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  1. Heading to Ireland! See you all in about 8 days!

    1. Macradon


      Bring some potatoes!

  2. FYI - We need more tanks and healers for the front line! If you're a tank or healer in Tier 2, let me know!

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    2. Neopolitan


      Haz is 31. Cosi I think is either about to hit T2 or just recently hit it. Don't know Kairi well enough. Su is still pretty low, as is Krysta. If you want me to focus my powerposting elsewhere, I can start powering up Katagawa for tanking (she's only 12 right now though).

    3. Hestia


      Kairi is like level 31ish as well but she is more of a bruiser like Hazado is. DPS/Tank. Krysta is borderline T2.

    4. Hazado


      Happy to help here tho as spoken about before, im still level 31 atm but can put in some power postin to go higher

  3. Baldur listened to Hestia and Shield's comments about the up-and-coming with a bit of a grim expression, steepling his hands and resting his chin on them as he considered what they told him, but first, he would address Hestia's last point. "There is always a chance someone will disagree with us. That's the entire reason we're here, and not addressing this with everyone at the same time. As I said in the beginning, we're here to build a consensus, with a small group, so that everyone can be heard. By building consensus among us, it makes it easier to build consensus among a larger group. By us all getting on the same page, when we address the larger raid party, we have less people we need to convince, and more people people to do the convincing. We're also able to address, in advance, a large number of the points they raise. There will always be people who disagree, but we can't let that reality prevent us from doing anything." With this aside, Baldur shifted the gears in his mind to address the real issue at hand, their lack of tanks. "So we have no shield users coming up, but instead a pair of DPS Tank hybrids like Macradon. Which only serves to make it more difficult to elevate them if they were already on the lower end of the level range..." Baldur trailed off in thought. "If that is the case, then the best bet would be to put a strong AoE healer with them. Both of them. If we're going with two DPS/Tank hybrids, who want to go with a bruiser build like Mac did, then the best bet would be to put them together, and let them switch. One or both of them would still need <<focused howl>>, and preferably they'd both have <<Fighting Spirit>>. It's not a build I hadn't considered to help off tank... but it wouldn't be unwieldy either. It's still dangerous, but if they could switch out less frequently than the healer needs to <<Field Medic>> it could be possible. I don't like it, but it could be possible." It would be best to be lead by someone like Macradon, and someone who had fully GM'ed <<Battle Healing>>. And perhaps had a <<Quick Change>> for some regen armor or <<Life Mending>>. The tools were there, they just needed someone to use them all. "Unless another tank appears, it seems that our next boss fight will be a two party ordeal, unless we can come up with someone to fill that role, and dedicate our efforts to getting them to Tier 3, but I don't think that's reasonable in the time we have left." Baldur sat back in his chair, and grabbed at his glass, taking a long sip of the tea, before he looked up at the others around the table. "I would volunteer, but I don't have the skill points free in order to pick up all the necessary skills and mods."
  4. Baldur

    [BR-F24] 'Sahagin Shenanigans'

    Baldur smiled as things finally came around to the plan that they had suggested anyways, even if it was a rocky road that got them there. Shield called out the attack, and Hirru flew like the wind, finally scoring a critical hit against the boss and doing a decent chunk of damage. If Baldur's guess was right, the boss would likely have more mitigation than the Shaman, but from the look of Hirru's hit, it wasn't much more. "Alright, let's do this!" Baldur said, crouching down to <<charge>> up his attack, as he <<concentrated>> on the movements of the Chieftain. If Baldur and Beat could score hits or crits on the big guy with their charge attacks, then they might be able to take out half of his health. Planting his foot down as the charge began to build up, Baldur slipped in the water that the Shamen had been shooting around, and had begun to pond up and slick the bridge they were fighting on. "Kuso!" Baldur spat, as his sword art went off without a target.
  5. "Yea, this certainly hasn't gone as planned, but I think we've found something that works better. It's amazing how much a couple of spare rare buffs can help out. Now that we're capable of one-shotting them, you become a backup battery that let's me last much, much longer than I would be able to otherwise." Baldur gave a soft chuckle, "but I'm definitely not volunteering to help anyone with this quest. It's not as bad as that quest I stumbled onto on the cave floor, <<Hidden Village>> but it it is certainly taking the cake for length and effort. But then, we are going for the bonus points." Baldur sheathed the <<Muramasa>> and followed Shield away from the spawning ground of the <<Drakelings>>. Baldur didn't consider this retreating, rest was an essential piece of combat. He didn't remember who, just that it had been a Navy seal, who had told him rest was a weapon. 'Never run when you can walk, never walk when you can stand, never stand when you can sit, and never sit when you can sleep. Sleep was a weapon.' He had been speaking about a slightly different, situation... but not terribly so. People who did not rest, cracked. Or got reckless and died. (out of combat 1/3)
  6. Baldur

