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Spring Fling

Spring Fling is a brand new OOC event. Rather than interacting IC, players will be given a list of "prompts" or "elements" to incorporate into the writing they are doing around the site. This allows writers to participate even if they're slow about posting, or their characters are just not the partying type; sometimes it can be difficult to shove your character into the "mold" of a site-wide IC event.

Players will be split into two teams. First, they will be separated by "casual poster" and "power poster," to ensure there is about an equal number of each on both sides. Then the groups will be randomized onto the two teams. Players may be added to the event as time passes, but only when a position opens up (either two people are applying at the same time, or someone from a team gives up their spot - thus forfeiting their points earned).

In the coming days, a google sheet will be released with a list of elements to incorporate into posts and threads. Examples might be "write with a character you've never written with", or "write a post that involves a hug." When the teams and the list are both released, participants may "claim" tasks they feel they can complete. Points will be awarded for how many "tasks" are completed. Be advised, additional points will be awarded for each unique team-member who contributes. So the team where two people do all of the tasks will not be as effective as the team where tasks are spread equally. Specific points will be displayed on the list itself. Thread-specific tasks must take place in a thread started after the event officially begins. Post-specific tasks may take place in a thread already started. Threads do not need to be closed by a PST to count. This is to relieve the burden on an already tired player support team. However, this rule will be changed if I see it being taken advantage of (old threads dug up for one post task, or threads with one post being created). Just don't be a jerk about it.

To get you all trying new things, changing up your usual routine, writing with new people, etc. And yes, technically you may find yourself avoiding writing with the other team to keep from giving them points. It's a necessary evil. Take this as an opportunity to get to know your team better!

These posts can be made anywhere IC! They can be placed on any floor. They can also take place in quest threads, rumor threads, and playtest threads. However, each thread can only contain one task, per team. You can't fill a thread with as many tasks as humanly possible. That's double dipping. The running tally of tasks completed can be found on the google spreadsheet. Once completed, participants should post a link to their post/thread (depending on the task). 

From April 13th until May 31st at 11:59 PM EDT. If both teams finish their list early, the event may end sooner than expected. This will be made super clear to all involved.

Questions can be directed to the Spring Fling channel in our Discord, my DMs, or here. Whatever works best for you.



1. Are you aware "Spring Fling" is a pretty lame name?
Yes. I know. I am abysmal at coming up with names. Spring Yeet doesn't have the same appeal, and I opted for the different definition of the word "fling" - a short period of enjoyment or wild behavior, or, a short, spontaneous sexual relationship. Draw your own conclusions.

2. What if I sign up as a "power poster", but can't post every day?"
This is just a way to gauge how much content you'll be churning out. It's not a requirement, and you don't actually have to post that often. We just don't want to put a team of NIGHTs and Naris against a team of Baldurs and Lessas.

3. What cool rewards can we expect from this event?
The friendships you made along the way. But really, aside from a small EXP boost to threads that complete tasks, there won't be a big loot haul.

4. Wait, this is false advertising. Where's my IC party?
I think we could all (or maybe just me) use a break from large-scale, site-wide events with dozens of people. It's hard to tell your own story, and harder to feel involved if you're posting at a snail's pace. This event is designed to include everyone. If you want an IC mixer of sorts, you should create one!

To sign up, just post whether you'd like to be considered a "power poster" (posting once or more a day), or a "casual poster" (posting less often than that).


Red Team Blue Team
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