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  1. Hikoru chuckled as Shield explained the difference between a leader and a hero. In his defense, he saw both as the same thing, but Shield was wiser than him and made it easy to see the difference. He let out a small sigh as he shook his head. "Sorry, I didn't mean to confuse you in that way. I suppose I meant as a leader." He chuckled again. "But usually, I see Leader's as Hero's to some degree, so my mind instantly thought of that word. But, you are correct in what you say." He said with another small sigh. "I've... tried, to make amends with myself recently, try to branch out and be a frontliner that players can look up to. But at the boss meeting, even after I tried to explain my thoughts on the boss, I felt... cast aside." He grits his teeth and took a moment to regain composure, as to not let his emotions run awry. "I... Couldn't stay there, because I knew I would say something that would only cause problems. But, it bothered me, a lot. It still does... I made my character, this 'person' I'm supposed to be so well, that people now don't care about me, or if I'm trying to help... It hurts Shield, it hurts..." He said with a sigh. "Sorry, I'm sorta... venting, at this point... It's just frustrating to go through." He spoke quietly, his head hanging low.
  2. Hikoru watched things unfold, as soon there was only one boss left standing. He adjusted his grip as he charged forward, appearing behind the creature and stabbing through the armor, straight into her heart. He just gave a chuckle as his sword art came into play. "It appears as though, this is checkmate. I'm sorry, but this game you have lost, and we continue towards the top." He said as he continued his onslaught, finally finishing his attack with a kick to the creature's face. He smiled and landed, disappearing into the shadows and gaining no hate once more. It was one of the benefits of the Unique Skill, he could slice and dice enemies all day, but as long as one person attacked once or used Howl, he wouldn't have to worry about gaining the attention of the creature. He gave a small sigh as he re-emerged from the shadows next to his squad, not another word being muttered from his lips. ID: 108564 BD: 6+3+2=11 Hit! Hikoru used Swarm: 14x21+5=26 = 364 Damage - 100 = 264 Damage to Evahira Player Stats
  3. Hikoru smiled and shook his head no. He hadn't held a Christmas Party in his home before, as he had barely gotten his home in the first place. He just sighed and gave a chuckle. "No, not in my time here. I usually am invited to some, but few I actually attend." He spoke, then his smile faded a tad as Hestia asked about the Ascendants and their parties. "Well, we never really had any... It was always training for me, so even if they had some, I usually didn't make it... And now that I'm a Solo Player, I haven't been to any sort of party in awhile.." He smiled a bit more. "So I thought it would be nice to open my home for others to come. Now, I can't change the door and how it looks, but my home is cozy enough... Plus, I'm waiting for the chance to put a nice Christmas tree in the living room, and putting up garland and tinsel..." He blushed a bit "Sorry, I enjoy decorating for Christmas... I used to always do it at home, and I kinda miss doing it with my family..." He chuckled, and a small tear streamed down his face as the memories of decorating for the season flooded back, seeing his mother, father, and little brother laugh and smile as they decorated the tree and throw tinsel on each other. The memories were bittersweet, but he still had hope that he would see them again.
  4. Hikoru just chuckled as he felt the awkwardness between Hestia and his question. He enjoyed it though, he had at least succeeded in something in his time, making a character that people could see him as. He had played his role well, but he felt that it would be difficult to keep it up anymore. With his emotions awry, and finally being true to himself, it would be hard to try and be cold, to be mean to others. He truly had a heart for them, but after so much hurt from the people around him, when it came to that it was easy for things to be put down, to be repressed. But now, he's felt some of those wounds heal, and he couldn't control his emotions now in a controlled environment. He just sighed to himself, then raised a glass as Baldur spoke 'To thine own self be true.' "That I can agree to, although I wish I could have agreed far sooner than I am now." He said with a laugh, a smile on his face. "It's... strange, to smile again. And not trying to hide it... It's a nice change. Although, I don't think i'll be doing it in crowds anytime soon... Maybe at the next Christmas Party i'll be more open to things, but for now, I'm going to enjoy my times of solitude, with a bit happier tone..." He smiled. "Thank you, to the both of you. You really cheered me up, and helped me through a lot. I may not say it again, but know that I will always be grateful.." He said with a warm, and for once, a genuine smile. @Baldur
  5. Hikoru listened quietly, the words imprinting into his mind feverishly, hearing words of encouragement he had long forgotten that he needed to hear. He looked up at the two of them, and smiled a little bit. They had taken the time, and trusted him enough, to come to his home and listen to him finally get his emotions off his chest. It felt... enlightening. And they both brought points, things that he hadn't thought of in awhile. It made him feel a little better. But, he knew that there was one question that was plaguing his mind. He looked to Hestia. "Just, a quick question." He looked at Baldur. "Thank you by the way, your points were correct, and something I had never really thought of. I'm glad I was not the only one that did that. Surprised I never saw you though..." He said with a chuckle. He looked back at Hestia. "When you first heard me, and when you first met me... Did I- no, did my character, live up to your expectations? It's not important, but I always wondered what people thought of me when they actually met me.." He chuckled. "It won't bother me whatever you say, i'd like your honest opinion, if you would be inclined to give it." He said with a small smile.
