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[PP - F15] Just that Slow [Floor Boss Battle]


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All players have 72 hours to reply to this thread to be included in the boss fight. After 72 hours the Player Rep voting is completed, the raid will begin.

All participants must list their stats, equipment, battle-ready inventory, and skills in their post.

(Planning Room)
Members of the Knights of Blood receive +1 Accuracy for three turns.

There is no posting order until the boss room is entered.

- - -

Their day of reckoning had finally come. Several days had passed since the meeting, leaving the players who intended to participate with plenty of time to prepare. He'd done so himself, having stocked himself with items beforehand and garnered a fair chunk of experience since the last raid. Takao stood outside the doors of the boss's lair, the room adjacent being dark and damp, lit only by the burning torches that lined the walls. Cobwebs had claimed the corners of the room, which made for a rather disconcerting stay. People would be arriving soon, and they'd be delving into the lair of Limbo before long, no matter how much he didn't want to. "Okay, okay... Everything's totally cool, just... be chill." He muttered quietly to himself, idly spinning the sword in his hand as he waited.


221 HP
54 Energy
3 Accuracy
-1 Evasion
26-27 Base Damage (31-32 on first attack)
102 Mitigation

Inundator- +6 Damage
Huntsman's Set- +36 Mitigation, +1 Evasion
Iron Aegis- +2 Accuracy, +1 Evasion
Familiar- +1 Accuracy

-1 Vodka
-1 Perfect T2 Damage Increase Potion
-1 Perfect T2 Mitigation Potion
-1 Banner of Command Charge (1 remaining)
-1 Safeguard Potion

Battle Ready Inventory
Recovery Crystal III (T2) +60 HP -- x5
Recovery Crystal III (T1) +30 HP -- x3
Recovery Crystal II  (T2) +40 HP -- x4
Teleport Crystal - x1

+6 Damage (T2 Damage Increase Potion)
+6 Damage (Alcoholic)
-3 Evasion (Alcoholic)
+1 Damage (Banner of Command)
+54 Mitigation (T2 Mitigation Potion)
Safeguarded (Safeguard Potion)

One Handed Straight Sword | Rank 5
Search & Detect | Rank 3
Light Armour | Rank 3
Charge | Rank 5

Martial Arts | Rank 2

Skill Mods
Ferocity | R5


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Zelrius wandered up to where the next boss would be taking place. The Golden haired boy had intentionally not gone to the Raid meeting, positive everyone would continue to bash and point fingers at him for the last fight. In all of that, Zelrius knew full well that the lot there were far too ignorant to understand that the abilities that Rohk has used such as Hurricane Beat had no possible strategy that would have been effective enough to make sure Azide and Cora lived. Alas, he simply avoided the meeting all together, knowing everything he said would go over their heads, because Zelrius firmly believed that as a general rule; his fellow Frontliners were idiots. With a sigh and dropping of those thoughts, he rummaged through his inventory, checking all his gear was in place and that he was battle ready.

T2 Bloodrage Crystal Activated (http://www.sao-rpg.com/topic/7337-f4-master-alchemistrank-9-zandras-pharmacy-closed/?do=findComment&comment=452783 Lent to me, Confirm with Dom)

T2 Alcholic Food Activated  (

  Hide contents

Zelrius Blackfyre - Commandant of the Azure Brigade - Rohk is totally my fault


208 HP
52 Energy
0 Accuracy
0 Evasion


+6 Damage (T2 Bloodrage Crystal)
+6 Damage (Alcholic)
-3 Evasion (Alcholic)

Dual Blades | Rank 5
Charge | Rank 5
Curved Blade | Rank 5
Search & Detect | Rank 5

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Takao, I see that you have noted on your Journal Page that you have adequate numbers of the items you've used to use them here. Please update your journal to reflect the consumption of the items you're using in this fight. Thanks.

Zel, you're not KoB so you don't get the KoB Planning Table bonus. Sorry. I also don't see it listed anywhere in your Journal that you have either a T2 DMG Crystal or T2 Alcoholic Drink to use in this fight. Please indicate where/how you obtained these items and keep your journal updated. Thanks.

OOC: Guys, the Admin Team has tasked the PST's with policing item consumption, particularly on Boss Raids. So, yeah, this is a warning that we're going to be watching.

On reaching the spot in the labyrinth that was marked on his map as the location of the Boss Room, Mack drew back the deep white trimmed crimson hood of the cloak that denoted him as leading the Front Line players for the Knights of the Blood Oath. Nodding a simple greeting to Zelrius, the ginger headed giant moved over to stand next to Takao, brushing away a few of the cobwebs which promptly dissolved into pixelated nothingness. "You ready, Bard," he asked in a low tone, drawing Invictus from his back and running a finger along the wickedly sharp blade before pulling up his inventory and snaring a safeguard potion to smash against his chest. "If we run into accuracy problems, this time, I'm ready. I've got a few at ready slots devoted to accuracy boost." With that done the massive man then proceeded to smash an antidote potion over himself as well before adding the effects of perfect damage boost, mitigation, and overhealth potions.



