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  1. Hikoru listened to the fights escalate, and he sat down quietly. He watched things unfold, saw Baldur leave in anger, and Shield and Hestia lash out with harsh words. Shield then called on @Jomei to say that he should lead. Hikoru nodded. It was a bright idea, and he knew Jomei, he was good at leading. Although, Jomei seemed a bit off. He knew something was bothering him. He nudged him a little. "Hey, if you need me to step in I can, but I'd say go for it if your up." He whispered, then stood and faced @Hestia. "I'm sorry, but I'm with Shield as well. From what I've heard things didn't go well at the fight that you had earlier, and your last fight on the frontlines was... interesting, to say the least. And what Baldur said is correct about me as well. Maybe it would be better for me to go with the less healing part and be moved to a group that may not have the highest damage. If we put all the high-damage dealers in one group, we'll have the same problem as we had in the past, before a lot of you came. We would have the Azure group." He spoke, keeping his cool speaking about them. "And then the rest of us would scrounge to find groups, and we would usually be in complete pain while that group was fine. We should avoid that if possible. If anything, go with teams that we're comfortable with but don't be afraid to branch out with others that you may not know" He looked at @Shield. "I understand that trusting your team is important, but if we have a team completely overpowered, it leaves those that may be weaker no one to back them up, and it would be complete mayhem for them. I'd say have one person that you trust, then go with another pair that you may not have fought with before, learn each other's weaknesses and help cover them. Something of the sorts to make us stronger as a whole." He spoke, then crossed his arms. "It's just a suggestion, and coming from my place maybe you don't want to take me seriously. But i've been here for a while, some longer than others, and this is something I've never seen the frontlines do before, and maybe it's the next step we need to take."
  2. Character Name: Hikoru Character Portrait: https://www.nautiljon.com/images/perso/00/13/gareki_9431.jpg Preffered Partner: Macradon or Jomei <3
  3. Hikoru

    [PP-F2] The Answers we Seek (Lessa)

    Hikoru's shoulders visibly slumped as she exclaimed that she was Lessa, and he gave a sigh of relief. He walked slowly, his arms visible and nowhere near his weapon. He came up to the counter and pulled down his hood, revealing all of his hair and his silver eyes, known for their intensity in combat, but now they were filled with sorrow, confusion, things that were easy to read. He opened his inventory and pulled out the sword that he had found, Gram, and placed it onto the counter. The giant sword sat and glinted in the room, giving off an ominous vibe from it, almost as if it was covered in a gas that filled the room, suffocating them with dread, along with how Hikoru was already feeling. He looked at Lessa with sincerity. "I... I want to know how you got this, and.... And why Vale is missing." He said, his voice choked on the last part. He held his tongue for a moment. "She said that you were the person to give this to her in some way shape or form. To do that, my mind only told me that you were the first person to come to, that you were close to her..." He held back the tears, but the water could still be seen glinting off of his eyes. "Please... Please tell me you can help." ((Photo of look here , exclude tears streaming down face))
  4. Hikoru listened to their thoughts and scratched his chin. He picked up the paper and read their stats. Fairly low, something that he didn't really think that they needed to stress about. He gave a sigh and thought. This fight would take place on a giant ship, so for them to get this done quietly and quickly, he would have to use Vanish, and have to use it quite a bit. He opened up his skill list and read the mod he had, and saw that it had an ability of immediately entering stealth after killing a mob or opponent. His eyebrow raised a bit and he nodded. "Well, after some quick double-checking, I can see that I can take out an opponent, eliminate him, then immediately enter stealth and attack from it the next round." He said with a smile. "So that's 2 out of 5 taken out in the first few seconds of us being there. After that, both of you charge in and take one out, then I'll attack the last one. Then, I leave the two strong ones to you two, and I'll enter stealth and take out the captain once you're done. Sound like a plan?" He asked, a proud smile on his lips. His build was made for situations like this. Take out enemies one at a time stealthily, and nobody would even notice before they were ambushed and out-numbered.