  6. Hikoru watched the group with a quiet distaste. The love of these... Computers, didn't make sense to him. One of them escaped, and the other two were taking cuts, hits, and damage, pretty rapidly. The tankier one kept blocking one attack after the other. She was quick, but he knew that his attack left her a bit frizzled. She was slowing down, he could tell. But, he needed to take out the weaker opponent. Isaxi's health bar was considerably lower than her tanky friend. He knew that now would be a good time to attack, as the tank was taking more and more hits. As Calrex switched equipment, he took the opportunity to go for that attack. Disappearing into the shadows beneath him, he quickly found his way around her and stabbing into her back. He smiled slightly as his sword art combo became true to it's name, seeming like a Swarm came from nowhere and left multiple cuts and bruises all along her body. With one last kick to the side of the head, he sent her flying, soon retreating back into his room. He smiled, proud of his accomplishment. (OOC: #PhonePostsAreAlwaysRough) ID: 107587 BD:10 (+2 Damage, Phase) Hikoru used Swarm: 23x14 = 322 - 25 = 297 Damage to Isaxi Player Stats:
  7. Hikoru was about to speak to explain what the name meant, when the drinks arrived. He nodded to Rex, and Rex nodded back in their silent communications, then he took a sip of the drink, enjoying the flavor, even though he would feel no actual "Kick" from the drink. That was one of the things he would miss about the real world, along with a lot of other things. But, he had learned to deal with the loss by enjoying the little things about the world he lived in now. He enjoyed the flavor for a moment, before setting down the cup. "I am nowhere near a big brother." He said with a sigh. "I am actually, in my own eyes, one of the children that look up to others..." He shook his head. "My level may be high, and I may have experience, but a leader can't lead without followers... And I myself have none. Other than the info brokers of course, but I feel as if I don't have the respect of the frontliners..." He looked at the girl, and gave a slightly awkward smile. "Sorry, I started rambling." He chuckled. "and the name means 'Armor Broken', and I thought it fit well." He said with another chuckle, then he took a sip of his drink quietly.
  8. Hikoru chuckled as she commented on his coldness, and how instead of that, he seemed the opposite, as far as he could tell. But she commented on his armor and cloak, that she could tell he was strong. He nodded in thanks. "I suppose it does look quite a bit different compared to the rest of armor you may see on the first floor..." He unsheathed his dagger, and laid it out on the table. The blade seeming transparent, seeing a bit of the counter underneath it, and a tattered, grey binding on the hilt. He felt down the blade, proving that the blade was still there. "This however, is a Tier 1 Weapon, but it's one of the strongest I have in my arsenal." He said with a chuckle. He opened his inventory and brought out a paper, his study on his own weapon, and the enchantment Phase "Phase: An ability that, when activated, phases through half of the opponents Mitigation. Very Effective against high Mitigation Bosses and Quest Monsters. Ineffective against players with Little to no Mitigation." He spoke quietly to the girl, leaving the weapon on the bar. He set the paper down and touched the hilt. "This is called the Dimensional Dagger, but i'm feeling like I should change it's name... Probably to Āmāburōken." He said with a chuckle. The young girl asked about his age, and he just chuckled. "I call a lot of people young, probably because I feel so old... I've been on the front lines ever since I hit level 23 I believe... And now, at level 75, it feels like it's been an eternity..." He sighed. "It shows your age, and if this wasn't a game, i'd probably have so much white hair, and wrinkles, lots of wrinkles." He said with a laugh.
