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  1. Nodding her thanks as a butler approached distributing drinks, Piera wondered if the NPC came with the house or if perhaps Ryo had to pay him wages or do a quest to obtain his services. Something to ask later she supposed as she sipped on the drink. It wasn't her preferred flavor, but it was something to do. The various guild members at first were in pockets but now were coming together, talking amongst themselves. Though she was starting to piece together who people were via name-dropping, the brunette still felt a little out of place, though it was slightly reassuring to know that she wasn't the only one that didn't know everyone else in the guild. It seems there were a good couple of others that only knew half or fewer of the other members. Still, the older woman merely hovered behind her ginger friend, not really knowing what to say nor having anything to add to the conversations. It was a lot easier to breeze through mingling and chit-chat in the real world. Usually, if all else failed, she would have Lee to talk to until something happened or someone approached them. But maybe she should try and be a bit more proactive without him. Glancing around at all the people though, the spectacled woman immediately rethought that plan of action. Glancing up at the stairway where Teion and the party host had disappeared to, green eyes flicked about at the other guild members. After determining that she wouldn't really be missed while she checked in on her friend, Piera slipped away, one hand holding steady to the banister as she stepped lightly up the stairs. Just as she reached the top, a door to the left opened, Spencer exiting and looking rather...upset, to say the least. Not long after, Teion came out looking for him and walked off after the young man. Eyebrows raising slightly, the brunette began walking in their direction without thinking until she caught sight of Ryo on a bed through the open door. Pausing in front of the doorway, Piera glanced in the direction Teion had headed with a bite of her lip before deciding that the two probably needed to talk about something private and didn't need any outside interference. Running her free hand through the back of her hair somewhat awkwardly, Piera's eyes flicked back to the purple haired man and tried to smile, though it probably came off a little off with her embarrassment and social ineptitude. "Heeeyyy. Um, Ryo, right?" Pointing at him, as if to confirm that it was him that was 'Ryo' and not the bed or something. Because that made sense. Trying to pass over the already awkward situation she asked with genuine concern, "Everything alright?" Nodding her head in the direction that Spencer and Teion had disappeared. Remembering her manners finally, the alchemist blinked with wide eyes and touched her fingers to her forehead, narrowly avoiding actually facepalming herself. "Ah, jeez, sorry for being so rude. I'm Piera. A friend of Teion's." Then with a pause, she added, "And Jomei. He recently invited me to the guild. It's good to meet you." Her smile only slightly sly, attempting to play it cool. She had a feeling Teion wouldn't be happy if she made it seem like the violette talked a lot about him behind his back to her friends. Good or bad.
  2. Piera

