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  1. Hikoru

    [PP/F8] Hanging by a Moment

    As Hikoru let go of Kityuisa, he realized that she was completely terrified of the water, and held onto him for dear life. He realized that maybe he should have asked if she could swim, but whats happened has happened, and he just chuckled, and started to swim back towards the more shallow end. He got to where he was at about pectoral height in the water, then stopped, helping Kityuisa get back into the water instead of around him. He smiled, then grabbed her. "I want you to trust me real quick, okay?" He spoke quietly, a look of sincerity in his eyes. "Now, take a deep breath, and come down with me." He said, then took a deep breath, and slowly sunk into the water. He waited for Kit to join him, and when he did he came closer, pulling her in for a kiss beneath the waves, the crashing sounds above them only being a dull roar as everything melted away, and he saw the sunset cascade onto her golden locks. He wrapped his arms around her waist, then slowly lifted them from the waters, still kissing as the broke the surface. He pulled away and laughed. "Okay, that's the last surprise kiss." He said. "For now."
  2. Hikoru

    [PP/F8] Hanging by a Moment

    As Hikoru attempted to leave, he felt a tugging on his arm and was pulled back to Kityuisa. He raised an eyebrow, as she innocently but confidentially said that he could look, and he blushed as she pulled into a hug. He pulled her close, making sure to keep himself hidden beneath the blue cloak until he got onto the beach. Once she let go he did as well, and they went outside. He watched her eyes widen as the cloak fell from his shoulders, and a playful smile was on his lips. He chuckled and enjoyed the feeling of the water on his feet. Kit held onto his hand, and soon motioned for him to bend down, and he did so. She spoke a few words, and the words made him blush, and a small smile formed on his lips. He kissed her on the lips gently "And you look gorgeous." He spoke, then picked her up bridal style, taking her into the waters with a chuckle, slowly fading into the waders as if he was apart of some sort of horror movie. As they grew deep enough to swim, he let her go and swam in the water like a buoy, staying above the waters and relishing the refreshing feeling the water had given him.
  3. Hikoru took in a deep breath, waiting for the final boss to emerge. It was a few moments of silent sitting until the large gorilla emerged. It had glossy-white fur, and muscles the size of his whole body. This thing was huge, and it seemed to be looking for something, or someone. He waited until the creature was below him, then he struck. He stabbed into the beast through the heart-like area from the back, his sword art started. The Gorilla howled with anger as the sword art completed, and he back flipped away from the creature as it's body was covered in small cuts and bruises, and the gorilla searched around for the Master of Shadows, but was unable to find him. Hikoru smiled and gripped his dagger tightly. The gorilla was severely underlevelled for him, but the thing hadn't died to his dagger in one hit. This would be fun ID: 123573 BD: 2 (Disregarded due to Sneak Attack) MD: 1 Miss! Hikoru used Swarm: 14 x 20 x 1.20 = 336 - 32 = 304 Damage to Ancient Gorilla [0] Hikoru | 1570/1570 HP | 77/154 EN | 17 DMG | 79 MIT | 3 ACC | 0 EVA | 77 BH | +5 LD | +7 Stealth Rating | Ancient Gorilla HP: 496/800 | DMG: 240 | MIT: 32 | ACC: 1 | EVA: 1 @Kityuisa
  4. Hikoru

    [PP/F8] Hanging by a Moment

    Hikoru nodded as Kit mentioned they should go sometime. "Yeah, I usually go there to cool down after a fight on the fields. Help to clear my mind." He spoke, then went upstairs. He came back down to see Kit in her bathing suit, and a full blush fell on his face. He did his best not to stare as he took the cup of coffee, taking his trembling hands with the coffee in it and sipping quietly, He looked around the house as he did so, sipping quietly as he did and looking at all the different views, areas and little things Kit has on her walls and in rooms. He let out a sigh as he finally finished calming himself down. He came over to Kit and kissed her forehead gently, placing the empty mug of coffee on the nearby area, and smiled softly. "Let's go for a swim." He spoke softly, leaning down to whisper those words into her ear. He then stood and went to the door to the beach. Outside, the sun was starting to set as the sky turned a beautiful hue of different oranges, yellows and even pinks. He smiled and made his way onto the sand, his toes touching it for the first time in a long time, enjoying the sensation that he felt at this current time. "It's been far too long since I've seen a nice sunset." He said with a chuckle. "Spending far too much time in those caverns..." He turned to look at kit, his cloak slowly falling off of him, revealing his broad shoulders and toned back, smiling and starting into the water. It was cold, far colder than expected, but it felt fantastic. Hikoru's Swimsuit (Hidden underneath cloak):
  5. Hikoru

