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  1. Ruby

    [F13 EB] Adulterated Realms T3

    Ruby fell to one knee as she had been struck with not only a powerful attack, but very strong words being said against her. Things around her had seemed to move in slow motion at this point, Ruby had lost herself in thought and a few tears had fell down her face before standing against all odds and she looked up with a bit of retribution "No. You are wrong, she was a mentor of mine and if I had anything to do about it I would have saved her. There is something I do not understand why she came to that conclusion, however that doesn't mean I wont fight to find the answer I desire. You don't understand her or how I feel, you don't deserve to even speak her name!" Ruby then stood up strongly and moved forward without a second thought nor a concern that her HP the previous moment had been cut off a lot, this was for her own sake for her to fight off the bad thoughts that plague her own mind. She had ran up to the fake god and slammed her fist against the bosses chest then growled at the boss "Don't you dare speak of her name again."
  2. Ruby

    [F1-PP] Woman talks Beauty

    Ruby had giggled and said out to her "Good, then you must be prepared for a lot of cuddles then." then looked down at her chest as she had made a remark about them, Ruby had bit the lower part of her lip and said "Well, are you offering a good time with those too? I am always for a squishy handful~" Ruby had giggled out then said pushing her chest out a bit forward "But I don't know if you are aware of mine either. Even though its never seen much use, or have been touched by any... I am sure I still know how to use them." she giggled. After a moment she had stood up and offered her a hand up from her seat she had taken and said out to her "Well, are we going to spend a good night to really get to know each other or are you going to keep sitting there and not follow up your wants?" @Hydravion
  3. Ruby

    [F1-PP] Woman talks Beauty

    Ruby had smiled at Hydra's comment to Ruby as she stroked her hair "I wouldn't say that, I just am natural at how I look I suppose. Always have been into fashion and all, nothing too special about how I look." She had grabbed her hand as she had began to speak out to her and with a somewhat playful look Ruby had began to respond to her "My my~ for a school teacher, wouldn't you think its a little hypocritical to fall in love in one day and then wanting to be in the same bed as a woman you just met and be a little risky?" Ruby giggled and pulled Hydra closer to her "But if the answer is yes, of course you can come over for the night. Just fair warning-" Ruby kissed Hydra on her cheek "I'll want cuddles." she had finished her statement after a kiss onto her cheek. @Hydravion
  4. Ruby

    [F13 EB] Adulterated Realms T3

    Ruby had puffed out her cheeks, has she really done nothing or knew anyone special to have the boss to even speak to her? Ruby had paused to think back and come to think of it, she could only point out one person that necessarily died on her, but she was never around for it. Other than that there was only her previous group that had threatened her life, but... that wasn't her fault. Her train of thought was broken when Zandra began to speak out to her, Ruby had looked over and simply just nodded her head and followed Zandra's lead. Ruby had waited for Zandra's time to strike and after she had done the damage Ruby had ludged forward and slammed her fist at her jaw with the most powerful sword art she had at her disposal. Ruby had taken a few steps back and looked at the rest of her party, it had seemed as if Ruby really hasn't been a part of high octane action as she thought she did.
  5. Ruby

    Lotus's storybook

  6. Ruby

    [F13 EB] Adulterated Realms T3

    [Please keep track of energy, there is no way I have full energy after using sharpness and all might once before.] Ruby had sighed, it seemed she had no recognition period by Zandra trying to speaking to her, and she had no interaction with the boss basically at all. Ruby had just frowned and looked around, she just let things move forward as no one dared to recognize her. However, it wasn't a bad thing that not much was being pointed at Ruby as the less amount of players that hate her the better. However she was a little concerned about whether or not Zandra was going insane or not, Ruby had sighed things were not looking quiet up and she had just looked around and tried to figure out what she could do. However there was... very little that she could do, so she just went with the default Sharpness onto a frontliner. She had looked to find her group's DPS and had placed her hand onto @Beat's back. "Here's another damage boost for ya tiger, don't go spending it all in one place. Actually... spend it all in one place." Action: Used Sharpness on Beat
  7. Ruby

    Hot Springs Party Thread

    sure, rubs would be up
  8. Ruby had looked over to Baldur in which he had started to speak out to her saying that they were going to do the final push onto Izaki, Ruby simply just nodded her head and said out to him "Alright, just keep in mind that potentially one of us could get the drop, just don't get mad if I get it. I wont be mad if you get it either. Maybe we have just enough fire power to kill her, maybe." Ruby then began to charge her hands for another strike of All Might onto the boss, she had waited for Baldur to come forth with his attack and after he had finished his, Ruby had moved up and immediately slammed her fist against her jaw with All Might saying out to her "Do me a favor, and just perish." she spoke wishing to be one step closer to her own freedom.
  9. Ruby

