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  1. All right- time to get back into a few new threads!  Anyone need another player for a thread?

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  2. Benjamin Bookworm

    Benjamin Bookworm's Evaluations

    7/17/2018 crafting
  3. Benjamin Bookworm

    [F1] Bookworm Laboratories - Alchemist Rank 7

    Today, we craft again! Crafting: +38 xp, +6 Uncommon [T3] items, +3 Rare [T3] items, -6 [T3] mats
  4. Benjamin Bookworm

    (PP-F3) Maze of the Minos <<Search for the Hoya>>

    Well, that's no problem at all. I don't want to see my friends hurt, even just for the fight. Besides, I was the one that asked for help, with my complete lack of combat skills and all. Ben told her as he holstered his dagger once again, getting ready to try and keep track of which route that they had taken through so far. He really had trouble of keeping track of where he was without a GPS on hand. He let out a sigh, once more thinking about things through the lens of the real world- which wouldn't help him out here. He saw Yinangi and Dazia inspecting the wall, looking for something there. Man, I hope they don't have any secret passages in this maze. That would make things even harder to find the end. Unless it's just a bunch of extra treasures and stuff they hid somewhere. Which sounds way too much like something the designers would do. @Dazia
  5. Benjamin Bookworm

    [F21-SP] <<Nature's Treasure>> Provision time!

    Benjamin folded up his pouch, happy with the amount of materials that he had gathered up today. All right Sebastian, it's time for us to start heading back. he said to his familiar as it crawled up into his scarf. It was time to head back hoe, and any more walking around and searching was just prolonging the inevitable. He was tired, and he was dirty, and he was in bad need of a real food soon. Maybe he could head down to the tavern next- it would be a lot better than staying at home and cooking something simple for himself. Especially with how poor his cooking skills were, even with the practice he had been getting. At least this time he knew the route back to the main town on the way back, and there wouldn't be any surprises on the route this time. As he started the walk, once more double checking that the location of the cave stayed on his map for another trip back, he was happy with how things turned out. It would be a good haul for crafting. ------------------- Thread wrap up - Gained 2 SP (40 posts) Gained 3950 col (2 pages for 800, and 3150 from chest) Gained 97 [T3] materials 1 Perfect [T3] Armor/Shield (ID 101408) 2 Rare [T3] consumables (ID 101408)
  6. Benjamin Bookworm

    [F21-SP] <<Nature's Treasure>> Provision time!

    The last few parts of the cave were as bright as ever, and the entrance was the same looking too. Colorful mushrooms everywhere, glowing with bright colors and in multiple shapes. There was also the cave entrance that he came in through, where he could start heading back home. But first, he started picking up all the different mushrooms he had gotten when he first entered into the cave system. Plus, he now had enough experience with identifying all the kinds of mushrooms and plants around here that he could find a few more useful ones. It looks like the entrance cavern was a really good place to pick up materials, and that it must have regrown everything as an accelerated rate. Maybe it was a good way of showing players what they would be getting with this quest. Whatever the reason was, it really helped him fill his pouch up to capacity again.
  7. Ben shook his head, a little surprised at the hurry that his companion was in. OK, well make sure you have gotten all the information about the quest first, and read it carefully. We don't get a lot of information in this game, so we have to take in what we can. Your life may depend on it some day. Ben warned. I've been on some quests where one of our group missed something important, and we would up going in circles for a few hours because of it. He followed Sharr out to the nearby wooded area, memories of the first time he did this quest flooding into his mind. The area would be a lot easier to search through, but it wouldn't really matter since he could not use what they found here for anything outside of the first quest. All right, you ready to take your first steps on the quest? @Sharr
  8. Benjamin Bookworm

    [F21-SP] <<Nature's Treasure>> Provision time!

    As Ben approached the last part of the tunnels that he had to go through, he began to notice that the plants weren't growing back as fast near the outer areas of the zone. Maybe this quest had some sort of central area where the materials regrew quickly, and there was a lesser effect as he got further out. Or maybe he was leaving the quest, so the game changed the rules because of that. There really wasn't any way to know in this frustrating game. Still, it did mean that he was having trouble finding anything else to pick up before the trip was done. His pouch was pretty full, but hopefully at least the last room had time to recover some more materials for him. Every little bit counted for his crafts, after all. And he was going to be crafting a lot once this day was done with.
  9. Benjamin Bookworm

    [F21-SP] <<Nature's Treasure>> Provision time!

