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  1. SAO Gamer Guild

    Im always down for an MMORPG. Me and a few people on her used to play Aura Kingdom together, and that was fun. But rn im in college and all the others are busy, so it doesn't happen much anymore
  2. (F2-PP) <<The Rusty Dagger>> Hikoru

    Hikoru leaned back with a small sigh as she said she didn't speak directly. It was true, she hadn't really done it, but now was a first to try. As he was about to speak, she started to talk about the group. It had been a few days since they had started chasing her, and the looks in her eyes, the bags under them and the paleness of her face said it all. Hikoru did his best to keep his composure, but he could feel his jaw locking in place. He composed himself and loosened his jaw a bit before speaking. "Well, it seems we have a problem don't we?" He asked curiously. He stood up and started to walk over to the wall. "You need a place to rest. At least for a few hours. Here-" He said as he pressed a certain area behind the keg, and a small click could be heard as a bit of the wall beside him loosened up. He went and lifted the wall panel above his head as it clicked into place above him. Inside was a soft bed, a closet and a bathroom connected in another room. "I usually sleep here nowadays, but I can stand guard out here if you would like. There are no windows leading here or any other doorway, no way to sneak in without the information of the button." He spoke quietly.
  3. [PP-F3] Calling Upon a Comrade

    Hikoru just gave a shrug as she apologized. He finished the last sip of his drink as he turned it over, the universal sign he had learned at the Rusty Dagger to indicate that your done drinking. He just let out a small sigh. "It's what usually happens to guilds I join. The fault may have been mine this time however, as I have distanced myself from most of the guild. I felt that it was better for me to train alone so I could prepare more DPS-based players.. But simple training turned into everyday life." He said with a small chuckle. He raised his eyebrow as she offered to join her guild. "I'm afraid i'm going to have to say no." He said with a small smile. "As much as I love Jomei as a brother, I feel like its my time to stay as a solo player. It's the way of how I work nowadays... Kinda be like, a dagger for hire." He said with another chuckle. "But again, No will have to be my answer, please don't take it as an insult, because it truly is not."
  4. Hikoru was about to attack when one of the Wasps looked over his shoulder. He looked and saw that it was eyeing the players he had travelled with. As if reading the movements of the bee, Hikoru went and stopped in front of the two players, dust collecting around his feet as he used his dagger to deflect the wasp's stinger from attacking either player. Sadly, this knocked him back and he lost his balance, making him unable to activate a sword art. He grit his teeth and regained his footing as the second wasp aimed for the girl. He held his forearm out as the wasp's stinger was about to collide, the stinger piercing through his arm. He grit his teeth as even though it may mentally hurt, his body was truly in no physical pain. He brought his arm down and kicked off the wasp with his foot, sending it spiraling into the air. He looked back. "For your safety, I ask you guys back out of sight for now. and miss-" He looked at the girl "- I will probably give you the chance to finish off the queen, if that's alright with you." He said as he looked back at the wasps to read their movements. ID: 94229 BD: 1 Miss! (-2 Energy) ID: 94230 BD: 1 Miss! ID: 94321 BD: 7-1=6 Hit! 10-79 = 1 Damage Hikoru: 1410/1410 134/138 MIT: 79 <Battle Healing: 28 Health Recovered> Wasp: -26/25 OVERKILL Wasp: -17/25 OVERKILL Wasp: 25/25 Wasp: 25/25
  5. Hikoru was quick to move, before the second wasp could even react he finished it off. He decided to use his origional fighting style and stray from Shadowed Path. The young man seemed very interested in his Unique Skill, and he knew that could be dangerous. Too much information could lead to his demise, which even if this player was lower-levelled, it was a possibility he knew others that may be after him or other frontliners. In his thoughts he lost his focus, getting stung in the shoulder from one of the wasps. He moved s the second wasp charged at him, where he lifted his dagger and parried the stinger over his shoulder. He let out a little chuckle as the health immediately came back to its full capacity. "Too easy." He said with another chuckle, then watched the two remaining wasps carefully. ID: 94153 BD: 4+3=7 Hit! Hikoru used Round Accel: 21x2= 42 Damage to Wasp ID: 94154 BD: 6-1=5 Miss! ID: 94155 BD: 8-1=7 Hit! 10-79= 1 Damage! Hikoru: 1410/1410 135/138 MIT: 79 <Battle Healing: 28 Health Recovered> Wasp: -26/25 OVERKILL Wasp: -17/25 OVERKILL Wasp: 25/25 Wasp: 25/25
  6. Hikoru watched as the two players drew closer to the area, and he saw the wasps spawn on the ground. They were low in health compared to what he was used to, but he knew that they could swarm him quite easily if they wanted. Unsheathing his dagger, he moved quickly, landing and dealing a fatal blow to it quickly. The wasps all locked eyes with him, and all of them swarmed to attack him. Two of them went to strike him, but he was able to evade quickly, backflipping from the two of them as they crashed into on another. Hikoru was about to prepare another sword art when a stinger in the back reminded him of the third wasp. Although his armor held up easily, he was still a bit upset that he didn't dodge it. His Battle Healing ability activated and healed back what little damage he had taken. He just gave a small chuckle and reversed the grip on his dagger, the tip of the blade touching the back of his elbow. "Lets go then." He said to the wasps. ID: 94128 BD: 5+3=8 Hit! Hikoru used Counter Strike: 22x2=44 x 1.15 = 51 Damage to Wasp ID: 94129 BD: 6-1=5 Miss! ID: 94130 BD: 2-1=1 Miss! ID: 94131 BD: 7-1=6 Hit! 10-79=1 Damage Hikoru: 1410/1410 136/138 MIT: 79 <Battle Healing: 28 Health Recovered> Wasp: -26/25 OVERKILL Wasp: 25/25 Wasp: 25/25 Wasp: 25/25
  7. Hikoru watched as the last of the Crystallized soldiers were freed from their prison, and not a few moments after, Shield was encapsulated in a crystal almost the same as what he had seen from the others. He saw that the shrouded figure icon in the bottom right corner of his screen had glowed a pale blue, indicating that it was ready to be used. He sheathed his dagger and used his Vanish mod, making his way around the area. He was about to get onto a perch, when one of the creatures attacked, he didn't see what but it shook the wall. Hikoru held on tightly, but a bit of rubble below his hand fell down, making his location known to all who had ears that worked. He quickly clambered up, a blush on his face as he moved from the location to another one, making his perch and preparing for his next attack against one of the soldiers. The others could worry about the dragon, but his best bet would be against the knights, where he could easily take some of them out. ID: 93946 LD: 3+5= 8 Stealth Rating
  8. (F2-PP) <<The Rusty Dagger>> Hikoru

