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  1. Spencer

    [F04 Event] Christmas Extravaganza 2018

    Spencer gave a scowl when Arsenal admitted to not really knowing who Hikoru was, and he shook his head sadly. But when Nicholas called him sweetie and who he wanted to spend time with, his face lit up a bit. "Well, we could go see Cal-" His face brightened up and his eyes went wide, Nicholas planted a hard kiss on him, making his body slowly melt into it. He blushed brightly, mostly because it was out in public... again. He slowly broke the kiss and he laughed. "Well then, that was.... wow." He smiled and almost forgot not making eye contact with someone, which confused him. He shrugged it off and looked back at Calypso, flirting a bit with a tall man. Now's my chance to talk to her, Noot go! He set the penguin down and pointed at Calypso. Noot, loving people so much, WADDLED towards Calypso, speeding along the snow. "Noot! Noo-Noot!" The penguin called up at Calypso, pointing at Spencer and pulling at her dress. Spencer, down the path, gestured to the two of them with a 'Y' Hand shape, pointing between the two of them. Then he made an arch with his index finger, tapping his cheek bone, then his lower cheek his the Arched finger, winking at the end. "You two, f***?" He signed to her, blushing a bit as he signed it. After he made Calypso a little more lewd he turned towards a call in his direction, waving at Ruby as she approached. He smiled brightly and hugged the woman, hoping that was okay. "Ruby! It has been... wow it has been a while. I'm.. I'm really good actually, I think I stopped having nightmares about that mansion. How are you?" He laughed and looked back at Nicholas. "Oh! Right! Ruby, this is Arsenal, my boyfriend," he beamed at hearing that, "Arsenal, this is my friend and guild mate Ruby." He gestured to the two of them. Noot was having an adventure, he was having the time of his LIFE. He loved people, and this was the perfect time to meet people, so, many, people, to, MEET. Noot waved at folks, nooting happily and just walking around, before coming up to a blonde boy, running up to him and waving at him. He seemed to be preoccupied by shadows, so the penguin nooted louder, jumping on his foot and climbing up his pant leg. @Arsenal@Calypso@Ruby@Cosi
  2. Spencer

    [F04 Event] Christmas Extravaganza 2018

    Spencer could feel Nicholas's anxiety levels rising softly, but steadily. [censored] [censored] [censored], what do I do now? I gotta get him out of here. Hmmm, where should we go? Wait! There's a clearing next to two people, might as well go there! Spencer smiled a bit and hugged Hestia one last time. "Sorry to bolt, but I think I see someone I know." He pointed in a general direction and looked back at Hestia. "I'll be back to talk to you, I miss my guild sister." He smiled and practically dragged Arsenal away from Hestia. "Sorry!" He said to the man, "I didn't know you had a problem with big crowds. How about this, every time you get a little anxious, you squeeze my hand, and I will help deflect attention from you, or get you away from the anxious point?" He asked the man, hoping to cool his nerves. "I'm here for you babe, I promise." He gave the man a cute kiss on the cheek, and looked up to see a familiar bluenette player. Calypso? I thought she wasn't one for parties, who's that man she is with? He is definitely a looker. He shook his head and looked at another group of two, a woman talking to a cloaked man. Oh F***, that's Hikoru. His eyes went wide with excitement, but he tried to hide it. Since he was level 1, he heard about Hikoru, being able to hit hard and never be touched. "Oop sorry, just saw someone I think really highly of, anyways." He blushed and rubbed the back of Nicholas's hand soothingly. @Calypso@Arsenal@Hestia@Hikoru
  3. Spencer

