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[F13 EB] Tainted Prestige

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[Players have 1 Week until they face the bosses (1 T1-2 boss, 1 T3 boss)

Standing at the edge of the courtyard stood two priests.  Each of them in simple clothing standing side by side as they looked over the settlement of Angel's Point.  Zack Ophir stood there silently with a grim and worried face, while his brother, Uri sighed.  Zack turned to look at his younger brother and gave a comforting smile.  "Uri don't worry too much.  The woman promised she would help spread the word.  The Lord did bring her to us remember?"  Uri gave his older brother a loose smile.  "I know brother, and I trust the Lord.  However I can't help but be..  Anxious I want to say.  So much is at stake here.  This could be our final stand.  If we don't stop it here-"  "I know,"  Zack said solemnly as he nodded.  "If they don't stop it.  This may be the last we see of this world of ours.  Let us pray they are strong in the Lord and drive back the evil."  Uri nodded worriedly before looking back down to the grim town below.  "So many lies twisting the minds of the innocent...  I hope that young lady Neo can in fact reach out to a great many players."  "She may be mute, but there are many ways to communicate.  Do not worry, she will get through."  They stood there a moment longer before both of them felt a chill and turned to look at the church.  They looked at each other worriedly.  "It's time..  Uri, you collected the supplies for them?  They must be ready."  "Yes Zack.  They won't be unprepared...  It's up to them and the Lord then?"  "Yes.  Now, we must inform the young lady.  It's time."  A message was then sent out to not only Neo, but every player she had spread the word to.  Every player who was made aware of the trouble stirring up.



To:  _____
From:  Zack and Uri Ophir

If you are receiving this message, that means that the young lady has spread the word of our plight.  We ask that anyone willing to help us to please hurry to Angel's Point on floor thirteen.  The hour is drawing near and you are greatly needed.  More is at stake than you realize...

<<Uri can Sell equipment to the players if they do not have time to prepare>>
<<All costs to purchase items are colored in red.>>


Field Rations  (600 col +350 per higher tier)

  • Item Type:  Snacks
  • Effect:  Grants +30 to max HP.  Cannot be used in combat.  Effect lasts for one thread.  A player cannot benefit from more than one Field Rations at a time.

Immolation Potion  (600 col +350 per higher tier)

  • Item Type:  Potion
  • Effect:  When used, successful non-critical attacks against you deal 10 unmitigated damage to the attacking enemy.  Effect lasts for one thread.

Damage Potion  (200 col* quality, +350 per higher tier)

  • Item Type:  Potion
  • Effect:  Gain +1 base damage per slot. Effect lasts for one thread.

Mitigation Potion  (600 col* quality, +350 per higher tier)

  • Item Type:  Potion
  • Effect:  Prevent (5 per slot * Tier) damage from successful attacks against you. Effect lasts for one thread.

Overhealth  (600 col* quality, +350 per higher tier)

  • Item Type:  Potion
  • Effect:  Adds +(15 per slot * Tier) to your maximum HP. Effect lasts for one thread.

HP Recovery Potion  (600 col* quality, +350 per higher tier)

  • Item Type:  Potion
  • Effect:  Heals a single target for (20 per slot * Tier) HP.

Safeguard Potion  (600 col* quality, +350 per higher tier)

  • Item Type:  Potion
  • Effect:  When applied, the next successful attack against you will do no damage. Effect lasts for one thread.

Antidote Potion  (600 col* quality, +350 per higher tier)

  • Item Type:  Potion
  • Effect:  When applied, grants immunity to negative status effects (Paralyze, Bleed, etc.) for a total number of turns they would affect you equal to the slots used. Effect lasts for one thread.

Teleportation Crystal  (2,000 col)

  • Item Type:  Crystal
    Effect:  Use a post action to activate a teleport crystal.  Teleports player to the town or designated teleportation area they specify.

Accuracy Snack  (600 col* quality, +350 per higher tier)

  • Item Type:  Snack
  • Effect:  Gain +(1 per slot) to the BD when attacking. Cannot be used to cause a critical hit. Effect lasts for one thread.

Evasion Snack  (600 col* quality, +350 per higher tier)

  • Item Type:  Snack
  • Effect:  Reduces the die value by (1 per slot) on an enemy’s attack against you. Cannot be used to avoid a critical hit. Effect lasts for one thread.

Mitigation Snack  (600 col* quality, +350 per higher tier)

  • Item Type:  Snack
  • Effect:  Prevent (5 per slot * Tier) damage from successful attacks against you. Effect lasts for one thread.
    Applicable to: Desserts, Meals, Feasts

Overhealth Meal  (600 col* quality, +350 per higher tier)

  • Item Type:  Meal
  • Effect:  Adds +(15 per slot * Tier) to your maximum HP. Effect lasts for one thread.

Protein Meal  (600 col* quality, +350 per higher tier)

  • Item Type:  Meal
  • Effect:  Gain +(1 per slot) base damage and -(5 per slot * Players current Tier) mitigation. Effect lasts for one thread.

Vitality Snack  (600 col* quality, +350 per higher tier)

  • Item Type:  Snack
  • Effect:  Regain (2 per slot * Tier) energy.

HP Recovery Song  (600 col* quality, +350 per higher tier)

  • Item Type:  Support Song
  • Effect:  Heals a single target for (20 per slot * Tier) HP.

Incarceration Song  (600 col* quality, +350 per higher tier)

  • Item Type:  Debuff Song
  • Effect:  When played, one enemy suffers double damage from damage over time effects (Bleed/Poison/Burn, etc). Effect lasts for one battle.

Perpetuate Song  (600 col* quality, +350 per higher tier)

  • Item Type:  Debuff Song
  • Effect:  When played, doubles the length of damage over time effects (Bleed/Poison/Burn, etc.) on a single target. Effect lasts for one battle.

Misperception Song  (600 col* quality, +350 per higher tier)

  • Item Type:  Debuff Song
  • Effect:  When played, reduces the final damage (after mitigation) of a single enemy by 10% (rounded down). Effect lasts for one battle.

Hypnosis Song  (600 col* quality, +350 per higher tier)

  • Item Type:  Debuff Song
  • Effect:  When played, reduces a single enemy’s Accuracy by 1 per slot. Effect lasts for one battle.

Lullaby Song  (600 col* quality, +350 per higher tier)

  • Item Type:  Debuff Song
  • Effect:  When played, reduces a single enemy’s Evasion by 1 per slot. Effect lasts for one battle.


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I stand in front of the church with my arms crossed as i wait patiently for the start of the raid that is going to happen against whatever threat is being present upon this floor and the fight ahead that would be awaiting all of the players that try to take on this challenge. Having received the warning of the fight that is to come for the frontliners as i go towards the store that is awaiting for players to buy stuff from as i i dump as much COL as i can into the store to buy up stuff without having to wait for any alchemists that could take awhile to make everything for myself. I glance through my inventory and what i bought as i nod my head as i than go to a nearby area to claim as mine as i sit down and waits patiently for the day to go by for the time where everyone will come to fight. I send some messages out to specific players to keep them in the loop to make sure that they come even if i have to hunt them down myself. I quickly down all the potions that i have ordered with a serious look within my blue colored eyes.

