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  1. Kityuisa grinned as Alec interacted with his bear cub. Kityuisa thought for a moment, "Oh my god I left Willow back at my shop!" She held up her finger and high horsed it to her shop. Her body moving as fast as the wind. She entered her shop and whistled for her cat. Willow appeared from the back, letting out a meow as if to say, 'I can't believe you left me...' Kityuisa rolled her eyes, "Come on sassy pants." She scooped her cat up and made her way back to the spot she had left Alec. Getting back up on the teleporter she nodded her head. As soon as Alec spoke the words, the group of now four, got teleported to floor sixteen, where they would fight the nasty water monster. "Ready as i'll ever be..." Kityuisa gulped down lightly she was excited.. Yet nervous. She patted Alec's arm, "We've got this in the bag!" She stepped off the teleporter and held out her hand to help Alec down, taking the role of the gentleman.
  2. Kityuisa

    [PP/F1] <<Nature's Treasure>>

    Kityuisa watched the spectacle that was going on, rolling her eyes. Maybe this is what Kirbs needs to get back to her usual self.. Someone to nudge her towards positivity... Kityuisa plucked up another stone, this one seemingly harder than the others and placed it in her inventory. Willow let out a cross meow before trotting away. Kityuisa sighed, "We you headed, sassy pants?" Her cat flicked its tail before heading into the brush. A few seconds passed before she came back out, a mouse in her teeth. Kityuisa's eyes widened as her cat gulped it down right then and there, leaving nothing but the bones left. Willow picked it up in her teeth and dropped it in the hands of Kityuisa. Kityuisa examined it before holding out her hand, "Wow, good job Willow. You just found a material! Or rather.. You ate food and left me with your scraps.." Willow nudged her hand with her nose before licking her pelt. Kityuisa delicately placed the mouse bones in her inventory and wiped off her hands, hoping to get the residue of the dead mouse off her hands. ID 119836 LD: 14 + 3 = 17 +2 T1 Materials
  3. Kityuisa

    [F7-PP] Sneaky Sneaky

    Kityuisa felt relief flood over her as Aru explained more about Hikoru, "I definitely understand caring about family..." Kityuisa swallowed lightly, I still want to know how he's an info broker... Kityuisa figured she could ask Hikoru all the personal questions she wanted to later on when he felt more comfortable with him.. Now that she had knowledge that he wouldn't judge her too harshly, Kityuisa was relieved. A call from the other room brought Kityuisa to thank Aru for speaking with her. She gave him a small curtsy towards Aru, "One moment Hiko! I'll be right there! I want to use the bathroom real quick!" Kityuisa inquired about the bathroom and Aru lifted his hand and gestured in the general direction. Kityuisa headed for the bathroom and upon getting there she closed the door and opened her inventory. Kityuisa took off her purple butterfly kimono and tapped on the casual outfit she had gotten made for casually sitting in her shop. (Here) It was a white casual shirt tucked into a pair of high waited pants. She wore a pair of look-alike vans and had her hair clipped up into a ponytail. (See photo for image. She also has the choker equipped). Kityuisa unequipped all of her gear so she was plainly simple. She trusted Hikoru, and due to not having any of her weapons or armor equipped, perhaps it would prove it. Kityuisa exited the bathroom and headed for the kitchen smelling the delicious food. She shyly peeked around the corner, before moving her body to stand at the entrance. Her left hand was wrapped around her elbow as she bit her lip. Standing in the doorway, hoping Hiko liked what he saw.
  4. Kityuisa

