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  1. Hikoru waited for the doors to open, and the council appeared. Pretty soon two of them locked eyes on him, staring into his soul as they had seen him. His worst fear had been realized: the Bosses had the ability to detect for stealth. Luckily for him, the other three hadn't seen him. Hidden spoke in his direction to attack the one that held a dagger on his belt, and used it effectively. He nodded silently, and waited for her to strike, then went for his own attack. He leapt into the air, flipping and appearing behind the large elf. He stabbed from behind into his heart. "It seems I have a fanbase. Maybe you should try harder, because you don't seem much to me." he spoke, before he finished his sword art, then kicked the creature in the face. "Know your place, you prick." he spoke as he landed the final blow, essentially using his face as a springboard and backflipped to the group, landing next to Hidden and the rest of the group silently. ID: 103294 BD:6+3-3=6 Hit! Hikoru used Swarm: 28 x 14 x 1.15 = 451- 50 = 401 Damage to Ratar Player Stats:
  2. Hikoru received a few items from Zandra, and he got up from where he was and accepted the items. He nodded in appreciation, then chugged the items at hand. He also brought out the Trolls blood he found, and he gagged a bit thinking about it, but he drank it. The blood actually had a bit of a sweet, but tangy taste to it, and he was a bit suprised by the taste. He finished it off and looked back to where he was. He had found a decently quiet area compared to the others, and it was near the group he would be fighting with. He nodded to himself a bit proudly, then made his way back. He had been able to stay in stealth, so it seemed the the potions had floated away and been drank on his way back, but he knew that the others would know that it was just him, doing his thing that everyone knew he did. Consumed +45 MIT Potion, +3 DMG Potion, Safeguard, and +2 DMG Trolls Blood
  3. Hikoru showed up onto the 23rd floor quietly, his thoughts from the boss meeting still lingering in his mind. He had asked others if he had succeeded as a leader, as a Hero in his own right, and both said he did. But he still felt like he had failed. Why did he feel this way? His face showed his emotions, the look of confusion, anger, frustration, and he did his best to get his mind off it, but he couldnt. He prepared for the day, taking a bath and doing everything in his house he could think to do before the boss raid, but none of them cheered him up before he got to where he was now. He saw the group in the area, and he used the shadows to conceal his emotions, his face. He used stealth quickly, not wanting to be noticed by them, and prepared for the fight. He knew his skillsmanship was sloppy for him, due to his mortal quarrels. He sighed and did his best to clear his mind. ID: 103162 LD: 8+7+1= 16 Stealth Rating Stats:
  4. Hikoru listened with a nod. He knew how Morg could be, as he tended to be very protective of power. It was a trait he had that he knew didn't go well with big places of power, as anyone who wanted to challenge him would be seen as a threat. He just sighed and shook his head. He wished that he could knock some sense into Morg, but he knew it was best to stay neutral and let it play out itself, unless he absolutely needed to intervene in case of Morg wanting to kill the Tank Sentinel. He nodded. "Right, lets get moving.." he said, and opened up his HUD to find the area. He soon recognized the area, and set a marker. A small icon soon appeared in the distance, showing a pair of light blue footsteps going in the direction of the quest. He started to walk, taking the lead for the two of them. After a few moments of silence, he decided to speak up. "Shield, I have a question, a thing thats been brewing in my mind since the meeting..." he spoke quietly. Without making eye contact, or even turning his hooded head, he spoke quietly, not wanting others to hear. "Do... You see me as a good leader? As someone you could rely on to guide you through a fight?... Maybe even a Hero of sorts?...." his head sunk a little lower. "Or, have I failed in doing that..."
  5. Hikoru just chuckled as he mentioned his big vanishing act. He shook his head. "There were many things that lead to that, and many reasons as to why I left. Besides, as far as i've heard, ever since I left, the Celestial Ascendants has blossomed, and you've gained a lot of recruits..." He said, sounding a bit choked up near the end. He caught himself and stopped short, before his emotions got the better of him again. He cleared his throat as the large Tank stood, and he nodded as he said he would know more. "I had re-read the file before I got here yes, and I think I helped write that one with Aru, my apprentice." He said with a chuckle. The young player had been doing well in the IBS, and he was proud of the player he was becoming, and he hoped he would join the Frontlines one day. He sighed and his shoulders slumped a bit when he asked how work was. "Oh, its work... It's nice, to get to work on something i've always loved to do..." He frowned a bit. "But... it gets lonely at times... You don't get visitors when the entrance of your house scares them away... I should have designed it better I suppose." He said with a small chuckle. "How about you?"
