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  1. Hikoru knew that if they wanted to get any damage, that he needed to attack from stealth. He would get a stronger attack against the giant Leviathan, and he would also be able to take out the water crystal of his group, in case it decided to try and return. He pulled up his iconic blue hood, and disappeared into the shadow beneath him, appearing a few feet away behind a large rock that had been knocked down during the fight. Things had gotten intense, and this rain was starting to become an annoyance to him along with every other player. They needed to defeat this giant quickly. They were close, but he was still worried that there was something up Kayaba's sleeve and this boss would be harder than it looked in the end. He hoped he would live to tell the tale. Hikoru used Vanish! It's Super Effective!!! ID: 117823 LD: 13+7= 20 Stealth Rating!
  2. The leviathan's head was down. Now was the time to strike! But as Hikoru moved his hand forward in an attempt to get as much damage in as possible, he could feel the frost of its breath crawling around him. There wasn't anything he could do as he slowly but surely froze over.Cursing his own bad luck at this, he watched as others went in to get their attacks against the creature and destroy what they could of the leviathan's health bar. Hopefully they would be able to still get a fair amount of damage against it while he was frozen. ID: 117770 LD: 4+4=8 Frozen! +38 HP
  3. Hikoru gave a small nod as Sey spoke, saying that they were a fourth of the way done, and it really did hurt a bit. Two years, and yet they had only done a fourth of the game. How long would it be for them? How long would they be trapped? He shook his head. If he focused on the future so much, he wouldn't be able to enjoy that he was alive today, that he would be able to fight another day, take one step closer to freedom. That's how he had survived for so long in this game, stayed strong when he needed to. He just gave a small sigh and pat Sey's shoulder. "Live to fight another day, that's our life now. We best do our best to do it shouldn't we?" He said with a small chuckle. He grabbed the boy over his shoulder and gave a smile. "Come on! Let's get a bite to eat and catch up! My treat!" He said in a gleeful tone. He was done with trying to focus on the negative so much, it had defeated so much of the purpose in his life, which is to be a happy person, to protect those he loved. If he didn't start to change now, he never would.
  4. Hikoru watched as the players fought the creatures at their hands, but something was off. He looked at the Leviathan's health and noticed that it had gone up. How was it healing? He noticed the giant crystals that were around, and he blinked quietly. How had he missed something so detrimental to this fight? He had apparently gotten too much into the zone that he missed these new variables spawn. He decided that the creature would be his new target. He sprinted towards his new target and went for an attack, but with the rain, along with the crystals quick reflexes, it moved out of the way of his attack easily. He fell over into the water, thrown off by missing his attack. It had been a long time since he had missed an attack like this, and he knew that next round, he would need to enter stealth to strike this creature. ID: 117394 BD: 3+2-4= 1 Miss! +38 BH Party 1: [H:11] @Calrex: 1783/1850 HP | 140/176 EN | 16 DMG | 126 MIT | (3) 4 ACC | (2) 3 EVA | 0.6 ACH [H:6] @Jomei: 1112/1525 HP | 109/151 EN | 20 DMG | 5(6) ACC | 5(6) EVA | 97 MIT | 2 SVY | 71 BH | 9-10/24 TV [-1 EVA -1 ACC TR] [Queen's Ire] [Frozen] [H:5] Mars: 461/970 HP | 32/88 EN | 21 DMG | 73 MIT | 6-1TR=5 ACC | 5-1TR= 4 EVA | 2 HM | 9-10 PLZ | 9 PRB [Snowfrost] [Queen's Ire] [H:2] Hikoru: 1001/1550 HP | 106/152 EN | 22 DMG | 3 ACC | 3 EVA | 94 MIT | 76 BH [Queen's Ire] [H:9] Hestia: 2045/2065 HP | 103/170 EN | 1 DMG | 196 MIT | 84 THN | -2 EVA(-1 EVA due to TR) | 103 BH | 2 HM | 6 REC | 25% STNW [Snowfrost] [20 burn DMG 1/2] [H:7] @Neo: 573/1025 HP | 30/86 EN | 18 DMG | 59 MIT | 5 ACC | 2 EVA | 8-10 PLZ | 2 REC | 9 PRB | 4 FLN [Snowfrost] [Queen's Ire]
