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  1. Teayre

    [OP:F13] Crimson Teayres

    Her pencil danced across the page, the red haired girl barely looking up as the members of the small group began to take their seats. As Teayre puts the pencil down on the table next to her a loud crunch comes from it, causing the small wooden object to burst into the crystals that slowly faded away. Reaching under the chair she drew a small paint pallet out and began to layer paint onto her sketch, one stroke at a time, starting to quietly sing. “Hoshi Ni, Yuki Ni, Kioku ni.” The girl’s brow furrowed as she continued to work, “Kimi no ashiato sagasu.” Her tongue starting to stick out. Her ears twitched at the sounds from the conversation around her. Once she was done she lay the paintbrush to one side carefully and the paints. Flicking her hand down Teayre opens her menu and types several times before sending a simple message to a few people, her eyes downcast. Reaching her sleeve up to them she wipes before lowering a now damp sleeve. “Right.” Teayre finally says as she dismisses her menu. “So Macradon, what’s happened with the Knight’s? More importantly why did you come into my shop and proceed to start yelling at me.” Teayre’s eyes narrowed as she looked directly at the man clad in armour. “I can understand anger, but that yelling…” She closed her eyes, her hand drumming on the arm of her chair. “There was something different to it not just about the people I killed.” Her voice clear and concise as she addressed the knight. Once she had stopped talking she looked at Calrex and passed him the item she had been working on. The canvas appeared to be a ray of light coming out of the sun in the top right corner of it in multiple colours, each one going to a person. Some of the people in the painting had been coloured in, some on the other hand were simply outlines. Wiping her face again with her sleeve the red haired girl turns to Chisono and Hestia. “The history. Who I am?” Teayre grinned slightly, a smirk as she gave a short laugh. “I’m surprised, if you’re a frontliner and you’ve not heard of me, although I have been…” She closed her eyes again gripping her hand into a fist tightly. “I have been out of action for a while. Regardless… Hestia, I have killed, several times. Would I do so again? That’s a question for another time.” Shaking her head the girl meets Hestia’s eyes. “I’ve murdered frontliners, in the middle of a floor boss. Do I regret it? Who knows?” Teayre swallows, looking around the room. “So now that I’ve introduced myself, who are you?” Her eyes bore into the mask of Chisono, fingers drumming on both arms of her chair. “Cal,” Teayre calls to her husband, “I’ve called them here. Including the people I believe should be a part of it.” @Calrex @Oikawa @Chisono @Macradon @Hestia @Itzal @Hirru @Baldur
  2. Teayre

    [OP:F13] Crimson Teayres

    The melodical voice reached her ears, the red head had been shaking she felt the energy building up in her, muscles tensing the sword art glow starting to surround her. At least it should have been, Teayre let out a sigh before scrunching up her eyes and swallowing. “In Here.” She called to Calrex, her voice croaked it, the words sounded broken and hollow. “Cal, I’ve got company.” She continues before turning her gaze to Chisono. “You entered my shop. You entered my HOME!” She yells her words getting louder as she draws her blade. “You do not know who you have crossed, I may be weak. I may be broken. Just remember I am still the second most feared player-killer in Aincrad.” Her words had changed. Just what had Teayre been thinking about these last few years in isolation with the occasional Calrex popping in and out of her shop. “A killer should not let their emotions get the better of them, how little you know.” Teayre laughed as she mocked the girl in front of her. Taking a step closer, this time the knee was more stable ,more firm. “You wan-“ The Crimson Maiden’s sentence was cut short, as another person entered her shop. “Macradon.” The girl growls, her hand not moving from her blade she watches as he yells, a blank expression on her face. The words he had uttered the venom that filled them, the anger that was imbued into the six words that were directed at her. She didn’t flinch, instead the girl rolled her eyes as the man with cerburus left. Teayre smiled as she watched the man’s eyes, before turning her gaze back to the masked figure next to her. “Know who that was?” She put away her blade, walking closer to Chisono, whispering in her ear. “Macradon, of the Knights of the Blood Oath. A frontliner and a strong one, now who could have I killed to instill such anger in a person.” Placing her left hand on her conversation partner’s right shoulder Teayre gently moves the person out of the way so she was facing Calrex. “Cal.” The red head began, before taking a step forward, confidently now. “Cal.” She repeated before continuing. “I’m sorry for staying here for so long. I know I keep going away and hiding. Not any more, I’m going to become stronger that the strongest person in Aincrad.” Her silk pajama’s swaying around her, she raised her left hand and closed all fingers except her ring finger. “I have someone to protect, someone who has stood by my all through Aincrad since that first day.” Her right hand coming up Teayre caressed his cheek before tiptoeing and kissing him chastely on the lips. “If you don’t mind I’m going to talk to Macradon.” The red head stepped around her partner, and went to the door of her shop opening it slightly. Seeing the trio of figures. “Macradon, come in and talk. Your…” Teayre paused looking at Belphegor, “familiar can come in to.” Glancing at the other figure she sighed, “May as well come in to, everyone wants to come into MY shop today… It’s like I’m open or something.” Turning around she leaves the door open waving the people in before walking and sitting down in the arm chair, underneath a picture of the mountains on floor 2 with an eagle swooping down to a blue and red blur. "All of you sit down, but Cal." She called from her place in the arm chair taking her sketchpad from next to her and begins mark the paper. @Chisono @Hestia @Calrex @Macradon
  3. Open Party thread for anyone interested :3 


