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  1. tricolor_mina

    [PP - F19] an Eye for an Eye <<Hidden, Mina, Morgenstern>>

    Violet placed a hand on her forehead, a frustrated look on her face. "Kami, jon! you're being too stubborn!" She moaned, her voice laced with exasperation. "Rosa would Retaliate harshly if Hidden even Tried to eff with her guild again, and Hidden damn well knows that now! We were outnumbered 3 to one, and not a single person died because of how fluid Rosa's guild is! Hidden's group was the only one that suffered actual casualties!" Violet gestured around the room, her hand sweeping around at the members of Arbiters hand, all of whom were standing straight and tall, save for club, who was fuming at having been defeated so easily by Ain. Violet turned back to Jon, about to continue when he held out the bouquet of flowers from earlier, causing her to stop mid speech. ". . ." there was a brief pause, before she flushed with embarrassment after taking the flowers. "Wha- Oh, Kami! you came to bring me flowers then I dragged you off to here like a jerk! I'm so sorry!" she squeaked, putting her hands over her face in horror. "Now I feel really bad about dragging you into this!" Meanwhile... Rosa had a faint smile on her face as Mujo seemed to have a crisis about whether or not she should accept her offer to become an arbiter, which had her laughing silently. 'There's always a method to my madness, m'dear, you should know this by now!' she thought, amusement becoming more visible on her face. 'This is an agreement that neither of us lose from, we will only gain from this.' Her smile grew wider once Mujo seemed to overcome her crisis, and actually accepted her offer, changing into the Uniform. Glenn quietly stood up, dressed in his own uniform once again. The rest of the Arbiters and Enforcers gathered around Rosa and Mujo. A few moments later Rosa waved a hand in dismissal. "Go back to Riker's Edge, and await further orders for now. Heart. Joker. I want you two to remain here, I need to converse with you two in semi-private. Club, you need to go re-evaluate your strength in combat, even violet pulled her own weight and she's a full 20 levels behind you." She snapped her fingers, glancing at Diamond and Spade. "For being one of our newest members, Diamond, you did extraordinarily well. Spade, you could have done a bit better than you did, but i wont complain since you made it out of the few blunders you made expertly." now she turned to Moon, Sun, and Star. "As usual, you three excelled in combat, and in keeping everyone buffed and healed. Good work." A few moments, the rest of her group left, teleporting out of the area, leaving just herself, Jon, Violet, Mujo, and Glenn. @Morgenstern
  2. tricolor_mina

    [OP - F22] Star-Crossed Gala

    Violet adjusted her dress as she walked towards the entrance of the event area, an impassive look on her face. The whole thing seemed to be some kind of social event with an auction at the end of it. Her first thoughts were to not go, since she wasn't sure if she could bully Jon into meeting her there, which would have been a completely different beast. Her gothic dress, decorated with black and red roses, didn't entirely match up with the more vibrant and lighter-colored dresses and outfits that she spotted on the NPC's milling around the area, but it was nevertheless a beautiful one. Even akame had her own accessories, a small cluster of sapphire blue and white roses pinned to the tips of each of her tail feathers, a golden circlet on her head. She finally reached the main entrance, looking around at the various people, NPC and Player alike, as they milled around the area. She caught sight of the Event NPC, who seemed to be rather busy talking with the occasional Player, and discussing something with several NPC's. She didn't bother to even try and approach the quest NPC, knowing that she probably wouldn't be able to go anywhere near her anytime soon. Instead, she walked forward towards the crowd of players, taking wary note of the orange player that was with them, watching the ginger-haired woman carefully. Violet realized with a start that she really didn't know anyone here, which elicited a faint groan from herself as she pulled open her menu, flicking through it until she found Jon's contact information, and pressing the <<message button>>, a frustrated look crossing her face. Half of her friend's list didn't even contact her anymore, and some of them were crossed off of it, which caused a pang of sadness to hit her heart, which she quickly crushed before she ended up crying, locking them behind her usual "Laugh it off" routine. She sent off the message, before walking over to the crowd of people, hoping to strike up a conversation with someone.
  3. tricolor_mina