  6. Hikoru

    Journal reviews and help

    My journal is in my signature, and its blatantly there. I know you've taken a look at it (Like you told me), but I want to hear your opinions on my character. As you know we are changing Hik in our thread, so his virtues and flaws shown here may change sooner or later, but for now this is the way Hikoru is now
  7. Hikoru

    [OP-FX][MM] A Night in Aincrad

    Hikoru listened as Aereth spoke in silence, gaining a small bit of control over his emotions. Ever since he beat the King, he had been having difficulty with his emotions, the stonewall of a character he made shattered when he was finally open to who he actually was with those around him. After that, and their meeting afterward, he had struggled to try and grip that character, and he was unsure of whether that was a good thing, or a bad thing. It was bad for business, making him seem a little weak and easy to manipulate, in his own mind. But, it was good for him, to finally be okay with who he was as a person, but he didn't know if he was ready to accept that yet. He grit his teeth and his focus was brought back as Aereth spoke about needing a 'Leader' for the small groups. He stood up a bit taller, and he brought his cloak back, the cloak being worn as more of a cape. He realized that if he didn't do this, that he had failed to take a step in the right direction, and he knew he couldn't afford to do it again. He took a few steps forward, until he was on the second step, in front of Aereth. He pulled back his hood, his jet black hair, goggles, and silver eyes there for all to see. "If you are willing to join me-" He said to Aereth, then turned to the group. "If, anyone, is willing to join me, I will step forth as a leader. As one of the strongest players in this game, I can keep you protected and defeat foes easily. I however, will need a tank of some sorts in my team. I can take a good hit, but it's better for a good DPS player to have a better Tank." He said, and nodded. "However, if it is just me I will be alright with that, but I will ask that if you are under Tier 3 you not engage the enemies. We have no clue how strong they are, and if they are orange players, they will not be afraid to defend themselves, even if it means killing someone in the process." He spoke, then nodded. to the group. "I will ask for no one to step to my group, it is your decision. I know my history stands with me, but rest assured I will bring no harm to you-" he turned to Aereth. "Or anyone, as long as I can help it." He spoke, then awaited for others to step forth as leaders. Hikoru Volunteers as a leader, and would ask for Aereth to accompany him
  8. Hikoru sat quietly as the two became situated. Hestia went to change out of her Heavy Armor, and Baldur took a look around at some of his artwork and the masterpiece of a home he had built. He let out a sigh and nodded. "Right, sorry, I suppose it's just instinct to apologize for me. My job is to stay quiet on the frontlines, and i've grown used to not speaking my mind." He said with a light chuckle, trying to lighten the mood. Hestia sat down and decided to start strong with asking about Lowenthal. His eyes seemed to gloss over as the tears started to form. "Lowe... I miss him." He spoke after a few moments of silence. "Lowe, or Lowenthal, as was his full username, was another Dagger User, and a Frontliner for a long time..." He smiled. "He, was my Master, the man who I looked up to and learned from. Next to the many other frontliners I got to know... Calrex, Teayre, Jomei..." He motioned to the Samurai "And Baldur, to name some." He let out a shallow breath, trying to calm his nerves. "I say was... because he was killed, by my ex-Fiance..." He said, and he choked up a bit at this, and a tear strayed down his cheek. He breathed slowly, gaining his breath as best he could. After a moment he felt a bit more composed, and pushed on. "When, I found out he died... I sought vengence, threatening a player associated with the woman I wanted to marry, but then I found out... I couldn't kill a soul, I don't have the spine to." He said, looking at his hands. "With these hands, and with Shadowed Path, it could make being a Player Killer so easily... But, in my heart I knew that it was not the path Lowe would want me to take, and my own morals along with that have kept me on the right path..." He said. He took a breath as he composed himself. "And that brings up another thing that connects me to Lowenthal..." He looked at Hestia. "He was the original wielder of Shadowed Path, the Unique Skill I have. He passed it down to me before his death." He looked down at the ground. "It was back when the Unique Skills had a loophole, where they could be traded to and from each players, like it was an 'item' of some sorts. That has since been fixed, so now its impossible..." He chuckled. "I thought it was a gift, but it's seemed to be more of a burden to bear the more I use it, and the more I continue to play this cursed game..." The sound of rattling cups could be heard, and he looked to see Aru and Rolland coming in with tea and coffee, and he nodded to them as they placed them in front of the group. "I have a mission to go on, i'll be out for the night probably, scouting the area." Aru said, and Hikoru nodded. Aru had a sense that now, Hikoru needed space with these frontliners, and he wanted an excuse to head down to Floor 2 and check out the pub again, since it had been awhile since he had last been there. Aru equipped a cloak upon his shoulders and left the house without another word. Hikoru grabbed his coffee, and motioned for the other two. "Here, lets get our beverages before we continue further. I feel we may need it."
