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  1. Suggest a gun to appear in GGO and you just might see it make it's way in!

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      @Yatsu please keep our site PG-13, all UR topics are to remain in the Unrestricted Sections.

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      gimme them SCAR variants bb

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      You had me at Nerf or Nothin'

  2. I suppose since the majority of people are split pretty evenly on real info vs. character info on their profile, I'll go character info.

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      Character info. Unless Players decide for only themselves otherwise. IMO.

  3. I DID IT


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      i'll respond probably at the beginning of november or so, I keep trying to find the time to write a post but can't. work super busy

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      That's fair enough, life is important!

  4. (It's getting late, more like it's 2 years late amirite) "Wow, you're right.." Shizua glanced towards the darkened sky outside, showing the game's equivalent to a starry night. Twisting her gaze back to the crimson-colored player, the much more plainly dressed girl gave a quick nod of her head, before reaching out to take hold of Macradon's hand. She would motion to the exit of the restaurant the two found themselves inside, taking a step forward and waiting for her current companion to follow. There were two paths before them; one to the left, and one to the right. The left led off into a smaller plaza, and the right led back into the large one they came from, which had lost some of it's player population since the two came from there to the building they were currently in.
  5. Happy 1 year anniversary Catria Birdie!

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      Ooh, I didn't even notice! Thanks ^^

  6. Shizua gave her shoulders a quick shrug as she looked towards the outdoors. "I supposed I could try, but to be honest, I haven't explored that deep into the place myself." Adjusting her glasses, the girl leans forward in her chair. "In terms of design, it seems similar to the Town of Beginnings, but with a more centralized feeling. There's a bit of a plaza, and the low amount of NPCs and actually buildings makes this a lot less dense in terms of how many people come here." She explains. "It's almost like a tourist attraction, in a way. There's a few nice spots, but they're mostly just stone plazas with a few benches. Though, it is quite pretty, in my opinion." After saying this, her eyes flick up to the much higher leveled player, waiting for a response.
  7. Aight, I'm tired of being inactive.

    Who wants to do a thread?

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    I smell a Fire Emblem

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      Fae smells a binding blade

  9. In the thread we're in, they just finished eating, not haven't eaten yet.

  10. If anybody happens to know about guns, or have firearm experience, GGO is recruiting.

    No, knowing a few gun names from Call of Duty doesn't count.

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      If you happen to be interested, contact me or Shiz here or on Discord. My Discord is Stryder#4223

  11. (This thread is almost 3 years old ayylmao) "Yikes.. Level 5, eh..? Well, I suppose this isn't supposed to be an easy game, considering we all are at risk of death.." Shizua thought on this for a moment, looking up to @Macradon as she let out a quick giggle at his reference. "Well, then, I suppose I should get to work, in that case. I'm pretty close to that already. Though- I suppose I'll still have to be careful above all else.. I'll see what I can do- gear or otherwise- to get up to par with everybody else." With this, the glasses-clad young girl leans back in her chair to contemplate things while waiting for a response from the man sitting in front of her. Her eyes seem to wander a bit, losing focus with the 'real' world as she drifts off into her own little world for a bit.
  12. Shizua gave a short nod to Macradon as he winked and promised to help her. "I suppose that's that, then. Thank you, Macradon. Your help will be greatly appreciated." She thanked the much higher leveled player, readjusting both herself in her chair, and her glasses on her face. "You probably know about this, but what levels are safe to fight against for my own?" She raised the question, tilting her head to the side. "I've played some RPGs where you have to face enemies a few levels below you, some where you have to face ones a few higher, and some where it's more of an even split. What have you found out in your time here?"
  13. Someone should totally play a chuunibyou.

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      Would actually be funny

  14. As Mack handed Cherry Blossom towards Shizua, a look of surprise bloomed on her face, taking in the unique appearance of the weapon. "Wow.." She said, her hands reaching out to take hold of the weapon. Something that many didn't know about the young girl, who was notable for her very average appearance as a Japanese teen, was her affinity for unique and odd looking weapons and other trinkets, which originally stemmed from her collection of old video game accessories when she was younger. "..I like it." She said with a grin, her gaze turning back from her new Naginata, to the giver of such a gift. "Thank you, sir." She said, taking a step back to offer a bow to show her thanks to the smith. When she came back up, seeing that she now had a little bit of space between her and everybody else, she gave Cherry Blossom a short twirl. An excited grin followed when she found it to her liking.