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  1. Giving the man's hand a firm shake, she heard out his request. Eyes narrowing in thought, wracking her brain trying to remember if she had that kind of potion...most of her tier two materials went into the best of her crafts, but Macradon had been fairly generous and she had bought some from Lee... Realizing that she was simply staring off into space and hadn't answered him, Piera explained, "Sorry, trying to remember what I have. Sometimes my crafts all just kinda blur together." Swiping open her menu, green eyes flicked over the contents of her inventory before brightening. "Aha! You're quite in luck." [Piera Traded 3 Rare Tier 2 Damage Potions to Sey] Smiling as she sent the trade off, the alchemist said, "I won't miss those much anyway. Most of the frontliners are pretty much Perfect items or nothing. And I promise you that your Ice Dream will go to a good cause." Starting to back away, the brunette raised a hand in a wave as she said, "I'll be sure to come back and actually buy something from you sometime. Drop by my shop on the third floor if you ever need anything." With that, Piera took her leave.
  2. Blinking at the correction, the brunette's ears reddened at her incorrect assumption and immediately apologized, "S-Sorry. Shouldn't have assumed. It's a good name. Your shop I mean. And yours!" Clearing her throat, the alchemist focused on what he was saying about pricing, wincing slightly at the material price for the kind of item she was looking for. She wasn't entirely sure what he meant about the frontlines, but assumed that he meant that he had different prices set for players fighting on the front lines of Aincrad. Many crafters did that, she was one of them, though she only did it when the battle against the floor boss was near. She was about to politely decline as she needed all of her materials to complete her orders when the white haired man commented on her tier. Pulling at the fringe of her bangs, Piera replied, "Yeah...I'm kinda low leveled. I pretty much just sit in my shop and craft the majority of the time. I'm not that great at combat." Perking up as he began to speak again, her eyebrows shot up above her glasses as he offered her the item for free, handing her a brightly decorated vanilla ice cream cone. Taking the cone out of instinct more than anything, green eyes flicked from the treat to the player who crafted it a few times before asking, "For free, are you sure? I could do a trade if you like. Er, for anything other than perfect items. I'm an alchemist by the way. Piera." She held out the hand not holding the Ice Dream to shake Sey's. "I have literal crates full of wacky potions and plenty of uncommon and rare items as well if you're interested." The ice cream was starting to look so good, she leaned closer to take a lick before realizing something and stopping herself. "Heh...should probably wait to eat it until I'm ready to craft." The healer inventoried the treat before it could melt (could it even melt) and looked at Sey expectantly.
  3. Piera had been exploring a bit more lately in between her long crafting sessions. Sometimes getting too into her craft made her a bit too introspective. Thinking of people who were no longer there and why. Sometimes it gave her more drive to craft or get more materials, but it wasn't always a good thing. So she tried to force herself to go out and explore the various cities, towns and villages that Aincrad had to offer. Lately she had been enjoying Taft. It was a bustling city and seemed to be a trade capitol, though she wondered how many crafters picked up and relocated here because of it. Perhaps it wouldn't hurt to look around and see for herself. Most of them seemed to all be talk and not that high ranked in their respective crafts. Perhaps the big city wasn't the way to go. Piera continued wandering around until she came across a rather humble looking shop and instantly took a liking to it. She always appreciated a more plain approach. Entering the shop labeled 'Halcyon's Keep', the woman's green eyes widened behind her glasses at the very modern (for Aincrad at least) appearance of the restaurant. Mouth slightly open as she looked around, she felt mildly silly in her fairly medieval dark purple dress. If she didn't know any better it was nearly like she had just stepped back into the real world. Blinking rapidly as she was greeted, "Welcome to the Keep. How may I help you today?" Piera closed her mouth with a swallow as her eyes flicked over to the speaker. The player was male, standing behind the counter of the bar and having a pleasant and demure smile that put her at ease. "Ah, hello there, Halcyon I assume? Um..." She hadn't really come for any particular reason but didn't want to admit that so wracked her brain for something. "Do you happen to have any items that could give buffs when you craft?"
  4. Flash sale at my shop for those about to fight Mothra. Any perfects I craft between now and the end of the start of the boss fight will go to you. Submit orders now while you can. First come, first serve. For now, no order can be more than two items per person unless ordering for an entire guild.

  5. Piera

    [F04] «The Essence of Steel»

    Taking this quest with @Shield's assistance.
  6. Piera

    [F03] «Worn out Welcome»

    @Nocturn and I will both be taking this quest.
  7. Will heal for Tier 2 Mats! ;A;
    Desperate Alchemist is Desperate...

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    2. Piera


      I have 0 Tier 2 mats xD

      I'm definitely up to do a mat gathering thread, gotta head to work now tho, but later tonight!

    3. Macradon


      I'm back down to 0 T2 Mats, I just gave all mine to you, now make my stuff.

    4. Piera


      Yessir! *salutes sharply*

  8. Piera

    Real Life Picture Thread

    Good xD Took long enough to find her. Piera is me after all, she needs ta look like me u.u Gotta admit I look a lil different now though. Longer hair n different glasses. But like the current FC too much to change it.
  9. Piera

    Real Life Picture Thread

    Damn, y'all are way too good looking o.o Da heck are you doing on here?? xD old pic of me an one of the few that I don't look terrible in.
  10. Healer for hire! Will heal and tag along for Mats! T~T

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      Oh my god Piera, hi! It's been so long!

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      Graaaaave! Too long.

      And don't let Baldur run you away! ;A;  I came back and there were far too few people I knew around/alive anymore!

    3. Grave


      Haha, I won't... two more people and I might >.> But yeah, a lot of the familiar faces have disappeared :/

  11. Have a variety of rolls in my alchemy shop that I haven't made into potions/crystals just yet. Give a message/reply if you'd like to call dibs or put in an order.

  12. Piera


    Happy Birthday sweetie~ Love you!

    1. Opal


      Happy Birthday Lee!!! I hope Piera is showing you a good time! rarw~ !!

  13. Guess who's a <<Griffin Tamer>>?  *points thumbs at self* This gal!
    Now just gotta finish the thread, choose my buff an get it approved! ^3^

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    2. Calrex


      That'd be awesome and fun! XD

      Also @Oikawa Roc's actually at the floor boss fight, but if course he's just a regular sized peregrine falcon, so he can't really help much other than giving me an accuracy bonus XD

    3. Zandra


      *On the school bus, in an hour from now -.-*

      Zandra dosent attack Rohk for more then her support role, but also since she cant make herself attacking eagles, she loves them. But Zita waiting outside, ready to help me find treasures after the battle :)

    4. Jomei


      *takes his sweet time replying*