Message to @Itzal


Itzal there is an event on floor thirteen that i would like for you to come to and assist. I know that you might not be in the best of spirits but i need you to come and help us. The frontlines aren't going to last with how many others have left them after what hirru had done back on floor 23. Everything is crumbling and we need as much support as we can to face the opposition in front of us. We need people willing to face the difficulties of this game head on without breaking. I can't motivate the lower leveled players by myself, or the apprentices that you have had.



Event boss on floor thirteen we need somebody willing to protect the lower leveled players in this. I can see people who might not be the best moral character like Aereth here showing up before i did. I would like for you to be the example to lead  these players down a path that can show them the correct frontline conduct that they must uphold.



What is up Black we got an event boss happening on floor 13 and if there is gonna be a tank it may as well be my apprentice kicking *** and taking names you know? Plus with your luck in paralyzing people i am certain you'll be useful beyond measure. Lets test this luck against a boss.

Items used:

Personal: Tier 3 immolation potions

Bought:  Perfect damage, perfect mitigation, safeguard, Overhealth

Col SPENT: 600+2500+600+2500=6200COL




Hestia: 1720/1720 - 154/154 ENG - MIT:196 - DMG:19  Thorns:84 - EVA:-1 - ACC: 0 - BH: 79 - Heavy Momentum: x2 (+6 DMG)  Rec: +6ENG/CD:6 (SAFEGUARDED)


Rank 5 First Aid: energy cost 5% of healing done

Rank 5 Charge


Rank 5 Block: 25 MIT

Parry: 50% damage reduction

Energize: 8 eng to target -10 to me

Battle Healing Rank 5

Rank 5 Curved Sword

Protection familiar Rank 3 Tier 3: 81 MIT



Field Medic

Focused Howl



Vengeful Riposte



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Mina glanced upwards at the chapel, pulling her coat tighter around her shoulders as she let out a shuddering sigh. It was rather cold here, where the floor was gloomy and dark, and smelled of death, rot and despair. Mina had received a message from Zack and Uri Ophir asking for help on floor 13. She had noticed that there are already two other players there, both of whom she already knew. Hestia had helped her with a quest, while Aereth was a fellow guild-mate that she had met him a few times. The two NPC characters that had sent the plea for help were standing towards the front of the chapel, both dressed in contemporary priest garb. A faint, albeit tired, smile graced her lips, though she remained rather silent and stoic for the most part as she walked up to the chapel. 'Na, naa... this place...' she thought, '... it's so dark here... I don't like it..' She shivered again before turning her head up towards the top of the chapel. While it was quite a bit gloomier than the chapel buildings on other floors, it still held the classic grace that one should have. there was even a small amount of greenery around the chapel


240 Health, 24 Energy, 5 base dmg

<<Soul Fragment (T1 Rare Rapier, +1 slot of Dmg, +1 slot of bleed)>>

<<Cloak of Duality (T1 Rare L. Armor, +1 slot of thorns, +1 slot of Evasion)>>

<<R3 Rapier SA>>

<<R1 Battle-Healing>>


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As he arrived within the thirteenth floor, he knew exactly where he ought to be heading. He would make his way over to the center of the town, finding a few players had already gathered there. He found Hestia and he quickly averted  his eyes from her. He had no intentions of speaking with anyone, and many of them probably felt the same way about him. After failing the raid team due to being the first one to assist a boss, and the Ascendants for not preventing the many deaths they were inflicted with, none of them would want to speak with him. He would clench his fists, stepping forward near the priests. While he knew he ought to be tanking, he would no longer allow others to place their faith in him. Today, he fought for himself. To grow stronger so that when he faced Chaos again he would be ready. 

He looked to his right, seeing that Aereth had arrived as well. How much the man had been right, he probably wouldn't understand. 'I wonder how the frontlines will act with one another with the details of the last raid. I already know that none of the Ascendants will want to speak to eachother... Itzal will never forgive me.... Shield, no matter how he feels about the Fall, probably feels entitled to the fact that I failed where he could have succeeded.... I hope he feels that he is better than me in every way.' 

Stepping up to the priests, Jonathan would begin to equip his items. Silver plate armor would appear under his white cloak, electric blue bracers appearing on his wrists. The Bialas Bindings would provide excellent defense alone with an immunity to Paralysis. Finally, instead of a shield, a pendant would appear around his neck. One of an angel with gears constantly turning inside of its wings. It provided for his sword to become more true, honing his aim. 

"I... I need some items..." Selecting a Damage Potion and a Mitigation Potion, he would nod and say, "Thanks... for the stuff" He would turn, stepping away from the Priests and the players that were gathering. He really would not like to talk to anyone. 

T1 Perfect Damage Potion - +3 DMG - 600 Col
T3 Perfect Mitigation Potion - +45 MIT - 1300 Col

Total Costs: 1900 Col -> Sent to Banker



Image result for jaune arc symbol


Battle Stats: 
Level: 65 - 318 SP
1390  HP
126 Energy
+3 Accuracy
-1 Evasion
19 Base Damage
171 Mitigation
69 Battle Healing
+6 Heavy Momentum
Paralyze Immune

Equipped Items:
» «White Edged Blade» (+9 DMG) (Tier 3, One Handed Curved Sword)
» «Angel Pendant» (+3 ACC) (Tier 1, Trinket): 
» «Bialas' Bindings» (Paralytic Immunity, +6 Heavy Momentum) (Tier 3, Heavy Armor)
» *«Dimensional Backpack» (+1 Battle Ready Inventory extra slot)
» *«Darksteel» (+81 Mitigation) (Tier 3, Protector Familiar)
» *«Darksteel Pendant» (Tier 3, Vanity Trinket)
Event Item: Cross of Nails

T1 Perfect Damage Potion - +3 DMG - 600 Col
T3 Perfect Mitigation Potion - +45 MIT - 1300 Col

Rank 5 - One-Handed Curved Sword (+5 DMG)
Rank 5 - Block (+25 MIT)
Rank 5 - Heavy Armor (+35 MIT) -------------------------------------------------------------> Mod: Stonewall (+45 HP, +10 MIT, 25% DoT reduced) / Athletics: +45 HP, +1 DMG
Rank 5 - Battle Healing (5% of Max HP per turn)---------------------------------------> Mod: Emergency Recovery (Upon 25% HP, Recover 10%) 
Rank 0 - Howl <<10 EN Cost>> (+3 Hate) -------------------------------------------------> Mod: Focused Howl <<8 EN Cost>> (+5 Hate)
Rank 0 - Fishing
Rank 4 - Two-Handed Straight Sword (+5 DMG)