Stats: (#'s Subject to Change Until Boss Room Opened)
217 HP
43 Energy
54 Regen (Inactive at Start of Fight)
20-22 Base Damage (23-25 on first attack)
130 Mitigation
+3-4 ACC (+4 for 3 Rounds, +3 Thereafter)

Invictus - +6 Damage
Pertinax - +54 Mitigation
Golden Axe Amulet - +3 Accuracy

-1 Banner of Command Charge (2 remaining)
-Safeguard Potion
- +6 DMG Pot
- +56 Mit Pot
- +60 HP Pot

Battle Ready Inventory:
St. Michael's Fingers - +54 Regen
Teleport Crystal - 5
Banner of Support - 5 Charges
+60 HP Crystal - 1
+4 Energy Drinks - 4
Antidote Potion - 2 [Dimensional Pouch]

+1 Damage (Banner of Command)
+Safeguard (Safeguard Potion)
+1 Accuracy (Planning Table, 3 Turns)
+60 HP Potion
+6 DMG Potion
+56 Mit. Potion
+Antidote Potion

Two Handed Battle Axe | Rank 5
Heavy Armor | Rank 4
Charge | Rank 3
Fighting Spirit

Skill Mods:
Athletics - Heavy Armor



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Hikoru sighed as he appeared onto the 14th floor, where a small group of people was gathering. He sighed and drank his Damage potion, breathing and wiping his mouth. He was happy at how he was more prepared for this fight, and he could still run if nessecary since he had earned Shadowed Path back from Lowenthal. He hoped that he was here so that he could thank him. He came along with Ariel with a small smile. He knew that they we're all prepared to fight, and that they would easily defeat this creature, He slammed his Banner onto the ground, feeling himself become just a little bit stronger, and breathed as he prepared to fight the giant spider, a small shudder coming from his shoulders

Items Used:

 +1 Malum, 1nd grade 2nd edition (+6 Damage) [Potion]
+1 Arx, 1st grade, 2nd edition (+54 Damage Mitigation) [Potion]
+1 Banner of Command (Last Charge) +1 Damage to Hikoru, Ariel, and Message me if you want boost (2 Places left)

Stats Below


121 HP
29 Energy
3 (4) Accuracy
3 Evasion
20 Base Damage
1 Loot Die
81 Mitigation

Shadowed Eclipse MK. 2 - +6 Damage
Eclipse of Shadows MK. 2 - +18 MIT +2 Evasion
Eclipsed Pendant MK. 2 - +1 Evasion +2 Accuracy
Sutetchi (Familiar) - +1 Accuracy

One-Handed Dagger | Rank 5
Light Armor | Rank 3
Shadowed Path | Rank 0
Search | Rank 1

Athletics: +1 Damage +5 Health

Items Ready to Use:

+2 Tier 2 Health Crystal (+60 HP Health Regen)
2X  Medella crystallus, 2nd grade 2nd edition (+40 HP Recovery) [Crystal]
Remedium, 2nd grade (Rare Antidote) [Potion]
2x Safeguard [Potion]

Items given and used by Ariel:

  1. 2X  Medella crystallus, 2nd grade 2nd edition (+40 HP Recovery) [Crystal],
  2. 1x  Malum, 1nd grade 2nd edition (+6 Damage) [Potion], 
  3. Arx, 1st grade, 2nd edition (+54 Damage Mitigation) [Potion], 
  4. Remedium, 2nd grade (Rare Antidote) [Potion]
  5. 2x Safeguard [Potion]
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Dom walked up to the location noted for the start of the fifteenth floor boss, he wasn't truly excited to be in the presence of many of the players here since he had walked out of the Floor Boss Meeting from before. He was completely clad in his gear as per usual. He wasn't really feeling like listening to people, all the Berserker wanted to do was smash his blade into the boss, maybe even some adds. Whatever it took to take down the boss was all he honestly cared about in the slightest. He slowly dragged the greatsword of Despair out of his scabbard and dropped it upon his shoulder which was absolutely customary of the Berserker,


Ssendom - Commandant of the Azure Brigade - The Berserker - The Dreadnought - Slayer of the Forsaken Crusader

193 HP
48 Energy
4 Accuracy
-3 Evasion
8 Fallen Damage
24 Damage
56 MIT
27 Thorns
4 Loot Die

Despair - +4 DMG +8 Fallen Damage
Hydra Skull - +27 Thorns +36 MIT
Benevolent Dragon Charm - +2 Accuracy, +1 Loot Die

Healing Fog - 50% Heal - Post Action. Usuable Once per Thread.

+6 Damage (T2 Bloodrage Crystal)
+6 Damage (Kingly Crab Meat)
+1 Damage (Banner of Command)
-3 Evasion (Alcholic)
+1 Accuracy Super Spicy Taco
+1 Rank Heavy Armor (Shower)
+1 Rank Search and Detect (Bed)

Berserker | Rank 0
Two-Handed Straight Sword | Rank 5
Battle Healing | Rank 5
Light Armor | Rank 3
Search and Detect Rank 2

Skill Mods:
Athletics - +1 DMG +5 HP
Emergency Recovery - Recover 25% of your max HP at 25% HP - Usable once per thread.
Precision - +1 Accuracy
Vengeful Riposte


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It seems this blonde & co were among the first to arrive at the pre raid meeting spot. Company in this case meaning her being at the side of her soon to be husband's arm, with her trusty white lioness leading them. In her way here she began applying various items with a multitude of bonuses that would make the area around her HP bar light up like a Xmas tree due to the broad variety of effects she'd gained. Before reaching Takao's spot, she handed Hikoru several items as well saying: "your turn now!" She was still shaken after the events that transpired on the last raid they attended but by simply having Hikoru by her side she could feel herself being calmer. Still she wouldn't let him enter until he gulped every last bit of the mit potion she gave him. 

