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[PP-F11] Paving the way to Floor 12

Tristan Delaney

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Only people on the signup may post unless given permission by staff.

You have two days to post here and declare your equipment or you will be considered absent. Anyone who does not post in the boss fight within 24 hours of their turn will be skipped and receive 10 damage.

Please post your stastistics and equipment used and items carried, ensuring it is up to date with all current system changes.

After two days the doors will open and the boss will be revealed.

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Ssendom walked up to the massive doors that stand inbetween him and the Floor Eleven boss, he figured it made sense that he was the first to make it to the boss room since the other two who found it had been missing in action. He pulled the Dusk Reaver out of it's sheath and stabbed it into the ground facing toward the way the other's would come. His helmet set to invisible to show case his stoic and determined face while adorned in his Dread Plate armor. Ebony from the toe to the head, he brought out his alcoholic kabob and munched on it while he awaited the others to arrive at the same spot.

Since he was a Commandant of the Azure Brigade now he needed to show initiative and leadership, thus he stood in the dead center of the door so no one could walk past him. His necklace dangling from his neck, he then clinched it as he still kept some feelings within for someone he would have to end things with. But for just one last time he wanted to keep his focus on point so he imagined for just one last time, all the time he had spent with. He let go his necklace before anyone else arrived he stood tall and proud and ready to fight the Floor Eleven Raid Boss. Ameythst rested upon the shoulder of Ssendom looking equally as stoic as the Blazing Purple Phoenix Whelp tried to mimic his master's attitude.


Level: 24
HP: 106
DMG: 8 + 3 = 11
EVA: 0
MIT: 24
ACC: 3
Energy: 24

Banner of Support: 3 Charges
Honey Barbecue Porkchops: +1 BD for a Thread
Beer-Blaster Steak Kabob: +3 DMG -3 EVA for a Thread (Consumed)

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Living on the eleventh floor, made the walk to the boss fight that much easier. He had received a message from Zelrius that today was the day, and that he'd be on boss damage. His squad leader was Tristan, and though Lowenthal disagreed with the man's politics, Lowe knew that his combat prowess was something not to be argued with. And since this the most important fight of Lowenthal's life in SAO so far, he was glad to have the crimson haired knight as his squad commander. Lowenthal had left early, and was surprised to see another person standing there. "Ssendom?" Lowenthal called out, recognizing the mass of armor. "Hey, it's been a while." Lowenthal said, looking at the massive doors beyond him. "Man, so this is really it huh? I'd be lying if I said that I wasn't scared, or excited." Lowenthal said, placing his hands on his hips.

Level: 20
HP: 85
Energy: 20
Mitigation: 28 [Rank 3 Skill: 25 + Mit enhancement: 3]
Damage: 7 [1 base + 3 Skill + 1 familiar + 2 enhancement]
EVA: 3
ACC: 0
Concentration - Grants a +1 to the BD, with a cooldown of 5 turns.
Survival- Increases the health you regenerate per post to 6 when out of combat. Survival also gives immunity to damage dealing environment effects.
Light Momentum:(rank 2) Upon missing, gain a +2 to the BD until a successful hit.
Keen: On an unmodified roll of 8-10, gain a +1 to the BD.


» 3 x Healing Crystals (Heal 15hp, require 0 post action)
» 1 x Teleport Crystal
» 5 x Calming Honey
» 1 x 
Snowfrost potion (1/2 Burn Dmg for 1 battle)
» 1 x Liquid Aegis Potion [Safeguard]
»  2 x +20 HP Recovery [Potion]

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Zelrius arrived punctuatly, something her had made quite the habit of doing. This was it, the long awaited day. This would be another boss raid he would have planned, and with any luck, another one he would be victorious in. "All of them since Floor 4, Zelrius. Don't let this one be any different." It was strange, Zelrius talking to himself, something he normally didn't do, but figured it was in order this time. It was rumored that the Forsaken Crusader would be harder than any of the others, and as such, was needed to be dealt with, with caution.

As he made his way into the Room, Zelrius found that only Lowenthal and Ssendom had thus made it. And other than having more Commandants, the blonde boy would have it no other way. He called out to the two with his muffled voice from other the Hydra Skull. "Persephone will be arriving with the various consumables. As such, I will hand each of you a certain type, and would like to request that you hand them out accordingly. Naturally, you can decline it's just another thorn in my side." He spoke, his right hand from under the cloak that covered the right half of his body moved to jingle the golden sheath of the Twinfire sword gently.