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      This thread is inside Teayre's shop which is classed as a safezone and it's (hopefully) going to be purely RP based as I need to get back into the swing of things :3

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  4. So... Just seen this and did it for Tea... I'm actually surprised at the result... Neutral Evil :O honestly Houghton I'd get chaotic
  5. Teayre

    [OP:F13] Crimson Teayres

    Her hand fell to the floor in a clunk, she lay there in red silk pajamas breathing heavily. The creak of the door reached her ears as it opened “Callie-kun…” She began attempted to raise her head managing to move it an inch before the weight of it over took her and it fell onto her outstretched arm. “Cal… I’m sorry.” Teayre sobbed, “I’m sorry.” She started to shake her left hand was wobbling as she placed it on the ground supporting her. Then she heard a voice. The Crimson Maiden froze the shaking stopped. “You’re not Calrex.” She mumbled to herself, “I don’t recognize your voice.” Slowly she staggers to her feet the silk swaying with her. Teayre met the masked figure’s eyes, drinking in her features, able to see the twisted smile on the face in front of her. Swiping down her menu she begins to press buttons on it as she dismisses the menu a weapon appears at her hip. “What have you done with Cal?” Teayre demanded taking one step forward her left hand going to the hilt of her weapon. Eyes narrowing, her lips thin. “Or are you here to buy something, in which case. We’re closed.” Her right hand pushed her blade up slightly as she took another step towards Chisono, as her foot landed her leg wobbled slightly however Teayre managed to remain upright. @Calrex @Chisono
  6. Teayre lay on the couch in the entry hall to the Amethyst Boutique, her ears twitching at the occasional sound. Rolling her eyes before flicking them towards the main door she spots a dash of blue leaving. “He’s gone again…” She murmurs before returning her unblinking gaze to the ceiling of her shop. Spreading fingers through the pliable fabric underneath she grips it tightly before letting go. Then again and again, repeatedly Teayre performs this action before finally she stops. A sigh escapes her lips, then an audible growl echoing out of her stomach. Wincing she opens her menu for the first time in... Teayre pauses just before she flicks the menu down. “How long has it been?” Closing her eyes she thinks back over everything that had happened. Three names stuck out most, “Manta. Ebony and you.” Three people she had killed, not including all the others, the ones who wanted her to die, but she slaughtered instead. “I was Teayre Muramasa the Crimson Maiden,” Her voice quiet almost silent as she spoke to herself, “Who am I now?” Eyelids opening she flicks down her menu. The screen pinging open as she winces, letting out a groan the girl sits up slowly. Her left hand going onto her knee, flexing at the elbow, the right in front of her the menu open as she… “What am I doing?” a cackle follows, the few birds that were outside her shop fled. The mobs that guarded her store groaned. Her hand dropped to her side as she closed her eyes again, her breathing slowing down as she placed both hands on her stomach. “The last thing I remember… Baldur… Crying…” The crimson haired maiden let out a screech worthy of a banshee. “LISS!” She rolls off the couch onto the floor twisting, turning and screaming out. Her hand stretching out in a claw, “Liss I’m coming…” She mumbles, “I’m… Coming…” She calls out her voice almost a whisper now.
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      Ooooooooh, Mac trying not to Kill Tea when he gets the chance would be a good plot


  8. Hello Lovelies

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      Not sure if you Remember me, but I was Clarence

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      Yep I remember, Once I've got my head wrapped around any updates and my journal together (Damn you cal!) I'm going to post a thread for people if they're up for it :)


  9. Teayre

    [PP-F21] A dangerous dungeon-party

    The moment her screen pinged, Teayre’s mouth fell open. It was Calrex. Opening the message her eyes flick through it quickly, a loud thumping could be heard. “An advanced dungeon…” Swiping down to open her character screen she sighed, “I’m out of practise.” Hitting reply Teayre sent a message back to Calrex. Hitting send the red head makes her way quickly to the twenty-first floor. Her eyes took in Calrex immediately and a green haired man, clad in red armour. Swallowing as she saw the rest of the people. Zandra and Ariel. Her hand instinctively went to her weapon, her nostrils flared for a moment as she lurked in the darkness. Shaking, she let her hand fall away. “This isn’t the time Teayre.” As she approached the group slowly. Slipping behind Calrex she gently touches a hand to his back, before whispering her greeting. Taking two steps back she opened her inventory again. “Cal… I’ve not at what we’ve got in so long… Could you…” Her speech was broken, quiet but loud enough to be heard by her husband. @Zandra@Calrex@Ariel - The Crowned Lion@Hirru@Hikoru
  10. So... What have I missed?

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      from the replies you have been getting. pretty much nothin'.

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      Since we have found the boss room, but no one will give us the bloody info

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    [F02] «Return of the Queen»

    Taking with @Hirru
  12. @Hirru No pressure....

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  13. Ummm... My Journal has been archieved? Whaaaaat?

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      But I don't wanna be old! I wanna be young forever and ever and ever!

  14. Hey all, could you pm me if I owe you a reply please? Thankies <3

  15. Hi All, so after nearly two years on the site I'm going to be saying Ciao. Have way too much going on to have the time to RP. Have fun and cya.

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