    [F04 Event] Christmas Extravaganza 2018

    Spencer's eyes went wide when the man pulled him into a kiss, but his eyes fluttered close and a small smile crossed his lips as Nicholas did. The man pulled Spencer into a hug, and he felt right as rain. "Snacks? And I was just about to cook something too." He crossed his arms and huffed annoyed, but quickly laughed. When Nicholas mentioned his dislike for big crowds, he almost unconsciously snaked his left hand down to grab on to Nicholas's right hand. "Don't worry Saint Nick," he gives the man a teasing look, "I'll be here for you, and if it ever gets to much, we can spend some time in my café just a little bit away to relax and calm down, if that is alright by you." He nudged the man with his shoulder. When Nicholas started to mention meeting his cousin, he felt a small pit form deep into his body, meeting the family. Oh lord, meeting the family. Oh lord... at least I don't have to worry about parents for right now. His grim thoughts spread for a moment, but he quickly pushed it away and smiled as Hestia entered the conversation. "Oh Hestia hi!" He smiled brightly and hugged the woman, smiling brightly. When the woman asked for Nicholas's name, Spencer's face grew bright red. "Oh uh Hestia, This is uh... my boyfriend actually. His name is Arsenal, well his username. It is up to him if he wants to give up his real name. It's a nice real name don't worry, nothing too crazy. Oh no now I'm rambling." He laughed nervously and gripped Nicholas's hand tightly as he did. He broke off his rambling for a moment and nervousness, and saw a woman speaking about a woman, wait no herself? "O-Oh, Hi. You're talking in third pers- Hi, I'm Spencer, nice to meet Fae." He smiled and waved to the woman with his free hand.... The event is already starting out with a bang. @Arsenal@Hestia@Fae
  4. Spencer

    [F04 Event] Christmas Extravaganza 2018

    Spencer was getting ready to start cooking, making some festive cookies for someone special. I wonder if he would like these.... wait what is going on outside? He cocked his head in confusion and slowly stepped out into the street, locking his café behind him. He opened up his umbrella to block the snow and saw a couple players starting to gather around a Christmas tree, it looked like a Christmas event. "Christmas event! Nicholas better get his ass here." Spencer quickly opened up his message section and started to type one to send to Arsenal He smiled a bit and closed the message screen, continuing to walk towards the tree. Noot sprung from his collar and nuzzled against Spencer's cheek, squeaking happily to be out in the cold and winter air. "Come along artic feathery creature, we are going to celebrate this holiday!" He cheered and the penguin Nooted loudly, raising his fin in a cute war cry. Spencer shook his head with a laugh and entered the area, the smell of cinnamon, eggnog, and other Christmas smells filled his nose. He sighed softly and opened up his messages, thinking of who he might ask. The guild you dummy, we haven't seen each other since that dreaded mansion encounter, let me message them. @Hestia@Telrenya@Teion@Jomei@Jevi@Kimi@Ruby@Kairi@Ryo Spencer smiled and closed the message, sending it out. He thought about the rest of his friends, but decided to hold off for a moment, he did just ask 10 seperate people if they were coming. Spencer sighed softly and entered the area, nodding at the man that was running it. He beamed happily at everything that was going on.
  5. Spencer

    [PP-F4] Who.. Who am I?