    [PP - F19] an Eye for an Eye <<Hidden, Mina, Morgenstern>>

    Mina didn't bother even flinching as Ain charged her, the stronger player easily getting plowed down by Jon before he could even get close to her. She heaved out a sigh of relief when she saw that both fights had been concluded, though it seemed like everything was at a standstill while Rosa and Hidden spoke with each other in the center of the room. Violet noticed that Jon was starting to shake a bit with anger as he spat out a demand at hidden, something that was almost certainly guaranteed to never work. Violet walked forward, and put a hand on his shoulder, digging her nails into him, before speaking. "Hidden isn't going to let you catch her so easily... she seems... almost too content with the situation..." violet muttered, looking Jon in the eyes. "I don't think she's going to stick around too much longer, and you saw how brutal that fight between her and Rosa was... You really think it's a good idea to try and catch her right now..? Hidden has the advantage, like it or not. Once they're done, we just need to-" the crystal in hidden's hand went off, billowing thick black smoke around the whole area, causing violet's eyes to widen in shock. when it cleared, only herself, Jon, Mujo, and the rest of the Arbiters, including Rosa, were left behind. Akame fluttered into the air, before settling down on Jon's head, a content chirp escaping the diminutive dragon. Violet simply stood there, before moving forward a bit more, and putting her hand on Jon's katana, tilting it downwards. "Jon, put it away... they're gone..." She murmured, shaking her head. "No point in chasing them, either... I think... I think Rosa must have reached her agreement with hidden, if she didn't decide to just let her flee like that..." Rosa smiled as the room was filled with smoke, and she closed her eyes, listening to the faint sounds of footsteps and rustling coming from people skittering around in the darkness. It was pleasing to the ears, and had her filled with a sense of peace. Eventually the smoke cleared, revealing that it was now just those that were a part of her guild, Morgenstern, Violet, and the outlier, Mujo... the green-haired girl was clinging desperately to Heart, who seemed to be whispering reassurances and calming things to her, a sad look in his eyes. Rosa pulled her hood up, and placed her mask back on her face, masking her emotions. She walked forward to the circle of people around Mujo, violet, and Morgenstern, Her guildmates immediately standing at attention aside from Heart, who she left alone. Her heeled boots clacked across the ground as she moved forward, echoing in the empty silence of the room, making them sound louder than they really were. She eventually stopped moving, staring Jon dead in the eyes, her eyes seeming to glow with a dark light. "Violet's right, kid... chasing them will only piss off hidden, and it'd defeat the purpose of our current agreement, causing a lot more needless deaths." she said calmly, before walking over to Heart and Mujo, flicking through her Menu window with a single hand, eyes scanning for something in particular. She eventually found them, materializing the objects in her hands. the first object was very obviously a clown mask, festively decorated with green and black coloration. The second object was a folded up costume, red, black, white, and green in color. Visible on the top was what seemed to be an emblem that had the Joker card art placed on it. She held them out to Mujo, her eyes shadowed and hidden from view as she did so. "As promised, I'll extend the offer of family to you, Mujo." Her eyes seemed to gleam once again as she continued to speak to the girl. "Would you be willing to complete my team of Arbiters..? Would you become my wild card, my Joker?" she asked, watching the girl to see how she would react to what she said. Athene fluttered over to her, the white and tawny owl hooting softly as she landed on her shoulder.
  4. tricolor_mina

