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  1. Everything went dark and as the light returned Alec found himself standing on the teleportation pad in the center of a small midevile looking town resting in the heart of a small crater. Alec quickly glanced around himself as he stride purposefully off the teleportation pad and descended the stairs. Without a second thought the large heavily muscled man set off at a long strided pass headed for the gates that led out of the small town and to the path that led to the lip of the crater and rugged mountainous wooden terrain beyond. After all Alec thought to himself with a hard grin he had a dragon to slay and it was waiting for him out there. Alec strode along the cobblestone roadways without a second look for the non player characters around him. They weren't real after all so why give them a second or even first glance; they were fluff, filler window dressing and Alec had no use or need for any of them.
  2. Alec strode through the Hamlet of Snowfrost, the main settlement of the Fourth Floor, headed to the center of town where the teleportation pad was located. The large heavily muscled man enjoyed the sights and smells of the tiny rustic village. The buildings were small and low slung made from stone and wood. Wood fires could be smelled burning along with the scent of various meats roasting over open fires. Those coupled with the crisp clean bite of the cold air brought a contented genuine smile to the large man's normally stern features and perpetual scowl. As Alec strode happily through the town his faithful companion and friend Humphrey followed sniffing at various smells and letting out happy growling sounds as he followed the large man who was his friend and family. As the large man reached the teleportation pad he took two large steps up the stairs and strode to the center of the pad where in a deep baritone rumble the large man said the word "Urbus".
  3. Finally Alec flicked through the list I'll get came to his cherished Luck Stone which he selected to hold a spot in his Battle Ready Items list. Having chosen and equipped all the equipment he wanted the large man stabbed a button icon closing his inventory as he continued walking giving both his arms experimental swings reacquainting himself with their feel and weights as it seemed like months since he'd worn them last. How long had it been he thought to himself drawing a blank spot in his memory. Gods he hoped it hadn't been as long as it felt he thought to himself as he stride purposefully through the drifts of soft fresh new snow. As the large man made his way through the snow covered floor a smile of determination took hold of his stern features as he spotted the wooden log walls of the village that serverd as the main settlement here on the Fourth Floor.
  4. As Alec made his way through the snow covered terrain of the the Fourth Floor of Aincrad where he made his home the large man reached out with an index finger and swiped downward quickly opening up his inventory and allowing him to peruse the expanding list not items contained within it. As the large man quickly scrolled through the items he quickly selected the items he wanted. The heavily muscled man's first item was if course his heavy armor as he equipped his Vanquisher Shoulder Armor. Next he deftly stabbed his finger at the icon for his shield and watched as the air around his forearm began to shimmer as his shield Mirrors Embrace appeared securely strapped to his forearm. Next in line the large man flipped through his items till he came to his current weapon of choice as he selected his Forearm Axe the heavily muscled man watched as the air around his other forearm shimmered and wavered before his double crescent blades appeared secured to opposite arm.
