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  1. Snorting at Lee's hilarious transition into safe for church wording, Piera's hand would raise to rest over one of his own as he rubbed her shoulders reassuringly. Turning slightly to look over her shoulder at her love's giddy expression as she mentioned the fountain on floor ten, the brunette beamed and knew her suggestion was a good one. "It's an NPC title, if not a job class. Though I'm sure if we wanted to, we could get a player to marry us. Not anyone I would want to though." Shrugging the notion off, the alchemist's expression became a thoughtful grimace as she gave the NPC in front of them a once over. She didn't have any particular problem with him...just that he was a little young perhaps? And...boring. Oh well. Chuckling a little at Lee's mention of her 'witch-like ways', Piera shook her head, "Sadly, not this time. I haven't done enough quests and explored enough to know very many cool NPCs. Assuming you also are in the same predicament... I guess we'll have you marry us, Priest..." Piera paused a moment with wide eyes as she tried to recall his name before finally recovering with a smile, "Aria." Said NPC nodded with a benevolent smile and replied, "I would happy to officiate your union. There is also still the matter of your rings. There is an acquaintance that has a shop nearby that you can give your specifics to." A new quest update popped up on the couple's head's up display detailing the mentioned shop's location. "Thanks. We'll go check that out now. See you at the wedding!" Catching Lee's hand, Piera turned and walked out of the cathedral and out into the hustle and bustle of the Starting City, following the quest marker.
  2. Eyebrows raising in surprise as Lee stated that he actually knew one of her guild members, Piera then smiled as further edited the list. "Awesome. And actually, that makes ten. Giving Hestia a plus one, I'm ninety-nine percent sure that she'll bring her girlfriend Kimi who's also a guild member. SO! We've got Hestia, Kimi, Jomei, Telrenya, Shield, Beat, Teion, Ryo, Spencer aaaand Calrex." Beaming with that hurdle completed, the spectacled woman turned back to the NPC who was still patiently waiting for them to acknowledge him with a passively benign smile. "Okay, so we'll go for the medium-sized wedding. Just ten people. And no food bonuses, but enough to feed twelve people." Frowning lightly with thought, she asked the NPC, "Is that everything?" The blonde Priest asked in reply, "Where would the two of you like to be wedded? Would you like your wedding to be accessible to everyone? And would you like me to perform the ceremony? If not, I can help you find someone else more suitable for you both." Becoming just a little stiff as she realized the connotations behind 'accessible to everyone' would be, Piera jerkily shook her head negatively. "Invite only. Nobody we know anymore is a PK anymore, so it's fine." Becoming just a little depressed as she remembered the few PKs they would have invited were they alive. But she tried to focus on the here and now as well as the positives. "Um, actually I had an idea about the place." Glancing at Lee with a hopeful smile to see what he thought. "On floor ten there's a huge Cathedral in Taft, but more importantly, in front of it, there's a biiig fountain. And it kinda looks like the Mac Anu fountain." Her green eyes were bright as she recollected where they had met. They had actually both met in a game somewhat similar to SAO called, [The World]; a virtual reality MMORPG that had come out less than a decade or so ago. Shaking herself out of her reminiscing, the brunette asked her partner, "Do you have any preferences of...nn what's the word? Clergy...person?" Shrugging she just straight up asked, "Neither of us are very religious, but I'll go with whatever you'd prefer." Knowing that he was possibly just slightly more religious than herself.
  3. Nodding in understanding to the reasoning behind his decision, Piera noted the maid of honor and best man. And then huffed a laugh as she received a message from the former. She didn't reply just yet though, not entirely sure the answer to the question that had been posed. Looking back at Lee as he pointed out that going any larger than ten people would cost them an extra one thousand Col caused her to grimace. With a sigh she explained, "It's not that I don't care, just that I don't know most of them. Don't know Ruby, Hestia, Kimi, Jevi or Kairi. Just Jomei, Telrenya, Spencer and kind of Ryo. Teion knows him. Pretty sure that's who she's gonna have be her plus one. And Shield isn't in the guild but I want to invite him as well. And pretty sure he'll bring his husband." Running her hands through her hair with a sigh, the alchemist rattled off, "So really I just want Jomei, Telrenya, Spencer, Shield, Beat, Teion, Ryo, and Calrex. And that's eight." Resting her figuratively overheating head against his shoulder, Piera asked, "Anyone you want to invite? We still have two spots free to make for ten."
  4. Nodding her thanks as a butler approached distributing drinks, Piera wondered if the NPC came with the house or if perhaps Ryo had to pay him wages or do a quest to obtain his services. Something to ask later she supposed as she sipped on the drink. It wasn't her preferred flavor, but it was something to do. The various guild members at first were in pockets but now were coming together, talking amongst themselves. Though she was starting to piece together who people were via name-dropping, the brunette still felt a little out of place, though it was slightly reassuring to know that she wasn't the only one that didn't know everyone else in the guild. It seems there were a good couple of others that only knew half or fewer of the other members. Still, the older woman merely hovered behind her ginger friend, not really knowing what to say nor having anything to add to the conversations. It was a lot easier to breeze through mingling and chit-chat in the real world. Usually, if all else failed, she would have Lee to talk to until something happened or someone approached them. But maybe she should try and be a bit more proactive without him. Glancing around at all the people though, the spectacled woman immediately rethought that plan of action. Glancing up at the stairway where Teion and the party host had disappeared to, green eyes flicked about at the other guild members. After determining that she wouldn't really be missed while she checked in on her friend, Piera slipped away, one hand holding steady to the banister as she stepped lightly up the stairs. Just as she reached the top, a door to the left opened, Spencer exiting and looking rather...upset, to say the least. Not long after, Teion came out looking for him and walked off after the young man. Eyebrows raising slightly, the brunette began walking in their direction without thinking until she caught sight of Ryo on a bed through the open door. Pausing in front of the doorway, Piera glanced in the direction Teion had headed with a bite of her lip before deciding that the two probably needed to talk about something private and didn't need any outside interference. Running her free hand through the back of her hair somewhat awkwardly, Piera's eyes flicked back to the purple haired man and tried to smile, though it probably came off a little off with her embarrassment and social ineptitude. "Heeeyyy. Um, Ryo, right?" Pointing at him, as if to confirm that it was him that was 'Ryo' and not the bed or something. Because that made sense. Trying to pass over the already awkward situation she asked with genuine concern, "Everything alright?" Nodding her head in the direction that Spencer and Teion had disappeared. Remembering her manners finally, the alchemist blinked with wide eyes and touched her fingers to her forehead, narrowly avoiding actually facepalming herself. "Ah, jeez, sorry for being so rude. I'm Piera. A friend of Teion's." Then with a pause, she added, "And Jomei. He recently invited me to the guild. It's good to meet you." Her smile only slightly sly, attempting to play it cool. She had a feeling Teion wouldn't be happy if she made it seem like the violette talked a lot about him behind his back to her friends. Good or bad.
  5. Piera

