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  1. The woman looked down into the water seeing the reflection of her own eyes staring directly at her. The once bright gleam that shined in the martial artist's eyes, which was ignited after long after the loss of her first love. Had once again vanished into nothingness, the prideful had become fearful of her day to day surroundings. Fingers clenched into the same arms they were attached to. The visible shifting of skin would be evident to anyone within eyesight of her. How deep the fingers dug into the skin, it was a shock that the system wasn't registering the actions as an attack on the body. It had been a while since she had become aware, but this... Proved to be the feeling of something she hadn't felt before. True Fear. The thought of facing Hikoru was a mental struggle atop of the forefront mental war she battled with the legacy known as 'The Berserker'. Vale needed more answers, but she was at a large impasse. There was a shortage of leads, and not much left to go on with what she had at her disposal. Which was finally bringing an end to the reason she distanced herself from her second love. The mental struggle of wondering if his feelings still held true for her. The idea that he may just completely look away from her and consider her a traitor to his heart, caused her hesitation to exit the supposed relaxing spring. Taking a multitude of deep breaths, in an attempt to calm herself from the anxiety attack that was soon to regress into. Vale finally managed to still her heartbeat back to its usual pace. The well-toned woman immediately equipped her iconic armor and took to the road slow and steady. Taking every moment of her time along the road to a safe spot for Player Killers to use a Teleportation Gate. The path had become well known, as there was a small crossroads area where both PKers and Non-Pkers crossed paths to reach their respective Teleportation Gates. Amongst most of the known PKer groups, it was agreed upon to be a neutrality zone... An area that felt somewhat safe for both factions of players.
  2. Multiple colors illuminated the walls of the 21st floor, the mass array of flora and fauna that grew in the deep dark caverns were simply captivating to lay one's eyes upon. Certain elevated locations tended to yield small hot spring pockets, where one could escape from the trivialities of this world and seep themselves in a warm refreshing bath-like place. Unfortunately, despite having immersed herself into one of the far off, secluded, and seldom known about hot spring spots. The delirium of the past few months was beginning to show on Vale's distraught face. The well-toned tannish brown woman left her body float in the water as she held a laying back position. With all of her equipment left in her inventory, it was one of the very few moments in her time spent in the death game, where she was truly vulnerable. The months had been spent away from all other players in pursuit of uncovering a well-hidden mystery held by those of the Frontlines. Most importantly those, who were once apart of the frontlines though they held their spot no longer. The effort that she had so meticulously been working with was beginning to wear the woman down, so much so that the idea of someone ending her life there in the water was a thought that could bring a smile to Vale. She slowly opened her eyes to look at the crystals that were embedded into the cavern's ceiling, an undiscernable distance away. The slight glow they emitted would bring the woman back to her senses after the idea of her permanent dematerialization. There was an extremely strong reason why she needed to keep moving forward with her conviction. Someone who was helping her in the back of her mind. Hikoru. The martial artist moved her hand to her lips, lightly touching them with just her index and middle finger as they gently slid from one corner of her mouth across her bottom lip to the other corner. Butterflies consistently churned through her stomach when she thought about it, so much so it caused her on a number of occasions to seek him out while keeping an immense distance between the two of them. The feeling of dread that resided in her when she removed him and all other contacts from the game off of her friendslist. She knew that the man would be upset with her after doing such an act, it made the want to see him in person all that much more difficult. But finally, enough was enough. She couldn't hold her feelings within a metaphorical bottle any longer. She needed to see him, face to face.
  3. I don’t know if everyone has seen. But I am officially quitting the site. And I will not be returning at all. To those I rp’d with, yall were awesome. All items on Vale will be the property of Hikoru if he chooses to take it. Bye all yall.

