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[PP-F14] Just that Quick [Floor Boss Battle]


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All players will have 72 hours from the creation of this Thread to reply to this thread to be included in the boss fight, at which point, the fight will start.

All Players must state their Stats, Items, and Skills in their Post

All Associated with the Azure Brigade are given a +1 Accuracy due to the Azure Brigade Guild Hall being the place of the meeting.


Three days had already passed since the Meeting and now four had passed sicne the War of the Ancients and the ensuin fight between the Assualt team and the Angel Pair Leothiel and Avarious. And now, here they were again, back at the Frontlines not even a week later, ready to eliminate yet another worthless monster. With any luck, this Boss fight would be quick and done in an hour or so. Zelrius planned to scout again, hoping that he could keep control of the boss fight and in turn, keep hold on how quickly they could and would get these things moving on a regular basis.

With that, Zelrius met at the Rendezvous point early, and now began to go through his inventory, putting his gear in place and his Enhancements on

T2 Bloodrage Crystal Activated

Blood of the Champions Activated

Alcholic Food Activated


Zelrius Blackfyre - Commandant of the Azure Brigade - Hero of Aincrad - Raid Leader


220 HP
50 Energy
5 Accuracy
0 Evasion
8 Fallen Damage
16 Holy Damage

Blade of Michael - +16 Holy Damage
Sword of Lucifer - +8 Fallen Damage
Commandant's Pendant - +2 Accuracy, +2 Evasion

+1 Accuracy (Planning Table)
+6 Damage (T2 Bloodrage Crystal)
+3 Damage (Alcholic)
-3 Evasion (Alcholic)
+2 Damage (Blood of the Champions)
+20 Overhealth (Blood of the Champions)

Dual Blades | Rank 5
Charge | Rank 5
Curved Blade | Rank 5
Search & Detect | Rank 5


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Almost as quick as the meeting had concluded did the next raid seem to be underway. With everyone gathering at the entrance to the boss' lair Calrex gave a small sigh as he arrived if not second, then close to it.

Double checking his gear the Ultramarine Knight confirmed everything was in order. Just like the last fight he opted away from going with his fully-defensive gear, instead only sporting the Grand Chariot II over the Tide Pendant, sacrificing his speed and evasiveness for defense and Thorns. Plus, this way he was only an item switch or two away from going into his fully balanced or fully defensive set of gear.

He gave a nod to Zelrius as he saw the blonde, giving a casual wave as he moved over to his own corner of the gathering area, "Floor fifteen already. Hopefully our pace doesn't die out this time around..."

Swiping on his inventory he produced another one of the Safeguard potions that he had procured from Zanda, quickly drinking it down. As the enhancement took effect he gave a small calming breath of relief.


Calrex Stats (Subject to Updates before Event Starts):
HP: 294 (237 Base + 5 Athletics + 48 Stonewall)
Energy: 59
DMG: 14 (1 Base + 1 Athletics + 5 Skill + 6 Weapon +1 Banner)
ACC: 3 (2 Item + 1 Familiar)
EVA: 0 (1 Item - 1 Stonewall / Reduced to -1 while using Grand Guard II)
MIT: 48 (30 Armor + 18 Grand Chariot II)
Thorns: 36

Battle Skills:
Rank 1-5 One-Handed Straight Sword Arts
Rank 5 Heavy Armor (30 MIT when using Armor)
Rank 3 Block (23 MIT when using Shield)
Parry (Half Damage Received on Next Attack / Immune to Stun and Paralyze / Active)
Rank 4 Charge (+4 to DMG / Can only be used if Calrex has not attacked yet / Active (Can be used alongside Sword Arts))
Rank 1 Battle Healing (On CD of 10 and up recover 5% HP / Passive)
Rank 1-2 Martial Arts (Access to <<Meteor Break>> Sword Art with One-Handed Straight Sword while not using shield)
Rank 1 Meditation (On CD of 7 and up remove all negative status effects and on CD of 10 and up also recover 5% HP / Active)
Howl (Gain +3 Hate to all monsters / Active)
Disguise (+1 to own BD and -1 to enemy BD for one round / Active (Can be used alongside Charge and Sword Arts))