HP: 140

DMG: 9

ERG: 35

EVA: 3

ACC: 3

MIT: 6


Charge (Rank 4)

Items (Using):

Twinfire Sword: +2 DMG, +2 Fire

Azure Commandant's Pendant: +2 ACC, +2 EVA

Hydra Skull: +2 Thorns, +2 Mitigation


Azure Commandant's Cloak *Gold*

(My Consumables are on the way)

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Following shortly after Calrex emerged into the area in front of the boss room, which was set to be the gathering area for everyone participating. Tracing the oversized double doors down with his eyes he saw that three other members of the raid party had already arrived. First there was Ssendom, whom with which he had previously met up with beforehand, followed by Lowenthal and Zelrius. Giving a small sigh of relief he went over to the group as he gave a casual wave, "Guess we're the first ones here."

"Might as well get myself ready to go."

Swiping on his inventory he retrieved a potion he had not touched since he first bought it from Clarence some time back, a rank 3 damage potion. Continuing to swipe through his inventory he began to pull out the other items he figured might be good to consume before the battle. Already equipped for his gear was the Grand Dragoon to serve as his armor, along with the Amethyst Charm and Tide Pendant. Following Ssendom's previous advice he equipped the Grand Blade, using the Bottled Banshee Scream potion he had obtained when questing with Tristan some time back. Circling above was his familiar, the blue peregrine falcon Roc, who was merely observing the perimeter for the group.

"I guess I should probably both worried and excited for my first battle, but right now I should stay focused. I can jump around all I want after this battle is over. Just be prepared for anything to happen, just like usual. Don't lose your head, and make sure to follow the tactics already put into play while remaining flexible to changes in the fight. Like Ssendom said before, it might be necessary for me to assist with dreg control should things get too rough. Since it still seems like I have the highest level so far, that translates to the most energy, meaning I can likely use more attacks before needing to switch out."

Level: 40
HP: 165 (+20) = 180
Energy: 40
DMG: 9 (+3) = 12
ACC: 3
EVA: 4
MIT: 25
Paralyze: 1

Rank 1-4 Sword Arts for One-Handed Straight Sword
Rank 1 Sword Arts for Martial Arts
Rank 3 Heavy Armor (25 MIT)
Rank 2 Search and Detect (+2 to LD)
Survival (Immune to damage-dealing environmental effects / Heal 6 HP per post out of combat)
Reveal (See through walls, doors, and some objects)
Night Vision (Ignore penalties and stealth bonuses from low-light or darkness)
Disguise (Post Action / +1 to BD and -1 to opponent's BD for one round. 12 Turn cooldown)
Meditation (Rank 1) (Post Action / Removes all negative status effects on CD of 7 and up. Also heals 5% HP on CD of 10 and up)
Howl (Post Action / Add 3 Hate to all opponents)
Parry (Post Action and 1 Energy on Hit or 2 on Miss / Halves damage from incoming attacks. On a successful hit roll adds Riposte effect, which stuns enemy for one turn with three turn cooldown)

Grand Dragoon
Grand Blade
Amethyst Charm
Tide Pendant

Consumables & At Ready
1x Basic Teleportation Crystal
1x Rum (+3 DMG / +3 EVA for one battle)
1x Green Tea (Recover 4 Energy)
1x Level III Damage Potion (+3 DMG for one battle)
1x Chibi Calrex (+20 Health)

Active Modifiers
1x Bottled Banshee Scream (Paralyzed on 9-10 for one battle)
1x Chibi Calrex (+20 to HP / Added in this post)
1x Level III Damage Potion (+3 to DMG / Added in this post)

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OOC: Will update this if it changes before the boss fight. Might get the Grandmaster Thread done in time, which would push my DMG to 15. Also, if I've done any of this wrong... let me know. I don't think I've mis-stacked anything, but I'm not positive that I haven't.

A sole figure, clad in the flowing gold trimmed scarlet hooded cloak of the Crimson Blades materialized in the teleportation portal on the Eleventh Floor, a soft breeze causing his garment to snap in the wind. While the rest of his soldiers were not prepared, yet, to take on a challenge such as a Boss Raid their leader was more than ready. Soon enough, his brother and sister Blades would join him in such operations and together they would lead all the players in a glorious conquest of Sword Art Online. But, that was not this day. Slowly, but steadily, the bear of a man clad in his scarlet armor and cloak made his way to the assembly area, nodding greetings to Calrex, Zelrius, Ssendom, and Lowenthal as he joined their number. Waving a finger before his face, Mack pulled up his inventory and extracted a perfect damage enhancement crystal which he tapped against the bladed head of Invictus to boost the weapon's damage output for the coming battle.


