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  1. Hikoru

    [PP-F21] Lightning and Shadow

    Hikoru watched as Morg searched for him, but he wouldn't be that easy to find. The young man was better at fighting, but he didn't know where he was, which was right behind the man, blending in with the shadows of the building around them. As Morg calmed down, he appeared behind the young man, tapping his shoulder to make him turn, then quickly turning around in front of him, stabbing him straight to the heart "It's a lot more fun fighting people than bosses, you react a lot more." He spoke with a bit of amusement. "Now, are you gonna show me what that flashy sword does, or are you going to stand there and let me win?" He challenged. He wanted to see Morgs heart in this fight. His ferocity in attacking would tell him where his heart and mind belonged. As a murderer, or as a man who was in the same shoes as he was long ago. ID: 129429 BD: 3+5=8 Hit! Hikoru used Swarm: 14 x 20 x 1.20 = 336 Damage - 126 MIT = 210 Damage to Morgenstern Hikoru: 1570/1570 HP | 137/154 EN | 17 DMG | 79 MIT | 4 ACC | 0 EVA | 79 BH | 12 Holy (9-10) | 1 LGT Momentum [Vanish: 1/3] Morgenstern 1240/1450 HP | 136/136 EN | 19 DMG | 126 MIT | 4 ACC | -1 EVA | 73 BH | 61 THRNS | 6 F. Thrns (9-10) | Para. Venom (8-10) | 25% DoT Reduce
  2. Hikoru

    [PP-F21] Lightning and Shadow

    Hikoru just gave a chuckle to Morg as he said his way of fighting was a bit annoying. He only gave a nod towards the fallen Paladin. "Imagine if you were a boss and I was trying." He spoke, making him think. "You never realize a person's way of fighting till your on the other end of the blade." He said confidently. After this, he disappeared into the shadows around him. He soon appeared onto one of the rooftops. From this height, he could see the large crowd that had gathered around them. NPC's and players unite as if this was some sort of anime scene, they all felt like background filler. He didn't know how to feel about it, as it was strange for him to draw a crowd for something like this. But he wouldn't complain too much Hikoru used Vanish! ID: 129427 LD: 13+7= 20 Stealth Rating Hikoru: 1570/1570 HP | 151/154 EN | 17 DMG | 79 MIT | 4 ACC | 0 EVA | 79 BH | 12 Holy (9-10) | 1 LGT Momentum [Vanish: 0/3] Morgenstern 1450/1450 HP | 136/136 EN | 19 DMG | 126 MIT | 4 ACC | -1 EVA | 73 BH | 61 THRNS | 6 F. Thrns (9-10) | Para. Venom (8-10) | 25% DoT Reduce
  3. Hikoru

    [PP-F21] Lightning and Shadow

    Hikoru was caught off guard, to say the least. It had been a long time since anyone had seen him in stealth, and it had definitely been a long time since someone had interrupted him in a Sneak Attack. A smile could be found on his face as Morg spoke with confidence. He smiled and disappeared into the shadows, then suddenly appearing behind Morg he stabbed him in the back. "Alright, I guess I gave you the benefit of the doubt and went a little easy on you. My dearest apologies, but I still remember you as the small young tankling I met all those months ago." He spoke, bringing back the memories to his mind. "I guess I should have thought if I grew, you did as well. I suppose I won't go easy then." He said, he then took the dagger out as the player was soon affected by the Stun of his weapon, and he flipped the dagger within his fingers. ID: 129418 BD: 8+3+1= 12 Hit! Hikoru used Backstab: 22x4 = 88 - 126 = 1 Damage to Morgenstern [STUNNED] Hikoru: 1570/1570 HP | 151/154 EN | 17 DMG | 79 MIT | 4 ACC | 0 EVA | 79 BH | 12 Holy (9-10) | 1 LGT Momentum Morgenstern 1449/1450 HP | 136/136 EN | 19 DMG | 126 MIT | 4 ACC | -1 EVA | 73 BH | 61 THRNS | 6 F. Thrns (9-10) | Para. Venom (8-10) | 25% DoT Reduce
  4. Hikoru