    [PP - F19] an Eye for an Eye <<Hidden, Mina, Morgenstern>>

    Violet was standing up in the icy hole, the sounds of fighting having ceased save for two pairs of people, one of whom she figured was Jon, while the other must have been Rosa. She squeezed her eyes shut, fear gripping her heart as she listened to the sound of clashing blades, metal on metal screeching and clashing with probably a bunch of special effects. Her weapon glowed with a blazing heat as she leaned against the wall, the ice quickly yielding against the almost burning hot weapon. She wasn't some fragile doll that needed to be protected anymore, not a weakling. She was slowly but surely catching up to her friends, and she had already prepared for becoming a much stronger player. Even if she was weak now, she wouldn't be for much longer. She closed her eyes again, this time images of her former guild-mates standing in front of her, beckoning, calling for her. 'I won't be left behind anymore!' She thought, standing at the front of the Ice. Akame crawled out of her bag, the diminutive familiar hissing out a soft, bluish breath of flame, further melting away the leftover ice. She watched over Morg with careful eyes, ready to heal him if she needed to. Akame sat attentively on her shoulder, watching Jon's familiar with an intense gaze. Rosa was barely even bothering to actually block hiddens attacks with her weapon, instead opting for her shield, blocking a bunch of the major attacks that would almost certainly kill her if they connected, granting enough time for Moon or Club to heal her and purify any status effects that were inflicted on her. This was the first time in many, many years that she had felt the boil of her own blood, the will to fight. It was a lovely blood-lusting madness, which had her grin widening, her eyes brimming with excitement. She let out a giddy peal of laughter, almost seeming insane with her attitude towards the situation. Eventually, hidden seemed to wind down with her attacks, and ended up stopping. Rosa held up her hand to prevent anyone from healing her again, her health stuck in the yellow from the attacks of Hidden. Rosa pulled away the mask hiding her face, her eyes gleaming slightly as hidden asked her if she was satisfied. "Most definitely... that.. was the best fight I've had in quite a few years, kid... I don't think I know anyone that can give me a run for my money like that aside from people I worked with IRL." she said, her grin changing from the feral smirk, to a sardonic one as she looked at hidden. "I'm looking forward to working with you, provided you keep your men away from mine until your little plan gets put into full throttle. I can't go losing my arbiters and Enforcers, that would just be pure rudeness would it not? For now, we'll pull back, there's no need for any more fighting. After all, I learned everything I needed from clashing my blade with yours. I'm sure you learned just as much as I did, right?" Her crowd was gathered over by violet and Mujo, forming a protective circle around the pair. Rosa backed up slightly, before sheathing her weapon, and placing her shield on her back, before materializing her cloak once again. "Thank you for the fight, Demon. It was a pleasure to clash blades with you."
  5. tricolor_mina

    [Quest - F4] Frosted dance <<Avalanche>>

    Mina ran forward, her speed easily outstripping the giant elementals as her rapier bit into the first one's body, lighting its limb into a wild blaze, and eliciting a roar from the creature as she fell into the snow, rolling to the side to try and avoid getting crushed by the creature. Its only working hand swiped at her with vicious precision, nearly hitting her with its swipe. She was buffeted backwards, a cry escaping her throat as she was flung into the air. she saw one of the elementals reaching for her with one of their massive hands, prompting her to use her rapier to push herself forward when she landed on one of the massive fingers of the creature. She had landed on the one that was by far the largest creature that was attacking her, which led to her unleashing several combos onto the creature, every so often earning a proc of her burn and bleed on the creature. Her rapier finally managed to bite through the armor of the large creature, causing it to ignite completely for a few moments, the Giant ice elemental glowing with a brilliant blue light before shattering into polygons, leading to her landing on the ground in the midst of the shards flying, still facing down the remainder of the elementals.
  6. tricolor_mina

    [Quest - F4] Frosted dance <<Avalanche>>

    Violet raised her weapon, preparing to continue on through the field, a bored look on her face. The burning heat from her blade made the cold bearable for the time being, and made the chill that had seeped through her clothing fall away, and stop effecting her as much. She pulled her bright red cloak tighter around her body, the fabric insulating her from the cold as she trudged forward. She stopped in the middle of the field, her eyes darkening slightly as she heard something start to chime loudly. It sounded like some kind of chiming, and it was loud enough to echo around the entirety of the field, causing her to be on edge, eyes darting around the whole field... when suddenly a giant fist suddenly landed in front of her. It was a giant ice elemental, the creature letting out a massive bellow that echoed through the entirety of the field, blasting the whole area with wild winds. She clutched her cloak closer as the ice elemental was joined by several more that seemed to be ready to crush her, and bury her within the snow. Her weapon seemed to glow with dark red light, the burning becoming a violent blaze that swirled around the whole blade. Her eyes glinted with excitement as she ran forward, a vicious grin on her face. "Bring it, you hulking pricks of ice! I'll beat all of your faces in!"
  7. tricolor_mina