Active Mods:
Athletics (+5 to HP / +1 to DMG)
Stonewall (Current MIT = Overhealth HP)
Rank 5 One-Handed Straight Sword Ferocity (All Rank 5 Sword Arts get +1 to DMG)
Vengeful Riposte (On successful Riposte deal half incoming damage back to attacking enemy, can be mitigated)
Bull Rush (On successful Charge enemy is stunned)

Grand Blade II (3*2 DMG)
Grand Chariot II (9*2 MIT / 18*2 Thorns)
Amethyst Charm (+2 ACC / +1 EVA)

At Ready Item:
Grand Guard II (18*2 MIT / +1*2 Heavy Momentum)
Tide Pendant (+2 EVA / +1 LD)
2x Safeguard Potion
1x Potion of Fallen Strength (+3 DMG / -9 MIT for thread)
1x Basic Teleport Crystal (Use 1 post and takes effect following post / Teleports back to main settlement for floor)

Active Enhancements:
Safeguard (First enemy hit during battle is negated)
Banner of Command / Ariel (+1 DMG for battle)


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It was time already. The boss raid was coming along and people were beginning to appear. Zalrius and Calrex, the first pair to arrive as well as Macradon behind them. Not many had shown up yet, but it seemed like the raid would need its members as usual. With most people strong enough to nearly solo out the boss, most work wouldn't be done by Macradon, which would be somewhat great. Macradon had all the potions he needed, at least he thought that. He would go through his inventory and bring out a potion again. "Time to chug" he said for himself with a smile as he would drink the damage enhancing potion. He could feel the effect of the potion taking its part. Macradon was wearing his armor as he usually did, the uniform of the Knights'. Fully clad in white and red armor and his big straight greatsword strapped to his bag. Even though he had just received his new item, he wouldn't flash it just yet.

+6 Damage potion consumed


HP: 125
Energy: 30
DMG: 19
MIT: 66
Regen: 1
Recovery: 2
Bleed: 1

Status effects:
Damage +6

Grandmaster Two-Handed Straight Sword: +5 DMG.
 - Mod: Rank 1 Finesse
Heavy Armor Rank 3: +13 Mitigation
 - Mod: Athletics: +1 DMG, +5 HP.
Charge Rank 1
Survival: Passive out of combat health regeneration. Ignores environmental dammage.

Scarecrow's Sickle: Damage 6(3x2), Bleed 1.
Blood Crusader's Halfplate: x3 Mitigation (+53 Mitigation)
Blood Crusader's Bracers: x2 Recovery, x1 Regen.

At Ready Item:
+6 Damage potion.
+54 Mitigation potion.


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Lowenthal arrived at the area, that the raid was to take place. Just outside the massive doors, which lead to the boss itself. From the meeting, it seemed that today they'd be fighting a giant bird of sorts. As well as a few eggs. Knowing basic things about birds, Lowenthal guessed that there was more birds inside of those eggs. But another thing that Lowenthal knew about birds, was that they were fragile. This boss would be dead before it could flap its wings. As Lowenthal saw other players, he grabbed his only damage buff from his inventory and drank it. IT tasted, sweeter somehow. Perhaps from being a tier two potion. Mac, Cal, and Zel had all arrived before he. "And here I thought I was being an early bird." Lowenthal said, rubbing the back of his neck.



Level: 32
HP: 128
Energy: 32
Damage: 18 (1 Base +2 Familiar + 4 Fallen + 5 Skill + 6 Potion Buff)
Mitigation: 30 (21 Skill + 9 armor)
Evasion: 3
Acc: 2 [1 Enhancement +1 Planning Table]
Fallen Kunai [T1] 2 Slots Fallen, 1 Slot Acc (+4 Fallen Damage)
Light Jacket 2 slots recovery, 1 slot Eva [+2 Energy on a CD roll of 10+]
Leather Chest Piece[T2] 2 Slots Eva 1 slot Mitigation
Dagger: Rank 5
Sneak and Hide: Rank 2
Charge: Rank 2
Light Armor: Rank 3
~Extra Skills~


