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    Item sent to Pinball! [Emerald Shiv] Thanks for the loan, it helped out a lot on the early floors.
  2. Benjamin Bookworm

    [F-11 and 9] [SP] <Nature's Treasure> Gearing Up

    As he moved along to the next place to search, he took in the sights a bit more, making sure he was on the right path and not passing by any places while he was distracted corralling his familiar. "Looks like we have another patch to go through- maybe we behave this time?" he asked Sebastian as he approached a new patch. Some sort of yellow petaled thing with orange spots that he couldn't recognize. Maybe even something that didn't have a real world analogue, since they could put just about anything in the game they wanted. At least Sebastian behaved while he was searching this patch (if you called sitting on his shoulder and sulking behaving), and it was full of a goodly amount of crafting materials for him to use. And at this rate, he would be able to fill his bag up quick enough for the next boss fight. At least if Sebastian refrained from jumping around in the patches of flowers that he was trying to pick his way through.
  3. Benjamin Bookworm

    F09/PP So, Just an Angry Bear Then? <<Ferocious Foe>>

    Ben shivered when he heard about the dungeon map. "Yea, I don't think I want to do a dungeon at all. I know some of the others players I party with would be worried about me if I took that kind of risk." he said with a dry chuckle as he put his map away again. "I'd be up to coming along to help farm some of the monsters on the floor though- and I can bring the heals so we can keep going through them fast." he agreed, excited to be going on a farming run. He couldn't do them himself without any real weapon skills, so the influx of cor would be a welcome addition to his supply. "Though I don't have very many other buffs to add right now- I'd have stocked up if I had known. Um, maybe we could use a damage increasing potion to move quicker through the minions?" he asked, holding up the one type of buffing potion he thought to pack today and offered it to Oscar. @Oscar
  4. Benjamin Bookworm

    F09/PP So, Just an Angry Bear Then? <<Ferocious Foe>>

    Ben just kind of stared at the destruction of the bear in front of him, in awe at what just happened. "That... you just took that thing down in two hits. The bear that I couldn't even damage with how tough it was, and would eat someone my level in a couple of bites. I don't know what to say about that except it was AWESOME!" he exclaimed. "Though, um, I guess that wraps the quest up early, doesn't it? We found the bear, we killed the bear, and now we drink to celebrate. Maybe with bear themed mugs. I'm certainly ready to be the one buying if you're up for it." he said with a laugh, glad to be checking quests off of his list like that. "Though I am surprised it didn't have any loot or anything- I guess it's just the quest rewards for us. Plus all the delicious XP we're getting." he said, still high on the excitement from the fight as he pulled open his map to look up the quickest route back into town. @Oscar
  5. Benjamin Bookworm

    [F-11 and 9] [SP] <Nature's Treasure> Gearing Up

    At the next patch of flowers, Sebastian jumped right in and started chowing down on the daisies, running around everywhere as Ben looked at him in disappointment. "Didn't we just talk about this Sebastian? I can't harvest anything while you're doing that." he scolded his familiar. Unfortunately, it took him a few tries to actually pick him back up in his state of excitement, and in such a state trampled over most of the flowers in the patch. "Well... looks like I'm getting nothing out of that patch of flowers. Seriously..." he groaned. "Well, now you lost the right to choose where we're going next. I'm picking the next path." Which was all well and good, but he couldn't help but give the destroyed flower patch one final longing look. Even though he knew it would respawn in a few minutes- maybe longer- it was still sad to see good materials go to waste like that. "Come on Sebastian- you're following my lead this time."
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    Benjamin Bookworm's Evaluations

  7. Benjamin Bookworm

    [F1] Bookworm Laboratories - Alchemist Rank 8

    *Sits down to work on another batch of items* -9 [T2] mats, +6 [T2] Uncommon Salves, +4 [T2] Rare Salves, +4 [T2] Perfect Salves, +105 xp
  8. Benjamin Bookworm

    Item Prepared for Benjamin

    Item received - Cobalt Heart Thank you so much!!
  9. Benjamin Bookworm

    [F-11 and 9] [SP] <Nature's Treasure> Gearing Up

    Sebastian poked his head around, looking at each of the patches of flowers and trying to decide, though he had such an abundance of choice that he was having trouble. Ben let out a light laugh at his antics. "OK, how about we just head down one row at a time? You can take as long as you would like with each patch as we move." he offered to the excitable little guy, who answered by stuffing another mouthful of the purple flowers into his mouth before crawling his way down the path. Of course, Ben picked his familiar up and carried him over to the next bunch of plants- a rocky outcropping with a bunch of daisies in front of it- before letting him down to eat his fill. And grabbing a handful of the brightest ones for his own use- he was glad at how the gatherer skill highlighted the best ones to pick to add to his own supplies. He was filling up his pack quickly at this rate.
  10. Benjamin Bookworm

