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[PP-F12] Paving the way to Floor 13

Tristan Delaney

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Only people on the signup may post unless given permission by staff.

You have two days to post here and declare your equipment or you will be considered absent. Anyone who does not post in the boss fight within 24 hours of their turn will be skipped and receive 10 damage.

Please post your stastistics and equipment used and items carried, ensuring it is up to date with all current system changes.

After two days the doors will open and the boss will be revealed.

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"It's certainly been a while since I was last here..."

Arriving in front of the boss room Calrex gave a small sigh. He was currently clad in his Grand Dragoon armor, merely because he had yet to switch to the Grand Chariot: Legacy. However, his standard armament of the Grand Blade, Amethyst Charm, and Tide Pendant were all still equipped. Looking above he saw that Roc was circling overhead, "Looks like I'm the first one here."

Producing a potion he had recently bought from Zandra's Blood and Stones alchemist shop he downed half of the vial before pouring the rest over his sword, seeing the blade soak up the damage increasing effect as the deep-sea blue seemed to turn darker for a second.


Calrex's Stats:

HP: 193 (Will be 197 once another topic gets locked / Will update)
Energy: 47
DMG: 10 (+2 from Potion)
ACC: 3
EVA: 4
MIT: 40
Burn: 2 (2 Damage for 2 turns on an 8-10 natural roll)
(Will update with added effects in subsequent posts)

In Battle Moves:
Rank 1-5 OHSS Sword Arts
Rank 2 Sword Arts for Martial Arts
Rank 4 Heavy Armor (40 MIT)
Rank 1 Charge (+1 to DMG for opening attack)

Rank 2 Search and Detect (+2 to LD)
Survival (Immune to damage-dealing environmental effects / Heal 6 HP per post out of combat)
Reveal (See through walls, doors, and some objects)
Night Vision (Ignore penalties and stealth bonuses from low-light or darkness)
Disguise (Post Action / +1 to BD and -1 to opponent's BD for one round. 12 Turn cooldown)
Meditation (Rank 1) (Post Action / Removes all negative status effects on CD of 7 and up. Also heals 5% HP on CD of 10 and up)
Howl (Post Action / Add 3 Hate to all opponents)
Parry (Post Action and 1 Energy on Hit or 2 on Miss / Halves damage from incoming attacks. On a successful hit roll adds Riposte effect, which stuns enemy for one turn with three turn cooldown)

Grand Chariot: Legacy: Unenhanced, worn for Heavy Armor skill
Grand Blade: +3 DMG
Amethyst Charm: +2 ACC / +1 EVA
Tide Pendant: +2 EVA / +1 LD

At Ready Items:
1x Rank 2 Healing Potion (20 HP Recovery)
Banner of Support
1x Basic Teleport Crystal
(Will update)

After starting his preparations he gave a small sigh, reflecting on all that's happened. He felt the fierce energy begin to well up inside of him as his grip on the Grand Blade tightened slightly as he looked back, seeing no one had arrived just yet. Giving a smirk he looked towards the door, although he did not touch it, knowing what would happen if he did.


"...hope it's prepared to die..."


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Manta shivered s she approached the doors to the boss room. She had yet to tell Sousuke her decision, and was actually a bit scared to. She was worried about how he would react, and wasn't ready to face him. Maybe she would tell him after the boss battle. If she survived that is. She got within twenty or thirty yards from the doors and paused. It would take a while for the other members of the group to get their, and it was likely that a few were scrambling for equipment and potions. It would probably have been great business for her potion shop. She opened up her menu and inspected her stats and equipment. Loves Oath, Check. The Koumori Hitter, Check. Breastplate of Evasion, Check. She went through her potions and pulled out one that she had crafted just the other day, draining it down. She felt new strength in her arms, and her veins started to let off a dim, fiery orange glow.


