If Birdie had had the thought to do what she did for a long time, Kasier had failed as a paladin. She stared at the board and soon felt Itzal leaning against her. She looked down, and found herself sitting down as well, allowing Itzal to lean against her. This was a bad time for Itzal... she could only imagine how it feels to have an apprentice that you spent so much time with die by the blade of not having to suffer any longer within the death game that kills even harder than the bullet of an AK. Kasier could only imagine, because she had never had an apprentice like that before. She could never commit herself to one, because she didn't want to develop too strong of a bond with them. She sighed, allowing the love of her life to continue to rest there while she continued to let him talk, spilling out his emotions as she remained in silence. "You did your job. There was nothing else that you could do, no matter how much you want to reverse time." She finished, "I know what it's like to loss friends." Kasier paused, looking at the sun blazing down in the distance. "No... family." @Itzal
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    PP-F10) Wails of the Past (Kasier)

    ("He was immune to that bull crap") Kasier felt an emotional dread coming from deep within her. She attempted to pull out her vanity weapon in order to appear more fierce, but for some reason, even Kasier could not manage to find the strength to do so. She felt a small drop of tear come from her face, but that was the maximum that she would let out. Although she wasn't strong emotionally, it would have to be her death that she would let anyone see her show any sort of weakness. Kasier closed her mouth shut, watching helplessly as the monster came at her. At this point, Kasier could only hope that her mitigation was powerful enough to negate some of the hits. Closing her eyes, she prepared for the attack to come. Then suddenly, she heard a few clicks, and a series of noises that she couldn't decipher in the darkness... the next thing she knew, the Banshee wasn't there anymore. The wails of the Banshee seemed to get lower and lower, and the noise seemed to be sinking by the second. Kasier opened her eyes, and the glowing blonde hair of Jonathan stood out enough in the darkness that she could tell it was him. At that point, the tear had already dried from her face, and in the darkness, Jonathan shouldn't be able to see anything on her face... at least, she hoped. Kasier began to attempt to move, slowly, and surely, she was able to move a couple of fingers, and then her arms, and finally her legs. "Yeah, I'm alright. Let's finish this quest up. Those wails are quite powerful - I underestimated it." Kasier said. @Morgenstern