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  1. Benjamin Bookworm

    Benjamin Bookworm's Evaluations

    2/18/20 crafting
  2. Benjamin Bookworm

    [F1] Bookworm Laboratories - Alchemist Rank 8

    "All right Sebastian, ready to try again today?" -17 [T3] Materials, +8 [T3] Uncommon Crystals, +2 [T3] Rare Crystals, +3 [T3] Perfect Crystals, +101 XP
  3. Benjamin Bookworm

    [OP - F22] Star-Crossed Gala

    Ben gently took Dazia's hand in his own, smiling as they both blushed from the touch. "Well then, we could check out the party and the snack tables and such..." he paused for a second, thinking. "But I think that neither of us are really crowd people, to be honest. And I've had way to deal with these kinds of fancy parties in the real world, and I'd rather spend tonight with just you." He really didn't want to deal with a crowd as it was, and Dazia seemed to just want to talk to him, so he picked out an isolated part of the tent, where there would be some of the tent flaps between them and the other guests, and began leading her that way. "Looks like we can get a good view of the forest from here. Might even be some fireflies around to watch. It... um, it would be nice to just talk without a herd of monsters around the corner ready to interrupt us." he joked with a nervous smile. "It would be nice to just know more about you." @Dazia
  4. Benjamin Bookworm

    Benjamin Bookworm's Evaluations

    2/17/2020 crafting
  5. Benjamin Bookworm

    [F1] Bookworm Laboratories - Alchemist Rank 8

    Ben turned to his newly upgraded familiar, smiling "Ready to support me again today buddy?" he asked his caterpillar friend with a smile. -15 [T3] mats, +4 [T3] Uncommon Crystals, +6 [T3] Rare Crystals, +0 [T3] Perfect Crystals, +91xp
  6. Benjamin Bookworm

    (PP-F3) Maze of the Minos <<Search for the Hoya>>

    Ben looked back and forth between Dazia and the outside of the maze, quickly deciding on what to do. "Dazia, you handled a Minotaur before. You can do it again if need be. I think we should head back on out the way we came- if we run into a monster we'll rely on you. If we get stuck in the tunnel down there with something bearing down on us, thing will get a lot worse than before." he said, trying to sound sure of himself. Facing off with more monsters in the maze would be tough, but Dazia could handle them. He was sure of it. Plus he didn't think that protecting Yinangi- or to a lesser extent himself since he had very little mitigation- would be possible for her in such a small area. "If you need a little more time to check for anything else your sister left, you should do it now. I don't want you to miss anything she left you because we were in a hurry." he added, keeping watch over the doorway they came from. @Dazia
  7. Benjamin Bookworm

    [OP - F22] Star-Crossed Gala

    "That's really sweet, but...I'm not worth that!" Ben listened to the words his friend said, his smile fading a bit as he heard her words. "Ceres, you are worth that- don't ever let someone tell you otherwise. You're a really good person, and that smile of yours brightens up the room." he told her as he gave her a pat on the shoulder, his smile back. "You're going to go out to that party and have a blast- it's Valentine's Day and you should be having fun out there. Maybe finding a cute guy yourself even?" he teased. With that, he took a deep breath and gathered himself. "I think I'm ready- thanks for the pep talk Ceres." he whispered before turning to walk back down the path, ready to talk to Dazia. @Ceres It didn't take long until he saw Dazia waiting for him down the path, her black dress sparkling in the lights from the tent. She really did look nervous- even more so than when she faced down a raging minotaur. Was she truly going to confess? "Dazia... hey, I..." he stumbled "I'm sorry. I was looking forward to seeing you tonight and I just... overreacted. I just want this to be a good night. Maybe a chance to just talk." he said as he blushed, really wanting his scarf back to just hide in again. "Maybe we can start over if that's OK with you?" "You look lovely tonight. Would you like an escort tonight, Dazia?" he said with a slight bow, still awkward and sounding somewhat unsure, but trying his best to put Dazia at ease. "Please?" @Dazia
  8. Benjamin Bookworm

    [GRANDMASTER MERCHANT] Best Kept Secrets

    "Thanks Ceres, you're awesome as always! I'll make sure to bring in some extra stuff to break down next time!" he said with a cheery smile, before he saw the next project she was working on and his eyes went wide. @Ceres "Eh?? Is that a life-mending enhancement? Those things are so rare! And I've been looking all over for something with that buff on it!" he cried out, obviously entranced by the item. "I don't suppose you'd be considering selling something like that? Er, though that's kinda rude to ask in someone else's store... Um, I'm Benjamin, nice to meet you, and if you do want to trade for something like that just message me please? Something like that would really help my healing abilities." @MISERY
  9. Benjamin Bookworm

    (PP-F3) Maze of the Minos <<Search for the Hoya>>

    After waiting around bored, wondering why Dazia's sister had bothered to make a note like that so difficult to read as he kept a loose watch, he turned to hear Dazia's explaination of what the note had. Then, Ben let out a small laugh at Dazia's good luck so far. "Well, I guess sometimes you start thinking of the game like real life after a while, not with everything... respawning..." he trailed off as a chill ran down his spine. "If she left long enough for the item to respawn, the enemies are going to be spawning as well. That's why she didn't think you'd get it! She thought we would get here before it spawned again... and spawned a new guardian with it." he called out, instantly alert and whipping his head around to look about. "Yinangi, help Dazia out of that hole now. If the pendant is on a long cooldown timer, that means the minotaur is too. And monsters on long timers like that are very, VERY tough." he explained nervously as he listened for the telltale sounds of something spawning. "I think we should start heading back. Now." The teleport crystal on his belt hung heavily, which he checked once more as they waited. If trouble came, they might need to make a very speedy escape. @Dazia
  10. Benjamin Bookworm