Manta's Stats:

HP: 80

EN: 20

DMG: 8 (+2 from potion)

ACC: 2

Recovery: 1

EVA: 4

In Battle Moves:

Rank 1-4 Rapier Sword Arts
Rank 1 Charge (+1 to DMG for opening attack)

Concentration: (+1 to BD, has 5 turn cooldown)

Survival:  (Immune to damage-dealing environmental effects / Heal 6 HP per post out of combat)


The Koumori Hitter: 2 ACC, 1 Recovery

Breastplate of Evasion: 3 EVA

Loves Oath: 2 DMG

At Ready Items:

x3 Health Crystals (Uncommon)

x2 Health Potion (Rare)


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Zelrius wandered in a bit after Manta and Calrex. He hadn't planned on doing anything much since this was Takao's party now. Grinning, the boy checked both the blades at his sides. The Blade of Michael and Lucifer at each side. the sheaths matched, and the weapons themselves were that of majestic holiness. All Zelrius needed know was a Red and white cloak and one would almost think he was part of the Knights of the Blood Oath. Using his final Bloodrage Crystal, Zelrius also ate some alcholic food. His evasion dropped to nothing, but his damage was increased. He was as ready as he was ever going to be.

  • Blade of Lucifer: +4 Fallen Damage, +2 Accuracy
  • Blade of Michael: +2 Accuracy, +8 Holy Damage
  • Azure Commandant's Pendant: +2 Accuracy +2 Evasion
  • HP 172/172
  • Damage: 7+6 buffs = 13
  • Evasion 3-3 Alcholic = 0
  • Accuracy = 4
  • Dual Blades | Rank 5
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With the plans made and teams and roles assigned, all that was left was to brief the raiding party before they headed in. If he were to judge based on the signups, he was expecting another big turnout, helping to put the odds further in their favour. The sudden introduction of and subsequent acquirement of a handful of unique skills increases those odds even more. His emerald-hued gaze was set on the skill menu, and lingered on the one titled "Darkness Blade". His throat rumbled a quiet "Hm." as a breath escaped from his nose, and the tree of menus floating before him was closed. Takao wordlessly made his way to the twelfth floor, red scaled and shoulder-mounted familiar in tow. Upon arriving, he was met with the sight of three players, one of which he hadn't met nor seen at the meeting while the other two were quite familiar. His right hand was raised in greeting, and his typical beaming smile accompanied the gesture. "Yo." he said as he stopped a bit in front of the boss room door. "Once everybody gets here, I'll go over the plan."



Level 39
Energy: 39
HP: 161
Damage: 13 (10 + 3)
Mitigation: 15
Evasion: 3
Accuracy: 4
Savvy: 2

1H Straight Sword - Rank 5
Darkness Blade - Rank 2
Light Armour - Rank 2
Martial Arts - Rank 2
Charge - Rank 1
Sprint & Acrobatics

Lightbringer +3 Damage
Ironhide Coat +2 Savvy | +1 Evasion
Iron Aegis +2 Accuracy | +1 Evasion

Battle-Ready Inventory
Teleport Crystal
Energy Drink x11 (+6 Energy / 1 Use)
Green Tea x14 (+4 Energy / 1 Use)
Recovery Crystal III x4 (+25 HP / 1 Use)
Recovery Crystal II x3 (+20 HP / 1 Use)

Active Modifiers
Damage Potion III (+3 Damage)
Safeguard (Invulnerable to first damage taken)


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It was beginning to look like that time again, he thought; brown irises turned skyward, and the young man marveled at the way the wispy clouds rolled so nimbly overhead. They were grey- the color of the plumes which drifted lazily toward the heavens, and filled the air with the faint aroma of cedar smoke. The smoky scent in combination with the almost scenic view served to give him a more favorable impression of this floor, at least compared to the first time he'd set foot into the expansive swamp. He distinctly recalled a certain bitterness which had gripped his heart that day- a sentiment which still lingered, if he were to be honest. Nothing had really changed since the day that the Crusader had fallen; if anything, certain senior organizations had seemed to have only grown in both strength and prestige. He couldn't shake the feeling, nor did he find himself wanting to.

