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  1. Benjamin Bookworm

    F09/PP So, Just an Angry Bear Then? <<Ferocious Foe>>

    Ben shifted around uncomfortably at that statement. "Yea... but I don't have the build to use combat skills like that to fight anything close to my level. So my crafts are all I have to make much col from, and not very much from that as it is." he paused, remembering something else he had talked about recently. "You know, even if you don't need the col, you could just give them to some of our support merchants for junk sale anyways. They make a lot of their col from their shops too, and the XP from using their skills is a bit harder to find." "I guess I'm a little biased when I talk about supporting our crafters though- I know you have a lot of things to do near the front, especially compared to me." he said as he continued to scan around for the quest monster they were looking for without luck. It was a big forest- or jungle more accurately- and they had a lot of ground to cover. @Oscar
  2. Benjamin Bookworm

    [F11-PP] A Walk Through the Forest

    "Yea... We do, don't we? Sometimes it's easy to forget about that when you spend most of your days searching high and low for crafting ingredients, only to have to work just as hard to convince everyone else what you made is worth paying for." he let out a sigh as he grabbed some of the roadside flowers as well. "But it feels better to have someone to talk to about it when things start to get really frustrating." he gave Ceres a smile as he readjusted his scarf, loosening it now that they'd walked enough to heat up a bit. "I know I at least have the ability to give items to the front liners for boss battles though- I'm guessing it's a bit harder for merchants to deal with things when sales are slow though, are they?" He would have to make a note of seeing what other merchant services he might need- even while he complained about lack of customers, he really didn't visit others shops as often as he should either. He should change that. @Ceres
  3. Benjamin Bookworm

    F09/PP So, Just an Angry Bear Then? <<Ferocious Foe>>

    Benjamin nodded, though he shifted around a bit while he did so. "Well... if you ever want any I have plenty. The uncommon class of items never really sell, so I always wind up with a store full of them until it's time to dump them off at a merchant. Might as well use them when there's a chance, right?" he asked as he looped a few of them into his potion belt, ready for use if they were called upon, and tucked his emergency teleport crystal in front for if there's an emergency they couldn't deal with. Oscar was a good friend, but he wouldn't ask him to risk himself defending a low level player if they had to make a hasty retreat. "I wish I had some more crystals that were low tier that I could use, but for now I can only use lower tier ones. Maybe we'll get enough XP here to change that?" he quipped as he loaded the route for the quest onto his map and started walking down the path. Hopefully they'd get the boss done with enough time left over to do some treasure hunting too! @Oscar
  4. Benjamin Bookworm

    [F11-PP] A Walk Through the Forest

    Ben saw Ceres' face fall, and a pang of guilt went through him. "I'm sorry, I didn't even think about that. I guess I'm still used to hanging out with my gaming group so often I forget other people don't really feel the same rush like that. And it's changed for me too, ever since the game changed to... well, what it is." he still looked a little scared as he talked, but sounded more decisive too. "But I have to at least go out there and try. I've played enough games to know what I'm doing, and can help get everyone out of here faster. Especially the ones who can't fight." He glanced over at Ceres, surprised by even himself that he said all of that, and tried, without luck, to go back to gathering as much as he could. "I won't bring it up though if it makes you feel uncomfortable. Because... I like this too. I haven't had a friend to just talk with in a long time." he admitted, patting Ceres on the shoulder and giving her a smile. @Ceres
  5. Benjamin Bookworm

    [F11-PP] A Walk Through the Forest

    Ben shook his head as he followed behind Ceres, a little confused. "Er, I think I must have explained that wrong- I was talking about an enhancement that items can have on them, not that consumables can have." he said as he hoped he didn't give the wrong impression. "A piece of light armor or something like that would have it, and it winds up so expensive because there's only a few that have ever been dropped, and lots of people want the buff since it works for combat focused builds and support builds." He kept his eyes on the trail as he walked, picking up a few sets of herbs as he went and adding them to his bag- it had been a good day for it so far. "As for the consumables in the chest, well, they cost enough to identify that I usually can't justify it. In most shops you can get a consumable made for less than that, and it's not like there's a chance of the ones in the field being better than what they have." he sighed as he finished filling his pack and came up next to his new friend. "If I could farm col from monsters better, that would be a different story, but I usually just sell off the unidentified ones I grab to merchants, so it's like I cut out one of the steps if you just take 'em. They'll help you out more anyways." @Ceres
  6. Benjamin Bookworm