As they reached Takao, the blonde waved at him and smiled. "Cheer up a bit, we've got your back!" said the blonde as she nudged him with her right vambrace. "That is if we get a chance at all. your appointed raid leader kind of put us in the back... the so called 'reserves'. " she added with a bit of a displeased tone in her voice but shrugged it off. Then she looked around and saw only familiar faces, a compact group of them. "this will be a good fight." she added with a slight grin at the end. Today she decided to represent her new guild, thus she had equipped a gray cape with her guild's newly designed logo on the back, the cape big enough so that the thorned cross with swords crossed in front of it, would reach from the back of her shoulders to her ankles.

(will edit more in after the ones before me finish editing their IC posts.) 




  • Health: 229 (189+40) / Energy: 46 / Basic Damage: 26 (13+6+6+1) / Damage Mitigation: 102 (48+54)
  • Accuracy: 4 (3+1 for three turns) / Evasion: -1 / Light Momentum: 1

Skills & Mods:

  • One Handed Rapier: Grandmaster -> Precision Rank 5 Ferocity
  • Light Armor: Expert ->Athletics
  • Charge: Grandmaster ->Bullrush
  • Fighting Spirit
  • Concentration
  • Survival

Equipped Items:

  1. Broken Dream, +6 Damage
  2. Omamori: Feline Eyes, +2 Evasion +1 Accuracy
  3. Apoyo del Leon, +36 Damage Mitigation +1 Light Momentum
  4. Kimba, +1 Accuracy [Familiar]

Active Buffs:

  • Rare Antidote (Remedium, 2nd grade) [Potion] Used
  • T2 Toxic Venom [Potion] Used
  • +54 Damage Mitigation (Arx crystallus, 1st grade, 2nd edition) [Crystal] Used
  • +40 HP (Tier 2 Overhealth) [Potion] Used
  • +6 Damage (Tier 2 Damage) [Potion] Used
  • +6 Damage, -3 Evasion (Tier 2 Perfect Alcoholic) [Food] Consumed
  • +1 Accuracy for three turns (Planning Table) Attended
  • +1 Damage (Banner of Command) Under Hikoru's effect

Battle Ready Inventory:

  1. 5x Medella crystallus, 2nd grade, 2nd edition (+40 HP Recovery) [Crystal]
  2. 5x  Medella crystallus populous, 1st grade, 2nd edition (+30 Team HP Recovery) [Crystal]
  3. 3x Medella crystallus, 3nd grade, 2nd edition (+20 HP Recovery) [Crystal]
  4. Basic Teleport [Crystal]
  5. 1x Safeguard [Potion]
  6. «Holy Sovereign Orb of Antioch» (+4 Prosperity, Bloodclot) [Trinket] [Dimensional Backpack Extra Slot]

Gave Hikoru the following items:

  1. 2X  Medella crystallus, 2nd grade 2nd edition (+40 HP Recovery) [Crystal],
  2. 1x  Malum, 1nd grade 2nd edition (+6 Damage) [Potion], 
  3. Arx, 1st grade, 2nd edition (+54 Damage Mitigation) [Potion], 
  4. Remedium, 2nd grade (Rare Antidote) [Potion]
  5. 2x Safeguard [Potion]
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"...guess I'm here."

As he entered into the gathering area for the floor boss battle Calrex gave a small sigh as he moved some of the blue bangs in front of his face to the side. Little had happened to him since the Rohk battle, the only thing being the wake that Knight of the Blood had hosted for Azide's death. There was no training he had done, or real preparations for this battle. It wasn't out of pride or self-confidence, but merely because to himself, at the least, there was no point. Of the duties he had been briefed on after messaging Ariel that he would be participating in the battle, the only section he found he would be useful in was dreg duty: Warding off the boss' minions while clearing out as many of them as possible.

Looking ahead he recognized all of the faces of the frontliners that were here, but rather than the usual casual wave he would give, merely a small smile and a nod came from him, remaining silent as he swiped on his menu to prepare.


310 HP
60 Energy
-1 Evasion
13 Base Damage
119 Mitigation
14 Thorns Damage

Grand Guard II - Tier 2: +2 MIT / +1 Heavy Momentum
Grand Chariot II - Tier 2: +1 MIT / +2 Thorns
Grand Blade II - Tier 2: +3 DMG
Familiar - +1 ACC

Battle Ready Inventory
Basic Teleport Crystal -- x1
Amethyst Charm: +2 ACC / +1 EVA
Tide Pendant: +2 EVA / +1 LD
Grand Dragoon


One Handed Straight Sword | Rank 5
Search & Detect | Rank 2
Heavy Armor | Rank 5
Charge | Rank 4
Block | Rank 4

Achilles | Rank 1
Martial Arts | Rank 2
Meditation | Rank 1

Skill Mods
Ferocity | R5
Vengeful Riposte
Bull Rush

As his body became encapsulated by the Grand Chariot II the Ultramarine Knight gave a small sigh as he relaxed his arms at his sides, simply waiting for the battle to start.