  9. Hikoru listened to the two players quietly as the did their best to comfort him, try to help him in his own personal quest. He sighed to himself quietly, wiping away the tears as they both agreed that going to his house would be a nice way to end the evening. He nodded and stood silently, pulling his cloak over him for a sense of security. He needed to feel safe until he got home, so he quietly went into his cloak. "Alright, lets go to my place. Lets just... Follow in silence for a few moments, just to let myself process and gain some control over my emotions." He asked, with a certain tone of pleading. He needed some silence in his mind. He would talk to them when he got to the house. He started to silently walk towards the exit, hoping that they would follow. The steps echoed off the cavern walls, giving it an ominous feeling, but to Hikoru, it was home. Soon they came to the settlement of Tomoika, and they went through the gates to the area. As they continued to walk, Hikoru seemed to have a bubble around him, even though the bustling city had over 10,000 NPC's that mined and lived there, many of them avoided him. Hikoru grit his teeth, enveloping his face in the shadows to hide his face and emotions. His fists were clenched beneath the cloak, and he quickened the pace home, not wanting to go through this any longer. He quickly arrived at the ominous front door near the back of town. He let out a breath, before his legs buckled and he landed on his knees. He gasped for air, trying to control his breathing beneath the sobbing. With the emotional damn broken a few moments prior, he was having difficulty to hold his composure. After a few moments his breath steadied, before standing. He wiped away the stray tears and shook is off as best he could, giving a small chuckle as he motioned to the door "Sorry if it seems a bit... weird, but I promise it's a lot better inside." (House photos found here) Photo of Front door: Hikoru pressed a button, disguised as a geam in the nearby wall, and the large door opened, revealing a smaller, Spruce wood door. He opened it, and the warmth from the fire flooded the cold cavern. He sighed and his shoulders slumped a bit in relaxation. He was home. He opened went through and motioned for the two of them to enter. "Please, make yourselves at home. If you wish to change out of armor into more "street" clothes, the bathroom is over there for you to use." He said, pointing to a door to the left. He took off his cloak, hanging it on a coat rack near the door, the symbol on his left shoulder glimmering brightly. He stretched a bit as a head poked out from the Kitchen. Aru, his apprentice had apparently been taking a break. His eyebrow raised as he came into the main room. "Do we have guests today Hikoru?" He asked, and Hikoru nodded. "Yes, we do. Could you and Rolland please go and prepare some tea and coffee, after today I may need a pot just for myself." He said. Aru nodded and motioned to Rolland, who went to help the young Info Broker prepare drinks and a few snacks for the guests. Hikoru sat down at the chair next to the fire, sitting and rubbing his face, trying to keep composure. The door closed behind them, and the rumbling of the outer door closing rumbled the house a tad bit. He slumped into the chair, his body worn and his emotions awry. He looked at the two of them. "Im sorry that I lost my composure. It seems that my emotions are a bit... sparratic." He said with a light chuckle. @Baldur @Hestia
  10. Hikoru listened to Baldurs words quietly, and just stood still. He was trying to process, but he could already feel the stares of fear from NPC's, lower players, all because of how he had made himself. He thought that by embracing it, that maybe he could one day become used to it, but he never had, and now he finally voiced his mind, and Baldur did his best to comfort him, to help him understand that his mind could be seeing it the wrong way, but he knew what he saw in peoples eyes, how they avoided him like the plague whenever he went into public. He just shook his head. "I know how people feel about my presence... They tend to avoid me, treat me like i'm dangerous... when I don't even have enough courage to raise a weapon against someone..." He chuckled weakly. "And even when I tried, for the first time in my mind, to actually