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  1. Looking towards the group i smile a bit when hearing Ruby repeat the thorns part as i open up my inventory and slides the screen on over towards the blonde haired brawling healer. A small grin across my face as i just show the names of gears that have their enhancements next to them as i just nod my head with a playful grin. “Lets be glad that at one point i considered paralyze a good enchantment to have on my shield Ruby. Seems like having some non thorns armor, and a non thorns shield has come to aid me, and also find myself lucky that there hasn’t been a need to give away this Tier three gear yet.” I say in a joking tone of voice as i than just nod my head with a confident grin across my face. “SO when it comes to thorns i think we’ll be covered in avoiding death by that. Just keep in mind people to focus down the chieftan. Myself and Ruby will deal with the timing of stuns against the healer once we can see where his rhythm is when we arrive. When the shaman can’t be stunned we’ll be focusing the chieftan obviously. I’ll be using my energy restorations on Ruby as mentioned. This is our plan for when we go onto the assault against the labyrinth boss.” I say listing off the plan once more before glancing around the area quickly and than directs my attention towards the direction in which i remember the area being as i redirect myself back towards that direction. #112638 LD:4+5(skill)+3(food)+3(item)=15 27/100
  2. It was...humiliating to begin with more so than anything else. Even if it was planned to do this to make sure that we can stay safe and continue the fight while Shield hopefully stays the line instead of running away like a coward possibly just so we can try to secure a victory. ‘You said you can go and defend the line if you were by yourself, now do it or be a stupid little hypocrite you mister i can solo a floor boss with beat and Hestia If you can solo a boss you can solo this labyrinth before we get back..’ I think to myself angrily with myself even unsure of what i am angry more towards. Myself, or Shield and his group’s antics. That no matter how hard i would try that in the end it came down to the fact i was arrogant, incompetent, and a failure to not try and notice that their could've been a difficulty spike. She’ll be on the way soon. Just need to wait for her. I say softly as i wait patiently not even having told Ruby yet of who i was messaging mid combat. @Ruby@Neopolitan@Zandra
  3. I grin to myself as i move towards the coliseum a roman marvel that is well known and would be kinda shocking if someone had never heard of this rather brutal gladiatorial arena. 'Though it seems that people like the more brutal fake version where in reality this had a lot more rules when it was Gladiator vs Gladiator.' I think to myself as i stare at the giant structure sitting at one of the nice little tables that are around the outside of it as i stare at the place where i had that meeting with Baldur and the other frontliners. I still don't see how they think their training camp will help. I can only hope it will since things are only getting harder with each boss if that Labyrinth boss had anything to say about that. I say with a small sigh escaping my lips at that thought as my fingers drum along the tables metallic making as my familiar rests by my feet. I wonder what kind of quests are on this floor. I say out loud to myself in idle wondering as i realize i haven't asked that information from anybody or tried to find it myself at all. @Hazado
  4. I just nod in understanding at Neo’s silent having known her for always being like this so it isn’t much of a surprise for her to be like this. Gazing back towards the open fields of the 24th floor i head in the direction of where i think the shores of that fight were at. Trying to spot from a distance the forms of shield battling against the reptilian like fish creature. When hearing the questions towards me i would nod my head and feel a surge of confidence and a bit of pride in the idea of being a leader. A figure that people are looking up to in some aspects and are willing to trust the commands and follow the lead of. Gazing back towards the three players with a smile as bright as the sun itself i would nod my head towards them. “All right when it comes to a plan i’ll share the details we have first naturally. The chieftan has a high mitigation rate to nullif my one handed attacks to nothing basically, we can’t use thorns since that’ll kill the shaman that we only need to stun with the weakest sword arts when we can time it to stop his heals. When it comes to a initial attack we’re only using singular target attacks against the chieftan preferably Zandra if you have bullrush knock the chief flat on his a***. Ruby you’ll be on Shaman stun duty when it comes around to doing that if it is up to our group to do so. I’ll be primarily trying to keep ruby’s levels of energy up and only have my initial attack being that of my legion destroyer charge just to assist all of you in some damage.” I list off the initial things i can think of from what we have learned during that fight towards the group.