    [PP-F06] <Deforestation> Trial by Fire

    (Edit: Oops, accidentally added a roll for the monster attack when I shouldn't have... well it was a miss anyways, so all is well I guess? Fixed now) Ben took his cue from Shield to leap in and take a swipe at the giant cat attacking them, attempting to deal some damage while Shield kept it occupied. Unfortunately, the heat the Byakko was giving off was more than he could handle, and wound up stumbling back from the aura before he could get close enough. The monster, however, did not seem to care at all and simply pressed forward against Shield's wall of blades as he parried everything he threw at him. "Geez, this thing is tough to land a blow on! Are you having any better luck over there?" he called out as he circled back around the Byakko's side, trying to rush into a space that wasn't filled with fire and claws- which was trickier than it sounded with this monster jumping around and slashing and burning everything in it's path. "Just give me a second and I'll try to take another swipe at it! Stupid cat!" @Shield
  11. Benjamin Bookworm

    F09/PP So, Just an Angry Bear Then? <<Ferocious Foe>>

    Ben almost laughed out loud at that suggestion, a smile spreading across his face as he responded. "Well, that's one way of getting them the XP they need. I'm sure you'll find a lot of use from the items they have stocked too- especially for the items for finding and opening treasure chests it's always a good day when you find some perfect items it those and really cash in." His smile was wide and genuine by now, remembering all the hard earned treasure chests he had looted throughout his quests for materials. It was always a good time to find something useful to help everyone out with... but lately it's been feeling a lot emptier without friends by his side. "Hopefully this also means we find a lot more items to use in the upcoming floor boss battles. Especially the 25th floor... a quarter of the way there. It's just screaming for something bad to happen in that fight." he said with a worried tone as he looked around, still having no luck finding a trace of their quarry so far. @Oscar
  12. Benjamin Bookworm

    (PP-F3) Maze of the Minos <<Search for the Hoya>>

    Ben nodded as he saw Dazia was safe at the bottom of the pit, before turning back to Yinangi. "OK- let's get this last piece out of the way before heading down." he told her before moving so both of them could pick up the last tile and move it out of the way. "It looks like the two of us are following Dazia down there Yinangi. So once we get these moved, I'll help you down there first before following, OK? We don't want you being up here all alone if you don't have to." he told Yinangi, making sure she would get down safely. "So did you find anything else down there to show your sister was here, or are we going to have to go down that passageway.... and I thought it was tight quarters in the maze. This is going to be something else..." he asked, worried about how they're going to get through the passage if there were monsters in it. @Dazia
  13. Benjamin Bookworm

    [OP - F22] Star-Crossed Gala

    Ben looked back at Ceres, glad to see her smiling again. "I know that I don't have to apologize, but seeing you hurt like that just... it just tore me up, you know." Ben blushed bright red at Ceres's words. "You-you think that she's going to confess?? I mean, we get along, and I like her, and we're gone through some pretty tough situations..." he quickly answered. "I kinda see what you mean now..." He fidgeted as he tried to pick out his next words while his head was spinning by now. "I didn't expect that at all! Honestly have no experience at all talking to girls... and now we're both in the middle of this big fancy party and..." he caught his breath as he continued, looking nervously at her smile. "I mean, what am I supposed to say to her? I'm not good at fancy parties or anything- d-do you think I can actually do this?" His legs were shaking he was so nervous- why did Dazia have to be so tough to talk to? And why did he already start out how he did? @Ceres
  14. Benjamin Bookworm

    (PP-F3) Maze of the Minos <<Search for the Hoya>>

    "Violet? That's your real name?" he asked in surprise. "It's nice. I didn't know that- or that you had other family in the game. We should definitely take a look if she really is behind that note. Especially since items like those break down over time, so she would have had to have placed it here recently." he said as he walked over to the loosened stones by the pedestal, bending down to help the two of them pry it up. After about a minute or two of strained effort, they managed to pull open one of the tiles, showing an open space below it. "Looks like there actually is something down there- and that we have to pry up a few more before we can find out what kind of a passage it is." he told her with a smile as he caught his breath. "And, um, if you're curious, my name actually is Benjamin. I figured it would be easier not to change that in game, since I'm used to being called that..." he explained with a little blush. @Dazia
  15. Benjamin Bookworm

    [GRANDMASTER MERCHANT] Best Kept Secrets

    Benjamin walked into Ceres's shop, carrying a large backpack full of items. "Ceres... finally got around to cleaning out some of my unused items. Figured I'd drop off some of these uncommon crafts that never get used. I hope it's not too many of these that you have trouble- if it takes extra time don't worry about it. I'm probably going to have a few more soon enough now that I have more crafting happening." he said as he laid out dozens of bottles on the counter. "Hopefully this doesn't keep you too busy to hang out- it'll be great to go on another expedition soon!"