    [PP/F8] Hanging by a Moment

    Hikoru scratched the cat quietly, feeling the purring against his chest as he did so. Kit asked if he wanted some coffee, and he just let out a low laugh. "What kind of question is that? I always want coffee." He teased. He let the cat down gently, brushing off the few bits of hair particles. Kayaba had really taken care of the fine details, where cats shed onto his clothing when picked up. He turned around as he heard Kit start to stutter. She asked if he wanted to go swimming, and he felt a small blush form on his face. He nodded slowly. "Sure, I haven't gone swimming in a long time..." He said, then gave another light chuckle. "The Hot springs don't really count, as those are just something that you sit in and relax, not actually move and have fun." He said quietly. She mentioned that she had a bathroom upstairs, and he nodded, looking for the stairs. He started towards them, and looked over his shoulder. "I'll be right back." He spoke, then went up to the bathroom. Once within the private sanctum, he opened his inventory and opened his UI, taking off the clothes he had been wearing and putting on the pair of swim trunks he owned. Although, he equipped his cloak, as to hide his semi-revealing body from the girl until they got out on the beach, not feeling entirely comfortable with wearing this in her house. After he was finished, he opened the door and quietly went down the stairs.
  6. Multiple voices, that's all Hikoru could hear. Multiple people around him saying hello, and a large crowd forming quickly on the side of the beach. If Hikoru could put into words how he felt, it would be... Unpleasant. His blush had faded a long time ago, as he felt more and more comfortable at he held Kit's hand. He did his best to say hello to anyone who had spoken in his general direction, but he was so swarmed that he had been unable to catch up with anyone or speak to them one on one. It was a bit frustrating, but he knew that it would be impossible. He let out a sigh and did his best to sorta.... disappear from the group, just becoming a face in the crowd and trying to find a quiet spot. However, the whole beach was taken up and he didn't have the room to find such a place. He gave up eventually, and came back over to Kit, who was screaming at Bahr. She turned to him and said he should join the swimsuit competition. He felt a small blush form. "I don't think i'm.... the best suited, for that..." He spoke, then he looked over and saw the Trinity of Towel Tyrants over nearby, wearing nothing but towels. He stifled a laugh, and decided that maybe he could get away with that. He composed himself, and just nodded his head quietly to Kit, searching his inventory for the swimsuit. Once he found it, he put it on and waited quietly by Kityuisa. Swimsuit: Hikoru enters the Swimsuit Competition for fun
  7. Hikoru listened as the tank laid on the ground, thanking him for the rescue. He just shook his head silently, lowering his hand. "No no don't thank me. I just did the right thing. I don't want to see anyone else die in this game if I can help it, so as soon as I got Kit's message I sprinted all the way here. Luckily i wasn't too far off. I was doing some research for a new reci- I mean, I was doing some work for the job I have." He said, doing his best to try and keep his recipe hunting a secret. He looked over a Kit and the tank that was resting nearby, seeing that they were absolutely exhausted. He smiled quietly, and let out a sigh. "Alright, i'll finish this big bad