    [PP-F3] Old Friendship Rekindled

    "It's not all that fancy. At least more mansion-y than fancy in my opinion. Still has a little bit of rustic charm...but the hugeness kinda outweighs a lot of the charm once you're actually inside, heh." The alchemist would give a friendly wave to a small group of younger players loitering by the village border as they passed out of the safe zone. Glancing over at Teion who seemed to be deep in thought, causing a fond and somewhat playful smile to play on Piera's lips before she bumped her shoulder into the other woman's. "I can practically smell the virtual ozone layer decaying above your head." Chuckling at Teion's joke, the brunette replied, "You have no idea." Glancing down at her boots as they scuffed at the very worn pebble and dirt path they traversed on. Green eyes flicked back up to her companion as she made a comment about being glad that she was a support build. "Hah, you know me girl. Always gotta support!" Humming lightly in consideration to what was said, Piera frowned. "I mean, I am heavy armor, but I don't have a shield... I didn't really know what to build at first so I went with what I thought was cool at the time. Two-handed assault spear." Shrugging with a wan smile. "Shoulda gone one-handed hammer and a shield. But don't wana shell out the col to respec. Already rank two in my spear anyway. So I'm a damage dealing, heavy armor wearing, medic. Not the perfect support build, but it's been keeping me alive so far. Couldn't go full tank since I'm usually leveling with Lee who is pretty much the embodiment of 'tank'. Or at least aspires to be. Someone's gotta do some damage in our duo after all. Took it upon myself. Anyways~" She emphasized, realizing that she was rambling and cut to the chase, "I can heal you but I don't have Howl or anything to take aggro off of you." Shielding her eyes from the glare the sunlight put on the lake they were walking around, Piera considered the options the violette laid out for them. "I honestly haven't been above floor four. At least past safe zones that is. But Lee and I have been researching quests, trying to organize them in order of do-ability and which ones we'd even like to do. Lemme see..." The brunette's voice drifted off as she continued to walk the path that she knew by heart now as she navigated her menu and opened up her notebook. "Not Traveler, not this one. Hm, maybe? Eh I could probably do that one alone or with someone lower level... Looks like Blood in the Sand or Elvish Rivalries might be a better fit? Emphasis on the might. But what's this about a quest chain? Not entirely sure how much help I'd be, but I could give it a go." Looking up finally, Piera brightened upon seeing the profile of her home. "Ah! Here we are. C'mon Tei!" The alchemist picked up her pace, causing Jareth to fly ahead. "And here we have Winstad Manor. Though I rarely remember to call it by its name. Usually just 'the manor'. It's mainly a lot of empty rooms til we can afford to buy stuff to fill it in but we have the important ones! Master bedroom, spare bedroom, bathroom, living room, pharmacy and attic slash storage room." Holding open one of the large front doors for her friend, Piera asked, "Should we head straight up to my workshop?"
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    [PP-F3] Old Friendship Rekindled

    Shaking her head with a grateful smile at Teion's silly exaggeration, Piera questioned, "What quest could a level one kick ass on? The profession quest?? Haha." All joking aside, she truly did appreciate her friend's support. "Mmm, I actually don't know what quest though. I haven't really been on the lookout." Shrugging and considering the violette's offer to help her get her level up. "Gaaah Tei Tei, I forgot how niiice you aaaaaare!" The brunette declared in a cute tone a bit too loudly, making grabby hand motions towards the other woman, wanting to either hug her or possibly pinch her cheeks. "I actually do wana do a quest with you. One that would involve kicking ass and where taking names is optional." Grinning at the blacksmith's reaction to the tidbit that she lived in a mansion, Piera nodded and declared, "Yesss. I love showing it off. It's pretty much the most fun I've gotten out of having it. It's freaking huge and I prefer a little smaller, more homey feel; but Lee loves it and it makes him happy so what can ya do." Raising a hand to get the attention of the NPC waitress that served them, the alchemist paid the bill and stood, beckoning Teion. "Let us be off bosom buddy~. I don't live far from here. Though it is a bit outside of the safe zone technically." As the pair left the inn and began walking through Delilah Village, Piera glanced sidelong at her companion and asked, "I don't suppose you know of any good quests for around level twenty-ones, hm? Well I should be more specific: Level twenty-one healers. Though with your sweet ass trident and my new extra rank in my weapon skill, I'm up to eight whole damage." The alchemist seemed very impressed with herself, though she knew it was rather pitiful compared to most others.
  4. Piera chuckled and disagreed with his statement of 'deserving' first place. "You guys are just tooo popular. And cute. The cute helps." She nodded with a wise expression on her face before cracking into a smile again, enjoying his embarrassment over her parent jokes. When Telrenya showed confusion about said joke, the alchemist helpfully explained with glee, "I'd been joking with Jomei the other day when he invited me to the guild that he was like the dad since he's the leader of the guild and he's just so caring~" Poking the ginger in his midsection. "So that makes you the mom. Thus: guild parents." Glancing around, the brunette was beginning to realize that she was one of the few that were still wearing their formal clothes from the masquerade, though at least she wasn't wearing her mask anymore. Feeling more than a little overdressed and revealing, her shoulders hunched a little until she heard a loud female voice declaring, "Your sexy healer has arrived!" Cocking an amused eyebrow until she noticed footsteps approaching. Relaxing lightly upon seeing the young man approaching that looked a bit more nervous than she felt. Smiling warmly, the alchemist bowed her head in greeting. "Hello. Mhm, yep Jomei recruited me just a few days ago actually. It's good to meet you, Spencer." She offered her hand to shake. "Jomei seems very proud of all his guild members. I have to admit I'm excited to be in a guild with him again." The older woman chuckling lightly as she glanced over at the Irishman. "How do you like the guild and its members?" Green eyes wandering and glancing over the other players wandering around and mingling. It seemed that not everyone knew each other, or at least weren't overly familiar with everyone else just yet. Perhaps this was the first time they were meeting as a guild? Nodding at a passing fellow brunette, a young woman that she had a feeling might be older than she looked wearing twin tails, Piera attempted to squash her shyness and said, "Hi... I'm new to the guild. My name's Piera. What's your name?" After speaking with Kairi briefly, she noticed the door opening once more but didn't look until she heard Jomei murmur a familiar name, "Hm?" She perked up brightly, eyes tracking where Jomei was looking. "Oooo~" She cooed softly to herself with a grin. "Is Teion in the guild? I don't know the guy she's with, but my bet is that his name is Ryo? Please don't tell me it's Aereth." Though she doubted the latter. Not wanting to crowd the man, the brunette stayed next to Spencer and Telrenya as Jomei went over to greet him. She didn't catch most of the conversation but she got the gist. Apparently, this was Ryo's mansion and he was the one that got the party together. Piera was about to go over and tease Teion since Ryo had just left upstairs, but the butler that had been serving them approached and was speaking to her. She'd just wait for whatever business they had to be taken care of. Though she did give an excited wave. Biting her bottom lip upon seeing Teion also was dressed more casually, Piera gave a sigh and finally gave in. Swiping her menu open, the alchemist replaced her formal wear with something just a little more comfortable. @Kairi, @Jomei, @Telrenya, @Spencer, @Teion
  5. Piera