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  5. As Vale unlocked her heart to the young man, leaving nothing left in hidden within her closet of misfortune and trauma. This was the ultimate sign of weakness for the pride-filled woman, she was showing her sensitive and vulnerable side to the man. Even with the amount of time she had spent with Yukino, she was the one whom had to always remain strong. But this time, it was completely different. Vale no longer had to be carrying the weight of two sets of shoulders upon her back. No, she was certain that this felt more mutual and loving than the woman whom held Vale’s heart in the past. Her eyes became entranced deeply within Hikoru’s eyes that the man so desperately tried to keep out of sight. She could see just how emotionally painful it was for him to hear the words that she was sharing with him. The man was choked up, struggling to even formulate sentences naturally. His broken speech and his defeated persona were impossible to feign from noticing. She walked up carefully and gently, standing squarely in front of him just inside his range of reach to hug her. She took a deep breath, slowly but softly drawing in and releasing the air, “You don’t understand Hikki-kun…” Her sentence was interrupted when she saw the sand behind Hikoru’s head begin to swirl in a pattern. It was easily detectable as they stood in the eye of a sand storm that suddenly erupted. ID: 98685 | BD: 9+3-2 | LD: 14+3 = 17 (Detected the Dragon) | MD: 4+2-3= Irrelevant - Dead A glint of light flickered off her peripheral to her right, she reached up and placed a kiss upon Hikoru’s lips. Locking them for only a brief moment. Before pulling away and thrusting her fist straight to the right of her. Vale’s fist collides at the maximum point of extension her arm could reach, into the face of a yellow crystalline whelpling with the name tag above it ‘Tabaluga, the Topaz Hatchling’. The impact point was a critical one for the dragon, it instantly burst into thousands of data particles that fluttered in the direction of its flight. As the data particles traveled past her face slightly illuminating she spoke, “Hikki… I know now… That I’m in love with you.” Tabaluga – -20/300 HP | 55 MIT (375-55=320 Damage Taken) Vale – 840 HP | 19(24) DMG | 67/84 Energy (-17 Energy) @Hikoru
  6. The low rumble of the wind, and the sound of the sand that was carried along with it. Gave the feeling that this desert was far colder than it seemed. Albeit the heat was sweltering, the vibes that surrounded the two of them felt colder than the snowy plains of the 4th floor. If Vale was to truly be with Hikoru, he needed to know about everything that was hidden in her metaphorical closet. All the demons on the past, and the overwhelming grief attached. This was a monumental rollercoaster of emotions for the young woman, but she was determined to make the man apart of her life in earnest. The Shadow Stalker asked his question quietly and this was as good a chance as any to begin, “When this game first started, I had a fiancé, her name was Yukino… She was someone who I had been the closest of friends with, since we were classmates in Elementary School.” She smiled thinking about it, for but a brief moment before her smile vanished, “But when we got trapped in this game, her originally intended to be gift lead her to…” She paused as it pained her to say… “Jump off the side of Aincrad.” She looked up at Hikoru to look at his eyes, “I experienced that Nightmare every night for the first few months… Then you helped me get through the pain and burden of it at first. Something that could distract me.” Her feet moving in a swift and consistent manner toward their target location despite being lost deep within explaining this story to the man, shifting her face from his face back to the path they traversed. She had a feeling they were getting near the whelpling. “Ever since then I’ve had that dream less and less…” Another pause for her to catch her breath, “But last night’s Nightmare was something unique completely.” Vale stopped in her tracks, something in her gut telling her that they were close to their prey, “Instead of dreaming of that fateful day… I had a dream of every single moment the two of us has spent together…” Shifting her gaze from the ground back to Hikoru’s face one last time, “I noticed somewhere in the background of the scenes that had you in it… She was there…. Down upon her knee’s… Crying into her hands.” Finishing her story, “It was… disturbing and heart wrenching at the same time…” @Hikoru
  7. There was an understanding between the two of them, that transcended words. Hikoru could blatantly tell that this had been gnawing at her deeply, and why the difficulty of sharing this information was so drastic. As if torn asunder from the chinks in her armor, she wanted to explain just how vile this essence was. And if what she thought was to be right, the reality of exactly what it could do we irrelevant of whom possessed the weapon. A lack of details caused Vale to hesitate when the Shadow Stalker asked if he should keep it in his possession. But the Martial artist shook her head, "No, I don't think the essence would like that... Not that I am sure exactly what it wants. It's not possible to discern the motives of the entity, it just has a goal in mind and it's pursuing it." Vale stood up, using the menu system to return the weapon in its bag so the feeling of being watched would be centralized on