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      Donations and Recognition!   12/23/2016

      Hello everyone! We are becoming a huge community and that doesn't come cheap. All staff here are volunteers and do this because they love the site. Right now, everything is paid out of pocket, by Erroneous. We would love for you to donate in order to help out with the site costs (i.e. Forum License, Domain Name, Hosting) so that we can keep Security and Forum Software up to date and possibly add some new features. If you do decide to donate, we have some fun, snazzy gifts of appreciation for you ;) Please message me (Shark) so we can get you the gifts of appreciation! We thank you for your support! Please use this link for more info   _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ How To Donate Scroll to the bottom of the screen and click the donate button.

      NOTABLE DONORS LIST Here is where we honor the donors who go above and beyond the call of Aincrad! Top Tier Donors! Row  Teayre Percival Nezumi Zandra Alice Arc Atzo Azrael Baldur Corvo Dominion Ignavus_veneficus Kaya Lee Mack Macradon Nocturn Piera Ruus Sarial Hawke Unyeilding To express our gratitude, here is a picture of the iconic duo for all you wonderful supporters!
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      The SAO Staff Team!   02/22/2017

      Hello members of SAO-RPG!

      I'm sure most of you (if not some) have noticed or heard changes were made to the staff team. If you are applying to staff, you may have noticed that the application process has recently changed. This has all happened because of a reformation of the staff team and the way it operates. The staff now has separate teams for development. These teams are: Floor Creation Team [Floors, Quests/Events, Bosses], Systems & Clarifications Team, and Player Support Team.

      "Who is on these teams?" Well the answer to that lies below! Floor Team Systems & Clarifications Team Player Support Team * - Denotes Team Lead

      We also have a team to work on and develop the current systems but that team will search for its members and is not allowed to be applied to.

      Now you may be asking, "Shark, how does one apply to the Staff Team?" And I have but 1 simple answer!
      Go read this thread and it may answer all your questions!

      If you have any more questions, send me a PM and I will answer your questions about staff. (Only the format of teams and/or the application process)
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      [Updated] Summer Events!   06/29/2017

        <<Summer Beach Party>>
          Location: Floor 16 - West of Oceanus
      Event Begins: July 1 | Event Ends: August 31
      Setting: Daytime (July 1 - July 31) | Sunset (August 1 - August 31)   A small guild calling themselves the Gladiolus Alliance have suddenly started putting up posters and making announcements about a beach party they are hosting on the sixteenth floor. Players may wear any equipment they like, but casual clothing and swimwear are highly encouraged. Weapons are prohibited from being equipped while in the vicinity. Food, drink, beach towels/umbrellas, and a volleyball court have all been provided and set-up by the guild for everyone's enjoyment.   Event Thread Rewards: Finished thread awards 1 SP per completed page. Participants receive 1 SP per (3) posts, up to the number of completed pages. Posts must meet the 150 minimum word count to be counted towards SP rewards.
          <<Mid-Summer Fireworks Festival>>
      Location: Floor 1 - Town of Beginnings
      Event Begins: July 12 | Event Ends: August 31
      Fireworks display begins August 12
      Orange players may safely enter the Town of Beginnings to participate in the event. A fireworks festival has appeared in the main plaza of the Town of Beginnings. The festivities run all night long with a variety of games, prizes, and food for players to enjoy. Halfway through the festival, when darkness has fallen over the city, a fireworks show will begin to light up the night sky. General Rules: Orange players are permitted to attend, and will not be attacked by guards if they enter the city for the event. Normal safe zone rules still apply. When spending col to participate in games, buy items, or enter the lottery, be sure to keep track of the col you have available. Final spending/winning totals will be posted by a staff member in the closing post of the event, which can be used to link to your Col logs. If a player had spent more col than they had available, prizes won as a result may be voided. Traditional festival attire (yukata) or casual clothing is encouraged, but not required. Event Thread Rewards: Finished thread awards 1 SP per completed page. Participants receive 1 SP per (3) posts, up to the number of completed pages. Posts must meet the 150 minimum word count to be counted towards SP rewards.
    • Cardinal

      July 2017 Patch Notes   07/08/2017

      <<July 2017 Patch Notes>>
      Profession Guide Updates: Blacksmith and Tailor guides have been rewritten. Blacksmiths and Tailors can no longer craft tools. The Merchant guide has been rewritten: Identifying now costs col, not materials. Shields can now be identified. Junk sale prices have been adjusted. Experience gain and number of identifications per day has been adjusted
      Loot Guide Update: The type of an unidentified item dropped by monsters and found in treasure chests are now declared by the looting player. Shields can now drop from monsters and be found in treasure chests.
      Sub-Dungeon Update: The Sub-Dungeon guide has been rewritten. Sub-Dungeon monster stats have been revamped. Sub-Dungeon rewards have been revamped and now scale with Floor Tier and Player Tier. Sub-Dungeon map rules have been added.
        Rebirth System Update: The Rebirth System has been rewritten. The 30-day restriction has been removed. Starting SP for Rebirth characters has been increased to 50%. New rules and procedures have been implemented for players creating a Rebirth character.

