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  1. Keep 'er Rolling! ID: 111601 BD: 2+3-3=2 Miss!
  2. Hikoru watched silently as Shield did a Parry against one of the bats, stunning him and then being told to attack the one that was down. Hikoru gave a nod and acted quickly, running and leaping up into the air, landing with a flip onto the top of the Paralyzed bat, the creature giving a wounded howl as Hikoru continued to attack the creature, his sword art nearing completion and the creature's health was brought down past the halfway point. Hikoru retreated with a few evasive hops backward, in case some of them tried to get a swipe as he turned his back. He was yet again behind Shield, letting him tank the attacks. He saw a tiny snake on his shoulder that had sunk its teeth into him, and his health was brought up a bit. His eyebrows raised a bit. "I didn't know you had a healing familiar. Those are rare. Where did you find it?" He asked curiously. He hadn't seen something like that in all of his time on SAO. People rarely found a healing familiar. Usually, the more common were Fighting and Mitigation familiars, next to that was Loot die, then the rarest was Healing. He must have grinded a long time to find it.
  3. Hikoru watched behind them as they entered, making sure nobody was trying to sneak into the home. He closed the door quickly as he heard the stone rumble behind the dark oak door, and Hikoru held his breath until the stone stopped to rumble. Letting out a sigh of relief. He leaned on the door and yawned, pulling back his hood, revealing his raven black hair and grey eyes, with dark circles under them. He had been working tirelessly with the rumors, as a flood of them along with information on fake Unique Skills and things of the sorts came to him, keeping him up late many nights. He went over to his desk, grabbing a cup of coffee from his desk and filling it with cream and sugar. He gave two small clicks, and Sir Rolland piped up, making his way towards the kitchen, a small clatter being heard. "Coffee, Tea and small snacks will be out soon." He said with a nod, then took a sip and motioned towards the seats. "Please, go ahead and take a seat." He spoke, as he did it himself, sitting at the chair nearest to the kitchen and the stairway up. He let out an audible groan as he sat, his body resting and enjoying the comforted seat compared to the one at his desk, which was made to keep him focused. "So, what can I help you with?" Photos of House (If you want references):
  4. Hikoru

    Drawing Competition 2018!

    And the winner of the 2018 Christmas drawing Competition is..... @Macradon ! Congratulations! Your reward will be added to the summary of the main event and its rewards!
  5. It's time to vote! We have 6 lovely drawings for everyone to vote on, but it's up to you guys who wins! Vote for your favorite and see who the lucky person is to receive their prize! A few rules to follow: 1. DO NOT INFLUENCE SOMEONE'S VOTE. If you are found doing this, you will be disqualified 2. Do not tell ANYONE which photo is yours. The photo creators will all be given credit after the voting is done 3. Don't be hurt if you don't win. This was all in fun, and anyone who made art for this did an AMAZING job! Have fun and good luck! Photo 1: Photo 2: Photo 3: Photo 4: Photo 5: Photo 6:
  6. Hikoru

    [F04 Event] Christmas Extravaganza 2018

    ((OOC: This is really late in the story-wise of things but I needed to do it)) Hikoru listened to @Huginn, nodding as the young player asked him to be an apprentice under him. He promised to essentially be a spy, and things of that caliber. He nodded, then sent a friend request. "Here, accept this. I'll be in contac-" He was cut off by the sounds of a struggle nearby. He looked over to see Hestia and a cloaked figure taking down a person. He drew closer and saw that it was Pinball, with an orange cursor. A confused look was on his face. What happened? Pinball seemed like such a good kid. Why did he go orange? He saw the two figures carry him off, and he decided to follow. He looked at Huginn. "Like, I said, I'll be in contact, but for now, things have changed." He spoke, then opened up his inventory and changed all of his items, his blue cloak being donned on as he ran past the store, looking at any items he could buy. He looked but decided against buying anything. If he did, he wouldn't have the lead that he does now, and he could lose the three of them. He nodded towards everyone, then made haste to follow Hestia, Pinball and the cloaked figure. -Hikoru left the thread post-haste
  7. Hikoru

