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  1. Hello Lovelies

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      Not sure if you Remember me, but I was Clarence

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      Yep I remember, Once I've got my head wrapped around any updates and my journal together (Damn you cal!) I'm going to post a thread for people if they're up for it :)


  2. Teayre

    [PP-F21] A dangerous dungeon-party

    The moment her screen pinged, Teayre’s mouth fell open. It was Calrex. Opening the message her eyes flick through it quickly, a loud thumping could be heard. “An advanced dungeon…” Swiping down to open her character screen she sighed, “I’m out of practise.” Hitting reply Teayre sent a message back to Calrex. Hitting send the red head makes her way quickly to the twenty-first floor. Her eyes took in Calrex immediately and a green haired man, clad in red armour. Swallowing as she saw the rest of the people. Zandra and Ariel. Her hand instinctively went to her weapon, her nostrils flared for a moment as she lurked in the darkness. Shaking, she let her hand fall away. “This isn’t the time Teayre.” As she approached the group slowly. Slipping behind Calrex she gently touches a hand to his back, before whispering her greeting. Taking two steps back she opened her inventory again. “Cal… I’ve not at what we’ve got in so long… Could you…” Her speech was broken, quiet but loud enough to be heard by her husband. @Zandra@Calrex@Ariel - The Crowned Lion@Hirru@Hikoru
  3. Teayre

    [SP-F9] A Maiden all alone.

    return the attack!
  4. The quiet stutter from Itzal reached the red head’s ears before she had moved, her blade held out to one side as the knights formed around her. A screech of metal against metal, lightning streaking around. Narrowing her eyes Teayre looks through the brilliant light to see a small darkness. “Itzal.” She mused quietly, looking to see the that a paralysis symbol was evident next to the health bars of the knights she places a hand on her compatriots shoulder. “You can be strong and gentle, that is who you are Itzal.” Her body arched as she turned spinning around, her blade whirling. “I am who I am. You are who you are.” Her charge skill took her forwards into the mobs, the bright green of her sword art raging out. Hitting the Knight on the left cutting deep into it, another loud screech sounding out. She looked at Velina the dragon and offered her arm to the creature as she came to a halt, walking away from the mobs. “I am the Crimson Maiden, I here Aereth has been player killing, but he’s not killed anyone on the front lines. Manta Gaul and Ebony Rose. They are the two biggest kills I’ve done. In the middle of the boss fight I took them down.” Her eyes glinted for a second, “Itzal, you need to understand what you risk when partying with me.” ID: 87957 BD: 10 (7 + 3) CD: 7 LD: 4 (1+3) MD: 3 Legion Destroyer Used: (14 + 5) * 11 = 19*11 = 209 Damage [2] @Itzal <> 1,308/1,320 <> 114/132 [2] Teayre <> 1175/1175 <> 107/118 (-12 Thorns +15 Battle Healing) Knight 1: 271/660 - T2 Bleed 2/2 - 1/1 Paralysis Knight 1: 480/660 - T2 Bleed 2/2 - 1/1 Paralysis
  5. “Reasons...” Teayre mused to Itzal, her eyes narrowing, seeming to harden at the words. A sigh escaped the red heads lips. “Be careful for level grinding for reasons Itzal. It doesn’t always work…” Her eyes closed fully now, flicking underneath the lids. The clenching of her hand changing to drumming fingers on the red heads knee. Silence. It lasted for several long, drawn out seconds before Teayre spoke again. Her eyes opening, wet at the edges, “Do not lose yourself in the process Itzal.” Taking a breath the Crimson Maiden breathing became more rapid, pushing herself up and towards Itzal she reaches out to grab him with one hand. “DO NOT FORGET WHO YOU ARE!” She screams at him before turning, the rumbling of an earthquake sounded. She sprints away from the blacked haired boy, her weapon falling into her hand as she ran. Flames spurting around her she skidded to a halt. “Please Itzal…” She mutters quietly to herself as the pixels around her began to form into creatures. “Don’t become like him.” @Itzal - Woohoo! Reasonable timed reply!
  6. So... What have I missed?

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      from the replies you have been getting. pretty much nothin'.

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      Well, since when?


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      Since we have found the boss room, but no one will give us the bloody info

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    Advanced sub-dungeon floor 21 signup

    Just putting this out there you posted this twice... If you wanted to do a second dungeon though... :D
  8. *completely forgot about that* D'OH!
  9. Who'd be the best person to search for the dungeon?
  10. Would Teayre be able to come along Zandra?
  11. Teayre

    Hate Reduction Skills

    @Teion Building on the second idea A potential caveat of it could be a cooldown of 3 - 4 rounds. and instead of 2 posts perhaps just the one?
  12. Teayre

    [SP-F9] A Maiden all alone.