E - Rank 0 - Survival (Immune to Environmental Effects, 45 HP recovered Out of Combat)
E - Rank 0 - Meditation (Inactive)
E - Rank 3 - Protector Familiar (+81 MIT)


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Vigilon had heard about something happening on the thirteenth floor from someone he'd encountered earlier in an event, although that moment wasn't when he heard about the problem. He wished he had time to get his hands on some tier two items, such as a pair of handwraps made by a tailor, or some enhanced neckwear from an artisan. However, time seemed to be of the essence, so he made sure he had what he could bring in case something went wrong and he had to fight. Just as he was about to leave to investigate the issue, he received a message from Zack and Uri Ophir, alerting him that the hour was drawing near. "There's gonna be a fight involved at some point, I just know it." This assumption was based on the fact that most problems in SAO contained combat within the solution, for, even a minor fetch quest could have a moment of combat should an aggressive mob jump at you along the way. Whether he was ready or not, he was off to the thirteenth floor. Seeing that he only had a mitigation potion and the Matriarch's Stinger, he felt underprepared.

When he finally arrived at the location, he looked around, seeing three players that he recognized, and one that he did not. He recognized Aereth from that meeting in the first floor that had to do with Wyson, he recognized Hestia from an encounter or two, and he recognized Mina from the night he decided he wasn't going to be holed up in the Town of Beginnings anymore, the inciting moment of his adventures in SAO. When he saw the player he didn't recognize make a purchase from an NPC, he believed that this NPC might be able to help with his being underprepared. He thought about what he might need, but he also got carried away, getting some extra items that might only help anyone without items, nor enough col to purchase them. A total loss of 9650 col from his pockets was almost devastating. "Sheesh," He thought. "Who'd have known that preparations would be so dang expensive? I'm definitely going Col grinding when this is over..." He then decided to chat as everyone else arrives, waiting for whatever this was going to be would start. He walked over to Mina, who he had not seen in a long time since he first set out. "Hey. It's been a long while since I saw you."


Items brought: <<The Matriarch's Stinger>>(+1 damage for one battle), Greater Nature's Vitality(+15 MIT)



T1 Immolation potion x2- 1200

T1 Rare Damage potion- 400

T2 Rare Mitigation Potion- 1550

T2 Perfect Damage potion- 950

Teleportation Crystal x2- 4000

T2 Rare HP Recovery potion- 1550

Purchase Total: 9650 Col(sent to Banker)




Level:  27
HP:  540
EN:  64(Base[54], Energist[10])

Damage: 12(Martial Arts Rank 3[+5], Veriost[+6]) (OOC: I was told that Familiars are always the tier of the player. Feel free to correct me should I be wrong) 

Equipped gear:

[T1]Berserker Gloves(1 Taunt, 1 Bleed, 1 Paralyze)

[T2]Swift Endurance(1 Mitigation, 1 Evasion, 1 Recovery)

[T1]Karri's Fang(1 Recovery, 1 Accuracy, +1 LD)



One handed straight sword Rank 2


Mods:  None

Extra skills:  Meditation(Currently Unskilled, cannot be used yet)

Martial Arts Rank 3

Familiar Mastery: Fighter Rank 3


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The cloaked woman would move forward, eyeing the players that already had arrived. While she hoped Pinball would have been here for... reasons, it appeared she would just have to make due with the event.  She would walk over to cliff viewing over the chapel, to where the two priests lied. A small smirk could be seen inside of her hood. She hoped that the Priests would understood exactly what she was. For it was she who sinned when she took the life of an innocent. An orange cursor was nothing but the mark of the devil. "Excuse me" She would grab five items in total, all of which mostly to deal as much damage as physically possible. Her intention was to get this done as quickly as possible. Paying what she owed, she would turn, moving into the shadows to conceal herself away. She would let Pinball off for now, but her revenge would be found in the future. 



Perfect T1 DMG Potion (+3 DMG) - 600 Col
Perfect T2 MIT Potion (+30 MIT) - 2150 Col
Rare T2 Protein ( +2 DMG, -20 MIT) - 2150 Col
Rare Accuracy Snack (+2 ACC) - 950 Col
Rare Evasion Snack (+2 EVA) - 950 Col

6800 Col in Cost







Level 35
70 Energy
5 Accuracy
3 Evasion
18 Base Damage
58 Mitigation
8 Holy DMG
+1 LD
+1 Hide


<<Nato's Might>> //8 Holy DMG, 1 ACC, 1 DMG
<<Shadow of Dusk>> // +36 Mit, +1 EVA
<<Shadow's Light>> // +3 ACC
              <<Umbra>> // +6 DMG

Battle Ready Inventory
Teleport Crystal
<<Nato's Might>> - 8 Holy DMG, 1 ACC, 1 DMG
    <<Shadow's Infection>> // +1 Phase, +1 Paralyctic Venom, +1 Bleed
<<Snow's Grace>> - 36 MIT, 1 EVA
<<Snow's Glow>> - 1 ACC, 1 EVA
T2 HP Crystal - +120 HP


Perfect T1 DMG Potion (+3 DMG) 
Perfect T2 MIT Potion (+30 MIT) 
Perfect T2 Protein ( +2 DMG, -20 MIT) 
Rare Accuracy Snack (+2 ACC) 
Rare Evasion Snack (+2 EVA) 

6800 Col in Cost


One Handed Dagger | Rank 5: +5 DMG
Search and Detect | Rank 1: +1 LD
                      Sneak and Hide | Rank 1: +2 Stealth Rating
                                                     Light Armor | Rank 3: +12 Mitigation                               
      E Familiar - DMG | Rank 3 +6 DMG
                                                              E Survival | No Ranks: Immunity to Environmental Effects
                                                  E Disguise | +1 ACC to Players - 5 Turn Cooldown

Skill Mods

Athletics ~ +20 HP, +1 DMG


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Uri breathed a sigh of relief when players began making their way over to the church.  Zack smiled and patted his brother's back encouragingly.  Uri chuckled embarrassingly.  "It's comforting to see them actually here."  Zack nodded.  "Why don't you help the players to their items.  I think I see someone who could use some encouragement.  I'll be back shortly ok Uri?"  Uri nodded with a smile.  "Don't worry brother, I'll take care of them."  With that Zack walked over to the player with the pink hair.  He stood beside her as the two of them looked upon the chapel.  "When a priest colludes and deals with the devil on the inside, and acts like a righteous man on the outside, he corrupts not only himself, but people's perspective of his beliefs, as well as the world around..."  He turned to look to the girl and gave a comforting smile.  "However darkness never lasts.  It can be stopped in the end.  Uri and I are hoping you and the others can aid us in putting a stop to this.  Even though the darkness can be terrifying, it becomes less frightening when you remember that you are not alone.  Find hope and strength in that thought, for you have many who will stand beside you all the way."  Suddenly another player with brown hair walked over to her and greeted her, showing that they knew each other from one point in time.  Zack smiled and nodded to them both.  "I will leave you two then.  Thank you for coming to our aid." 