  5. Hikoru listened quietly as things continued onward. He listened to the planning of the groups and nodded, writing down the notes of what the boss room looked like and the roster, as to add it to his library for the History of Aincrad, which he hoped to take with him to the real world, he cleared his throat and stood. "If I may give some insight as to where to put me. I know I may not have the biggest AoE, but I am the only person here who does not receive hate when I attack unless I get a critical, but even then it's very few. With the giant damage spikes that I deal per opponent, something such as crowd control would be good, as I am a Burst DPS." He said. "So, if it's okay with everyone, I'd be asked to be put next to Calex and Zandra. They gain enough hate that I wouldn't have to worry about anything except AoE attacks, but even then my evasion is high enough to help avoid it," he spoke, then looked at Zandra "I do hope me being on your team would not be a problem." He said sincerely, almost apologetically. He then put his attention back to the group. "If anyone has anything against this with proper evidence, I am all ears, but this is what I would ask." He said, then he sat back down and resumed his notes, patting the back of Jomei. "It's good to have you back, and yes, maybe after this we could go to a pub, or to my house. It's been a while since I've had a good drink." He said with a laugh.
  6. (OOC: Since it's been awhile, Itzal is gonna be booted from the quest line and we will continue as such. Love you Itzi <3) Hikoru heard the familiar sound of a doorbell going off. He stood up quietly from his desk, giving a low whistle to the Pumpking familiar he had, and he gave him a small pat. "Alright, be good, and no chewing on legs." He spoke quietly, but obviously playing with the familiar. The familiar nodded and covered his mouth. Hikoru just gave a small chuckle and stood, pulling up his hood as he pressed the button. From the outside, the stone rolled away, shaking the ground a bit as a tall, dark-oak door appeared behind it. He opened the door and saw the pair of people he invited with a nod. "Good to see you two. please, come in so we can plan for a moment." He spoke. He motioned through the door as he showed them the inside of his building. (photo here: Furniture is Black instead of yellow) He waited for them to enter the building, then closed the door, the stone rumbling behind them as it closed tight. "Alright, hold on a moment." He spoke, then went to his desk in the small elevated corner of the living room, searching through the papers and files until he found what he was looking for. "There we are." He brought it down and brought the file with all the found info about the quest. "This is a rough draft, but it's the info I have. We have about 7 or 8 enemies, but the three strongest won't be brought out until the end after we defeat the lower-levels. Since I'm the strongest out of the three of us, I can take out the strongest, and I can leave you two to finish off his two lackeys. Sound like a good plan? I'm open to others" @Jomei @Telrenya
  7. Hikoru gave a sigh as he continued to fill out paperwork. With the new floor, another flood of rumors had come of quests and possible hidden things about Unique Skills floating around and he had been swamped for days. He had taken a day to talk to a young lady about Vale by the name of Lessa, but because of that he had let the work pile up even more and he now had to try and catch up to get back on schedule. He had pulled two all-nighters thus far, and things had been interesting, to say the least. With a few power naps and a lot of coffee, he had pulled through. He finished another paper and marked it "fake" as a message icon appeared in his peripherals. He opened it and saw that it was a raid meeting. He sighed in defeat. He knew he needed to go to this, or else he would have no buffs for the fight, nor no prior knowledge to know what he's going up against. Plus, he had to grab info for his documents for this floor and it's boss, so people can learn and see if there are patterns to the bosses in due time. Something like this could be important. So he grabbed a cup of coffee and poured it into a mug, and gave a low whistle. It awoke the slumbering Pumpking that was resting on the couch. He had stayed up late with Hik most nights, but he was trying to make up for it. Hik made his way to the first floor where they were meeting and saw a few familiar faces. He lowered his iconic blue hood and nodded towards everyone, his steely eyes gazing to a few new faces in the crowd. ( @Hazado, @Zuekin) He came over and eyed both of them "Welcome to the meeting. If you're staying for the fight, let me give you some advice." He said and pointed a finger to them. "Your life is on the line, so don't come unprepared. Bring potions, buffs, spend your col wisely and don't come thinking you'll be carried. We all gotta do our part." He said, then gave a small smile. "We'll be here to help, but don't throw yourself at the enemy, it'll get you killed, alright?" He said, then came to @Jomei and patted him on the shoulder, sitting next to him. "Haven't seen you in a while, hope you're doing well." He said with a smile still on his lips and leaned in close, his eyes turning serious for just a moment. "We have to talk soon though, something's come up that I need to share with you." he spoke just softly enough for Jomei to hear. And with that, he drew back and pulled back his persona to a much calmer tone, hiding the thoughts that were in his mind.