  5. I smile happily within a moment seeing that the group i have assembled is willing to work together with the only downside being that during raids this group is impossible down to just group formations. ‘You can’t have three healers in one party not when we’re so sparse on that much needed role and have no others besides us.’ I think to myself a bit somberly at that thought since i am certain that given time i can make this group function quickly and know what to do without even needing to say something. The only thing now though is to find that labyrinth and than subsequently deal with the boss while making sure the credit for finding and killing went to them rather than the “heroes.” Letting my team talk to one another without interrupting them to make sure i don’t ruin their conversations for at least avoid the business until the friendly words are said. i would mentally go through the list of things i need to say to them afterwards. Glancing towards Neo i would nod towards her with a thankful look within my eyes. “Neo thanks for joining us. Also, thanks for supplying us with the buffs i asked on such short notice. I’ll make sure to let you know much more in advanced next time unlike today.” I say apologetically towards her in regards to just the timing.
  6. Arriving upon F21 the day after having completed the quest with Zandra in finally killing the annoyances that had made themselves known as the trouble in the mines quest i can only still feel a small amounts of annoyance and anger at dealing with those creatures, and by proxy the quests designs in general that made it much more difficult than what one could anticipate. after sending the message i send the second one to a spear wielder that i can think of that would most likely join the dungeoneering to let him primarily know that it is today rather than a week from now or a few days from now.
  7. “It doesn’t matter Ruby hopefully Shield isn’t going to be a prick and try to leave early since us coming back is their only hope of us winning at this point since we can just burst them down. Also hopefully they don’t try to ruin us by allowing the shamans to respawn.” I say in a rather negative viewpoint before shaking my head from one side to the next to just dismiss that for now as i gaze towards Neo and offer a small smile. After awhile Zandra would arrive and with that i would nod and quickly start making my way towards the location from which i remember the labyrinth being. “Okay people! We got time no time to waste! Our objective is the labyrinth, and then to murder the labyrinth guardian! We need to make sure we get there before team shield leaves, and then show them what we're capable of." I shout out quickly towards the gathered assembly of players with a smile across my face and a feeling of confidence about our odds in taking down this labyrinth boss.
  8. Looking towards Ruby i would offer her a apologetic look before looking away off towards the side as i look more so down towards the ground only to catch Kuro looking up at me with a expectant look. With a small sigh i would have myself focus once more back in front of me as i glance over towards Ruby. “Their is no need to apologize for yourself. I was the idiot who went into that fight expecting a victory only because of how floor 23 was. I went in like the greenhorn frontliner i am and caused the failure in the first place. If i just waited we could’ve gotten a few more people and dealt with everything properly.” I say towards the one person i can say without a doubt is like a sister to me as i than slowly wrap my arms around her in a hug and rests my head against her for but a few moments of time before taking a singular step back as i end the hug. “So don’t go saying something is your fault if it never was.” I say towards Ruby with a slight light hearted chuckle to try and lighten the mood for the duo of players as i hear the sounds of footsteps as i direct my attention towards the arrival of Neo. Nodding my head rather happily i accept one Accuracy, and one LD buff since those will be the most pressing for myself. ‘Wait Zandra retreated...i’ll make sure to get her involved.’ With a quick opening of the menu i send a message towards the berserk healer Equipped: Golden Fleece (+3 LD), Harpe (+9 DMG), Prometheus' Blessing (+2 heavy momentum, +1 regen) Buffs used: Accuracy +2, LD +3 (Golden garlic bread, Humis dip)
  9. Aloha all members of the Aincrad world. I am the frontline tank Hestia former tank part of the HDA. With my recent leave of that i also wish to make a new guild even than though. One that would be 1. active 2. Will not be comprised of alts (EX: one character per person.) 3. The goal of this guild be in essence a sort of strike force against the evils that plague Aincrad from PK players/guilds *which can be NPC player guild based that we can work to form a cohesive storyline around.*, other crimes from extortion or the such that could be done by other types of players that aren't orange *again could be fun little plot thing that we can try to expand out into the site.* lastly, a strike force that will eventually take to the frontlines as our own group eventually or immediately. *depending on player level.* what does this mean? It means any level of player is welcome as long as you're active and aren't a alt of an already existing member of what this guild *if this does come to fruition.* Any build is welcomed as well including straight crafters who don't fight at all.