Azide approached the gathered group, and he turned his attention first to the heavy double doors. Soon, the God of the Swamp would make itself known to them; they had already slain a servant of god with ease, and now it would be time to meet the big man himself. He sighed, and his eyes flitted back to the familiar faces that had already arrived. His hands found their way to the velvety depths of his pockets.

All of that, and more, would soon come to pass. But for now, it was simply time to wait.



Level: 34 | HP: 141 | Energy: 34

Damage: 10 | Paralyze: 1 | Savvy: 1

Mitigation: 0 | Accuracy: 3 | Evasion: 4


One-Handed Dagger (R5) | Charge (R3)

Athletics | Precision | Sprint & Acrobatics

Concentration | Survival


Chemikaze: +2 Damage, +1 Paralyze

Heisenberg's Uncertainty: +2 Evasion, +1 Savvy

Schrodinger's Pendant: +2 Accuracy, +1 Evasion


Lucifer: +1 Damage


x8 Health Crystal III (+25 HP instant)

x8 Health Crystal II (+20 HP instant)
x2 Mass Health Crystal III (+25 HP [party] instant)

x1 Energy Drink (+6 EN)

x1 Ubermensch Crystal III (+3 DMG instant)

Active Modifiers:



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The weight of the wooden saya was not unsubstantial as it rested atop the smooth fabric of the capelet which draped her shoulders in red and white. Opal paced forward a short distance before hefting the covered sword from off the crook of her shoulder, and planted the head of the scabbard against the marshy earth. Her eyes gazed intently at the massive wooden doors which lay ahead, and if those amber orbs were to give off light, they would have bathed the knotted and gnarled wood in the golden glow of a setting sun. Sure, she had already done battle with the PumpKing and its lesser servants, but this was a different beast entirely.

Opal tightened her fingers around the leather-wrappings of her weapon's grip, and with a sharp tug, revealed a portion of the shining steel within. She summoned a vial with a few swipes of her hand, making the glass appear between her fingertips with a flash of white. With her teeth, she bit down on the cork which sealed the crimson concoction. A single lift of her neck was all that it took, and she spat the spent stopper to the side before pouring the mixture inside over the exposed metal of her blade. The rest trickled downward, dripping down sides of the saya and drenching the remainder of the Odachi from within. Masamune began to glow an angry, yet patient red, like a snake lying in wait.

-1 DMG +2 Potion



HP: 104
Energy: 26/26
10 Damage [+1 Base, +4 Rank, +3 Enhancement, +2 Rare Dmg Pot]
15 Mitigation [Rank 2 Skill]

3 Evasion

1 Accuracy

1 Keen: On a successful attack, gain an additional +1 to your BD for each enchantment slot.

1 Light Momentum

1 Prosperity: Base of 6

Katana Rank 4
Light Armor Rank 2
Sprint & Acrobatics: +1 Eva
Sneak & Hide: Rnk 1 
Charge: Rnk 1
Disguise: +1 BD, -1BD Opponent

Weapon: Masamune - +3 DMG
Armor: Panoply of the Blood Oath [+2 Eva, +1 Lght Mom] 
Misc: Blood Oath Necklace: [+1 Acc, +1 Keen, +1 Prosperity]

Consumables on hand: Safeguard Pot x1 || Mass Heal Crystal [+25 HP All] x3 || +15 Potion x9 || +20 HP Potion x3



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Looking around, Jomei noticed he was the first of his guild to arrive at the scene, along with Zandra who walked next to him. He slowly walked forward, his left hand holding the handle of his Summerthorn at his waist. His brow was furrowed as his eyes moved up the length of the large wooden doors that separated the raid party from the boss's lair on the opposite side. Jomei was absent at this boss meeting, unlike the last, so honestly.. he did not know what to expect. And that scared the hell out of him. His green eyes shifted over to the dark haired girl who walked by his side, "Hey. You alright?" he said softly to her, hoping she was not too scared of what was to come.