  5. Alec

    [Event-F22] Star-Crossed Lovers [Tier 2]

    Alec watched as Macradon and another player he didn't know surged forward their weapons spitting righteous fury as they struck down two of the three remaining Fish Commanders leaving the one lonely Fish person left before the group. Alec held his shield before him as reached out attempting to harness the games internal energy to charge empower his Battle Axe with a Sword Art but as the heavily muscled Tank reached the games energy eluded him leaving him on his own against remaining opponent. Alec's battle axe fizzled and sputtered as he swung the shiny crescent shaped axe heads around in a wide downward arc. The large Tank's swing was too slow without the Sword Art empowering it allowing the computer controlled fish person to easily dodge out of the way eluding the large man's attack easily. Alec locked eyes with the grotesque amalgamation of man and fish as he growled a low gutteral noise at the monstrosity. [8/6/6] @Hazado| HP 597/850 | ENG 56/80 | DMG: 13 | MIT: 127 | ACC 0 | EVA 0 | DEF PARA 9/10 | Thorn 36 | 16 Regen [10] @Alec: 759+7=760/760 | 25-2+1=24/68 | 134 MIT | 2 ACC | -1 EVA | DAM: 5 | BH: 7 | THN: 56 | SW: -25% DoT [0/3/0] Vigilon: HP: 307/600 |EN: 3/70 | 14 DMG | 38 MIT | 3 ACC | 3 EVA | REC:3
  6. What the heck was happening to him today? The large man thought to himself as the wave of Deja Vu inducing vertigo receded once more. He has never experienced anything like this before and to tell you the truth it was a little concerning and disconcerting he thought to himself as he straighted up and looked to his friend and companion. "That was really weird." Alec announced out loud as he looked down to his familiar Humphrey. "I sure hope this goes away!" Alec stated firmly as he turned and walked towards the front door if his house. "Come on pal. Let's go find a lil dragon and kick it's scaly butt!" The heavily muscled man announced with conviction as he made his way to the door of his cabin and the snow covered floor beyond. As Alec reached the door he grasped the door knob on a massive and powerful fist twisting it to open the door and letting in a refreshingly cold blast of cold air. Alec stepped thought door and took a deep lungful of the cold clean air letting a broad smile spread across his face at the way the air chilled his lungs and prickled his flesh. Yes!! Today was going to be one heck of a day!! The large man thought to himself as he closed the door to his house and began striding across the snow covered floor.
  7. As the pair entered the living room Alec looked to his friend Humphrey with Avery grin and a glimmer in his eyes. "So pal. What d'ya say? I wanna find some trouble today. You in?" Alec asked as his grim spread even farther across his face. The American black bear cub responded by lumbering up onto his hind legs and pawing at the air in front of himself as if shadow boxing with an invisible opponent. The large heavily muscled man responded with a loud and boisterous rumbling peel of laughter. "That's what I thought." Alec replied as he clapped the bear cub on the back and wrapped him into a large rough bear hug and began wrestling the young bear. "So." Alec began in his deep baritone rumble. "I was thinking. Let's go check out the second floor. I heard there's supposed to be another dragon hatchling like the one we took on on the First Floor." The large man offered with a raised eyebrow before stopping suddenly and grasping his head as another wave of Deja Vu over took him.
  8. The American black bear cub responded with a loud grumbling growl of his own as he plopped down on his rear end with his front paws resting on the stone floor before him. "Yeah, yeah. I know pal." The large man offered with another deep laugh. "Breakfast is comin up my friend." Alec offered as he set out a pair of plates for himself and Humphrey to enjoy. Once the pair had finished water Alec stood up and placed the dishes in the sink. That was another nice thing about this world he thought to himself. No dishes!! You just placed them in the sink and when you turned around they were clean and gone. If only the real world were that easy Alec thought to himself as he left the kitchen and made his way across the living room with Humphrey softly padding behind him.
  9. Alec padded softly on hate feet into his kitchen stopping at the coffee pot to pour himself a steaming mug of the dark liquid. The sight and smell of the dark flavorful drink brought another smile to his hard featured face. One wonderful thing about this world, the large man thought to himself as he brought the piping hot mug to his lips and took a satisfying drink. The coffee was always hot and ready! The heavily muscled man thought to himself as he padded over to the fridge and pulled out some food for breakfast. As he closed the fridge door the large man heard a growling yawn from the other side of the door causing a deep chuckle to escape from deep within himself. "Thought breakfast might get you up lazy bones." Alec offered in his deep baritone rumble along with a deep heartfelt laugh at the sight of his friend and companion Humphrey wandering into the kitchen like the world's largest fluffiest dog.
