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      Hello players of Aincrad! I created two threads in the support ticket section with the interest in having the community involved in the development of Aincrad in floor development, and even systems through your thoughts, concerns, and other forms of communication.  There are two separate threads for players to look at and share their opinions.  One is specifically for floors which is mainly helping by sharing ideas on what we could add/change/improve as far as our current floors go.  Come up with your own floors and share them with us for the chance of seeing that floor one day.  Or coming up with a quest and sharing it with us!  The other is specifically for systems, which is things like the rules, skill and level system, dungeon and combat systems, etc. I'm hoping people will be willing to share their opinion and thoughts for the purpose of helping to further this site further.
      Can't wait to see what you have in mind! Floor Development Suggestion Thread http://www.sao-rpg.com/topic/16352-a-helping-hand/
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  1. [F8-SP] Scrounging in the trees

    Benjamin finally made it would of the bunches of thorns that had been in his way for a while. Now, he was reaching some easily searchable bushes to check out, and getting a few bits and pieces to toss into his pack. And now that things were back to normal, Sebastian let out a big yawn, and he started to curl his way back into Ben's scarf for another nap. Ben gave him one last pat on the head as he crawled back in- he needed his rest. I suppose. Ben counted the amount of materials he had gathered so far - it was barely enough to last four days of crafting so far, which was much less than he wanted. Perhaps he would settle for this so far, then work on searching some other floors next and hope that he had better luck. It would have to be better than banging his head against the wall here.
  2. [F8-SP] Scrounging in the trees

    As he crept on forward, he kept on bumping into all of the thorny areas that he had been trying to avoid. It was extremely frustrating to not be able to get anything at all to add to his supplies, but he had to keep moving forward. Sebastian woke up while he was slipping around the more dangerous areas, and took a look around at what was going on. He decided that it was time for him to stay awake, and seemed to want to help out and give directions as he went. It mostly just turned into him crooning into Ben's ear as he tried to concentrate, which was less than helpful. But very cute, so it was helpful in a way. He had to admit he was glad to have the company around, and that it was much better than running around here alone. Ben gave him a scratch on his head for his help.
  3. [F8-SP] Scrounging in the trees

    Benjamin had been checking his messages a few times while he was walking. He still had a few orders out, and was waiting on players to pick them up. Some days it seemed that half of his time was spent waiting for others to come buy his wares. But, he had more important things to focus on for the time being- such as finding some more crafting items. For now, he crept forward to start looking for something else to search in. The bushes around here were unfortunately full of a lot of thorns and debris, which made it a lot harder for him to try any type of searching. He decided that it would be better to just keep going for a while before trying. He was not going to have as many materials as he wanted by the end of this, but that would be fine, really. At least in the long run.
  4. Benjamin Bookworm's Evaluations

    4/24/18 crafting Link
  5. [F1] Bookworm Laboratories - Alchemist Rank 6

    Today we craft once more- -7 [T2] Materials, +1 [T2] Uncommon Crystal, +2 [T2] Uncommon Potions, +2 [T2] Rare Potions, +1 [T2} Perfect Potion, +39 xp
  6. Benjamin Bookworm's Evaluations

    4/23/18 Crafting Link
  7. [F1] Bookworm Laboratories - Alchemist Rank 6

    Time for some more Tier 2 healing potions! -7 [T2] Materials, +6 Uncommon [T2] Potions, +1 Rare [T2] Potion, +1 Perfect [T2] Potion, +41 xp
  8. [F8-SP] Scrounging in the trees

    As he continued his long and boring march down the trail, hoping for some better luck in finding some good materials, and hoping for something even better. He was getting tired of searching through so many bushes with nothing to show for it but wasted time and a bunch of scratches from and the nature he had to trudge through. With a sigh, he got back to work, looking through one bush after another. Only this time, he finally found a good stash of material in one of them. He had to lean in carefully to grab it while not waking up his familiar, but the boost to his confidence was well worth it. Sometimes it just took a bit of success one time or another to help you get through the long searches out in the woods. Now, it was forward march to find some more stashes like this one!
  9. [F8-SP] Scrounging in the trees

