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  1. Kityuisa

    [PP/F5] <<Arabian Nights>> First Night

    Kityuisa's eyes twinkled as a familiar face sat down next to her, "I am, I presume that's why you are here as well?" Kityuisa glanced around the tavern. Her water was warm, but she didn't mind. She now had company from a familiar face. A reason to feel less alone in this world. "I don't actually know you that well." Her eyes snapped back to Ryo's face, "Tell me about yourself." Kityuisa once again quickly scanned the tavern, the only thing taking interest, was the figure that was typing away quickly at her UI. "Hold that thought." She got up from her seat, before tapping the girl's shoulder, "Hey there~ Wanna do a quest with me and Ryo?" She pointed her thumb back at Ryo. "That's Ryo, and i'm Kityuisa. What's your name?" She gave her a smile, knowing full well that she could be taken with complete and utter annoyance.
  2. Kityuisa

    [PP/F10] The Mushroom Lord's Legacy

    The reply message had been sent and received on Kit's end. Her notification sound opened and there she sat waiting for the thirty minutes to pass by. Time was moving so very slow, Kityuisa looked up at the sky, she could easily watch paint dry. But instead she just watched as the clouds slowly moved across the sky. The wind picking up here and there before always, settling back down. Kityuisa let out a hefty sigh, checking the time... Five more minutes... Tanine Willowflame seemed to be entertained by chasing a butterfly, so Kityuisa watched her until she heard the sound of the teleport gate ring. She glanced up, seeing Bahr walking towards her. He offered her a wave, and she hesitantly waved back. Her body standing to her feet and making her way over. She stood a few feet away, much unlike her. She typically stood close to him, offering him a hug but not this time.. This time she felt too weird, he had seen her at one of the lowest points she had ever been at. "Y-yeah.. I received this weird quest.." She opened it, and panned it around so he could look at the quest details.
  3. Kityuisa

    [PP-F2] Leaves on the same Tree

    The semi-hidden girl noticed Kityuisa right off the bat, unlike the rest of the gawking players she was just amusingly standing still. Her arms now crossed, her gaze watching the girl's movements. "They really do, pretty sure it'd be easy to slip in and out as an orange player." Kityuisa chuckled, shaking her head, "Though at the same time, I hope they don't." Kityuisa knew herself, that she too might one day be an orange player, and she did enjoy the towns safe zone's. The hustle and bustle of the second and first floor were unbeatable by any others. Kityuisa raised her eyebrows, "So what's your name then? I haven't seen you around before. Then again, I don't really meet that many people." Kityuisa glanced down at her cat as she let out a meow, pawing at the girl. Her cat's reaction was much different to this PKer than to the other PKer she had met, Pinball. Kityuisa couldn't really blame Pinball for anything he had done, as she was sure she might have even made the same choices if she had listened to the influence of Mars.
  4. Kityuisa

    [Event-F22] Star Crossed Lovers [Tier 1]

    placeholder [H:0] Kirbs: HP: 330/330 | EN: 6/30 | 8 DMG | 14 MIT | 2 ACC | 1 EVA | 2 PAR | 1 Bleed | 2 REC  [H:1] Krysta: HP:430/430 EN: 2/40 l DMG: 9 MIT:27 Thorns: 28 (paralyze/Bleed on crits) [H:2] Kityuisa: HP:116/120 EN: 4/12 DMG:5 MIT:23 ACC:3 EVA:1 [H:0] Dazia: 289/290 EN: 5/26 DMG:6 MIT:24 ACC:1 EVA: 1
  5. y'ain't w'hat y'are'tch'ed