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Ssendom walked up to the small group that had arrived before him, all people he was very well acquainted with. Along with one man he was becoming friends with. He looked at Calrex and approached the Ultramarine Knight, "It is time for another adventure amongst the Front lines, eh Rex?" He patted Calrex on shoulder then walked over to Macrodon, "Keep up the good work from last time, and show everyone your new toy." He joked then walked over to stand beside both Lowenthal and Zelrius, both Commandants of the Azure Brigade. He stood in a way to show pride and vigor to those who would arrive after him. Amethyst came out from Ssendom's chestplate and began to dance ontop of the Hydra skull to try and break the seriousness in the air.



Ssendom - Commandant of the Azure Brigade - The Berserker - The Dreadnought - Slayer of the Forsaken Crusader

169 HP
41 Energy
3 Accuracy
-3 Evasion
8 Fallen Damage
23 Damage
48 MIT
36 Thorns
1 Loot Die

Despair - +4 DMG +8 Fallen Damage
Hydra Skull - +36 Thorns +36 MIT
Benevolent Dragon Charm - +2 Accuracy, +1 Loot Die

Healing Fog - 50% Heal - Post Action. Usuable Once per Thread.

+1 Accuracy (Planning Table)
+6 Damage (T2 Bloodrage Crystal)
+6 Damage (Kingly Crab Meat)
-3 Evasion (Alcholic)

Berserker | Rank 0
Two-Handed Straight Sword | Rank 5
Battle Healing | Rank 5
Light Armor | Rank 3

Skill Mods:
Athletics - +1 DMG +5 HP
Emergency Recovery - Recover 25% of your max HP at 25% HP - Usable once per thread.


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Donning her Knights of the Blood Armor, Opal was ready to kick off the day by conquering whatever was inside the boss room. Their pace till now had been sludge, but it was only days ago they finished off Avarious and Leothiel in the last Boss Raid. Now they were up against some sort of Bird type Boss which could equate to a whole of of uncertainty. She had wished there was more planning or more time to prepare, only hoping that this current pace didn't prove to be a disaster for the Raid Team. Finding several players here already, Opal took her part to get ready for the battle. 

Removing a single silver vial filled with the means to help negate the first attack against her, she released the contents upon herself <<Safeguarding>> for any horrible mess that might ensue from the boss. 

-1 Safeguard

Her attention and gaze were set to the doors once more. The nervousness she felt while walking here had settled down, the mere butterflies now changed into hardened resolve as she double checked her gear, giving herself the once over. In her hand, the Masamune X appeared within the ornate Saya. Taking out her other dmg potion, she coated her blade with the red liquid as it gave the added stat bonus for damage. She shifted her weight to one leg and leaned against the wall with her sword propped up next to her. Times like these she needed to mentally be prepared. The Strike Team should be showing up soon as well. 

<<Player Card>>



Stats: Level 37 || HP: 148 || Energy: 37 || Tier 2 
Dmg:+15/+16**  || Eva: N/A || Acc: 3  || Mit: +12 || 

Status Effect:
+4 Dmg Pot

Weapon: Masamune X [+6 Dmg]
Accessory #1: Blood Oath Necklace: [+1 Acc, +2 Keen]
Accessory #2: Ring of the Blood: [+2 Acc, +1 Keen]
Vanity Light Armor: Panoply of the Blood Oath [+12 Mit: Light Armor Skill]

Disguise: +1 to BD, -1 BD to enemy PC
Sneak & Hide: +4 Stealth Rating
Charge: +1 Dmg Rating
Katana: GM +5 Dmg
Light Armor Skill: +12 Mit
Survival: negates environmental effects

Ready Items: Safeguard [x2], Mass Heal Crystal [+25 HP all] [x4], Teleport Crystal [x1], Antidotes- Uncommon [x4]


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Cora smiled and walked up to the doors to the boss room, wondering when this fight was going to take place. She would let fate determine whether or not she would continue in this game. If she survived, so be it, she would work hard to help everyone escape this game. And if she didn't... Well, she wouldnt need to worry about that. She'd be gone, her brain microwaved by the nerve gear that sat on her head in the real world. 