No matter what happens, I need to make sure she makes it out of this alive.. I promised myself I'd keep her safe...

Catching up with the rest of the group, Jomei opened up his inventory. He decided to pull out the damage potion he had purchased from Zandra to help give him an extra bump of power for this battle. Popping the top off of the potion, he downed it, immediately feeling slightly stronger. He clenched his fist and looked over to Takao, who held the plans for this fight. "Ready when you are." 

-1 +2 Dmg Potion 


Level 26
Energy: 26
HP: 109
Damage: 10 (8 +2)
Mitigation: 18
Evasion: 2
Accuracy: 2
Savvy: 2
Recovery: 2

Rapier - Rank 4
Light Armour - Rank 2
Martial Arts - Rank 0
Charge - Rank 1
Sprint & Acrobatics

Summerthorn +2 Damage, +1 Accuracy
Stormguard Leather Tunic +2 Savvy | +1 Mitigation
Lucky Earrings +1 Eva, +2 Recovery

Battle-Ready Inventory
Teleport Crystal
Recovery Crystal II(+20 HP / 1 Use)
Mass Recovery Crystal (+25 HP to all)
Matriarch Stinger (+1 Dmg)

Active Modifiers
Damage Potion II (+2 Damage)


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Zandra arrived at the boss gate together with Jomei. She had never seen a floor gate before, nor beeing on any meeting at all. It was one thing to talk about it, but beeing here was a completly different thing. She looked at Jomei when he asked her if she was alright.''Yes, I am.'' she answered with a steady voice. Jomei walked towards the group with Zandra beside him. When they reached the group she saw Jomei drinking her potion. She knew she actually could protect him, even if they wasnt in the same team. Zandra walked to a rock a few meters away. There she started to place her consumables. Since she wasnt as high level as the other players here, she had to belive in something that she was good in. On the rock was three potions and a crystal. After some thinking she placed another potion and another crystal there as well. She took up her first potion. The bloodstone crystal she had turned to a potion. She opened it and drank thw whole bottle in one sweep. She saw her health-bar increasing with an additional 20 health. She also used the medium crystal of the southern poisionous dragon resistance. That one would negate the next two effects that otherwise would make her poisioned, paralyzed or bleeding.''Here Jomei, you can drink one of the dragonblood (safeguard) potions and take one of this (antidote t2) crystal.'' She said, reaching the two named items towards the man she had arrived with.






Zandra's Stats:

HP: 76/76
Energy: 19
DMG: 3
ACC: 0
EVA: 2
MIT: 14

CC: 3

In Battle Moves:
Rank 2 one-handed whip
Rank 1 heavy armour
Rank 3 First aid (12%)

Beginner whip
Armour of the northern ice-dragon +9 MIT
Ice braclet +3 CC
Harbringer +2 EVA

At Ready Items:
2x Safeguard potion
5x HP recovery crystal +20
5x Antidote t2 crystal
1x Over-health
1x Damage mitigation -9


-1x over-health potion HP: 96/96

-1x t2 Antidote crystal: negates next two effects of poision/paralyze/bleed

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Arriving at the entrance this time much quicker than the last as she knew exactly where she was going. A shiver running down her body as Teayre sets herself away from the entire group sitting down on the ground running her fingers running through her equipment list as she swigged the rum that she had gotten from Takao’s shop just before coming here. As the damage increase took effect the red head felt her movements start to become sluggish, tutting she equips her Black Sailor’s Uniform, the Slither of Silver and Muramasa. Her fingers brought another crystal that was a bright blue in colour out of her inventory. The item name Malum Crystallus 1nd Grade popped up as she pressed the item to the blade of her katana running it along the length of the blade.

