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  1. As Alec charged the giant yellow green nauseating being of guilt Alec reached out and tried to draw on the game energy to power a Sword Art but the energy taunted him and danced away just out of his reach denying him the ability to wield his weapon to its fullest and most destructive. With a feral yell of rage and impotence Alec failed on his swing and held his shield before him. The incarnation of Guilt swung a giant fist toward him and took advantage of Alec’s distraction bypassing his defenses completely. The blow landed solidly but luckily for Alec his heavy armor managed to absorb the blow only allowing a tiny bit of damage through which Alec’s Battle Healing quickly washed away as if it had never happened. Alec brought his shield back up and roared a feral roar of challenge as he brought his Forearm Axe back around and readied himself to swing again.
  2. Alec stood to his full height wiping away the sweat and excess vomit from his face as stood. “You know what?” Alec asked the huge form before him. “I do like the fighting and I don’t need to feel guilty about that. Yes, I fight to see my family again but that doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy every second of it while I do it.” Alec snarled as he took a step forward realizing his was fully armed and armored for war. A savage grin spread across Alec’s face and really gonna enjoy kicking your @$$!” Alec snarled as he charged forward shield held up and ready Forearm Axe trailing behind as he charged the huge from of sickly sliding yellow and green as he raised his Forearm Axe over his head and with a titanic bellow swung down at the form of Guilt.
  3. Alec stood sobbing and heaving for breath. It couldn’t be Alec thought to himself. He didn’t like it. He did it because he had to. If there were any other way he would take that route, wouldn’t he. As Alec fought the reality imposed on him he thought back to all those fights and all those creatures he had killed all those quests he had completed. The more he thought the more he realized one continuity to all those events. The one constant that all those fights all those monsters and all those victories shared in common. The reality smashed into and nearly broke him. He did fight because he liked. Yes he was driving towards a goal of seeing his family but he didn’t have to fight he could support others he could help. He fought for the sheer joy of crushing his enemy under his boot and feeling that rush as he attained victory over enemy after enemy and he’d continue to fight because he enjoyed.
  4. As another wave of nausea assaulted Alec causing him to dry heave painfully he was over taken with waves of guilt. Guilt? Alec thought to himself what do I have to feel guilty about? Why would I feel guilt? He thought as he fought his stomachs violent expulsion of nothing. “I’LL TELL YOU WHY YOU FIGHT!” the monstrosity yelled. Suddenly its voice softened and Alec almost missed what it said. But that whisper hit Alec like a ton of bricks to his chest and forced all the air from his lungs. No….no…..that’s a lie……it couldn’t be true…..that makes no sense…..how….why….what the thoughts flashed through his mind as reality suddenly snapped and the thought crystallized in his mind and he uncontrollably broke into sobbing tears. The whispered words that had affected the large man so stronger these. “you fight because you like.”
  5. “ANSWER ME!!!” the form bellowed. “WHY DO YOU FIGHT?!?!” “To get stronger.” Alec responded with a cough as he fought off another wave of nausea. “So that I can see my family again!” Alec ended with a yell as he slowly gathered his feet beneath himself and stood up sagging at the shoulders from sicking up earlier. “LIES!!” the form yelled. “DON’T LIE!! WHY DO YOU FIGHT?!?!” the formed continued forcing another wave of nausea over Alec that doubled him over again retching and gagging. “I fight for my family and friends!” Alec screamed back. “To save people and see them home from this hell!!” Alec bellowed as he fought the nausea. “MORE LIES!!!!” the form bellowed as yet another wave of nausea over took Alec. “TELL ME WHY YOU FIGHT!!!”