    [PP - F19] an Eye for an Eye <<Hidden, Mina, Morgenstern>>

    Violets fingers were flying around her menu, sending mass healing, antidote, accuracy, and damage crystals over to Club and Spade, who were using them liberally. Meanwhile, Star and Sun, alongside Diamond and Spade, were capturing as many people as they could, and keeping them out of the fight. Somehow the focus had gone from murder, to capture and restrain. There was no point to eliminating a full on guild just because they attacked them, they were still by most means a green guild after all. Meanwhile, Rosa was getting wailed on by hidden, forced to either side step, allow herself to get hit, or block/parry with her shield or blade. It was a vicious cycle that would have chunked a sizable piece out of her health were she not being constantly healed by several of her teammates. She thanked the fact that her teammates had antidote crystals, which were making her life easier since she occasionally saw the paralysis status effect pop up, before Moon either used purify when it was up, or used an Antidote crystal on her. She stepped backwards a bit, before yanking away her robe, revealing her glimmering silver and leather armor for all to see. She only had buffs from her shield, armor, and dagger, so the cloak was merely a cosmetic. Something that simply added along to her aesthetic of being a powerful herald of light. Her eyes were glowing, and her feral smile had returned. "You done..? Good. Now its my turn, kid." she said, launching forward. She gracefully danced around hidden, slashing with her dagger, and immediately following up with shield bashes when it wasn't on cooldown. She saw paralysis effects and poison effects, but wasn't focused on hitting her now. This was mainly just a show of power, more than it was anything else.
  8. tricolor_mina

    [PP - F19] an Eye for an Eye <<Hidden, Mina, Morgenstern>>

    Violet grimaced, holding a hand to her head as she stood up inside of the ice wall. Jon had apparently moved to listen straight away... and ended up having his familiar case her up in a wall of Ice. there was the sound of movement in her bag, before Akame, her familiar, poked her head out of it, letting out a quiet chirp. Mina sighed, before plopping down on the ground, an aggravated sigh escaping her throat. "I said help me, not lock me up in an ice wall barrier, you dummy..." she mumbled, stroking Akame, as a faint blush dusted her cheeks. She certainly appreciated the effort, but it was somewhat aggravating, especially since she technically counted as one of their "healers" at the current moment. Meanwhile, outside of the barrier... Club had managed to limp away, over to the ice wall, his eyes darkened with rage at the behavior of the player he had fought. It was like he still believed this to be a game, where it didn't matter if anyone died. His weapon was far from being suited for combat that was up close and personal, especially given the type of weapon that other person. As he sat there, whenever anyone came to close, he lashed out at them, easily cutting into them, and making them back off. Meanwhile, spade was still bashing faces in, doing his best not to kill anyone, and to keep Mujo protected. His eyes were dark with rage, furious at the actions of her former guildmates. Over with hidden and Rosa, Rosa shrugged, re-applying the incarceration debuff on hidden, along with a mis-perception debuff, which would cause her to shimmer slightly to hidden. Her shield seemed to glint slightly, the paralysis enhancement giving it a deep yellow glow. She was still stronger than hidden in terms of buffs, and given that her group actually had two dedicated healers (One of her enforcers, Moon, was actually focusing on keeping her healed in between helping her teammates.), and that was negating a lot of the damage that was being done to herself and her allies. "I see... yer a stealth user, ne?" she said, her feral smile returning. "I think someone's takin' after a certain Shadowy player that does that Shtick a whole helluva lot better, doll. Bit prettier than you, too now that I think 'bout it~ C'mon, C'MON! Beat my face in kid, I wanna see if you can do anythin' with that dagger that's better than some stupid party trick! Ya ain't gonna make it if you don't fight better than that~" Rosa was taunting hidden, her feral grin still present. While she was pissed that she had been kidnapped, and that Hidden had attacked Mujo, she did have faith in the kid's abilites. Otherwise, she doubted that she would have even bothered trying to attack the other girl, and would have just used a teleport crystal to get out of there instead.
  9. tricolor_mina

    [PP - F19] Into the lion's den (Mina and Mars)