+3DMG / - 3 EVA Rum

+3 DMG Malum Crystallus

Teayre’s Stats:



Level: 34 / Health: 141 / DMG: 19 / ACC: 3 / EVA: -1 / MIT: 8 / LD: 2


Muramasa (+4 DMG)
Black Sailor’s Uniform: (+2 EVA/ + 1 MIT)
Slither of Silver: (+2 ACC / +1 LD)

At Ready:

                1 x Teleport Crystal
                1 x Rare Hp Potion
                4 x Mineral Water
                2 x Overhealths


                One-Handed Curved Sword (Rank 1)
                Light Armour (Rank 1)
                Charge (Rank 2)
                Battle Healing (Rank 1)
                Search and Detect (Rank 1)

Extra Skills:

                Katana (Rank 5)
                Battojutsu (Rank 1)



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Walking towards the entrance room a certain blonde looks through her inventory. "Lets hope this time I'll actually get a swing at the boss" she mutters as she pulls out a crystal. The blonde lets out a uncontrollable snort as she reads the name out loud in a ironic tone: " 'Cutting Edge III' oh Mari, If you knew I'd be using one of your items in this boss fight you'd probably stab me before the boss room doors open" With a short laugh she keeps the crystal in her hand. This time she wil use it the moment she knows she will attack the boss, last time she had wasted 3 buffs items and didn't even get to see the mob properly.

Meanwhile she arrives at the designated spot, well she was already there when a group of 3 went exploring the newly unlocked floor but now she took her time in getting there as she had already rushed through these places once. "That alligator.... reminded me of a certain Aztec deity. What was its name.... a serpent with wings" racking her brains a certain memory from before a tournament in Mexico City when she first heard that almost impossible name to be correctly pronounced by a native Japanese "...Ketzu....aru...koa...teru?" (Quetzalcóatl) she mumbles in a audible voice as she finds a couple of steps in front of Takao. With a light 'Hehe' she comes to a stop and greets the raid leader: "Good to see that the man running the show is here early....or am I among the last ones to arrive?" she asks, only now looking around her to see that most of the punitive force was already here. With a wave of her hand she would excuse herself and go by the 2 present members of her team clad in white and red.





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Calrex looked over as he saw more people starting to arrive, a couple of them he recognized. It seemed the mood was more serious than the last one, as everyone seemed to ignore greeting each other. However those were tuned out of his mind as he saw the person he needed to see before the battle began. Making his way through the group of people he made his way over to Teayre as he gave a calming breath, walking over.

"Alright then...first things first..."

Sneakily walking over he stole a kiss from her lips before swiping on his menu, a smile seeming to creep its way across his serious face, "Long time no see Teayrie. Not sure if you'll find this useful, but I got it just in case."

Producing the safeguard potion he had bought from Zandra he handed it over to her before going through it again, producing the Cerberus Soul he had obtained from his solo trip on the <<Guardian of Fire>> quest. Giving a calming breath he slammed the item into the Grand Blade as the deep-sea blue sword seemed to radiate with a fiery glow, "I know we're on separate teams this time, but I'll be sure to keep the monsters off of you."

Give Safeguard Potion to Teayre
Used Cerberus Soul

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Rebekah had arrived onto the twelve floor once again. It was time for that boss battle, and this time they were fighting it within a short timespan of the last one due to the relative ease that last raid had provided them. The girl knew that she was going to need to be a lot more careful this time, as that last one should not have been that easy. As she looked around, it felt like that almost half of those who had signed up were now from Azure. That was the plan here, which was to finish this one as safe as possible. There were a lot of things that they needed to consider but she knew that the team that they had assembled was strong enough to take down the boss. This time, they were still awaiting their orders, and how the groups would be formed, as that was still unknown, but she had the idea in her head.

Übermensch Crystal I
+ 1 DMG for entire thread.