Stats: Level 1 | 4/4 HP | Energy: 1 | 

Skillz: OHD Rank 1



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That time again already huh.. The Irishman thought to himself as he walked towards the meeting point, his olive eyes gazing over the crowd of players already in attendance. This would be the first time in awhile that he would be fighting under an independent flag, with The Velvet Room officially being put to rest just a day or two earlier. The ebony blade with the silver cross engraved on it, Saint Andrew's Bane rested on his shoulder, gently bouncing with each step he took. As he came to a stop in the middle of the group of players he recognized, he swiped his hand up to open his inventory. With a couple flicks of his fingers, the man jolted through the list of items, his face growing more and more sour. "[censored].." he cursed to himself, "I forgot to pack any damage potions.."


Level: 40

HP: 160/(165)



DMG: 13
EVA: 3

ACC: 4

Light Momentum: 2
MIT: 20



Grandmaster Rapier Skill (+5 DMG)

Light Armor Rank 4 (+20 mit)
Charge Rank 2 (+ 2 Dmg)

Extra Skills:

Concentration (+1 BD when used)
Martial Arts Rank 0
Survival (+6 HP Out of battle & Not effected by environment)


Rapier Ferocity Rank 5 (+1 dmg to Sword Arts Rank 5)

Athletics (+1 DMG, +5 HP)
Precision(+1 ACC)



Weapon: Saint Andrew's Bane (+3 DMG x Tier 2)(6 Dmg)

Armor: Leather Vestment of Cunning (+2 EVA, +1 LM)

Accessory: Erin's Favor (+1 EVA, +2 ACC)

Familiar: Adere the Tawny Owl (+1 ACC)

At ready:

Rum (+3 DMG, -3 EVA)
Safeguard Potion
Snowfrost Potion




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Jade eyes watched carefully over the growing crowd. His hiatus from the front lines had been brief, yet it felt as though he'd already been gone for years. There was a fine layer of rust collecting on top of his skill set, and he was more than eager to see it removed. The vanguard was growing, faces both new and old surrounding him and providing a mysterious mixture of both ease and worry. Something just felt off. Perhaps it was his being out of practice, or perhaps it was the depressingly dreary theme of the floor. He had drawn his sword not long after arriving, and had taken to using it as a cane of sorts. A terribly bad habit of his, though it was lucky he hadn't the need to worry about edge retention.

"Maybe this next floor will be better to look at. Like a beach or something, or even another forest." He mused, his idle gaze settling onto the scale-clad familiar mounted across his shoulders. The noises it made were illegible to most, yet Takao chuckled lightheartedly and nodded along. "Yeah, right."

- -


Takaorius Greenfyre - Commandant of the Blue Man Brigade - Hero of Arby's - Raid Reader


Level: 40 | HP: 165 | Energy: 40

Damage: 13

Mitigation: 30 | Accuracy: 3 | Evasion: 2


One Handed Straight Sword (R5)
Light Armour Proficiency (R3)
Charge (R4)


Ferocity (OHSS R5)


Inundator: +6 Damage
Huntsman's Set: +1 Evasion, +18 Mitigation
Iron Aegis: +2 Accuracy, +1 Evasion


Otoko: +1 Accuracy



Active Modifiers:




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Manta walked up to the doors of the boss room. The area was already familiar to her, as she had been here once before when Zelrius and her had first discovered it. She pulled out the potion that she had recently crafted and pulled the  stopper off, draining it quickly. As usual it tasted foul, but the effects were more than worth it. She had regretted not using consumables in the last boss fight, she wasn't about to do that again. She quickly took another safeguard potion as a precaution, and then ate some alcoholic food, before unsheathing her rapier and preparing to charge in.