Level: 24
HP: 96
Energy: 24
DMG: 15 (9 Base + 3 Rum + 3 Alchemical Crystal) - Crystal this post, Rum in second post
ACC: 2
EVA: 0 or -2 (Not sure if this can be negative or not, I've heard conflicting reports)
MIT: 24

Concentration - +1 BD every 5 turns
Survival - Immunity to environmental status effects, heal 6 when out of combat
Heavy Armor - Rank 2
Two-Handed Axe - Rank 5
Martial Arts - No Ranks

Invictus (Two-Handed Axe: +3 Dam)
Pertinax (Heavy Armor: +9 Mitigation)
Grandmaster's Honor (Ring: +2 Acc, +1 Eva.)

Consumables (Currently Updating)
1x +15 HP Recovery Potion
1x Teleport Crystal
3x +15 HP Recovery Crystal
5x +4 Energy Recovery Items (4 Drinks, 1 Fish)
1x +6 Energy Recovery Item (1 Drink)

Active Modifiers
1x Level III Damage Crystal (+3 DMG for one battle)
1x Level III Alcoholic Beverage (+3 DMG & -3 EVA for one battle)

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"I'm guessing these are the doors we're not supposed to touch," observed Azide, as he walked up and pretended to rap his knuckles against the colossal wooden structures.

With a soft chuckle and a shake of his head, he stepped away and waved at Calrex before nodding at the several other players whom had already arrived prior. Most of the faces were familiar- if only somewhat, though admittedly he did not recognize the scarfed one wielding the two-hander. Even then, there was still a bit of time before the raid would commence; how many others had yet to show up when all was to be said and done? He could only hope that the number would be a reassuring one.

At times, it'd felt as if it would never come- and yet, here it was: the day of the raid. This was the day they would stand before the Forsaken Crusader. There was, of course, a certain voice in his head which felt the need to remind him of the impending danger that awaited them within the closed double doors. At the same time, however, he found the feeling of dread was quickly being shoved down into the back of his mind. In its place, a sense of exhilaration bubble up in its place. It was a strange thought that seemed to be at odds with the gravity of their situation, but he felt energetic, and growing more excited as the moments ticked down.

Azide unwrapped the foiled sandwich he'd kept in his pocket and discarded the dull foil wrapper, before taking a small bite of the gourmet burger. It was cold, and not even a food he particularly enjoyed, but beggars could not be choosers. As he continued to munch away at his food, he considered the significance of the day.

Finally, he would redeem himself for his untimely desertion in the efforts against Yamato no Orochi. The time for running was would soon be nothing but a memory. In each hand, he revealed two crystals of two different tints: one a crimson red, and the other a blood orange. As he crushed the alchemical artifacts in parallel, their effects immediately began to make themselves apparent...


Level: 28 | HP: 117 | Energy: 28

Damage: 10 | Paralyze: 1 | Savvy: 1

Mitigation: 0 | Accuracy: 3 | Evasion: 4


One-Handed Dagger (R5) | Charge (R1)

Athletics | Precision | Sprint & Acrobatics

Concentration | Survival


Chemikaze: +2 Damage, +1 Paralyze

Heisenberg's Uncertainty: +2 Evasion, +1 Savvy

Schrodinger's Pendant: +2 Accuracy, +1 Evasion


Lucifer: +1 Damage


x8 Health Crystal III (+25 HP instant)

x8 Health Crystal II (+20 HP instant)
x2 Mass Health Crystal III (+25 HP [party] instant)

x1 Energy Drink (+6 EN)

x1 Ubermensch Crystal III (+3 DMG instant)

x1 Cheeseburger (+20 max HP)

Active Modifiers:

x1 Cheeseburger | Azide HP + 20 ---> 137/137

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Nikki arrived on the scene a little earlier than many of the party that was going to be signed up for the boss room. it was strange to think that they all just wouldn't arrive together, and yet that is exactly what was happening. Each member would arrive on their own or with a single other and then they would group up and make short work of this enemy. That's how things had been, and odds are how they would continue to go from this point on. Nikki was of course no except to the rule. Though in this case she arrived with a single other person, Miaki. As was there fashion they arrived side by side.