    [BR-F24] 'Sahagin Shenanigans'

    Baldur was furious at the others, but as he had taught Calrex, in the heat of battle, he took that emotion, and he fed it to the fire, leaving him in control and clear headed, even when he wanted to react as they had. Ignore everyone, and do their own thing. But that was not productive, and would only accomplish the same thing Hirru's actions had in the boss fight. A bad plan was still better than everyone trying to act independently of one another. Alright Zandra, we'll do this your way. Hopefully Baldur's own team would listen to him, when Hestia, Ruby, and Zandra had ignored his own instructions. "Alright Zandra, we'll follow your lead." Baldur bit the words, but someone had to be the first to work together. And if he wanted other people to do it, he had to be willing to do it himself. Crouching down to <<charge>> at the shaman with full health, "Let's do this Beat." Baldur shot forward, executing his <<San Ge>> at point blank range, and the crimson bands of light arcing from his impossibly fast sword art flew to the creature, but right at the last moment, it threw up its staff and blocked the attacks, getting thrown back by the overwhelming power of Baldur's blows, but left it without any damage taken. "Tsk." He hated missing his attacks, but there wasn't much he could do right now. He hadn't any accuracy buffs for this fight or he would have used them. ID# 110992: BD: 3+3=6-2=4 (miss) -2 Energy, +1 Regen
  7. Baldur listened to the conversation go round and round again, in a mostly unproductive manner, but then something did surprise him. Calrex seemed to find the ability to bridge between Hestia and Shield, and get her to take a step back and realize that doing something, was better than admitting defeat without every trying something. It was an impressive turn of events that Baldur would not have predicted, much like how Hestia had shamed Zandra into cooperation in the previous boss meeting, even if that had not translated to execution in the boss fight itself. "Gentlemen and lady, we have gotten off track. I think the boot camp, and frontline social events bear merit and further investigation and discussion, but we have more immediate and tangible topics we need to discuss first." "The reason we're here, doing this" Baldur gestured to the table while he looked at @Hestia "Is not because we're leaders, or will always make the best calls, or that people should always look to tanks for leadership, though I do think that is often the case. What we are doing here, as I said in the beginning, is trying to build understanding and consensus. If all of the tanks beat these topics down, and come to a consensus through reasoned debate, then the others will see that. The frontlines doesn't lack discipline because we don't have leaders, it lacks discipline because that leadership is unprepared. Because everyone has always done their own thing. Because every man thinks they know best. But with this core group, if we can get everyone on the same page, and approach the frontlines with a unified, disciplined front, then the others will fall in. If we establish that acting together, through teamwork, is more effective and beneficial to us all, then the others will fall in line. But if we continue to infight, and let our pride get in the way of sense, then we're going to continue to be our own worst enemy. Often times following a bad plan will still be better than following no plan. We stumbled in the boss fight, but having the raid more or less focus target down the Dark Council was a very effective strategy." Baldur sighed, as he got a little more heated than he had planned. He needed to heed his own words. At the field boss fight, everyone had ignored his carefully laid and optimal plan for strategies of their own. And he had been faced with the choice of either following a bad plan, or perpetuating the same problem the others at the field boss fight were. If he wanted to prove his point, then he needed to live by his words. He couldn't expect people to do something he was unwilling to do, and it was his principle to never ask someone to do something he was unwilling to do himself. "Our most pressing point is identifying the core players we have in play. We have 2 healers, Zandra and Ruby, and 2 tanks, Calrex and Shield, with Hestia who can fit in either, but has no one to back her up. So we either need to find someone to tank for Hestia to heal, or someone to heal as Hestia tanks. It seemed like, based on Hestia's suggestions." Baldur gestured to her, giving her credit for being the only one to answer his question, "That we're more likely to raise up a tank for Hestia to heal. So who is the best tank, that is close to tier 3, that we can help prepare for the raid?" Baldur turned to @Shield, "Wasn't Haz the kid from the event boss fight we just fought? I think he was in the group with Sunova that I met very briefly. I think you knew him, right? What do you think about trying to power level him up to tier 3, and getting him to commit to a pure tank role, rather than going hybrid? He'll need focused howl, and probably parry, to help keep him alive. I would be more than willing to donate my dungeon scrolls to try and get him up in level, and give him some experience tanking something scary." "@Macradon Do you have any spare Tier 3 tank gear in your shop that could go towards outfitting a new Tier 3 tank? @Calrex do we have anything from the old Spectrum Coalition vault that could be useful?" Then Baldur addressed the council. "We need other options though. If not Haz, who is out number 2 pick? Are there any up and coming healers?"
  8. Baldur