[Tier 2 Damage Potion: +6 DMG] [Safeguard Potion]




Manta's Stats (Subject to Updates before Event Starts):
HP: 144 (Safeguard)
Energy: 36
DMG: 23 (1 Base+ 5 Sword Skills+ 6 Equipment+6 Potion+1(Banner)+4 Alcoholic=23 +5 (First attack)=24
ACC: 4 (Equipment+Mod+Meeting Bonus)
EVA: 1 (Equipment) (3-2)
MIT: 7 (Heavy Armor Skill)

Battle Skills:
Rank 1-5 One-Handed Rapier Arts
Rank 2 Heavy Armor (7 Mit)
Rank 5 Charge
Concentration: +1 to BD 

Active Mods:
Rank 5: Precision

Brigadiers Breastplate: 2 EVA, 1 Savvy

Pinpoint: 2 Accuracy, 1 EVA

Rapier Thingy: +6 DMG

Crusher: Vanity (Gauntlets, Heavy Armor)

At Ready Item:

Banner of Inspiration

Potion of Heavenly Mending

x2 Uncommon Health Crystals



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Ebony was excited for this boss battle, mainly because it was happening so soon after the last one. They were moving quickly for once, and she was excited that she might be getting out of this game soon now. Well, sooner. If they kept going at this rate they would be out within half a year or so. She doubted that they would be moving that quickly, but this was most certainly a start. She equipped her new glove, her rose, and her armor, in preparation for the fight ahead.



HP: 104
ENG: 26
DMG: 3

Life Mending: 10

Combat Craft: 3
MIT: 57 (Skill+Equipment+Potion) (3+27+27)

One Handed Dagger: 2

First Aid: 5 

Heavy Armor: 1

At the Ready Inventory:

 1x Potion of Heavenly Mending, (When used recovers 15%(rounded up) of your missing health)

Banner of Inspiration: 3 Charges, empowers you and three other players in a party with +20 overhealth for 1 battle. To refill 1 charge costs 5,000 col
Banner of Superior Support: 3 Charges. When used, the Banner of Support heals up to 4 players, including the user, a maximum of 30 HP. Once used, the Banner of Support changes from a red to a gray color and begins to go on it's 10 turn cooldown. To refill 1 charge costs 5000 col


Ebony Rose: +3 Combat Craft

<Soul's Repentance>, Light Armor -(Life-Mending 2) Life-Mending increases healing done from any source produced by you by (5 * Slots used) {Life-Mending costs 2 slots per 1

Impenetrable Gauntlet: +27 Mit



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Moving far more silently then someone his size had any reasonable right to do, Mack slipped up silently behind Opal. The only noise he made was the soft swishing of his gold trimmed crimson cloak that denoted him as one of the members of the Knights of the Blood Oath strike team. Once he had taken up a flanking position behind Opal the enormous man laced his fingers together like a concert pianist and cracked all his knuckles with one swift and very audible motion. Assuming that he and Macradon were going to be relegated to dreg duty in dealing with whatever came out of the eggs, the bruising axe man hadn't bothered to gear up with anything other than potions and crystals that would regenerate his heath and energy bars. If the eggs were continually spawning dregs, it would be important to be able to be continually on the move using high-powered attacks.

"Macradon's over there, and Ethereal should be here shortly," he rumbled to Opal before lapsing, once more, into silence. Mack's eyes scanned the group and quickly picked out someone that didn't seem to have any business at all being here. "Who invited the mascot," he asked Opal in a low, private tone, jerking a thumb in Cora's direction. As he spoke he produced a +4 Damage potion and applied it to Invictus.


HP: 121
ENG: 29
DMG: 17 (5 Proficiency, 4 Potion, 6 Weapon, 1 Base, 1 Athletics)

MIT: 66 (Skill+Equipment)
Regen: 54 (Armor)



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Tall, dark, and not-so-handsome; the history of the now-silent domain practically oozed from the dusty limestone walls. The faint scent of dread lingered in the air, along with a hint of something more. He couldn't quite put his finger on it, but for some reason an old memory came to mind, bringing with it the bitter taste of reminisce- like bile in his throat.

He'd always thought they were the worst sort of days; when grey swirled about without end, and plundered from the very air its most vital essence. Blinking slowly, he lifted his eyes to meet the listless sight. For a long while, he simply stared into the depths of the monochrome canvas. His eyes poured over every smear and muddy stroke that color which was neither black nor white. They lingered upon the murkiness of it all, until his neck began to ache, and only then did he offer his hand to the cover of the clouds. Arm outstretched, he waited for the rain, eyes blinking in anticipation of those tiny drops.