Nikki wore her traditional attire, the blue dress with the armor plating over top of it. On top of that though she had something different. A single new gauntlet worn on her left hand. It was blue and black, and seemed to have an inner malice of its own. This of course was the Sanguine Gauntlet, crafted by Jevi the Smith. She had earlier attained the second gauntlet giving her two items of the same set. Rather than a spear Nikki carried with her a new shield attached to her wrist. This one was much like her blade shield. It did however boast a longer length, as well as an upgraded state system allowing her to punish others much better. It was the Razors Edge.

She had not shown these items to her husband yet, as she had spent a small fortune securing them, for just this occasion. She wondered though if he would be mad that she hadn't brought a Weapon? She hadnt explained the change in her build to him, instead leaving it as a surprise. He had asked her about it once or twice in the last week and she had always said to wait and see. Now her build allowed her to survive better, while punishing enemies much harder.

As the pair neared the door Nikki pulled Miaki off to the side so that they could try to stay out of sight for the time being.


Level - 20
HP - 80
ENE - 20
DPS - 1
Mit - 54
Regen - 6
Thorns - 4
Paralyze - 1

Heavy Armor - 1
Block - 4

Meditation - 0

Breast Plate of the Unbreakable (Armor) +9 Mit
The Razor's Edge (Shield) +4 Thorns, 1 Paralyze
Sanguine Gauntlet (Armor) +6 Regen

Teleport Crystal x1


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Rebekah had arrived onto the 11th floor in anticipation of this upcoming boss raid. She was ready for it, after having been the only player to return from the last raid, as well as one of several to be in the last three. She knew that there were going to be some veterans but a lot of players will be here for their very first time. That was why someone such as her will have to show them the way its done, and lead by example. She knew not many were a grandmaster of their skills anymore, as she was one of a few. They were rare nowadays, with many players putting in a bigger effort on defense rather than offense, which she stayed with. She knew that this was going to be a long battle and it was better to be prepared.

Rebekah took out the damage potion, Übermensch Crystal III, from Azide. She knew that from this moment onwards there was no heading back, and she consumed the potion, it tasted a bit weird, but it will do.

Damage: 10+3=13


Damage: 10
HP: 122/122
Energy: 28
Accuracy: 3
Evasion: 3
Saavy: 1
Mitigation: 5
Battle Heal: 4%


Rapier - Rank 5
Survival (+5 HP)
Athletics (+1 DMG, + 5 HP)
Precision (+1 ACC)
Battle Heal (+4% / 10+CD)
Light Armour (+5 Mit)


Heartstriker (+3 DMG)
Amulet (+2 ACC, +1 EVA)
Light Leather Set (+2 EVA, +1 SAAVY)

Consumables (edit):
Sport Drink II (+4 Energy)
Banner of Support (3 Charges)
4 x Health Crystal II (+20 HP)
3 x Health Crystal III (+25 HP)

Non-Active Modifiers:
Blueberry Muffin II (+6 MIT)
Yogurt II (-2 DMG from Burn/Paralyze/Poison/Bleed)
Rosemary French Fries (+2 ACC)

Übermensch Crystal III (+3 DMG)

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It seems that several people already were waiting in front of the 11th floor boss room. As a certain blonde made her way through the dungeon... finally leading there. "So that's where we made the wrong turn!" murmured the blonde, thinking about past mistakes. She recognized most of the present.. except for a blue clad, shield wielding girl and her...pair? oh and also a guy clad in black armor. His posture a little amusing to the silver eyed blonde, all serious and acting like a guardian of sorts.

She first approached Calrex and Azide and offered them a light nod. "Good to see some trusty friends here. Nervous?" she asked with a smile..excitement building little by little but still visible on her face. Next she pulled from her inventory a particular item tagged 'Rum'... She wasn't much of a drinker, given her profession IRL but today she had little choice. With a short 'Cheers!' she gulped the vial's content and watched the glass dematerialize in her hand. With a light cough, she cleared her throat. She went to check her inventory...especially the equipped items section. All of them were there: her beloved thorn themed black rapier, the weapon attachment in the form of a Japanese lucky charm, her steel-like colored shoulder pads and vambraces. Lightly rubbing the crowned lion logo on the right vambrace, she then continues with the check. Next she made sure her navy blue camo patterned, revealing top and short skirt vanity items were in order, even if in a short while their state would be of little importance. At the end came her gray cloak. It bore on the back the logo of her guild, the blue bird wings that represented the Guardians Of Aincrad. She would be the only one of her guild to attend this event...unfortunately.