Uri stood there at the ready as players came over to collect items.  The first was a black haired girl and he smiled and nodded to her.  "Greetings ma'am.  Is there anything I can help you with?  Anything you need?"  When she didn't reply to him he gave a nervous chuckle and just made the exchange, handing her the items she ordered on the cardinal system.  "I hope these help you in your-"  When she turned and walked away his hand held in the air for a second before he sighed and let it fall.  The next player to approach him was a blonde haired man.  The priest heard his words and nodded.  "Certainly!  Let me gather them for you."  He collected the items required and handed them to the player.  As he thanked him and turned around however, Uri would continue:  "Don't let actions and words of the past hold you down.  Seek strength in your friends and allies, those around you.  The devil hits strongest when we are on our own.  May the Lord bless you, and give you strength in this fight."  As the player walked away another player approached, a brown haired player.  He smiled and nodded to him.  "Of course!  One moment please,"  He gave the player all the items he required and handed them to him.  "May the Lord bless you, and give you strength in this fight."  As he moved on another player approached.  This time Uri knew exactly what kind of person they were.  However, he did not have the reaction the girl had hoped for.  Instead of looking scared, nervous or angry, he looked sad.  He would close his eyes for a moment, and speak softly.  "Father, forgive her for she knows not what she has done."  He continued this small prayer but the rest could not be heard.

@Hestia @tricolor_mina @Vigilon @Morgenstern @Hidden

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Domarus sat in the work place of his shop, looking at the photo of his mother.  His eyes were set on her, the one good thing that had ever happened to him, of which he had no memories of.  His thoughts however, were on the previous boss raid.  The raid where everyone turned on each other because one player thought the front lines were becoming corrupt or some bs like that, and decided to protect the floor bosses and help the bosses win instead.  It was sickening to see that's how far down humanity has dropped.  His hopebreaker armor sat unused in his inventory, but he wasn't using his Sovereign armor either.  Instead he wore a simple black shirt and pants.  Rhozarth sat on the wall staring into the photo of his mother with no emotions.  When it came to Domarus and his aspects Rhozarth respected his strength, and thus was loyal to him.  However that didn't mean he was emotionally connected to Domarus.  It was then he received a message from Hestia and he opened the message.


To:  Domarus
From:  Hestia

Event boss on floor thirteen we need somebody willing to protect the lower leveled players in this. I can see people who might not be the best moral character like Aereth here showing up before i did. I would like for you to be the example to lead  these players down a path that can show them the correct frontline conduct that they must uphold.

Domarus had seen the message from the priests, but he didn't think it very important.  It was just another event boss, why should he care?  Then he saw her mentioning how she wanted him to be the example and lead them down a path towards a correct frontline conduct.  He raised an eyebrow at this.  Hestia wanted him to lead players and show them how to act?  It was a bold move on her part, but he knew her heart was in the right place.  She wasn't focused on her hatred for Domarus, but on what the frontlines needed.  Domarus sighed and stood up, gesturing for Rhozarth to follow.

He arrived on the thirteenth floor in his silver armor which covered him head to toe.  He scanned the players in the vicinity and saw multiple individuals, including Aereth.  The player had been becoming more out of control as of late and needed to stop.  He walked over to the priests and placed his order, purchasing the items he required.  Then he walked over to Hestia, standing in front of her.
"...You want me...  To lead?  Or are you just telling me to be an image for the other players?"  If she would suggest him to be the commanding officer for this event boss then he would agree to joining.  Perhaps this would show him if there were people who could be redeemable.  In addition to this, Macradon actually listened to Domarus' words when they fought in the boss raid.  He just needed the players to obey him.  He then turned to the crowd. 
     "If anyone doesn't have any teleport crystals let me know and I'll purchase some for you!"


Items Bought


Immolation Potion - 600 col

Tier 2 Damage Potion - 950 col

Tier 2 Mitigation Potion - 2,150 col

Safeguard Potion - 600 col

Teleportation Crystal - 2,000 col

Accuracy Snack - 600 col

Mitigation Snack - 2,150 col

Protein Meal - 2,150 col

Total Col cost:  11,200



Sovereign ___:  54 Mitigation

Soul Seeker:  +3 Accuracy

Sovereign ___:  2 Recovery, 1 Taunt


Items consumed

T2 Damage Potion  +3 DMG
T2 Mitigation Potion  +30 MIT
Safeguard Potion  +safeguard
Accuracy Snack  +2 ACC
Mitigation Snack  +30 MIT
Protein Meal  +3 DMG, -30 MIT

Stats after items


Level:  41
:  840/840
EN:  84/84
MIT:  92
DMG:  21 - 26
ACC:  +5 - +6
REC:  2 (+4 energy on CD 6+)
TAN:  +1 Hate per hit
Safeguard:  Active


Charge  R5
Heavy Armor  R1
2h Ax  R5
Fighter Familiar  R3


Ferocity  +1 dmg


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I glance around at the new players showing up and smiles at all of the familiar faces that have arrived, but most importantly having been players that are tier one and tier two as i have a slight apprehension within myself for their safety as the uncertainty of the strength of the foe ahead reveals itself. That there could be an enemy that would be to much for them and could wipe out droves of them if the mob was made for the tier three players like myself as i look down towards the ground as i slowly tap my foot against the ground repeatedly until i hear the familiar voice of the man i had invited into this fight. I look up towards @Domarus and grins rather happily at him being here at the minimum to do what i have asked for him as i nod my head towards the red headed player. Domarus i am trusting you with the lives of these players. I can't trust Aereth with how he reacted emotionally in the floor twenty three boss fight. That leaves you to take the wheel since i don't know any other person that could take such a lead. You are a strategist through and through and can know how to strike effectively, you gave solid advice during the boss fight also. Keep them safe okay i have friends in what you are going to lead. Sadly i can imagine us tier threes are going to be busy with something else since the game is taking this rather seriously. I say towards the red headed player as i pat his shoulder of the armor gently before i make my way over towards the various players that i have met within my journey to the top along with having met while helping out players when i have gained my strength.

On my way over towards Mina and Vigilon i look towards @Morgenstern taking note of his rather saddened look within his eyes and walks over towards the blonde haired player and pats him gently on the shoulder. If you need someone to talk to Morg i am here. If you want to talk and walk i'm going over to talk to Mina, and Vigilon a few low leveled players i know. If not than i would want to talk to you after this fight if you have the time you look upset about something and i would like to know what if you would let me. I say in a soft and gentle tone of voice towards Morgenstern with a caring look within my eyes feeling bad for the Celestial, and the person i had once thought about asking for a mentorship from since he had been ahead of me in levels and had shown to be a frontliner for probably awhile and thus had information. Though sadly life and experience had been a valuable teacher instead. After saying what i had i move on over towards Mina and Vigilon.