try and be apart of a team, to not seclude myself... I always fade to black to everyone..." He shook his head. "Even, the simple thing of not even being thought of as a leader, a Frontliner who doesn't even gain Hate, that can stay focused without having to worry about getting hit... It bothered me, but I didn't say anything at the time. I don't know why, but... I suppose, I just cant voice myself, afraid it will fall on deaf ears..." He sat on a nearby crumbled pillar, staring at the ground. "I... think that's why I decided to work with Info Brokers... Because now, I feel important to someone... People come to me and my men for information, and.. I'm told thank you, something so simple makes my whole day, makes the endless nights of sketching, writing, planning, it makes it all worth it... But when I work with people, I barely ever get something like that." He shook his head. "It just... hurts..." He looked at Baldur, tears streaming down his face. "It hurts, and I can't do anything, because i've built up this character around me, this person who's silent, but deadly, who has a steel personality, who is unaffected by what people say... And I do good at acting that way... But, I want to smile, to feel happy for friends, I want to laugh and not be afraid that someone will catch me off guard... Im scared... I try to stay strong for everyone, but im as scared now as scared as I was on day 1..." "But I feel like nobody would care..." He choked out. He then started to sob, the emotions built up over months, from losing everyone, leaving him in that moment. He did his best to hold back, but he knew he cant, that he shouldn't. He needed it gone now, while he was with people he trusted. A few moments later, he recovered himself, sniffling like a small child. He took a big breath, then just chuckled. "Sorry, I guess I turned a happy acheivment into something about me..." He wiped away some stray tears. "Sorry..." He spoke. He stood silently. "I just... want to be seen as someone who could help, to be a hero that people can depend on... I use stealth because it's my strong suit, but I feel like i've turned into an Assassin more than anything..." He shook his head "How... do I be seen as a hero?" He asked, then heard Hestia, and shook his head. "I don't feel like going to a public area, not in this condition... I want things to stay here for now.... Maybe, go to my house after, if thats okay... I can provide some tea and coffee, and some snacks..."
  11. Hikoru heard the shattering of the boss behind him as he checked on Hestia, and she assured him that she was okay. He nodded and backed upa bit, as to give her space to move around and work off the paralysis. It was always rough the first few times, but after his fights with Oikawa, he learned quickly to get over the Paralysis and Stun effects. He couldn't beat them, as he had no way to control the way numbers worked in the game, but the feeling was normal, and he usually walked it off quickly. Soon the quest complete option popped up in front of him, and he accepted, the feeling of accomplishment raining on him. He looked at Baldur, who had a smile on his face and was proud of them. The man who had honestly carried them through this quest, and put himself on the line. If it wasn't for him, Hestia and himself would probably have to retreat. He looked down, and he felt his hand curl into a fist below his cloak. "Baldur... I, have a question..." He said, a bit shaky at first, but he kept his head down. "For the two years we've been here, I've done my best to be someone that a person can call on to help them... Someone that people can trust, and see as a Hero..." his hands came out from beneath his cloak. "But, at the raid meeting, it felt as if I wasn't even there, that I was just another body to be thrown at the boss, to be forgotten..." He grit his teeth. "Even... being one of the highest levelled players in this game, even with this Unique Skill, i've done nothing but be in the Shadows, it feels like a curse, like i'm stuck as a person that everyone forgets, that nobody wants around them because of fear...." He looked up at Baldur, a small sliver of a tear streaming down his cheek. "Where.... did I go wrong? Why have I failed to become what everyone expected of me?... Why... Why do I feel like i'm letting Lowenthal down...."