  10. I look towards the man and can't help but feel a sense of..disappointment with the words that i am hearing from the once pure hearted tank that i met way back in the beginning before i had even hit the tier two mark from what my memory tells me. That such a person is now reduced to seeking revenge against some kind of figure, would go to these kinds of lengths as i than look towards his cursor color. 'orange...that.' I think to myself but for a brief moment before i look towards Jonathan with a slightly worried look within my eyes as i realize that whoever he killed wasn't this Chaos figure if the cursor was orange. Instinctively my index finger starts tapping against the notebook that i am holding as a case of nerves, and anxiety overtake me as i am forced to wait and hear out for the reason that the cursor color is even their. Since this story is far from over and i can rather easily tell that their is more to this rather horrible story of loss and suffering than what i would want to hear from him. 'it's always the ones who have the most hope. Who end up facing the biggest demons, and get consumed the most by darkness if their wings get clipped as they fall the hardest.'
  11. I pause as i hear the names of important people as i write them down keeping their names to try and ask about at a later date for more information and details as i just look towards Jonathan and just nod my head and urge him to continue telling his story. I know that it can be hard to talk about Jon, but i can promise the more i can know the better we can make sure that some guild like Stryder's wouldn't get hurt in the same manner. So please do continue. I say in a gentle and soft tone of voice as i look towards the blonde haired man as i can see what i would only call possible horror or trauma slowly appear on his face when reflecting back upon the moments of these sins, and betrayal that he had went through occurred towards him. Making sure to write down the name of the murder guild as a target to eliminate at all costs, and something that can be handled with a small alpha strike squad even possibly if dealt with in a appropriate manner once i can try to train up some officers. The news of members being turned into crystals rings within my eyes as i quickly think back to the event as i nod my head slowly remembering seeing the face of Mina, and even Kyoto so the ones that i could know about seemed in safe hands at the very least whenever this had occurred. While you did lose members within the guild Jon you also still have people like Itzal, and Mina there to help you out, to help you work through this. I say in a gentle tone of voice.
  12. I nod my head and remain politely silent during the discussion about what had happened so i can try to understand the full picture of what had left my mentor to reach to a point of having to kill someone. Having expected the people like Jon, and Itzal to be the last who would dare try to commit an act against the people of Aincrad when their were better options available than needing to needlessly murder someone that could at least face fair trial in the world outside. 'No one ever needs to die within this game. We are no god's of judgement. We're kids who don't know anything better and can only try to hold the horde of evil at bay with what we have, and to try and mimic the world we have come from to keep things under check.' I think a bit solemnly at the fact that to survive in a fake world that the need to become like the real one is the first essential step to everything that is the safety and peace of the land. That the frontlines functioned as the government heads in the sense already with the guilds, and that the players were the citizens, but no protection their to really protect them all in place. When the beginning of the story would start with quill, ink, and a notebook in hand the tank of the frontlines would begin writing the story from the perspective of which the former tank in front of her would be viewing the events that she would be transcribing for future notes.
  13. Upon seeing the face of the man i find myself frozen like a statue my sword still dully pressed against his chest as i see the blonde haired man in front of me. The man that had taught me some important lessons in tanking and how to fix my stance. One of the first Ascendants and more importantly one of the few Ascendants who embodied their message of protecting the players at all costs from what my memory told me. I think back towards the event boss as i sheathe my sword and change out of my battle gear to the casual winter like jacket with fur along the ends, and a grey shirt and long black pants as i take a few hesitant steps forward. Aftewards i wrap my arms around the armored man of battle that i can tell now went from tank to disgraced dps seemingly. Come on Jon. Lets..lets sit down and have a chat okay? We can just..talk about what happened can't we? You're not going to run like Pinball tried to do are you? i ask in a soft and saddened tone of voice as i look at the saddened face of my mentor even if i have surpassed him in levels, and possibly even as a respectable figure on the frontlines within only a short year of being active and helping out people wherever i could. My hand would grab his as i would look at him with pleading blue colored eyes as i look at him not as a imposing leadership figure, not as a police chief, but as a worried friend. Showing the frightened look within my eyes as i hold onto the armored hand of the player in front of me. Just tell me what happened please. I ask once more as my familiar looks up towards you and lets out a slight whimper as he can finally recognize the scent and the face of the man in front of him and the relation to its owner as the lion walks away and lays away from the duo of players. The act of the tough girl gone entirely and showing the more vulnerable side that is hard to find while on frontline business, or even questing at points the few times that we even had done questing together.