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»It was time to move out and clear the 15th floor. The man dressed in red armor with the Knights of Blood Oath guild logo on him. The man walked through the tower, and reached the front on the Boss' doors. The Paladin walked to the front of the crowd that has already shown and stood to the side as he awaited for the others of his guild to join.



Level 100

► Search and Detect – Rank 5: +5 to the LD
►One Handed Straight Sword – Rank 5: +5 Base Damage
 -Rank 5 Ferocity: +1 damage, when using Rank 5 Sword Arts
 -Precision: +1 Acc
► Howl: Gain 3 hate 
► Fighting Spirit: gain 1 hate, each turn 
► Charge rank 5: +5 Base damage, against one target 
►Parry: Half damage taken and negate incoming status effects (only applies to stun and paralyses)
Description: This skill requires one post action to prepare the <<Parry>> effect, which halves the damage received to the parrying player in the attacking player's following post and prevents them from being stunned or paralyzed.  Costs 2*(enemies parried that turn) energy to do. This works at most against 4 enemies attacking you in one turn.

► Battle Healing: Recover (4 x 5)% health on natural CD rolls of 10+ 
Description: Recover small amounts of health in battle. The amount recovered is (4 x Rank Level) % of your max HP. Not affected by Combat craft enhancement. (heal a total of: 20% HP)
► Block: +50 Mitigation, EVA always <0

 -Safeguard: Spend a post action to block your opponents attack. On a roll of 2-5, gain 50 extra mitigation against your opponents next attack. On a 6-8, reduce all incoming damage by 50% and gain 60 extra mitigation. On a roll of 9-10, reduce all incoming damage by 50%, gain 50 extra mitigation and you become protected against any incoming negative status effects. On a roll of 1, has no effect. Safe guard always costs 2 energy to use
►Heavy Armor: +30 Mitigation
 -Stonewall: +114 HP
 -Athletics: +5 HP, +1DMG

Build: (all items are unique, and scale with floors)

Unique Sword/Shield: 2 slots Holy Damage/2 slots Holy Blessing (+8 dmg, on an 8-10/ heal 36 hp on hit)
Heavy Armor: 2 slots Thorns/ 2 Slots Mitigation (+28 Thorns/+36 mitigation)
Light Armor: 1 slots Mitigation, 2 slots Recovery (+18 mitigation/+2 energy Recovery on CD10+)

800 HP
100 Energy
-1 Evasion
+1 Accuracy
6 [11 with charge] Base Damage
14 [19 with charge] Base Damage (8-10)
134 Mitigation
28 Thorns Damage
Heal 150HP on CD of 10+
Recover 3 energy total on a CD of 10+
Heal 36 HP on hit

More to come...

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It was time, the boss raid was now. Everyone stood ready, and more to come. Macradon had already readied himself to get the boss fight over with. So many people were present, and so many more that he knew were going to be here in the raid. All the usual front liners were here. Nearly everyone ... He would grab his damage enhancing potion as well as smearing a red, hot liquid all over his sword as he drew it, he was ready and the teams were set as Mack described at the meeting. Macradon was ready to take out the small critters and maybe take a few shots and the big burning spider that would be the boss. With everything set for him, he would walk over to his Team Leader, Mack, and get into position as they were soon to enter the boss room and take on the fight to clear the floor. He would notice that Commander Heathcliff would also join the raid this time, which was exciting. Macradon had never seen the Commander fight, ever. He had only been in his presence twice or so. 

+4 Damage potion Consumed
Cerberus Soul Consumed

Stats, Skills and Equipment:


- Macradon -
Health: 161
Energy: 39
Mitigation: 66
Damage: 13+4=17
Accuracy: +1
Regen: 1 (Regenerates 18 health when hit on a roll of CD 6+)
Recovery: 2 (Recovers 2 Energy on a roll of CD 10+)

- Skills -
Two handed Straight Sword: Rank 5 (+5 Damage)
- Finesse on First rank Sword Arts
- Precision (+1 Accuracy)
Heavy Armor: Rank 3 (+ 12 Mitigation)
- Athletics: +5 Health, +1 Damage
Charge: Rank 2 (+2 Damage on first attack)
Fighting Spirit: +1 Hate generation
Search and Detect: Rank 2

- Equipment -
Scarecrow's Sickle: +6 Damage, 1 Bleed (Added Burn 1 from Potion)
Blood Crusader's Halfplate: (+ 54 Mitigation)
Blood Crusader's Bracers: (+2 Recovery, +1 en (Regenerates 18 health on a CD of 10+ after getting hit))

- Inventory -
+4 Damage Potion
Cerberus Soul

2 x Antidote
Teleportation Crystal


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After the meeting had finished they were left with several days to prepare, more so than the last time they attempted a floor raid and lost two individuals in Aincrad. The horrible blitzkrieg strategy failed, had they taken the time and opportunity to have a proper meeting then things would not have moved as they would have. Opal dealt with the pain and loss of one of Aincrad's strongest, a hero of a man died due to the horrid nature of the game. The man that had worth outside this catastrophe. The woman swallowed hard of that painful memory even going as far back as Lindow. However these memories could not leak and surface now. Her guild needed her, her comrades needed her and her friends needed her head to be level. She would be tasked as Captain of the 2nd team and would not fail her group in succeeding their goals. With that out of the way and prepped, the woman used the needed items to get her boosts up and thanks to Mack and his Banner of Command, she was given another small bump in raw damage. She nodded to both him and the Commander as they had arrived.

