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  1. Ruby had looked to the Frozen Shark Pirate and was seriously ticked off, her luck recently has not been the best at all, she had been missing a lot of attacks that she should be landing, shes been constantly fishing up monsters and bosses threatening her own life... and she had just wondered what she had done to deserve luck like this. However she was snapped back into reality as the monster moved forward and got a critical hit against her, Ruby had moved back a bit after the attack and looked up to her HP, she had been taking more hits than what she had been originally comfortable with which she had just connected again with her outstandingly bad luck lately, however moving forward and slamming her fist against the Shark's jaw she had managed to finally hit it with a critical ending its life. Afterward Ruby had took a moment and took a few deep breathes to calm down. @Neopolitan ID: 103308 - BD: 10 - MD: 10 ID: 103309 - LD: 13+6=19 - CD: 12 = 1650 Col, 4 T1 Materials Sword Art Used: All Might [Damage: 18+2=20*15=300] [H: 1] Ruby - HP: 673/1100 - EN: 63/110[H: 1] Neopolitan- HP: 320/320 (added health regen for out of combat posts) - EN: 32/32Frozen Shark Pirate - HP: 0/550 - DMG: 165 Loot: 4450 Col, 16 T1 Materials, 7 T1 Uncommon Consumables [102739a, 102739b], 1 T1 Rare Unidentified Weapon [102976], 2 T1 Perfect Unidentified Consumables [102976a, 102976b]
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    Mars' Evaluations.

  3. After a brief moment and speaking to everyone's team... everyone had begun to walk in the floor boss room. Looking around she had tried to find the boss in which she had expected one giant boss, however she had seen 5 bosses. Ruby knew she totally blanked out on the original boss meeting, but this seemed interesting. After thinking for a moment she realized what had been going on. However before she could talk out to someone she had seen people preparing their actions. Looking around and with a smirk she had touched the back of Beat giving the Mod "Sharpness" to him improving on his damage, with a smile she had said out to him "Go get em Tiger, make me proud." and let out a giggle. She had looked at the five and only worried about the HP values combined of the bosses, she worried that they might have too much for everyone to handle. Action Taken: Using Sharpness on Beat
  4. Ruby had just been glad that she had got away from the main boss of that lake, however she had wanted to continue fishing just to get past the day, with a deep breath she had thought of what she could do. However she had a "aha" moment when she had thought of using Field Medic on herself, while it would cost a handful of energy, it was better than having what little HP she had left. Using the skill she had used Field Medic and got to a point where she had seen her HP being at least half of what it used to be. It was better than nothing and she had figured it would be enough for her to get back to fishing... however she could only hope that she wouldn't come face to face with yet another boss monster. She had sighed thinking of what she had recently done to deserve any of this sort of thing. Action: Field MedicRuby - HP: 524/1140 - EN: 81/114 [+228]
  5. Ruby had looked around at her surroundings, if she had wanted to get out of this she had to think a little bit harder. However in the middle of her thoughts the Shark had another opportunity to attack and critically striked against her once again removing a lot of her HP again, she had looked at her HP bar and noticed that she could not survive another one of those sorts of attacks. So, doing the last thing that she could think of she had just booked for it, trying to run away from it. However as she had gotten out of its grasp and as she had booked for it she looked back to see that the boss had given up on chasing her. With a deep breath she had taken a seat on the ground once the monster had been fully out of her sight... "Guess that Lake isn't so lucky as I thought after all..." ID: 103166 - LD: 17+1=18 [got away] - MD: 9 [WHY]Ruby - HP: 296/1140 - EN: 101/114Shark Pirate Captain - HP: 1140/1140 - DMG: 342 - MIT: 57
  6. Ruby knew that her limitations really only reached to normal monsters, and boss monsters... well, she just really could not fight them. Getting up on her feet and straightening herself she had attempted to get away from the boss with Purb, however the boss was having none of that. With its Hook it had got Ruby and critically slammed her against the ice floor. Ruby had looked at her HP drop, this was getting a bit scary, and she did in fact fear for her own life for a moment... she didn't want to die here and she could only imagine how Hestia, and other people would feel if she had just died right there right now. Shaking her head she needed to stay focused if she was going to get away from this guy, as long as she believed in herself she was capable of doing anything even running away. ID: 103164 - LD: 2 [why] ID: 103165 - MD: 10 [WHY]Ruby - HP: 638/1140 - EN: 101/114Shark Pirate Captain - HP: 1140/1140 - DMG: 342 - MIT: 57