    F09/PP So, Just an Angry Bear Then? <<Ferocious Foe>>

    "I think it's a bit more than just an angry bear- that thing's a beast!" Ben shouted out shakily as he backed away. Oscar had managed to take the enemy's attention, and didn't need any healing just yet, so he was pretty much out of the fight for now. The boss monster couldn't be stunned again just yet, and still had way too much damage resistance for his attacks to hurt it. Plus, if he got another critical hit in, the now angrier bear would be trying to chow down on him. And he did not have the defenses to soak those hits. "I've got healing and stuff ready if you need it- just move in for another big hit! You can finish him!" he cheered, watching as Oscar took half the HP off of the stunned enemy in one blow. If he hit with another attack like that, it would be over- but now the Kumatetsu was moving again, faster and stronger than before. It might be a bit harder to land a solid blow this time around. "I hope you can finish him..." @Oscar + 1 EN No attack action Stats: [2]Oscar 940/940 HP | 81/92 EN | 16 DMG | 2 ACC | 3 EVA | 61 MIT | 24 BLD [Activates on BD8-10] [Hate - 2] [1]Benjamin 440/440 HP | 40/44 EN | 3 DMG | 1 ACC | 3 EVA | 5 MIT [Hate - 1] Kumatetsu: HP: 141 / 300 <STUN IMMUNE - 2 turns> DMG: 100 MIT: 25 ACC: 0 EVA: 2
  11. Benjamin Bookworm

    F09/PP So, Just an Angry Bear Then? <<Ferocious Foe>>

    "Sounds like it's going to be a tough time getting everything ready with the crafter we have..." Ben started, before being distracted by something out in the woods. "Huh, looks like something is out there-" With a mighty crash, the path ahead of them opened up with a crash, as a tree fell forward across the path, knocked over by a large bear, stomping onto the path on its hind legs and letting out an angry roar as it treaded forward towards them. "OK, looks like we found the big guy!" he shouted as he swung his dagger at the beast, jabbing it in the side and knocking it unsteady for a second as he leapt back to get some distance- his blow didn't even scratch the bear's HP. "Switch! Oscar, it's time for some damage!" he shouted as he let his partner have an opening, their previous conversation put aside for the heat of battle. The best he was going to do was to was to stun and distract it for a bit while Oscar did the real damage for now. Attack Roll - ID#137097 (Side Bite Sword Art) BD - 9 + 1 - 2 (EVA) = 8 Target hit! - 5 EN Deals 1 damage Enemy is STUNNED Stats: Benjamin: HP - 440 / 440 ENG - 39 / 44 Hate - 2 Oscar: HP - 940 / 940 ENG - 92 / 92 Hate - 0 Kumatetsu: HP: 299 / 300 <STUNNED> DMG: 75 MIT: 50 ACC: 1 EVA: 2
  12. Benjamin Bookworm

    [F-11 and 9] [SP] <Nature's Treasure> Gearing Up

    Sebastian put up the unhappy, pouting look for another few seconds before he crawled back over to the thicker flower packs, where the places Ben could pick materials from were not. Which was good enough for them. Ben let out a chuckle at his antics- he really was a good partner, even if he was a bit of a head strong pain sometimes. He finished picking through the current patch of flowers, a bit disappointed in how little there was in this patch. But at least he got more out of here than he would usually get from his searches. "OK Sebastian, you finish up so we can move onto the next patch of flowers. Unless you want to try something else?" he asked, getting an angry noise from Sebastian that told him his familiar really wanted more flowers. "Well, you have yours tastes little guy. Pick which patch you want us to go check out next, and we'll get to it." he answered with a smile, looking around for their next target.
  13. Benjamin Bookworm

    [F-11 and 9] [SP] <Nature's Treasure> Gearing Up

    Sebastian was quite happy with his new meal, and wasted no time in chowing down on anything that he could find. Unfortunately, he kept on bumping into Benjamin as he was gathering up materials, and trying to steal some of the more useful ones. "Sebastian... slow down. You're gonna give yourself a stomach ache. Not to mention eating everything I'm trying to grab. You do remember why we're here, right?" he scolded the little guy, pulling a few of the remaining items away from his grip and back into his pouch. And giving his familiar a disappointed frown as Sebastian protested, wanting to get back to eating indiscriminately, before settling back down. "We can both get a lot more done if you stick with eating the flowers, and I get the gathering materials. You remember how much you enjoy helping out making those potions, right?" he asked, giving the pouting worm a bop on the head as he cheered back up. They needed SOME limits if they were going to work together on this quest.
  14. Benjamin Bookworm

    [F-11 and 9] [SP] <Nature's Treasure> Gearing Up

    After a bit more looking around and trying to decide, Sebastian finally settled down from his initial excitement and pointed (well, leaned his body in one direction) over towards a patch of purple, well, violets he thought. All this time he had been working with his alchemy skill, and he still couldn't tell flowers apart very well. But, this was a video game, and he didn't need to tell them apart to gather them up. So he headed over there, putting an excited familiar down onto the ground so that he could eat his fill on, hopefully, whatever wasn't able to be used for alchemy. "OK bud, dig in while I work." he told Sebastian as he worked- this patch had enough good materials in it to start filling his bag with a gusto now, and he was going to take advantage of it as much as he could. At least until his familiar passed out from stuffing himself so much, and his bag was too full to carry any more.
  15. Benjamin Bookworm

    [F-11 and 9] [SP] <Nature's Treasure> Gearing Up

    At the entrance to the field of flowers (or Blooming Garden as the quest log called it), Ben looked around to find the first area that he should search through. "Any preferences Sebastian?" he asked his very excited familiar. The little guy was distracted by all the flavors of delicious foliage all around him, and Ben gave him a minute to look around and figure out which one looked the tastiest. And picked a few more herbs from the entrance while that was happening- it wasn't the thickest patch of materials, but it was good enough to start out with. Besides, his little worm familiar was happy enough to be out here, and he wasn't going to spoil his fun. Sebastian always helped him out with crafting already, so he felt like doing something for him. After packing his newest finds into his pack, he got up and gave Sebastian a scratch behind his antennae, listening to his happy chirps as he decided on what he wanted to chow down on first today.