  14. I would look down towards the armored figure that broke from just my words alone seemingly as i would pause the onslaught as i would just be breathing heavily as the same look of betrayal, anger, and anguish is on the woman's face while standing above this armored figure. The words registering within my mind as i hear the apology and than my mind as i just nod my head but keep my weapon on my person as i let out only a quick sharp whistle as my familiar rushes down by my side and lands right next to me. The lion being in a defensive position ready to pounce at a moment's notice upon the armored man as i take my step forward towards the figure and put my sword against his chest not pushing it forward using it as just a silent threat. Forcing back all the emotions from my person as the slow cold demeanor is left though the tear stained face remains on the woman even though a tough act is trying to be displayed before the person in front of her. Why did you do it? And take off that helmet you aren't Domarus. You are more respectable than being forced to hide behind some stupid mask. Don't you know why i show my face always? People need something to believe in, so i gave them a human. A scared girl that fights for everyone's safety. Now stand up and show me your face if you're going to attack me at least be honorable enough to show me your face instead of a coward who is too scared to face a friend they attack. I say with a harsh tone of voice towards the man ignoring the pangs of guilt and anger that resonate in my chest. Each pang feeling like my very chest is being grabbed and compressed ever so slowly to a tiny black sphere at the very center of it. The resentful blue eyes looks towards the helmed figure not noticing the fresh tears falling from my face with each word i was saying. Having tried to ignore the apology to just be an adult and get my answers. To try and grow up and be responsible enough to know that i have to do what i have to do no matter what. 'To try and be a good cop...this seems harder every day and this is just the second person.' I think to myself as i stare at the figure on the ground as fresh tears fall as i can only wonder what is the point in building a prison to keep your friends safe. if those same friends you will need to eventually put away from them being tainted in this world, and...what if i need to be put away eventually? Who could even stop me?
  15. I would watch as each strike of my blade was met with a block from the much bigger and heavier blade as i stare at the figure with just a ever present grin on my face and a determined look that is undying within my eyes as i stare at the helmed man. Taking in the information as i fight with the person as i just let the system guide me through the attacks so i can spend time just trying to figure out what the person is doing which seems to be a much more reactionary fighting style possibly? As the attack would come to an end i would try to quickly move around the person keeping in mind the weapon in use and just like most two handed weapons seemingly they needed room to actually be useful within a fight. Though much to my surprise i would feel a shove against me causing me to lose my balance for only a moment as i would slam my foot back behind me to kill the momentum from the shove as i see the weapon heading towards me. With a raise of my shield i would gleam the weapon off from it. 'Crisis...wait what!' I shout to myself mentally on seeing the weapon switch as i can only think of one other player that has done this short of thing at least around me as my eyes darken instantly as i stare toward the man in front of me as i take note of the crystal. With a raise of my sword i would use that to defend against the secondary attack that knocks me away once more and raise my shield towards the thrust attack once more. Once the assault has ended i would look towards the man in front of me as i can remember quite vividly the time i saw Itzal do some kind of switch hand trick against some mobs at one point on floor nine...against the phoenix. You killed someone, and attack me. I respected you, you know. You were my mentor and one of the first friends i had within this game! You are going to explain yourself when i put you down! I shout angrily towards the man i could only think is itzal as i grit my teeth as calm and collected switches to anger and frustration as i rush forward towards the figure. As my style changes to something more beastial and offensive than what could be called at least somewhat defensive before. Instead of relying on my shield and seemingly allowing my opponent to run out their energy clock the offensive movements of the dps part of the tank build of the everything build shows as one legion destroyer follows up into the next. Not allowing any attack that was sent against my body to stop me as i would charge against the figure. The shield being used as just a pure bashing method to try and swat away the two handed weapon that could try to block my strikes. Some tears coming out of the corner of my eyes that sparkle within the light of the sun as i stare at the person that left me mid labyrinth search, and has gone off the grid, only to come back to try and strike me ground. TAKE THIS YOU CELESTIAL! I shout bitterly towards the figure as i try to chest hit him with the shield that would do no damage from not having the shield bash mod on my person. Scouts useless so you went killer? Is that it! Did the events of F23 hit you that hard! That you would just abandon everything! Who did you kill huh! Who did you murder itzal! You might've tried to fool me with that stupid black getup. But i can see why it is a knockoff domarus you copied his stupid armor he wore to the final fight. Your mistake was doing that weapon trick you showed me when we thought the phoenix though couldn't have been more obvious than with that. I say with a hostile tone of voice as some tears continue to run down the fact of the angered looking black haired woman. You may be my friend. But you murdered someone and attacked the police chief of Aincrad. Clearly you have to have been unhinged Itzal. Unless you want to try and talk on your defense? With those words said the black haired woman would once more continue forward pressing the attack the entire time i was speaking and beyond that as just cold determination burns with the blue eyes. The look of betrayal washing over the entire visual face of the black haired tank and healer of the frontlines. 'First pinball, now Itzal. WHY!' I think angrily once more as i try to push my body to move faster, to hit harder, to do something! With every miss bolstering the next attack due to heavy momentum of the armor. Lastly i'm not prideful. I just know what i am compared to others. They can go for last hits. I'll protect those that can't protect themselves. I say towards the former scout.
