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  1. Alec was setting up the forge in the back of the Blazing Typhoon as he once again heard the tinkle of the bell at the front door to his mentors shop. As he finished his preparations for the day Alec looked up when his friend and mentor stepped back into the forge. Alec nodded as he listened to his mentors instructions before setting to work on the order of two shields shaped like parasols. That was a really weird order the large man thought to himself. He had never seen another Player using a parasol shaped shield before. That was a very distinctive item he thought as he made a mental note to himself to keep an eye out for such a Player in the future. As he set to work on the order. It took Alec half the day before he was able to come up with a shield worth more than a practice shield. Frustrated Alec set the one semi successful shield aside for later consideration. As he took out some more Materials to continue trying. After trying for close to the end of the day Alec finally produced a second shield worth keeping which he also set for later consideration before failing to produce a worth while item and wrapping up the day on a sour note and cleaning up disgruntled and irritated with himself and his failure. -7 T3 Materials
  2. Alec listened quietly as the younger dark clad Player explained himself and his goals. When he finished Alec offered a nod of understanding. "I can understand enjoying the thrill of the fight and joy of victory. It certainly is a rush. But unfortunately it's only a short term goal. It's a momentary boost of adrenaline a temporary shot of endorphins that wears off and leaves you wanting more. Far be it from me to disparage another person's dreams or goals but in my humble opinion." The large man offered in a calm even voice. "If you can't find a deeper stronger goal to live for and fight for you'll be left empty and wanting. Though I do love the fighting and enjoy every darn second of it I fight for love. The love connecting me to my wife and son and the goal of holding them in my arms again." Alec stated as he continued to follow the dark clad figure of Mars through the snow covered terrain of the Fourth Floor.
  3. Alec let's out a deep low chuckle at the dark clad man's comment of Iron Giant as looks down to his Heavy Armor shoulder guards which however thick they might be still cover little more than a pair of football shoulders pads. "Well my oh so dark and brooding aquantence Mars. I'm fighting to get the heck out of his video game and to get home to my family where I belong. My goal as you say is to get strong enough to join the Front Lines to help them beat the game so I can free myself of this virtual prison and go home to my wife and son." Alec offered in his deep baritone rumble as he continued to walk along behind the dark clad Player. "What about you? What drives you out of bed each morning?" The large man asks as he scans their surroundings for any sign of the super charged Field Boss that should be lurking in their vicinity somewhere nearby.
  4. "Fair enough." Alec offers in response to the clipped answer from the dark clad man. "Aquantence Mars it is." The large man replied as he firmly shook the others man's hand a smile creaping onto his face as the smaller man tried tightening his grip obviously trying to impress or outdo the larger heavily muscled man. Alec replied by increasing his grip to match the other man before releasing the shake. As the larger man brushed past him Alec moved his arms in a by all means after you fashion and took up pace a few steps behind the other man. His perpetual scowl reasserting itself as the dominant expression upon his stern features as he followed behind the other man towards their destination of the new and improved Field Boss of Avalanche The Absolute Zero. So Alec thought to himself. This man had a very high opinion of himself it seemed. One had to meet very exacting standards it seemed as the heavily muscled man fell in behind the other and followed him towards their destination and the completion of this quest.
  5. Alec let out a deep low chuckle at the dark clad younger mans response. "Yeah the event did feel like kind of a cluster didn't it?" The large man asked with the faintest glimpse of a smile playing at the corner of his perpetual scowl. "Well the Fourth Floor is my home." The large man explained. "And I generally make some rounds of the floor to ensure lower level Players haven't stumbled too deeply into trouble. But this guy." Alec offered with a thumb over his shoulder pointing behind him. "I took out Avalanche pretty easy a while ago but this guy poped up and has been a thorn in my side ever since. I'd love nothing more than to smash him into ice chips and if that's where you're headed I'll gladly throw in with you. I can take quite a few hits myself and from what I saw at the Event you can definitely serve out some damage." The large man said as he thrust his hand out. "Partners, or Team Mates or whatever. I'll lend a hand." The large man said as he looked to the other man for his decision.
  6. Alec smiled a knowing smile with a blunt of sadness in his eyes for his friends as he remembered just how miserable this quest was. The large man cringed as he watched Bahr open his mouth to speak, bad move he thought as he watched the other man end up with a face and mouthful of sand. "Bad choice my friend." Alec offered with a sad smile. "This quest will hose you any chance it can." Alec offered. "It will intentionally make itself as miserable as it possibly can. Try not to give it any chances." Alec offered with sympathy in his voice. "We only have to make it through the rest of the day and tonight then we can find the old lady's cargo and get it back to her and end this misery." Alec said as his heart was torn out watching his friends suffer while he felt no discomfort from the sand or the heat or the wind. It was as if the elements simply shifted around so as to not cause the large man any discomfort. The entire scenario made Alec feel even worse as he looked at what was happening.
