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  1. Lonzo came in with a suit and tie. He managed to find a rental shop for such an occasion. It felt strange donning something like this again. It had a gold like trim to it and if one would turn in the light just right a rose like pattern could be seen on the vest and some parts of the jacket and the pants. Likely a trick of how the game was programmed. It looked nice but something impossible in the real world. He saw NIGHT and felt a little confused on her gender once more but he took a careful stride to go over to her. Mostly out of familiarity. He looked around the place. It reminded him of the structures he saw in Greece on one of his vacations. He looked to the water fountains and listened to the bird calls that seemed to have a sing song tune. "Nice day for a wedding. Pity I wasn't ready to have a banquette. Maybe I'll set up something for an after party later." he only hoped he had the food for it and that no one expected any buffs from it. "Want to go find some ladies with me NIGHT?" he asked curiously. Maybe he could mingle better with someone with him.
  2. Once at Snowfrost he wondered the streets and looked at the cozy cabins. He could retire in a place like this. Most people hated the cold but it was an excuse to never go out, in his mind. He sighed and watched the vapor leave his lips. He smiled at the memory of smoking and reached up and pulled down a twig from a tree and just huffed out air in memory of his lost addiction. His straightened as he walked and could almost feel his long coat over his shoulders, and a scarf around his neck. He stopped and looked at his surroundings. the warm light gave everything a yellow like glow in the winter wonderland and he looked down at his armor and his dream was over. He was no longer in his winter attire. "You never miss something till it's ripped right out of your hands huh?" he admitted. He worked pretty hard for everything he wanted. All that money. Where did it get him now? No where. 'This was why the true rich stayed rich. They are in fact very cheap. Had he played that card instead of trying to indulge in playing a game. He'd never be here, and he'd be out in the real world. Catching bad people and throwing them away. "If only life was really that simple." he closed his eyes as he walked out of the town.
  3. He heard Tala say she was going to get married. A double wedding announcement wasn't a bad thing. Right? Why did it feel like it was. Ah because it felt like they were trying to steal Noctura and Koga's thunder. Well he couldn't expect everyone to have manners. In fact if they all liked each other this would be great news for them. "Since it's a double wedding what colors do you girls think about having?" Lonzo asked. This way they might find common ground and might even chit chat about amazing things. Women liked to talk about their weddings, and he hoped they wouldn't turn into bridezillas over it. To be fair he couldn't see them raging over anything. After all if they were telling each other about the engagement that would mean they would be inviting or there was no purpose to it. "It's nice of you to tell Koga and Noctura about your betrothal I suspect it means they're invited to your wedding too right? It'll be fun, both you and Noctua not only have to shop for wedding dresses but maybe a bridesmaid dress or formal dress as well. The colors and shopping will be pretty fun right?" Lonzo asked with excitement. He stared up at the big santa like NPC. He had seen him before actually. He thought about it. "Some sort of secret quest details would be pretty cool actually." Lonzo stated. "A way to wake up...." It couldn't hurt to ask now could it? He knew the answer was no but hell he'd try because perhaps no one else had. "Otherwise if there's no quest details I suppose armor would be nice." he admitted. "Something energetic."
  4. His next place was the hot springs or rather one he found nestled away from monsters. He was lucky but kept his HUD open just in case. It felt good to wash up finally, and as he washed his own hair and body he used the shampoo he had ordered. A salve like shampoo meant to help him on the quest. He was more than a little prepared. He read and listened to his friends chat about this quest so much that he came prepared at least he'd like to think so. Once out of the waters he saw his crafting had gone up slightly. It was enough for now he supposed. There wasn't much in the game that allowed him to increase his crafting, after all he wasn't trying to actually cook the egg. He trekked out of the water and got his armor and new axe ready. He was afraid to use the new weapon but he needed to. He'd have to test it against the birds attacking the eggs. He was sure of that. He then went towards the mountains. It'd be a long journey but well worth it. +1 cd added to buffs!
  5. "You will need an open heart to take in a creature created to kill you. It's the nature of things. You two are rivals foremost, but eventually a skill will open up. If you picked a job like alchemist it works similar to it to capture the creatures heart and mind. It will open when you are ready." Lonzo opened up his HUD and did see locked skills and then looked back at the woman nodding. So it was possible to unlock things he thought he couldn't learn. He'd have to learn more about that. The more he was able to do the better he'd be at the game and the quicker he could wake up. He nodded and realized this was an interesting tutorial. "Is there anything else I need?" He asked curiously. "Monster food. I have a bag of it for you." She got it for him. "But return it when you've gained your friend, and I'd like to see the bird you speak of." "Sure thing." He nodded and went over to her taking the bag from her and putting it into his inventory. "Please make sure you're ready. I've had people return to me with their failed tales and I'd like to hear a victory tonight." "As you wish madam." he gave her an exaggerated bow. "By the way, you look stunning, and thank you." He winked feeling in his own element again. He made his wait out of the tent and went to the gates of the town and opened up his inventory and had the hot drink in his hands. "I won't fail. Not this time. Hang in there egg, I'm coming to get you out of there....You need a chance. Like I did." He sipped the hot drink and let the warmth fill him up. He kept walking and knew where he'd have to go. Lonzo walked to his next destination knowing what he needed. +4 LOOT for the Thread added
  6. Lonzo looked down. It was true this place brought out the worst in him and he was coming to terms with that. He was turning into a monster and used a charming smile to hide it. That he was slowly using courtroom and war tactics to his advantage. His hand balled up into a fist and he closed his eyes. Could it be so easy to handle this passively. "I'm not you. I'm human. Not an NPC. I'm sorry but I have to live." He explained. "I have to wake up. If that means turning into something I can't stand I'll do it. I have to." "I know, but try to remember that in the end a part of you is sorry. That's enough. Don't you see?" She asked him. ".....I don't." Lonzo admitted not following. "You did not care for the edge in battle. So I doubt you know some monsters provide aid in crafting as well. So what was your purpose to even have a familiar?" She asked him. "I...Heard that birds were attacking their own eggs....Killing their own young because other beasts around them would just steal them and eat them or players would cook them. I'll be honest I considered it but I'd rather rescue it." "But you gave up once your pride waz part ov it?" she asked. Lonzo opened his eyes and looked up at her. This woman could dance circles around him in the courtroom. So passive aggressive. He kind of liked it. He just smiled at her as he started to remember himself. "I'd have gone looking for the egg anyway. I'd be too curious not to and my conscious would force my hand. I'm not going to let a monster group to die out because the odds were against them. I'm already in that boat all too much. In my past and now. I'm going to retrieve that egg." "And you know how to care for dis bird?" "Yes actually. I've read up on their eating habits and what they like to sleep on. I've set up a place already in the bar just for them." "Then let me aid you in what you may need to help in the trials to come."
  7. He wasn't sure what that meant but it was clear she'd only speak in riddles with him. He stood up and waved. He didn't want to waste her time if she was going to waste his. As he approached the tent door she spoke to him. "Travalure, you had more questions. I know this. You wish to know how I can control the monsters that plague the towns and stop you from getting home. Is dis true?" Lonzo felt his teeth clench. He was getting a little tired of people knowing him so well without even saying hello. He looked over his shoulder with a light glare his true self showing. One ready to fight verbally should it get ugly. "Did I offend you travalure?" she asked putting a hand over her heart. "A little. Nice guess, but I'm willing to bet it's something only an NPC can do. So far my friends have told me or shown my their pets. They're small and from what I can tell not useful. They claim they are but lets be realistic, something big like the monsters outside would be far more useful." Lonzo stated. "That would beyond your depth of skills I'm afraid." she admitted. "Then I believe this conversation is over." "You'd rather have no aid than some? Very well." "What could something so small possibly help me with?" "An edge to an attack, or even health at a crucial moment." She explained. "Do not be hasty to judge those you do not yet see." His shoulders dropped hearing those words. He understood them on a personal level. "What did you say that made them stop?" Lonzo asked. "I'm sorry." "I asked what did you say to make them stop." "I'm sorry." Lonzo was silent until it sank in and he stared at her. "Are they not trapped here with you as well? Forced to die to give you experience? Given a code to follow habitat, eating methods, and destructive paths. Much like your own genetics. You are coded by your environment and by so many things. How are they different? To them you are the intruder and you're the one in the wrong. Including myself. So I said I'm sorry and turned away. Until they saw I would not hurt them and I fed them." She explained.
  8. "Well you see!" The man brought out a large pop up book and let it float down wards so that players could look at it. There were cute cut out of the monsters and they moved somehow on their own, bouncing on top of the pages. "Her kindness gleaned their attention. Everyone would kill and kill and kill but this woman has the purest heart of all. Beaten up by monsters she would always say the same thing. Yet it's a secret. I can't tell you." Lonzo watched as the monsters on the page seemed to harass the young woman on the page and she would turn around as if to turn the other cheek to them. Lonzo watched that impressed. So far he was unable to preform such a feet to anything in this game. He reached out and turned the page and watched as a roaring large unrecognizable beast seemed to stop it's charge when faced with the woman on the page. Lonzo looked up from the book to the woman still dancing and using the whip. The whip never touched a monster, and was used for show. The noise like the snap of a conductor's wand. Just an extension of her alluring nature. So she said something to get them to stop? What? Brutality.exe crash? He shook his head at the lame joke and watched her again. Eventually she went into a tent to tell fortunes while the monsters put on their own show. Players flocked to the tent with significant others or on their own. He saw a small guild even go in. Lonzo waited his turn and once there he sat down in front of the woman. "Heluha travalure." she said quietly and with an accent. "Helu- Hello miss...May I ask where you gained such a magnificent crown?" "A parting gift from a monster who would now bow. I lost my innocence to that creature, but I managed to retain my humanity."
  9. He continued to watch the show impressed and he looked at all the chatter about gaining a familiar. He loved the idea. Thought about it because he had read about a flying eagle with a horn on it's head that ate it's own eggs. He didn't want the eggs to be endangered. They were also a food source for even bigger monsters and he knew it. It bothered him and he wanted to see if he could procure on for himself. A part of him wanted to cook an egg up as well but he couldn't bring himself to do it in the end. He wanted to rescue the poor bird. At least one. He listened as there was a story teller who spoke about the great Gypsy Queen Rosexilla (Row-shella), and how the horn adornment on her crown was used to control the monsters now that her alluring beauty was failing. Lonzo would mentally disagree with that though he found the woman very alluring regardless of age. She looked good and this person deserved a punch to the face. Still though he listened. He eyed the black horn that protruded from her forehead it was long and sharp but he realized now it wasn't what he thought, it was a type of crown. A jet black horn. With a string of sapphires wrapped around it with thin gold chain that looped intricately with her hair. He could already hear someone tell him to pick his tongue off the floor. This woman was stunning and wore everything perfectly. "So how'd she get the monster to follow her before?" he asked the story teller. He was in multi color clothes and the biggest hat Lonzo had ever seen, so big it cast a shadow of five feet in every direction because of the long brim. The NPC was clearly on stilts and was too thin to be human. Lonzo wasn't sure who he was more impressed with. The woman or this man's design.
  10. He heard a fun rhythmic beat and something forced Lonzo to freeze in his tracks. A whole troupe of monsters. In a TOWN! He stood there wide eyed and not sure what was happening. Was this some sort of raid? What kind of event was this. A woman sauntered with a man with a mustache and she pulled out a whip with thorns and waved it over her head and which a crack the monsters danced in the sky if they had wings or made patterns on the ground. It was a sight to behold as other NPCs juggled fire as she danced with what looked like a dragon. Lonzo looked her up and down. She was tan with a golden metalic tattoo on her hip and thigh similar to a Celtic circle. He moved closer and listened to her shout orders at the monsters and they followed without hesitation creating ribbons of fire and ice. He found himself and other players in a fog. It was then he heard a tambourine and in an instant the fog was sucked into the trunk of a large elephant like monster who then raised it up and made a trumpet like noise as fireworks shot up into the air. A woman in a tribal like white silk outfit danced, it was the same woman but without her whip. A large red ribbon in a bow for a belt adorned with small bells that chimed as she moved. Lonzo was captivated by how she moved and then it struck him. He looked up at her eyes. The sides were crow feet. This woman was likely in her 60s but looked 30s at most. He had to blink a few times to snap himself out of the daze. How wasn't he use to such amazing performances by now?
  11. "I'm at war with myself....I want to be that guy people rely on and I'm not fit for it. Yet I want to be flirty and bubbly because I...Squandered my youth on just getting to the top." He closed his eyes thinking about that. "I want more communication between myself and others but I lie to get it because I don't know how to fit in. I'm too afraid to show myself. Jeez what I pain." He walked around the church and started to set it all back up. He watched as the broken table seemed to mend itself over time. Eventually it all looked normal. He sighed and went up to one of the walls and touched it. He wasn't able to climb on it anymore. He looked it over and put his foot on the wall and then dropped it back down. He walked around curiously. "I guess it doesn't work now. Maybe it's like a trap or something but it was meant to make it harder on me. It certainly was disorienting. At least at first." He sighed and rubbed the back of his neck. "I need to make peace with people, because if this thing comes at me again it might put me in the ground for real next time." he was worried about that.
  12. Lonzo walked into the establishment to pick up the weapon. He smiled seeing it and brought it into his inventory to use later. He brought his money out for the man and stretched a bit. "I knew I didn't have to wait long if I let you barrow my luck." he told him. "Merry Christmas by the way or Yule. Hey Koga....I wanted to say sorry for judging you so harshly in my mind. I said something I regret about you. Maybe it was in the moment to make someone feel better but....Enough of that....They didn't believe me anyway or knew I told them those words to raise up their spirits..Um...Good job. Really....I'll try to be a better person to you. I bet none of this makes sense." he looked off feeling both guilty and happy he managed to apologize. "Thank you...I mean it." Off Lonzo went taking his new axe with him.
  13. He opened his eyes to see flowers. He sat up feeling a bit tired but that was it. The other thing above himself was his name. His health was also there. Flashing red. He slowly sat up and found himself in an open casket. Did Lorance move him there? His shoulders dropped a bit. He would be that cocky wouldn't he? Lonzo got up and out of the cushioned ornate casket and rubbed one of his shoulders. He wasn't strong enough but his other self was right. He had to rely on himself. Had to cut ties with people, and yet his other self also told him how badly he wanted the help too. Lonzo growled frustrated at how the other self confused him. Yet if there was one thing he gleaned from it all it was that he wanted to accept himself. Accept those flaws and keep fighting for what he wanted. "I gave up fighting because I don't want to lose....I have work to do at home. I have a case to make. Here to give people closure. I"m sure other lawyers have done it already, but I want to help. My team is probably doing it in my stead and I'm not doing anything." It hurt inside. All the turmoil.
  14. His whole world was spinning in darkness. He was 'dead'. He shouldn't have gotten angry at the guys. All because his ideals were different. That he did things differently. He shouldn't be angry. He should use that anger on someone else. Like the monsters. He thought about Mathew. His greatest regret. He could only hope the law would set him free. That someone would find a reason to let him go sooner rather than later. He felt honestly sorry for not coming to terms with some of these things. He felt worse now that he'd have to leave NIGHT behind. He still felt like he was falling. Did it honestly take that long to die in this game, or was this what being dead was like? He never did get that wife or husband. Never did have a kid he could raise up in a good environment. So what happens now?
  15. Lonzo looked up at the axe that was coming down and quickly rolled out of the way. Lorance stared. THen looked at him and felt his cheek split open as he slammed backwards. "What are you doing?!" Lorance asked sitting up. "GIVE UP THERE'S NO WAY YOU WILL BEAT ME!" "I know...But when have I ever stopped clawing huh?! HUH?! You said it yourself I lived a bad life. That's why I put people away. I never had to fight anymore. I could just SEND THEM AWAY. Send people away who would hurt other people. Do you know how awful the system is? Just get a restraining order they said, it doesn't stop a killer now does it. It's just paper! Then they come to mean when it's too late. Someone's already dead by that point. Something should be done for people in those situations! The system is broken and I want....I NEED to fix it! I don't have a team I don't have a case. I've got nothing but I do have sheer determination. I might fail today but I won't regret it if I fight for it." Lonzo glared at Lorance. "Well....At least on that we can see eye to eye." he stood up glaring back at Lorance and run forwards striking him again. Lorance heart skipped a beat as he thought that was it...He was dead. Everything went black 132692 8 11 10 4 Lorance: Lorance: Lorance 60 - 26 = 34 dmg - 6 = dead???? Lonzo: 6 + 5 = 30 - 20 =10dmg = 36 (for rp purposes) Bleed for 2 turns Hp: 1/240 Eng: 4/24 Mit: 26/26 Dmg 6 Acc 3 HP: 36/120 DMG: 60 MIT: 20 ACC: +3 EVA:0 Critical Hits: 60 + 12 on 9 rolls , DMG + (12 x 2) on a natural MD 10. <<Disguise>>: +1 ACC to <<The Gemini>>'s first attack.