  8. Hikoru

    [PP-F2] The Answers we Seek (Lessa)

    Hikoru just about sprinted to the nearest Info Broker Post on floor 21. If anyone would have the answers, it would be them. Hik had made it a priority to keep tabs on every frontliner, both old and new to see where they were and to make sure they weren't doing anything stupid. If so, he would send info to Hestia about them. After that, he would leave the nabbing and questioning to her team. He just did his part in keeping everyone here alive, because if they killed each other, they would all die within this game before they reached the 100th floor. He made it to the usual spot where they were and was met with a few older workers of the IBS, people he had come to trust and know that their info was true. "Oy, what're ye doing here? Ain't ye got a paper list a mile high?" Rory asked, a stout man shorter than him, but bulky and not so easily pushed around. Hikoru just shook his head. "Looks, that's not of importance right now. I need to know the possible locations of an ex-frontliner, Lessa." Rory looked over to Vylana, a taller woman, but very slim. She started to skim through the papers she had in her inventory. "Oikawa... Tristan... Shark... Itzal..." She stopped on a piece of paper. "Ah, Lessa. Sightings of her on the 2nd Floor are very high, specifically at one building. It seems to be her shop, but she doesn't stay long, mostly half an hour max at sparattic times." Hikoru nodded "That's fine, send me the co-ords, I'll head there now. Thanks you two, keep up the good work." The two nodded as Vylana typed out a message to Hik, who received it and started sprinting towards the teleporter. He appeared there a few moments later, and let out a sigh. "Teleport, Floor Two." He spoke as things appeared in pixels before his eyes, closing them as to not blind himself. He opened them a moment later and was back onto Floor two, a familiar place for him. He looked at the co-ords and made his way into that direction until he came to a shop that looked abandoned. He saw movement inside, no lights going, but a person in there nonetheless. He knew this could be someone else, but he couldn't take the chance. He went in, the small ding of a bell going off as he entered, and the person turned. A young lady with blonde hair. He looked from across the way, and his shoulders slumped a little, relaxing as he entered, trying to not look too tense. "Are you... Lessa?"
  9. Hikoru awoke in his bed with a small yawn. It had been a peaceful night for him, and he had gotten a good night of rest for the first time in what seemed like forever. He got up and put on his armor quietly, getting into the comfortable leather that he had grown accustomed to in this game. He came down to the living room to be met with something that wasn't there the night prior. a Large sword, much larger than he had ever seen before. It came off a weird... feeling, but he couldn't put his finger on it. As he approached it, he noticed a small piece of paper attached to it. He picked it up and read the contents. "Ace, I'm sorry. I leave Gram to you, and so you always know, I love you. Do not go looking, as I know you will never find me. But maybe one day we'll see each other again. ~Umiko" Hikoru knew immediately what this was. He hadn't noticed it before, but this was the weapon that she had shown him a few weeks prior, a weapon held by the Berserker, Ssendom. Hikoru felt tears in his eyes. What did she mean? Where did she go, and what did she mean by "you will never find me?" All these feelings flooded him, and he needed answers. He needed to find Vale, and the person who gave Vale the weapon would be a start. He needed to find the woman who went by Lessa. He had no idea where she would be, but he knew that she had the chance to hold answers to what this weapon is, and why it caused Vale so much pain. He grabbed it and added it to his inventory, grabbing his cloak and making his way to the main settlement of the 21st floor to try to find this woman, or find a lead to where she could have gone. @Lessa
  10. Hm.... I really need to start doing more threads... Who to forc- I mean, ask to do a thread with me... Also, they will be *very* story driven, as I have a few arcs i'm working on

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  11. Hikoru gripped his dagger tightly. Shield went down, paralyzed, and there was nothing he could do to save him except attack. He grits his teeth and charged forward to the weakened bat that had already taken two attacks from him and leaped into the air, giving a scream as he stabbed the creature through the heart. He finished his sword art and watched the bat's health drop, the creature giving a scream of some sorts as the blade went through the body of the creature repeatedly. He leaped back, his back covering the little girl. "Shield, you good? If you need to run I can take a few hits. I can Vanish if I need to, but you need to patch up before you get back into the fight." He said to him, speaking above the bats screaming as best he could. He reversed the grip of his dagger, making sure to keep his fingers loose yet strong. He didn't want to grip the dagger so hard that it fell out of his hands, or too loose that it was knocked free by a stray batwing or claw. He did his best to find that middle ground while protecting the small child behind him. He had more of a reason to fight now, and he wouldn't back down without one.