  5. Hikoru braces himself for the giant wave of frost that hit him, and he felt the cold chill around his body. However, he kept moving. If he kept moving, kept his body heat and didn't allow the frost to attach to him, he would be fine. In proved to be true and he was able to make it out of it without much of a scratch. Then the giant fireball came. Hikoru braced himself again, getting pelted by the pieces of rock and magma, brushing it off quickly. He saw the others attack the water crystal, and he knew that he should worry about the segment before anything else. He moved quickly and struck it, gritting his teeth as he was drenched from head to toe in the rain, but he was able to keep working through the pain and struggle and made the damage worth it quickly and easily. He smiled triumphantly, and backed away quietly, proud that the cards seemed to be back in his favor. ID: 117283 LD: 12+4= 16 Frostbite Success! ID: 117285 LD: 15+4= 19 Scald Success! (-1 Damage) ID: 117287 BD: 8+3-2=9 Hit! Hikoru used Swarm: 21 x 14 = 294 - 50 = 244 Damage to Segment +38 Health from BH Health:
  6. Hikoru smiled as a small egg appeared in his hand. The last hit drop, a golden Easter egg. He picked it up and looked at it's stats. It was a good item, but he already had a snowflake, something that he was holding onto in case of emergency. He gave a whistle towards Macradon "Hey Mac, catch." He said, and threw the egg towards him to catch. "That's for you. I'm sure you can make more use of that than I can." He said, a playful smile on his lips. "If you ever find a Holy and Phase Weapon that's Tier 3, make it a dagger and send it my way." He said with a chuckle close behind. He opened up his own egg that he had received. A piece of armor popped out, a large sack of col and a bundle of materials. He could easily sell the materials for more col, then identify his armor once he decided to get his shop up and running. He put the items in his inventory and smiled. "I'm good to leave whenever " ID: 117149 LD: 13 To Hikoru: Perfect T3 Armor, 7000 Col, 20 T3 materials
  7. The fight was still going nowhere fast, but at least Calrex was taking the attention of the Sahagin remaining. As they were focused on him, Hikoru quickly readied another attack. Jomei had already managed to strike against the full health monster, but it was better safe then sorry when it came to attacking it. The ones low on health should be taken out easily by other attacks. Lunging forward and striking quickly with his dagger, the Sahagin's health bar began to drop even faster than before. It wasn't long before he was backing up just in case it wasn't enough damage to take it out. Hopefully it would be, but with this being a floor boss, one could never be too careful. Every little bit that they could manage was a little bit closer to this fight being over. They were closing in on victory and they only needed a couple more chances at the boss itself to take it down once and for all. ID: 117044 BD: 4+3-1=6 Hit! Hikoru used Swarm: 22 x 14 = 308 - 50 = 258 Damage to Sahagin 3 Team 1:
  8. Hikoru just chuckled at Zandra's comment, as it was true, the two of them had dealt a large amount of damage to the giant rabbit, and they had made it extremely easy to defeat this boss. Macradon dealt another large blow to the bunny, and he gave him the signal to attack. Without another word, Hikoru seemingly melted into the ground, disappearing from sight from the bunny. One of the many benefits of being the Master of Shadows, he barely gained hate and he could disappear from it's sight far easier than anybody else. He soon snuck around and stabbed the bunny through the back, the tip of his dagger appearing through the front side, right where the rabbits heart would be. He finished his sword art and backed away. The giant rabbit gave a whirr and started to steam out of it's ears, it's head spinning 360 degrees at an alarming rate, the whole body shaking violently and almost cartoonishly until it pixelated into nothing. He smiled and turned "What do I win?" ID:117043 BD:5+3-1=7 Hit! Hikoru used Swarm: 14 x 16 = 224 - 80 = 144 Damage to Burry - Health List - [2] <Zandra> 1725/1725 HP || 118 MIT || 3 ACC || 0 EVA || 129/161 NRG (-1) [6] <Macradon> 1625/1625 HP || 131 MIT || 4 ACC || 2 EVA || 161/173 NRG (-13)(+7) <Parry> [0] <Hikoru> 1550/1550 HP || 79 MIT || 3 ACC || 3 EVA || 123/152 NRG <Burry> -111/1500 HP || 80 MIT || 3 ACC || 1 EVA || 250 DMG