HP: 125
Energy: 30
DMG: 10 (+1 from Potion)
ACC: 3
EVA: 3
MIT: 5
Burn: 2
Charge: 1

Rank 5 Rapier
Rank 1 Battle Heal
Rank 1 Light Armour
Rank 1 Charge 


Twinfire: +2 DMG / +2 Burn
Amulet: +2 ACC / +1 EVA
Light Leather Set: +2 EVA /  +1 SAAVY

At Ready Items:
Sport Drink II (+4 Energy)
Banner of Support (3 Charges)
4 x Health Crystal II (+20 HP)
3 x Health Crystal III (+25 HP)


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Ssendom arrives at the Boss Door as was told by his fellow Azure Brigade Members. He looked around at the members who was already here and grinned, "This boss is as good as dead. That and with the sheer strength of this group not a chance anyone will come close to dying." He said to himself, audible enough to be heard by others. The sword hanging on his back much larger than the previous greatsword he had used to fight in many battles with many of those who have arrived, The unique shoulders resting elegantly while the Hydra Skull rested on his head. Due to the recent shared Friend Inventory that he and Zelrius did it made a lot of things easier when needed necessary equipment for certain situations. He cracked he neck and knuckles, "Lets annihilate this boss and get to the thirteenth floor already." He stated as he consumed another one of his Bloodrage crystals since he had many to use still.




HP: 133
DMG: 9 (+3)
Heavy Momentum: 2 (+2 DMG on a miss, stackable)
ACC: 3
MIT: 21 (15 + 6 Hydra Skull)
Thorns: 6
EVA: 0

5 Perfect Health Crystals (+25 HP)
1 Banner of Support 2/3 Charges (+20 HP to 4 people)
Amethyst's Healing Flame (+15 HP) Infinite Charges
10 Ssendom Bloodrage Crystals (+3 DMG)

1/5 [Rounded Down] of Damage Dealt (After Mitigation and other effects Applied) is Healed
Recovers 4% of Max HP on a CD 10+

Two-Handed Straight Sword - Rank 5
Heavy Armor - Rank 2
Athletics - Rank 1
Precision - Rank 1
Night Vision - Rank 1
Battle Healing - Rank 1
Survivalist - Rank 1
Concentration - Rank 1
Berserker - Rank 0



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Manta watched as more and more people started to gather around. She pulled out her safeguard potion. Having heard what Ssendom had said about how they would have no trouble with this, she felt even more nervous. He seemed to be tempting fate by saying something like that. It was probably best that she drink the safeguard potion now, just in case something happened. She drained the vial and tossed the bottle to the side. It hit the ground and disappeared into blue and green crystals and she started to emit a blackish mist on the ground around her. If she was attacked, that mist would rise up and protect her a single time. Added to the glowing veins in her arms, she felt as though she looked pretty intimidating. If only she felt the way that she imagined she looked. She glanced around for someone she could stand next to, if only for the comforting presence of a friend, but could see none at that moment.

Used Safeguard Potion

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Tristan walked into the room following the other members of Azure Brigade. It was this situation that made him realise just how big Azure Brigade become, with those present not even being the full roster of the group. Well at least all those who wanted to be present were here so far and he hoped more were coming too. At least his commandants were here though, the ones who he had been through much with and would gladly trust with his life. This time they came with stronger unique skills too, all in the spirit to help with completing this game easier.
Tristan cracked his neck to the sides and rolled his shoulders while he carried his equipment, then busted a Armor Infusion crystal from Zelrius which was still left over from the last floor boss to use to increase his mitigation. After all, better safe than sorry.

  Hide contents

HP: 153/153
ENG: 37/37
DMG: 4
Mit: 66
Flm Thrns: 6
Hly Blsng: 12

One Handed Spear 2
Battle Healing 2
Heavy Armor 5
Fighting Spirit
Meditation 1
Achilles 0

<<Survival>>, Increases the health you regenerate per post to 6 when out of combat. Survival also gives immunity to damage dealing environment effects.
<<Athletics>>, Increases damage by 1 and health by 5.
<<Disguise>>, It temporarily transforms you into the other player/enemy, giving you a +1 on your combat die and them a -1 on their next action. It only during your and his turn, and can only be used once every twelve turns.
<<Meditation>> allows the user to lessen negative effects such as paralysis and poison, this skill also allows one to regain lost HP (4% HP to begin and increases by skill rank, the max rank being 20%), the negative effect healing is activated by rolling 7+ while the HP heal effect activates alongside the negative effect one when rolling a natural 10+ on the Crafting Dice.