"It's good to see you both. My skills are better used in the shadows, I can get extra damage and an auto hit on the boss on my round if I go into Sneak Mode. Should you need me, you'll have to send me a PM. At least for the opening round that is. If you need Antidotes, I have a few in my inventory for the others in the guild. Let me know and I'll get in there hands." 

With a nod, the crimson and white clad Vice Commander fell into the shadows of the hall dressing herself as a shadow amongst the assault team. She would get that first strike in and hopefully cut deeply into this Limbo Spider Boss. 

OOC: Stealthed 



Vice Commander Opal - Seeker of Serenity - Protector of Italian Virginity - Enforcer of Lord God - The Scarred Beauty - Dreg Slayer - The Reluctant yet Swaggerfic Gal of Aincrad - Queen of the Andals - Mother of Dragons - KoTB Supremacy! 

Stats: Due to Change before Battle
Level: 43 || En: 43
HP: 172  
Dmg: [+1 Base] [+5 Rnk5 Weapon] [+6 Weapon] [+1 Banner of Command] [+6 T2 Dmg Pot] [+3 Dmg Fallen Potion] [+3 Dmg- Vodka] = 25 Dmg
Mit: +36 Mit Pot, -9 Mit [Fallen Pot] = + 27 Mit
Eva: -3
Acc: +4 [+3 From Accessory. +1 Meeting Table]
Keen: +3

Sneak And Hide: Rnk 5 || +11 Stealth
-- Surprise Attack: +1 Dmg with 1 Post in Stealth Mode Required- Auto Hit 
Charge: Rnk 2: +2 Dmg
Survival: +6 HP ooc Regen, Not infected by environmental effects

Weapon: Masamune +6 Dmg +  Poisons on dice roll 9-10 for (4 * 2) damage for 10 turns
Accessory 1: Blood Oath Necklace: [+1 Acc, +2 Keen] 
Accessory 2: Ring of the Blood [+2 Acc, +1 Keen]

Status Updates:
Toxic Venom [Weapon]
Mit Pot
Fallen Pot
Perfect T2 Dmg Pot
Vodka [+3 Dmg, -3 Eva]

Battle Ready Items: TBA


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Tristan entered the area, looking around and thinking just how...gloomy it was. And depressing. And all other similar moods. Well, an area where the boss was a giant spider after all meant that they would have to work their utmost. He was somewhat sad that his wife couldn't come as she had participated in the Easter boss fight, but he knews she was at current just not strong enough to frontline just yet and didn't want to put her at risk and be harmed greatly. Well, he hoped that they could do somewhat well this time around and hopefully isn't quite as deadly as the last boss fight was, which was a bit of a mess.

Stats and extra skill info in spoiler:


HP: 285/285 (180 + 65 + 40)
ENG: 45/45
DMG: 3
MIT: 101
EVA: -1
Thorns: 42
Flame Thorns: 28
Holy Blessing: 72

Skills (and Mods):
One Handed Spear 2
Battle Healing 2
Heavy Armor 5 (E: Stonewall)
Fighting Spirit
Block 4
Meditation 1
Achilles 0

<<Survival>>, Increases the health you regenerate per post to 6 when out of combat. Survival also gives immunity to damage dealing environment effects.
<<Disguise>>, It temporarily transforms you into the other player/enemy, giving you a +1 on your combat die and them a -1 on their next action. It only during your and his turn, and can only be used once every twelve turns.
<<Meditation>> allows the user to lessen negative effects such as paralysis and poison, this skill also allows one to regain lost HP (4% HP to begin and increases by skill rank, the max rank being 20%), the negative effect healing is activated by rolling 7+ while the HP heal effect activates alongside the negative effect one when rolling a natural 10+ on the Crafting Dice.

<<Achilles>> Passively halve damage received after mitigation and deflect damage based on rank back. Damage returned is 20% * rank tier. The damage return can be mitigated. Indirect damage such as bleed and thorns completely ignore Achilles.
Example: Dragon (10 MIT) hits Tristan (60 MIT) for 140 damage. That damage is reduced to 80 by mitigation, then halved by Achilles. With Rank 1 Achilles, 20% of that (40 / 5 = 16) is sent back. So Tristan receives 40, while the Dragon receives 11 (16-10=6).

Stats: 3 Base Damage = 1 Base + 2 (1H Spear 2). Battle Heal 34 HP every turn with natural roll of CD 10+
Mitigate 101 Damage. Regenerate 72 health when hit the last turn. When hit on a non-critical, deal 70 damage back. When hit on a critical, deal 28 back and a 2 turn DoT for 8 damage each.

