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  1. A soft frown covered Spencer's face as James talked about his own time in the game and how he came about to joining it. He joined to save his sister from all of this... God what has he gotten himself into, but also I can't blame the guy, things change when you are trying to protect the ones you love. His frown turned to a sad smile. "What you did was dumb, not going to lie to yah, however it was insanely brave. Don't forget you have that in you." He smiled and put his hand on the man's shoulder. "Oh and good job at finding a material, only need three more and we are done." He walked with the man in silence for a moment, trying to think of something to continue the conversation. "So James, where did you grow up? I grew up in England, not very exciting but it was a nice place, if not a bit rainy." He thought back to his life outside of the game, something he rarely did. @James_Hawke ID: 127958 LD: 15 +1 Mat 3/5 Mats
  2. "Oh finding someone to help you would be no trouble at all. We always need more people on the front liners pushing further and further to the end of the game. No promises on finding someone though, I don't know many two-handers, so it will be slim pickings." He shrugged a bit and continued to scan the ground. "And I am apart of a guild, loosely. I joined one a while back with friends, however it slowly started to break apart. Nothing bad, we just don't talk as much, and we have our own lives now. They are still my family, but we have a lot of things to do that aren't apart of running and being apart of a guild." He thought for a moment and smiled at the memory of Telrenya, Jomei, and Ruby meeting. "What do you think you might want to get out of this game? I know it's been a whirlwind of self deprecation and then development. But also I want to get stronger, but statistical wise in this game, but within myself... Not to get too emotional or anything." He laughed a bit and continued to look around. He quickly picked up an item and submitted it for the quest. @James_Hawke ID: 127955 LD: 13 1/5 Mats
  3. "Oh yeah guilds can be a big help. A large group of people able to help you out, a support system. They tend to become some of your family, or at least really close friends." He smiled at the man and continued to walk, starting to look for materials. "I'm not the best on offering guidance, but there are tons of DPS people out there who could help you. Usually put out a general interest in training and developing will bring out a couple of 'brave souls' who would take on the opportunity to train a possible up-and-comer. When I started to train to become a tank, I was lucky enough to have someone in my guild to help me. I have since stopped lots of training because I'm trying to enjoy myself a bit more, but it was really beneficial.. Wow that was a mouthful." He blushed softly and looked down at the ground. "If you're interested I could start trying to find some people to help you? Of course that is if you want to start training and all of that." @James_Hawke ID: 127950 LD: 10 [N/A]
  4. The penguin got very excited with James responded to the bird. It quickly climbed down Spencer's body, getting to the ground, and running to the man's leg. The penguin looked up at the man for a moment before waving at him and hugging James's leg, happy. "Sorry about him, he gets very affectionate when people give him the slightest amount of attention." He chuckled and bent down, scooping up the bird with an arm. Noot looked sad for a moment, but quickly climbed back up Spencer and sat on his head, looking around. "Getting this little guy wasn't easy, took a few hours. Lord that was awful... Oh and you say you have a sister here? A twisted privilege I guess you could say. But I'm happy you're able to have someone that close to you. I was lucky enough to have create a family all my own within this hell hole.... Sorry that got dark," He blushed and rubbed the back of his head, "Looking into any guilds as of late? I know that Hestia, she's a front-liner, has created one. I think there's a trading one... I'm not sure of what else." @James_Hawke
  5. Spencer smiled and waved his hand. "Oh I'd love to help! I've got nothing better to do at the moment, and I love getting to know people." He immediately sent the man a party request for the two to share the quest. He gave the male a brief once over. Low level obviously, hmmm. I can't fully tell his build, maybe DPS? He doesn't seem to be in tons of clunky gear. I'll have to ask. "So James may I ask, what build are you? I'm a beginning tank, only hit level 27 a little while ago. Leveling up can be horrible, especially not having anyone to train with." He looked up at the man with a smile, getting his mace and shield ready as the two exited the safe zone. Noot, his familiar, started to make some noise in his hood, and he quickly pulled the penguin out, letting the bird sit on his head as the two of them journeyed. "Oh and sorry about the surprise penguin, he's my familiar and he loves people." The penguin waved at James. "Noot!!" Called the bird, happy to be making a new friend. @James_Hawke [Spencer][HP:540][EN:54][DMG: 4][MIT: 74][Thorns: 36 DMG][ACC: +1][REC: +1][REG: +1]
  6. Spencer