<<Achilles>> All damage received after damage reduction (Mitigation, parry etc.) is halved and that half instead damages the enemy. Minimum 1 damage back. 
Stats: 4 Base Damage = 1 Base + 2 (1H Spear 2) + Athletics. Battle Heal 12 HP every turn with natural roll of CD 10+
Mitigate 66 Damage. Regenerate 12 health when hit the last turn, 18 on a CD of 6 or above. When hit on a non-critical, deal 12 damage back. When hit on a critical, deal 6 back and a 2 turn DoT for 2 damage each.

Hephaestus Armor: +6 Regen +6 Thorns
Burden of the Fallen: +12 Holy Blessing
Twinfire Reflector: +6 Damage Mitigation, +6 Flame Thorns
Dragon Spear (Vanity)
Azure Brigade Cloak (Vanity)

At Ready Items:
X6 15 HP Health Potion
x2 Basic Teleportation Crystal

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Zandra looked around as more and more people arrived at the meeting place. It seemed everyone had used one or two buffs already. She looked on her potions. I one gulp she consumed her safeguard. Feeling herself beeing sirronded by un blue aura for a few seconds. Then it disapeared. But now she would survive the first on her.

-1x safeguard potion

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Jomei took the potion safeguard potion and the crystal from Zandra and looked at the two in his hands. This would come in handy in case the boss gets a lucky hit off of him instead of the tanks, or if it has some other long lasting effects. He clenched the items, and his eyes moved up to Zandra. "Thank you. This may come in handy, being theres no support builds in my group." He looked around the room at the other players present.. In fact, the girl named Manta Gaul was the only other one present at the moment from team five. Not even Lowenthal, Kalesh, or Kiru had arrived yet.. and judging by everyone getting their final checks in, they would be opening that door soon. He took a deep breath, "Stay safe. Even though I'll be in another group attacking the boss, I'll be keeping an eye on you. Good luck." He placed his hand on the girl's cheek before leaning in and kissing her. After pulling away, he turned towards the boss door, popping open the safeguard potion and downing it in one shot. He then began to walk forward, crushing the antidote crystal in his hands so the effects would take hold. While walking away, he unclipped his cloak at the collar and threw it to the side, the clothing materializing into his inventory as he did so, leaving him in his sleeveless green and brown leather armor. Reaching his hand across his body, he grabbed the handle of his Summerthorn and drew it. If things go badly, I have the rum I got from Takao... If the stats are right.. I won't be able to dodge many attacks, but I'll pack a better punch... The man stood in place, looking around one more time. He mumbled to himself, "Where the hell is Lowe..."

+1 Safeguard potion from Zandra 
+ T2 Antidote crystal: negates next two effects of poision/paralyze/bleed

Used Safeguard potion
Used T2 Antidote Crystal

Active Modifiers:
` Dmg: 10(8+2)
` First attack to Jomei is negated from Safeguard
` Negates first two effects (poison/ paralyze/ bleed)

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Takao watched as players filed in one after another, with only a few having not arrived. After glancing over the crowd, a slight frown had set in on his face. He'd been expecting their second support to be there, but a hasty headcount found her absent. A breath escaped and he shook his head, taking a moment to rearrange the teams in his head. "Alright, I'm not gonna wait any longer to explain the plan. Anybody that shows up after can be briefed after, since their roles are non-vital." said Takao, his voice taking on an authoritative tone to garner the attention of the gathered players.