 1x Potion of Heavenly Mending: When used recovers 15% (rounded up) of your missing health

Battle ready inventory seen here for both Flints and I https://docs.google.com/document/d/1a6QQ24vzpwTdy36nvMoK8k88sSL0iyOAnbWQ2vHb0e4/

Banner of Inspiration: 3/3 Charges, empowers you and three other players in a party with +20 overhealth for 1 battle. To refill 1 charge costs 5,000 col
Banner of Superior Support: 3/3 Charges. When used, the Banner of Support heals up to 4 players, including the user, a maximum of 30 HP. Once used, the Banner of Support changes from a red to a gray color and begins to go on it's 10 turn cooldown. To refill 1 charge costs 5000 col

Default Equipment:
Lion's Herald (Tier 2): +Taunt, +40 Overhealth, +42 Thorns
Burden of the Fallen (Tier 2): +72 Holy Blessing
Twinfire Reflector (Tier 2): +36 Damage Mitigation, +28 Flame Thorns
Azure Brigade Cloak (Vanity)
Lion's Mane (Vanity)
Delaney Ring (Achilles) (Vanity)

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Manta walked up the the area where the boss fight would be taking place, looking over her gear and equipment. She looked over her stats and equipment as she waited for others to arrive, wondering if this boss fight would turn out like the last one, with her almost dying multiple times. She sincerely hoped it wouldn't.

Toxic Venom, Perfect Tier 2 Alcoholic Food, Perfect Tier 2 Damage Crystal, Tier 2 Rare Mit Potion


Manta's Stats (Subject to Updates before Event Starts):
HP: 160
Energy: 40
DMG: 23 (1 Base+ 5 Sword Skills+ 6 Equipment+12 Enhancements)=24 DMG+5 Charge= 29 DMG first attack 
ACC: 4 (Equipment+Mod)
EVA: 0 (Equipment) (3-3)
MIT: 43 (7+36(Potion))

Toxic Venom

Battle Skills:
Rank 1-5 One-Handed Rapier Arts
Rank 2 Heavy Armor (7 Mit)
Rank 5 Charge
Concentration: +1 to BD 

Active Mods:
Rank 5: Precision

Kitsune Kimono: +3 EVA

Ring Thing: +3 ACC

Rapier Thingy: +6 DMG

Crusher: Vanity (Gauntlets, Heavy Armor)

At Ready Item:

Banner of Inspiration

Potion of Heavenly Mending

x 2 Uncommon Health Crystals


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The meeting was over and the big day for the to defeat the target they talked about was in. But still, she dosent feel that exited. If she should be honest to herself, she have almost during this whole preparation time, not feeling exited. But, as a player off Aincrad she wanted to help clear the floors. And this was the way. A dozen off players had already gathered outside the boss room. When she couldnt find Jomei she shrugged her shoulders and went to the outskirts off the group where she started drink potion after potion to buff herself.



HP: 172

ENG: 43

DMG: 18

MIT: 111

CC: 3

Faid: 20%


Toxic venom

Antidote 2

At ready:

Mass heal crystal +30 x5


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Hey guys, quick heads up. I've been asked to hold off on starting the raid until after the Player Representative nominations are finished, which will apparently be Thursday at the latest. If you had any last minute preparations or leveling you wanted to do, now would be an excellent time! Sorry for the inconvenience.

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HP: 124
ENG: 31
DMG: 3

Life Mending: 20

Combat Craft: 3
MIT: 70 (Skill+Equipment) (3+13+54)

One Handed Dagger: 3

First Aid: 5 

Heavy Armor: 1

Block: 2

At the Ready Inventory:

 x2 Health Crystals

x1 Potion of Heavenly Mending

Banner of Superior Support: 3 Charges. When used, the Banner of Support heals up to 4 players, including the user, a maximum of 30 HP. Once used, the Banner of Support changes from a red to a gray color and begins to go on it's 10 turn cooldown. To refill 1 charge costs 5000 col


Ebony Rose: +3 Combat Craft

<Soul's Repentance>, Light Armor -(Life-Mending 2) Life-Mending increases healing done from any source produced by you by (5 * Slots used) {Life-Mending costs 2 slots per 1

Rose Guard: 54 Mit


Ebony walked to the area where the boss fight would be taking place, glancing around and noting how many other players were already there. At the moment it seemed like it would be just her and Zandra healing. She hoped that they would be enough and that this would turn out like the last boss battle. She equipped her shield, glove, and armor while she waited, wondering if she should drink a potion.

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He had considered not going. Not showing up to this boss fight. His feet like heavy bricks pinned to the ground, not moving forward from the stone platform that housed the warp ring. His mind was not focused on the event on Floor Four, no. Jomei just... did not like spiders. They gave him the creeps and made his skin crawl. Bringing one of his arms up, he scratched his nails against his forearm, getting the feeling of the small creatures crawling up his arms. With a deep breath, he gained the courage to go forward, for he could not give up on one fight just for this. 

Swiping his hand upwards to open his inventory, Jomei scrolled through until he came to the Vodka he had purchased from Takao's shop. As the tall bottle materialized into Jomei's hands, he screwed off the top and brought the opening to his nose. He quickly pulled it away, his nose scrunching. "Ugh.. never was a fan of this stuff.. But if it'll help..." Taking a deep breath, he brought the bottle to his lips and chugged the entire thing. Immediately, he felt his body warm up, though his movement was a bit.. sloppy. He tossed the empty bottle behind him, the sound of it shattering heard off in the distance.

As he showed up to the dark room just before the lair, the hooded man looked around at all the players present. With all the people here, he was surprised he had not missed the fight already. Eventually, his eyes picked out Zandra, to whom he walked over to with a forced smile on his face, not able to hide that he was terrified of this fight. "H-Hey there love" he said to her, placing a hand on her shoulder before leaning forward to kiss her on the cheek. "Sorry I'm late.. I was just...uhhh" he did not want to tell her that he was scared of spiders, he needed to think quickly, "Sleeping." he finished with a smile, an alcohol induced blush on his cheeks. 