Next her eyes looked upon another blonde that was preparing for battle. With steady steps, that left a visible footprint made by her black army-like boots, she went in Rebekah direction. "Long time no see Senpai! I'm happy to be under your care again.". The fact that she now bore the Azure marks made her a little sad but she knew that she could depend on her instructions in this fight, as she played a major part in the last one... and the previous ones.

Lastly she noticed Zelrius, lightly waving at him she said: "Let's do our best blondie!" 


  • HP: 153 (133+20)
  • Energy: 32
  • Damage: 12 (1 Basic + 4 OHRSS + 3 Weapon + 1 Athletics + 3 Rum)
  • Mitigation: 31 (25: Light Armor: Rank 3 + 6: Armor Enhancements)
  • Evasion: 1 (4-3)
  • Accuracy: 2


  • Charge: Rank 2
  • Concentration
  • Athletics
  • Sprint & Acrobatics
  • Survival


  1. Thorny Nightmare II (+3 Dmg)
  2. Omamori:Feline eyes (+2 Eva/+1 Acc)
  3. Guardian Spirit (+1 Eva / +6 Dmg Mit)


  • 6x Healing Potion (5x 15 HP/ 1x 25 HP)
  • 5x Healing Crystal (15 HP)
  • 1x Basic Teleport Crystal
  • 1x Mellow Yellow: Antidote [Crystal]
  • 1x Energy Drink Potion (4 Energy/Use)

Non-Active  Modifiers:

  • 2x Dmg Increase Crystal (+3 Dmg/Battle)

Active  Modifiers:

  • Rum (+3 DMg/-3Eva)
  • Bloodstone crystal (+20 Health for an entire thread)
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Standing and staring at the warp gate platform only made his next few steps harder. The thought of not going had crossed his mind, not as a possibility or potential course of action, but just as a curious thought that was followed by wondering about the consequences. After finally exhaling a long and steady breath, Takao stepped up to the top of the platform and spoke the name of the eleventh floor settlement. A bright light enveloped him, and he appeared in the settlement of Taft. The trip from the platform to the rendezvous point was made short with hastened steps, and before long the congregation of other front liners laid in front of him. He spotted plenty of familiar faces amidst the crowd, though he spotted only one he knew to be on the same team. Before he approached anybody, Takao delved into the confines of his inventory and retrieved a crystal. It was one of several items he planned to use in preparation for the fight, if he managed to get the chance. He tightened his grasp on the crystal and let it shatter in his hands, thus applying its benefits to himself. Afterward, Takao approached his fellow temporary boss-team member and waved. "Hey Lowenthal, how's it goin'?"

- -

Level 30
Energy: 30
HP: 125
Damage: 16 (10 + 3 + 3)
Mitigation: 30 (21 + 9)
Evasion: 0
Accuracy: 3

1H Straight Sword - Rank 5
Light Armour - Rank 2
Charge - Rank 1
Sprint & Acrobatics

Battle-Ready Inventory
Teleport Crystal
Energy Drink x11 (+6 Energy / 1 Use)
Green Tea x14 (+4 Energy / 1 Use)
Recovery Crystal III x2 (+25 HP / 1 Use)
Recovery Crystal II x3 (+20 HP / 1 Use)

Active Modifiers
Vodka Penne (+3 Damage | -3 Evasion)
Damage Crystal III (+3 Damage)
Manju (+9 Mitigation)

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Teayre made her way to where the party was gathering to take on the floor boss. Her feet were dragging slightly as her head tossed and turned. “Am I sure I’m ready for this?” She posed the question to herself before shaking her head, “Don’t be silly Teayre of course you are.” After some time of walking she found the group, most of them had already turned up she recognised the majority of them: Ssendom, Lowenthal, Zelrius, Mack, Azide, Ariel, Takao and of course her fiancée Calrex. Staying on the edge of the group she looks around nervous, her hand kept clenching and unclenching over her katana. “Last time I was going this close to life and death was when I had to face him after Liss’s death…”