    "So you're going to sacrifice your own well being and life to repay for your crimes and to help others. While to some that may seem honorable, to me that is stupid." He shook his head and made eye contact with Ryo. "The idea of wanting to help others is not lost on me. But if you're gone, how does that leave the people around you? Do you think Lowenthal would want you to do this? Piera, Lee, and Jomei. Would those three really agree with you throwing away your life for this? If you wish to kill people who kill people, your own hypocrisy will make you a target in the future, the very thing you swore you would protect from." He sat up and looked at the man. "Obviously I do not know your life, and this kidnapping and slave thing," He pauses, gritting his teeth, "Is definitely news to me. But yet, I don't see you as a bad guy. I see bad decisions, very very bad decisions, but not a bad guy. You're growing, learning, getting better." He paused, trying to think of the right words. "You see yourself as unlovable I have a feeling, but yet.... you are surrounded by people who care for you? You got my name from someone, someone close enough to you who would trust you with that info, and there is probably many more whos heart would break if you passed away."
  6. "God, you are such a big flirt. But I like that in a man." He nudged him with his shoulder with a smile, no look of worry or anxiety on his face. Today has been a good day, I haven't even thought about the fact that we have done three quests today, I've just thought about how much fun I have been having, today is such a great day. He smiled brighter and almost did not hear the comment that Arsenal said about where the fisherman is. "Oh! Yeah I can lead the way again. And I understand not leaving town. I sat around for months not having motivation to do anything to put myself out there. However one day, that changed and I was able to get myself to move, not sure what changed in me, but something did and I am happier for it." He sighed happily and pointed out the distance where some water can be seen. "That way, it isn't a common place for people to go, mostly all you can do over there is this quest, so it isn't surprising that you haven't been over there." @Arsenal
  7. Noot giggled happily and crawled to Spencer's shoulder, jumping happily at the pats. The penguin turned to Spencer and nodded, looking content and happy, almost approvingly of the man. I know Noot, he is definitely a catch. He gave Nicholas a slow look down and up, checking him out. The pair met up with the woman who gave them the necklace, and immediately Arsenal picked it up and put it on, modeling it for the man. "Oh yes, I suppose you do look pretty ravishing with that necklace on." He gave a flirty wink and a laugh as he gave a look over to his boyfriend. "So boyfriend, shall we pick up the remaining item to deliver, finish this off, and eat our hearts out." With that, he grabbed the item that was needed to be delivered to the fisherman, walking away from the woman and towards the docks. He sighed softly and took in the sunlight and the open air, the fresh air actually smelled really, really nice. "Might just be because I'm happy, but it is a genuine good day." He smiled and looked at Arsenal. @Arsenal
  8. Spencer's eyes went wide as he was easily flipped around in front of him, taking a small kiss. "You little.." He shook his head and smiled, heading towards Arsenal and the town, wanting to return the gem they got from the cave. "But Yep! After this and fishing, we can have a quiet nice on the town on the fourth floor. Also random question, do you want me familiar to join us? He stays to himself, but I can easily put him in my café so we have some time between the two of us at dinner." He smiled and noot popped out of his bag, squeaking and waving at Nicholas. I hope to god Noot likes him, cause I sure do. He looked down at the penguin who was slowly climbing out of the bag, sitting on it now and trying to climb up Spencer's shirt and get to his shoulder, grunting and nooting softly as he made the effort. "I'm really excited to spend some time on the fourth floor. I haven't had many materials to do cooking so I haven't spent much time up on that floor." @Arsenal
  9. "But hey, after fishing is done, we are free to do what we want! We are free to go on our date and finally constitute our first day together." He blushed a smiled, looking over at Arsenal. He thought about what he said about what kind of ring might be made by the artisan woman they are heading back to, and he has no idea what might be made by her. "I think something not super showy, but definitely something pretty." He smiled and was asked about restaurants on the fourth floor, and he then made a comment about enjoying his time with Spencer. He is a really good flirt wow, He is going places. He shook his head and smiled at the smoking man. "I know a place yeah, and I can help keep you warm on that floor. Like this!" He stopped and wrapped his arms around Nicholas's body from behind, placing his head on the man's shoulder and snuggling in close, gripping the man tight. "I hope this keeps you warm." He said into the man's ear and kissed him on the cheek. @Arsenal
  10. Spencer clapped for Arsenal and smiled as he was able to defeat the creature rather easily. "Woo! Go Nicholas!" He laughed and stopped clapping, then following him out of the cave and into the forest, making their way back to the main town. When Nicholas mentioned the fact that it is their date after this, he bit his lip and shook his head. "Uhh… About that, we are not technically done. We have one more to do after this.... fishing." He paused, letting it sick in. "We get to have a boat ride together, but like we have to fight huge annoying fish so it is not that fun to be honest." He shrugged and sighed. "Sorry Cutie, we got a bit more time to wait before we can sit down to dinner." He smiled as the pair walked. Hmmm, I hope that when everything is said and done, he doesn't find absolutely boring and someone he can't deal with, I do not think he will think like that, but who knows, I don't know him that well, others than that he is a good kisser. His face went red after he thought that, pushing the thoughts away as quick as possible. @Arsenal