    [F11-PP] A Walk Through the Forest

    "No, not like that kind of thing-" Ben said as he lowered Ceres into the chest. "It's an enhancement you use that boosts whatever healing abilities and items you use. I figure if I can get something like that I can become a healing force to be reckoned with soon enough. Problem is I've only ever seen one of them, and it went for more than a small house would, so it's just a dream right now. Or a very lucky find in a chest." he answered as Ceres came back up out of the hole. He was sure she was messing with him as he blushed at her playing with his glasses, staring back at her and swallowing before pointing where he thought his map was pointing, forgetting to check around for materials very hard. "Oh, um, we should be safe if we keep going this way. Maybe even get some more good finds like that as we go- there's plenty of nice spots to check out before we have to start looping around. And if you want to keep the consumables, that's fine by me. I make enough of them anyways." @Ceres
  7. Benjamin Bookworm

    [F11-PP] A Walk Through the Forest

    "Soft hands... I- er- wait up!" he stuttered out as he was caught off guard by the comment, rushing to catch up to her in the forest. The comment was quickly put into the back of his mind when he saw what was ahead by the rocks she was pointing at, instantly on alert, and drew out his dagger to go check it out. Poking his head over the top and cursing himself that they may have a monster so soon, he spotted the top of a brown, grass covered treasure chest down below. "Oh, that's good. It's a chest down here- but, uh might be a bit tricky to get down there." he called out, holding out a hand if Ceres needed it to climb. Then blushing once more as her previous comment came to mind- she really didn't keep any secrets. "I know there isn't much to be made in identifications- your place is the best prices too, which is why I stop by. And keep hoping to find a healing booster one of these days, though they're rare as it gets. Mostly I just don't like breaking down the items I made... worrying that I'm going to want them the next day, or should have given them to a lower level character or something. But col is col, as you said." he chattered, realizing it would probably help her out a lot with leveling up if he sold of some of his excess to her. Another reason to do so after their journey.
  8. Benjamin Bookworm

    [F11-PP] A Walk Through the Forest

    Ben smiled as he watched Ceres pulling materials from the ground- it was fun hanging out like this, and quite peaceful too. He took her hand in his and spoke as they shook. "Yes Ceres, I'd be honored to have a friend like you. And someone else to talk to when things get tough... it's nice to have some cheer around" he answered, before moving to pick at some of the materials off the top of the log. "So, how about you do the honors of searching? I thought that you had some skills to find them better than I could, right?" he asked as he pocketed a few of the mushrooms himself. "And I do promise to stop by your shop to sell off some of the items... it's just hard to swallow how little they go for once you break them down. Still, it was a mistake thinking that those lesser antidotes would ever be much use... and having nearly 50 clogging up my shelves is something I'd like to forget about soon enough." @Ceres
  9. Benjamin Bookworm

    [F01 R3 Cook] Blind Eye Pub {PK accessible} *OPEN*

    Poked his head into the pub, glancing about warily at the PK accessible shop as he approached the counter. "Um, hi there. I was looking for some snacks for the road cooked up for me. I'm hoping for something that can boost my ability at finding materials in the field. I can put in an order for an uncommon food right now, and if you have other uncommon snacks or desserts or something coming out of the oven, I'd be glad to buy some of those later." he said cheerily, hoping to find a good source of cheap foods for himself. He used a menu to pass over the col for the first snack with a nod, trying not to interfere with the chef's work. Requests Name: Your Profession: Cook Your Rank: 3 ID: [Leave Blank] Roll: [Leave Blank] Item Type: Snack Tier: 1 Quality: [Uncommon] Enhancements: +LD Description: [Give the item a description] Post Link: [Leave Blank]
  10. Benjamin Bookworm

