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  1. Ruby

    [F1-PP] Woman talks Beauty

    Ruby had looked around, it had seemed to be just another day. Ruby had spent a good time contemplating herself once again as she usually does, and hasn't honestly done much other than relaxing and just doing smaller things, rather than... bigger things or simply going out to farm on monsters. Ruby had sighed, she had been only a little bit upset about a bit of things, however she figured that she would distract herself with how every female does... with sweets. Ruby had found her way to a restaurant on the first floor that had been known for their sweet collection of sweets. Ruby had looked at the selection that they had, and she had just went with a piece of chocolate cake, with a piece of cinnamon candy for her familiar. Ruby had grabbed her piece of cake and placed the cinnamon candy on the palm of her familiars hand. @Hydravion
  2. Ruby

    Itzal's song collection

  3. Ruby

    Caine's Journal [Completed]

    Pending, please make the following changes: 1. Flaws and Virtues descriptions must be at least 3 sentences. 2. In your starting item, please list the enhancements that are on the "Rare - Curved Sword"
  4. Ruby

    Re-Evaluations Topic

    Currently, denied. A ruling was placed a while ago that a item could not grow in tier more than once, please contact Itzal or one in Content Development team for further details.
  5. Ruby

    Ennakai's Items

  6. Ruby

    Artemis's Evaluations

  7. "Nothing more left to say huh?" Ruby had thought to herself after speaking out toward a few of the bosses, and as time progressed she had looked around at not just her own party but the others as well seeing that they haven't been doing too much despite being a group of floor bosses. However as it was their turn to strike against her own party she simply wished to endure what was to come. Surprised she was shocked to find herself choking, however clearing her lungs for the time being she had gathered up enough strength to push her hand onto Baldur activating sharpness upon him. However afterward going back to choking her lungs out looking upon the bosses a little faintly from the fatigue of choking as she had been. Ruby had blinked over to Hestia and noticed that she had been more than okay which had brought a smile onto Ruby's face.
  8. Ruby

    Wayward Market Identifications

  9. Ruby

    Kuruyama's Journal

    *btw your journal doesnt need to be in a spoiler, but its still okay
  10. Ruby

    [PP-F01] First time out <TFFLAF> (Ruby)

    Ruby had chuckled and said out to him as he was clearing his throat "Well, I didn't say that it was very low, I just said that its low enough where it wouldn't seem like a female speaking. There is nothing wrong with your voice, just it doesn't fit how you look is all." she had smiled a bit. Ruby had shrugged as he had admitted that he was a guy that had been confused by a girl, Ruby had said out to him "Well, for me it's just wasn't hard to immediately tell. I've worked with a lot of females in the real world. I am a fashion designer for women's clothing and have worked with a lot of female models and a lot of other females to design the clothing. However I am sure there are a lot of women or men out there that would like the type of body you have been bound toward. I could probably name a lot of females in the real world that wouldn't mind at all." she had giggled. @Ennakai
  11. Ruby

    Katagawa's logbook

  12. Ruby

    [PP-F01] First time out <TFFLAF> (Ruby)

    Ruby had looked up to the player that had feminine looks asking if he could take a seat with her, Ruby honestly resented this as she didn't believe anyone should be talking to strangers they don't know like this... however she had felt a little nice. "Sure, go ahead." she had exclaimed out to him with a bit of a plain and straight forward tone. Ruby had blinked a few times and she had said "Well, of course I thought you were just some random female, however hearing your voice its pretty clear that you aren't unless you have a insanely masculine voice for a female." she had giggled a little bit. However after a moment she had said out to him "No no, no need to apologize. It happens to me all the time, most men come up to me looking to manage to score with me, however I just am not interested with any of them. If you uh- know what I mean." @Ennakai
  13. Ruby had shook her head hearing what she had to say, Ruby then said "No, you are missing my point Sunova. My point that I made with that statement is when you learn it its hard to really lose your ability to do what you had just done. You can get rusty of course, however you just never lose that ability after learning it." after a moment though, she had quickly looked over to Ruby and demanding to know more about herself. Ruby had simply just smirked and said with a bit of a shrug "Eh, there's not much to learn about me. In the real world I was a fashion designer for a company in Japan. Of course I designed women's clothing and I loved the job especially having other women try on the clothing that I create. Otherwise, I am just a typical sassy lesbian. Nothing more than that." @Sunova
  14. Ruby

    Macradon: The Blazing Typhoon