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  1. "Hey, you never know. I find all kinds of new things on the daily in Aincrad. Though I'm not entirely sure just how portals work so I'm not going to be able to say if it would actually hurt. Man, pain scaling is a bit*h to understand in this game." He would answer Vigilon and then turn his attention toward the trees, aiming to see any movement of another animal or possible fight. Lee would listen as Dazia would explain in detail of the intricacies of talking with animals in a virtual world and Vigilon would agree that there is an unspoken knowledge between them. Lee never really thought much about it himself, he just treated most things like he would a dog. Get a happy enough voice, things tend to get muddled and it was then that he got lost in his own thoughts about dogs and puppies but was broken out of this daydream as Yinangi took off, saying that she had forgotten something and that she would return. Lee would simply watch as she would disappear from view and seeing as no one else had gone after her, he figured she was well enough on her own. He would turn his attention back toward the trees and aim to find what it was they were looking for.
  2. Lee would take in a deep breath and would wipe the imaginary sweat from his brow as Dazia and Vigilon both would assure him that there was no indication of the aftermath on him. He would then turn to Vigilon and reply. "Hey, you never know in games. Slappin a portal on an unsuspecting adventurer only for it to release some monster later on when everyone is unawares. That is the shi* that I don't like." Lee would follow the group as they continued the venture for the would-be familiar and another streak would appear though this time, it didn't attack them. Lee would lower his hand from his weapon as it seemed to be just a normal raven. Dazia would simply conversate with the creature and in the end, it would flap off in a direction that the party seemed to follow. "Cool, following birds. Unexpected but not unwanted." Benjamin would comment on the fact that talking to non-familiar animals was something he had not tried prior to which Lee would chime in. "Hey, never know till you try though, take it from me, it can end just as bad though. Some creatures just have bad days twenty-four seven."
  3. The armored player would make his way through the Town of Beginners as he tended to do, though this day was a tab bit more than wandering. Today he was wandering in search of someone or something if a person saw it that way. He was looking for a NonPlayer Character that he planned to get a quest from. He had been putting it off for awhile now and he figured that today would be as good a day as any for him to try and accomplish it. It was in the midst of his thoughts that he ran into someone which caused him to halt abruptly. He would look to another player he had run into that, at the first few moments was rather upset that they had crossed paths. Though, the tone shifted quickly and the player would talk about finding a man that went by the name Zackariah. Lee would place his hands on his hips as he would nod his head. "Actually, yes I will. Looking for the man myself. I assume you haven't had too much luck?"
  4. "Sweet, so we finally have that part out of the way. Now, what kinda cluster f-" He would pause quickly as he halted himself from saying the profanity as he looked around at the place he was at and would continue. "ffffffig newton." He would then listen as the brunette would talk to the priest about what else they needed and he would chuckle as she would speak of the food and needed a bit more for those that might eat a little over their weight class. As the priest would acknowledge them and then move on to where it was they would like to have the actual wedding and would it be an open type wedding. Lee would rub Piera's shoulders as she would stiffen at what he assumed to be the mention of PK accessibility and just shortly after she would look to him and tell him of the floor ten and a cathedral on it but to his enjoyment, she would also mention a fountain. His face would light up and he would practically beam at the thought of the previous game they had played together and the mention of the root town. "Oh, that! Totally That!" He would get almost giddy at the thought and it would be then that she would ask just whom they would want to wed them to which he would mimic her shrugging motion. "I... don't think that is a job class. I also ain't so sure on if I would trust anyone that much to do it justice. Might just keep the NPC and let him do it. Unless you can think of something else? Do you want to get some fairy king to do the work with your witch-like ways?"
  5. Lee would listen as Piera would contemplate just who would make the cut and the more she went on, the more it began to sound almost funny. Who was going to be cut was almost on par with who was going to be saved from the fires of hell. She would clarify that it was mainly that she didn't know the majority of them and thus, with the limited space, they had to be cut down. As she went through the names of the people she didn't know, Lee would snap his fingers at the mention of Hestia and comment. "Oh, I actually know her. We went on an outing a little bit ago and she showed me her shop. It was actually pretty nice, throw her on the list. She's good people." He would then think of the names that she had gone over, "That makes nine." He would then shrug his shoulders and continue. "At the moment, I got nothing but I'm sure that once we move past this and can't go back, I'll want to change my mind but for now, you get the last spot."
  6. {{OOC: HA! That was too perfect.}} Lee would let out a quick and singular 'Ha' laugh as Yinangi would make a comment on his earlier one which he couldn't keep his composure. Lee would turn to see the Raven wasn't about to give itself up so easily though. It lunged at Lee and as he rose his shield, nothing happened for a moment and just as he let it lower, the bird would shoot through him and come out the other side to which he would take a tick of damage and then spin around and point his sword at the area where the bird died. "Not cool yo! Not cool! That is some ghostly type stuff that I ain't awesome with." Lee would put away his sword and then look down at his chest as well as feel it over to see if there were any holes or marks and he would then try and look behind himself at his back, turning and twisting. "Nothing is wrong with my back, right? No dark marks or death streaks or foul portals breaching from unwanted places?" Everyone had basically decided on what everyone else had already planned on, continuing till the elusive Raven was captured.
  7. Lee