  10. Alec stood in his bedroom stretching his thick arms wide till his deep chest gave an audible pop at his sternum. Then the large man rolled his shoulders forward receiving a series of pops and grinding noises in response as he linked his thick fingers together and stretched the strong muscles of his broad back before bending over to reach for his toes allowing his spine and vertebrae to pop as they shifted back into their natural positions. As the heavily muscled man straightened his back and assumed a standing position he allowed his strong arms to hang loosely at his sides as he took several deep breaths before leaving his bedroom his bare feet padding softly on the cool stone floor of his house as he made his way through the living room. As the large man entered his living room he quickly spotted his familiar and friend Humphrey stretched out upon a rug laying before the embers of last night's fire as they slowly cooled within the massive stone fireplace. The American Black Bear cub had thick velvety fur and was sound asleep snoring softly as he lay peacefully before the warm fireplace. The image gave the big man a genuine smile that softened his normally stern features and warmed his perpetual scowl as he continued through the room and into the adjoining kitchen.
  11. The morning started as many had since Alec had found himself here within the virtual prison that was his home, also known as Aincrad or Sword Art Online. The large heavily muscled man stretched and groaned as he lay within the over sized bed within his bedroom inside his cabin on the snow covered Fourth Floor of Aincrad. Alec sat up in his bed and placed his bare feet upon the cool stone floor of his bedroom floor. As the large man leaned forward he placed his beard face and bald head within his large calloused hands. The aging man rubbed his string rough hands across his face and head as a sudden unexplained wave of vertigo washed over the middle aged man and an overwhelming sense of unexplained Deja Vu gripped the man for a moment. As the sensation passed Alec shook his head to clear it as he took several deep breaths to help alleviate the sensation. "Wow! That was odd!" The heavily muscled man said in his deep baritone rumble as he placed his hands upon his knees and flexed his tree trunk like legs and raised himself to a standing position as he allowed his cotton sheets to slide off his body and land in a pile upon his bed.
  12. Alec made his way back to the tavern where he had met with Ali and received the quest. As he walked into the purple and blue cloyingly smokey tavern Alec spotted the other man seated at a both and watched as a large toothy grin spread across the dusky skinned man's features as the large man took a seat across from him and slid the mask from the Chimera onto the table. "Eh? so it's all true???" he asks while staring at the Chimera Mask in his hands. The darkly skinned man didn't seem nearly as surprised as you'd expect him to be, hinting that maybe such implausible things weren't a strange sight to him. He quickly gets over his limited surprise and starts fooling around with the mask as he raised from the booth and heads towards the Tavern's exit. "Almost forgot!" he adds as he turns around and hands you a pouch full of Col coins. "It isn't much but I'll be in your dept." he adds in a rather mono tone voice as he leaves the tavern with the mask on his face bouncing around happily, like a kid that got a new toy. As the non player character exits the tavern a Quest Ending Window pops up in front of the large man, displaying his hard earned rewards. QUEST REWARDS: Posts: (41) 2 pages +2 SP / +400 Col SP: 3+2=5 Total SP Col: 8,000+400=8,400 Col Total
  13. Alec stood dazed and stunned from the sand robed Thief's last attack. The well aimed knife struck had struck a vulnerable area and left him unable to move. As the large heavily muscled Tank stood frozen once more within his own body he strained his eyes to scan his surroundings searching for an possible new opponents who might try and take advantage of his stunned and unmoving state. Alec felt the familiar warming tingle of out of combat healing restoring some his nearly full hit points. The whole time the large man fought to make even the smallest part of his body respond to his desire to move. Finally the large man felt his finger twitch. Next he clenched and unclenched his fist before finally he was able to move his arm as he finally regained full control of his body with a deep heavy sigh of relief. Alec - HP: 847+30=870/870 | EN: 37/84 | DMG: 11 | MIT: 104 | ACC: 0 | EVA: -1 | BH: 16 | THN: 46 | Stonewall: -25% DoT - STUNNED Humphrey: 4/5 OOC Post 1: + 30 HP