    [PP-F3] Old Friendship Rekindled

    "It's not all that fancy. At least more mansion-y than fancy in my opinion. Still has a little bit of rustic charm...but the hugeness kinda outweighs a lot of the charm once you're actually inside, heh." The alchemist would give a friendly wave to a small group of younger players loitering by the village border as they passed out of the safe zone. Glancing over at Teion who seemed to be deep in thought, causing a fond and somewhat playful smile to play on Piera's lips before she bumped her shoulder into the other woman's. "I can practically smell the virtual ozone layer decaying above your head." Chuckling at Teion's joke, the brunette replied, "You have no idea." Glancing down at her boots as they scuffed at the very worn pebble and dirt path they traversed on. Green eyes flicked back up to her companion as she made a comment about being glad that she was a support build. "Hah, you know me girl. Always gotta support!" Humming lightly in consideration to what was said, Piera frowned. "I mean, I am heavy armor, but I don't have a shield... I didn't really know what to build at first so I went with what I thought was cool at the time. Two-handed assault spear." Shrugging with a wan smile. "Shoulda gone one-handed hammer and a shield. But don't wana shell out the col to respec. Already rank two in my spear anyway. So I'm a damage dealing, heavy armor wearing, medic. Not the perfect support build, but it's been keeping me alive so far. Couldn't go full tank since I'm usually leveling with Lee who is pretty much the embodiment of 'tank'. Or at least aspires to be. Someone's gotta do some damage in our duo after all. Took it upon myself. Anyways~" She emphasized, realizing that she was rambling and cut to the chase, "I can heal you but I don't have Howl or anything to take aggro off of you." Shielding her eyes from the glare the sunlight put on the lake they were walking around, Piera considered the options the violette laid out for them. "I honestly haven't been above floor four. At least past safe zones that is. But Lee and I have been researching quests, trying to organize them in order of do-ability and which ones we'd even like to do. Lemme see..." The brunette's voice drifted off as she continued to walk the path that she knew by heart now as she navigated her menu and opened up her notebook. "Not Traveler, not this one. Hm, maybe? Eh I could probably do that one alone or with someone lower level... Looks like Blood in the Sand or Elvish Rivalries might be a better fit? Emphasis on the might. But what's this about a quest chain? Not entirely sure how much help I'd be, but I could give it a go." Looking up finally, Piera brightened upon seeing the profile of her home. "Ah! Here we are. C'mon Tei!" The alchemist picked up her pace, causing Jareth to fly ahead. "And here we have Winstad Manor. Though I rarely remember to call it by its name. Usually just 'the manor'. It's mainly a lot of empty rooms til we can afford to buy stuff to fill it in but we have the important ones! Master bedroom, spare bedroom, bathroom, living room, pharmacy and attic slash storage room." Holding open one of the large front doors for her friend, Piera asked, "Should we head straight up to my workshop?"
  6. Piera