    Rosa perked up a bit when she heard the door chime, taking note of the player who had just entered, a faint smirk on her face. She noted his brief disgust at some of the habits of the players that were patrons of her bar, causing her to snicker. None of them were necessarily good people, even the green players that were in there. None of them, except for maybe violet and a few of her more polite guildmates. It was a rare day when she actually got business that was actually for good reasons, and not ulterior ones, a truly rare one indeed. She kept cleaning glasses whilst violet continued to drink more of the spicy alcohol, a look of bliss on the younger girl's face. Rosa glanced again at the newcomer, who had moved to the bar. "Hey, you!"She called out to him, smiling faintly. "You want something ta' drink or are ya just here to window shop? Welcome to Rikers edge, can I interest you in some drinks and info, kid?" She was holding up a fresh bottle of her specialty wine, her grin from earlier widening slightly. Mina looked back, a confused look on her face as she tilted her head to the side while looking at the newcomer. 'Mou... I feel like I've met this guy before..? can't remember where, though.' she thought, shaking her head. "Mou, welcome to Rikers Edge~!" she said brightly, not recognizing the newcomer. She beckoned for him to come forward, and have a seat at the bar, before turning back to her wine, and continuing to drink.
  10. <<At Rikers edge...>> Violet was sitting at the bar, engaged in a drinking contest with a random player that had come to the Riker's edge bar. they were both on their ninth tankards, which had everyone cheering, including Rosa, who was standing behind the bar with a proud smile on her face. Violet let out a whoop, a smile on her face when she finally managed to beat her opponent, the teen coughing and spluttering from the spicy beverage. "YAHOO! Rosa, I did it~ Pay up kiddo, you lost fair and square, ne?" she said, a Cheshire grin on her face. Violet was wearing her usual set of armor, minus the cloak that came with it, along with a casual black turtleneck and a dark red skirt, which had managed to become her standard outfit. her hair, however, was now way shorter, and it was cherry blossom pink. Ever since she had reconciled with her now-boyfriend, Jon, she had found the change in looks to be absolutely necessary. She did still keep her eyes set as a bright red, though. that was one thing that wouldn't be changing anytime soon. Meanwhile rosa was wearing a leather jacket over a dark blue blouse, complete with a pair of high-waisted white denim pants, and knee-high black leather boots. Her dual-hued eyes were glittering with amusement at the younger players playing around. Rosa started polishing some bar glasses, a grin on her face. The day was fairly peaceful despite the current situation involving the faceless. they were down several people, which was depressing, but something that she had to live with, sadly. @Mars
  11. tricolor_mina

    [PP - F19] an Eye for an Eye <<Hidden, Mina, Morgenstern>>

    Spade was jumping in and out of stealth, cleaving into the enemy as Diamond landed the finishing blows on two of them, and forcing a third to retreat and heal themselves. Meanwhile, Club was doing his best to keep up with Ain, who was displaying strength that he hadn't expected. He was hit twice by the attacks, though his armor flared to life, inflicting a slight burn on his opponent. Glenn had flung a reddish orb over at Rosa, before throwing a bloody red crystal at her feet, a red aura eating away at her armor, but boosting her damage at the same time. Glen crushed a different, pale red damage crystal, and applied a dark purple salve onto his gauntlets, the weapons glowing with a toxic looking reddish purple color, before he sucker punched one of the soldiers with his strongest sword art, knocking them easily into the red, and inflicting bleed, paralysis, and poison on the person, leaving them defenseless on the ground. Violet was preoccupied using Mass-healing, MIT, and damage crystals on her allies, a determined look on her face. Every so often, players would nearly break through the defensive circle, only to get a pair of flying fists, and a burning blade shoved at them, occasionally causing some of them to die. Violet grimaced, thanking her lucky stars that they were mostly orange players that were killed, and that she'd only hit one of the people with lethal damage. She noticed a familiar blonde running through the crowd of enemies, occasionally whacking them with his blade. "Jon! Hurry, Please!" she shouted, a look of panic in her eyes, before a weapon smashed into her mask, causing her to go flying backwards. Rosa pulled out another crystal, a black and silver Incarceration song, which she immediately proceeded to crush, throwing the effect at hidden when she reappeared, before immediately flowing into a guard, taking a heavy blow from the weapon. Rosa's weapon glowed with an emerald green, silver, and dark red light, the weapon biting into hidden's armor, and inflicting a powerful poison effect, and restoring some of the health that was taken away from her. a loud hooting could be heard, as Athene flew out of the portal, boosting her damage. "There's a reason that I have Ace as my moniker, kid... If you're underestimating me, that's about to be the biggest mistake of your life. You can still call it quits if you want to, but you're probably too prideful to even think of that as an option, ne?" she murmured sadly, shaking her head. "If you want to keep going, then so be it..." Rosa suddenly slammed her shield into hidden, forcing her to dodge or risk being paralyzed from the impromptu shield-bash.
  12. tricolor_mina