  6. Kityuisa

    Vigilon's Armor and Weapons

    approved ♥
  7. Kityuisa

    [PP/F8] Hanging by a Moment

    A simple nod of her head was enough to prove that Kityuisa did in fact trust Hikoru. When he slowly sunk into the water after taking a deep breath, her gaze watched where he had sunk down. She too took a deep breath before sinking beneath the waves. She reached out, feeling Hikoru's bare shoulder. Her heart beating wildly as he pulled her closer to him his lips attaching to hers as they stayed beneath the ocean waves. Her eyes closed as she relished in the moment, never having felt this way about anyone before. She would then swear to herself that she would never lose him. He wrapped his arms around her waist, pulling them back up to above the surface. Until at last, he pulled away. Kityuisa puckered her lips, pouting silently, sad over the fact that they had ended the moment that they had just shared. "Last surprise kiss from you?" Her eyes twinkled, "Doesn't mean I can't get my surprise kisses in." Her joking manner stopped for a moment, "Teach me how to float..."
  8. Kityuisa

    Alec's Blacksmithing

    approved ♥
  9. Kityuisa

    Alec's Blacksmithing

    approved ♥
  10. Kityuisa

    [PP/F8] Hanging by a Moment

    A gentle kiss, sweet yet sincere. The kind written in romantic novels, yet one that Kityuisa had never experienced for herself before she had met Hikoru. The sweet kiss, unexpected yet appreciated. Kityuisa kissed him back, her lips finding their place. He pulled away, telling her that she too looked gorgeous before scooping her up and bringing her to the water. Her arms wrapped around his neck, holding on as he brought her into the deeper water. She felt safe while Hikoru was holding her but as soon as he let go of her, she felt fear strike through her body. Despite the time she had spent with Alec with the snake. When she had been in the water she had made sure that the bottom was close to the point that she only ever stood where the water was chest-high. She may act confident, but truth be told, she couldn't swim. Endless depths of water till her feet touched the bottom scared her. She liked the beach, yes. She liked sitting on the beach, or standing in waist-high water. So, the moment he let go of her, leaving her to try to swim in the water, she wrapped her body back around his, "I'm sorry..." She didn't want to explain her problem to him, the fact being that she had never learned how. Instead, she kept her arms around him, trying to keep her head above the surface while making sure she wouldn't drown Hikoru.
  11. Kityuisa