    [PP-F3] Old Friendship Rekindled

    "That would require effort. And a willingness to get out of the bed most days." Though her words were serious, her tone was fairly light, ending with a chuckle paired with a sigh. Squeezing her friend's hand back, Piera leaned forward a little, her elbows resting on the tabletop, adopting a more relaxed pose in her seat. Seeing Teion's grimace about her quip concerning the men in her life, the brunette adopted a contrite expression. "You'll have to sort it out eventually you know. It's best for you all. But that's for another day." Not intending to push the issue now by any means. Smirking at the blacksmith's comment about doing something 'more fun', she couldn't resist ribbing, "Whaaat? What could possibly be more fun than pouring out our whole sad stories to each other?? Y'know besides...literally anything else." The sarcasm was possibly oozing from her even with her wide grin, shaking her head before perking up at the mention of 'teaming up'. But nearly just as quickly, Piera seemed to wilt slightly. "I'd love that to be honest, but..." The older woman seemed distinctly embarrassed as she explained, "Well I mean you're on my friend's list...you can see my level." It was over a dozen levels lower than Teion's. "I mean I guess there might be a few things we could do, but mostly I'll probably just slow you down or be a liability." She shrugged with an understanding smile, pretty much used to being the lowest leveled player out of all of her friends since she spent the majority of her time in her shop or at home. She didn't even have to fight to get the majority of her materials since she kept getting donations or customers paying for their items with materials. But still, it hurt to realize that she couldn't have that same camaraderie that she used to share with Teion when they used to game together. Blinking in surprise at the violette's sudden outburst of the rather obvious statement, Piera's eyebrows raised in question before chuckling as she replied, "Last time I checked, yup." As said alchemist was stared at rather intently, her gaze shifted to the sides in mock nervousness before a loud, "PFfffff-" erupted from her at the 'innocent' question. "Oh, that doesn't sound suspicious at all Tei Tei~ What, planning on drugging your boyfriends and need help? Haha." Leaning her chin on her hand, Piera hummed in interest as her companion explained. "Ohh, sure sure! Anything fer you, hun~" Slipping a wink in before stating, "I'm about rank six now so I should be able to see the stats unless you somehow picked up a unique potion or something. But I wouldn't be able to do it here." Gesturing to the inn/tavern that they were sitting in before stating, "I think I left my Potioneer's Kit in my workshop at home though... If you want, we could walk over and look at them there? I live on this floor. Or we could do it some other day." Giving her friend an out so she wouldn't pressure her.
  6. After the mostly unsurprising victory of Telrenya and Jomei getting first in the Valentine's Day event 'best couple contest', Piera got a sudden message from a person named 'Hestia'. Apparently, the message went out to all of the Holy Dragon Alliance guild members and Piera was excited to meet the other people that Jomei had recruited and made his own. Begging Lee to let her just go to this quick meeting, he grudgingly allowed it, asking Jomei to look out for her and said he'd see if there were any other Valentine's things around that he could win in the meantime. Even as excited as she was to meet the rest of the guild, Piera still felt an ugly twinge of guilt at leaving her own fiance on Valentine's Day. Even if it was only for a little bit. She'd try to make it up to him later. It was nice to dress up with him and dance though. And show him off of course. The brunette smiled to herself before realizing she should probably un-attach herself from Jomei's side. That was easier said than done though as her shyness still had yet to abate. Perhaps it was due to the fact that she no longer was wearing her masquerade mask, but perhaps not. It was one thing at the Valentine's ball when she had Lee at her side the entire time and only spoke with people she already knew! This was entirely different. She felt like she was at school again, goodness. Well, at least she knew Jomei. And Telrenya now by extension...sort of. Speaking of which, "Congratulations again you two. You guys deserve it. So you're totally the guild's reining parents then, right? If not by age then at least popularity! Hehe." She took a bite of oatmeal raisin cookie, relishing the pastry as she hadn't eaten anything at the masquerade, having been too busy mingling and dancing.
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    [PP-F3] Old Friendship Rekindled