But the rain didn't come. A soft sigh fell from his lips, but even still, his plea carried on. Days like this really were the worst- there was no doubt about that. These in-between days, which were neither here nor there, but fell upon him every now and then all the same. Days like this were meant for rain.

So why hadn't it then? 

Why didn't it now?

Falling limp, he laid his hand to rest within the velveteen linings of his pockets. Cedar hair, unkempt as always, perched opposite to longer, more flowing locks. Strawberry blonde, they'd been. Gritted teeth, tongues held just a touch too late and fingers curled inward until they'd begun to hurt. Even when the growing pools had been spilt, the heavy droplets burned into the pavement, the skies had still been too stubborn to follow suit.

He swallowed, finding himself suddenly aware of the dryness in his throat. Staring at the sky for a moment longer, he parted his lips just the slightest bit, and waited for what was due to him.

But of course, the rain didn't come. And so he bowed his head, and chuckled dryly to himself as his hand slid forth a midnight blade from its place at his hip. His sights set sternly upon the rusted doors which lay ahead oh-so-tellingly. A frown tugged at the corner of his lip, but fell just short of leaving its mark. Between his fingers, he twirled the sleek work of metal, catching it without much thought before reaffirming his grip. 

These fights would come and go, just as the players who entertained them. But he would always hate days like this.





Level: 37 | HP: 148 | Energy: 37

Damage: 12 | Savvy: 1

Mitigation: 0 | Accuracy: 3 | Evasion: 3


One-Handed Dagger (R5) | Charge (R5)

Concentration | Survival


Ferocity (One-Handed Dagger R5) | Precision


Garanza: +6 Damage

Heisenberg's Uncertainty: +2 Evasion, +1 Savvy

Schrodinger's Pendant: +2 Accuracy, +1 Evasion


Lucifer: +1 Damage


x8 Health Crystal III (+25 HP instant)

x8 Health Crystal II (+20 HP instant)
x2 Mass Health Crystal III (+25 HP [party] instant)

x1 Energy Drink (+6 EN)

x1 Ubermensch Crystal III (+3 DMG instant)

Active Modifiers:




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The rendezvous point was littered with players both new and old. Some familiar and some just faces he become accustomed to seeing despite having never officially met them. The blonde's hood was pulled overhead, casting a shadow over his face as he strolled through the meet up. Taking residence just outside the boss room door, Oikawa lifted his hood slightly as he cast his gaze on those in attendance. He acknowledged everyone he was familiar with, with a slight nod before letting the white material shroud his features once more. Vocalizing to Zel, he spoke. "Lets wrap this up quickly."



Oikawa's Stats (Subject to Updates before Event Starts):
HP: 153 (148 Base + 5 Athletics)
Energy: 37
DMG: 13 (1 Base + 1 Athletics + 5 Skill + 6 Weapon)
ACC: 4/5 (2 Item + 1 Item + 1 Mod / +1 Concentration)
EVA: 0
MIT: 12 (12 Skill)
Recovery: 2 (2 Item)

Battle Skills:
Rank 1-5 One-Handed Rapier Sword Arts
Rank 3 Light Armor (12 MIT when using Armor)
Rank 2 Charge (+2 to DMG / Can only be used if Oikawa has not attacked yet / Active (Can be used alongside Sword Arts))
Rank 1 Battle Healing (On CD of 10 and up recover 5% HP / Passive)
Survival ( Increases the health you regenerate per post to 6 when out of combat. Survival also gives immunity to damage dealing environment effects.)
Concentration (Gain +1 to the BD result for a single action. / Active (5 Post cooldown)

Active Mods:
Athletics (+5 to HP / +1 to DMG)
Precision (+1 ACC)

Orochi (3*2 = 6 DMG)
Citrine Badge (+1 ACC / +2 REC)
Clasp of the Progenitor (+2 ACC / +1 LD)

At Ready Item:
Recovery Crystal II x3 (+10 HP)
Bottled Banshee Scream  x1 (+1 DMG|-1 EVA)
Basic Teleport Crystal x1
Cutting Edge Crystal I x1 (+1 DMG)