    [PP/F22] <<King of Lakes>>

    Kityuisa grinned, "I would love to have someone tag along!" Kityuisa watched as he called to his three headed... dog? Kityuisa let out a whistle. Her cat coming inside the shop, from where she had been cleaning herself right outside the door. Kityuisa bent down and scooped up her lovely black cat. "Ready Willow?" Willow would let out a meow, and nudge the new dagger with her nose flaring. "That's my new weapon, silly!" Kityuisa let out a chuckle, her cat always cracked her up! Kityuisa lead the way out of the shop, "So, as you probably know, my name is Kityuisa! You can call me whatever suits you." She grinned up at Macradon as she exited the shop. "I wanted to fight the fish, because that's where my shop is set up! On floor twenty-two! And it just hits close to home." Kityuisa shrugged, "I'd rather have it out of the way, than having that threat hanging over my head. Plus, the more people that get to floor twenty-two, the more business I have!"
  5. "I promise, as soon as I catch wind of her I will instantly message you." Kityuisa nodded her head, that much she was certain.. Alec was really nice... She felt like she could lean on him for support. Kityuisa glanced at her own consumables, taking out an uncommon damage boost, "Nah, i'll be good. I have this.." She drank it, and watched as her damage upped by one point. "Thanks for the offer though." Kityuisa chuckled as Alec began to show off his muscles. She covered her mouth, "Oh my god..." Her laughter continuing as they continued to walk, the teleporter came into sight. "You ready to go and mess up some water monster?" She grinned, her eyes closing. She felt at peace. Upon opening her eyes she was now standing on the teleporter. She didn't need help up this time! "I'm ready when you are!" Her eyes blazing fiercely. Difficult quests were her passion.
  6. "Yes.. A choice... My little sister, she got stuck here too.. But.. Only, I can't seem to find her anywhere. I don't know her username or anything... I just.. I miss her... But I don't want to lose her. The fact that she's stuck here. I'd rather it would all be over for her than anything else..." Kityuisa felt her eyes flash, "I can't lose her to this game..." Kityuisa bit her lip, it made her sound like a terrible person when she outright said it like that... As Pinball questioned her about Mars, Kityuisa nodded, "Y-yeah.. He was helping me find Willow.. And then, he helped me train her.. it's just.. he wanted to duel so we could train her. He went really easy on me.. But the words that he said. Will I really lose everyone if my secrets are revealed? My secrets of my life before the game? The secrets of all the thoughts i've had since the beginning? The secrets of the nightmares I have every single night? The secret that I would rather my sister be dead than in this game?" Kityuisa at that point had broken, streams rolling down her face, "I can't lose anyone else like I lost my sister.." Her sister hadn't even died... But Kityuisa acted as if she was gone. Mars had really screwed her up in the head. "Mars said some things... And I keep wondering if they are all true.." Kityuisa stopped short. She felt like some of what she needed had been lifted off her chest. But she still had a lot to say.. For now, she would hope Pinball could help her a bit.. Before she went on to ask her other questions.
  7. Kityuisa

    [PP/F1] <<Nature's Treasure>>

    "Say Willow, what are your thoughts on this garden even?" Kityuisa stopped petting Willow as she sat down on the floor, still rummaging through the stones on the ground. Willow gave a small meow, "Me too. It's so pretty.." Despite never knowing what Willow was saying, Kityuisa always acted like she did. It made times where she had no one to talk to, easier... Willow always seemed pretty chill with the way she interpreted her, so it seemed she was always on the right track.. Maybe it's because i'm her master and she's my familiar... I mean, we pretty much share the same soul now.. If something happened to her, I know I would be devastated.. We pretty much have the same opinions on things.. Kityuisa picked up a stone but tossed it aside. She had been feeling it in her fingers with no results. She had been lost in her own freaking mind. ID : 119818 LD: 5 + 3 = 8
  8. Kityuisa

    [F7-PP] Sneaky Sneaky

    Kityuisa widened her eyes as he spoke of the spark, a rather large amount of flushing being brought to her cheeks. Kityuisa felt a small smile appear on her face, "You really think so..?" Kityuisa sat in a chair near to Aru. "W-would Hikoru ever leave me...?" Kityuisa felt her fingers entwine with each other as she questioned... It was something she was afraid of, "If we were... You know, to get close? I can't lose somebody just like that..." Kityuisa felt her eyebrows furrow as she questioned. Kityuisa wanted to ask if he would judge her based on her past, but felt that would require her to explain her past... Just ask Yui, if he will it's not the end of the world. Just move past him if he will. Kityuisa agreed with her thoughts, "Would he ever judge me for things i've done..?" Kityuisa wasn't referring to the game, she was referring to the real world. Kityuisa needed her questions answered before she felt herself grow closer to Hikoru, that much she knew.
  9. Kityuisa watched as the two charged at the dragon. Kityuisa knowing she could get a good hit in and finish it off, she skidded down and unsheathed her dagger. Willow jumped out of her arms last second as Kityuisa flung herself at the target. "Die!" A sudden meow distracted Kityuisa. And she skidded to a halt, her eyes glancing back at her cat. Kityuisa ran straight into the dragon hatchling, face planting right into the hatchling. Kityuisa pushed herself off the dragon and wrapped her entire body around it. She flung it at Bahr, "Wanna kill it for me? Since my dumb cat distracted me?" Kityuisa sent a glare to Willow. Willow let out a meow in defense, "Shush. The adults are speaking." Her cat quieted down and she watched as the dragon got tossed in midair. Kityuisa had never thought she could pick up something that heavy! This game really was something. ID # 119812 BD: 2 + 3 = 5 Motherfreaking missed. I wanted to freaking kill it. Kit: H: 0 | Kirbs: H:2 | HP: 380/380 | EN: 28/38 | 9 DMG | 14 MIT | 3 ACC | 2 PAR | 1 Bleed | 2 REC Bahr: H: 1 | HP: 320/320 | EN: 23 | DMG: 7 | ACC: 2 | EVA: 3 | MIT: 23 Quartz Dragon Hatchling: HP: 74/175 | DMG: 65 | STUN+BLEED
  10. Kityuisa felt dread fill her, "How can you just tell if someone's murdered in the past? For all you know my hands are clean." Kityuisa turned away. Her gaze back on Willow. "You say you haven't manipulated anyone. But here you are, trying to convince me that no one will care for me if I turn psycho. If that isn't manipulating then hedgehogs can fly." Kityuisa raised her dagger to her face, dashing and slashing at Mars. Kityuisa was close to Mars when she spoke back up, "Who in their right mind would want to watch the world burn? Who in their right mind would want to egg people on so hard that they burn themselves? You say you aren't insane, but here you are. Doing just that. Being insane." Kityuisa switched her dagger to her other hand, waiting to listen to whatever Mars said to defend himself. It was her turn to warp her words around his ears. Roll: BD: 8 + 3 = 11 CD: 6 *fail* Party ♥ Kityuisa | 111/200 HP | 2/20 EN | 5 DMG | 23 MIT | 3 ACC | 1 EVA Enemy ♥ Mars | 784/920 HP | 67/92 EN | 1 DMG | 0 MIT | 0 ACC | 0 EVA
  11. Kityuisa