    [F04 Event] Christmas Extravaganza 2018

    Hikoru was listening to the girl stutter behind him a little, and he blushed more as she continued. She introduced herself, her username was @Minako and as he was about to turn, @Baldur spoke up and started... Geeking about her. Apparently, she was some sort of star online? He didn't understand, but he took this time to start walking backward from the girl. Suddenly, he was grabbed by a person and dragged away. They pulled him aside and asked for his help. He looked at the face of @Huginn and recognized them from the day at the quest area. His eyebrow raised a little and he eyed them. They seemed okay, but he couldn't tell if what they needed was good or bad. He cleared his throat and made the coffee in his hand disappear beneath his red cloak. "Okay Huginn, if I have your name right." He said, "What do you need?" He asked quietly, noticing a few players were gathering quickly. Nothing super strange, but now that this was possible business, his mind started to look for details, in case this person was in need of help from a stalker or something of that kind of magnitude.
  8. Hikoru

    [F04 Event] Christmas Extravaganza 2018

    Hikoru just gave a laugh as @Cosi went to be his usual self. He nodded towards @Shield as he noticed him next to Cosi. "Good to see you. Hope the armor is treating you well." He spoke kindly. He was about to comment something else, but the large call of @Baldur jumped him a bit. He turned to see Baldur, and he bowed towards Cosi to introduce himself. He just gave a smile and came up to Baldur, avoiding the belt of blades he gave the man, the man he now almost saw as a mentor and gave him a hug. He hugged for a moment and pulled away with a smile on his lips. "It's good to see you. While I had no part in making this party, I still made it nonetheless." He said with a laugh. He grabbed a mug of coffee he made at home and started to take a sip, ignoring the cold that surrounded him. He was about to swallow when he heard a small, feminine voice. He jumped and choked on his drink as he turned towards a small girl ( @Minako ) and nodded. "Hello, the-" He started, as she started to flirt with him. He immediately got flustered and turned away, a large blush on his lips. He had never been flirted with other than Vale, and she usually was a lot smoother than that. He quietly sipped his drink without a word, staring at the ground.
  9. Hikoru

    [F04 Event] Christmas Extravaganza 2018

    Hikoru appeared on the 4th floor within a flash of light from the teleporter. He had gotten the message from both the Cardinal and Cosi about the Christmas event this year. Seeing everything with glowing lights and the sounds of laughter made him feel at home. He felt like he was back in the real world, with his family at the holiday festivals they would go to every year. He let out a small sigh and smiled happily as he walked in. He saw a large, burly man with a mustache. He heard him speak about the raffle, and he went over to look at the rewards. Although there wasn't anything he could use, he thought it would be an interesting thing for everyone to do. He smiled and nodded. "Thank you for putting this together for us @Benny, means a lot to us. After everything that some of us go through, it's nice to have time away from battles." He spoke. But, he knew Kayaba was listening, as he was at the boss fight. He decided to give a thank you to him, then started to walk around. He found Cosi around a few players and came up. "Hey Cosi, good to see you. Thanks for the invite, I probably would have missed the event if you didn't." He spoke with a small smile. @Cosi Hik's Outfit for the event:
  10. Hikoru just nodded as he received the Heart Sticker from the trade. One step closer towards his final build, until the next tier. He just chuckled as he said it was nice of him. "I'll admit, I am one for holding onto things like that. It would look nice on an armor stand of sorts, I won't lie. But, once I got the info I needed, I knew that these were something I shouldn't hold onto forever. While it may be code, these things are the only thing that will get us out of here..." He just chuckled again. "And I want to get out of this hell-hole as soon as I can. I'm ready to leave." He gave a final nod and left the shop quietly, his presence leaving as if it was never there. Hikoru leaves the shop
  11. Hikoru walked into the familiar shop of Shield, the Merchant. He had sent him a few messages about the boss drop, but he wasn't able to trade until he had learned everything he could about Holy Blessing and write it down onto a file. Once that was done, he had made his way post-haste to the establishment that he worked at. Hikoru took in a breath of the air in the home, and he walked up to the counter. He opened up a trade menu with a small smile on his lips. Even though it was his first boss drop, there was no point into holding onto something that could be used to get them out of the game. It was a bitter-sweet moment for him, but he knew that it was for the best of the frontlines. "I hope you have what I came for." He said with a small chuckle. He sent the request and waited for Shield to respond. Trading Blessed Greaves:
  12. Hikoru sipped on his coffee quietly, sitting at his desk with papers almost everywhere, except the spot where the coffee was. He had been busy working again. WIth things preparing for the possibility of a new floor and new hints of quests, things had gotten hectic for him. He decided to take a break to let his mind relax. He could really go for a good meal at the nearby cafe, but he knew if he left, somebody would catch him and pull him onto a quest. He knew that he was able to stay home and not possibly- and then the doorbell rang. He bolted up, knowing for a fact that nobody had sent him a message ahead of time. He immediately threw on his cloak and gripped the hilt of his dagger as he walked to the door. He looked out the eyehole and saw it was Pinball. He let out a sigh of relief. That's when he noticed the person standing next to him. A new player he hadn't seen before. Nor did he recognize enough to know if he had a file. He raised a curious eyebrow, then pressed the button next to the door, the giant skull door rolling away from where it once sat and revealed inside was a deeply rich door, which Hikoru opened with a nod, his hood covering most of his face, except the bottom portion of his face, just showing his mouth. "Good to see you Pinball, although I thought we agreed not to let others know?" He asked curiously. He motioned for the two of them to come in. "It's good you came though, I wanted to test your Spear. I have a slime farm you can use if you like." He spoke quietly, keeping an eye out for anyone that could be trying to ambush him, using them as a decoy.
  13. Hikoru heard a commotion come from where the Queen had spawned. He went to move, but his legs wouldn't move from the heavy greaves. He sighed and unequipped them, his legs loosened from the tight grip of the metal as he walked over. The thought of Kayaba knowing him still rang in his ears. It was... an uncomfortable thought, and the more he thought about it, the more a knot in his stomach formed. He did his best to not let it show on his face as he approached the queen, who seemed to be a bit out of it, as she asked what had happened, and she asked what to call them. He did a small and formal bow in front of her, behind Hestia and Shield. "Hikoru, m'lady." He spoke, making sure to give the proper respect. With Kayaba watching, he felt as if he needed to... respect, his creation. If it meant treating the NPC's like people, then he would do so. It was fear, he will admit. But a healthy fear, as he knew he would want people to respect his own creation as he was sure Kayaba was. He let out a small breath as he stood back up. He looked at Shield, and slightly nudged him, leaning to his ear. "I feel we may have to do a trade. I'll explain later." He spoke, pulling away and giving Hestia a nod.
  14. Hikoru