[Event Board] The Prize Corner

3 posts in this topic

<<The Prize Corner>>

In the center of town, a huge booth is set up with an impressive variety of items on display. A pair of NPC twins--an energetic brother called Kyou and an icy sister named Hana--run the booth, showing off wares and trading players' tokens for items. They also run the Raffle and Col Lottery events, so if you're chosen be sure to stop by The Prize Corner on your way out from the festival to claim your winnings!

Event - Raffle:

Raffle Prizes:

  • 1x Teleportation Crystals (2) [T1 Perfect Crystal]: Use a post action to activate a teleport crystal. Teleports the player to the town or designated teleportation area they specify. [1 winner receives 2 Crystals]
  • 5x Name Tag [T1 Unique Item]: Use a Name Tag in an item re-evaluation to change the name of an existing item. [5 winners receive 1 Name Tag]
  • 2x Midsummer Feast [Perfect Item]: Use a post action to place a Feast that feeds up to 6 players. Consuming a feast portion grants +(50 * Tier) maximum HP for one thread (does not stack with other Over-Health buffs) and takes a post action, but can be consumed in combination with other temporary buffs. Cannot be placed or consumed while in combat. One-time use. [2 winners receive 1 Feast]
  • 1x Explorer’s Kit [Unique Bundle]. Contains: (1) Blank Beginner Dungeon Map (matches winner’s TIer), (3) Field Rations (matches winner’s Tier), (2) Silver Keys, and (1) Golden Key.
  • 1x Hands of Duplication [T1 Unique Equipment]: Increase the amount of materials found by out of combat gathering by 1. [This item stacks with Gatherer skill]

Event - Col Lottery:

  • (Level 1-29):
    • Costs 500 col per ticket.
    • Winner receives 10,000 col.
  • (Level 30+)
    • Costs 2,000 col per ticket.
    • Winner receives 50,000 col.

Prize Corner Items:

  • Small Goldfish Bowl [8 Tokens]: Decorative item that holds one goldfish. Can be placed in player homes or shops.
  • Large Goldfish Bowl [10 Tokens]: Decorative item that holds up to two goldfish. Can be placed in player homes or shops.
  • Aquarium [15 Tokens]: Decorative item that holds up to five goldfish. Can be placed in player homes or shops.
  • Sakura Scarf [15 Tokens]: A long vanity scarf that features a maroon and white gradient with a pink cherry blossom petal design.
  • Sakura Scarf (Familiar) [12 Tokens]: A long vanity scarf equippable by familiars that features a maroon and white gradient with a pink cherry blossom petal design. It adjusts to the type of creature that is wearing it, but will not inhibit the creature's movement or abilities.
  • Antique Armor (Familiar) (Heavy, Light) [15 Tokens]: A set of equippable vanity armor custom-designed for the player’s familiar. The player designates whether the armor is light or heavy, and then specifies the armor’s appearance.
  • Miniature Mask (Familiar) [12 Tokens]: A custom vanity mask equippable by familiars. The player can freely design the mask, but it will not inhibit the familiar’s movement or abilities.
  • Crimson Mask (Fox, Cat, Dog, Sheep) [12 Tokens]: A vanity mask tinted with a deep red gradient. Offered in different shapes, molded to resemble a certain animal.
  • Simple Charm (Green Clover, Red Heart, Blue Tear, Yellow Star) [10 Tokens]: A vanity gemstone attached to a silver chain. It can be attached to an existing piece of equipment as a decorative charm.
  • Oversized Plush (Turtle, Shark, Dragon, Unicorn) [15 Tokens]: A large decorative plush doll. Can be placed in player homes or shops.
  • Bottled Fireworks [8 Tokens]: A round glass bottle with a flat bottom that contains tiny exploding fireworks. When its cork is removed, a miniature fireworks display will shoot out from the item that lasts until the bottle is sealed again. If the item is destroyed, the display will last for five minutes.
  • Recording Crystal (Festival Theme) [8 Tokens]: A recording crystal that plays the same background music players can hear at the Mid-Summer Fireworks Festival.
  • Dimensional Familiar Bag (Unique Familiar Equipment) [100 Tokens]: +1 slot to a player’s Battle Ready Inventory: A bag custom-fit to the players familiar to carry around on their body. [Does not stack with “Dimensional Backpack” or "Dimensional Pouch". Familiar must be RP present in thread.]

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