    [PP-F4] Breaking Icecubes

    At his protestation that his head was too small to remember all of the people she mentions, Piera simply grinned before reaching up to rub her hand against the other side of his head. "I know, that's why I like it! So cute n compact." But when he would act like she was too lowly for him to share his wealth of female friends, the alchemist would gape, resting a hand on her breastplate in over-dramatic offense. "Sharing is caring, Lee. Sharing is caring." As he cracked a smile, she too would let out a light chuckle, always enjoying their jests with each other. Shrugging at Lee's admission, the alchemist admitted, "It took me a while to find it too. And by then I just assumed I was like the last one to discover it like always." Eyes following Babette's descent rather than where her partner was looking, she was distracted by the tiny boar's cuteness and couldn't resist giving her a pet or two before glancing up at Lee's question. "Hm? Oh. Yyyyeeeess? Why? No idea. But yes, yes it does seem to be...it can't be Avalanche, right? Oh god, what if there's like a swarm of them and all of them make Avalanche?" She was fairly sure that wouldn't be the case, but it was still a horrifying thought. As the odd monsters floated forwards, Piera squinted and made out the monster's name, "Ice Elemental. Let's get to it honey. Stay with Babette, Jareth." The griffon cooed before flapping off of her shoulder and resting next to the tiny boar. Twirling her new spear between her hands, Piera stated, "Let's get to it honey! Switch with me now?" ID 98311 | BD 10(+3) | Fatal Thrust: 3x10 = 30 Dmg [H:0] Lee: HP 260/260 | EN 26/26 | DMG 1 | ACC 0 | EVA 0 | MIT 40 [H:2] Piera: HP 420/420 | EN 39/42 | DMG 8 | ACC 3 | EVA 0 | MIT 26 Ice Elemental: HP 180/210 | DMG 63 | (-30 Dmg)
  7. Piera

    [PP-F4] Breaking Icecubes

    Flinching away with a smile as she laughingly received a flick to her forehead, Piera replied, "I thought you might've remembered me mention or talk about her! I just thought it was cool was all. Well...cool that I met her, not cool that we're uh...both here an all." Shrugging slightly awkwardly, the brunette would sigh along with her partner before tilting her head to survey him as he spoke about keeping his items and build. Letting out a smaller chuckle at his proclaimed need of girl friends, the alchemist nodded. "You have better luck than me on that front anyway. But sure, if she has any friends, I'll pass them along. We'll all go out and paint our nails and braid our hair. Chest hair in your case." Her eyebrows waggled over the frames of her glasses before shaking her head. That would certainly be a sight to see. Glancing in the direction that he then pointed, Piera nodded. But at Lee's comment, she blinked and stared blankly at him for nearly thirty seconds before realizing he was serious. "But...there is? I mean it doesn't say 'notepad' or anything, but you can bring up something like it. That's if you want to keep organized though. I mean if you just need a quick reminder or to jot something down, you could just send a message to yourself. Here, look." Piera stepped closer to her love, resting her back against his chest so he could see over the shoulder that didn't have a griffon occupying it as she swiped open her menu and navigated through a few tabs and folders before pointing at a rectangular icon. "That one. I sometimes write my thoughts or notes for my potions and recipes, materials that worked particularly well, stuff like that."
  8. Piera