    Eyes raising up from her lightly purring familiar, Piera blinked with glassy eyes as Teion stood, bangs falling over her eyes. Before she could ask anything, the violette was drawing her into a hug and upon hearing her friend's choked voice, the tears began to spill over even though her expression stayed the same for a moment before crumpling and then smiling sadly, hugging the other woman back with trembling hands. "Me too. Me too." She understood what couldn't be properly conveyed in words or even a neat sentence. Sniffling as Teion pulled away, the brunette pushed up her glasses to wipe away the moisture, letting out a wet chuckle at the curse. "Hey, I don't mean to put you on the spot Tei. Trust me, the hug spoke volumes." Even though her eyes were watery, a genuinely happy smile shined on the freckled woman's face. Reaching to take the blacksmith's hand, Piera's thumb rubbed over her knuckles. "Don't apologize. I'm just as guilty." She gave an extra squeeze of her hand to assure her friend of that truth. Though at Teion's suggestion the alchemist could only bark out a laugh. "I'm pretty sure that'd have the opposite effect if the friends are us. At least together. We're almost mild mannered apart, but together?" The brunette gave a coy wink at the girl before finishing, "Unstoppable. ...And possibly terrorizing. But hey, more fun that way, right?" Breathing in deeply with a softer smile now, green eyes glanced down before meeting blue as she stated, "It really is great to talk with you again." Realizing finally that they were still holding hands, Piera pulled hers away with a breathy chuckle. "Goodness, look at me. Can't help but try to steal you away from whoever you're with. Good thing your new guy...'s...aren't around."
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    [PP-F3] Old Friendship Rekindled