  16. I would just let myself be absorbed by the nature in front of me while staring forward unto the water as i can only think of the various parts of the game that is now slowly falling into place as i can only imagine as people are forming opinions of one another. 'All because of that decision made by Hirru things are crumbling apart.' I think to myself finding myself more annoyed with my own incompetence to having not aided in the prevention of such an action from having only aided in its course by being the first to ditch the orders of the tank in question who was assigned as the leader of the group. That just leaves the next raid. Will they try to appoint a leader, or will they accept that they won't be able to go along with that plan? Not after last time. i say softly towards myself as i hear a thunderous loud charge towards me as i would turn my gaze to see a dark armored figure as i only have a brief moment of thought hit me as i only act on instinct. Shield raised upwards to block the sword as the sound of screeching metal is only heard for a second as i slide along the sand as i dig back against it. Glancing towards my familiar i see him growling right at the man as i just nod before letting out a low long drawn out whistle as my familiar comes back towards me as i point towards the sky as the creature takes off. First it was Pin. Than a crazy girl and some supporting male. Now someone trying to rip off Domarus' style. I've dealt with worse and if you're orange and attacking me. You either want me dead for my police department, or are trying to prove a point. Or what? did the psycho child send a assassin after me? I say casually not seemingly all that frightened as i would heal up from the armor that i wear as i raise up my shield once more and prepare my sword holding it low to the ground and smiling to myself. Well than? Come on you armored reject it is time you face the best tank that Aincrad has ever seen. I say with a amused smile on my face as if the words i speak are nothing more than just playful banter as i quickly kick off the ground moving close towards the figure who managed to knock me back as i take register of the weapon in use. 'Sword, not Domarus. Good to know he hasn't relapsed.' With only that thought ot guide me forward i wait for only a split second before activating charge myself for a quick thunderous and loud charge towards the figure as i activate legion destroyer my best attack that i could manage to try and cut into him myself as i stare at the helmed visage. Determined blue colored gaze meets the black helmeted figure as the black hair of the form of hestia pushes past where her head is moving past her fact towards the armored figure as my sword would meet the figure. 5ft8inches of determination and fury striking upon the figure.
  17. I would rest upon one of the islands on the floor with a relaxed smile on my face, but still having my gear equipped ready for a fight at a moment's notice upon this new and rather strange floor. Gazing across the seemingly vast ocean from the fact it can have so many floating islands i just grin my face upon full exposure having never been the type to wear a helmet ever during the midst of a battle. 'If people want to fight me they will see all my emotions, and they will see the face of someone they'll kill if they succeed. To be a symbol of hope others must be able to recognize you as a person not a thing.' I think to myself calmly as i have at my side a sword the pure damage blade resting right at my leg as my familiar rests alongside me as the duo of frontliner and familiar enjoys the small peaceful moment. Registering the location within my mind with a rather happy smile despite the more sobering reality of being a guildless person with no allegiance to anyone technically. If this game truly followed the ideas of war i would be killed sooner and much quicker with my leave of the guild that or i would be quickly tried to be recruited by some other faction during such times. Gazing up towards the sky of the floor i would let out a soft sigh as i close my eyes for the briefest of moment as i let my thoughts drift into wonder of what i am meant to do with my time here now? 'I can't just give up on my ideas. I need..players need protection more than ever from themselves or from outside elements. CA, Domarus' guild, Knights of Blood oath. The staples that have been around are breaking apart. Even HDA is showing the signs of rusting like the CA did. Someone needs to stay. Someone needs to build some pillar of stength people can rally behind. Someone needs to prove that the guilds and groups of the frontlines aren't just greedy pricks.'[ I think with a hint of hostility within my own thoughts as i think of another tank and DPS on the frontlines as i slowly take a calming breathe upon that as i think towards the other two healers and nods my head. 'If i want to get a group worthy of shaping the frontlines. I'll need to get all my friends i've made to work together. Starting with the guild leaders that are still around.'