    [PP-F21] Lightning and Shadow

    Hikoru's eyes met Morg's, and there was an unspoken challenge within both of them. They both knew where this was going far before anything could be said between the two of them. Morg was the one to bring it up, and a hushed tone filled the area. Players and NPC's alike all looked at the two of them with hushed tones. The NPC's knew Hikoru well, since he was one of the people that helped Liberate this floor from Tesseleth, and was also a resident on the floor on the quieter and more cavern-like side of the town. However, they also knew of Morg as he also has been here, so to see the two fighting, it was hard for them to pick sides. Hikoru just let out a small laugh "Always to the point Morg. That's why I like you," he spoke with a laugh. He accepted the challenge, unsheathing his dagger and looking at the boy. "Oh also, I've heard rumor that you've been seeking help from a fellow friend of mine." He pointed to the weapon in the boy's hand. "That weapon proves it, so I already know your fighting style enough to have even ground." He said with a chuckle. He pulled up his hood and soon started to sink into the shadows. "May the best player win." He spoke, then disappeared into the darkness all around Morg, becoming one with the shadows. ID: 129412 LD: 5+7= 12 Stealth Rating
  5. Hikoru

    [PP-F21] Lightning and Shadow

    Hikoru patiently waited for Morgenstern to show up. The young man had messaged him about catching up, but there was something he wanted to do before he sat down and caught up. He had heard a lot about Morg from the grapevine, as word about players killing one another is something that is always found within the Info Broker conversations. They make sure to keep up with it so his agents can know which players to watch out for and to avoid, in case they are on a murder spree. It hurt him to hear about it, but he knew there was more to the story that he didn't know. He decided to play it safe and avoid any confrontations ahead, but he never knew what would happen. He soon appeared on the floor, and he felt his body tense. He wasn't worried about dying, however, he didn't want to fight a friend. He saw a green cursor, but mentally he knew how easy it was to get your green cursor back. He himself had done it easily. Morgenstern called him out, and he sighed. The man knew him better than some expected. He emerged from the alleyway silently, the shadows disappearing from around him like a billowing blanket in the wind. "Morg, it's been a long time." Stats:
  6. Hikoru

    [SP-F24] <<Incognito Antics>>

    As the pixels from the teleporter faded, his eyes immediately squinted from the blinding bright light of the sun. He shielded his eyes from the blinding light with his hand. He looked up at the sun to see that it was about noon, the peak of the day. Once his eyes adjusted, he opened up his HUD to figure out where the quest would take place. After he looked around, he realized that it took place in the giant coliseum not too far from where he had spawned. He started to make his way towards the giant building slowly, his eyes scanning the area to truly enjoy the view that this floor gave. It was a beautiful floor, and it gave a good glimpse of what the world was still like on the outside, and it made him miss his family. But, he knew that all of the players would get out, they would be free from this imprisonment, and when they did, they would all enjoy the feeling of the actual sun on their skin once more.
  7. Hikoru

    [PP/F8] Hanging by a Moment

    Hikoru nodded as Kit asked for him to have his arms under her, placing them gently underneath her, slightly hovering beneath her so she could actually attempt to float on her own without his help. She seemed to be enjoying it for a while, but she started to panic a little. His arms instantly shot up, lifting her body safely out of the water, and he smiled. "See? You did great for your first time." He spoke. "But let's get you a little more used to it safely." After this, he held onto her back and under her legs gently, lowering her body slowly back into the water and her body slightly lapped over the waves. He held onto her as her head went back slightly under the water, so her ears were within the waves to hear the currents, but her body didn't come anywhere near close to going under. He made sure of it. After a few moments, he helped her up. "It's a little bit of practice, but it's one of the things I used to do when I had a stressful day." He said with a chuckle. "The sound of the waves is something that calms me down, and brings my mind to a sense of peace." He looked back to the shore and saw that it was starting to grow dark. "I think it's time we dry off and head inside. It's starting to get a little too dark for my liking, and as safe as I feel with you, I don't want to test to see if mobs will spawn at night." He said with a light-hearted chuckle.
  8. Hikoru