Vale. She wondered if this feeling passed for Hikoru now that the blade wasn't in open eyesight like before. Vale began to walk instinctively toward the dragon's nesting location. The Panther Woman knew that the two of them were still embarking on a quest, and had something to accomplish, "I think it's best we drop that topic for another time. I'm at least certain you want to collect your thoughts before tackling that issue." She lifted her eyes from the ground to stare directly forward, "Next thing I guess I want to be open with you about is the dream I had last night..." She paused. Taking a moment to bite her lip, knowing the Hikoru was behind her just slightly enough that she couldn't tell if he would notice or not. Still shook by the unnerving and vivid images she had while sleeping, a visibly notice shiver ran it's way down her spine. "The entire night I was in a blissful place secured peacefully in your arms... But the last dream I had was a nightmare." Another slight pause as she stopped to turn around, "I dreamt of Yukino last night... My Fiancee that hurled herself over the edge of Aincrad... Except it wasn't like the usual dream I have come to terms with..." Her focus shifted from Hikoru's eyes to the ground quickly after she said the name her late betrothed. The first in a long while she had done so. There was still pain in the very word, that was the woman's name for Vale. It was still to this point, a heartwrenching experience that she didn't know if she'll ever truly be able to recover from. @Hikoru
  8. Time slowly ticked it’s way forward. It was just a brief moment, but Vale could almost feel the intense change in atmosphere around Hikoru. She witnessed as a single tear began to form on the corner of Hikoru’s only visible eye to her. The Shadow Stalker gazed upon the blade, for nearly an eternity or so it felt. The longer the silence the more pained Vale felt. Was this the wrong idea? Was it a terrible decision to show Hikoru the blade? Just who was this magnanimous person, for so many emotionally battle-tested frontliners to come to a freezing halt? This man was beyond influential at this point, if even the Master of Shadow’s, Hikoru… would sit practically stunned looking at it. Vale slightly jumped in her seat, partially startled when Hikoru took a sudden deep breath to return himself to reality from his mindscape. And the first question was exactly as she suspected. “I-It started as a usual training segment on the 7th floor. I took a different route than my usual one. And I came across a home, carved out of the tree it was set in.” Vale took a slight breath, “That’s where I met Lessa… And where I obtained the blade.” After she finished with that sentence Hikoru asked about the feeling of being watched. Despite Vale’s dark skin, it was painstakingly obvious when her face went pale at the second question. She bit her lip, noticeably trembling in her seat, “That… That is….” She took a deep breath, “The Essence… of Rage itself……. Likely the progenitor of the power that Dom was said to have. A sentient energy… That does…” She covered her mouth as tears began to form thinking of the monsters that were consumed by it, “Unspeakable things…” @Hikoru
  9. Hikoru took a seat upon a flat top rock, there was another one slightly shorter and next to it making it a nice seat for couples. She took the seat beside the man, he took her hand and shared sweet words that cause Vale to smile sweetly. It was for only a brief moment, afterwards her face took a more serious approach. Pulling her hand away, she patted the Shadow Stalkers’ hand then brought her menu up. Vale took a deep breath, then selected the item that she wanted to show to Hikoru. After pressing the button that would be the Greatsword, Gram. The weapon began materializing in front of the both of them. The Iconic massive heap of metal plunged itself into the ground to hold itself up, there a familiar essence of bloodlust was emitted. Only a mere moment had passed, and the feeling of being watched was immediately upon them. It was as if a Supernatural Being was staring on the two of them. The shiver that traced its way creepily down Vale’s spine gave her awareness of exactly the thing that had been watching her for months. She looked over at Hikoru to discern what kind of emotions he had looking at the sword, “I’m sorry I’ve kept a huge secret from you. The only people who know about this are Jomei and Lessa.” She twiddled her thumbs together, “C-comments.” Weariness now audible in her voice. @Hikoru
  10. Flickers of light periodically occurred in Vale’s eyesight due to the wind carrying sand about, reflecting the light of the sun in all possible directions. Nothing too major to cause blindness, but enough to be noticed. It was difficult for the woman to keep her attention on anything physical though as her mind endlessly raced at exasperating speeds. Her breathing was slightly off than usual, though it could be attributed to the dark-skin and dark colored clothing increasing the heat on her. As they walked through the town, Hikoru lightly pulling her along with her willingness. The stares that used to be effortless for Vale to deal felt somewhat overwhelming. Her psyche applying as much pressure on the girl, until Hikoru spoke as they exited the town. A snapback to reality. And the timing felt right to start from the beginning. “L-Look…” She struggled to start, “I’ve got good news, bad news, and news I am unsure about how you’ll respond.” She managed to say as she pulled her hand away from his, “I’ll leave the good news until after the Dragon… And we’ll talk about the bad news shortly…” Vale gripped her right arm, “But first we need to start with the news I’m uncertain of how you’ll respond.” She bit her lip saying. Worried about how this is conversation’s river was to flow. @Hikoru