    [PP-F5] Arabian Nights, 1. [Cordelia, Oscar]

    HEARTY FEAST CONSUMED + 20 MIT Spencer smiled happily and ate the food that Oscar produced, thankful for any buff he could run into. "Thank you very much, that was very sweet of you, especially considering we have just met." He turned from the NPC and began the trek to the beginning of the quest, not very sure of what he is going to be getting himself into. "So, considering we shall be questing together, why don't you tell me a bit about yourselves. I'm Spencer, a beginner tank being very very loosely trained by Hestia, she's one of the tanks on the front lines. I'm apart of the Holy Dragon Alliance, but that guild hasn't really been that active in ages, so I don't expect much to come from that. But other than that, I just have a cute penguin." He holds Noot, who waves to the other two players. "How about you two, Cordelia and Oscar? I get the sense you two already know each other? Or am I just that bad at reading people?" @Oscar [Spencer][HP:540][EN:54][DMG: 4][MIT: 94][Thorns: 36 DMG][ACC: +1][REC: +1][REG: +1] (Updated for food consumption)
  7. Spencer wanted to take a short stroll down memory lane and look at the beginners quest area, the place where he did the same quest probably 4 times with helping other random individuals. "I came here so much, I probably picked this place clean of materials, well they still re-spawn but still. I've done this quest way too many times. I probably wo- well maybe I will." He paused his monologue and noticed a man standing next to the job board, looking slightly meek and shy. Should I go up to him and ask if he needs help? I mean he's all by himself. Maybe he's waiting for a questing partner of some kind. Spencer changed his walking path and approached the tall man, having to finally look up at someone slightly when talking. "Hey! I was wondering if you by chance needed any help? Most people don't hang around the job board unless they need help with something. Would it be the beginner quest line? You're in the right area for it. I've done it a lot and could offer some assistance... Oh I'm Spencer by the way." He smiled softly at the stranger and stuck out his hand to him. @James_Hawke
  8. Spencer sat down next to Jevi as other Players filed in and took their respective seats. His eyes scanned the tent and spotted two other players he knew, their heads covered with purple hair. "Oh, there's Teion and Ryo." He nudged Jevi and pointed the couple out. He was about to say something else, but the ring master cut him off. Spencer listened enthusiastically as he began to speak, excited for a "freak show". His smile slowly started to drop as he started to hear the rest of the words coming out of Jack's mouth, mentioning a 'test'. "Jesus Christ..." He muttered, fearing the worst, and the worst is what came. A horde of zombie-like creatures began to poor out of the openings in the tent, filling up the area with withering bodies of decaying flesh. "F*** Jevi! Teion! Ryo! Over here!" Spencer quickly pulls out his shield and mace, try to push some of the zombies back. His head whipped around frantically, seeing the rest of the player characters being swarmed by these creatures, some already starting to fight them off. His eyes made contact with a concession stand near him. Who in their right mind would get food no- His eyes spotted some of the stats. Me, I'm one of those people. Spencer pushed his way to the concession stand, quickly buying the items and consuming one almost immediately. He pushed his way back to the others, shield bashing a zombie to get it away from him. "Okay, well, shall we fight all of them now?" He said with a slight smirk, looking at the others. @Jevi@Teion@Ryo -700 Col for [Obnoxious Corn Dog] x 1 -500 Col for [Spider Cider] x 10 1200 Col [Sent to Jack] [Obnoxious Corn Dog Used] + 30 MIT
  9. "Halloween?! God last Halloween... man I was a completely different person then." Spencer muttered softly and scooped up his penguin, walking towards Jack. He was too busy grumbling about the ticket cost to really notice the NPC offering the tickets. Spencer quickly paid and entered the carnival area, a bead of nostalgia creeping into his head. Heh, I dressed up as a penguin last time, first major event I had Noot with me.... Met Ryo fully then. God I'm happy it's been a year. He blushed brightly thinking about his actions and feelings towards Ryo over the past year, how much he changed, and how much he had to go. Anyways.. Let's find some friends. It didn't take long for him to find people he knew well. His eyes found that of Jevi, standing with a slightly familiar girl, and a stranger. "Jevi!" He called and ran to her, his bird Nooting loudly. "I've missed you so much!" He gave the girl a hug, Noot crawling up on to the woman's shoulders. After a moment he released the hug, beaming brightly. "God it's been forever- Wait, sorry... Did I interrupt a conversation?" He blushed and turned to the other two players ((Minako and Vandrin)). "Sorry, she's just a friend I haven't seen in.... wow it's been since the..." His voice cut off and he bit his lip, the events of the Mansion still haunting him slightly. "Anyways, sorry again. I'm Spencer." He smiled at the two other people. All this time, Noot has been climbing up Jevi slowly to rest on top of her head, looking very content and proud of himself. @Jevi@Minako@Vandrin
  10. Spencer