    [PP - F16] The Most Dangerous Game

    Baldur took a slow moment to look around them and try to get some bearings. He was amazing at how disorienting it was to be outside of the castle, and to have nothing but blue sky above him. It was almost... surreal. Looking over the edge, he could see the landscape stretching out below him in a way that was more difficult to see from the tower, but also more disorienting to be near the edge. Just to check for himself, Baldur pulled up the menu, but the log-out button was still missing. "Alright, so this is probably a sub-dungeon of some kind, which means we can't send or receive private messages. And our teleport crystals may or may not work here. Do you have one on you Lessa?" Slowly backing away from the edge of the floating island, Baldur turned to face the interior of it. "This place actually seems pretty big, but if it's a dungeon of some kind too, then there are probably underground levels too, and we won't be able to leave until we accomplish our objective." The island itself was not quite as volcanic as the islands of the 16th floor, but what Baldur would call a more mature island. It may have been volcanic at one point, but life had begun to flourish on the island and it was covered in tropical trees and undergrowth like he would expect to see in a rainforest. A peak rose up in the distance, but it didn't have smoke rising from the caldera. At least not yet. Looking around, Baldur also saw what looked like weather moving towards them. Or they were moving towards it, he couldn't tell. "It looks like we might need to find some shelter here soon too. I wouldn't want to try exploring this place in the dark with storms about, and run into something troubling. On the plus side, at least this is only a 16th floor dungeon..." He tried to make it sound like that was a silver lining, but 16 floor dungeon bosses could still pack a punch.
  9. Baldur pushed open the door to Zandra's shop and gave a smile and a wave to the berserk healer. She and the gaijin samurai had been corresponding about some healing items that he had needed in order to restock from the previous event boss they had gone through. That and the floor boss before it had sapped Baldur's entire supply of party heal crystals, and had left him with nothing. They were the single best item he could come equipped with to a raid, since it let him and others in unison become a healer unto themselves. It would let them heal the tank and the healer if needed, and it had allowed Hestia to survive a bit longer when she would have fallen otherwise. Had more players had Party heal crystals, perhaps no one would have fallen in that fight. But supplying the front line is part of what brought Baldur here today to speak with Zandra. "Ohayo, Zandra-san. I got your message. How many materials of each tier do I owe you for the order of the healing items?"
  10. "Well then, I guess we'll call this one the last one." Baldur crouched down in his very familiar position, the pre-motion required to activate his <<charge>> attack, and then followed by the pre-motion required to activate his <<San Ge>> katana sword art. The <<Muramasa>> began to glow with that vicious red light, before Baldur released the art, and the system took him over, moving his body at speeds no person could match. The slashes tore through the body of the <<Drakeling>> until all it seemed to be was covered in the red after image of Baldur's sword, or the exposed red wire-frame mesh that made up it's 3d sprite. "I have to say, I feel so much better having buffed up for this quest now. It's a shame these last few drakes haven't given us what we're after, but at least we've moving through them must faster." Baldur whipped the sword around in a while as if throwing invisible blood onto the floor before he sheathed the cursed weapon. "But now I guess we need to wait and recover our energy." @Shield
  11. Baldur had never done the essence of steel quest. He had never had a reason to, since he had always been so well equipped. But having to increase the capacity of this weapon now, meant that he needed to raise the quality of this uncommon weapon with a unique enhancement to a perfect weapon. If he could unlock some paralysis enhancements on this sword, then it would be a good PvP and farming weapon. Probably becoming Baldur's mainstay. He had originally decided to go with bleed effects for the additional damage, but in his circles, things usually didn't live long enough for bleed to make an effect in what he was after. "Thanks for letting me tag along Zandra. I appreciate it. I've somehow managed to avoid doing this quest until now." He watched her half heartedly attack the snow beast, and idly wondered if she were trying to let them all get a hit in, but since they didn't get the drop no matter what, Baldur just finished the creature off. Shukketsu was enough. Ironically, the bleed attack triggered, but he didn't require it this time. Activating his <<charged>> <<San Ge>> attack, meant Baldur went from standing in front of the beast, to standing behind it in the blink of an eye, before it shattered into a thousand glimmering gravity-defiant polygons. ID# 110931 BD: 10 (crit hit) Shukketsu 19+2 (crit) +5(Charge) = 26x15 = 390 DMG Snow beast: -273/250 dmg: 160
  12. Merry Christmas everyone! Hope you all have a wonderful day with family, friends, and relaxation.