    [PP-F4] Breaking Icecubes

    Shaking her head with an exasperatedly amused smile at Lee's bark of laughter, Piera would sigh, leaning her head to the side as she glanced at her shoulder where Jareth was perched. "See what I have to put up with?" As if the griffon didn't already know. Nodding in understanding at Lee's lack of complete recognition at the name she explained, "She always had the same avatar, the purple one? Umm, and I would stay up really really late voice chatting and gaming with her and her friends sometimes. On League. I don't think you ever played with her though. Not sure. Anyways, she's stuck in here like us and she's a really good blacksmith." Gesturing to the other woman's handiwork. "I'm thinking of trying to re-get to know her. Maybe go out and do some grinding or something." Shrugging, the brunette then smiled slightly shyly as she admitted, "It'd be nice to have a friend that's a girl again. Anyway, enough about all that. Aren't we supposed to be focusing on this quest?"
  9. Piera

    [PP-F4] Breaking Icecubes

    Piera snickered at Lee's immediate response to her calling him 'precious', knowing it was coming. She smiled contently after their kiss and nodded with pride and a huge grin as he called her a badass in a roundabout way. "All da damages~" She bragged, glad that she could now still heal but not be quite as useless and all without sacrificing valuable Skill Points that she wanted to save for putting into her First Aid skill. Col really could buy anything. Nodding again with a bit more seriousness at her love's conferment that they should indeed do the quest she had brought up, the brunette then rolled her eyes at the name he'd given her. "That pun...physically hurt me." She parried back, deadpan. Then life suddenly returned to her eyes as she brought up. "Oh! And guess who the blacksmith was?" Giving him a moment to spout out whatever likely completely wrong or silly guess before stating with a smile, "Tei Tei! Er, Teion! I know you didn't really play with her a lot, but still. I wouldn't have thought this would be her thing, but yeah." The alchemist shrugged, still kind of surprised at the discovery herself.
  10. Piera

    [PP-F4] Breaking Icecubes

    The fourth floor. A very important floor even considering how low leveled it was. But Lee was right. It was time to shake off the fear. They needed to progress. Especially if they were going to get anywhere close to being able to join the frontlines. Taking a deep breath, she gave Jareth one last pet and nuzzle before nodding and stepping up to the teleportation platform. "Snowfrost." She and her familiar were instantly materialized to another teleportation plaza, this one covered in snow, however. Jareth fluffed out his feathers for extra protection against the cold as he perched on her shoulder and Piera did her own equivalent, wrapping her armor's cape closer around her body, glad that the armor itself provided a good amount of warmth. Glancing up, she immediately spotted Lee and smiled warmly at the adorable sight of her love in full shield and armor with his new pet boar in the other arm. "You are so precious." The alchemist immediately stated as she approached him. Leaning down, she smooched the top of Babette's head before stretching onto the tips of her toes to give Lee a peck on the lips. "Oh, I got a new spear! Full points in damage for this one." Equipping the Adamantite Trident, she showed off the weapon before bringing up, "The blacksmith was nice. She suggested doing a quest that would help with the extreme weather. It's on the same floor as her shop. Floor five. Called The Traveler. Thought we could take it sometime later."
  11. "Haha! Well not sure about the 'bad', but definitely the 'full-metal @ss part! Hehe." Inhaling deeply and nodding as he declared that they would have to ensure that the two remaining monsters meet the same fate as the first, Piera exhaled with a determined nod. His attack would sadly miss, but she shook her head as he said his family would be ashamed, "Oy, you got this far didn't you? Yer mama didn't raise no quitter~" Seeing the two frosty elementals attack him once more caused her expression to harden and she finished, "And neither did mine." Once more her hand was at his shoulder to support him in more ways than one, enveloping them both in white healing light as his HP bar began to fill a little more, bringing him back out of the red and back into the yellow. Though with how things were going, who knew for how long. Mouth pursing in mild distaste, the alchemist wished there was a way for her to increase her healing. She'd just have to work her hardest to power through to tier two.
  12. "Wh-What 'boxness'?!" Piera retorted with a chuckle, then cupping his armored rump. "You're all curves baby~" Teasing him while being completely truthful, even if he refused to see her point. Sighing as he complained about her complaining, the brunette couldn't help but smile, conceding that he was winning. Eyes flicked over to the first elemental as it began moving again, the paralysis having finally worn off, but just as soon as it did, it shattered into many more tiny snowflakes and pixels as it died. "One less to worry about." Though it sure had taken them long enough. Focusing back on the third she huffed a humorless laugh at Lee's wish. "Oh is that all?" The alchemist asked with sarcasm. "Just a couple more times?" Even if she was a little exasperated at that, she knew they'd have to keep at it if they ever wanted to get this over with. So she refocused on the third monster once more and began another attack. This time running up closer to it and using 'Heft', swinging her spear upwards diagonally, spinning around and doing it once more for a critical attack. "Just gotta keep it up. Hang in there hun." Keeping a careful eye on Lee's healthbar.
  13. Piera