    [SP-F24] <<Incognito Antics>>

    As Hikoru walked through town, he waved at a few of the NPC's a few waving back, and the miners tipping their hats. Ever since Tesseleth had been defeated, the spirits of the NPC's had lifted, and they had become a lot friendlier towards the players that fought him. Since a group of them had been seen going into the Labyrinth and to the Floor Boss area, the NPC's remembered a few choice people from those groups that came and fought. They would sometimes come to his door and offer food or drinks, which he would deny in a friendly way, saying that he doesn't need things in return for what he did. To the NPC's he was a hero. But to him, he was just a broken man wanting to get home. "Teleport, Floor 24." He spoke quietly, and was soon taken away from the dark and dreary Floor 21, to the bright and ocean-filled area of Floor 24
  9. Hikoru

    Ocean Waves Manor Beach Runway

    Swimsuit Image Link Hikoru felt a large blush on his face as Kit pushed him towards the stage. He decided that he would be first in line, but he was completely out of his comfort zone. He wanted to hide back into his cloak and away from this, but Kit's eyes had been the thing to push him towards doing such a thing. He walked out onto the carpet slowly, avoiding a lot of eye contact with others as everything was revealed. The toned muscles and tight trunks made it almost impossible to hide anything from anyone. Kit's word's echoed in his mind, and a light blush formed on his cheeks as he finished his walk, striking a simple pose, placing a hand onto his hip and standing quietly, walking back towards the stage and once he was off, immediately put his cloak back on to hide his embarrassment. If he was called up as a winner, he would take the cloak off, but if he wasn't called back up he would keep it on.
  10. Hikoru sipped on his cup of coffee quietly. It had been a pleasant morning today. The bats were screeching some sort of tune that sounded a lot better than anything he had heard in a while, and Aru, his apprentice had made them a morning cup of coffee to share before they both went on their way to their respective missions for the day. Aru had to go and check the stations to make sure that things were up to date and the new info about Floor 25 was being spread around evenly, while he went to go and check the Missions based on Floor 24. From what he had gathered, it was a quest line that had stealth mechanics in it, and due to his Unique Skill, he was the most qualified to go and check the whole quest line instead of the others. He finished his cup a little before Aru, grabbing his cloak and whistling for Sir Rolland. "Good luck with your meetings." He spoke. Aru nodded from behind the desk. "And you with your Quest Line. If you get anything good, you should pass it on to me, I could use some new equipment." He spoke. Hikoru just laughed. "If the house is spotless when I get back, then sure." He joked, then made his way out the door. Stats:
  11. Hikoru

    [PP/F8] Hanging by a Moment

    Hikoru just laughed at Kityuisa's flirting and smiled softly, happy that she seemed to be in better spirits. She then asked him to teach her how to float, and he nodded, bringing her to more shallow waters and letting her go. "Floating is the easier of things to do." He said, laying down and his body resting near the top of the water, slightly submerged but his head above water. "You have to let the water do its job of pushing your body, but you need to make sure your body stays filled with air. Since Air is lighter than water, it floats to the top, along with your body." He let out the air that was trapped in his lungs slowly, making sure to make it easy to see for Kit. As the air slowly left his body, he started to sink into the waters. Then he took a deep breath, and his body floated to the top. "It's just practice before you can learn to do it. But if you let your ears rest under the water, you can hear the currents around you." He spoke as he slowly put his ears under, hearing the crashing waves against the shore. He sat up and looked at Kit. "Let's see if you can do it."
  12. Hikoru

    [PP/F8] Hanging by a Moment

    As Hikoru let go of Kityuisa, he realized that she was completely terrified of the water, and held onto him for dear life. He realized that maybe he should have asked if she could swim, but whats happened has happened, and he just chuckled, and started to swim back towards the more shallow end. He got to where he was at about pectoral height in the water, then stopped, helping Kityuisa get back into the water instead of around him. He smiled, then grabbed her. "I want you to trust me real quick, okay?" He spoke quietly, a look of sincerity in his eyes. "Now, take a deep breath, and come down with me." He said, then took a deep breath, and slowly sunk into the water. He waited for Kit to join him, and when he did he came closer, pulling her in for a kiss beneath the waves, the crashing sounds above them only being a dull roar as everything melted away, and he saw the sunset cascade onto her golden locks. He wrapped his arms around her waist, then slowly lifted them from the waters, still kissing as the broke the surface. He pulled away and laughed. "Okay, that's the last surprise kiss." He said. "For now."
  13. Hikoru

