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  1. Ruby

    [F22-PP] Floor 23 Boss Meeting

    Ruby moaned and groaned as she had tossed and turned in her bed, she had been mostly been lazy nowadays, especially after nearly dying in the last boss. She had felt like she had deserved to be a little lazy, however today she didn't expect the meeting to happen so soon. Opening her eyes after waking up, she had got a little worried and immediately got out of bed "Ah sh*t. I am late... although its a bit sudden, I really need to stop sleeping in this late..." she had thought to herself as she had equipped her clothing and getting her together and presentable. After a moment she had called for her familiar and she was out to the location in question, even though she was going to arrive late. It took her a while to find exactly where she was going however she got on track and found herself to the location opening the doors exclaiming out "Sorry I am fashionably late... you should give warning before meetings happen..."
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    Mizujinns's Journal

    Pending, PM being sent.
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    Hestia's Performer evaluations

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    Yora's Journale

    Pending, PM will be sent shortly.
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    Housing Evaluation

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    Arabelle's Evaluations

    everything above approved.
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    Lakeview Trader Evals

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    Morgenstern's Evaluations

    everything above, pending. please paste CD.
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    [ Spangie's Cuisine and Evaluations ]

  10. May 4th is over, but now its time for revenge of the 5th.

    1. Macradon


      Don't you mean revenge of the 6th?

  11. The boss was finally coming towards its end... however it didn't back down with the assault, and as a result... Ruby had took quite a bit of damage in return, Ruby had looked up to her HP bar and saw that it was in the red, this was the first time in a long long time she had seen her HP fall that low. And to be honest she was starting to feel scared, the purple haired healer began to shake a little... she didn't want to die here, a part of her felt... a little less confident, however she had looked around and back at the boss' HP bar and took a deep breath there was absolutely no way she was going to die here. Ruby had just taken the moment to move forward and attack the boss dealing as much chip damage as she could for the next person hopefully to wrap it all up... she was hoping to not take anymore damage than she needed to. Rolls Bialas' Stats Player Stats
  12. Ruby had looked at Cal and she had grew a smirk on her face "Off the market eh? Don't even window shop?" she had giggled, however things had went back to normal as she had looked forward at the boss. Ruby finally had gotten rid of her shock wave curse, however it had immediately went back onto Ruby and shocked her for more damage, however directly after a discharge had occurred and she had been zapped for even more health. "Son of a B****!" she had thought to herself. She had looked up to her own HP bar and saw that it had been half gone, at this point Ruby was seriously scared about her own health. However she must press forward, Ruby had figured that this was the last of the poor thing so she would move forward using All Might to deal as much damage as she could to the boss if not trying to kill it after the other attacks. Rolls Bialas' Stats Players Stats
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    Hestia's Performer evaluations

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    Housing Evaluation

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    Housing Evaluation