    Benjamin headed his way back toward the entrance cavern that he came in from, stopping off along the way to grab a few more bits of mushrooms from the cave walls. It was about time to make sure he could get home, with all the twists and turns of the cave that kept him guessing. He turned to his familiar, scratching the little guy under his chin as he spoke. Well, it looks like it's just about time for us to start heading towards home. I promise to make you some good snacks when we get there if you can just hold off on eating anything I've gathered until then, OK? Sebastian nodded, kind of looking like he understood unless you knew him well. He was just nodding so that Ben would look away. All right... but if I catch you sneaking into my bag again there's going to be trouble.
  10. Benjamin Bookworm

    [F21-SP] <<Nature's Treasure>> Provision time!

    Benjamin finished sifting through all of the different plants in the shady area that his familiar uncovered, stopping only to pick the little caterpillar up and keep him from eating even more of his materials before they could be harvested for his use. Once again, he wondered why he even got a familiar in the first place. These things were supposed to be useful, not just make cute happy faces and get in his way. He definitely should have stuck around longer to find a better equipped one to have rather than settling for the first bug who befriended him. Not like he could change things now though- Sebastian was his little pet, end of story. Plus with the skills he had right now, he could gather up enough materials that is one or two went missing or found their way into his caterpillar's stomach, it wouldn't hurt him too badly in the long run.
  11. Benjamin Bookworm

    [OP-F1] Celebration Time

    All right Dazia! Woo! Encore! Ben cheered after she finished singing. He figured she would be coming down from nerves after she preformed on stage, and wanted to try and be supportive of her. He really did hope she won, after pouring out her feelings like that. It was a good job up there- wish I could sound like that. I figure I'll just go for an Irish drinking sound, like back home. he paused for a second. Actually, since we can drink in the game here, maybe I can see about getting everyone to drink along. It might actually help our chances if we got everyone drunk before they went on. He was joking at first, but figured that getting a few shots in him while singing would help clear off his stage fright. He signed up on a whim, but was actually a bit scared of going up there. So, um, how do you feel about how you did up there? @Dazia
  12. Benjamin Bookworm

    [F21-SP] <<Nature's Treasure>> Provision time!

    Ben's familiar seemed like he was having trouble going back to sleep, and had decided to poke his head out to see what was happening. And to see what kinds of snacks there were out here for him to steal. Ben was busy grabbing a couple of bits of mushroom from the floor, so Sebastian hopped down to see if he could stick his head into the material bag and steal some snacks- luckily Ben was on alert for those tricks. He swatted the little guy away, pushing him onto a nearby rock to teach him a lesson. The only lesson that he learned though, was that there was a big patch of plants behind the rock he landed on. Even with Sebastian, munching away, Ben managed to pick up a good amount of stuff for his pouch from there. His familiar probably didn't actually learn any lessons from the experience though.
  13. Benjamin Bookworm

    [F21-SP] <<Nature's Treasure>> Provision time!

    Ben finally managed to get himself out from under the rocks, at least without getting any more slime on him while he was doing so. Sebastian had decided to watch the whole way, emoting happily as he saw Ben struggling. Ben sighed as he got himself out and on his feet, picking his familiar back up into his scarf. This guy was much more likely to just laugh at him than actually help out when he needed. Well, at least he could start back on his work now. If Sebastian would stop laughing as he settled in. He started heading his way back through the route he took in, grabbing the same spots he first visited on the way in. It was about time to start thinking of how and when he would wrap this trip up, The mushrooms he could pick up on the way back would finish up what he needed, and afterwards he could finally get on with the crafting he would need.
  14. Benjamin Bookworm

    [F21-SP] <<Nature's Treasure>> Provision time!

    Unfortunately, the few plant he did find down here were in a very limited supply. The couple he had added to his inventory were worth a lot, but he needed to head back out of here to get some more materials. Ben tried to crawl his way backwards to reach the entrance, but bumped right back into the slime patch that he first crawled under here for. He didn't want to get that stuff all over himself again, so he tried to maneuver himself around the spots it was at, squirming back and forth on the ground to push his way through. His familiar decided to pop his head back out while he was doing this, looking at him questionably as he did his best impersonation as he went. Sebastian, I'm just trying to get out of here without getting all of this muck on me. Don't look at me like that. It isn't funny.
  15. Benjamin Bookworm

    [F21-SP] <<Nature's Treasure>> Provision time!

    Ben tried to wipe to goop from his eyes, smearing it more and more with each attempt. He couldn't get this slime off without help, so he reached into his pack and rooted around for something that would help, pulling out one of the flasks of water he kept there (which he was very glad to have remembered to pack after the last few times he had forgotten). It took a bit of work to splash enough water over his face to wash everything off enough that he could clean himself, and he got plenty of grit and dirt caked on himself while he did it. When he finally rolled to his side, finished, he just felt tired and kind of stupid for getting himself into this situation in the first place. But, he had some luck- there were some plants below here as well, and they looked like they had some good leaves for him to put into his pouch- and they were worth a lot for him.