for you guys. When you guys feel good enough to join go ahead, but I think i'll be okay for a few rotations. Catch your breath and make sure your inventories are situated, and if you want to sit out feel free to. I'll be back." He spoke quietly, lifting his hood and melting into the shadows beneath him, disappearing from sight as if almost in a magic way, but in reality it as using his Unique Skill to his highest peak of performance. He waited quietly to see if he could find the boss monster and take it from stealth. ID: 123299 LD: 20+7=27 Stealth Rating
  8. Hikoru let out a small sigh of relief as he appeared on the 24th floor. While this was one of the newer floors, he really didn't explore it much, as there were many many islands around and it felt like a lot of work for someone who had so much to do already. Training Aru in how he worked and still having multiple meeting to attend a lot of nights put a toll on him for time. However, he was a lot more free than he used to be, and able to sleep a lot more. He showed up to the beach where the happenings seemed to be arising, and he just smiled as he saw everyone around. He looked around the crowd, looking for a certain blonde-headed player. Soon he saw her, and he felt a small blush on his cheeks. It wasn't the same swim suit she had worn the last time they had been swimming together, but she was still beautiful all the same, and he felt himself growing redder and redder by the minute. He walked over quietly, calming himself down as he came behind her and covered her eyes "Guess who?" He said playfully, kissing her cheek with a smile, then blushing as he realized she was already talking to a few people. He backed away slowly and rubbed the back of his neck quietly, avoiding eye contact Appearance:
  9. Hikoru watched quietly, as Kit rested, as the tank held up an attack against the gorilla. He used his shield well, and he seemed to have a good grasp on tanking. He had a good ways to go, however he had already come a good ways. Definitely frontline material once he reached the right level. He just chuckled quietly as he thought about it, but he noticed the tank's health kept dipping lower and lower. It had reached a threshold he didn't like, and he struck quickly, taking out the gorilla easily. He sheathed his dagger as it burst into pixels, and he walked over to Alec quietly. "Sorry that we didn't get loot from him, but I didn't want to take the chance of you dying." He spoke softly, and held out a hand. "But you held yourself well, and I can say i'm impressed. My name is Hikoru, nice to meet you." He spoke with a nod of approval. He knew that as a DPS, he didn't know anything when it came to Tanking. However, he knew good tanking when he saw it, as he had always been paired up with the likes of Calrex, Xion, Zandra, Shield and Hestia. This guy would do well and would get to that tier soon, he had a feeling about it. ID: 123049 BD: 5+3=8 Hit! 17 x 14 = 238 Damage to Gorilla Party ♥[1] Kityuisa | 300/300 HP | 2/30 EN | 8 DMG | 18 MIT | 3 ACC | 1 EVA ♥[5] Alec | 132/785 HP | 36/68 EN | 11 DMG | 131 MIT | 0 ACC | -1 (SW) EVA | 7 BH | 56 THN | - 25% DoT Stonewall | OOC 40 Healing | LD: +3 | Prosperity: +2 | +10% Col from Mobs / +15% Col from TreasureChests ♥[0] Hikoru | 1570/1570 HP | 91/154 EN | 17 DMG | 79 MIT | 3 ACC | 0 EVA | 77 BH | +5 LD | +7 Stealth Rating | [Vanish: 0/3] Humphrey: 1/5 Enemy ♥ Gorilla | HP: 0/560 ♥ Gorilla | HP: 0/560 | DEAD ♥ Gorilla | HP: -36/560  ♥ Gorilla | HP: 0/560 | DMG: 192 | MIT: 0 |ACC: 0 | EVA: 0
  10. Hikoru