T2 Vodka used. +6 DMG, -3 EVA

Level: 43

HP: 174/(178)

SP: 0/168


DMG: (13)(+6) 19 
EVA: (4)(-3) 1

ACC: 4

Light Momentum: 2
MIT: 30



Grandmaster Rapier Skill (+5 DMG)

Grandmaster Light Armor Rank 5 (+30 mit)
Charge Rank 2 (+ 2 Dmg)


Extra Skills:

Concentration (+1 BD when used)
Martial Arts Rank 0
Survival (+6 HP Out of battle & Not effected by environment)


Rapier Ferocity Rank 5 (+1 dmg to Sword Arts Rank 5)

Athletics (+1 DMG, +5 HP)
Precision(+1 ACC)
Sprint and Acrobatics(+1 EVA)



Weapon: Saint Andrew's Bane (+3 DMG x Tier 2)(6 Dmg)

Armor: Leather Vestment of Cunning (+2 EVA, +1 LM)

Accessory: Erin's Favor (+1 EVA, +2 ACC)

Familiar: Adere the Tawny Owl (+1 ACC)


Battle Ready:
+1 Teleport Crystal
+1 Matriarch's Stinger
+1 T2 Vodka (Used)


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Hikoru smiled and nodded as he drank the potion that Ariel had given him, and drank both of them until there was but only one drop in each. He knew she was just being overprotective, and he enjoyed that. He was glad that she cared about him so much, and he hoped that one day he could protect her. But for now, she had to until he was stronger. He breathed and looked around. A few more players had joined them, and he was happy. A few healers, tanks, and a few DPS players like himself we're here. He breathed and stood silently, flipping his Dagger within his fingers as he waited for the doors to open and the fight to begin. He wasn't a big fan of spiders, but killing this creature might help him to conquer his fear, and he knew he had to keep his chin high and wait to see if he could deal any damage to the creature.

(This post is to consume the potions Ariel gave me. Affects of said potions are already made into my stats)

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177 HP
43 Energy
4 Accuracy (5 w/ Concentration)
0 Evasion
13 Base Damage
66 Mitigation

Orochi - Perfect Rapier [+6 Damage]
Spectral Shield - Perfect Shield [+54 Mitigation]
Ring of Satan - Perfect Lucky Charm [+3 Accuracy]

One Handed Rapier | Rank 5
Battle Healing | Rank 1
Light Armour | Rank 3
Search and Detect| Rank 3
Charge | Rank 3


Skill Mods


Time well spent and time that must be spent are two very different things. Azide's time in Aincrad was well spent in comparison to the blonde's.

And I wish too bridge that gap soon enough, thought the blonde as he was gifted from Opal he joined those clustered outside of the boss room. His eyes darted to those in attendance. Many of the faces being ones that he was quite familiar with. While others, he only knew because of these raids. Sifting through his inventory, he selected a few items to make use of their effects before the room was entered. As he started to take the Safeguard potion, he stopped.

His gaze stopped and locked onto the blonde Commandant of Azure. "Zelrius", whispered the blonde. His nerves were on edge enough. His thoughts and actions were riding to different trains and one of them was heading in the wrong direction.

Rage, a term used to explain undeniable anger towards an object or idea that has already come to exist. Why was it that the blonde felt rage for the Commandant? The loss of his friend? Idiocy of his strategy that nearly killed more than the two players that had already lost their lives? The way he treated his dear friend Kiru? Dragging her along like a puppet on a string despite knowing the fragility of her heart and intentions? The way he treated and spoke of those not on his supposed level? Speaking as if he himself was incapable of death. The man was for all intents and purposes, an a**. Oikawa shook. Just thinking about the b*stard filled him with an anger that irked him to his very last nerve. How could one be so self absorbed with themselves that those around him seemed like nothing but pawns in his little game of chess. No, the blonde had given him to much credit. Zelrius was just a boy, who dressed like a king despite being a pawn. We were all pawns in that sense, but Oikawa decided he would be the knight that Aincrad deserved. Even if that meant ending the reign of the king.

In a flash, his rapier was drawn. His legs carrying him past all those who lined the area leading to the door of the room. Tears flowed from his eyes, this wasn't him, this wasn't the image he upheld. This was malice. Pure selfish evil manifested within the white knight. He cared not anymore. Not about appearance, morality, or a conscious. All he wanted was one thing, the blonde's named etched into the monument of life that he himself would soon end up on. Despite knowing full well what his action would entail, the blonde continued. His blade glowed the distinct color of his most used and powerful sword art, <Over Radiation> which remained encompassed by the effects of <Charge>. If I am to fall into chaos, may I one up the usurper who took the life of others and raised hell in his own right.

His eyes strayed away from the faces of those that he knew best, there disappointment would be possible bear as for the caped player, his action was just. He did however lock eyes with Calrex and mouthed, "I'm sorry remember my request." With that he was upon the commandant. His blade carving crimson cuts into the man from behind. His HP bar faltered, draining just as quickly as he thrust his blade into him. Four hits, five hits, eight hits, eleven hits, twelve hits...

Fourteen hits...

His bar had been depleted. He would cease to exist in a matter of moments. Oikawa simply turned to the rest, he didn't owe them an explanation. And he wasn't deserving of their gaze. He headed for the exit. He felt nothing. No regret, no more anger, nothing.

