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  1. Hikoru watched as the fight continued the storm above them raining down thunder and lightning. A bolt tried to hit him, but he was barely able to dodge out of the way. The rest of the group however didn't seem so lucky, and Itzal seemed to take a large chunk of health. All of the lightning went right to Yakimba, the sword that he had given the Scout Paladin. Did the boss room have some effect on unique weapons? He thought for a moment. All it had was Paralysis and Bleed, and none of it seemed to be affecting other weapons. He was confused, but he knew he needed to hit the boss. He took his chance and adjusted his grip on his dagger, charging forward and striking the creature in the shoulder, stabbing through the heart. He quickly did his sword art, then landed back with the group. He was a bit confused and his mind kept going back to Yakimba, but he needed to stay focused. He would look into it later, but for now, he had to make sure that he and the rest of his group survived. ID: 99873 BD: 3+2+1=6 Hit! Hikoru used Swarm: 18x14= 252 - 50 = 202 Damage Bialas' Stats Players' Stats
  2. Hikoru picked up his mug of coffee and drank the rest of it slowly, thinking of where to go next. He had given him all his information that he was looking for, and now he needed to get some info himself. As an info broker, he was always looking for information, and even though he had a lot already, there still was some things that he didn't know about. Like how his guild worked, or info about Laughing Coffin, which he was sure he was looking into, since the whole 'Opal' Incident happened. He still shuddered at the lady, but he knew that she was no longer a threat to him, as she had disappeared over the time of him grinding and completing quests and floors. He set down his empty coffee mug, and he put his hands together, his fingers intertwining. "Now that i've given the information your looking for, I believe it's time for your payment." He said with a chuckle. "I'm not very interested in col nowadays, since I have my home and the equipment I need, nor are materials something I strive for either. My store closed long ago." He looked directly into his eyes. "No i'm after information, and you have some that I could use." He leaned forward a little bit, adding the suspense. "Tell me everything you know about Heathcliff, including his Unique Skill"
  3. [OP-F1] Illegal Guild Recruiting

    Hikoru watched things unfold quietly. He was able to see most things that happened, and most of the things that happened in his absence. He wasn't really afraid for any of the players, as most of them had started to leave and things had calmed down soon after he had left. He sighed and decided to call it good, and get back to work. He had wasted enough time trying to get intel, but he would have to invite Hestia to talk to her about what happened, as she didn't seem to agree with the group of people that had showed up. He let out a sigh and fell down, landing in front of the door and looking at the small group, and eyed over them ( @Embers, @Domarus and his friend) before he spoke. "I'm not against what you did here, please don't take it that way. Any sort of player that wants to kill others should be brought to the people in power and brought to justice." He looked straight at the black-cladded person "But beating up a person, that's where I draw a line. I don't care what you think is right, that is something I don't agree with and I will intervene. If you had just shackled them and held them down, I would have stood by. But, I can't stop what happened, and i'm sorry for having to send you flying across the bar, I admit that even I overreacted in a sort of manner there." He said with a chuckle. "Didn't even think I was that strong or had that much momentum. Anyways, I have a job to get back to, and you people seem to have some sort of agenda, so i'll leave you be." He said as he turned with a wave. "Perhaps we will meet again, maybe on better terms. But no matter, have a good evening." He said before he disappeared into some nearby shadows, Vanishing again and disappearing into the city that they were in [Hikoru left the thread]
  4. [OP-F1] Illegal Guild Recruiting

    Hikoru watched curiously as the people decided to use violence to figure out their differences, something he didn't agree on. He watched as some of them finally registered what he said before a lot of them charged forward and pinned more players. Finally, the man in charge of them went and attacked the orchestrator of this whole ordeal. He watched silently as he picked up and slammed him, throwing him around like a ragdoll, and he grit his teeth. Once he stood still, Hikoru activated his own charge skill,jumping and kicking @Domarus in the face, sending him spiraling and sprawling over the bar counter, and into the glasses behind, the glasses shattering and breaking on both him and the floor. In a flash he was above him, a foot on hit neck and a