    [PP/F1] <<Nature's Treasure>>

    While Kityuisa could tell very blatantly that Ike was flirting with Kirbs, she didn't know if Kirbs knew. Wanting to give them more privacy she walked far enough away to not hear their murmuring voices. Kityuisa squatted down and began flipping through the rocky ground in the corner of the garden. Her gaze seeking out anything that seemed to shine in the moonlight. Her eyes falling on a rather shiny stone she picked it up and began to wipe it clean. What was revealed as a rather shiny jewel. Kirbs could definitely use this type of material. She placed it in her inventory before letting out a low whistle. Willow came running towards her, and Kityuisa began to pet her cat. "Well aren't you the best, cutest cat around?!" She rubbed her cat's back as Willow let out a purr of happiness. "You'll be getting a fresh bowl of milk tonight, just because you're super cute~" She kept rubbing. ID: 119810 LD: 8 + 3 = 11 +1 T1 Material
  12. Kityuisa

    Kit's Evals

    Name: Damage Vial Your Profession: Alchemist Your Rank: 3 Roll ID: 119783 Roll Result: 8 + 1 = 9 Item Type: Potion Tier: 1 Quality: Uncommon Enhancements: DMG + 1 Description: A small vial of pure white liquid. Post Link: http://www.sao-rpg.com/topic/17903-f22alchemist-the-tipsy-witch-♥-pk-accessible/?tab=comments#comment-577217
  13. -1 Trickster Potion Crafting Attempts Reset. Day 5.5: +11 Experience ID # 119783 CD: 8 + 1 = 9 ID # 119784 CD: 2 + 1 = 3 ID # 119785 CD: 3 + 1 = 4 -3 T1 Materials Successfully Crafted Uncommon Item
  14. Kityuisa walked into the alchemist's shop. She seriously couldn't believe she was here.. She had her own shop! But alas, she had no crafting reset potions in her inventory or her shop. Kityuisa walked over to the counter and spied exactly what she needed. Kityuisa walked over and picked it up in her fingers. She placed it on the counter, "I'd like to get this please and thanks!" Kityuisa sent the col towards the player that was manning the shop. She set it in her inventory and turned back towards the door. She left the shop just like that and headed for her own so she could craft some more today. -600 Col +1 Trickster
  15. "Your sacrifice is worth something.. I am sure your son misses you and appreciates that you were here instead of him. But I also bet he wishes he were here instead of you." Kityuisa rested a hand on Alec's arm, since she was unable to reach his shoulder. Kityuisa looked at the floor, "I don't know what her username is..." Kityuisa felt tears stream down her cheeks, "We- we promised to meet up, we were going to meet the day after launch.. So we could tell each other of everything we did.." Kityuisa sniffled, "And it just got so hectic, I couldn't find her..." Kityuisa cursed in her mind, If only I had looked harder, I would have found her... Kityuisa frowned, "I know i'll find her eventually.. I just have to get stronger so I can look just that much harder.." Kityuisa looked up, "Let's just focus on the quest... It's not something we can solve today... It will take a while.. Besides, wherever she is, if she's alive. She'll be fighting. That's just who she is. She never gives up." Kityuisa felt a small smile sweep over her facial features.