  14. Alec stood resolutely staring down the line remaining Senior Thief facing him. This was the sole opponent left for him to defeat and he had every intention of finishing this fight quickly. The large heavily muscled Tank reached out grasping for the games internal energy source once more desiring to enact a Sword Art. As Alec reached out the games energy source flowed away from his grasp leaving him hollow and empty as he swung his Battle Axe at the remaining counter controlled construct before him. The swing was slow and clumsy and the Thief easily dodged out of the way before sprinting forward his knife held low by his side as he approached the large man. The blade flashed forward slicing the large man in an unprotected spot leaving a tiny hair thin slash in the heavily muscled man's body striking a nerve cluster as the huge Tank swung his shield around in retaliation slicing clean through the computer generated Thief cleaving the man in twain before both halves exploded into twin showers of red pixels that rained down around the large stunned Tank. Alec - HP: 832+16-1=847/870 | EN: 38-2+1=37/84 | DMG: 11 | MIT: 104 | ACC: 0 | EVA: -1 | BH: 16 | THN: 46 | Stonewall: -25% DoT - STUNNED Humphrey: 3/5 Senior Thief - Health: 46-46=0/186 / Mit: 43 / Acc: 2 / Savvy: 2 / Tier 2 Bleed (8-10 nat BD) - DEAD Basic Damage: 9 (10 on a natural BD of 9 , 11 on a natural 10 BD of 10) Available Sword Arts / Conditions (Thief dice): Bandits don't have an energy bar but they will use sword arts with every successful hit. Infinite - 5x1*(Basic Damage) / [On a successful hit, CD roll 1-3] Tri Pierce - 3x1*(Basic Damage) / [On a successful hit, CD roll 4-8] Cross Edge - 2x4*(Basic Damage) / [On a successful hit, CD roll 9-10, MD roll 1-5] Armor Pierce - 1x1*(Basic Damage) & Stun / [On a successful hit, CD roll 9-10, MD roll 6-10] Shadow Stitch - 3x2*(Basic Damage) / [On a successful hit, CD roll 11-12]
  15. Alec eyed the pair of sand robed Thieves as they continued their movements circling the large heavily muscled Tank looking for any opening in his defenses. As the large man waited he reached out and channeled the games internal energy source and channeled the energy into his Battle Axe causing the crescent shaped axe heads to begin glowing as the energy levels within them built. As the energy levels peaked the large man swung his arm down and around in a mighty swing that soared through the air striking the first of the Senior Thieves and cleaving the computer created man in two pieces causing each half to waver and shake before exploding into twin showers of red pixels. The heavily muscled man continued his spin swinging the battle axe with him but again the second Thief moved ducking out if the way of the heavy swing dancing back and darting in lashing out with his knife knocking Alec in the dude as the large man swung his razor edged shield around slicing deeply into the Thief's body opening a large gash that spurted red pixels as Alec finished his spin facing the lone Thief with a Savage stern gaze upon his stony features. Alec - HP: 835+16-1-18=832/870 | EN: 48-11+1=38/84 | DMG: 11 | MIT: 104 | ACC: 0 | EVA: -1 | BH: 16 | THN: 46 | Stonewall: -25% DoT  Humphrey: 2/5 Senior Thief - Health: 38-48=0/186 / Mit: 43 / Acc: 2 / Savvy: 2 / Tier 2 Bleed (8-10 nat BD) - DEAD Senior Thief - Health: 92-46=46/186 / Mit: 43 / Acc: 2 / Savvy: 2 / Tier 2 Bleed (8-10 nat BD) Basic Damage: 9 (10 on a natural BD of 9 , 11 on a natural 10 BD of 10) Available Sword Arts / Conditions (Thief dice): Bandits don't have an energy bar but they will use sword arts with every successful hit. Infinite - 5x1*(Basic Damage) / [On a successful hit, CD roll 1-3] Tri Pierce - 3x1*(Basic Damage) / [On a successful hit, CD roll 4-8] Cross Edge - 2x4*(Basic Damage) / [On a successful hit, CD roll 9-10, MD roll 1-5] Armor Pierce - 1x1*(Basic Damage) & Stun / [On a successful hit, CD roll 9-10, MD roll 6-10] Shadow Stitch - 3x2*(Basic Damage) / [On a successful hit, CD roll 11-12]