  6. “ANSWER ME!!!” the form bellowed. “WHY DO YOU FIGHT?!?!” “To get stronger.” Alec responded with a cough as he fought off another wave of nausea. “So that I can see my family again!” Alec ended with a yell as he slowly gathered his feet beneath himself and stood up sagging at the shoulders from sicking up earlier. “LIES!!” the form yelled. “DON’T LIE!! WHY DO YOU FIGHT?!?!” the formed continued forcing another wave of nausea over Alec that doubled him over again retching and gagging. “I fight for my family and friends!” Alec screamed back. “To save people and see them home from this hell!!” Alec bellowed as he fought the nausea. “MORE LIES!!!!” the form bellowed as yet another wave of nausea over took Alec. “TELL ME WHY YOU FIGHT!!!”
  7. Waves of nausea flowed over and through Alec. He had never felt this sick before in his entire life. Alec was so disoriented that he never even noticed that the images had ceased. As Alec’s head began to slowly clear he heard a loud burbling laughter. The sound itself brought another wave of nausea over Alec and he began dry heaving having nothing left in his stomach to purge other than bitter tasting bile. “Yesh.” Alec heard the word but was unable to pin point its origin. “Why do you fight little man? To get stronger you say? To see your pitiful family again? Is that why you fight?” The voice sounded as if spoken through a throat full of phlegm. “Answer me little man! Why do you fight?!?” Alec glanced up and saw a form standing a short distance that way the was easily twice his size. The being was another bipedal humanoid shape hulking and oversized. The form oozed and flowed with a sickly yellow green tint that roiled and spun with at a sluggish nauseating pace.
  8. The scenes continued faster and faster. The mantra grew louder and louder and faster and faster. What the heck was going on here Alec thought to himself as he stood amid a whirlwind of scenes playing out and the mantra becoming a blaring ear deafening roar in his head. Alec was forced onto a knee as he gripped his head within his hands trying to block out the blinding whirl of images and the deafening roar of the mantra as it looped over and over becoming faster and louder the more it continued. Alec had no idea how to stop what was happening or block it out. His head pounded his eyes throbbed his ears ached as the scenes and mantra beat upon his very essence splitting himself and fracturing his being as he fought to hold himself together and combat the assault. Finally it became too much and Alec doubled over retching and emptied his stomachs contents at his feet as he vomited like he had never vomited before.
  9. As Alec pulled the door open he saw the same impenetrable darkness as he had seen before within the door frame. Alec took a deep breath the steel his nerves and strengthen his resolve as he stepped forward into the darkness disappearing completely. As Alec finished his step everything was dark. After a second Alec began to see lights forming which gradually shifted into different hues of colors. The hues and colors eventually took on fuzzy shapes and soon enough the fuzzy shapes became distinct and Alec saw himself fighting monsters. Alec saw himself swinging his Mithril Battle Axe and slaying Boars. He watched on and saw himself fighting the Wasp Queen. The image shifted and he watched himself fighting Venom Snapper. Again the image shifted and Alec saw himself swinging his battle axe slaying the Elf King. All the while Alec witnessed the scenes of himself destroying beasts of all shapes and sizes he heard a mantra mumbled in the background. “I have to get stronger. I need to reach the Front Lines. I need to fight to get home. I fight to get stronger so that I can get home to my family. Nothing matters but getting stronger so I can get free of here.”
  10. Alec stood amid the doors in the vast nothingness as he looked at the three doors he now had to choose from. His choices were red hand, sad theater mask and the demonic visage that gave him the heebie jeebies. Alec slowly turned and eyed each of the doors trying to decide which door to open next. Finally Alec stopped his turning and stood facing a door. The large man surveyed the door taking in its every feature and and nuance. The door he stood facing was identical to the other three in that it was made of a solid piece of dark wood with a red tint to it as if made from a piece of a cherry tree. The door like the others was polished to a nearly mirror sheen. The only difference the before him had was its engraving. Alec stood staring a blood red engraving of a human hand with its fingers splayed wide open is if waving hello. Alec took a dep breath and grasped the door handle giving it a turn and pulling it wide open.