    Hikoru read the tension she gave like a book. Although she did her best to hide it, her body told him that she was very tired, uncomfortable, and wanted to leave. He just shook his head with a small sigh. He took another sip of his drink as she said she would leave if she didn't get anything out of this. It was his turn to laugh. Even though she tried to act touch and seem like everything was okay, he could tell just by the meeting outside alone that nothing was okay. He gave a sigh and shook his head. "You can quit with the act and be honest with me..." He motioned to the back door. "...Or, you can ignore my promise of safety and take it up with the thugs that should be arriving within the hour... Your safe here, there are hidden places within this place that even I didn't know about until Rex pointed them out..." He chuckled. "And I'm sure Sey wouldn't want to hear about the 'situation' that happened today. Trust me, you sit and talk or things will continue to go south, and you'll never get any shut eye, the bags around your eyes tell me enough already..." He took another sip with a sly smile on his lips. He set down the drink as his fingers intertwined with each other. "The back door is open however, so your choice is your own... But I believe that you and I both know that your in a pickle, and I have the capabilities of letting you get some rest so you can regroup your thoughts and have a fresh mind to think up a next plan..." He sighed. "And I even paid for you to get back here, so don't let that col go to waste would you?"
  9. (F2-PP) <<The Rusty Dagger>> Hikoru