  9. The fight continued on, and Hikoru was going through the motions of fighting it. Another swing with his dagger and a narrow hit with his blade. It was likely doing barely any more damage than the tier 2 players that were here. Perhaps more, but not by much. Retreating to see how the rest of his party was going, he could see Jomei was frantically trying to figure out how to stop the thing doing the most damage to the raiding party. "It's unlikely to stop for most of the fight. Taking the boss down is the only way to guarantee it stopping." Perhaps there was some sort of trigger to stop it, but there was no obvious way for them to determine it. The boss was dropping quickly while it was target-able, they just needed to make it be target-able more often than it was currently.
  10. Hikoru watched from the shadows patiently. He had zoned out for a moment and had missed a good strike before Macradon had attacked, but he knew that another one would appear soon. He sighed to himself and moved around the cavern, throwing spare daggers he had into the stalactites around him, making footsteps for him to use to find a better point. After he adjusted his position, he waited for both of his allies to strike, jumping from the ground and charging forward, striking the giant mechanical rabbit from behind and dealing a large chunk of damage, almost as level as his comrades. He smiled to himself. He had been getting better, and it felt good to see. He smiled and looked at his friends "Sorry I'm late." ID: 116725 LD: 12+7=19 Stealth Rating BD: 6+2-1= 7 Hit! Hikoru used Swarm: 16+3+5=24 x 14 x 1.20 = 403 - 80 = 323 Damage to Burry - Health List - [2] <Zandra> 1725/1725 HP || 118 MIT || 3 ACC || 0 EVA || 130/161 NRG (-15) [3] <Macradon> 1625/1625 HP || 131 MIT || 4 ACC || 2 EVA || 167/173 NRG (-13)(+7) <Parry> [0] <Hikoru> 1550/1550 HP || 79 MIT || 3 ACC || 3 EVA || 137/152 NRG <Burry> 292/1500 HP || 80 MIT || 3 ACC || 1 EVA || 250 DMG
  11. Stryder had left, and Calrex was unfrozen now. Hikoru followed up with a seemingly weaker attack in hopes of trying to take out the sahagin that Calrex had missed without wasting more energy than necessary. It didn't seem to do much, but at least it was something. Hopefully his group could rally a bit more and take on the head once it became available. The party with the most T2 players had started to crumble as well. Pinball had retreated and Ruby was low on health. Though the pinkette was able to heal her party a bit more it seemed. It had all turned a little surreal now, going through the motions of the fight and hoping to make it out alive at the end of it. And hopefully no one else died either, but with the way this fight was going, it was uncertain if that could even happen.
  12. Hikoru smiled and stood triumphantly, soaking in the sound of the audience around him, the cheering and applause filled his ears, and he finally knew why the gladiators fought, next to the money of course. He turned to Sey as he kicked the remains of the Rhino, and he just chuckled. "Yeah, I didn't mean to hurt him that bad, but hey, when in Rome." He said with another chuckle, then he wrapped an arm around Sey, and made his way out of the arena. "I'm doing alright for once, I promise." He said with a smile. "It's taken time, but I'm finally starting to be... me, and it's been nice." He said with a small laugh. He looked around the outside of the large Collesium, the bright blue skies glistening on the clear blue waters. He gave a sigh and pat Sey's back. "Yeah, You've missed a bit, but hey, it must be nice to just lean back and enjoy views like this, without having too many thoughts on grinding, staying up on your exp to fight a boss that's going to get even stronger than the last. I miss simpler times." He said with another small sigh.