Evening Mina, hey Vigilon how are you two doing? I ask the players with a smile on my face wearing my full tier three gear of Prometheus' Blessing a armor with depictions of lightning striking the ground and flames wrapping around the entire gear. Holding onto a simple curved sword, and a shield with metalic spikes jutting out of it, and having at my side my familiar Kuro the lion with fur as white as snow and wings as black as the night. It's been awhile hasn't it?



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Mina noticed several more players arriving, one of them being one of her former guild-mates. Something had happened recently, and she had received a notification that their guild had disbanded. It likely was the reason @Morgenstern was avoiding other players like the plague, especially herself and Aereth."And to think that he was one of the more happy members of our little guild" She murmured sadly, "What happened to you, Jon... you were so happy at the wedding..."Mina nearly jumped when she heard a familiar voice. As she turned to see the source of the voice, she saw a familiar face that she had met quite a while ago. It was a player that went by the name of Vigilon, a player that had been introduced to her by Itzal after she ran into them at a restaurant within the town of Beginnings. "Na, naa~ It truly has been quite some time, Vigilon!" she said brightly, her face lighting up almost instantly. "How have you been since I've last seen you?" Mina noticed the older of the two priests come over to greet them, and give a bit of comfort about the darkened area. "I truly wish that it would be healed already, this floor seems as if it would be rather beautiful if it wasn't so... corrupted..." Mina bowed respectfully to the priest, and turned around just in time to see Hestia walking up to them, Kuro trotting alongside the veteran player. "Na, naa... It's good to see you again, Hestia." she said, folding her arms behind her neck in a relaxed manner. "Are you gonna be participating in the Event quest fight? It would do everyone some good to have a few clearers here to keep everyone organized."

@Vigilon @Hestia

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Shield - HP1865/1865 | EN: 152/152 | MIT: 226 | BH:93 | EVA: -1 | THN: 99 | ENV: 18 | DMG: 2 | ACC: 0





Skills Rank
Heavy Armor 5
Block 5
Battle Healing 5
First Aid 5
Search & Detect 5
Howl -
Fighting Spirit -
Parry -
Energize -
Picking -
Fishing -
Extra Skills Rank
Healer Familiar 3
Martial Arts 0
Meditatation -
Concentration -
Survival -
Mods Status
Athletics On
Stonewall On
Focused Howl On
Sharpness On
Justified Riposte On
Vengeful Riposte Off
Dismantling Off

Housing Bonuses:



Bonus Effect Uses
Well Rested -1 EN cost [3/3]
Squeaky Clean -25% DOT dmg / turn [1/1]
Item Stash +1 Battle-Ready Inventory slot  
Skylight ** +1 Expertise (Search & Detect)  
Relaxed +45 HP/post, EN refresh in 2 posts  
Advanced Training +2 SP/month  
Multipurpose +2 to certain rolls/10 posts




Battle Ready Inventory:



Items Type Tier Quality Quantity Slot
Teleport Crystals Crystal - Perfect 5 1
Potion of Safeguard Potion - Perfect 1 2
Antidote Salve Salve - Perfect 4 3
Blood Brothers - Bleed II, Damage I 1H Axe 3 Perfect 1 4
Instant Song of Healing Crystal 3 Perfect 1 5
Mass Recovery Crystal Crystal 3 Perfect 5 Dimensional Backpack
Jagged Pykrete - Thorns II, Never-Freeze Hv. Arm. 3 Perfect 1 Storage Closet




Immolation Potion +2 [+30 THN]
Perfect T3 Mitigation Food [+45 MIT]
Perfect Antidote Salve [3/3 - Resist Status Effects]
Field Rations +2 [+120 HP]
Safeguard Potion

Perfect T3 Overhealth Potion [+135 HP] -2500 Col

Shield strode out into the midst of those gathered. He was not the first tank to arrive, so those who were present would be well protected, or so they could hope at least. He gave a tips of his head to those he knew, in particular, Jonathan, @Hestia and Domarus. There was little information given to him so far, so he decided he would approach the player of the three who he was closest to, considering his Paladin had yet to approach him for any reason whatsoever for months now.

"Hestia," he said, stepping over to her and inclining his head to bring it nearer to hers. "Have there been any details released other than those that went out in the message? I feel like information is scant right now at best. The last time we had such a sudden call to arms did not go smoothly." He remembered the fight with Asterios with painful clarity. It was, after all, the first and most recent time he had seen a player meet his fate in a raid. He was not eager to see this happen a second time. "Any and all information is relevant, even if it seems trivial."

Edited by Shield

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Macradon had received a message, something quite peculiar to just pop up. “Huh … floor thirteen … what date is it?” Macradon thought for himself and opened up his HUD to check up on information “Oh.” he said to himself, muttering it as he realized what was going on. “Well … I gotta check this out” he said and would grab everything he needed for an Event like this. Donning his armor and equipping his weapon, Macradon would grab the chain leash of his Cerberus “Bel, we’re heading out for a hunt!” he said with an excited smile. Exiting his estate on the first floor, closing the doors behind him as well as locking up his shop, Macradon would venture up to the designated location where the event would take place. It had been quite a long time since he was here, but it does indeed look like it always had. As he arrived at the scene, he would look out at the people who had arrived, 10 people. He wondered if this was even enough to clear the event, he surely hoped that it was. Stretching his back and arms, Macradon would walk up to the others "Good to see you!" he said with a smile as he listened to what was going on. His eyes sparked when he saw that consumables could be bought at the location "Don't mind if I do!" he thought eagerly with a smile as he went over to purchase items, lots of them.  He would take his haul and sit down not far from everyone else "Time to dig in." he muttered for himself as he began eating the snacks, the meal, and chugging down all the potions. It took some time but he would get through it all. Exhaling heavily, Macradon would lean backwards and use his arms as support as he looked up into the sky "That was more than I had anticipated" he said for himself, making sure that Belphegor was still held in place.



