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3.1 | Custom Sword Arts & Skills List

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 Aerial Ace
Cost: 10 SP
Active: Free Action
Effect: Stacks with Combat Skill [Charge]. As a free action, change the player's stance from [Standard] to [Aerial]. While in [Aerial] stance, on a [Sword Art]'s execution, the following changes are applied until the start of the next turn:

  • DMG is increased by (Player's Tier).
  • EN cost of the Sword Art performed is increased by (Sword Art Rank),
  • EVA is decreased by (Sword Art Rank),
  • MIT is decreased by (2 * Sword Art Rank * Player's Tier).

With experience comes tinkering, and with tinkering comes innovation. Through rigorous training, Macradon had found a way for him to enhance his sword arts by adding momentum to his attacks by executing them mid-air. Aerial strikes hinders his basic defensive dexterity while airbound, but provides more than enough power in return. The Aerial Ace style always has the sword in one hand when initiating a Sword Art to aide the user in nimbleness to jump into the air, while in the air the user presumes the sword art stance and activates their Sword Art.

Created by: @Macradon
Creation Details: [here]

► Bloody Slaughter
Cost: 10 SP
Effect: The user gains a stack of Bloody Slaughter for every 4 loot-minimum mobs killed. The user must land the killing blow against these mobs to be considered towards gaining Bloody Slaughter stacks. 

  • Each stack grants its user [+1 DMG, +50 max HP] up to a cap of 5.
  • When the user has at least one stack of Bloody Slaughter, their capacity to heal and be healed both, through any source, will be halved.
  • Enemies slain towards Bloody Slaughter will not drop loot until the user has maxed out their stacks of Bloody Slaughter in a thread.

Crozeph's weird appetite took a dark turn as he tried to pursue an improvement for his kendo skills. Instead of finding something or someone to give him an idea ( or simply training with Baldur or Ariel), he instead realized that he is what he eats. As he kills enemies, the corpses never shatters into fragments and instead consumed by Crozeph and as the buffs stack, the sclera in his left eye darkens.


  • Healing done to the user by Battle Healing is affected by Bloody Slaughter.
  • Healing done by the user through both skills and items is affected by Bloody Slaughter.
  • Max HP raised by Bloody Slaughter will not boost Base HP; the user cannot heal from Bloody Slaughter stacks.

Created by: @Crozeph
Creation Details: [here]



► Lady Midnight
Cost: 10 SP
Requirements: Rank 5 [Hiding], [Vanish] Mod
Effect: The user may use [Vanish] as a free action.
Legend has said there are three that preside over the shadows. The Master of Shadows, The Lord of Darkness, and Lady Midnight. Lady Midnight directly ties the user to the shadows, and allows for the user to gather and manipulate shadows at will, however; this more affects the ethereal realm than that of the physical. 

Created by: @Hidden
Creation Details: [here]

► Meikyo Shisui
Cost: 10 SP
Debuff: +(Player)Tier*EN to all SAs / -3 ACC [Permanent]
Effect: During combat, allows the user to store up to 3 [ II ] or [ B ] charges of any combination.

  • [ II ] charges may be gained by using ST-I or AoE-I.
  • [ B ] charges may be gained by rolling CD9+ on any SA that isn't ST-B.
  • [ II ] charges may be used to activate either ST-II or AoE-II without their necessary preconditions, while [ B ] charges may be used to activate ST-B without its necessary preconditions.

A charge is expended when used. All charges are lost upon a fight's completion. If the user already has 3 charges and gains another, their additional charge will be lost.


  • On a stat bar, the three slots should be represented as such: [ - - - ]
  • As the slots are filled, each slot should be indicated with the type of charge it is carrying: [ II B - ]

Through training and meditation, Ariel managed to distillate her battle experience into a skill that allows her to creatively use all Sword Arts at her disposal. 

Created by: @Ariel - The Crowned Lion
Creation Details: [here]





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