  18. A small grin appears on my face as the man known as Haz would talk towards me as i just nod my head fine with letting him take the lead since i want to nurture this behavior while being careful to make sure that it won't turn into some kind of arrogance. 'Having people willing to make decisions and lead a group effectively is always needed on the frontlines and is the nature of tanking really if what Shield wants to do is right. I'm sure it'll work if Haz fit that bill since people seemingly know him and most likely with that like him as well.' I think to myself with a rather happy smile at that thought as i just nod my head towards his request and follows him out of the arena as i flip through my inventories and unequips and reequips some different gear as my heavy armor and weapons change from the signature tank look to something different. Instead a simple black winter like jacket with fur along the ends appears on me with a slow follow up of a grey shirt, and long black pants looking more fit for winter than the wonderful summer like weather of this floor. I would be happy to talk with you and Neo at an inn Haz. Though yeah lets finish this quest first. I say politely towards the tank player with a relaxed posture as i find myself curious on the future of the players of Aincrad if people like Neo and Haz are going ot be joining. Finding myself equally worried because of that as well.
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    New guild formation

    If it wasn't for IC reasons Pin you'd be welcomed easily. Pleue you're good to join as well if you want. That just means your other character wouldn't be able to join the guild i would wish to make. Just giving you that heads up. (not saying what character it is encase you don't wish for others to know.)
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    [BR-F24] 'Sahagin Shenanigans'

    I look towards the chieftan and than back towards Shield and the others and just look towards Zandra and give her a small nod of my head before looking towards ruby as i open up my inventory and take out the one item i had ready to go at a moment's notice. Holding within my hand the teleport crystal i just nod towards Ruby as i open up another menu and start typing up a message to a player to make sure that things will go as smoothly as possible when we return, and hopefully return quickly at that to make sure that not all progress is lost. Zandra! Retreat right away. Me and Ruby are teleporting out right now! Shield do me the favor of not leaving while we're gone as long as you and the others can make sure that the thing doesn't get back to full health that at least means we aren't starting the fight from zero progress.We'll return with just desserts that i can guarantee since we'll be back at full and as an actual group. I shout towards the group of players as i than activate the teleport crystal as i get encased in a aura of blue light teleporting me out of the fight. Action used: Teleport crystal. Hestia has left the thread
  21. I make my way through the fifteenth floor wearing my battle gear that i have grown accustomed to wearing through the various fights with bosses, quests mobs, and even one or two players as i nod my head with a small smile as i nod my head at that. 'I should probably invite Hirru or at least Baldur on this but i think inviting Hirru into any group would either help or hurt him at this point, and Baldur is who knows where anyhow.' I think to myself with a small frown upon my face as my familiar walks beside me as the duo of tank and familiar make their way towards the designated area listed upon a map within the tank's hand. Glancing through the message contacts that i have i just nod my head and sends a message out towards two of the players that i would be fine with being able to protect remembering that at the very least they can hopefully take a hit if they get unlucky enough to face that. Let alone something akin to a boss from this dungeon. 'If spencer a T1 tank can make it through a T2 DPS should be able to do the same also.' With that in mind i send out two messages towards the players with the coordinates to the location of the dungeon which is next to the Blood Bane questing area.