    [PP - F19] an Eye for an Eye <<Hidden, Mina, Morgenstern>>

    Rosa moved to the center of the room, her allies forming a protective half circle around violet and Mujo. Rosa flicked her arms out, revealing a shield on her right arm, and a long, wickedly sharp dagger in her left hand. A dark blue corridor crystal clasped in her right hand, which she held up beside her face, a blank mask on her face, her eyes returning to the same dull coloration from earlier. "So you say, I'm guessing you're expecting me to be a coward and back out of this..? heh... heheheh..... AHAHAHAHA!!" she cackled, before crunching the Corridor crystal in her hand, opening a sky blue portal behind her that released a total of 3 other players, each of them cloaked in black robes, with masks on their faces that resembled comedy and tragedy masks with festive decorations, a sun, stars, and a crescent moon. Rosa flicked her menu, causing her mask to reappear on her face. "F**k your expectations, kid! Enforcers! Arbiters!" She laughed, "Leave their leader to me, but feel free to pick off those that try and attack yourselves and end their lives! If the Demon want's to gamble with lives, then who am I to refuse?!" A sadistic smile crossed her face as her own weapon gleamed with a trio of effects, the blade practically dripping from the pre-applied salve that inflicted poison. "Well, Hidden?" she asked, tilting her head, and crouching slightly. "Are you just gonna sit there and wait for me to attack first, or are you going to be ballsy and attack me? I don't bite, promise..!" meanwhile, Glenn, spade, Club, and Diamond were all in offensive stances. Glenn seemed to be more focused on defending Rosa and Mujo, and was actively taunting Hidden, a venomous look on his face, almost daring her to come closer to himself and Mujo. meanwhile, Club had walked over to Ain, snickering at the other teen. "We're gonna enjoy cutting your guild down to size for threatening the life of our boss. But don't worry, we won't kill you or your leader... just enough of you to force you to listen to our.. Suggestion." Club hissed, his eyes glowing a lime green under his mask. Violet was silent, standing in a defensive position instead of the offensive movement from the others. instead, she opened her menu to send Jon a message, a bead of sweat dripping down her face. Things were about to go south real fast, which had her shuddering, her rapier gleaming with sparks that denoted the bleed and burn effect that was on her weapon. Her armor wouldn't be able to save her from dying if someone came after her directly, and hidden seemed to be staring her down, causing a cold chill to run down her spine. 'Jon, please hurry!' she thought, scrunching her eyes shut in fear. @Morgenstern @Hidden
  13. tricolor_mina

    Tricolor_Mina [the Diary of Nobody]

    Character Arcs Arc 1 - The Aimless Arc 2 - The Guiding Star (In progress)
  14. tricolor_mina