  12. Hikoru

    [OP - F1][MM] The First Meeting

    Hikoru worked at his desk diligently, the thought he had at the Boss Meeting still bothering him. He had been trying to work on different things and quests that had popped up again, and he was growing tired of finding nothing but dead ends. He was at the point of ripping his hair out, when he got a ping from his Message box. He opened it up, and his eyes widened as he read. A string of murders? How hadn't he heard about this? He was about to stand, when he saw the meeting area... The Monument of Life. A place he hadn't dared to go since Lowenthal had died, and where he knew names there that he would never forget. He felt his body shaking from fear of going, as he didn't know what else he would find, how many names he would know... He had promised he would never go, and leave the dead where they laid, but he knew he needed to help them... And maybe, it was time for him to try and pay the respects of his fallen brothers. He put on his coat quietly. Aru, his apprentice, looked up at him from the couch. His eyebrow was raised, and Hikoru sighed. "We are needed, at the Monument of Life. I need you to gather Carx, Lief, Boric, and Jim." Aru's eyes widened. "The S Team? Why them?" He asked in shock, scrambling off the couch to try and get to his cloak by the door. "Apparently, there has been a string of murders, all by one player i'm assuming, either that or Laughing Coffin. Either way an old friend needs our help, and he asked me to bring reinforcements. That's exactly what I plan to do." Aru nodded in understanding. "Right, i'll make sure they're ready. I'll meet you there." He said, then equipped his cloak and made his way out the door. Hikoru took a moment and mentally braced himself, before walking out the door, and made his way to the teleporter. He soon appeared on Floor 1, and he saw the monument in the distance, and a feeling of dread overcame him. He didn't want to go, he wanted to try and bury his past. But, he knew that he needed to go, that it was time. He slowly made his way, players filing around him as he slowly made his way. He soon saw the Monument a few feet away, and he gulped. He saw a small group of players, and Aereth standing as the leader. He made his way in, not even using stealth, and held up a finger to say 'one moment.' He went to the monument, and saw the names Lowenthal, Beatbox, and Azide. He held back the tears, but the painful memories still lingered. He fell to one knee, kneeling at the stone and opening his inventory, grabbing the black cloth he had held at the meeting for comfort, and laid it down at the stone beneath the pillar. He touched it softly, before pulling away. "Forgive me for not coming sooner, but I guess I let my fear overtake me..." He said with a small chuckle. a single tear fell onto the small piece of cloth, and he smiled. "I'm sure you'd be giving me a long lecture about this, Lowe.... Azide, you'd probably judge me from afar, then tell me when i'm at my lowest how to fix my problem..." and then he chuckled. "And Beatbox, you would do your best to cheer me up, after hitting me a few times for being stupid..." He wiped away another tear. "I'm sorry, and i'll do my best to be better..." He heard a group of footsteps approach, and he wiped away his face, enveloping his face with shadows to hide his emotions from them. Sure enough, it was Aru and the S Team, ready to serve. He nodded at a Worried-looking Aru, and he just pat his shoulder, and came to Aereth. "You've got me and my team on your side." He said, almost stoicly, a feeling of dread lifting off his shoulders, as he finally did what he needed to do. Joining Aereth's team, along with some NPC Info Brokers
  13. Hikoru watched as the King hit Hestia hard, almost as a last attempt to try and defeat them, launching Hestia in the air and either stunning her or paralyzing her. He also noticed that it now drew its attention to Baldur. Did that mean that it had an ability to completely drain someone of their Hate? He had no clue, but he knew that if Baldur was hit with the same attack, he would be the next target. They needed to beat this thing, before it had a chance to hit either him or Baldur. He moved quickly, launching himself into the air and stabbing the creature through the upper part of its rib cage, then his sword art completeing on the creature, he struck him with