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    [PP/F10] The Mushroom Lord's Legacy

    The journey had grown silent, Kityuisa's blatant sour mood filling the air between the two friends. Her feet stepping one in front of the other as she headed for where the quest had told her to go. The events that had transpired a few days before, continuing to replay in her head. Why did Kirbs have to be such a butt head when I told her about Pinball. Like seriously? I have a right to go to whoever the fudge I want to. Kityuisa kicked her feet as she walked, kicking up dust away from Bahr. Without much time passing, Bahr inquired about how much farther they would have to travel. Kityuisa opened her map, checking their position and the position of the first mushroom lord. She glanced up at Bahr. "Just a few more minutes it looks like." Blowing off steam did sound like a good idea, but Kityuisa didn't feel like it would help her all that much. After all, her steam seemed to stick by her like glue sticking two wooden planks together.
  11. Kityuisa

    [PP/F5] <<Arabian Nights>> First Night

    A simple nod was what Kityuisa gave to Ryo as he explained the quest to the player. She had to admit, she was a bit all over the place, but she was in good moods. It was seemingly harder for her to be in a good mood; but today... Might be one of those days where she was in a random good mood. Kityuisa laced her fingers together. She had to remember that not everyone would take kindly to her personality. That much was sure, which made her grow quiet. "Ryo and I... Right." She muttered, not having replied when he had first said it. Kityuisa had definitely seen Ryo almost half naked, or at least that's what he said.. She hadn't paid much attention to what other's were wearing. She left the contest to Mitsuko so it would be a fair voting process. Kityuisa looked from Kooh to Ryo to see what would happen next, Jesus Yui stop throwing yourself on others. Kityuisa took a breath, letting out a small huff. Her shoulders raising as her small frame took the breath as a massive sigh. She blinked, and focused on Ryo figuring she would just find out more about the purple-haired man later on.
  12. Kityuisa

    [PP/F8] Hanging by a Moment

    The strong arms of Hikoru held her body above the water as he had her lay back on her back. His hands continuing to make contact as she listened to the waves and the currents. The night was surely coming, and although her beach was pretty much safe and sound with next to no monsters, minus a few weak ones she had to slay here and there, the waves and current got steadily faster and larger as the moon rose into the sky. "More so for the strong currents and waves." Kityuisa agreed with Hikoru and held onto him until she was able to stand at waist-length water. Once at that depth, she took the lead, her fingers dropping to lace around Hikoru's fingers. She grinned back at him before picking up the pace, "I'll race you~" She let go of his hand and moved her legs through the water, breaking into a run and splashing water everywhere as she made her way to the beach. Once there, she stood as the water lightly lapped at her toes. She rested her hands on her knees and took a few deep breaths. Then she looked up to see whether Hikoru had beat her or if she had beat him.
  13. Kityuisa

    [PP/F11] <<Nature's Treasure>>

    The reassuring squeeze definitely helped Kityuisa's mind once again ease back down. The clearly distasteful mood had been hanging heavy in the clearing, but as Jomei sent her a friend request and a trade request, Kityuisa wouldn't let him leave off on a sour note. She accepted both the friend request and the trade request, "Are you sure?" Kityuisa eyed the mats, her tongue tempting to lick her lips, but she refused to let the itch show. Another couple of seconds, the mats were now sitting in her inventory. Kityuisa puffed her cheeks, "You know what?" She felt a grin growing on her face, "I'm rooting you on." She stood up on the bench that they were nearby and messed with Jomei's hair.. She did need the extra height, "And I expect you to introduce me to Tel soon~" She winked, "I wanna know if she's good enough for you." Kityuisa gave him a thumbs up, "I don't think you'll need an escort back to your house, so i'll leave ya here, with this." She struck a silly pose, "Let's be happy, yeah? This world is too dark to not be positive." Thread Summary: Kityuisa +30 T2 Materials +2 SP Joemi +800 Col +2 SP
  14. Kityuisa

    [PP/F8] Hanging by a Moment

    Trying to float in the water below her, would prove to be a somewhat simple task. She had never tried before and watching Hikoru it made it seem easy. She listened to his words as he spoke. "Hold your hands out just in case?" Kityuisa pleaded with her loved one, wanting him to agree to protect her in case things went south. Kityuisa did as he had done. She laid on her back in the water. Kityuisa did as he had told her to do. Her body relaxing as she sat with the front half of her body exposed. The water that lined her skin glistening as the sun hit it just right. Kityuisa closed her eyes, and let her ears relax under the water. She listened, being able to hear the currents. Her smile started to spread across her face. Until she started to panic. Her head bobbed down and her body started to trash. "Help..."
  15. The appearance of the wingless dragon, Tanine Willowflame flicked her tail in greeting. Seeing another familiar, calming her body down even more than Kityuisa was able, especially one as friendly as this one. The familiar sniffed at Willow, and she sniffed back. Her nose flaring lightly as she tried to discern what the animal was and if it wanted to play. As it began to bound about in circles, Willow let out a meow. As it ducked its head down after coming around again in a full circle, Willow decided to play. Her body jerking in fluid and graceful movements as she leaped over the familiar, pawing at the creature's back. Her claws sheathed, not wanting to cause any damage to his skin. Now onto the owner of the black "cat". Kityuisa listened to everything that Takao spoke to her. Her ear hole opening as she listened intently. Once he introduced himself, Kityuisa nodded. "Breaking the ice in such a way can be something nice to look back on." Kityuisa grinned, not taking anything that had happened seriously. "Anyone else, and you might have a raging player on your hands, you're lucky i'm nice." Kityuisa laughed at her own small joke and retort before introducing herself. "My name is Kityuisa." She held out her hand, her golden locks swaying in the wind along with the movements that her body took. He was also lucky that Kityuisa was in a good mood today.