  11. As Alec looked across his yard he noticed something new. A dark wooden door with a reddish tint stood in the center of his yard. Alec calmly walked over the door which had no markings on it whatsoever and reached out grasping the metal door knob in his large hand and turned the knob and pulled the door open. Alec looked into the doorway and saw nothing but blackness within. With a sigh Alec stepped forward and found himself again standing in the vast emptiness in the middle of four doors. As Alec turned and surveyed the doors he noticed that one of them had changed. Where before all four doors had had engravings on them now one was polished and completely flat devoid of an mare or markings. Alec still saw the door with the red splayed hand, he saw the door with the sad theatrical mask engraved into it and he saw the door with the hellish demonic visage that again brought a shudder to his spine but the door which had had an upside down heart etched into its surface now stood flat and clear of any marks. Interesting Alec thought to himself as he looked to the three remaining doors. OOC Post 2 - EN fully restored
  12. As the being that had called itself Fear exploded into a shower of black and white pixels Alec stood up to his full height of nearly six and half feet and let out a long slow relieved breath of air. A faint smile played at the corner of his perpetual scowl soften his normally stern features for a short time as he looked around at his backyard as it lay before him. He had many fond memories of his backyard picnics and barbecues with his family and friends playing catch with his son Danny, playing fetch with the family dog Scout and sitting in the deck chairs with Gwen his wife as the sun set in the evening and the fire flies began to emerge and drift around the yard. Yes, many fond cherished memories but now he knew that he would live to see this yard again and to make even more fond and cherished memories with his family once he got out this digital construct he was currently trapped within. This was but a phase of his life and he’d see his loved ones again, that he was sure of. OOC Post 1
  13. Alec gritted his teeth in a savage version of a smile as he stared over his saw bladed shield edge at his current opponent a hulking form of flashing black and white that dwarfed his normally large frame. Alec held his shield ready as he stared down his opponent ready to strike as soon as an opening presented itself to him. As the form calling itself Fear stepped forward Alec swung his Forearm Axe around but at the last second the being shifted unnaturally and dodged the crescent axe attached to Alec’s forearm. But Alec had seen this move before and dropped his defenses for a split second allowing the form to attack him Alec allowed the massive fist to slid by his shield impacting on the heavy armor shoulder pads he wore allowing the armor piece to absorb the damage so that only a tiny amount made it to the man but his Battle Healing kicked in and washed that speck of damage away as Alec twisted and thrust his shield arm straight to the sky dragging its razor sharp saw balded edge up the beings torso opening a long deep cut that caused the beings form to being shaking and wavering until it exploded in a shower of black and white pixels that rained down and disappeared into nothing as Alec stood up straight and gave a satisfied exhale.
  14. Alec stared over the razor sharp edge of his saw bladed shield as he eyed the being of flashing black and white as it stood before him dwarfing the normally large man. Alec saw that the fight was coming to a close he had taken not a scratch the lasted beyond his Battle Healing and had dropped the black and white being down so that its life bar was in the red. Alec smiled as he taunted the form waving his Forearm Axe arm at the being in a come here motion while he gritted his teeth in a savage grin. As the being stepped forward Alec swung his Forearm Axe around in a perfect arc slashing open a large gash on the beings body and opening a large cut there. But Alec’s total commitment to that swing left him open to a counter strike from Fear. As the form swung its massive fist at Alec it connected with Alec’s heavy armor which absorbed all but the smallest amount of damage which Alec’s Battle Healing quickly alleviated for him.
  15. The fight between Alec and the being calling itself Fear. Alec stood solid ready to defend against the being as it’s body flashed and strobed in chaotic patterns designed to elicit fear in those that saw them, but Alec had hardened himself to the image and was prepared to defeat his fears. Alec took his weapon arm and swung it round at the hulking being standing before him. But as he swung the giant form shifted and lurched avoiding his swing then surged back throwing a mighty strike at Alec, but Alec was ready for the attack and brought his shield up to meet the fist blocking the strike and diverting it harmlessly away from himself and to the side as he brought his shield back to center and readied himself for another round of attacks and defense. He had still managed to not suffer any lasting damage from this form while he had nearly brought his opponent down to zero.