    [F13 EB] Adulterated Realms T3

    Ruby had looked at the girl of the hour that had arrived as many other attacked her, then had dared to asked everyone about whether or not they have sinned or if they have not. Ruby had smiled a bit, it was clear that Ruby was no angel, however she never did anything so serious to be sinful... at least not at her current state. Ruby had looked over to Zandra as she had confronted saying that she had sinned. Ruby had placed a hand on her hip and said out to her "You are only human Zandra, don't confess it with shame. Stand up to how you are. Don't be ashamed of who you really are." Ruby had looked over to Artamel and said "Now look, I am no means an angel. However I have not sinned as you would think, perhaps its time to sin by bringing you back where you came." she had laughed and moved forward using All Might onto her Jaw. Ruby had selected Sinless. ID: 108176 - BD: 8+5-1=12 [I think I hit... I don't know if I did...] - Sword Art Used: All Might [Damage: 26*15=390-75=315 Damage]
  10. Ruby

    [F13 EB] Adulterated Realms T3

    Ruby had pushed herself up from the floor and looked around at the demons that had remained and the party she had been assigned to, she had looked to see that her Sword Art had oddly been limited and that she could not use it at that time. Ruby had smacked her lips a bit in disgust and she had looked forward back to the devils that had surrounded them... however she had just thought that it would be better for her to wait for her big attack to return to attack with. So she looked back at her party members to figure out what to do, looking at all her members she noticed that all of them had full HP, which had limited her to basically one other thing that she could do: Sharpness. Walking over to Beat, a man she had done this to many times before and placed a hand on his back to give him a sharpness buff "Here, take a attack buff. Should help you out." she had said with a giggle. Action: Using Sharpness on Beat / -12 EN / +3 Base DMG to Beat
  11. Ruby

    [F13 EB] Adulterated Realms T3

    Ruby had looked around after the speech about corruption and demonic influence, "Demons... why did it need to be demons..." Ruby had thought to herself, then looked around to her party that she had been assigned, she only knew at least two of them, one other she barely knew, however she only really knew Shield and Zandra. She has no real idea to what she should be entirely doing when it comes to strategy or really what sword art she should be entirely doing... however she knew she could at least take one out on her own agenda. Ruby had moved forward onto one of the Demons that had swarmed the area around all the players and began to attack. Ruby charged up one of her signature moves and attempted to punch one of them... however, typical Ruby she had tripped and fell onto the ground attempting to perform the attack. "Well... should of expected my luck to be absolutely trash." ID: 107672 - BD: 1 [expect this to happen like many other times, was attacking the ninth one, but eh guess im not now.]
  12. Ruby

    [F1-PP] Woman talks Beauty

    Ruby had giggled and said to her "Again, you are saying that now." she had tightened her grip on Hydra's hand as she had spoke out about her well being out there in the wild of Aincrad. After a moment whispering into her ear and said with a smile "Well thats great to know, but... please make sure you are going to be okay out there. There is a lot of dangerous things out there, and there is a lot of malicious people who wish to harm you or get things from you. Besides me, I am not too sure how many people are exactly what they seem when you first say hi to them... its a harsh lesson I've learned actually." she had let out a sigh, however eventually she had shook her head and said out to her "But, besides that, we've hung out here for a good amount of time, is there anything you wish to do or shall we say goodnight to each other for now?" she had asked her. @Hydravion
  13. Ruby

    [F1-PP] Woman talks Beauty

    Ruby had giggled and said to her "Well, you don't know what you are getting into. I have..." Ruby had looked over and placed her free hand onto her cheek "...Quite a lot of clothing. It's almost like a obsession. You'd probably be there for hours if you are lucky." she had finished with. Ruby was a little surprised that she had moved forward and grabbed her other hand to grasp onto after her talk about the frontlines but then comforted her and gave her a small kiss on the lips. Ruby had smiled and blushed a little bit and moved forward to kiss her for a moment or two then said "Well, I guess this relationship will work out. Just don't die on me out there. Last thing I would want is for you to disappear on me. And don't worry, I am not going anywhere either. I've just seen and been through too much, I'm a warrior." she giggled. @Hydravion