T1 Damage potion     (Perfect)
-             200x3=600 Col

T3 Mitigation potion (Perfect)
-    600x3+350+350=2500 Col

T3 Overhealth potion (Perfect)
-    600x3+350+350=2500 Col

T1 Safeguard Potion  (Perfect)
-            600x3=1800 Col

T1 Accuracy Snack    (Rare)
-            600x2=1200 Col

T1 Evasion Snack     (Rare)
-            600x2=1200 Col

T1 Protein Meal      (Rare)
-            600x2=1200 Col

Total cost:       11000 Col



Macradon - Lvl 76
1700 HP
152 Energy
4 Accuracy
2 Evasion
24 Base Damage
 (36 w/ Holy) (29 w/ Charge)
- (1 Base + 7 Skill + 1 Athletics + 9 Familiar +1 Ferocity +3 Potion +2 Meal)
146 Mitigation 
- (35 Skill + 81 Armor +45 Potion - 15 Meal)

Blade of the Dictator ............ // +12 Holy Damage, Phase
Armor of the Scarlet Templar ..... // +81 Mitigation
Templar's Necklace ............... // +6 Recovery, +1 Accuracy

Belphegor - Familiar ............. // +9 Damage

Battle Ready Inventory
Scarecrow's Sickle ............... // +6 Damage, +1 Bleed
Empty inventory slot ............. //
Empty inventory slot ............. //
Empty inventory slot ............. //
Empty inventory slot ............. //
Empty inventory slot ............. //
Empty inventory slot ............. //
Empty inventory slot ............. //
Empty inventory slot ............. //

Damage Potion .................... // +3 Damage
Mitigation Potion ................ // +45 Damage Mitigation
Overhealth Potion ................ // +135 HP(overheal)
Safeguard Potion ................. // Safeguarded
Accuracy Snack ................... // +2 Accuracy
Evasion Snack .................... // +2 Evasion
Protein Meal ..................... // +2 Damage

Two Handed Straight Sword  | Rank 5: +7 Damage
Heavy Armor                | Rank 5: +35 Damage Mitigation
Search and Detect          | Rank 5: +5 LD
Charge                     | Rank 5: +5 Damage on first hit
Battle Healing             | Rank 5: Heal 75 HP each post In-Battle
Fighting Spirit            | +1 Hate generation
Gatherer                   | Obtain additional materials after a successful out of combat gathering based on a natural CD result.
Extended Weight Limit    | +3 Spaces for Battle Ready Items
Howl                     | Adds +3 Hate each against up to 4 targets.

Disguise                   | +1 to your BD and +1 to your opponent’s BD
Survival                   | Heal 20 HP when out of battle
Familiar Mastery: Fighter  | Rank 3: +9(Tier x Rank) Damage

Skill Mods
Precision                  | +1 Accuracy
Athletics                  | +1 Damage, +45 Health
Ferocity                   | Increases Base Damage by 1

Finesse                    | Rank 3: Decreases Eneryg Cost of attacks by 3
Bull Rush                  | A successful Charge also stuns the target for 1 turn.

Focused Howl             | Adds +5 Hate against a single target.
Reveal                     | +2 LD when searching for dungeons and labyrinths. You may also search for a sub-dungeon or labyrinth once every 15 posts (instead of 20).
Tracking                   | Allows the user to track a previously-encountered monster, NPC, or other player. Negates all bonuses to the target’s Stealth Rating. After tracking, your first attack against the tracked creature cannot miss. Cannot be used in combat.


Edited by Macradon

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Ruby had looked around, the crowd had came for the event that had been appearing today, including Ruby herself. Ruby had looked around at the different people that had been around, and for the most part none of them had seemed to come up to Ruby to talk to her, however... Ruby was almost alright with that being that she didn't want to have a huge name. However Ruby wasn't going to just sit here and not socialize the entire time, she might as well go around talking to some that she had knew, first she had walked up to @Macradon placing a hand onto his shoulder saying to him "Hey there, its nice seeing you around some more. We should talk more, perhaps a day of questing or material gathering?" Ruby had offered. After speaking to Macradon, Ruby had spotted @Hestia with a smile she had walked up to her and said "Oh hey Hestia, I thought you'd find yourself here. Becareful if we aren't in the same team, last thing I want for you is to leave me and all of us. Keep your cute butt alive alright?" However Ruby had looked around at the rest of the crowd and just thought to herself "Wow... I really don't know as many people as I think I do."



T3 Perfect Damage Potion - 1200 Col
T3 Perfect Mitigation Potion - 1200 Col
T1 Safeguard - 1800 Col
T1 Teleportation Crystal - 2000 Col
T1 Rare Accuracy Snack - 1200 Col
T1 Rare Evasion Snack - 1200 Col

Total: 8600 Col



Ruby - the Fiesty Healer
Level 57
HP: 1140 - EN: 114 - Safeguarded
DMG: 27 - ACC: 5 - EVA: 5 - MIT: 45 - LD: 7

Rank 5 - First Aid
>> Sharpness
>> Purify
>> Field Medic

Rank 4 - Searching
>> Dismantling

Extra Skills
Rank 5 - Martial Arts
>> Ferocity
Rank 3 - Familiar Mastery: Treasure Hunter
Rank 0 - Survival

Omega - +9 Damage
Delta - +3 Evasion
Focus Bangle - +3 Accuracy
Purobolos - +3 Loot Die

Battle Ready
T1 Teleportation Crystal

T3 Perfect Damage Potion - +9 Damage
T3 Perfect Mitigation Potion - +45 Mitigation
T1 Safeguard - +Safeguard
T1 Rare Accuracy Snack - +2 Accuracy
T1 Rare Evasion Snack - +2 Evasion


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Listening to @Hestia's words he had confirmed that she was being serious.  He also confirmed that she was choosing him out of logical reasons, and was probably shoving her emotions down.  She cared too much about the players to take an unnecessary risk.  It was true he had given advice that even Macradon took into account, changing his previous orders to what Domarus had said.  The man was intelligent, but there were things to consider.  Domarus nodded.
"A dangerous move you're doing, putting me in position of power..  However I'll keep them safe to the best of my ability.  I may need your help to get as many of them to listen and cooperate with me, or at least acknowledge me as the leader before we enter the boss fight..  I'll handle Aereth and Hidden."  He turned to see Shield approaching and nodded to Hestia.
"Hopefully the tier one and two players have a corrected moral compass."  Domarus walked over to @Aereth, and tapped his shoulder, gesturing for him to meet with him over by Hidden.  He then walked over to @Hidden, and spoke up.
"Alright you two listen up.  I'm leading the tier one and two players in the boss fight, and I'm going to do everything in my power to keep the players safe.  By doing so my reputation will increase and my power will grow further.  Hidden:  Do not attack, any player.  Aereth.  Do not raise your voice against anyone.  They are allies, and our focus must be on the bosses.  You want to complain or rant, or attack or kill someone?  Do it off the front lines.  If something happens you let me handle it.  Disobey me and my orders and you will regret it, understand?"  His tone held every proof that they should not vex him, and do as he says.  When they have confirmed they would obey him he would nod.  "Good.  I trust you will hold to your words.  Both of you."

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Itzal stared into the ceiling of his house as he lay on the bed.  He could hardly sleep with the angered and somewhat depressed thoughts swimming through his head day in and day out.  When he wasn't lying on his bed contemplating how all his friends could have possibly turned out the way they did, he was out slaughtering monsters to get his frustrations out.  Velnia sat on her little miniature house hanging from the wall, her head lying on the floor as she gazed at Itzal.  Suddenly a message covered his vision.  He was about to dismiss it right away when he saw it was from Hestia.  She was one of the few who, though it seemed she wasn't as focused as she should have in the fight, didn't actually do or say anything to make the situation worse. 