    [PP-F4] Breaking Icecubes

    Lee would simply turn his gaze to the lancer as she would rub the side of his head and he would scowl. "You shush it, lady." The woman would then seemingly take great false offense to his lack of sharing. He would take his sword and wave it off to the side as if to shove away from her words. "That seems a whole lot of not my problem." They would both begin to chuckle at their antics to which would make the overall mood, even more, the enjoyable. "I will have to throw some notes of people I like and don't like on there. For my eyes only." He would then look at their familiar's, hers and then his own and as Piera would speak of a hoard of the monsters like the one before them and it being the quest to which Lee would give way to pause. "God I hope not." She would then say for her familiar to stay on his own as Lee would draw his sword outward and shift his arm so that his shield would tighten against the back of his arm. The spear user would lunge forward with a sword art and strike firmly against the Ice Elemental and then call for a Switch to which Lee would nod his head. "Switch!" Lee would then lunge forward and let his sword come down to slash down against the monster with a successful switch with his partner. The Ice Elemental would hover forward toward the two players, only to be met with a spear to its face, scraping against it hard. It would shutter and before it could realize what was happening, a sword strike would slash down it as well, nowhere near as hard as the spear but it seemed to be more angered at the tank than the spear user. It would begin to shake violently and throw itself forward, slamming itself into the tanks chest and then bouncing back into a hovering position. ID 98716 | BD 7 MOB 7 DMG: 1+14(THRN)= 15 [H:3] Lee: HP 237/260 | EN 26/26 | DMG 1 | ACC 0 | EVA 0 | MIT 40 (-23 Dmg) [H:0] Piera: HP 420/420 | EN 39/42 | DMG 8 | ACC 3 | EVA 0 | MIT 26 Ice Elemental: HP 165/210 | DMG 63 | (THRN) (-15 Dmg)
  8. ((ooc: MIT was messed up but only by a bit, hadn't taken any damage or anything so it is kay. I fixed it.)) Lee would watch as the Shadow Raven would miss him and dive into the ground or to be more specific, into the darkness and shortly after, firing out back into the air. Though, to its dismay, it was greeted by Dazia striking it with a sword skill which would cause Lee to let out a whistle. "Nice." It would be thrust back into a tree which looked like an ink splatter which would cause Lee to burst into a laugh but he would just as quickly muffle the chuckle. It was in the midst of this chuckle that Vigilon aimed to attack but as he missed, the sword he was holding would be released and find itself in stuck into a tree which Lee would turn to look at the sword and then to Vigilon, back to the sword and then to Vigilon once more. "Well, showed that tree who is boss." Benjamin would be the next to land a successful attack on the Raven and would aim to rally as well as wake everyone up to which Lee would pull his sword back and nod his head. "Let's see if we can do that." Lee would watch the Shadow Raven as it would move around in the air, not wanting to strike at shadows yet again. He would charge forward and raise his sword high and as he brought it down, it would spark and a line of crimson along the blade's edge and slam across the Raven and then crash into the ground. "Awesome!" Lee would then look back toward the group. "Well, that should be that." ID# 98604 BD: 10 [2] Dazia: HP 160/160, EP 14/16 | 14 MIT | 5 Base DMG [5] Lee: HP 260/260, EP 16/26 | 40 MIT | 1 Base DMG | 2 Bleed | 2 Battle Healing Per Turn | 2 Thorns [2] Vigilon: HP 400/400, EP 36/45 | 9 MIT | 7 Base DMG | 1 EVA | 1 Bleed | 1 Recovery [3] Benjamin Bookworm: -HP 240/240, EP 18/24 | 3 Base DMG | 1 ACC | 3 EVA Enemies: Shadow Raven: HP 3/80, 24 DMG {Stun Immunity: 1 Turn} {Bleed on Enemy Turn: 12 Damage}
  9. Lee