ID: 56187 BD: 9 (5+4) [Over Radiation: 1 Base + 1 Athletics + 5 Skill + 6 Weapon + 3 Charge = 16 x 14 = 224 - 0 Mitigation = 224 Damage]

Oikawa: 177/177 E: 29/43 (-14 E)

Zelrius: 0/208 E: 52/52 (-224 Health)

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It was now or never. The woman remained hidden in the obscurities prowling the group of players that called themselves the front liners, little did they know their world was going to flip upside down before this boss battle begun. She had watched Oikawa, the man who she had high respect for; slay Zelrius before her eyes as she stopped her prowl. No doubt their faces were lit with morbid curiosity as to why? Why would the white knight of Aincrad do such a thing? The woman laughed to herself watching his rapier stained with the blood of Zelrius, the fool, the mockery of all that was known to be a Hero. Her eyes whispered hate to the group known as Azure Brigade and now, this was the perfect opportunity to slay another.

Opal, with her blade undressed from its sheath moved through the shadows like a panther. The woman <<Charged>> and bolted forward, no one saw her face; no one had seen the curling red lips of insanity appear. Only a blur of white and red, while the commotion of Zelrius’ death hung in the air, the woman known as the Vice Commander had engaged <<San Ge>> as her Katana lit up with an aura of ivory and silver. She made a thick orange cut upon Dom’s already scarred body. Her attack held nothing back and she would focus on destroying every part of his soul while she ripped through his armor like it was nothing.

She watched his health points collapse and right with the efforts of his Emergency Healing, however, it was not enough to stop her onslaught.  The odachi known as Masamune X ripped and sundered the armor, rending him lifeless in a matter of seconds. No doubt the overwhelming concern of the boss battle weighed heavily on their minds, but now two were dead by those who were unsuspected of killing anyone. The White Knight and The Vice Commander, somehow this twist of fate had sprung a leak in reality, a rapture that was unforeseen except for the woman herself.

It was all a set up. From the moment she became Opal of the Masamune, the world she knew and lived in was a lie. Her title was a lie, her words were lies, and her emotions were lies. It was a simple and beautiful plan and her culmination of power and strategy now turned to fruit of this nature. Opal had set up Oikawa with a rage instilling potion which he took under the pretense that it was a mind soothing tonic. She would have him deal with Zel after the outburst in the last boss battle; she knew the man had a great deal of unseen pain and anger inside. She would have that White Knight, now a pawn in her game, move to checkmate on Zelrius. That only meant one other thing, an opening to rip open Dom.

As Dom flecked away into nothingness, those who stood there to watch on in horror could possibly do nothing more than look on with bewildered thought. She raised where Dom once stood, cocking her head back and laughing like a jack-o-lantern. More questions than answers could be given at the moment. No one knew what was going on, and yet she stopped to laugh and laugh some more a hand covering her face as she bended over shaking her head, “You are all [censored] tools,” she said between her spurts of laughter. Raising one arm up in the air, she tugged on the sleeve revealing a tattoo, a comical looking cartoon coffin with a bemused look on its face as if it were laughing. The Laughing Coffin. Oh it was sinking in now; rumors of such a guild were only whispered in the streets of the major towns. But they all thought it was trivial, nothing to be feared over by some rumor. And now the truth was exposed, the real deal laughing in their faces. The Vice Commander, an agent of the Laughing Coffin PK guild.

She looked upon those who looked to her and Oikawa, their expressions priceless for what just happened, “What? So surprised are we? I have been playing you all for fools since the beginning! Your Vice Commander does not exist! She never did! I wormed my way through this guild with one thing in mind. The destruction of the Azure Brigade and all those important and relevant in it to die.  Ahh, yes. Now you are thinking why? Why would I do this? It is simple. Because, I needed to complete a test to gain entry to this group. I needed to do something so shocking that the world of Aincrad would buckle at the knees! And that is exactly what I did. I planned this moment; I reveled in it like Bathory did to her virgin blood baths. I am a lie, a ghost, a spook. But you all should be thanking me. With Zelrius and Dom gone, you are now free to collect your trivial trinkets of demonics and other items in these boss fights. The Knights of the Blood Oath are now the strongest guild of Aincrad, far more appropriate to be leading this world than the Azure Brigade. Now, you have a choice to make…” the woman’s hand found her Teleport Crystal from her inventory, she raised it to the sky and called out “Teleport, Urbus.”

Sword Art: <<Rnk 2 Charge>> + <<Surprise Attack>>+ <<San Ge>>
Attack Aimed at Dom. Dmg = 324, more than enough to kill him with his Emergency Healing Activated.
Teleport Cyrstal activated.

Dom 0/193 HP
Opal: 172/172 <<Safeguard>>


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No words and no movement except for his own. That was until Opal rushed past him. Her own movements much like his own. Why does she care enough about him to attack me in retaliation? She seemed so at odds with him. Almost disgusted even. Why would she attack me? He thought over and over as he waited for her massive blade to cleave into his own body. Time ticked slowly but the attack never came. Well not for him at least. The attack was targeted at someone else. The explosion of crystals a testament to that. While curious to who her victim was, he was not going to allow it to get him killed. At least not today. Pushing past the exit, the blonde left the raid.

Oikawa exits the thread.

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