  22. I smile rather happily at seeing one of the soldiers already get taken out swiftly and without any hesitation as it means that this fight will only get easier from here on out as i activate the howl skill against the three remaining soldiers as i slam the pommel of my blade against the shield i wield. One down and three left to go! Lets see if your attacks can even pierce the iron defense of Hestia! I say with a light hearted laugh of amusement after saying those words as i move forward to get closer towards the creatures to make sure that i am the first thing within their range when they'll go into an attack against myself if they even survive that long. My familiar stands right beside me with a perpetual low growl as if challenging the beasts in front of me alongside myself. I slowly raise my shield upwards and hold my blade within my hand ready to strike out if need be. Round two! Stryder and Pin you guys can burst down another together, and Neo you can weaken up another one with a strike of yours that won't be Stryder or Pin's target! (no rolls since stunned) Action: Howl -10 eng [0/0/0] @Neopolitan: 715/715 HP | 54/64 EN | 12 DMG | 95 MIT | 3 ACC | 2 EVA | 8-10/24x2 BLD | 8-10 PRZ | 2 REC [0/0/0]Stryder: 815/815 HP | 57/74 EN | 86 MIT | 6 ACC | 4 EVA | Concentration 3/3 | 16 DMG [1/1/1] Pinball: 995/995 HP | 82/96 EN | 20 DMG | 5 ACC | 5 EVA | 8-10/24 FRZ [3/3/3]Hestia: HP: 1705/1705 Energy: 144/154 DMG:16 MIT:151 Thorns: 84 Eva: 0 ACC: 2 BH: 79 Heavy Momentum: 2 (+6DMG) Rec: CD:6+ (+6 ENG) Enemies: Twisted Ancient Soldier: 0/665 HP | 228 DMG {FRZ} {STUN} Twisted Ancient Soldier: 440/665 HP | 228 DMG Twisted Ancient Soldier: 440/665 HP | 228 DMG Twisted Ancient Soldier: 440/665 HP | 228 DMG
  23. I stand upon the area of the nineteenth floor with a smile upon my face and both of my hands behind my head as i look out from the town area planning on taking on the dungeon upon this floor that i had gotten during the small little questing adventure alongside itzal. Glancing towards my other two dungeon maps i sigh softly and shakes my head from one side to the other realizing the simple fact that most of my time spent alongside allies had been from questing, or moments like right now where i am just doing grinding and things to increase my level rather than the peaceful moments that can be found within the game. I need to actually relax once and awhile do something that is actually fun with my day. I say softly as i open up my menu and selects three names figuring it would serve as something possible to do in my off time figuring that if it is possible to handle all of these as long as i proceed carefully. Closing my eyes i send the message and nods my head slowly hoping that i can at least get two out of the three people to come to help me out with this since it could be used as some decent down time.
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    Neo's Items

  25. Hestia

    [F21-PP] The faces that hide

    I look towards the group of dwarves charging once more as i raise my shield and activate a sword art of my own to try and counter the attack towards me once more as i focus upon the group and than sprints forward towards the enemy to meet their attacks. The sound of the clanging metal against the stone and rock of the mines of these dwarven foes echoing as i move towards them and cut into them with my blade moving through them like a dancer as my blade manages to only catch two people with an attack. However, for myself i had received much rougher damage returned back towards me as the four dwarves attacked in unison as my familiar only had enough time to push two of them away to prevent them from both striking against me in my blind spots. That being the commander who he knocked into one of the lower guards. Standing their heavily breathing i chuckle a bit at Zandra's words and just gives her a smile as i back away from the group of four as i stare at our enemies. Don't worry about my health! Continue pressing the attack don't break our attack structure! We can knock it down to one guard if we follow through with this! I shout over towards the duo of players with a smile and look of confidence upon my face. Action: Butterfly Illusion #112542 BD:4 MD:10 (dwarven eliete guard) 144 DMG #112543 BD:10 MD:4+2=6 18x11=198-42=156DMG 144DMG to me THorns: 84 #112545 BD:7-1=6 MD:10 16x11=176-42=134DMG 144 DMG to me #112546 BD:2 CD:9 MD:4+3=7 (commander) 420-171=249DMG to me Thorns: 84 -3 eng 681-80=601DMG to me [H:6/8/7/6] Hestia: HP: 503/1705 Energy: 138/154 DMG:16 MIT:171 Thorns: 84 Eva: -1 BH: 79 Heavy Momentum: 2 (+6DMG) Rec: CD:6+ (+6 ENG) [H:2/0/0/0] @Pinball: 1015/1015 HP | 70/96 EN | 20 DMG | 5 ACC | 5 EVA [H:2/1/2/2] Zandra: 1,585/1,585(113/154) DMG: 22 ACC: 6 MIT: 98 BRN: 36 (8-10/2 turns) FALLEN: 12 BRN-THRN: 30 Enemies Dwarven Elite Guard Commander: 384/1575 DMG:420 MIT: 105 ACC/EVA: 2 Dwarven Elite Guard 1: 124/1050 DMG: 315 Mit:42 ACC/EVA: 1 Dwarven Elite Guard 2: 0/1050 DMG: 315 Mit:42 ACC/EVA: 1 [BURN-36(1/2)] [Stun: 1/2] Dwarven Elite Guard 3: 412/1050 DMG: 315 Mit:42 ACC/EVA: 1 [BURN-36(1/2)]