dagger in his hands. "Although im a man who doesn't do crime, nor was I even here to participate, you went too far kid." He said, adding more pressure into his foot. "The kid barely has any levels, and if you even swung that weapon of yours he would probably be killed. Just look at his armor! It's as basic as it gets!" He spoke, then looked at @Outlander "Consider this a warning, you try any of this again and this guy probably won't go as easy as he did, and I won't be here to cool his jets." He said with a chuckle, then stepped off the person's windpipe and leapt over the counter with ease. He sheathed his dagger and looked at the others, the shadows still obscuring his face so that he was unrecognizeable. "As for the others, let them go, but you know their names. Keep tabs, watch them, and if they do try something report it. But this was no way to handle it." He said, then he went to the side of the wall and disappeared into the shadows, appearing onto the other side of the building, the light shining through the buildings as he quickly parkoured onto the top of the building, watching to see what would happen. He opened up his inventory and pulled out a bottle of water, dumping it into a nearby empty plant pot, and it activated his cloak, making him almost invisible to the naked eye. Hikoru used Vanish ID: 99676 LD: 16+7+4= 27 Stealth Rating
  5. [OP-F1] Illegal Guild Recruiting

    Hikoru appeared within the small group. After hearing about a so-called "PK Guild," He knew he needed to scout it out and find out information. Although he wasn't interested at all to join, he knew that this group, should it bring the people he expected, could be very dangerous to the society of SAO, and he knew he would need to stop it at it's source. He tried not to think of himself as a "Hero" in all of this, just someone who wanted to stop something bad before it got worse. He cleared his throat to gain the attention of the group, his hood covering his face and hair, using the shadows that the game gave his access to, to cover his face. It was the benefits of a Unique Skill and countless hours of training to manipulate them. While they couldn't attack, they could easily hide him, and it made for interesting instances in times like these. If these players knew anything about the front lines, the should at least recognize the cloak. If not, then it'd be interesting to have some fun. "So, this is the group i've been hearing about..." He said, his voice sounding normal to his own. He tilted his head towards the man who seemed in charge of the whole operation. ( @Outlander) "So, if you are a 'PK' Group, then how are you all here? PKers are known for their orange cursors, their inavailability to access towns and cities. If this is the start, you aren't veyr menacing." He then took a step closer. "And if I may ask, what's the highest level of this so called 'guild?' Is he at all able to handle any of the frontliners that are up and trying to clear the floors so that we all can get back to the real world? If not I feel sorry for you." His words continued to spit acid at the, cutting them with every syllable of the words he spoke towards them. Suddenly, a large figure barged into the room. He looked back to see that people were being pinned down. His curiosity had gotten the best of him. He took a step back and watched as the group was held down. He let out a small chuckle. "Ah, the calvary has arrived. Good, I don't need to get my hands dirty." He said with another sigh. "I suppose I can let you handle it then, I have no use of being here if you are going to ruin my chances of intel."
  6. Hikoru nodded as he said it sounded up his alley. He nodded and started to type up a message, essentially copying and pasting what his notes said so he could have a copy, and he could report what he found, or if he found anything at all. He looked it over and saw that what he wrote made sense, to him at least, and sent it to Hirru. He nodded as he asked about the <<Calming the Soul>> Quest, and he leaned back, scratching his chin a bit, thinking over it with some curiosity in trying to remember. "Well, how it worked for me is that I sat underneath the waterfall, the water roaring in my ears as I zoned out everything except my breathing, and eventually I landed in this area.... Like my whole body was there, but nothing could be heard. Then, there were four doors, the demons within my own mind I had to overcome..." He chuckled. "Mine were interesting, to say the least. Mine was Ariel, when we were together, Opal, Rohk, and... myself, more specifically my darker side, the one that wanted to kill things, wanted to end lives..." He shook his head. "After that, the quest was done and I left my mind to find myself back under the waterfall. I don't know how it will be for you, but I've heard that your mind can come in many shapes and forms. Due to who I am, my mind was black, secretive, full of shadows..." He chuckled again "It could be completely different for you, but who knows?"