    (PP-F1-NK) It'll be alright (Piera)

    Piera's eyes narrowed ever so slightly as she watched him begin to shake his head, but then Jomei ceased and simply stood there for a moment, thinking presumably. Returning the warm smile he gave her after turning around, the brunette was glad she was able to provide this for him at the very least. "There's no reason you shouldn't." She stated before finishing, "And I'm glad to. We're glad to." Referring to Lee as well. "Lee brought it up as just for a place for you to immediately go after we found you but we talked and thought it might be better for you to stay as long as you need. Again, not like we're using this room anyway. And we definitely wouldn't mind you around." Though she chuckled about finding an abandoned mansion. "If you do, I'm going to start wondering where these things are coming from! But it's nice to have a place of your own. If you ever need help moving, y'know we'll be up for it." Though to be honest that was more of a joke considering nearly everything one needed could be transported in their inventory. The thought was there though. "You don't need to do anything you don't want to. Not entirely sure what all there is to do around this place anyway." Was dusting or cleaning a thing? Dirty dishes certainly weren't. The gentle pull into Jomei's arms was surprising, but far from unwanted. Face warming slightly at the touching movement, Piera's arms rose to hug back, a soft smile on her face that was for the most part hidden in his chest due to their opposing heights. "You could. But I'm glad that I'm helping. You're always welcome Nick. Whatever you need or want, whenever. Always." Thread Complete: +1 SP, 200 col Jomei +1 SP, 200 col Piera
  14. Even with such a serious subject matter as their own mortality, Lee could always make her smile, nay even laugh aloud, as he did a familiar joke of being a 'box ghost'. A wide grin spreading across her face, Piera was already dissolving into giggles. "Y-You f#&%er! You're not even remotely box-shaped! But you are too solid to be a ghost." Putting an accented emphasis on the latter word as she would poke his armor. "Haters gona hate?" She questioned rhetorically before frowning with a sigh as he stated that he would continue to keep earning hate and told her to kill them faster. Huffing a breath that ruffled her bangs upwards, the brunette complained, "You have a bigger lead!" But even so, she steeled herself for another attack, watching the elementals' movements as they continued their assault on the tank. At least all but one, still stunned even as it was getting closer and closer to death. Eyes flicking between the three monsters, the alchemist determined that the first would soon die on its own with little extra help needed and the second was fairly healthy still and paralyzed. The third, however, was knocked down a bit more and wasn't paralyzed. Focusing on that one, Piera gathered her energy, holding her spear much like a pool cue before releasing the sword art, 'Twin Thrust' and having her weapon shoot out at the giant snowflake, hitting it bottom center, the first strike cutting deep into its frosty exterior and the second knocking it off kilter, spinning it head over...well bottom she supposed, effectively stunning it. Smiling with subdued satisfaction, the woman glanced over at Lee and asked, "Better?"
  15. A little bit of her worry ebbed at seeing the strong reaction and attack from Lee. It was easier since she was here next to him and could actually do something to help rather than just watch his health bar dip lower and lower on her party screen. Expression becoming mildly exasperated and annoyed at his over the shoulder comment, the healer punched him lightly on his armored shoulder. "Maybe you should stop dying, HMM?" Biting her lip, she told him, "I'm going to heal you one more time just to be safe, okay? It looks like that first one is gonna die on it's own anyway. Then I'll focus on the last." Left hand resting gently on his shoulder, the white healing light enveloping him once more. Using the time, Piera glanced over at the battle stats and frowned. "Dangit Lee, stop getting all the Hate." She wished there was a way for her to gain more hate other than just attacking, but she didn't have Howl or any other tank skill to be able to do that. "I don't suppose you'd consider just not attacking for a bit?"