    [PP - F19] an Eye for an Eye <<Hidden, Mina, Morgenstern>>

    <<The warehouse>> Rosa's eyes were still locked onto hidden as she became increasingly angrier and angrier, stating that a measly 5 players wouldn't be enough to stop 20 from killing both herself and Mujo. "And..? I LIKE those odds, kid~ heh heh..." A deranged look crossed her face at the threat, before she ignored the last few moments of Hidden's anger, instead turning to Ain and Mujo, a wide smile on her face. "My friends will be arriving any second now, ne? Much faster than your guild, that's for certain, Hehe heh hehehe!" she suddenly steeled her emotion, before looking to Mujo, the deranged look much less prominent now. "You were right about that message not being for the reason I said it was for, but it was for OUR safety..." Rosa wiggled her foot forward just enough to tap hidden a bit with her boot before continuing. "I must have thrown her off so badly that she briefly lost it, so I asked for my guild to show up to pull off a rescue mission. You, one who is no longer of the faceless, but a normal player... how would you feel becoming a member of My guild instead? since your boss so callously threw you out?" there was the sound of rapid footsteps, Cries of "They're this way! They're this way!" echoing around the building. "We'll gladly take you in, and give you a family again if you so desired it. And to the one holding her down, I'd suggest you duck unless you want to be knocked unconscious." A green suited clown, Club, shot out of nowhere, tackling Ain off of Mujo, while Diamond and Heart focused on undoing the shackles that were on Rosa and Mujo respectively with the lockpicking skill. "Well never mind then, that was a tad bit unexpected~ Thank you kindly, Diamond!" Rosa said softly, giving the white haired girl a hug. "No problem, Boss.. It's the least I could do after being useless earlier..." rosa carefully hugged Shireen, a faint smile on the older woman's face. "Never say you're useless, I'd be lost without you guiding me, Shireen..." she said softly, before standing up. Mujo was untied by glenn, who pulled his mask to the side, and started to heal Mujo, his eyes and hands glowing a sky blue. "Hold still, Mujo... You're gonna be ok. I won't let her hurt you again." he said softly, his brows furrowed as he turned to look at hidden's unconscious form. A red cloaked player entered the room, a relieved sigh escaping her lungs. "Mou, Dia-chan! we haven't been chased, have we?" violet called out, a worried look in her eyes. "From my understanding, no. but I do think we're going to be attacked very soon, I wouldn't put it past hidden to order for reinforcements." she warned, furrowing her brow in frustration. "That doesn't matter now, we need to get the hell out of here!" said rosa, standing up and putting her mask back on. @Hidden@Morgenstern Glenn without his mask
  15. tricolor_mina

    [PP - F19] an Eye for an Eye <<Hidden, Mina, Morgenstern>>

    <<Rikers Edge>> Mina caught sight of Jon, a nervous look on her face. "Jon... I appreciate the flowers, really but uh... Sh!t just hit the fan." she mumbled, looking over at the increasingly agitated Heart, who was repeatedly messaging Mujo asking if she was ok, before grabbing the flowers from Jon, and punting them into her inventory. "Hidden... kind of... kidnapped Rosa..." Her voice became weak towards the end of what she was saying. She pulled up her own hood, and slid her skull mask over her face. "Look, I know you two don't exactly get along, but can you please help us..? We're all going, whether you come with us or not, anyways.." She stood up straighter, and took up a stance behind Club and Spade. Diamond turned to the group. "I've locked on to Shuryō sama. Let's get moving, everyone." she said curtly, before running out the door, followed by everyone except for mina, who stayed behind momentarily to give a pleading look to Jon. "... Please, Jon..!" she whispered, before turning and running after her friends, a determined look on her face under her mask <<The warehouse>> Rosa was simply sitting there in the chair next to Mujo as she chatted with her, a faint smile on the older woman's face at her antics. "Kid, you've got spunk. You remind me of a certain hotheaded kid that I made friends with a while back, y'know?" she said, chuckling as she swapped her menu for her friend map. 'they haven't started moving yet..? what's with the delay?' she thought, furrowing her brows when a chill suddenly went down her spine as a blur suddenly shot past her, and slammed into Mujo, causing her eyes to go wide with shock. "What the..!" She suddenly cursed inwardly, a horrified look on her face when she realized it was hidden. 'F**k, Hidden heard what the kid was saying..! thats no-' A snarl of rage suddenly ripped from her throat when she saw hidden slash Mujo in the face with her dagger, her multicolored eyes seeming to glow in fury. "ATTACKING YOUR GUILDMATE LIKE THAT IS A D**k MOVE YOU SON OF A-" Rosa started bucking against her restraints, a look of fury on her face as hidden strengthened them, and Ain came to restrain Mujo. Hidden said something that sounded like a taunt, prompting rosa to flick her head to the side, her mask flying off her face, revealing a look of lethal rage that would startle everyone else but her. "What do I Have to say about this..? Heh... heh heh... A word of advice, actually. I wouldn't have given a rat's ass if you'd have attacked me, hell I wouldn't have cared if you had KILLED me. But attacking someone innocent was the stupidest thing that you. Could. HAVE. DONE." She hissed, her eyes dark pits of raw fury, with none of their earlier brightness. Her guild was already on the way from what it seemed like on her map, which prompted another bout of humorless laughter. "Actually, I'll give you another word of advice. You kill the girl, I'm fairly sure that one of my own will be rather unpleasant with you, ne? I didn't think of you as someone so quick to fury, so quick to want to KILL.. I thought you'd be a tad more reasonable than that guild you're after, ne?"