    [PP|F9]Learning to sneak <<Bandit Camp>>

    Hikoru watched the things below him from the sand dune. He was far above, hiding in the shadows from sight from the two players. He had come here to study the bandits, as he was curious to see how much they had updated from his time in doing the quest. His studies had him stumble upon two players though, one who could play the violin, and one who had been stealth attacking. His eyes perked up at the two of them. They seemed to be a good team, but his curiosities fell onto the young lady more than anything. She had done a worse job at hiding than the young man, but she was able to sit still and avoid things on the ground. She was able to keep quiet enough to avoid detection. He focused on the young man. His hiding skills were good, but he was too loud, too quick to act. Something small to learn, but much more important than others may think. He nodded to himself. "Hm, perhaps they could be what I'm looking for..." He muttered to himself. A breeze grew around him, the sands shifting above as he started to disappear into the shadows from sight, seemingly disappearing if they had somehow seen him. He made his way back to the town and started to go back to business, with his mind thinking of a way to learn their names.
  15. Hikoru's shallow breaths calmed as he looked at the battlefield. They had won, and a small window had appeared, saying that they had won. His legs collapsed beneath him as he also got a second screen, saying that he had gotten the last drop from Evahira. But her words rang in his ears loudly, a shudder ran down his spine as he thought about it more and more. The AI, the creature that had been defeated by his hand, changed in an instant. He saw almost a smug look on the creature's lips as it uttered but a few words. "Best of luck to you, Master of Shadows." It was a simple sentence, but it spoke volumes. Kayaba, the man who he challenged with his call, recognized him, knew who he was. He did his best to not have a mental breakdown. In the heat of the moment, he said things that he meant yes, but things that seemed a bit big for someone his stature. And he was recognized, given the best of luck by the man who trapped him here. He couldn't tell anyone here, as there was already the situation of Hirru, and he heard Macradon behind him as he ran away. Things continued behind him, but he stared at the Queen, and the exit. He couldn't leave just yet. There was information to gather, and things he wanted to note everything that had just happened. But first things first. He opened up the menu where his armor was. Tier Three Heavy Armor with... He let out an audible gasp. Holy Blessing. An enchantment he had never gotten his hands on. He opened up his menu and unequipped his pendant, putting on the greaves as a pair of heavy greaves appeared on his legs. They were far heavier than anticipated, and he was unable to move with them on. He took a few minutes to stand, his feet heavy and tired from the fight. He stood tall, but was too focused on trying to keep his balance to note things around him. It was interesting, Heavy Armor. Definitely something he couldn't handle, but he wanted to study the Holy Blessing, maybe let some of the slimes hit him as he wore them. Decisions to make later, he noted to himself.