  9. Hikoru fell to the ground quietly, gritting his teeth as the paralysis took over his body. Although he barely felt the tingle, the mechanics of the game still affected him, and he fell to his knee, then fell forward onto his stomach, watching the events unfold. Hirru tried to protect one of the boss monsters, but he was soon taken aback as Zandra helped him up, healing him of his paralysis. He bowed a bit in thanks as Stryder took him out, leaving him open to attack. He unsheathed his dagger swiftly, moving quickly and seemingly disappearing into his shadow as he ran, soon appearing behind Durares, stabbing her through the heart "He may think your human, but we all know that real people were revealed as how they looked in the real world. There is no way you are human, not here. You are nothing but ones and zero's, and your blocking the way to our freedom." He spoke, then completed his sword art, taking a chunk of the creatures health. He gave her a swift kick to the face to end it, sending her flying and soon landing on the ground, a cloud of dust kicked up from him. He smiled and readjusted the grip on his dagger, preparing for the backlash that was to come. ID: 106071 BD: 10 (+2 Base, Phase) Hikoru used Swarm: 23 x 14 = 322 Damage - 0 = 322 Damage to Durares
  10. Hikoru nodded as she said she was glad she didn't do it alone. "I have to agree with you. Back when I did it, I had someone come and help me with it. However, it took him as long as it took me, as he hadn't put any points into Martial Arts." he said with a chuckle. "I completely ran out of energy by the end of it, but we made it through." He spoke with a small smile, remembering one of the hardest missions he had to partake in. He got a ping and he saw his trade menu pop open. He read it, and just shook his head, denying the trade and giving her the item back. "There's no need to return it. Use it when you need to, but don't feel obligated to use it if you don't want to." He said with a warm smile. He looked and saw the town in the distance, and he sighed. "Alright, we're going to a place that may be a bit... sketchy at first. But, I can guarantee your safety, and i'm sure Rex would be happy to see another young face around his... establishment." He said with a chuckle. He lead the small girl to a bar near the edge of town, looking a little dinged up around the edges. The name "The Rusty Dagger" sat on a sign and was a bit crooked. He opened the door, and all eyes were on the group. Hikoru put on his persona and glared at them all, the thieves, Info Brokers, and people who could possibly be apart of Laughing Coffin, all of them met here when they needed a good drink. Rex, the bartender and shop owner, didn't care who you were as long as you had cash and you behaved yourself. "Rex, a cup of Joe and a cup of Cocoa for my young accomplice." He said in a slightly authoratative voice. Rex nodded quietly and went in the back to get them made. He sat down and offered a seat next to him at the bar for the girl, and turned his back. "Nobody will mess with you as long as your with me. These people fearfully respect me, so thats why I may seem a bit... cold." He said with a chuckle. "But this is where some of the best stuff in all of Aincrad is. Trust me, i've been to almost every bar and shop in the game."
  11. Hikoru nodded as she agreed and they started to walk down the mountain. His cloak billowing in the breeze, he saw in the corner of his eye that Rithe was sneaking glances at him. Curious, he felt his eyebrow raise a bit. "Something on your mind?" He asked simply, then focused forward. He saw that the scenery hadn't changed much. He could see the giant staircase leading upwards towards the third floor. He had climbed those once, out of sheer curiosity of how it felt to be a frontliner, clearing floors. He gave a small sigh in memory. It had been a long time since he had done that. Before he had truly become stronger than what he once was. He had been in this young girl's shoes once, and he never forgot that feeling of true terror, of feeling as if he stood no chance of surviving. But now he stood at the top, one of the biggest DPS players in the game, because he pushed himself forwards with his allies, his brothers and sisters in arms. They had all truly come a long way, and he was glad to have these memories, even if some of them weren't the best. He knew that the boss raid would be soon, and he would have to fight side by side with them again, but for now he could enjoy the feeling of calm, and enjoy the game for what it really was, a work of art.