    [PP/F8] Hanging by a Moment

    As Hikoru attempted to leave, he felt a tugging on his arm and was pulled back to Kityuisa. He raised an eyebrow, as she innocently but confidentially said that he could look, and he blushed as she pulled into a hug. He pulled her close, making sure to keep himself hidden beneath the blue cloak until he got onto the beach. Once she let go he did as well, and they went outside. He watched her eyes widen as the cloak fell from his shoulders, and a playful smile was on his lips. He chuckled and enjoyed the feeling of the water on his feet. Kit held onto his hand, and soon motioned for him to bend down, and he did so. She spoke a few words, and the words made him blush, and a small smile formed on his lips. He kissed her on the lips gently "And you look gorgeous." He spoke, then picked her up bridal style, taking her into the waters with a chuckle, slowly fading into the waders as if he was apart of some sort of horror movie. As they grew deep enough to swim, he let her go and swam in the water like a buoy, staying above the waters and relishing the refreshing feeling the water had given him.
  14. Hikoru took in a deep breath, waiting for the final boss to emerge. It was a few moments of silent sitting until the large gorilla emerged. It had glossy-white fur, and muscles the size of his whole body. This thing was huge, and it seemed to be looking for something, or someone. He waited until the creature was below him, then he struck. He stabbed into the beast through the heart-like area from the back, his sword art started. The Gorilla howled with anger as the sword art completed, and he back flipped away from the creature as it's body was covered in small cuts and bruises, and the gorilla searched around for the Master of Shadows, but was unable to find him. Hikoru smiled and gripped his dagger tightly. The gorilla was severely underlevelled for him, but the thing hadn't died to his dagger in one hit. This would be fun ID: 123573 BD: 2 (Disregarded due to Sneak Attack) MD: 1 Miss! Hikoru used Swarm: 14 x 20 x 1.20 = 336 - 32 = 304 Damage to Ancient Gorilla [0] Hikoru | 1570/1570 HP | 77/154 EN | 17 DMG | 79 MIT | 3 ACC | 0 EVA | 77 BH | +5 LD | +7 Stealth Rating | Ancient Gorilla HP: 496/800 | DMG: 240 | MIT: 32 | ACC: 1 | EVA: 1 @Kityuisa
  15. Hikoru

    [PP/F8] Hanging by a Moment

    Hikoru nodded as Kit mentioned they should go sometime. "Yeah, I usually go there to cool down after a fight on the fields. Help to clear my mind." He spoke, then went upstairs. He came back down to see Kit in her bathing suit, and a full blush fell on his face. He did his best not to stare as he took the cup of coffee, taking his trembling hands with the coffee in it and sipping quietly, He looked around the house as he did so, sipping quietly as he did and looking at all the different views, areas and little things Kit has on her walls and in rooms. He let out a sigh as he finally finished calming himself down. He came over to Kit and kissed her forehead gently, placing the empty mug of coffee on the nearby area, and smiled softly. "Let's go for a swim." He spoke softly, leaning down to whisper those words into her ear. He then stood and went to the door to the beach. Outside, the sun was starting to set as the sky turned a beautiful hue of different oranges, yellows and even pinks. He smiled and made his way onto the sand, his toes touching it for the first time in a long time, enjoying the sensation that he felt at this current time. "It's been far too long since I've seen a nice sunset." He said with a chuckle. "Spending far too much time in those caverns..." He turned to look at kit, his cloak slowly falling off of him, revealing his broad shoulders and toned back, smiling and starting into the water. It was cold, far colder than expected, but it felt fantastic. Hikoru's Swimsuit (Hidden underneath cloak):