To:  Itzal
From:  Hestia

Itzal there is an event on floor thirteen that i would like for you to come to and assist. I know that you might not be in the best of spirits but i need you to come and help us. The frontlines aren't going to last with how many others have left them after what hirru had done back on floor 23. Everything is crumbling and we need as much support as we can to face the opposition in front of us. We need people willing to face the difficulties of this game head on without breaking. I can't motivate the lower leveled players by myself, or the apprentices that you have had.

Itzal sighed.  Of course the message was to convince him to fight alongside them all again.  He knew the frontlines wouldn't last.  The collapse was inevitable.  With players protecting a program designed to kill players, players attacking players, then attacking the attackers.  Players telling each other how wrong they are.  Everyone was each other's enemies now.  Even his guildmates, Morgenstern, Shield and Aereth only added to the mess.  The last two sentences however.  That was something he understood.  Despite everything that happened, players were still trapped in this world.  They were still at the mercy of the game and always at death's door.  Just because the other frontliners were too selfish or blind to focus on getting through this game and freeing everyone above all else.  In the end, that was what caused him to stand up.  Because players needed to be protected, and if he needed to act as a meatshield he would.

Itzal arrived on site wearing Hardened Resolve, an armor that he only wore on the frontlines so anyone who hadn't attended would not be aware it was him.  His hood and face cloth were up, preventing anyone from seeing his face in addition to it all, preventing him being recognized further.  He didn't interact with anyone, and didn't approach Hestia since she was with someone else.  He did however, nod to her when she spotted him to let her know he was here.  He walked over to the priest and purchased the items he needed before walking over to an area no one was occupying and leaned against the fencing.

Items being purchased


Tier 1 Damage Potion -  +3 DMG  -  600 col

Tier 3 Mitigation Potion -  +45 MIT  -  2,500 col

Tier 1 Safeguard Potion -  +Safeguard  -  1,800 col

Tier 1 Teleport Crystal -  Teleportation  -  1,800 col

Tier 1 Accuracy Snack -  +2 ACC  -  1,800 col

Tier 1 Evasion Snack -  +2 EVA  -  1,800 col

Tier 1 Protein Meal -  +3 DMG -45 MIT  -  1,800 col

Tier 3 Mitigation Snack -  +45 MIT  -  2,500 col

Tier 3 Overhealth Meal -  +135 HP  -  2,500 col

Total cost:  17,100



Hardened Resolve:  +56 MIT  +1 EVA

Yakimba:  2 T2 Bleed, 2 Paralysis

Beauty Incarnate:  +3 ACC



Level: 75
HP: 1,625
Energy: 146

DMG: 23 (base 1 damage + 9 dmg (Velnia) +5 sword skill +1 Athletics +1 Ferocity +3 Potion +3 Snack)

Stealth Rating:  +2

EVA:  4

ACC:  5

MIT:  126




Rank 5 one handed straight sword (+5 DMG) <50 sp>

Rank 5 light armor (+25 MIT) <50 sp>

Rank 5 Search and Detect  (+5 LD) <50 sp>

Gatherer (turns each material found into the ammount of 4) <10 sp>

Picking (+3 LD when opening chests) <15 sp>

Rank 3 Familiar (Rank 3 Fighter: +9 dmg) <18 sp>

Rank 5 Charge (+5 dmg first attack) <50 sp>

Rank 5 Battle Healing (+5% total health per combat post) <50 sp>

Rank 2 Hiding (+2 Stealth Rating) <13 sp>



Detect (+1 to dungeon searching, +3 to player, npc, mob searching, all player stealth bonuses are negated) <9>
Night Vision (Ignores any penalties from low light or darkness, as well as negating others stealth bonuses from it) <5>
Athletics: +1 dmg +10 * tier HP

Sprint & Acrobatics +1 Evasion while wearing light armor

Ferocity:  +1 DMG


Extra/locked Skills: 


Survival <3 sp>

Disguise (when activated, turns Itzal into his opponent, giving him +1 BD and his opponent -1 BD during Itzal's and the opponent's turn.  can only be used every 12 turns

Expert Martial Arts (+3 unarmed damage) <23 sp>


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I look towards @Ruby and gives the girl a bright smile when she says hello as i give a wave towards her. Hello to you too Ruby. Also, yeah you know i would be here. This is kinda my thing and what i've worked hard to get to you know? Got to make sure i use the strength i worked hard to get to defend those i can see and reach out to. I say towards the blonde haired healer with a slight moment of recollection of an event that i quickly dismiss in favor of focusing on the moment. I than glance over towards @tricolor_mina and @Vigilon and give a apologetic look within my eyes as Shield makes his way over to talk to me about one of the important factors and the main reason i had strayed during the twenty third boss fight. 'Knowledge is power and we need to gain as much as we can.' I think to myself as i glance back towards Mina and offers a small smile towards the girl as i nod my head towards her along with Vigilon. I'm so sorry to just show up and say hi than ditch you guys, but it seems work calls for me. Stay safe you two okay? Keep in mind that you have us frontliners like me and Shield here to protect you guys through and through. Plus my friend Ruby who said hello a few moments ago. I say with a small chuckle as i give a wave and takes a few steps back as i look towards @Shield and gives a apologetic look. Sorry i haven't had time to ask around for information i was busy making sure i had gotten the right people here to make sure they didn't ditch this event. Than their is to make sure those like Mina and Vigilon weren't to overwhelmed with something like this since it is a first for even myself. I say towards my fellow tank as i than give him a gentle friendly pat on the arm with a determined look within my blue colored eyes. But don't worry i will get that info and distribute it before this raid begins to make sure we all go in with our greatest weapon. The knowledge of what our foe and what we should expect. I say towards the tank with a nod of my head as i make my way over towards the priest nodding over towards Itzal with a smile on my face glad to see that the scout hadn't ditched us for this event. That his mere presence should at least motivate maybe some guild members and apprentices he has had to stand up and fight with more strength.

I make my way over towards the first priest the one that isn't selling goods as i nod my head towards the man with a small smile towards the man to try and seem as non-threatening as possible. Hello sir. My name is Hestia defender of the innocent and ally of humanity. I was wondering if you had any foe that we will be facing since you can't expect us to go in without knowing something. This is just standard procedure for us that we won't go into a fight without knowing what our enemy could be, what to expect in terms of powers so we don't walk into a suicide trap that could kill those who don't deserve it and aren't expecting it. I say towards the @Priest with a dead seriousness as i keep full eye contact at all times. So i will ask to reiterate. Who is our foe? What can we expect from them? What kind of strengths and weaknesses do you think they'll have? And a general appearance of our enemy or enemies. I say towards the man as i take out my notebook and opens up a new page that i label. "Floor 13".