    [PP-F4] Breaking Icecubes

    "Hoe, you know how much you talk about people? What in gods name do you think would make you think that I would keep all of those things in my head?! It isn't that big." He would say, rubbing the side of his head as if to find it judgemental. As she would then ask to share his spoils he would turn his head up in an egotistical fashion whilst waving his shield in her general direction as if to dismiss her "Psh, begone with your begging peasant. I haven't the time for that ugly word. Sharing." He would say this with a serious face but would then crack as a smile would appear on his face as she would place herself against his chest to show him what it was she was speaking about. He would lean forward and tilt his head to take a closer look and would then let his eyebrows raise and nod his head "Well I'll be da*ned. Never noticed that." He would then let his attention raise to see movement in the snow, moreover, something shimmering that looked to be a giant snowflake. He would lower Babette to the ground as he would draw his sword and nod his head forward "That is a giant floating snowflake face...right?" Ice Elemental- HP: 210/210 Damage: 63 Lee's Stats- Piera's Stats-
  10. Lee

    [PP-F4] Breaking Icecubes

    Lee was rather happy with himself as Piera had to look to her animal companion for some sort of solace and for him, that was a win. It was then that the brunette aimed to try and give Lee a better image of whom it was that she was talking about. He would know of the game she spoke of though the player would be a bit vaguer. There were a lot of people that they played with and some of them mixed together and some were to each of them. As she spoke of him not playing with her, he would flick her on the forehead "Then what the hell makes you think that I'd know her?!" He would let out an elongated sigh as he would look at her spear to which he would shake his head "I think it'll be a while before I ever actually change my items. Simple and hasn't failed me yet and hey, I need to have some girl friends too." He would chuckle as she would then chime in that they actually had a reason to be here. "Oh yeah." He would point his shield in the direction that he assumed to be correct "Let's try this way." He would say this in an unsure manner but in all seriousness, he knew where the boss was supposed to be and had aimed to try and memorize it. That was the tricky part was the trying to memorize part. "I wish SwordArt had a notepad feature."
  11. Lee

    [PP-F4] Breaking Icecubes

    Lee would chuckle lightly at the comment of her having all of the attack power to which he would also nudge her with his elbow in a joking manner. It was nice that she was aiming to further things and try to make up for some shortcomings. The armored man was more or less content with everything he currently had, maybe a few more skills but for the most part, he was okay with not being able to actually do much damage on the basic level. He would come back to reality as she spoke of being assaulted and he couldn't contain the sudden, loud but short burst of laughter with the complementary head thrown back for a bit more of a flare. He would calm down quickly as she seemed really excited about just who it was that she had gotten the weapon from and brought up Teion to which it would ping in his head but nothing would actually come from it aside from a name "Teion. The name rings a bell but I'm not sure if I know her like you think that I do. I think. Any more details to go off of than that?"
  12. Lee