    [PP-F5] Arabian Nights, 1. [Cordelia, Oscar]

    Spencer took Cordelia's hand and smiled warmly at her. "Nice to meet you Cordelia. And I'm glad you'll join, I have very little damage output so It'll be nice to have the two of you to help fill the void." He chuckled a little bit and looked at the pair. "Well, shall we go and talk to the guy? I believe he is right in here." Spencer stood up, holding his Penguin close to his chest, and setting off for the bar, also making sure the two of them are following behind. Spencer wandered up to the NPC he was told took care of assigning the quests. Spencer got close enough to trigger the conversation encounter. "Hello, why aren't you drinking with everyone else?" He asked and cocked his head to one side a little. The man begins to explain a strange tale of wonder and danger. ”It all began with a couple of words” he says on a slip of a tongue quickly getting nervous as he realized what he revealed until now. The man paused for a moment, and then looked up at Spencer. "Could.. Could you save my brother?! He is trapped there with a band of thieves, I can't save him myself, but if you could... I can offer you gold!" The man looked desperate, and then a quest icon popped up. Spencer nodded, looked at the other two, and hit accept. @Oscar
  11. Spencer

    [PP-F5] Arabian Nights, 1. [Cordelia, Oscar]

    Spencer was minding his own time, however two strangers fell on to the bench and started talking to him. "Oh! Jeez hi sorry, I was spaced out and didn't even notice yo- Oh hi, I didn't notice you either." He laughed a bit and rubbed the back of his head. The penguin he had in his lap smiled and waved at the two of them. Spencer went through his inventory and noticed the man had accepted his party invite, going by the name "Oscar." "So I'm guessing you're Oscar, I'm Spencer. And you are?" He looked over at the woman and cocked his head a little to the left. After a moment, he realized he hadn't even responded to Oscar's remark. "Oh! Yeah sorry, I'm going to be doing the Arabian Nights quest, and was looking for some people to help, I was told it wasn't too terrible, but again I haven't done many quests so I wouldn't know for sure." He shrugged and closed his inventory. "You are more than welcome to come along if you would like." He said as he looked over at the woman next to him. @Oscar
  12. "I think I remember Telrenya mentioning this quest at least once, I wonder how difficult it is, she never said." He frowned a little, trying to remember back. After a moment of unsuccessful contemplation, he began to walk a bit farther through the fifth floor. She mentioned something about a tavern, a sad dude, and some fighting. Man... this sounds extremely like the last time I was in the desert with Ryo and Teion… Wow I've grown a lot. He shook his head with a smile and approached the tavern he thinks it might be at. "Wait, lets get a party to do this. No idea how difficult this will be." Spencer looked around and found a place to put party invites. He walked over and put out a basic add requesting 1-3 other players to assist him in the quest. "Okay, that should work, I'm not sure if anyone will come RIGHT now, so maybe I should just wait?" He muttered to himself and sat down on a bench nearby. He reached into a pocket on his short cloak and pulled out his penguin, making sure he's okay. Noot looked up at Spencer and gave a slight wave, sitting on his lap, and looking out for anyone who might come near. [Spencer][HP:540][EN:54][DMG: 4][MIT: 74][Thorns: 36 DMG][ACC: +1][REC: +1][REG: +1] Equipped: +2 Thorns Armor - Equipped +1 Accuracy Ring - Equipped Perfect Shield (1 Recovery, 1 Regen, 9 Mit) - Equipped @Pinball@Cordelia@Oscar