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Uri continued to sell items to the players who came for some.  With each who came he gave them the blessing and wished them luck in the upcoming fight.  Soon however he noticed one of the players approaching his brother.  Zach, who saw Hestia approach him, turned and bowed slightly with a genuine and honest smile to her.  "Greetings Hestia.  It is a pleasure to make your acquaintance.  You may call me Zack.  How may I be of service?"  He heard her questions and saw her look, and nodded in understanding.  "Yes of course, I understand and should have expected as much.  You have much experience behind your eyes, but also much weight as well...  For a while now there has been several false teachings spreading through the settlement.  Over time our world has begun to grow more and more dark and corrupt.  If you look at the grass in the area, it is no longer as green and fresh as it once was.  This is because one of the priests of Angel's Point has chosen to speak and deal with demons Hestia.  We don't know how far exactly, but we do know that he has become corrupt because of it.  We also don't know why he has chosen to work with demons.  In truth, we don't know much about what is going on with him outside of his corruption."  He turned to look at the players in the area.  "Normally we handle things like this ourselves, but..  It's different this time.  We don't know how far this has gone, and if he's being possessed by demons force may be required.  And while my brother and I are trained to protect ourselves, we wouldn't be very good against him.  As for what he may be capable of, we....  Aren't too sure.  He has some proficiency in fighting with a polearm, so he will most likely use the Arch Priest's Staff but.  If he is being possessed and strengthened by demons, he may have other abilities too.  That's not all though."  He glanced around the ground they stood on, past the fence and gate.  "I worry..  I feel as if something will strike to keep you all from defeating him.  That's why I plan on proposing two groups.  One to fight the priest and one to protect the church from whatever outside force is approaching.  Another thing to worry about:  Demons follow Satan, the king of lies.  You and your comrades must be cautious not to listen to the priest or the demons, no matter how much sense they make.  No matter how right they sound, or how good their intentions, no matter how good they may seem."  He looked into Hestia's eyes once again.  "If you have more questions I shall answer, but I am not all knowing.  Demons work in the shadows, and hide their true nature.  Only by the name of Jesus Christ can they be forced out into the open.  However my brother and I would likely be killed before we have the chance."


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I look towards the priest and quickly writes down some quick notes of what has been said making sure to keep everything orderly and nice within my notes since this is the first time i am allowed to actually know more beyond some basic stuff about this seemingly dead floor. I gaze directly at the priest with the same serious look within my gaze. Mmk continue for me please. I need a name, a physical description, what he has been spouting that is heresy to you. Likes, dislikes you may know of. I want to know what this corrupted priest inside and out of what you knew about him i need to make sure that my group is attacking the right man when i send them in to fight. So in reality name and physical description are the most important part when it comes to hearing about the guy. Secondly, i thank you for at least letting me know that we will be dealing with a corruptive force beyond measure if it is the prince of lies taking up the front as this guy's provider. Are there any sort of charms you can give us if this land is corrupted possibly? Since i can imagine if their is demonic taint it wouldn't be good for us humans to intake such things.  I ask with a small shrug not being knowledgeable in any way shape or form about Christianity or any subsets of religion that this could be based on to know if such charms or such could exist or just me being hopeful. Thirdly, you mention feeling some possibly strong force are we talking Satan strong, or something else like a strong demon or something worse? As in one strong source? Multiple sources? Both? I need as much detail about this feeling you have that could prevent us from helping our newer allies sir.  Lastly, what is the usual level of demon stuff you can deal with? I finish off my current list of questioning to figure out what to do with all of this to file it all down into a useful information distribution when everybody shows up in full arms and gears ready to fight. 'Why isn't Beat with shield?' i can't help but question and worry at the fact that the usual duo it seems like isn't together for some reason.

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Dazia had heard of something occurring in the thirteenth floor. She wasn't concerned in the slightest at first, but when she received a message from two priests, she decided to see whatever was going on. Hopefully she could handle it. Once she had made it to her destination, she sat down to eat an enhanced food item that would increase her mitigation. She had recently gotten stronger in the one handed rapier skill, so she needed some mitigation to keep her alive to be able to deal damage should there be a fight. When she got back up, and walked towards the other players that were gathering, she heard someone offer to purchase teleport crystals for anyone without one. She walked up to the player who made the offer, saying, "I am in need of one, for I've been trying to get by with what little col I have, with little success." as she remembered how light her pockets were. This would be no easy task, and if she was to be put in danger, she didn't want to risk getting killed. This was an opportunity to take advantage of. She looked around her, taking in the situation that was unfolding, and listening carefully to some ongoing conversations, especially the one that was between one of the two priests and another player. from what she was overhearing, the priest was explaining the situation. "Demons? Really? It doesn't matter to me whether they exist in this game or not, but, I really should have expected this kind of blather from a priest." Dazia was in this to possibly grow stronger from the experience, and possibly gain a reward. One thing that was clear though, she had found a way to avoid Yinangi being here today, and she was here on her lonesome. She also couldn't care less about the two priests and their plight, but if what was at stake could affect her chances of survival, she was willing to play a part in stopping it, as long as she remained alive, in the end.

- Beef Steak

Dazia's Mitigation has increased to a total of 28 for the remainder of the thread




Level:  12
HP:  240
EN:  24
DMG:  6(One Handed Rapier Rank 3[+3], Rapier of Wrath[+2])



Rapier of Wrath(2 DMG, 1 ACC)

Ombra del Corvo(2 MIT, 1 EVA)



One Handed Rapier Rank 3

Light Armor Rank 1(+5 Mitigation)


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Mina inclined her head in a bow, before waving @Hestia off. "Naa... go ahead and chat with the priest!" she called, "We all need any info that we can get!" Mina noticed Domarus had pulled aside Aereth and one other player, and seemed to be reprimanding them for some reason. Of course, typically when it came to reprimanding orange players, most of the green players tended to be in the right more often than not. As it was, everyone had to be at least a little nervous, what with the fact that there was little information as to what exactly was going to come after us here. "As it were, we're already getting far more support from higher-leveled players, which we NEED in the case of T1-T2 players...." Mina muttered, a frown on her face...

Mina's expression shifted to one of worry as she recognized several more players, Including Shield and Macrodon, show up to the field, both of whom were rather powerful Tanks. Mina watched as a few other players that she didn't recognize show up to the Chapel, though one of them seemed familiar somehow... She merely brushed it off as a coincidence, and decided to give a small wave goodbye to @Vigilon, and walk over to @Morgenstern, hoping to get at least a little bit of information about what had happened. "Naa... It's been a while, hasn't it Morg?" she said softly, "What the hell happened to you in order to make you that sad? you always struck me as one of the happier members of the CA... not a gloomy mess..." Mina fell silent, and stared at her feet as she contemplated what could have happened. "And then with the front-lines having fallen apart like that..." she murmured, "God, all of this has had a mess made out of it... " A strong gust of wind blew around her cloak, causing her to shiver again

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