    Green eyes stared into the glass of her iced tea, stirring idly as she considered if she should censor or gloss over anything. But Teion had been honest with her...shouldn't she pay her back the same respect? Even though it felt like scratching an old scab, Piera opened her mouth to tell her part. "About...frick I think it's been a little over two years now. I don't know if you ever heard of a guild called the Velvet Room before, but a friend of mine started it. Lowenthal. Well and his best friend, Jomei. They invited Lee and I to join but Lee's too...iunno, 'lone wolf-y' to accept. I think he thinks not being in a guild is his guild, heh. Anyway, we got a little bigger over the months and we were holding a Halloween party two years ago. The party isn't really the important part but anyway, Lee and I were on our way home after everything wrapped up and someone called out to us. They were dressed up so we couldn't see who they were, but..." The bespectacled woman gave a wry smile, "We didn't think we needed to worry about anything. So stupid..." "As soon as we were focused on him, we were hit from behind and Paralyzed. Used teleport crystals to warp us to the fourth floor. Fuckers had a whole abandoned fortress to themselves. They made us give over all our equipment but we'd left everything at home. Were just wearing our costumes. Turns out they ran an entire operation." She explained matter-of-factly, as if she were removed from the past she was talking about. "Not like a kidnap and extort kind of thing, no. They only captured crafters. Had dozens of others already. They started kidnapping pairs recently I found out, so they could threaten them with their friend's or lover's life. There were a lot that simply didn't care if they threatened their own lives anymore." The alchemist shrugged, taking a long draught of cool liquid as she moved on. "I learned that lesson the hard way." Finally she began to show a little bit of emotion as he grip on the glass tightened. "You see Lee and I were in a party. We always are actually. So we can always see each other's stats and health. And know that they're okay." Her voice broke a little at the last word before licking her lips and continuing, "They brought his health down into the red repeatedly until I was completely complacent. And so I crafted...day in and day out. The perfect little potion making slave. For....about five months according to Jomei. Didn't even know what was going on during that time. Least not until I saw my guild symbol disappear from next to my health bar when Lowe disbanded the guild. Nobody was allowed to open up their menus y'see. Couldn't have anyone try and call for help. Pretty much thought that was it. I mean if my guild couldn't find me...who else would even notice or care?" A small smile twitched at her lips though as she met Teion's eyes and tried feebly to joke, "And then I died, The End...heh..." Knowing it was in poor taste, Piera continued as she poked at Jareth's paws, the owl griffon beginning to doze from all the talking. "Obviously we survived. The very guild members I thought abandoned us were the ones to rescue us. Not sure exactly how they found us and never got a chance to ask. But Lowenthal extracted me and Jomei got out Lee and we never looked back." Leaning back in the chair with a shrug, "After that it's kind of a mess. Lee and I were pretty messed up emotionally. And I was having a hard time trying to go back to my profession. Kept having flashbacks, felt wrong. Another friend, Mack, tried to get me to go out and be more social but didn't really work out. Was just awkward. Wasn't ready yet." Her mouth opened again to speak about Jomei's troubles but that wasn't her story to tell and not relevant truly so skipped ahead. "Vented to another friend of mine." She internally debated whether to name said friend or not before her mouth saved her the trouble, "Opal. Vented to her and we had a long talk for a while. Last I saw of her. Apparently she and another player, Oikawa killed Ssendom and Zelrius right before a floor boss raid. Not sure if anyone's seen them since. Dom and Zel were my best customers. Shop kinda dried up after that. Pretty much just stuck to ourselves me an Lee. Lee and I, I mean." The older woman corrected herself grammatically with a shrug. "We had a lot of issues to work on. And yet we didn't. Just hid away. Depression makes it really easy to just ignore things. Shut everything out. I'd seen that Lowenthal wasn't on my friend's list anymore but my mind just...glossed over it. Things finally came to a head and Lee and I just blew up at each other. Our first big fight in six years. Made me realize I needed to make a change. Take in reality. Went to the Monument of Life. Finally took time to mourn. That's where I met Shield. He's a good guy. Beatbox came in later. Apparently he knew of Lowenthal. Learned how Lowenthal died there too. PKed by Ariel. B!tch tried to play it off as suicide apparently. Nobody called her on it. Even when the truth was revealed, nothing was done. Either everyone didn't want to start trouble, weren't strong enough or just didn't want to take away another strong player away from the front lines." Her head shook, tears making the green of her eyes shine brighter at the injustice of it all before a sudden laugh burst from her. "You wana talk soap opera, the woman who killed him was the fiance or wife of his protege, Hikoru. Who apparently hadn't suspected a thing." Head continuing to shake back and forth like a bobble head before she sniffled and took off her glasses to wipe her eyes under the guise of rubbing her entire face. "Anyways, wasn't long after that that I got a message from Jomei calling for help. He'd been captured by the same b@stards that'd got Lee and I but managed to escape. Had to break the news to him about Lowenthal's death. Then Jomei's girlfriend shows up and says she's with the b!tch that killed him! Just...ugh.." Fingerpads rubbed her forehead as Piera's elbows supported her weight over the table. "Reconnected with Lee and made up. Let Jomei crash in our newly acquired Manor, made a new friend, went on a few quests, reconnected with an old friend~" Her foot nudged Teion's as the brunette gave her companion a genuine but slightly haggard smile. "And here we are." Then laughing again she stated, "And that wasn't even my life story! Just the last two years, hehe.....ahhh..." Piera ran her left hand along Jareth's back repetitively.
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    [PP-F3] Old Friendship Rekindled