    Hikoru had found a large keg of beer within the back. He hadn't really explored the back of the bar before, he had only been back here when he needed to take care of a brawl that had become of two players. Rex was able to handle it himself, but the house was full and he knew he couldn't leave it unattended, so he sent Hikoru, who cleaned it up without a word and a few pride-bruised players were kicked out with a boot print implanted in their armor. Lost in his thought, Hikoru almost didn't hear the small creak of the door. On instinct, he turned and unsheathed his dagger in one swift movement, prepared to strike when at the last second he saw Hidden. He quickly sheathed it, making it only seem that he as trying to do a dramatic flare with his cloak. He let out a small sigh and grabbed two clean glasses hanging above him. They were hardy beer glasses, and he filled them up to the brim, the foamy brew bubbling over a bit. He went to the nearby table and placed the drinks across from each other, and took a seat. He motioned for the young girl to sit at the table. "Sit down and relax, it appears we have a bit of explaining to do young miss." He said softly. He didn't want to seem angry, as he was more concerned. Before she said another word, he checked around and made sure the back door was locked and the windows were shut. He had done it earlier, but it was good to take a double check and look. He relaxed a bit and grabbed his sip. "We are secure, and I have my Info-Broker trainees keeping watch, and I know Rex can keep them stalled enough for us to hide. Your good kiddo." He said, then took a small sip of the brew, savoring the taste.
  10. (F2-PP) <<The Rusty Dagger>> Hikoru

    Hikoru watched the things unfurl with a few words spoken. They left the 'Shadow Walker' at the table, the group leaving. A few mutters were spoken around them, and glares were shot in their direction, and they all averted their eyes from him and stopped speaking. Hikoru let out a sigh and came over to the player. He still didn't recognize them, but the name sounded like something his ex-apprentice/rival would use. He let a cough and patted the players back. "Alright mate, your good for now. But if that's true I would try to stay Hidden..." He spoke and took a pause, showing that he had a guess. "The back rooms are available for a fee. I'm sure Rex can set you up with a room if you ask..." He said, then looked at Rex who gave a nod. He grabbed a small satchel of col onto the counter and came close to Rex, whispering in his ear "That player is a young girl, that's my suspition. I'll keep the info brokers out here as a watchout for me. So i'm paying for the four of us for the back room... If someone comes for her, stall while one of the kids send me a message. I owe you." He said, before going to the two info brokers and explaining the plan, before slipping into the back room quietly. A few people had left, due to it starting to get late, and the thought of a fight not feeling well on their minds, as there's a chance that they could possibly get caught in the crossfire. Even though it was a safezone, there was the chance of the guards coming in and arresting those with bounties.
  11. [PP-F2] The Meeting of the Cloaks (Jomei)

    Hikoru beamed proudly as Jomei said the design was nice. He was proud of it, and if anyone saw his smile they'd see that it was a genuine one, a smile that he barely ever used anymore. He let out a sigh and a nod as he also said that Tel, a young lady whom they had talked about earlier would be happy with that. He let out a hardy laugh as he said he'd have to add mroe weapons to the emblem. Hikoru folded up the paper and pocketed it as he pat Jomei's back once he was done taking a swig. "I'd have to say that if you did, we may have to make your armor look like a few tribal tattoos, imagine a spear spiraling around your arm..." He said with another laugh, then he grabbed the beer. "In fact, adding that to the same arm as my emblem wouldn't be bad... I may have to steal your idea." He teased as he took a small sip of his beverage. Rex eyed the two of them, but just shrugged it off as old friends catching up. Hikoru heard a crash as he saw the red-haired player break another glass. Hikoru looked and saw a vein throbbing in Rex's forehead. He let out a chuckle. "I would just throw him out by now Rex..." He said. Rex just grumbled something under his breath that shouldn't be repeated, and he held back a laugh to be polite. After all he was letting them drink at his establishment, the least he could do was give him respect in that way. But by now Hikoru and Rex had formed a sort of bond, barely crossing the acquaintance line to the friend. It was small, but it showed compared to other customers.
  12. (F2-PP) <<The Rusty Dagger>> Hikoru