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Infront of what was the great gate to the boss room the blackhaired whip-master stopped. She took a few moments to look at it."So, its behind these doors I gonna encounter maybe the hardest bosses of them all." She said to herself, didnt cared if someone herd her. Zandra looked for a special man amongst the gathered players. When she spotted the irishman she walked up to him. After a few swipes in the air she held four potions in her hand."Hello honey. I guess you as well as me have been busy since you havent dropped by at my shop. You forgot this."she handed over a thick blue potion, one yellow and then gave him a kiss on the cheek."A lucky-kiss." Then she placed herself and drank the other two potions, one thin green and one yellow like the one she handed over. Then she laid her hands on his left shoulder and leaned on him, as always making her feel safe. She didnt fought for a guild, but she wasnt a solo player.

-Damage(t2) +6 potion x1 -Given to Jomei

-Damage mitigation(t2) +36 potion x1 consumed.

-Antidote(t1) ignores 2 status effects (Bleed/Paralyze/Poision) x2(1 consumed and 1 to Jomei)


HP: 156
Energy: 39
Dmg: 12 (1 base +5 skill +6 weapon)
Mit: 93 (54 armour +3 skill +36 potion)
First aid: 20%
CC: +3

Whip of the warrior: +6 dmg
Dark angel armour: +54 mitigation
Ice-braclet: +3 Combat craft

Grandmaster Whip
Grandmaster First aid
Novice Heavy armour
Unskilled Martial arts

Field medic

At ready:
Mass HP recovery(t2) crystal +30HP x3
HP recovery(t2) crystal +60HP x1
Banner of Superior support 3/3 charges


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"Well this is a surprise!" said the blonde as she saw a face she haven't seen in awhile... actually there were several of them including her favorite alchemist and ex-guildmember as well as her favorite cook. That's only if you only refer to them by their jobs... But among the usual suspects that participated on the last boss fight, Takao and Azide were quite the new sight. In any case, the blonde drew closer to her group and  materialized her banner of command item, today it had but only a white crowned lion head as its flag as she was once again... guildless. "Okay let's get this over with!" she said to no one in particular.

Used Banner Of Command charge(+1 dmg for Ariel's group), 2 remaining.
Used Lindow's Strength (+3 dmg /1 fight) [Crystal].



  • Health: 177 / Energy: 43 / Basic Damage: 18* / Damage Mitigation: 12
  • Accuracy: 3 / Evasion: 3 / Savvy: 1 / Light Momentum: 1

Skills & Mods:

  • One Handed Rapier: Grandmaster -> Precision
  • Light Armor: Expert ->Athletics
  • Charge: Grandmaster ->Bullrush
  • Concentration
  • Survival


  1. Banner of Command
  2. 4X25 HP Recovery Crystal
  3. 3X20 HP Recovery Crystal
  4. Basic Teleport Crystal
  5. ^5X15 HP Recovery Crystal



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Shizuka sighed. She barely had any time to prepare before this boss fight happened since the last one. Indeed, it had only been a few days since the last battle had occurred and Shizuka was surprised that the people had already scouted out the area. Indeed, Shizuka had missed the meeting but she didn't want to be in the meeting because the chances of Ebony arriving was great and that girl would definitely be wearing the new gloves that she managed to [censored] away from Ariel with the use of Ssendom. The world was an unfair place but ever since meeting Lowenthal, Shizuka had learned to cherish the place even if everything and everyone was against her. If there was one person.... Just one person who knew her and liked her for who she was, she would stay in this world and fight hard for that person who cares for her. Doesn't mean I have to like everyone. Shizuka thought, keeping a few people's images in mind and turning away from the crowd to hide in the back and sit down in the shadows with her black cloak on, blending her in pretty darn well. Shizuka looked around, indeed, Lowenthal seemed to have gotten himself in some sort of conversation with the other high leveled players. And alas, of course, Ebony was standing there with her gloves shining in the darkness. Of course... Shizuka thought, spitting on the ground and closing her eyes, focusing. At this point, she had already given up on obtaining a unique. There was absolutely no way of her obtaining such a thing with her luck and with Ebony's good luck, everything would definitely be going to her. Besides... I'm the only healer that doesn't have a unique at this point. Shizuka thought and laid her head against the wall behind her.