  13. "Okay, you've been hanging out forever, lets actually do something." Spencer cracked his neck, cracked his knuckles, then headed out the door. Spencer was taking a small break from everything game related, needing some time to himself. Now, after a long moment of hiatus from being around his friends, he has decided that he should get back out there into the world, but he didn't know exactly where to start. Spencer hummed to himself for a moment and looked around and saw a listing on a board. It read about a Dragon some people had found, and that intrigued him greatly. "Okay, that sounds fun-ish, his stats don't seem that bad, lets do it!" He smiled and accepted the quest from the board. He put up the coordinates that he will be going towards, and started to walk there. He stopped for a moment and looked around. I should probably do it with someone, this is going to be VERY bored just by myself, even if I have Noot. His hand instinctively went to Noot, petting him softly and smiling to himself as he walked back into the town. He put up a local listing for players to assist him on the quest. Probably only need about one person, shouldn't be that hard. He sat down on a bench and waited for someone to come along and accept the party invite. @Kityuisa [Spencer][HP:500][EN:50][DMG: 4][MIT: 74][Thorns: 36 DMG][ACC: +1][REC: +1][REG: +1] Equipped: +2 Thorns Armor - Equipped +1 Accuracy Ring - Equipped Perfect Shield (1 Recovery, 1 Regen, 9 Mit) (Equipped)
  14. Spencer

    [PP-F1] Finally Some More Friends (Fayetta)

    Spencer smiled when Fayetta thanked him. It was a weird feeling for him, this idea that someone was happy to have him protecting them. It warmed his heart to know that Fayetta appreciated the effort he was making to defend against the creature, even though these creatures explode on impact with his armor. "Doesn't matter that much if you're a glory seeker or not I suppose. You definitely have potential in being a dagger wielder. Just gotta make sure you're able to train, and of course not die, that's the key part." He gave a playful wink at the end of that and raised his shield back up to the remaining Nepent. It was confused on to who to attack. Spencer, being the stronger in terms of defense would be good to fight, considering taking him out meant the strongest one would be out. However, taking Fayetta out would mean one less person to deal with. The Nepent ended up not even attacking, not really sure who to go for and what to do in the moment. ID: 123880 BD: 5 Miss ID: 123881 MD: 3 Miss HP: [0|0|7|0] Mitigation: 0 Damage: 3 Spencer: [HP: 435] [ENG: 36] [DMG: 4] [Thorns: 14 DMG] [MIT: 47] [REC: 1] [REG: 1] Hate: [0|0|0|0] Fayetta: [HP: 20] [ENG: 0/2] [DMG: 2] [MIT: 9] Hate: [4|0|0|0] @Fayetta
  15. Spencer

    [PP-F2-NK] All In, The Rebirth ~ Team A

    For the moment, she laid dormant for the five of them. Waiting. Spencer gasped happily and grabbed his penguin, holding him tightly, tearing up a little. "[censored].... I thought I was going to get killed. I would have lost all my character development too." He laughed a bit and wiped away a tear from his face. He looked over the two with him, catching a worried look between the two of them. What happened to them? I mean I was threatened by a fake Ryo using my old feelings and insecurities against me to get me to breakdown and let myself be killed... Okay no I think I have an idea of what happened. He stood up and put Noot into his shirt, smiling and patting the Penguin's head. "I think the Big Bad is in the mansion.... Wait, what about the other four? Jomei, Telrenya, Ruby, and Kairi? They're still in the mansion, Maybe Hestia found them? Or maybe...." His voice trailed off. He put on a determined look, got his shield out, and began the trek through the maze. @Jevi @Teion@Ryo@Hestia