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    [PP - F04] Daddy-Gladdy << Essence of Steel >>

    Gladio had nodded his head and said to her "I mean I do not see why not, even if the boss is easy its better to do it pairs for it to be over quicker yeah?" he placed his hands on his waist looking toward her as she spoke out after his next comments. "It was more so how I thought was poking fun, I did it all the time to my wife and I just thought it was the same way for most people. I apologize." he said to her, trying not to be an asshole, while he is one naturally he just doesn't want to step too far with this one... he was very curious to learn more about Mari. Turning around as she walked past him he looked at her and said with a grin "I mean, nothing says "I AM RIGHT HERE" than something to obviously give it away. It's too easy to find your target if you don't hide yourself well." he said stating the obvious as he was a part of the military. @Mari
  2. Gladio had shook his head and said out to her "Nah, don't worry about it. It's what life likes to do best, throw punches and see how people respond with events that occur. I'm strong I can get through majority of things, at least eventually." he slightly smiled. "Well, its not necessarily a skill that everyone cannot have its just a matter of repetition, can't expect to be cooking like Gordon Ramsay within minutes of starting. I am sure if you explored more into cooking you'd be surprised on what you can make... eventually of course." he chuckled slightly. He shook his head with a slight smile and said to her "Nah, it is not odd. Do what you like to do in life, just because I am not into it doesn't mean that it's odd. Tell me more about it, you drink light or heavy drinks? What's the music you like?" he said out trying to get to know her a little bit, or do the thing you should do to become friends with other people. @Silver Star
  3. Gladiator

    [PP - F04] Daddy-Gladdy << Essence of Steel >>

    Gladio had frowned a little bit and threw his hands upward below his head then said to her "Hey, never said that you were incompetent, just said that I should give you at least a little bit more credit. My apologies." then looking back he placed a hand on one hip and said to her "Mhm, a boss. I got a valuable item I am looking out to get, a lot of players are looking to get their hands on one of them, me on the other hand not really. Maybe I'll find someone to give it to even, its a good item to settle a deal or just settle a bond of some sort I guess. Either way I also stopped by here to get the type of wood that's around, it reminds me a bit of home." he went on a tangent about. After a moment he looked over and said to her "Oh, well I'd be more than happy to help you out there. That is of course you'd like to have me around." he smiled at her slightly. "If you are needing the item, I am more than happy to just come for the SP more than anything. If I want to get one of my own, I suppose I could just redo it on my own." He said once again to her "Ah my apologies, thought I could poke a little fun or maybe get a smile of some sort from you. That being said-" he turned around toward where they needed to go "Lead the way Mari." @Mari
  4. Gladio let out a chuckle then said to her, giving her a bow back "Well, its not a bad thing that you aren't just giving out your real name just to anyone, especially in a world like this. I respect it." he smiled. He crossed his arms and lended up against a tree then looked around the area they were in, it had been a small amount of time before he last seen this floor, typically every day he grinded the mobs on the higher floors so he forgot how the scenery looked, it looked... refreshing almost to see how basic and calmer it was, almost non-threatening. He laughed then said "Yeah, I get where people can get that idea. A lot of it just feels like... how do I put it..." he thought for a moment then said "Busy work." he said bluntly. He thought for a moment, it had been a while since he had last thought about what he did out in the real world, however he looked back up to her and said "Well, it wasn't a long duration from leaving the military to entering this game. I had some... unfortunate events happen to be in the middle of that time frame. But, for the most part I guess I just liked to cook I suppose. I mostly just worked out most of the time now that I think about it. What about you?" @Silver Star
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    Bahrbaric Evaluations

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    Dederick's Evaluation Station

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    Housing Evaluation

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    [PP-12] T i t l e <<Lord of the Seas>>

    "Benefited?" he asked out, then he snickered shaking his head thinking to himself "I guess that is all some people need to go on these sorts of things with other people..." He looked back up to Cordelia, then he smirked "Yeah, its just I gotta get my equipment updated and get my stats up and running not low as they are. Otherwise I will just make the same mistake I just did twice, so." he chuckled. Then he said out "If I got a lot of potential then you do the same out there and don't die with the potential you've got there." After a few more moments, they had finally looked up to see a town in the distance, he looked back to see her excitement, he simply looked back forward shaking his head "Man, this girl would not and could not make it in the military..." he thought to himself. Then looking back he smirked a bit and said to her "Me? Oh no, I just spent a lot of time killing monsters and bosses to get where I am without much help. I have always been a lone wolf, however I seriously need to stop that mindset. But... what about you? Anything special or cool?" he asked out to her. @Cordelia
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    Hermit's Crafts (Raidou)

    oops approved.
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    Tristram Steel shaping {Blacksmithing}

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    Blossom's Crafts {Artisan}

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    Hermit's Crafts (Raidou)

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