a fierce uppercut, knocking him into the air. "Now Baldur! Hit him with everything you got!" He shouted, leaping to the side to make sure Baldur was okay. He quickly made his way over to Hestia. "Are you okay? Whats your status?" He asked, kneeling at her side and sheathing his dagger. He saw a few scratches on her armor and shield, but overall she seemed okay. ID: 101825 BD: 3+2+1=6 Hit! Hikoru used Swarm: 14x20 = 280 - 150 = 130 [H: 0] Hestia: 1243/1425 ENG:80/138 MIT:178 Thorns: 84 EVA:-1 ACC:0 DMG:15 Regen: (+45 HP for 3 turns after being hit) Rec: (+3 ENG of CD:6) (PARA) [H: 2] Hikoru: 1510/1510 ENG: 27/148 MIT: 79 EVA: 3 ACC: 2 DMG: 20 [H: 10] Baldur: 1090/1090 ENG: 56/106 MIT 91 EVA 3 ACC 4 DMG 25 (-14 EN, +1)  Forgotten King: HP: 133/3750 DMG: 300 (on a critical Paralyze, Removes all Hate on that Player.) MIT: 150 ACC: 3Ability: << Forgotten in Time >> The Forgotten Time King is immune to all status conditions, including Unique ones
  14. Hikoru analyzed the creature quietly. Hestia was easily able to deflect him, and he knew that they had been lucky thus far. He knew that they could easily have been defeated, and he had no clue if it had any abilities that hadn't proc'd. This was supposed to be the hardest boss, and yet nothing bad had really happened. He felt curious, and it worried him a bit. He decided to watch the creature very carefully. As soon as Hestia gave an opening, he went in for the attack, charging forward without a word. the creature went to block it, but Hikoru saw this coming, switching the grip on his blade and riding up the side of the creatures giant sword, and stabbing it through the heart for what felt like the hundredth time. Hikoru then finished his sword art, and landed on the creature's sword. "You know, I thought you'd be harder." He said, before he kicked the creature square in the jaw, sending it spiraling to the ground. He backflipped and landed next to Hestia and Baldur. "Alright, that should leave a good opening. Go at it Baldur." He said, then re-adjusted his grip on his dagger back to normal. ID: 101732 BD: 7+2=9 Hit! Hikoru used Swarm: 20x14= 280 - 150 = 130 Damage [H: 15] Hestia: 1263/1425 ENG:80/138 MIT:178 Thorns: 84 EVA:-1 ACC:0 DMG:15 Regen: (+45 HP for 3 turns after being hit) Rec: (+3 ENG of CD:6) [H: 2] Hikoru: 1510/1510 ENG: 42/148 MIT: 79 EVA: 3 ACC: 2 DMG: 20 [H: 9] @Baldur: 1090/1090 ENG: 56/106 MIT 91 EVA 3 ACC 4 DMG 25 (-14 EN, +1)  Forgotten King: HP: 463/3750 DMG: 300 (on a critical Paralyze, Removes all Hate on that Player.) MIT: 150 ACC: 3Ability: << Forgotten in Time >> The Forgotten Time King is immune to all status conditions, including Unique ones
  15. Hikoru stood back as Baldur missed again, the creature easily deflecting his attack. He looked at his dagger in curiosity. Was this creature having difficulty deflecting him because of his shortened blade? If so, that would put him at an advantage. He grit his teeth and sprinted forward as Hestia deflected the creature, sliding along the ground and becoming enveloped in dust, stabbing the creature through the heart once again. A small groan could be heard from the creature as Hikoru completed another full Sword Art on him, bringing his health down even lower, becoming a sickly orange. Hikoru smiled "We got him on the ropes! Also, it seems to have difficulty with shorter-bladed weapons! Be aware of that!" He said, saying it aloud to mentally remember this for the new file on this quest he would make. He was one of the only Info Brokers who was actually strong enough to take on such a boss, except Aru, who he had doing some paperwork while he was out. He was excited to tell the tale and write this out with the young man whom he had taken under his wing, and he hoped to see him grow up to be a very good Info Broker, even better than him. ID: 101708 BD: 8 Hit! Hikoru used Swarm: 14 x 20 = 280 - 150 = 130 Damage [H: 15] Hestia: 1283/1425 ENG:86/138 MIT:178 Thorns: 84 EVA:-1 ACC:0 DMG:15 Regen: (+45 HP for 3 turns after being hit) Rec: (+3 ENG of CD:6) [H: 2] Hikoru: 1510/1510 ENG: 57/148 MIT: 79 EVA: 3 ACC: 2 DMG: 20 [H: 8] @Baldur: 1090/1090 ENG: 70/106 MIT 91 EVA 3 ACC 4 DMG 25 (-2 EN, +1)  Forgotten King: HP: 877/3750 DMG: 300 (on a critical Paralyze, Removes all Hate on that Player.) MIT: 150 ACC: 3Ability: << Forgotten in Time >> The Forgotten Time King is immune to all status conditions, including Unique ones