  12. Hikoru watched as the girl punched the rock. He had done some calculations, and he realized that his punch should be good enough to finish it off. Hikoru breached in deeply, and took another pose, trying to find the comfortable style that he was going to use. His eyes narrowed as he studied the rock, focused intently on every fractal point where he had made devastating blows. The boulder has a few weak points, but the biggest seemed to be in the lower part of the right side. Strange to him, but he didn't think about it too much. He breathed in deeply, then charged forward, leaping and doing a spin in the air, landing on the ground with one foot and the other kicking right in the weak point, splitting it in half and sending the top part a few feet up. He quickly leapt up and met the rock, sending a punch straight through, and turning the rock to pixels. He landed quietly, and let go of the breath he had been holding. He turned to the young player with a smile. "There we are, I think the quest popup should appear." He said confidentally. He looked at his hands proudly. He had grown, and become stronger than that day. He signed as the memories came and went, and he looked at the girl. "I could go for a nice cup of coffee. How about you?" He asked in a sorta-goofy tone. ID: 105159 BD: 3+3= 6 Hit! Hikoru used Punch! 1+4+1+9 = 15 Damage!
  13. Hikoru waited in the shadows quietly, waiting for the right time. Soon another Council member fell to the other groups, and he chuckled to himself as he knew that they had this fight in the bag. Already they had two left, and the three left didn't seem much of a threat. He studied the remaining council members as he re-adjusted the grip on his dagger. He looked at the one with the Tarot Cards in their hand. His eyes narrowed. Thats the one that made him feel uneasy at the start of the fight, and he needed to get a little payback. He adjusted his stance, steadied his breathing and heart-rate, then charged in, leaping seemingly from nowhere and appearing behind the council member, a dagger protruding out of their chest on the other side. He felt a small chuckle form. "Did your cards see this in the future?" He finished his sword art, the leapt into its face. "Because I feel like your predictions were wrong about me." He spoke, then gave a final kick to the Tarot-Card user's jaw, sending them spiraling into the left-most wall. He landed without a sound, retreating and disappearing from sight in his group, knowing that they wouldn't be able to hit him unless they looked for him. ID: 105112 BD: 8+3-1=10 Hit! Hikoru used Swarm: 21+5+2= 28 x 14 x 1.15 = 451 - 0 = 451 Damage to Durares
  14. Hikoru shook his hand a bit more to try and regain some feeling in his hand as the young girl took another punch, dealing a small portion of damage. He just chuckled to himself. So this is how Jomei felt on that day he decided to do this. He just sighed and switched his stance, reversing it to punch with his right hand instead of his left. He didn't know how this would feel, or if it would even be seen as his Martial Arts attack, but he would find out. He wound up his shot, clenching his fist tightly as he punched forward, a shockwave of air around is hand shook and reverberated as he hit the rock with another sickening crack, another large gash going into the rock from where he hit it, and it looked as if it was going to crumble if he hit it another time. He shook his head as it still shook a bit from the hit. He wasn't used to this feeling, as he had only practiced on slimes, not something that had some real molecular structure to it. He sighed and stood back a bit, making sure to stay loose, not to tense up, to stay focused. ID: 104665 BD: 7+3= 10 Hit! Hikoru used Punch! 1+4+1+9 = 15 Damage!
  15. Hikoru watched as the young girl punched the rock, looking a little worried about how quickly he left. He mentally sighed to himself. People never understand how stealth works unless he explains it. He curled up his fist tightly, then sprang forward, attacking the boulder head on and punching right in the center. huge cracks formed in the rock as a crater surrounded where his hand was. He pulled back as a few bits and pieces of the rock chipped and cracked from where his hand was. He shook his hand a bit, chuckling to himself. "Yeah, just as hard as I remember. A little easier to deal damage to it nowadays. Weird though, I was expecting my Sword Art to activate..." He said, a bit curious. Did the Quest change in his absence? He took a mental note to add it to the file, and turned to the girl. "Good solid punch. Think you can do it for a little while longer?" He asked, curling up his fists. "Because we may be here awhile. I only get one good hit like that, not multiple. Let's make the most out of this and get a good workout." ID: 104654 BD: 7+3=10 Hit! Hikoru used Fist! 21 x 1 = 21 Damage to Boulder