  7. Alec stood his ground as he tracked the sound of the approaching form. Alec watched as a smaller skin form emerged from the forest to materialize into a dark clothed man holding a ready Katana in his hand and creature which appeared to be part lion and part tiger with wisps of fire flickering from its body. "Trying to die?" The large heavily muscled man repeated as a question. "No. I'm not trying to die and I'm not sure about you but I find this weather rather pleasant and refreshing." The heavily muscled man responded as he looked over the new comer. "Wait I recognize you. You were at the Star Crossed Lovers Event. You were in the other Tier 2 group weren't you?" The large man asked. "My name's Alec I was the Tank for my group. I kept getting Paralyzed but at least I was able to hold enough Hate to keep Vigilon and the other guy in my group out of trouble." Alec offered with a deep low chuckle. "The names Alec." The large man offered in his deep baritone rumble.
  8. Alec stopped as he heard the sound of movement and the crunch of some frozen snow from not too far behind him. The large heavily muscled man stopped his movement and froze turning slowly toward the sound as he scanned the snow covered trees around him. The large Tank raised his razor sharp saw bladed shield up before him in a defensive posture while he held his Forearm Axe arm relaxed low and to his side ready to swing should whoever or whatever had just made that noise turn out to be hostile. Alec's familiar Humphrey let out a deep low growl letting whatever was out there that he knew they were there. The American black bear cubs attempt at an aggressive posture made the large man smile as he glanced to his side at his friend and most trusted companion. That's where the pair stood side by side waiting to see what would present itself out of the snow covered trees surrounding them.
  9. Alec uses Heightened Bash (- 11 EN) Roll: 124013 BD: 6 (Hit) 11*7=77-43=34 DMG Roll: 124014 BD: 3 (Miss) Senior Thieves: 124015 BD: 9 (Crit +1) 10*5=50-104=1 DMG (*2) CD: 2 (Infinite) Alec - HP: 728+16-2=742/870 | EN: 84-11=73/84 | DMG: 11 | MIT: 104 | ACC: 0 | EVA: -1 | BH: 16 | THN: 46 | Stonewall: -25% DoT  Humphrey: 3/5 Senior Thief - Health: 186-34=152/186 / Mit: 43 / Acc: 2 / Savvy: 2 / Tier 2 Bleed (8-10 nat BD) Senior Thief - Health: 138/186 / Mit: 43 / Acc: 2 / Savvy: 2 / Tier 2 Bleed (8-10 nat BD) Basic Damage: 9 (10 on a natural BD of 9 , 11 on a natural 10 BD of 10) Available Sword Arts / Conditions (Thief dice): Bandits don't have an energy bar but they will use sword arts with every successful hit. Infinite - 5x1*(Basic Damage) / [On a successful hit, CD roll 1-3] Tri Pierce - 3x1*(Basic Damage) / [On a successful hit, CD roll 4-8] Cross Edge - 2x4*(Basic Damage) / [On a successful hit, CD roll 9-10, MD roll 1-5] Armor Pierce - 1x1*(Basic Damage) & Stun / [On a successful hit, CD roll 9-10, MD roll 6-10] Shadow Stitch - 3x2*(Basic Damage) / [On a successful hit, CD roll 11-12]
  10. It was another day here on the Fourth Floor of Aincrad here in the digital prison known as Aincrad and Alec found himself walking through the soft snow drifts that covered the entirety of the Floor he called his home. The large, nearly six and a half foot tall heavily muscled man walked along with his friend and trusted companion Humphrey the American black bear cub, walking along by his side. The pair did usual rounds of the wild areas here on the Fourth Floor ensuring there were no low level Players in over their head on one quest or another. The large man grumbled under his breath as he neared the area of the one quest here on HIS floor that he had failed to clear. "Avalanche The Absolute Zero" The large man growled angrily binder his breath. The large man had beaten Avalanche handily solo but not the boss had popped back up and it appeared he had received a sever upgrade. The large man stalked like a caged predatory animal outside the limits of the Field Boss's spawning area growling savagely. "I'm coming for you!" The heavily muscled man looking into the area. "Soon!"
  11. As the large heavily muscled man walked through the Thieves camp site he quickly emerged from the camp to encounter two sand robed Thieves lurking in the shadows outside the encampment. As Alec emerged and spotted the pair of Thieves he quickly reached out activating a Sword Art causing his Forearm Axe to begin glowing as the energy built within it. As the energy reached its peak Alec swung his arm out in a wide arc. As his crescent shaped axe heads flew towards the first Thief he quickly flowed out of the way of the swing like water. The second Thief wasn't so quick and Alec's axe head smashed into his side repeatedly opening a large wound in the Thief's side. The Thieves seemed to have been caught off guard by the large man's sudden movements and agressive actions as they both stumbled missing their attacks and tripping over each other in their shock and confusion.