    Benjamin continued his search, trying to keep himself steady enough to not knock his familiar off of his shoulder again. Having him growl more about his movements wouldn't make things any easier. For now, he stuck to the bushes on the side areas where he was walking, hoping to grab a good haul out of them. It seemed that his bad luck was continuing though, as he was not getting a single stash out of the places that he was looking in. He really hoped that looping around this area would pan out in the end for him, because right now he was not having any luck at all with refilling his supplies. If this kept up, he would be out here all day and have barely anything to show for it. Well, at least Sebastian would be happy for the fresh air and the walk, even if he didn't actually do any of the walking himself.
  10. Benjamin was relaxing at his shop, a small cart he used on the first floor to try and find newer players faster, when someone he hadn't met before approached. He was asking for directions to the NPC in charge of the alchemy quest, one that Ben had done at the start of his career. Oh, I know where that is- I've done that quest before. Let me just close up shop and I can help out- it's not like I have too many players beating down the door for orders. He quickly popped a closed sign on top of the counter, which seemed to be all he needed, and then pulled what appeared to be a foot and a half long caterpillar from the folds of his scarf, and laid the (very annoyed) creature on the counter as well. Sebastian, you watch the shop for a moment. We got another soon to be alchemist to help out. @Sharr
  11. [OP-F1] Celebration Time

    Bye Tsu, have fun at the rest of the party. Ben called after her as she left. Sorry about the interruption Dazia, it seems that all these parties have some pretty crowded rooms sometimes. I never really know who to go up to talk to at all. He looked around the room, seeing the familiar faces that he had met from the different quests before. He was a bit overwhelmed with what was happening. Actually, we could head on over to the buffet table to talk- it's a lot easier for me to let others walk up to talk than seek them out, quite frankly. he offered. Actually, I never asked about your crafting preferences, or if you even have any. Honestly, I probably should have waited until I leveled up a bit before I started so I could level up the skills I would need first, but that's how it goes sometimes. @Dazia
  12. [F8-SP] Scrounging in the trees

    As he walked through the thick underbrush, trying to make his way through so that he could find some more materials for his crafting attempts. It would be a bit harder than usual to keep himself close to the thorn brush, at least close enough that he could keep sight and not miss anything interesting in it that he would pass by. It wouldn't do to just walk past the spot he had come out here to look for. Still, with the thickness of the brush, it was getting harder and harder to both search and properly keep his eyes on the place he was looking at. So, he stopped going out of the way to find some searching areas, and concentrated on moving for now. He would find some good spots for searching later on, and for now just wanted to get out of this spot and to some areas he could more easily search through.
  13. [F8-SP] Scrounging in the trees

    Benjamin backed off into the woods a bit, searching along the sides of the thorny area that he had encountered. It was big and full of tightly intertwined branches with lots of thorns to defend them, and likely way too thick for him to get through. He decided that the best route for him right now was to go around the outside of it, seeing what was there to harvest, and hopefully encountering an entrance sooner or later. He got a few promising bushes to search, adding another pinch of materials into his pack for later crafting with. He was making some progress, and he had found something interesting for him to check out. Maybe he would even find something inside of there that would be worth the extra effort he was making to find out. Now though, he had to make sure he did not slack off on finding materials for crafting as he did so.
  14. [F8-SP] Scrounging in the trees

    Ben pushed his way through some more of the bushes, finding himself near a very thick few patches of brambles. It looked like a good spot for him to start searching for something hidden around here. The game had lots of spots that were good for hiding treasure chests in, and it seemed Ben had stumbled across one now. He tried to push his way into the vines, but the thick thorns kept on digging into him as he did so. The painful pokes quickly added up, and Ben did not like it. Neither did his little familiar, who growled a bit in annoyance as Ben tried to look in there. He decided quite quickly that it wasn't going to be worth it, even if he did manage to force his way into the area. Maybe he could go around, find another entrance and whatever was inside of there. Maybe something good.
  15. [F8-SP] Scrounging in the trees

    Benjamin walked on forward, but was a bit distracted as he did so. His familiar was not liking the constant movement of him bending down to check the bushes over and over. It seemed that he wanted to just sit back and take a nap while Ben worked, but the constant movements were getting in the way of it. He sighed. The annoying little caterpillar was fed and comfortable, but still complained. Look Sebastian, I'm getting some really good supplies from here. Could you just, for once, settle in and let me work. Sebastian harrumphed in response, still annoyed. Well, I can't stay still, or we won't get any extra potions at home. And you like eating all the leftovers, don't you? So just lie back and sun yourself while I move, and we'll be back home soon. OK? That seemed to satisfy him, and Sebastian curled in, his grip getting a bit tighter as he settled in closer while Ben continued searching.