  7. Hikoru sat and waited for the opportune strike to attack the giant horse patiently as others continued to attack the horse, but suddenly a sickly red ooze came from the creature, and it's health shot back up. His eyes widened. Had they activated some sort of ability? He heard Beat say something about no bleed weapons, and it made sense. So now bosses had healing abilities, something he had entirely forgotten about. If players could do it, why couldn't monsters and bosses as well? He grit his teeth. He knew for a fact that Itzal had a bleed weapon, as he was the one who gave him it. If he got a good hit, it could cost them in the time consumption of the fight. He hoped Itzal heard Beat as he yelled as all the players as a warning, and he hoped that they could finish this quickly. As he was about to attack, another bolt of lightning shot at him, and he grit his teeth. His Battle Healing activated afterwards, and he went for the strike before the horse could notice where he was. He leapt and attacked onto the back of the horse, stabbing and slashing, dealing another good chunk of health from it. He landed with his group, kicking up some dust underneath him and let out a puff of air, having held his breath while he attacked. "Alright, any bleed weapons please change now. This is a dangerous ability it has, and it could cost someone their life." He said, then prepared for what would happen next. ID: 99488 BD: 1 (Disregarded Due to Surprise Attack) Hikoru used Swarm: 14x20 = 280 x 1.15 = 322 - 50 = 272 Damage to Bialas <<BH Activates, +72 Health to Hik>> ID: 99489 CD: 6 (75 Damage to Hikoru) <<BH Activates, +72 Health to Hik>> Players' Stats:
  8. Hikoru watched as things unfolded in front of him, the fight continuing and the other parties were working their hardest, and he gave a chuckle. It seemed that everyone was trying their hardest, and in his studies of the health lost, he saw that Beat had seemed to do the overall most damage of all parties in of himself. He chuckled and gave a small smile of satisfaction. He knew he had done the right thing, making him the new Paladin. He knew his job and he did it well. He looked down at his dagger. In his time in this game, he had gone a whole new route of life, something he never expected to do in his time but something he had accepted, and now he was one of the strongest burst DPS, and he was okay with that. He gave a sigh and decided that he would be better off to try and get a bit more of a boost in his next attack, and pulled up his hood to disappear, when he felt a sudden shock, and looked to see that he had a new icon in his face. He was curious, and made a mental note later to study it, but he took a bit of damage, in which most was healed back. He used his <<Vanish>> mod and passed by their tank, in which the static jumped to him, and his eyes widened. This is spreading, and he didn't want to know what happened if he got caught in the act of the whole party having the debuff. He made his way back into stealth, and watched to see if he could notice the Static Charge in action. If he could find out how it worked, he could both write it down for future reference to bosses, and to see if there's a way to fight it off or get rid of it. Hikoru used Vanish! ID: 99364 LD: 15+7=22 Stealth Rating ID: 99365 CD: 1 <<Static Charge>> Spreads! 75 Damage to Hik and spread to @Morgenstern <<BH Activates, +72 Health to Hik>> Bialas' Stats Players' Stats
  9. Hikoru watched the fight unfold as the first group attacked. He watched the movements of the electric horse carefully, looking for any weak points. Lightning scattered throughout the room, some blasting over his head and some nearby to where he was. This thing was dangerous, and he knew it. He noticed a certain spot was always covered by the horse, a small spot in the fleshy part of its front left leg. He realized that this was the easiest place to stab him in the heart, and the animal was smart enough to keep it safe. He was about to move, when a bolt of lightning struck him in his shoulder. He thought the feeling would persist, but it disappeared quickly. The horse turned his back to him, and he took his shot, quickly sprinting and sliding underneath, jumping up and stabbing it right in the heart. His sword art activated, and soon he took a large chunk of the creatures health from him. He smiled as he backed away to his group. He had definitely gained the attention of the creature for his group, so he hoped that Morg would gain it's attention quickly, so he wouldn't be put at risk. ID: 99202 BD: 10 (+2 Damage, Phase) Hikoru used Swarm: 18+5+2+2=27x14 = 378 x 1.15 = 435 - 25 = 410 Damage to Bialas
  10. Hikoru let out a large sigh as he awoke in his bed. He rubbed his eyes, and opened up his HUD to see that today was the raid day. Getting up with a stretch, he went and freshened up in the bathroom, going down to his kitchen to make a small sandwhich, eating it while he opened the back door, opening to a lage, cavernous area that had a skylight and a small waterfall near the back. He went over to a fenced area, where slimes of all shapes and sizes were found. He unsheathed his dagger and relaxes his muscles, warming up for the upcoming fight. They had little intel, and he couldn't get any info from the info brokers, as they had nobody as strong as him to go and check to see what could be found in the boss room. He let out a sigh as the last slime was finished, then sheathed his dagger and turned as it turned to pixels, leaving the farm and feeling prepared. He hoped his ordered buffs would be ready for him, and he went back inside, cleaned up his armor so that no remaining slime could be found, and went to his coat rack. He donned on his iconic blue cloak, pulled up the hood, went outside and locked the door, heading to the floor above him. He soon appeared at the boss area, and prepared for the fight. He nodded to @Macradon and @Morgenstern, before he looked around for a good hiding spot. There was a small river nearby, and he decided to use the ability of his cloak, going near it and the item soon shimmering, turning him transparent, crouching down on his knees and disappearing from sight. He waited for his items to appear within a trade box or within his menu, and prepared for the fight ID: 98950 LD: 9+5+2+4= 20 to be found [Mega-Slime Farm: March used- +2 SP] Stats:
  11. Hikoru waited as what seemed like eternity took for her to speak. She had taken a step forward, and she was right there. He was holding back tears. Even with Ariel, he had never loved someone as much as the woman in front of him. She had stolen his heart, and continuing on his life here in SAO seemed pointless and empty without her by his side. She spoke that he didn't understand what she meant, and he was about to speak when she kissed him, and his heart was filled with butterflies. Tears fell as he lost control of his willpower, and as she pulled away the tears dripped down to his cheeks. In a blink of an eye, she punched the dragon and soon completed the quest for them. The pixels floated over her face as she spoke words he had been wanting to hear, without even realizing that he did. “Hikki… I know now… That I’m in love with you.” Hikoru, in a flash, pulled her close by the waist and pulled her in for a deep, passionate kiss, where it felt like fireworks were exploding throughout his body. He held for what seemed like eternity, before pulling away. He pulled back his hood to reveal his tear-stained eyes and cheeks, with a wide, genuine, and truly happy smile. He felt happiness, for the first time, for just knowing that she felt the same way he did. He kissed her forehead, then pulled away. "I love you too... Umiko..." ------------------------------------------- THREAD COMPLETE Hikoru receives 5 SP, 975 Col and Tabulga's Topaz Vale receives 5 SP, 975 Col and Tabulga's Topaz
  12. Hikoru's Crafts,Loot and other stuff

    Using Essence of Steel to give +1 Accuracy
  13. Hikoru took a moment to breathe, and used his <<Concentration>> Skill, a skill he hadn't used in a long time, but he knew that he needed. Using both this and his Momentum he had gained from missing, he went and attacked the creature, striking it right in the heart! His sword art activated, and he left cuts and bruises on the creature, it having only the tiniest sliver of health left. He soon finished it, and appeared next to Morg. "Alright man, your chance to finish it off. If you miss, i'm going to use <<Vanish>> again, so just giving you a heads up." He said with a small chuckle. "In case you get eaten again, i'll attack while its distracted, trying to melt you and have you like a smoothie..." he scratched his chin a bit "Hm... a tank smoothie... Sounds kinda good." He said with a good laugh, then gripped his dagger tightly, his feet ready to use Vanish and disappear out from sight if that becomes the next step of action. ID: 98679 BD: 5+3-2=6 Hit! Hikoru used Swarm: 16x14= 224 - 100 = 124 Damage to Ki' Raion Party [7] @Morgenstern 1050/1310 <> 102/122 | 151 MIT, 54 Thorns. -1 EVA <Heavy Momentum> [0] @Hikoru 1420/1420 <> 110/142 | 79 MIT, 3 EVA [Vanish: 3/3] [Concentration: 0/5] Enemies <<Ki' Raion>> 18/850 <> 175 DMG, ACC:3 | MIT: 100, EVA: 2 << Tail Swipe >> : If BD 9-10 and MD 1-5 is rolled simultaneously, "Ki’Raion" unleashes a powerful tail swipe that can strike a whole party. Deals 150 AoE damage to all party members as well as normal damage to the player with the most hate. << Venus Fly Trap >> : If BD of 9-10 and MD of 6-10 is rolled simultaneously, "Ki’Raion" lunges at the player with the most hate and encases them in its floral mane. They experience 150 additional damage and will take 100 additional damage for each following turn that they're trapped. They are freed when at least 200 HP damage has been dealt to "Ki’Raion" or another player achieves greater hate. A trapped player may still attack. << Photosynthesize >> : Absorbing the Sun’s energy, every second attack "Ki’Raion" makes will be damage boosted by 15
  14. THREAD COMPLETE 1 SP and <<Essence of Steel>> to Hikoru 2 SP and 400 Col to Pinball
  15. Hikoru listened quietly, seeing the pain in Vale's face as she spoke. It pained him, and when she talked about how she cried as he was there, the pang in his heart grew only larger. He grit his teeth as he swore his heart had dropped below his stomach. He had never felt so... Bad, for doing something he thought was good, and it left him a bit confused. He took a hesitant step forward towards Vale, reaching for her, but then, he retracted his arm, standing awkwardly with his arms at his sides. He took a deep breath to calm his nerves, and his words came out slowly. "If.... If i'm a problem, I can... Just, go, after this quest..." He said, choked up a bit by his own words. "Wouldn't, be the first time..." He said, a small but painful, and completely sarchastic chuckle. He had many crushes at his school when he was younger, and a few times, he actually tried to reach out to get to know them. He knew he could be clingy, but the girls eventually told him to leave, or they told him to leave right off. It was a normal thing for him to expect, and it had been one of his fears when he told his emotions to Vale, and now he felt those feelings were coming back, and he had been right.