    [PP-F2] Leaves on the same Tree

    Matching your skill capability to the floor you were on would be something players would do when they were questing or grinding for items or experience. When they were not doing that, they might find themselves on a floor that does not match their skill level; or they might find themselves on a floor that is deadly to them. The smart player would adventure on a floor lower, rather than higher unless they stuck in a safe zone. Kityuisa was the opposite really, she always liked adventure and she always loved when her adrenaline pumped in her body. So how she found herself on floor two was weird to place into words. She had no reason for being here, in fact no ties to this floor other than the fact that here was where she had found her cat. But the history of her cat, she had already been adventuring trying to find her familiar's family... to no avail. Kityuisa wanted to know where her cat had come from, who her family was... What she really was. Kityuisa had a feeling that her cat was more than just a cat, but she had no evidence to back this up. The safe town, Kityuisa was walking towards was simple in itself... Perhaps she could get some leads there? However, her mind was cut short when she noticed a player.. That very player had a light cloak on, a gleam of white hair from underneath the cloak. Kityuisa focused on her a bit more as she drew closer. The familiar orange cursor singing her eyes, churning her stomach. Another PKer? Exiting town? Kityuisa would proceed to wait outside the town, making it obvious that she was looking at the girl. She would wait until the woman was completely out of the safe zone as to not draw any guards near her. Considerate much?
  12. Current Outfit~ Let me copy you Takao :P [Minus the shoes, she's barefoot] The value of doing things the same way as they were done in the real world. An experience that a certain blonde held tight to. She planned to never allow herself to get lost towards the formalities and the hard work of the real world. Aincrad was a simpler place, but she refused to let go of the feeling of getting things done with your own two hands. Sure, she could just as easily make a few taps, clean up after herself.. But the feat of accomplishment that she felt when she took time to actually do things with her own hands rather than the system filled her with delight. That very delight fueled her to continue to do things the old way, the non digital tappity tap that everyone else was inclined to. The dishes could easily be washed with a few systematical taps, but Kityuisa stood at the sink, using her own hands to cleanse them of their sauce and crumbs. She had just eaten a sandwich, she had just brewed coffee. Doing everything, by hand. The estate that she called her home was nestled perfectly on floor twenty-four. Along the outskirts of a beach. Kityuisa was located inside, finishing up her housework before she would set out. At long last, she had finished. I do need some groceries for dinner tonight.. I might as well go into town and buy some.. With that, Kityuisa made sure she had everything in her inventory, before heading out. She locked the door on her way out, Tanine Willowflame padding behind her. She always walked and went everywhere with Kityuisa. Their near death, still vibrating in her ears. She would never give up her black cat that she adored so much. The black cat that was her best friend. Upon entering town and looking around for a bit, a body slammed straight into her. He had obviously not been looking where he had been going. Kityuisa fell down, not having expected it at all. Meanwhile, Tanine Willowflame let out a hiss of hostility. Kityuisa simply placed her hand on her cat's back, petting her lightly until her fur calmed down and her spirit lightened towards the man that had just caused Kityuisa to fall backwards. "No need to be sorry, stuff happens." She stood to her feet, dusting her body off and gathering herself.
  13. "Joanne Hawk..." She twisted the girl's name around on her tongue. "I like it, can I call you Anne?" Kityuisa grinned, "You can call me whatever you find pleasing to your tongue~" Kityuisa closed her eyes, relishing in her sweet roll. I just love food~ And no gaining weight here! Kityuisa felt happy for the first time in a... long time. When the woman spoke of burdening others, along with her own familiar, Kityuisa felt her eyes narrow. "You would never burden anyone. As long as you have the will to fight and keep moving forward despite whatever this game throws at you, you will never be a burden." But Kityuisa couldn't blame the girl, she too oftentimes, felt the exact same way. Kityuisa finished her sweet roll quickly, leaving a bit for her familiar before speaking to the girl again, "So whatcha doing today? I'm actually pretty lazy and have nothing planned. If you have anything you need to get done, I would be down to tag along~ Whether it be doing a quest, grinding some levels, eating food. I'm your gal for the day." She gave the girl a thumbs up to boost her statement.
  14. Kityuisa

    Bahrbaric Evaluations

    Approved ♥
  15. Kityuisa

    [PP/F11] <<Nature's Treasure>>

    Kityuisa felt joy when Jomei mentioned that he had indeed liked Tel at that point, "Love is so cute, I can't wait to meet her! I want to see how you two interact~" Kityuisa reached up, poking Jomei's cheek, "Ahahah~ You're blushing!" Kityuisa chuckled, knowing full well she had blushed a lot during this meeting as well. I can't just not tease him about it though.. Back to the story she had told, Kityuisa felt her eyes grow clouded, a frown now lining her face. It wasn't hatred that lit up her face, it was more the fear and disgust you felt when you stepped in a pile of dog poop, or when you were playing a horror game and were being chased. Her heart began to beat faster, and she clutched her chest. A bead of sweat rolling down her forehead, bursting into pixels as it left her chin. Kityuisa looked up at Jomei, her voice now hoarse, "I-I killed her..." Kityuisa felt a shudder go through her. She held up her hand, moving to the short wall nearby, taking a seat so she could rest her weak knees and not fall on her face, "I-I had no choice.." Pain lit across her features, she she clenched her top tighter, "She wouldn't let me leave alive..." This entire time, Kityuisa had feeling she had done something wrong, so here she was.. Admitting to what she had done. She hadn't told anyone yet... LD: 123624 LD: 13 + 3 = 16 +2 T2 Materials ~ ♥ ~ ♥ ~ ♥ ~ ♥ ~ Total: 23 T2 Materials