    [PP/F8] Hanging by a Moment

    Hikoru followed Kityuisa quietly, holding onto her lightly and letting her lead. Smiling as she seemed to enjoy the smell of the beach. While he would admit, the smell of he sea salt was pleasant, he missed the smell of the woods that him and his brother used to explore more than anything. It was a nostalgic smell that he had yet to find in his time here in Aincrad, and he craved a floor with the smell if but for a moment. He saw Kit's house come into view and he stood in awe. The house was beautiful, and he had suddenly wished he had a house on this floor. He walked in as he heard a meow, and looked down to see a cute cat. She held it out to him, and he took the cat awkwardly, feeling the cat purr against him and he scratched under it's chin. "Well aren't you adorable." He said with a small chuckle. He looked at Kit. "I'd say let's have a play date. But uh... Rolland doesn't do well with other familiars... A story for another time." he spoke quietly, clicking his tongue at the small kitten and continuing to pet quietly, enjoying the feeling of such a soft familiar in his arms.
  11. Hikoru watched as Kit heeded his advice, while the Tank also did as well. He didn't mean it in a bad-spirited way, but he wanted them to learn from this experience. He gripped his dagger tightly, uncrossing his arms and taking a small stance, his dagger humming with anticipation. He shot forward, striking the beast with breakneck speeds right into the heart, not aiming for a vital point as to let it live. His sword art completed and soon the creature's health had dropped tremendously. He turned to Kit and the Tank with a smile. "That is what Tier 3 is, or a taste of it anyways. I have no idea what Tier you guys are at, but this is the sorta stuff you can expect. Also, it gets harder to level up after level 50, so enjoy the quick climbs that you have. It's slows down waaay too much for my liking." He spoke as he casually walked back to the group, knowing that the creature really had no knowledge of him here thanks to his Unique Skill. It made fights like this easy. ID: 123001 BD: 5+3=8 Hit! Hikoru used Swarm: 17 x 14 = 238 Damage to Gorilla Party ♥[1] Kityuisa | 300/300 HP | 1/30 EN | 8 DMG | 18 MIT | 3 ACC | 1 EVA ♥[4] Alec | 160+60+7=247-61=186/785 HP | 37/68 EN | 11 DMG | 131 MIT | 0 ACC | -1 (SW) EVA | 7 BH | 56 THN | - 25% DoT Stonewall | OOC 40 Healing | LD: +3 | Prosperity: +2 | +10% Col from Mobs / +15% Col from TreasureChests ♥[0] Hikoru | 1570/1570 HP | 106/154 EN | 17 DMG | 79 MIT | 3 ACC | 0 EVA | 77 BH | +5 LD | +7 Stealth Rating | [Vanish: 1/3] Humphrey: +60 HP Enemy ♥ Gorilla | HP: 0/560 ♥ Gorilla | HP: 0/560 | DEAD ♥ Gorilla | HP: -36/560  ♥ Gorilla | HP: 90/560 | DMG: 192 | MIT: 0 |ACC: 0 | EVA: 0
  12. Hikoru watched as the gorilla with low health died against it's own attacks against Alec, while Kit had done her best to attack the gorilla. He watched silently, raising an eyebrow. She was out of energy, as these creatures had no mitigation and she had barely done any damage. He silently watched as she attacked, and she seemed pretty adept with the weapon, but being such a low level made it hard to keep up energy while she attacked. If she had used Swarm like he did, she would only have been able to attack once before waiting two turns to even think of using it again, while he can use it multiple times without a problem. He crossed his arms instead of attacking, his dagger loosely held in his left hand. "Kit, you're now wasting energy to let out such a small attack. I like your spirit, but you need to step back and let your energy regain, okay? Damage is good, but that much damage is not helping much. That's good for when the creature is weak, but you need to get it into the red for such damage. Not to be rude, but that's my experience." he spoke. He then looked at Alec. "And Alec, you're doing a good job, but you definitely need to invest in some healing items to use when your done howling. Your health is way too low my friend, and I don't need you dying on me, okay?" He spoke quietly, watching his health. "If you need a potion I can send one your way." ID: 122877 BD: 2+2=4 Miss! (-2 Energy) Party ♥[0] Kityuisa | 300/300 HP | 0/30 EN | 8 DMG | 18 MIT | 3 ACC | 1 EVA ♥[3] Alec | 214+7=221-61=160/785 HP | 398/68 EN | 11 DMG | 131 MIT | 0 ACC | -1 (SW) EVA | 7 BH | 56 THN | - 25% DoT Stonewall | OOC 40 Healing | LD: +3 | Prosperity: +2 | +10% Col from Mobs / +15% Col from TreasureChests ♥[0|0] Hikoru | 1570/1570 HP | 121/154 EN | 17 DMG | 79 MIT | 3 ACC | 0 EVA | 77 BH | +5 LD | +7 Stealth Rating | [Vanish: 2/3] Humphrey: 5/5 Enemy ♥ Gorilla | HP: 0/560 ♥ Gorilla | HP: 0/560 | DEAD ♥ Gorilla | HP: -36/560  ♥ Gorilla | HP: 384/560 | DMG: 192 | MIT: 0 |ACC: 0 | EVA: 0