Consumed one Safeguard Potion




HP: 124/124
Energy: 31/31
Damage: 2
Accuracy: 0
Evasion: 3
Mitigation: 0

Defender: 2X Paralyze, 1X Bleed
Dark Azure Cloak: 3X Evasion
Pink Azure Trinket: 3X Combat Craft 

+1 Safeguard

One-Handed Straight Sword|Rank 1
First Aid|Rank 5
Search and Detect|Rank 3
Concentration|No Rank
Survival|No Rank
Field Medic (Mod)|No Rank

At Ready
Banner of Superior Support
Banner of Command
1X Safeguard Crystal
3X Safeguard Potion
3X +20 HP Crystals



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Jomei turned and smiled at the small dark haired girl as she approached. "Hey Zandra.. yeah sorry. I've had a lot on my mind so I completely forgot to come visit." After watching the girl go into her inventory, she handed him two bottles from her personal stash. One of them would bump up his damage quite significantly, the other was an antidote that would protect him from taking some status effects. He looked at the containers in his hand and felt the girl's warm lips gently peck at his cheek. Olive green eyes moved from the contents in his hand to Zandra, returning the happy look. "Thank you. You definitely saved my arse. I owe you one." He first took the enhanced damage potion and raised it to his lips, pulling the cork out of the lip of the bottle. After spitting the small brown cork onto the ground, he drank the liquid in one swift movement. Immediately, he felt a surge of power pass through his body, his muscles feeling as if they were growing twice their size, though they merely looked as if he were flexing. He opened and closed his fist a couple of times. "Alright, now I'm ready."

+1 T2 +6 Dmg Potion (Consumed)

+1 Antidote

New Dmg: 19

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Ssendom looked over the players that were present at the time, he quickly used his head to think about who has the ability to dish out the highest amounts of damage. He automatically knew that Zel and Himself were simply the two strongest of all the people that had arrived to the boss fight. Now it was a matter of using common sense on who would be of more use after that. He flicked his finger down after using history to learn which would be the best grouping to allow the damage increase, he slid down the menu and selected a consumable item.

"Hey Macrodon, Manta, Zel. Heads up." He exclaimed as he slammed his banner upon the ground, empowering the four of them with the power that resided within it. Once the energy subsided and their power was permanently increased for this fight he put the banner into his inventory. He looked at the Manta and Macrodon which were the two oddballs in this case, "Macrodon you and me are getting the boost in case we need to be on AOE duty. And Manta I have a feeling you'll provide the most damage out of the rest of this group with your Charge. If yall need anything from me let me know." He stated outwardly then leaned against the wall to relax before the fight.

(Dom, Zel, Manta, and Mac's damage have been increased by 1

DMG: 31 -> 32

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Hikoru walked over to the group silently. This was his first Floor boss, and he was excited at how it would turn out. He pulled out his Banner of Command and used it on him and three other players that he knew, Jomei, Ariel, and Lowenthal, who he knew could use the boosts in power, while also using it on himself, raising his attack. He breathed and gripped his Dagger, the Eclipse of Shadows. No one knew that he had Shadowed Path, no one but Lowenthal. But after today, this small group of people would find out, as there was no way of hiding it if he attacked.

(Hik, Jomei, Ariel, and Lowenthal gets +1 to Attack)


80 HP
20 Energy
3 Accuracy
3 Evasion
8 Damage
16 MIT
1 Loot Die

Shadowed Eclipse (+2 Evasion) (+9 Damage Mitgation)
The Eclipse of Shadows (+2 Damage) (+1 Accuracy)
Eclipsed Pendant (+1 Evasion) (+1 Accuracy) (+1 LD)


+1 Damage from Banner of Command
+1 Familiar, Sutetchi (+1 Accuracy)

Shadowed Path | Rank 0
One Handed Dagger | Rank 4
Light Armor | Rank 2

Skill Mods:


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