    [PP-F4] Breaking Icecubes

    Lee would turn his attention toward the summoning platform to which he would pause in thought for a moment. "Would it be summoning or teleporting? Is there a difference?" He would say to himself prior to the brunette materializing. Lee would raise his shield up in a makeshift wave to the woman as she moved closer. She would call him precious to which he would instantly snap back "I am Not a stripper!" He would watch as she greeted Babette and then he would lean down just a bit so that their lips would meet without hindrance. She would then talk about a new weapon and would show him a trident and talked of its more offensive capabilities to which he would let out a whistle "Oh me, oh my, looks like we got ourselves a bada*s over here." He would chuckle and then continue "I've been thinking about that quest myself and figured that the skill you get would come in handy, something else we should look into after this if you feel up to the task lil miss aquaWOHman."
  13. Facing one's fears, conquering the demon within and aiming to better oneself. These were things that, while not in the forefront of Lee's mind, were still there. He rarely held these things at all but in the past months, things had happened that shifted just how he saw some things. So, it was time to put em down. He decided that he would need to define and give them something that could at least give him some sort of bravery. The fourth floor held nothing of interest too him and even more so, it held nothing but horrid and painful memories that only seemed to get worse the longer time passed. So, in order to face this bullsh*t, he would start visiting the cursed lands for actual reasons and accomplish those reasons. That way, the more positives he gained, the less the negatives would hold weight. Lee would appear in the snow-covered town in his usual attire of full plate with his shield already attached to one arm and the other held his familiar Babette in his underarm. He had gotten information of a boss on this floor that, with his stats along with at least one other, it shouldn't be too hard of a problem but the main thing that enticed him was this it was called a 'boss' and that would be a nice boost in ego. He would have to wait for one other before continuing and she was sure to be here any moment. It was then that he recalled something and used his shield hand to open his inventory and scrolled through his items till he found what he was looking for. As he selected the item, a tear like object would appear in between his fingers. It shined as if covered in dew or was made of some sort of crystal that was constantly shown in the light. He had found a small bundle of these things in his home at the topmost floor. He had wondered just what they did and before he knew it, the item would shatter into a fine dust and seemingly sunk into his hand even while he aimed to shake it off but it was gone though he felt there was some difference and he knew this outing was going to benefit him greatly. x1 Yui's Grace Used = 1 SP Boost
  14. "Well, I guess you need two to tango...er, or two to get married." He would let himself lean into the kiss on the cheek as they would then turn themselves back toward the paper. Piera would then begin to speak about the guild in general and that of the ten spots, nine were in the guild and even with that, there was the wish to add two others that were not in it. She spoke of flipping a coin to which Lee would shake his head. "Nah, that'd be too much of a problem. Then whoever it picks, I might lean toward the other and then I will want to honor the chosen of the coin. I think I'll just ask Jomei since I've known him longer and he's helped more." She then simply asked if they should increase the number of guests to which he would look back down at the paper to which he would then stroke his chin. "Well, that's an extra thousand COL. I mean, it is mainly up to you if you think you can narrow it down but if you do want to have all the people without looking like an a*shole, I wont say no. But I don't care about the people in your guild if you don't."
  15. "Ha, full metal all the thangs!" He would then chuckle at Piera's comment of his mother to which he would raise his sword up so that he could scratch the side of his head with his finger. "Yeah though I'm not entirely sure even she knew what she rose." As he was struck yet again, his health would fall into the red once more though almost as quickly, it would begin to heal back as his significant other would use her skill to raise it back. It wasn't like he was aiming to keep putting himself into the situation, it was just easier for him to take the hits and get it over with rather than having to split the damage taking between the two of them. It would just be easier for him to keep it going as is. He would raise his sword as the Third Ice Elemental would pass and he would strike at the creature. It wasn't as strong as his other attacks and didn't really leave any lasting effects which sucked. "Balls." The Second Ice Elemental would spin around and as it went to attack, it would miss its target as he would be healed. The Third Ice Elemental would do the same thing in almost the exact same fashion after it had been struck. Both of the Ice Elemental's would turn themselves around and place themselves a few feet from one another, aiming themselves at the players once more, readying themselves.