    Piera smiled around her mouthful of pancakes and nodded, sliding the extra fork over to the violette since Jareth certainly didn't need it. He was picking up tiny bits of syrup soaked pancake with his beak easily, swallowing them whole. The alchemist similarly tucked in as she patiently awaited Teion to find where to begin. When she mentioned a former coworker, Piera paused a moment, eyes squinting slightly as she thought back before then nodding in sudden remembrance as her friend described him further. "Oh snap. Guess the game drew in a lot more people than we realized." Nodding along as she listened, the brunette attempted to suppress a snort as Teion called her past boyfriend Beatbox stubborn. She'd only met him but twice but she had definitely gotten that impression. When the blacksmith reached the part about how she learned of his death though, Piera's eyebrows raised faintly in surprise. "Shield?" She echoed softly before smiling sadly. "I'm glad. I probably don't know Shield as well as you." At least in some respects... "But I know he's a great person. And who better to lean on than a tank, right?" Offering her friend a kind smile at the gentle tease. "Don't be ashamed about needing a little help for a while. Everyone has low points." Taking another bite of pancake, Piera began to smile as Teion said that things were okay after that low point but of course there was a 'but'. There always seemed to be. And it seemed that the 'but' was also a 'butt', her optimistic smile quickly turning into a frown. This Aereth sounded a whole lot f%#&ed up himself and just dragging Teion down with him. And she was dating him?! Upon that revelation a long silent pause stretched until her friend mentioned 'other guy', at which the brunette barely managed to keep from cursing aloud. Though these accounts were bringing a slight smile to her lips. She was liking this 'Ryo' guy a whole lot more, though that might change once she met him. I mean he was going after a clearly taken girl, but maybe he knew she wasn't that into this 'Aereth'. Wiping a bead of syrup clinging to Jareth's beak, she took another bite with raised eyebrows and began to piece things together. The whole 'spending more time in a tavern' thing, as well as the fact that it had been for two weeks, was throwing up all sorts of red flags and sirens and what have you for Piera, having been there before. Taking a moment to try and consider what next to say or how to approach the situation delicately, Teion lightened the mood considerably, huffing about how her life was a Korean drama. Snorting and chortling, the alchemist tried covering her mouth before giving up and just laughing whole heartedly and commenting, "I like how it's specifically Korean drama. Not just any drama." Shaking her head in disagreement with what Teion was saying next, Piera retorted, "Hey, at least you got strong enough to even get to the front lines. I don't think Lee and I ever will. Don't be so hard on yourself. You gotta take care of yourself before you can push forward, right? It'd be dangerous otherwise. For you and for your teammates. But most importantly.... For your heart~" She slapped on an extra sweet tone, making a heart shape with her hands as she blew a kiss to her friend and laughing. "And maybe other lower areas too hahaha." "Seriously though, if you're having doubts, you're having them for a reason, right? Think of it this way though. Say Ryo never confessed or kissed you, or maybe you never even met him. Would you still want to continue your relationship with Aereth? Just because it's happening at the same time doesn't make it wrong. Think about what you want, and if you can't figure that out, then just try going step by step on what you do know. What's your opinion on Aereth? Do you see you guys still together in the future? Do you want a future with him? It's okay if it was just a fling or just not that serious of a relationship. But you gotta stay true to yourself." The older woman nodded sagely, feeling very wise and yet also very old. Taking a chance, Piera reached over the table to put a hand over Teion's. "Seriously, you don't have to bottle all of this up." Offering her friend a crooked smile she asked, "Doesn't it feel so much better to be open and vent?"
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    [PP-F3] Old Friendship Rekindled