    [F11-PP] A Walk Through the Forest

    Ben took the telescope that was offered and took a long look through it as well. "I've never understood much of that either. But then again, I never really understood much of what happened in the world that people did most of the time. Dealing with people like that who spend so much time gossiping, so much time holding on to secrets...." he trailed off as the item used the last of it's durability, bursting into pixel shards. His mind wandered back to is home as he thought about these things- and how glad he was to not be there. Some days even a game like this was preferable... he thought as he scooped up another rock near where the last few telescope bits were, finding a big batch of, well, some sort of shiny moss under it. "Um, actually, I do kinda already have a place for myself. Just not very well furnished or anything yet. But I always welcome friends over if you wanted something roomier than just a workshop to crash in. Never really had that chance much before here." he offered, knowing how uncomfortable it is to try and sleep in your workshop- especially since he stayed up too late and did so more often than he should. "Plus... it's nice to have people to talk to. To keep you grounded." @Ceres
  11. Benjamin Bookworm

    [F11-PP] A Walk Through the Forest

    "It... I guess it is nice out here. I usually am more concerned about looking around for more places to loot. I haven't really done much of the sightseeing." he said, shifting uncomfortably. "It's not that I don't think it's good, it's just I've never really done that before. I kinda prefer my ledger and the nice, safe numbers most days. Less arguing from them really." He laughed at his own joke as he walked along, distractedly looking for some more materials as he went. "It's not that I'm prepared, it's that I just spend a lot of my free time redoing my pack and what I'm making. Plus most of these items are just low level things that nobody ever buys from my shop, disappointingly." he looked out into the woods as he spoke, wondering what he really doing this for sometimes. "Besides, if it wasn't for players like us watching out for the front liners, they'd make progress a lot slower, right? And it's kinda nice feeling important like that..." @Ceres
  12. Benjamin Bookworm

    F09/PP So, Just an Angry Bear Then? <<Ferocious Foe>>

    Ben let out a smile- it had been a while. "Ah, well I guess I had a bit of a breakdown, closed up shop for a while... but I'm hoping to be back again. I'm here to try and gather up some more crafting supplies, actually. Sales are usually pretty thin at the shop, and I don't have the skills to deal with quests myself for the col..." he said as he looked at his log once more. "Actually, I haven't done that quest at all. Would you be up for having someone else along to help? I have my first aid skill pretty high, and plenty of items to help out." he asked, shifting his backpack around as he smiled with excitement. It had been a while since he'd been on an honest combat quest, and he was itching to get started again. It wouldn't do to let all the skill points he had in healing go to waste- or drift far enough from the front liners that he couldn't provide them the items they needed for the boss fights. @Oscar
  13. Benjamin Bookworm

    F09/PP So, Just an Angry Bear Then? <<Ferocious Foe>>

    Benjamin was busy checking his map data once again. He needed to go out in the woods again, to try and find himself a few more materials once again... actually he probably needed some more col to expand his workshop too. He let out a sigh as he opened up the menu of quests for this floor, seeing everything around here is so much tougher than what he'd ever faced before- and most of his skills were for crafting and gathering. He paused as he saw a familiar face walking towards him, not bothering to close up his menus while waving. "Hey there! You're the guy with the hot dog stand, aren't you? Nice to see you here!" he called out, glad to see someone he recognized. Usually he hung out on the lower floors, and wasn't as familiar with the players up here who were higher level. Plus he was always happy to see someone who made good food- that was something that helped him out a lot on his expeditions. @Oscar
  14. Benjamin Bookworm

    Benjamin Bookworm's Evaluations

    1/12/2020 Crafting
  15. Benjamin Bookworm

    [F1] Bookworm Laboratories - Alchemist Rank 8

    Crafting today too! Hope I get something good! -6 [T1] mats, +6 [T1] Uncommon Salves, +1 Rare Salves, +3 [T3] Perfect Salves, +49 xp