  13. Hikoru waited to possibly hear yelling from Zandra, waiting for months of anger to bubble up from behind him, or to even get struck from behind by a giant ax. But, nothing came. He instead felt an arm wrap around his neck, and he stumbled a bit but caught himself as Zandra just smiled at him, admitting that things weren't going well col wise for her either. He just laughed and nodded. "Well, 90k is better than my 0." He said with a small smile. He then heard her talk about what he did, and a chill went up to his spine as he looked at Mac. Did she really just say that to him? If so, who else has she told? But, Macradon just shrugged it off, and HIkoru gave a breath of relief. He silently walked as he heard Macradon say something about trying a new skill, and he stood at a stance, and something in his mind rang that he was preparing a parry, or to prepare for fighting. He wasn't sure, but he knew that it was game time. He soon stood back, and disappeared into a nearby shadow, climbing up a stalactite and striking his dagger into the stone to use as a grip, waiting for the creature to appear. ID: 115683 LD: 12+7=19 Stealth Rating
  14. Hikoru felt himself enter stealth after he struck down the segment. He gave a small smile as he waited for a moment before striking the creature where it counted, a gash that he had been eyeing on the Leviathan since their fight had started. He Charged forward, striking right where the gash was, his dagger stabbing into the small gash on the large creature and digging into the soft flesh underneath. He smiled as he gripped his dagger tightly, dragging his dagger and causing the gash to deepen and widen, pixels flying everywhere as he finished his sword art, the creature's health dropping in the largest drop that he had seen this whole fight. He chuckled and smiled. This was the damage that he had been craving, what he had been building for. He wished that he had a Holy enchantment, something that he had been searching for, hunting for the perfect weapon. Only one person had that, but Mac was retired, and he was sure that he wouldn't give the weapon to him any time soon. He retreated to the group and looked at the others. "Go ahead and head after whoever, but if you got AoE, it'd be great if you took out these.... things." He said, eyeing the creatures that were trained on his party. Frostbite Check: ID: 115680 LD: 20 Success! ID: 115681 LD: 14+7= 21 Stealth Rating Check BD: 10 (+2 Base Damage) Hikoru used Swarm! : 14 x 32 x 0.20 = 538 x 2 = 1075 Damage +76 HP
  15. Hikoru watches as both Sey and the giant Rhino missed. He just sighs and quietly leans down, getting into a good position to Charge. He was going to have one shot, and he had to make it count. He was going all in. He closed his eyes and breathed in deeply, exhaling and opening his eyes to watch the bull's movements. He focused, slowing things down, seeing the muscles of the creature move in unison as it charged towards Sey. It was here that he noticed a small opening in the creature's armor that it wore. He saw where it was, right underneath the right front leg. He waited until he was lined up, then he sprinted forward, striking the creature dead on underneath its armor. The creature gave a shriek as Hikoru gripped his dagger, grabbing the hilt with both hands and dragging it across the rhino's body and causing the blade to rip through the flesh of the creature, cutting the creature in half, where he saw the heart clearly and stabbed through it to complete his sword art, the creature pixelating into nothing but crystals, as the roar of the crowd above echoed throughout the island. He smiled and gave a thumbs up towards Sey "Think they're entertained?" ID: 115673 BD: 10 (+2 Base Damage) Hikoru used Swarm! 14 x 23 = 322 - 25 = 297 Damage Sey: 1256/1310 | EN: 83/122 | DMG: 19 | MIT: 126 | ACC: 3 | EVA: 2 | BH: 65 | -25% DoT Damage | Hate: 11 Hikoru: 1550/1550 | EN: 124/152 | DMG: 16 | MIT: 79 | ACC: 3 | EVA: 3 | BH: 76 | -25% DoT Damage | Hate: 0 Piasuhōn | HP: -250/1,100 OVERKILL