    Lifting up her iced tea, Piera chuckled and replied, "You're welcome too. Not like it's getting much other use. Though we have actual guest rooms that are more comfy." Nodding thanks tot he waitress that set down Teion's drink and the plate of pancakes, butter melting atop the fluffy circles of deliciousness as she began pouring syrup over them. Jareth began perking up as the smell reached him, his feathered ears rotating forward as he inched closer, his neck extending. "Hold on, hold on." The alchemist consoled as she began cutting up a bit of the pancakes into bite sized pieces so her familiar could scarf down. "You're welcome to some if you'd like. This is way too much for just me an him." If she just focused on simple motions and what was right in front of her it was easier to deal. And so when Teion offered her platitudes about Adachi, she smiled sadly and nodded, petting her familiar idly as she waited to see the other woman's response about what she said. It somewhat surprised her to hear that she was trying to forget about it, until the brunette remembered that the couple hadn't even been dating long likely. It still didn't make it that much better, but perhaps her deep seated fear for her friend was a bit over-scaled. Letting out a breath of air, "There always seems to be a lot of $h!t to deal with in SAO. C'est la vie." Stabbing a chunk of pancake, the woman shoved it into her mouth with a sigh, chewing and savoring the sweet treat. At the question posed, Piera raised an eyebrow and the other soon followed before somberly considering and swallowing. After a tense moment of weighing the pros and cons before quietly replying with a shrug, "....I will if you will."
  11. Piera

    [PP-F3] Old Friendship Rekindled

    Lifting up two open hands as a show of peace, Piera smiled with a shake of her head and replied, "I totally get it, I was in the same boat in the end, didn't even stick around for the end. And I'm glad you liked the costume. Maybe you can use it at some other event. Or privately, I won't judge." She teased her friend with a wink, feeling a faint spark of their old teasing. At least until she remembered the entire reason why she wanted to check up on her friend in the first place. How long should she beat around the bush? Should she not force her? She felt like she was much better at this in the past. Trying to cover up her own social incompetence, the alchemist ate some more of her soup, Jareth drinking up some occasionally. Pursing her lips as Teion referred to what she was going through as a 'slump', she tried to push it aside for a sentimental smile as she nodded in agreement to the statement that they should do stuff like this more often. "We should. Gah I feel like an old white lady just saying that. But seriously, we should." An actual genuine smile began to grow at the violette's friendly jab. "Hah, but I feel like Batman~ I should show you around sometime. I'll bet you won't want to leave. But that would defeat the point, huh?" Setting down the spoon in her hand, Piera let out a long sigh, watching as other players filed out after finishing their own meal, leaving just themselves and NPCs. "In the spirit of...friendship and honesty there's a reason I've been so cloistered away." Pursing her lips before licking them, the brunette decided to not completely disclose everything that had happened. But the relevant things at least. Jareth lounged on the table to her left as she clasped her hands, eyes lowered as she gathered her courage to start, "A ... A very close friend of mine that I'd made in SAO was murdered a while back. It, uh, was actually before we met here (in Aincrad I mean...of course) but I hadn't really processed it yet. His name was Lowenthal... Was actually my guild leader for a while before he went to the KoB, but that's not the point." She realized she was rambling and had thus far managed not to get emotional. "Th-The point is...I learned recently from a friend that-" She swallowed once more before charging on and finishing, "that Beatbox had died." Piera's eyes finally flicked up to meet her friend's with understanding and empathy swimming in them. "I'm so sorry Teion."
  12. Piera