  13. Hikoru waited silently as the gorillas pounced on the tankier-looking player that was with Kit, and he studied that their health dipped a bit. He chuckled slightly. This kid knew what he was doing, and if he had more MIT, he would be a good Frontline tank. However his health was far too low and he needed to get more skills unlocked from what he could tell. He seemed a little clunky in his movements, so he may have not been comfty in his armor or with his weapon, something only time and practice would remedy. He looked to see the gorilla that was the weaker of the two. He did a quick damage calculation, and decided to avoid the critical weak point he had found prior. He wanted these two to get the loot that the creature would drop, as their level was far too low for him. He attacked from stealth and hit the creature head on, his calculations deeming true as the creature was left with one health. He smiled and turned to Kit and the tank. "Mind finishing that one off while I bring down this big one? Get yourselves a little loot." He said with a chuckle, then his eyes gazed over to the last gorilla, glaring daggers as he knew a chill would go down the apes spine. He had made a mistake, and even though it was only a bunch of 1s and 0s, it still knew that it was seriously outmatched. ID: 122655 LD: 17+7= 25 Stealth Check BD: 5+3=8 (Disregarded due to Sneak Attack) Hikoru used Swarm: 20 x 14 x 1.20 = 336 Damage to Gorilla Party ♥[1|0] Kityuisa | 300/300 HP | 0/30 EN | 8 DMG | 18 MIT | 3 ACC | 1 EVA ♥[4|2] Alec | 258+7-61=214/785 HP | 39/68 EN | 11 DMG | 131 MIT | 0 ACC | -1 (SW) EVA | 7 BH | 56 THN | - 25% DoT Stonewall | OOC 40 Healing | LD: +3 | Prosperity: +2 | +10% Col from Mobs / +15% Col from TreasureChests ♥[0|0] Hikoru | 1570/1570 HP | 122/154 EN | 17 DMG | 79 MIT | 3 ACC | 0 EVA | 77 BH | +5 LD | +7 Stealth Rating | [Vanish: 2/3] Humphrey: 4/5 Enemy ♥ Gorilla | HP: 0/560 ♥ Gorilla | HP: 1/560 | DMG: 192 | MIT: 0 | ACC: 0 | EVA: 0 ♥ Gorilla | HP: -36/560  ♥ Gorilla | HP: 392/560 | DMG: 192 | MIT: 0 |ACC: 0 | EVA: 0
  14. Hikoru came charging into the dungeon, his stride wide as his charge skill was active to give him a burst of speed, his dagger gleaming a glow of white he hadn't seen prior to having this weapon and he dove head on into a gorilla, stabbing it straight through the heart and finishing his sword art in one feil swoop, the gorilla in pieces. He let out a ragged breath as he lowered his dagger. "Guess I made good timing..." He spoke as he looked over to Kit, a small smile on his face. "Now, do me a favor and don't almost die like that again..." He spoke. He heard a blinking, and looked down to see that Vanish was about to activate. He looked back at the two of them and he gave a thumbs up. "I'll be right back, stay alive for a little longer, and attack sparingly." He spoke, then pulled up his hood and disappeared into the area around him, hidden from sight. ID: 122589 BD: 10 [Crit!] Hikoru used Swarm with Charge! 17+5+2+12 = 36 x 14 = 504 Damage to Gorilla Vanish Procs: ID: 122591 LD: 1+7=8 Stealth Rating [Immune to Passive Detection bois] Party ♥[1|0] Kityuisa | 300/300 HP | 7/30 EN | 8 DMG | 18 MIT | 3 ACC | 1 EVA ♥[4|1] Alec | 312+7=319-61=258/785 HP | 40/68 EN | 11 DMG | 131 MIT | 0 ACC | -1 (SW) EVA | 7 BH | 56 THN | - 25% DoT Stonewall | OOC 40 Healing | LD: +3 | Prosperity: +2 | +10% Col from Mobs / +15% Col from TreasureChests ♥[0|0] Hikoru | 1570/1570 HP | 138/154 EN | 17 DMG | 79 MIT | 3 ACC | 0 EVA | 77 BH | +5 LD | +7 Stealth Rating | [Vanish: 3/3] Humphrey: 3/5 Enemy ♥ Gorilla | HP: 0/560 ♥ Gorilla | HP: 401/560 | DMG: 192 | MIT: 0 | ACC: 0 | EVA: 0 ♥ Gorilla | HP: -36/560 ♥ Gorilla | HP: 448/560 | DMG: 192 | MIT: 0 |ACC: 0 | EVA: 0 Stats:
  15. Hikoru

    [PP/F8] Hanging by a Moment

    Hikoru felt a blush at Kit teased him about wanting to bathe together. He avoided eye contact as she laughed loudly. He ended it with a kiss and she gave off a cute and peculiar sound. He smiled and decided to leave it alone for now, then continued to pick her up as she eagerly wrapped her arms around his neck. She then said she had a home on Floor 24, and he blinked in surprise. "Really? Wow, you must have gained col quickly..." He muttered under his breath. She offered a private tour and a time to swim on the beach and enjoy the water, and he nodded. "Sounds like a great idea. Let's be off then." He said, taking her into one arm and quickly opening his UI, setting a marker for this floors teleporter and making his way there, carrying her quietly as they went, humming a small tune as the town soon appeared in sight, walking over and avoiding the eye contact of multiple players and NPC's, he went to the giant teleporter and spoke aloud. "Teleport, Floor 24." He spoke. Then the pixels appeared in his sight, and a few seconds later he was onto Floor 24, Kityuisa still in hand if she had said the command with him. He then set her down, but held onto her hand. "Come, show me the way to your home."