  7. Ruby made it to the floor teleporter on the fourth floor and said out the command to teleport to the twenty-first floor, finally being away from the cold she had put her warm clothing back into inventory and finally was free from her cold prison letting some skin show. However she had just needed to get back into work otherwise she'd get too lazy to complete anything else. Making her way back to a lake she had found to be lucky she had cast her line and took a seat knowing that she would be here for a while. After a bit of time, her line began to move... a rapidly. Standing up Ruby had tried as hard as she could to real in the line as fast as she possibly could, however as she had reeled the line back, a Boss Monster had appeared its face, Ruby almost felt extremely mad that this had been happening to her, what did she do to have such horrible luck? ID: 103163 - CD: 1 [why. what did I do?] Ruby - HP: 980/1140 - EN: 100/114 Shark Pirate Captain - HP: 1140/1140 - DMG: 342
  8. Ruby had walked out of the cave where the boss had used to live and began to walk toward the main settlement of the fourth floor so she could get out of this hellscape, while she knows quite a lot of people love this floor because of the cold environment... however she absolutely hated the cold. But she just had to finish up what things had been left on this floor so she could return here as minimalistic as she could. She had she believed one more quest to get done here, however that can wait till tomorrow for it to be finished. Right now she just had wanted to finish the day on a higher floor so she could fish for better equipment and things that she could use. Plus she also just needed to complete a deal with Shield for a item... she had sighed, why couldn't things just be easier?
  9. As she had got up onto her feet and face the beast, it had moved forward and hit Ruby critically and forcing her back onto the ground. "That was some hit... however I am not a happy camper being forced back onto the ground." she had thought to herself with a bit of a growl. Forcing herself back onto her feet she had looked forward and began to walk towards its direction. With her arm fully charged she had unleashed her All Might sword art where its jaw would be and slammed it against it, fully removing its HP and ending the battle. Ruby had stood there and she had blinked a few times, she had figured that it would be just a little bit more difficult however it was the floor four so... she really shouldn't have expected all too much. With a sigh she had claimed her quests rewards and started to head back to the main settlement. ID: 103160 - BD: 8+3=11 - MD: 9Sword Art Used: All Might [18*15=270]Ruby - HP: 980/1140 - EN: 112/114Snow Beast - HP: 0/250 - DMG: 160
  10. The snow beast had roared out in a bit of anger of the player invading its territory and with great speed it had attacked forward at Ruby, however Ruby was just barely able to dodge its attack along with Purobolos. Ruby had hugged the wall seeing it go past her and she had positioned herself to punch the snow beast, however as she had moved forward she had got caught on her own foot and the snow on the ground and down she went. However in a bit of a panic she had got onto her knees and elbows pushing herself up from the ground trying to get back onto her feet. The last thing she wanted was to let the snow beast just push her around while she is down, and with one push she had found herself onto her feet to face the beast, this was just something needed to be beaten. ID: 103159 - BD: 1 [Crit Miss] - MD: 8-3=5 Sword Art Used: Failed Attempt. Ruby - HP: 1140/1140 - EN: 112/114Snow Beast - HP: 250/250 - DMG: 160
  11. Forcing her through the snow he had walked a very good distance to get to this location, of course she had to travel through a bit of a snow storm to even get here as well. Ruby had looked over to her familiar in which had looked incredibly more grumpier than usual and she doesn't blame him for being so grumpy. Ruby had looked back forward as they had went through the wasteland portion of the land, and she could see where the cave was located, and with a deep breath she had navigated herself through the snow and into the cave. She took a moment to relax a little bit as she had dragged herself through an entire snowstorm, however after a moment of breath she had looked up to see the snow beast approaching her, with a smirk she had looked at the snow beast and said out to it "Just can't let me get a moment to rest... can you?" she had straightened herself and prepared to fight the monster in front of her, fabled to be as strong as the old floor 4 floor boss. Ruby - HP: 1140/1140 - EN: 114/114 Snow Beast - HP: 250/250 - DMG: 160
  12. Purobolos had grumbled, however she knew that it was a grumble of acceptance. Ruby had gave her familiar a few pats on the top of his head and said "Good boy, we wont stay on this floor for long anyways, we're going to fight a boss, then head to the twenty-first floor to get all the items I need for the trade." she had kissed the top of her familiars head and then began to move forward. This boss she had heard about a lot, as it drops a very strong item, she had heard that the item was so strong it was capable of bringing a item up one slot. Ruby didn't think that she had anything worth while to bring up to a perfect, but she thought it would be extremely useful if she had on hand, or ready to sell if anyone had needed it. Shaking her head she had moved through the snow to reach the boss in question that would help her grow and gain such an item... it was just to move on and grow stronger, so she would force herself to get through all the snow... even though she doesn't like it.