    [PP-F3] Old Friendship Rekindled

    For a moment there when Teion said that she would get a drink, Piera wondered just exactly what kind of drink her friend might order, but certainly wasn't about to judge. It was just a strawberry lemonade though. Taking a sip of her iced tea as Jareth lapped at the soup, she considered the question posed to her. "Well if you ask Jomei or if I had anyone else to lie to, them, then oh yes, very very busy." Piera grimaced out a smile before shaking her head, "But no. Just...been trying to work through some stuff honestly. It's...hard...to try and.." The woman's sentence dwindled off with her mouth open, unable to articulate properly and realizing that she was starting off to a depressing start and so forced a smile. No, this wasn't about her. she was trying to reach out to see if there was anything she could do to comfort Teion, not the other way around. "Guess I'm just being shy and antisocial, heh. Same ol' same old." Speaking of being antisocial, jeez she felt awkward. It was just like she had tried to explain to Jomei, she just didn't know how to be herself anymore. How did she act? What would Piera say or do in this situation? She just wasn't sure any more. But she could try. "I've pretty much been holed up in our manor, I don't even open my shop every day any more." Honesty. That was a start. Nothing too depressing. But how to turn it around to Teion without making her feel pressured? Fussing with one of Jareth's feathers, Piera brought up, "I'm sorry we didn't get to see each other at Halloween. I didn't end up staying for very long. There was just a lot of people and...a lot of memories." It didn't help that it was the Halloween before last when herself and Lee had been kidnapped. She had kept looking over her shoulder and latched onto Lee's side for the entire night.
  13. Piera

    [PP-F3] Old Friendship Rekindled

    It wasn't long after she'd finished sending off the short message to Lee when the waitress returned and placed a bowl of soup topped with croutons and shredded cheese oddly enough. "There you go ma'am, one onion soup, enjoy. The rest of your meal should be done soon." Piera nodded her thanks, before picking up a spoon and offering a spoonful of the liquid to Jareth. The owl griffon sniffed at it hesitantly with suspicious wide eyes before taking a sip and deeming it non-toxic and semi-satisfactory. Before promptly stealing a crouton. "Oi you, leave some for me." Hearing the bell of the door open, her head turned once more automatically and this time actually saw a familiar figure. At first she wasn't sure if it was truly Teion as the woman simply froze in the doorway. But then she began to approach and the alchemist had a better view of her old friend. Eyebrows slanting upwards in surprise and mild sympathy at the obviously awkwardly tension filled woman, Piera quipped back nearly word for word, "Hey Tei, also sorry about the whole, 'not talking to you for a long time' thing, heh." It wasn't like she hadn't done exactly the same as Teion, if not worse. Seeing that she hadn't taken a seat, the brunette offered, "Are you hungry? If not, we don't have to talk here if you don't want to. I can just get my stuff to go." Always leaving her an out. She knew how hard it was to be social again after a long period of absence and just wanted her friend to be comfortable. "And if you're worried about money, I got you." She tacked on as an afterthought. Belatedly, she realized that the outstanding blacksmith probably wasn't strapped for col. Didn't hurt to cover all the bases though.
  14. Piera

    [PP-F3] Old Friendship Rekindled

    Sipping on the sweet cool tea, Piera caught the attention of a simple but pretty NPC waitress, "Could I get a menu please?" The girl smiled and nodded, tucking a lock of hair behind her pointed ear before handing over a simple paper pamphlet. Spreading it out, the brunette scooped up Jareth and set him on her lap. "Alright buddy, go 'head n pick somethin' out. ...That won't break the bank." She tacked on at the end. The tiny griffon set his paws on the table and rested his head atop of them, his nose right over the pancakes. Huffing a laugh under her breath, she murmured to him, "Of course you'd pick breakfast for dinner, silly." Waiting for the waitress to come back around, the alchemist then ordered, "Could I have a stack of pancakes? And a bowl of whatever the daily soup is? Thank you." With that done, the brunette leaned back in the chair, glancing back at the door as she heard the bell jingle signaling it opening, but it was just someone leaving. Sighing, she ran a hand over Jareth's ears, giving them a scratch before sending off a message to Lee letting him know where she was now and what she was doing...or rather hoping to be doing, so he wouldn't worry.