    Hikoru heard a small commotion and saw one of the usuals in the tavern. He was slightly drunk and it could be seen within his movements. Both him and Rex watched as the young man came close to the cloaked player at the table. He made a mistake doing this however, as the player was very good with combat. Quick as a flash they attacked the player. To the naked eye it seemed simple, but Hikoru knew how easily a dagger could be used in that close combat without anyone noticing. The man cursed and threatened the player, who he called 'girlie.' Rex was about to move when Hikoru held up a hand. He looked at Rex. "I got this one." He said with a sly smile on his lips. Rex looked a bit peeved, but he waved Hikoru to go. Using stealth as people's eyes were trained to the fight at hand, they didn't notice him slip or give away his location whilst he was doing this. Soon he appeared behind the man, and before he could swing Hikoru's new weapon, his Dimensional Dagger appeared before the man's throat. The man stopped in his tracks as he felt the cool steel against his throat, right below his adams apple. "Young man." Hikoru spoke in a deep voice. "This is a tavern, the Rusty Dagger. We do have rules here, and roughhousing is forbidden. And while the player who attacked you was also wrong, you coming up and trying to touch them was unjustified, and you got what you had coming to you. Now either you leave quietly..." Hikoru pressed the dagger a bit tighter against his skin. "... Or you have to deal with me. Hopefully the answer is obvious." He said, then pulling the dagger away quickly out of sight, before walking back to the bar and taking a seat, Rex giving a chuckle and sliding another beer towards Hikoru.
  13. [PP-F2] The Meeting of the Cloaks (Jomei)

    Hikoru listened with a small nod as the boy explained that he was doing what they wanted. He gave a smile and a small nod as the player said he would be returning to the frontlines. It filled him with happiness to know that he was able to be apart of bringing him back. It had been a long time since he had seen him there. A thought came to his mind, and he gave a small chuckle as he brought out a scrap of paper. Rex eyed them suspiciously, but Hikoru shook his head and Rex went back to washing cups. After checking around them, Hikoru place a small piece of paper onto the counter. "I think I needed to hear this..." He said with a sigh. "I've been trying to think of a new armor design, and I thought of one but for awhile I put it off because of what I thought...." He said with a sigh. "I... had a symbol, I wanted to wear, but now that i've heard this, I think im finally ready to do it..." He said and pointed to the armor. It was basic black armor, made for stealth and a little bit baggy compared to his previous armors, but a crest on the left shoulder is what he pointed to. It was two silver daggers crossing against each other's blade, with a golden, four-pronged star behind them. He pointed to the left-most dagger. "Azide..." He pointed to the star. "Beatbox..." He pointed to the last dagger. "Lowenthal..." He smiled as he held it out so that it could be seen. "This symbol... Is to remind me that i'm moving forward for them... For my brothers lost in combat..." He said with a small sigh. "If, you ever want to use this symbol, i'd be happy to have you bear it on yourself..." He said with a small, but proud smile protruding from his usual solemn face.
  14. [PP-F3] Calling Upon a Comrade

    Hikoru listened intently and gave a small nod. She spoke with pride and pleasure for how the guild had taken off and grown from where it had started. A small smile formed on his face as he took another small sip of his almost-empty drink. She seemed proud of how Jomei and the others have done, and he gave a small smile of satisfaction as he knew that Jomei was finally fitting into that leader-like role he saw within the orange-haired player. He showed a small smile as he spoke quietly. "That makes me feel a lot better about Jomei... ever since the incident..." He looked at her with understanding. "I know he's been on edge about protecting his guild... But as far as i've seen, you all take care of each other very well." He said with a small chuckle. "As it was when my guild first started.We all had each other's backs and a lot of us are still within the frontlines. Although, we no longer speak that much." He let out a small sigh. "I'm thinking of splitting from the guild and becoming a solo player soon, as right now im taking sort of a solo mission within myself." He took another sip. "But that's another story..."
  15. (F2-PP) <<The Rusty Dagger>> Hikoru

    Hikoru sat at the bar quietly, the stools filled for the first time in ages. He looked at the bartender, Rex, who had a small smile on his face, but he still kept his eyes scanned for trouble. He knew the burly man was easily able to kick any player or NPC out of the tavern with ease, as he had seen it countless times in his times here. He knew that a few info brokers were posted here today, and they were new so he decided to stay and see how they did. They didn't know he was there however, as he had kept quiet. Unless they had seen his blue cloak they would have no clue that his presence was anywhere. These few trainees he had helped train numerous times, since the Info Broker leader came to him and asked for an owed favor. He didn't want to do it, but the two had come to grow on him, and he wanted to see them go far. He took another small sip as he pushed it forward towards Rex, waiting for another refill as he waited to see how they did today. He was told they had a meeting with a player, but not much information was given. A newcomer came into the tavern, and it seemed like a wiry-framed player. He just shrugged it off, but kept an eye on them in case they were the player they were meeting. Stats: