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Skill Refund Evaluation

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<<Skill Refunding>>

Welcome to the Skill Refunding section of your menu. In this topic you can remove unwanted skills from your character for a one time Col cost. All the Skill Points you invested into your skill will be refunded to your character, and can be reallocated freely. The prices for removing skills, as well as the template are listed below. In order to do this, players must post in this topic using the template provided below. When the transaction has been confirmed by a Player Support Team member, they will quote and approve the refund, and your points will be free to be redistributed. Abuse or exploitation of the system in ways it was not intended to be used will not be tolerated, and may result in both the Col and skill points being permanently deducted from your account.

Rules on Skill/Mod Refunding:

  • Players may only apply to refund a total of 50 SP once every 30 days (This can be split between multiple skills/mods).
  • A skill can only be dropped as a whole.
    • Example: Player A has Rank 5 Katana. Using the Skill Refunding System, they must drop the skill completely from R5 -> Unskilled. If Player X still wants to use a lower Rank of the skill, they must re-invest SP into the Katana skill afterwards.
  • To remove a skill in which you have invested in any mods, these mods must also be removed.
    • Example: Player A has Rank 5 Katana with the Katana Ferocity and Katana Finesse mods. If Player A wants to drop the Katana Skill, both the Ferocity and Finesse mods must also be removed.
  • Col spent on Skill Refunding must be transferred from the player's Spending Account to the Banker.
  • Unique Skills CANNOT be refunded.
  • SP refunded with this method may not be re-invested into a Unique Skill.

Refund Costs:

  • There is a fixed Col/SP cost and the complete sum has to be calculated by the player.
  • The actual Col that you need to pay can easily be calculated by multiplying the fixed Col/SP cost with the amount of SP that can get refunded
  • Col/SP ratio = 1000 Col/SP


Skill(s) Being Dropped: <any skills being dropped here (include ranks)>
Mod(s) Being Dropped: <any mods being dropped here (include ranks)>
SP Refunded: <total SP being refunded>
Cost: <total cost for SP refunded>

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