  13. After speaking to her familiar, Ruby could feel someone tugging onto her arm, which had immediately got her attention and look to see who had been tugging on her arm. What she had saw was a pretty cute white haired woman that had a smile on her face as she had spoke out to her. Usually, Ruby would be against people asking random people for help as of previous mistakes, however she couldn't help but feel have some sort of soft spot for the woman, however it was still a talk she would have with her later. Ruby had sighed and with a smile "Well... okay, only because you look cute." she had turned to face the woman and extended a hand forward greeting her and just being friendly "My name is Ruby, its a pleasure to meet you today. And this is Purobolos, however... don't touch him. He'll explode on you, quite literally." she had giggled. @Sunova
  14. After eating the good amount of food both Pinball and Neopolitan had brought to her plate, she had just a few more things to grab, she had went over to Zandra and had taken her safeguard, and with a smile she had said out to her "Thanks Zandra I really owe you one." then had drank the potion to give her a safeguard. Then she had moved over to Itzal which had offered her one of the Banshee's Veil that would give her Paralyze onto her weapon, walking up she had claimed the item from @Itzal and still with a smile had said out to him "Thank you it should come in handy during the fight, er- well at least I would hope so." she had bowed before him then used the Veil onto her Gauntlets to give them a Paralyzing effect. With a deep breath she had walked up to @Shield and said out to him "Well, looks like I am in your party, feel free to tell me what the best course of actions are to be placed, I can sometimes be indecisive when it comes to making decisions on the fly." +Safeguard - Using it +Banshee's Veil - Using ot
  15. Ruby had let go of the Shark to gain some distance, instead of being face to face with the monster she had figured that at a distance she could get her attack just right. Ruby was just a little bit upsetted by all these monsters that had been constantly appearing and her constantly messing up attacks to get all of them. Ruby had looked back at Neo and she had been only a bit grateful that she hadn't been attacking the monster, the last thing she wanted was for her to fight a monster the power of Ruby's level. She had looked back to the Shark Pirate in which had moved forward but slipped onto the ground, Ruby had smirked seeing the opportunity she had to end this, moving forward she had moved her hand to move down on the Shark's Jaw, however it had managed to get out of the way of her strike once again. @Neopolitan ID: 103137 - BD: 2+3=5 [KILL ME PLEASE] - MD: 1 Sword Art Used: Failed Attempt [H: 1] Ruby - HP: 838/1100 - EN: 79/110[H: 1] Neopolitan- HP: 320/320 (added health regen for out of combat posts) - EN: 32/32Frozen Shark Pirate - HP: 264/550 - DMG: 165 Loot: 2800 Col, 12 T1 Materials, 7 T1 Uncommon Consumables [102739a, 102739b], 1 T1 Rare Unidentified Weapon [102976], 2 T1 Perfect Unidentified Consumables [102976a, 102976b]