  13. Baldur

    [BR-F24] 'Sahagin Shenanigans'

    Baldur watched the fight progress, looking for openings while his sword art cooldown refreshed. Just when things were looking good and he was about to go in on the Chief, he summoned another set of adds. One of those bosses, eh? That changed things. This fight would go one of two ways. Either the boss would summon them when he ran out, or he would summon them periodically and they would have to continuously cull them. Either way, they needed to knock them down a bit if they wanted to control the Chieftain. The samurai's still blue eyes quickly checked everyone's status condition, he knew that his party, which he could see i the corner of his eye, was fine. But Ruby and Hestia would eventually get in trouble, especially since the shaman were healing the Chief. "We need to keep pressure off of Hestia and Ruby first. Beat, follow me. Hirru target the one in the middle. Ruby use field medic, Hestia stun one of the fishsticks! Z, Single target the one Hirru attacks, we need to keep one of the shaman alive, we don't want it to die to thorns!" They needed to get the number of Shaman down low, but with the rate that they could heal the boss, they were in for a battle of attrition. As soon as Baldur had barked his instructions, he became a blur of orange and blue, streaking across the bridge to target one of the shamen and unleashing his devastating <<San Ge>> Attack. He had faith that Beat would follow behind him, and that the Ace of the Frontline wouldn't miss his attack, and they would kill it. "This is going to be a battle of attrition, so conserve your energy!" ID#110891 BD: 6+3-2= 7 (hit) San Ge: 24 (base) + 5 (Charge) = 29x15(San Ge) = 435 - 50 MIT = 385 DMG DEALT to Shamwow 3
  14. Baldur

    [F04 Event] Christmas Extravaganza 2018

    Things had been going so well. It seemed like there wouldn't be any misunderstandings, no confusion, everyone was going to get along just fine. Therefore, Baldur was quite surprised to find that he was holding @Minako in his arms. The slight, tiny thing was so small in his arms that he didn't really feel like he was holding anyone. She was just suddenly... there. The look on Baldur's face, as he looked from Minako to @Lessa, said the he didn't really understand what reality this was. He looked back from Lessa to Minako, who then asked if Baldur could put her down. That seemed perfectly reasonable. He would gently place her on the ground, figure out what happened. They would all, like adults, laugh about it and have a merry christmas. What was unreasonable was what Baldur actually did. In his mind, the words 'ruh roh' played out, and his hands shot up in panic. The kind of gesture someone does when they realized they just touched the hot stove, or had grease from cooking bacon hit their arm. The terrible, unfortunate side effect was dropping Minako into the foot deep snow that always covered the city. "Oh god! I'm so sorry!" Baldur said, bending over to pick Minako up out of the snow, only to find that he was holding her again. His reaction was the same again this time, as soon as he realized what he was doing, but instead of just dumping the poor girl into the snow, he placed her feet first into the snow and then suddenly became very uncomfortable about what to do with his hands to keep them out of further trouble. "I am so sorry, Minako-sama. Baldur gave her a deep bow of apology, but this only put them on eye level. The blush returned to his face. "Umm.. I'm going to uh... get drinks? Does anyone want a drink? I want a drink. I'll bring drinks. Something warm." Then Baldur turned in a quick 180, and raced off to the nearby booth where someone was distributing warm mulled cider.
  15. "Yea, that does sound like washing the cottage cheese, especially if you continue using a consumable every time you identify." Baldur saw as a few more drakes flew in, and both of the HP was fine, but their energy was low. "That's fine. These things can't kill me before they're dead. Why don't you step back, and once they've used their fireball, take the time to focus on Meditation. If you can get me another energize, it should give us enough for another set of drakes after this one before needing to rest." Just as he spoke, another pair of fireballs rocketed towards them. Baldur was able to dodge one, but landed in the middle of the second. The fire singed him, but did little to his very large health pool. With is accuracy and damage as it was, neither he nor Shield were in any danger, they just needed to keep their energy up and going as long as possible. "Alright, here I go!" Baldur crouched down and activated another <<charge>> for his <<San Ge>> and the crimson bands of the <<Muramasa>> blew through the Drake, shattering it into thousands of polygons. "Damn, no drops from that one"