  11. Spencer cocked his head in confusion when Arsenal mentioned that he was not the first person to grab his chest. Hmm, not jealous, but a tad bit concerned that he has people around him that just squeeze his chest all day. He ignored the thoughts and went back to the fighting, seeing that Arsenal missed the creature, Spencer went towards the position that it was at that he heard it from, trying to strike a hit. Spencer swung down hard, and a loud, guttural scream can be heard echo through the cave as the mace rang true and hit the creature, seeing the HP bar dip to the red before it went away, the darkness still holding the creature's position easily. "I hit it for a decent amount, but I'm not sure where it moved to, but I think I stunned it?" He called to Nicholas as he backed up, his back hitting the man's chest. "Sorry!" He said and turned back to inky blackness and a very faint silhouette of the man. ID: 110400 BD: 8 - 1 = 7 (4x4 =16 Damage + Stun) Arsenal: 100/100 HP | 10 EN | 5 DMG | 9 MIT (-1 ACC) Spencer HP: 500 | EN: 50 | DMG: 4 | MIT: 74 | ACC: 0 | EVA: 0 | Thorns: 14 DMG | REC: 1 | REG: 1 | Cave Guardian: 4/20 HP | 5 DMG (50 on first hit) [Stunned] @Arsenal
  12. The pair were immediately submerged into darkness, making Spencer breathe in quickly and try his best to adjust to the lack of light. It was not seeming the best, and Spencer got a little bit nervous. Okay this is not fun, I can not see where the hell I am going, Nicholas is off looking for the gem, and this is stressful. He shook his head and gave a soft laugh, just as a red light appeared in his face. Spencer breathed in, but sighed happily as the arms wrapped around him. "Even though this is nice, we should probably get the gem-" His voice stopped from the sound of something moving, creatures breaking from their hiding places. "Never mind I suppose you already got it." He laughed and pulled his mace and shield out, trying to squint through the darkness to see the creature. Okay, you've fought these before, not really an issue, just can not see that well. He thought and reach a hand out, accidentally grabbing Arsenal's chest. "Ope! Sorry Nicholas, did not mean to just get all handsy with you there." He blushed. Arsenal: 100/100 HP | 10 EN | 5 DMG | 9 MIT Spencer HP: 500 | EN: 50 | DMG: 4 | MIT: 74 | ACC: 0 | EVA: 0 | Thorns: 14 DMG | REC: 1 | REG: 1 | @Arsenal
  13. "These things can only do 1 Hp to me so-" His voice stopped as Arsenal asked Spencer to be his boyfriend. Spencer opened and closed his mouth slowly, then let a small smile curve across his face. "Hmmm I don't know... Let me-" He stopped and pulled the man in for a kiss, smiling as he did. He put a hand behind Arsenal's head and kissed him for a moment longer before breaking it, giggling. "Yes Nicholas, I would love to be your boyfriend." He laughed a bit and blushed brightly, his laughter sounding like the happiness of a little kid. "I've.. I've never had a boyfriend before either, there was someone, once, but we were never exactly dating." He frowned just a tad bit when he was brought up, but he quickly pushed it out of his head and went back to the job at hand. He gave another soft kiss to Arsenal's nose, smiling as he did. "Come on, lets go teach these creatures what we are made of." He smiled and turned towards the cave, going in to start fighting. Arsenal: 100/100 HP | 10 EN | 5 DMG | 9 MIT Spencer HP: 500 | EN: 50 | DMG: 4 | MIT: 74 | ACC: 0 | EVA: 0 | Thorns: 14 DMG | REC: 1 | REG: 1 | @Arsenal
  14. Spencer rolled his eyes with a sigh as Arsenal complimented him. "Listen Nicholas, I'd much rather see your rockin bod all-" He was cut off by the man spacing out, the demeanor switched to a stone cold expression, unreadable, rather strange. He cocked his head in confusion and got ready to try to snap him out of it, but he quickly came to when he bumped into the NPC lady. He laughed a little when he apologized to the woman, the NPC not really having feelings. "It is alright dear, I see you brought me my ring, very many thanks to you, however I do require a gem, in a cave, you think you could possibly handle it?" The lady asked Nicholas and Spencer. Spencer nodded and took his hand, blushing lightly as he did. "Follow me good sir, I can show you the way to the cave." He smiled and started to walk, holding on to the hand as he did. "Also, My favorite floor is 4, but I also like anything with lots of mountains, so floor 7 is great too." He smiled at him, "Or anything floor, considering this will be my first date." He stopped and blushed. "Sorry... No pressure." @Arsenal
  15. Spencer nodded approvingly at the jacket that Arsenal had just picked up from the last quest. That man could make anything look good He thought to himself with a small smile. "I like the jacket. And yes, you seem strong as ever, I bet you could take one what is in the cave all by yourself." He smiled and looked at the man, but he knew that Arsenal better drink the safe guard potion before they enter, those creatures are not forgiving to someone who has not a lot of HP. I'm just lucky that I started the quest a little bit before I was level 15, helped prepare me for the creatures, even though I was given a safeguard potion to use to protect myself against them. Spencer mentally shrugged, and was about to lead, when Arsenal stopped him and protested his 'mainly stature'. "Um okay Nicholas, what ever you say." He rolled his eyes with a laugh and patted him on the shoulder. "I am not questioning your manliness, but you are going in the wrong direction." He took a hold of Arsenal's shoulders and moved him in the right direction. "That way to the lady, the other way is just out of the safe zone with nothing but plains in front of you." @Arsenal