    Letting out a soft sigh, the Teayre’s lips curled. “You really think you can beat me? Three against one?” A short curt laughed escaped her lips, as she glared into their eyes. The fire from her own whipping around. “You’re just going to die.” She snarled her legs tensing as she moved into a fighting position with her blade. The three men chortled. The one with the katana was doubled over with tears streaming down his eyes. “You?” He panted out, “Kill us? With what?” Her vision turned a deep red, the crimson maiden shot forwards. Her blade twisting as she did so. Eleven Slashes. Eleven cuts. The health bar of the person in front of her dropped dramatically. As she stood still, she watched the health of the person in front of her vanish and disappear. “So, what do you two think?” She smirked turning to the two people either side of her. “Do you think you have a chance, or would you like to live?” ID: 87489 BD: 10 (Nat) CD: 6 LD: 3 MD: 9 Teayre Attacks Post Legion Destroyer Used. 11 * (1 (Base) + 5 (Skill Rank) + 6 (Weapon) + 1 (Mod) + 5(Charge) +2 (Crit)) = 11 * 20 = 220 Damage Teayre: Katana User: -20/200 Axe & Board: 200/200 Straight Sword User: 200/200
  13. A thud sounded ahead of Teayre her blade came out of the sheathe in a single smooth motion, hair hair flowing backwards behind her as she shot forwards towards the sound. A dragon came towards the red head and she ducked her head out of the way, talons digging into her shoulder. The voice finally reached the ears of the girl. Goosebumps shuddered up her arms as he blade was half drawn. Her eyes flicked over to Itzal, narrowing at his acrobatics her lips turning up at the corners as she chuckled to herself. “I’ve been…” She closed her eyes thinking about her recent predicaments. “Okay.” She finished with a heavy sigh. Her hand reaching up to scratch Velnia’s head. “It’s been a while, since I’ve been out…” She muses quietly, again she had secluded herself in her shop. She hadn’t once opened her eyes as she spoke to the wannabe scout. Slowly she moved herself into a sitting position resting her back against the cliff Itzal had leaped off. “How have you been?” She asked him, her hand in her lap. Clenching and unclenching her fist. @Itzal Sorry!
  14. The retching didn’t stop as the girl continued to sob, the gently warmth of a hand pressed on her shoulder. Her vision pitch black as mud stuck underneath her finger nails, the gentle reassurances from her mentor slowly helped. The sobbing slowly dying down, slowly the tense muscles on Teayre’s arms relaxed as the girl pushed herself into a sitting position. The dampness on her face was still evident to her outburst. Her chest moved erratically every so often as the sheen on her face began to fall, dripping onto the ground around her. “My... Story…” She muttered quietly, a sharpness to her voice, her jaw setting itself. The thinness of her eyes met Baldur’s for a split second, the lifelessness in them, cold as stone. As she began to speak, her voice caught in her throat. “I…” She pushed herself to her feet staggering backwards. “What do you know about me?” She spoke her hand going to her hip, clenching around thin air. “What do you know of my past?” her eyes narrowed as she looked at Baldur’s eyes. There was a cold steel in the contact she had with them, her head cocking to one side. “What has my husband told you Baldur?” Her words were short and sharp. A small spark coming into her eyes for a moment, dimming again as she turned away a sigh escaping from her lips. “The blood of Manta Gaul and Ebony Rose.” The red head looked down at her hands, clenching and unclenching them. “The blood of those who tried to kill me.” A soft slapping sound came as her hands hit her thighs. “The blood of Akarim Thar. My father.” She turned to face Baldur now her entire body shaking, “Several people have easily fallen by my blade. More than most know. Only one however saw my unique skill before he died. Only three people alive other than myself that I know of, know about my Battojutsu.” Counting the people of on her fingers she spoke, “Calnus, Oikawa and You. The muramasa that you now wield came from the mob I defeated in a single blow, striking before they had a chance to. I have a bloodlust that can’t be sated. My entire body shakes as I wish to kill, Baldur, why?” A tear began to roll down her cheek, “Liss Thar. My sister, died because I was too weak to protect her. She died because of him.” Her voice was torn, bitter as the words trailed off into silence. @Baldur (Sorry it's taken a while)
  15. The faint breeze that shifted through the ninth floor caught Teayre’s hair as she waited for Itzal to contact her. The message she had originally received had been short simply asking her to help with a quest on the ninth floor. It’d been quite some time since the Crimson Maiden had met with the self-titled scout. She shifted feet her fingers tapping on the hilt of her blade. The golden eagle pommel escaping glinting between her fingers as she caressed the bird, the blade was longer than her previous one but not by much. She made her way to amongst some rocks on the outskirts of the main settlement, far enough away that she could be seen, but not near the safe zone. Her left hand moved down to the scabbard and gently pushed it away from her. Her rear foot she slid back bending the knee whilst raising her front foot so that it reset on the ball. Her right finger twitched for a second. The red head’s chest rose filling up with air before slowly falling again. “Come on Itzal… Where are you?” @Itzal - Sorry it took so long!