  12. Hikoru listened and nodded. "That's how guilds usually work I'm afraid. I've been in many of them, and in each one, every single one gets its groups of people who explore without the others. With the CA, it was mostly Itzal and Morg together, along with Kaiser. Then it was Shield and Beat, because you can't rip those two apart. And for me... it was Beatbox..." He smiled with a bittersweet look in his eyes. "He was a bright kid, working hard and always aiming for the top. He never backed down for a challenge, and when we worked together, nothing could stop us..." He spoke with a smile, but it faded quickly. "That is, however, until he went for suicide, to try and fight that.... man, who killed him in cold blood." He shook his head, then looked at the others. "Sorry, didn't mean to get off topic, just sent me down a memory.." He chuckled. "Anyways, I need a refill on my cup. Excuse me." He spoke, then went out to the kitchen to grab another cup, a tear or two streaming down his face as the memories hit him again. He saw Beatbox like a brother, a little brother he watched grow up and become a man. It was tough to think about, but he knew that he had cried enough for one day. He wiped away the tears as he came back a few moments later and sat down. "So, what have you all been preparing for lately?"
  13. Hikoru listened and nodded. When builds changed, sometimes familiars had to leave or be let go, although it was weird to not see the turtle with the giant tank that Shield had become. He grew used to the turtle shell on him, it almost reminded him of an anime of some sorts. He felt the red orb reach him and fade into his body, as he saw his stats go up a little bit on his hot bar, where he had his stats set for him to see. He smiled a bit and charged forward to attack the same bat again. However, he got a little too cocky with his attack, and the bat was easy to evade. Hikoru grit his teeth as he skids to the other side and sighed "If I miss another attack, I'm going to Vanish and take out this bat. They seem to be very lively, and it's making it difficult to hit them, even for me. It's been a while since I've missed a hit, and I don't want to see you get to the red. If you can paralyze them though, I'm pretty sure I can hit them." He spoke as he flipped and tumbled around the bats, who all decided that he looked like a fun toy to mess with. That's when he heard a cry. He looked over and saw a small child in the corner. Hikoru grit his teeth, there was a little girl! He went over and stood over her, his back facing the bats and taking a few scratches from them, none of which affected his health. "Don't worry, I gotcha. Stay here okay? I'll protect you." He said in a kind voice. The girl seemed scared, but she nodded with tears in her eyes. Hikoru stood up and faced the bats, a determination in his eyes. "Shield, we have a problem. We have a little NPC girl here, she must be the reason the bats are here. This just became a rescue mission, not just a hack and slash." He spoke, his quest knowledge coming into play from his time with the Info Brokers. ID: 111601 BD: 2+3-3=2 Miss!
  14. Hikoru watched silently as Shield did a Parry against one of the bats, stunning him and then being told to attack the one that was down. Hikoru gave a nod and acted quickly, running and leaping up into the air, landing with a flip onto the top of the Paralyzed bat, the creature giving a wounded howl as Hikoru continued to attack the creature, his sword art nearing completion and the creature's health was brought down past the halfway point. Hikoru retreated with a few evasive hops backward, in case some of them tried to get a swipe as he turned his back. He was yet again behind Shield, letting him tank the attacks. He saw a tiny snake on his shoulder that had sunk its teeth into him, and his health was brought up a bit. His eyebrows raised a bit. "I didn't know you had a healing familiar. Those are rare. Where did you find it?" He asked curiously. He hadn't seen something like that in all of his time on SAO. People rarely found a healing familiar. Usually, the more common were Fighting and Mitigation familiars, next to that was Loot die, then the rarest was Healing. He must have grinded a long time to find it.
  15. Hikoru watched behind them as they entered, making sure nobody was trying to sneak into the home. He closed the door quickly as he heard the stone rumble behind the dark oak door, and Hikoru held his breath until the stone stopped to rumble. Letting out a sigh of relief. He leaned on the door and yawned, pulling back his hood, revealing his raven black hair and grey eyes, with dark circles under them. He had been working tirelessly with the rumors, as a flood of them along with information on fake Unique Skills and things of the sorts came to him, keeping him up late many nights. He went over to his desk, grabbing a cup of coffee from his desk and filling it with cream and sugar. He gave two small clicks, and Sir Rolland piped up, making his way towards the kitchen, a small clatter being heard. "Coffee, Tea and small snacks will be out soon." He said with a nod, then took a sip and motioned towards the seats. "Please, go ahead and take a seat." He spoke, as he did it himself, sitting at the chair nearest to the kitchen and the stairway up. He let out an audible groan as he sat, his body resting and enjoying the comforted seat compared to the one at his desk, which was made to keep him focused. "So, what can I help you with?" Photos of House (If you want references):