"Team A is going to lead in with Tristan and Calrex using howl to share hate. Zelrius will go in next and hit the boss as soon as those two have aggro. Zandra, if either Tristan or Calrex take damage, I'd ask for you to heal them the best you can. Team B consists of Ssendom, Teayre, myself, and Shizuka. We're going to be handling the dregs by targeting three at a time, plus the boss, and Shizuka was meant to be healing as well. If she doesn't show up by the time the doors open, I'll have Azide take her place and target the boss instead. Opal will have the same job as Team B unless we have the dregs handled, in which case she can focus on the boss, though that's doubtful. Everybody else can focus solely on the boss. Any questions?"

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The doors creaked and unlocked before them, though did not open yet. Something looking like a roulette wheel on the front of the door spun around, its two sides red and green each. The spinner stopped, the point just still in the green zone before the red. The doors would remain closed until a player pushed them open.
38380 LD 10. LD is below 11, Group A will take action against the boss first.


Tristan felt himself go tense as the doors clinked and the roulette wheel spun on the front of the door. It was...rather odd to see at the least since it was the first time he had seen such an odd contraption, but he would just roll with it anyway and hope for the best. The plan Takao gave was very sound to say the least and he could only agree with what was said. It was a shame Shizuka wasn't here after all they were trying to get into floor clearing, but it looked like they just wouldn't make it for this one and would have to come another time. Tristan took a breath out, just hoping that they missed out was enough.

When Tristan walked forward and opened the doors, something....strange was there which he presumed was the boss, along with all those dregs that circled them. It was what seemed to be an alligator with....wings. And the floor was sticky to say the least, being actually in rather bad condition for them, since he could feel his feet sticking to it. Damn it, just what they needed. With that in mind, Tristan started the fight with Howl, so that the attention was on him rather than the others.

(feel free to correct any of your stats i got wrong)

God of the Swamp 960/960
Mitigation 25

Tristan 153/153 E: 37 H: 4
Calrex 197/197 E: 48 H: 0
Zelrius 172/172 E: 43 H: 0
Zandra 96/96 E: 19 H: 0
Ssendom 133/133 E: 28 H: 0
Teayre 141/141 E: 34 H: 0
Takao 161/161 E: 39 H: 0
Azide 141/141 E: 34 H: 0
Manta 80/80 E: 20 H: 0
Opal 104/104 E: 26 H: 0
Ariel 145/145 E: 35 H: 0
Rebekah 125/125 E: 30 H: 0
Jomei 105/105 E: 25 H: 0

Boss Room Info:




Boss Name: «God of the Swamp»

Boss Description: Something quite unlike any other amphibian seen before, this winged alligator is the alpha male of the entire Floor. It controls the area using their sheer terror, having both a vicious bark and a bite no less powerful. It has wings that are scaled much like the rest of its body, it's face littered with scars that indicated the many confrontations it had against those who wish to slay it and the many victories over those who tried.

Boss Room Description: The boss is in a part of the forest which is totally flooded over with multiple hills everywhere. There are large trees through which sunlight seeps through, however still leaves the place looking somewhat gloomy with a green hue backdrop. The floor is akin to a quagmire and is incredibly sticky, making movement incredibly difficult.

Boss Fight Theme: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RstCD3ER7Ec

Boss Room Effect: «Quagmire» Movement is restricted and makes it harder to move efficiently. All sword arts have a +5 energy cost and players suffer -2 Evasion. Survival has no effect on this with lack of damage dealing from effect.

Boss Stats

«HP»: 960
«Mitigation»: 25

Boss Minions:



Name: «Servants of the Swamp»

Minion Appearance: Large bipedal alligators standing at 9ft, these giants serve their god of the deep and will protect it it to their last breath. Lacking weaponry, they instead attack with their claws or will go into close quarter combat, grappling and biting foes.

Quantity: 6

«HP»: 180
«Mitigation»: 15
«Energy»: 36
«Swamp Dwellers»: These monsters are well accustomed to the environment and are very adept at using it to their advantage. +1 to Evasion and +1 to Accuracy.


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