  11. Vale turned her head away when Hikoru exclaimed that he couldn’t wait to hear. There were a lot of things that fluttered through the Martial Artists’ mind. The fact that she had a secret she hadn’t yet shared with Hikoru, the plethora of memories from her dreams, and her honest feelings that she wished to share with the Shadow Stalker. The woman knew she should get a lot of the core things off her chest first before taking to the path she wanted in her head. With a decision made in her heart, there was a lot that needed to be talked about between the two of them. And if anything, it should start long before they ever come into contact with the beast they were hunting. After completing her meal, she followed Hikoru out the door. Holding hands with him the entire way to the Teleportation Shrine in the nearby Floor Main Town. They spoke simultaneously teleporting to the fifth floor of Aincrad. The scene of the town came into view, one she had visited numerous amounts of times. But the first time did she step foot on this floor officially with Hikoru. Vale awaited Hikoru to take the reins and lead them to their destination while she mentally prepared herself for the conversation that was to start outside of the confines of the main settlement of the fifth floor. @Hikoru
  12. As the woman stepped forward, Hikoru walked into the room with a piping hot burrito wrap on a plate. The fragrance in the air, the taste of the food on her tip of her tongue without having yet taken a bite. The well fit martial artist took the plate into the claws of her gauntlets. Vale didn’t wait much longer to get to the table. She began eating the meal that her new love had made her. She couldn’t even make a hint of the char, despite it clearly being there due to Cooking not being Hikoru’s main profession. But, instead Vale could taste the passion and heart that was behind each and every bite. Moving a chair with her nimble paws upon her feet, shifting the inanimate object to be directly next to the Master of Shadows. Daintily placing her posterior upon the seat, “Hikki… It doesn’t matter that you didn’t make the best meal in your mind. It doesn’t matter if it is slightly burned...” Vale leaned in to give a sensual soft and slow kiss upon Hikoru’s cheek, “What matters is that you made it for me, and that is what ultimately matters for me.” Although that wasn’t exactly where Vale wanted to end in her sentence, and it was obvious by the way she stopped her sentence. But a smile stretched across her face, her eyes closed and gave one more kiss, “I’ll tell you after the Dragon meets his end.” She finished saying. @Hikoru
  13. Tears began to stream down her face as Hikoru responded in kind. The Panther woman was certain that the man she slept the night through with, would pull away from her. Everything she knew about the Hikoru suggested he might turn to her. But, at the same time there was so much she didn’t quite understand about the mysterious man who had slowly been captivating her heart. A loving embrace enveloped Vale, she brought the blanket over her head to hide the tears as best she could. There was nothing more that she wanted than a blissful comfort provided by the person she wanted in her life the most. That person was no longer Yukino, but the man whom was now carrying the girl to the bathroom like a princess. Something only her Father had done a long time from her past. Just before Hikoru could place her down, Vale gripped onto his clenching his shirt tightly. “Thank you Hikki…” She whispered under her breath. Hikoru left the bathroom to get the two of them a bite to eat. During that time, Vale composed herself in the bathroom readying herself for the day. After a few deep breaths. The cat woman adorned her iconic attire and exited the bathroom. Ready to tackle the day, the target, and her mind at the same time along side him. @Hikoru
  14. Vale

    [PP-F8] Enthralling Rage

    Before nightfall’s end, Vale knew full well that she needed to return everything within the place she called home. One she would no longer be able to call such any longer. The zone that her home resided in was due for an update from the Cardinal System. Something most of the players had realized started to occur when glitches and exploits in the system arose. She looked at the stars slowly fading from the naked eye due to the sun’s rise, “You weren’t kidding… This world is truly unique… If only you saw it instead of plummeting off its side, you would know this was where we belong.” Her head slowly dropped until her visual focus shifted from the sky to her hands, “But no longer do I feel like I belong…” She closed her eyes and opened the window of her room. A short drop, nothing she hadn’t handled in the past. But this time was much different, there was this deep seeded feeling of running. After a few flicks of her finger to return all objects under her ownership to her inventory. She leapt out the window after the process completed. And she began to run, as far away as her feet would take her. To where? Noone was told. Thread Complete Both players get 200 Col Both players get 1 SP for the Thread