  12. Alec casually made his way through the Thieves camp keeping a wary eye out for anything out of the ordinary or unusual. As the large man continued walking he heard the shift of some rocks nearby and a soft rustle of fabric on canvas from his other side. Predictable. The large man thought to himself. It seemed these game makers weren't too keen on switching up their playbook the heavily muscled man thought to himself. He was pretty sure this is exactly how the last question this chain had progressed. Enter camp, fight some Thieves, fight a big bad and then fight some more Thieves on the way out. Okay. Alec thought to himself if that's the way they wanted it that's what they'd get as he continued to walk trying not to tip off his pursuers that he was aware of their presence, as he continued to track the pairs movements by their sounds. The duo was good the large man thought to himself with a nod but he was better he thought with a grin as he neared the edge of the tent camp site and the most likely place for their emergence. OOC Post 2: +40 HP / Humphrey: 1/5 / EN fully restored Alec: HP: 672+40=712/870
  13. Alec glanced down at the loot window before him as the Manticore exploded in a harmless shower of pixels that rained down around the large man. The heavily muscled Tank let out a long low whistle as he looked at the Tier 2 piece of Heavy Armor sitting before him. The item had Mitigation, Flame Aura and Taunt. It was literally perfect piece of equipment for the type of build he was chasing. Why did he have to be so darn moral all of the time? The large man cursed himself silently. He had promised Ali he would return any equipment he found but this piece was perfect for him! He cursed again as he tapped the button to place the piece in his inventory in an irritated manner as he turned away from the site of the Manticore's destruction and and walked over to exit the pen the beast had been caged within. He had made a promise the large man thought to himself and he always kept his promises he thought with a self assured nod of his head as he exited the pen and looked around the camp nearby. All seemed quiet but that could be a ride, there could be a group of Thieves hiding in the shadows waiting to pounce upon him the moment his guard was down seeing as how he had just defeated a rather formidable foe. OOC Post 1: +40 HP / Humphrey: +90 HP Alec: HP: 542+90+40=672/870 
  14. Alec continued his rounds with the horrendous beast called the Manticore. Alec had taken some damage this fight but nothing to be too overly concerned about as held his shield up in front of himself eyeing the beast and smiling as he observed that it's health bar was currently in the red. He had dropped the beast's health significantly during this fight and the large heavily muscled man felt the fight drawing to a close. With a deep breath Alec activated a Sword Art and was relieved when he felt the familiar wash of energy flow through him and into his Forearm Axe causing it to begin to glow as the energy built and grew. As the energy neared it's peak Alec bent and flexed his massive tree trunk like legs launching himself into the air to come crashing down on the Manticore with a mighty swing if his Forearm Axe chipping deeply into the beast and dripping it's remaining health by nearly a third. The Manticore responded with a loud roar before it belched a massive burst of flame onto the large man which did little man than warm his body before it lunged forward and but deeply into Alec's body again opening another wound that again was seared due to the intense heat within the beast mouth. Alec gritted his teeth and and swung his razor sharp saw bladed shield down twice slicing deep clean cuts through the beast which caused it to begin to waver and shake before exploding in a shower of pixels that rained down around the large man as he stood up smiling at the loot window before him.
  15. Alec continued his dance of death with the hodge podge creation of a creature named Manticore, only currently in the dance the large man found himself lying flat on his back looking straight up at the nights sky with the beast prowling around nearby. With a heavy sigh the large man rolled into a sitting position and gathered his legs up under himself and stood staring dead pan at the creature facing him. The beast was large and had a tank fetid breath as it returned the large man's gaze balefully. Alec took several deep breaths to calm himself as tried to summon the energy to enact a Sword Art but once more the game refused him. If truth be told the large man was beginning to grow tired of this honestly. It's like the game has something against the heavily muscled man or something. The Manticore sending it's opponents frustration and noting his lack of attack dove forward with a pounce and a flap of it's leathery wings. As the beast dove forward it's latched it's mouth around the large man and but down piercing his flesh with its mighty teeth causing the large man to inhale breath deeply as it's fiery breath seared his skin once more burning the wound as it released its bite and retreated a few paces away but not before Alec managed to swing his razor sharp shield around slicing deeply into the beast and opening a fresh pair of cuts in the monsters hide. "You'll not hit me without pay back!" The large man growled at the creature as he readied himself for another go.