As she looks up Teayre catches Calrex’s eye, walking over to him she opens up her shops inventory and spawns the small statue that she had made of him. “Here… I thought this might help you out Cal.” Her eyes meet his before she glances down breaking the contact, her face setting solid. "I can't be weak now... I've got to be strong so I can be with him." Her eyes meeting his again Teayre gently kisses his cheek before looking away. Walking over to Zelrius the girl speaks to him, as she spawns a small chibi statue of Tristan at their feet. “Zelrius this is for Tristan. I tried to make some for everyone, but I didn't have enough mats regrettablyThere’s an overhealth enchantment on it, and he can keep the statue after.” Turning around Teayre walks back before leaning against the wall opposite the door running her hand gently over her katana before flicking her menu open and taking out a bottle of rum. Bringing it up to her lips, Teayre downs the bottle in one before throwing it to one side watching as it bursts into shards.






Level: 30, Health: 125, Energy: 30, DMG: 12 (9 + 3), ACC: 3, EVA: -1 (2 - 3 EVA),  MIT: 5




One-Handed Curved Sword: Rank 1, Light Armour: Rank 1, Charge: Rank 1, Battle Healing: Rank 1, Precision, Athletics, (ES)Katana: Rank 5, Concentration, Survival.



Basic Teleport Crystal

2 x Healing Potion (1 x 15HP / 1 x 20 HP)

Mineral Water x 4 (+ 2 Energy, / 1 Use)
Energy Drink x 1 (+6 Energy / 1 Use)



Rum (+ 3 DMG / - 3 EVA)



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A heavy tension filled the air around the players involved in the boss fight taking place today. For most this feeling was the concern, fear, and uneasiness that came with the calm before the storm. Miaki and Nikki had felt it since the night before. But for them it was different. For them the tension acted as an injector fuel. An exciting thrill that was burning within them. It was the love for battlefield. Only twice before had this couple been seen battling side by side, back to back in a coordinated group fight or by the public in general for that matter. Still. Even to anyone who paid attention, their reputation still proceeded them. When word got out that Nikki and Miaki's names were on the boss battle roster it had caused a ripple of players to mummers in some of the areas. Players who still knew the rumors of the <<River Styx>> known better as the <<Strongest Tank in Aincrad>> and the <<Silver Swordsman>> were tempted to join the fight just to catch a glimpse of the duo in action. Both times they were seen in combat their skill, finesse, unwavering resolve, and tactical expertise was without question.

Miaki wore his trademark attire that was straight out of film noir. A trenchcoat and fedora with his blade sheathed underneath the open coat. It was Nikki's idea that if they going back into action then they needed to dress the part. She had said the last part with a wink as she produced Miaki's old fedora out of seemingly nowhere and fitted it to her husbands head; sealing the deal with a kiss on the lips. Since that moment of preparation between them, Miaki had transformed. The pure determination to achieve victory had come over him once again. Some who had seen Miaki since the last boss fight thought he was suffering from post traumatic stress disorder. That the battlefield was too much for him. In truth, both he and his wife had missed it and they both knew it.

They were almost at the gathering for the boss fight when Nikki abruptly pulled Miaki to the side before they could be seen by the combatants. She held her husband's arms and seemed to be nervous. This was the first time since the day started that he was able to look his wife in the eyes. Miaki had a flashback to their first boss fight together on the eighth floor. At that time they were only starting to get to know each other over the span of a few weeks. They hadn't admitted their feelings for each other but the connection was there. They had exchanged words with each other about how they would operate during the battle and what was to be expected. But as Nikki was about to step away, Miaki grabbed her hand and pulled her into a kiss. Their first kiss. He would never forget that kiss. It was in that kiss he swore to himself he would follow this woman into the valley of the shadow of death. Blindly if need be.

"You okay?" He asked in a hushed voice of concern. Miaki knew Nikki was holding something back from him but he never pressed the matter. Even though they were both excited to run onto the battlefield, they were not stupid. They knew a boss fight was a life or death situation and needed to be taken seriously. While he was practicing sword skills and techniques, he never noticed his wife practicing with her spear and shield. He noticed her drawing on scraps of parchment running numbers and comparing weapons and skills from the pool of information she had spent alot of time and resources into building for herself. Miaki was learning by playing the game but it was Nikki that was learning the game so she could play it better than anyone else.

Miaki grabbed the underside of Nikki's forearms. "Listen Abby, if yer worried about me in there I'll be fine. I've got the best person watching out for me. You." He looked his wife from the top down and took in her appearance. Combat ready as always. Except for the spear. He was still puzzled about. "Unless yer finally gonna share yer secret with me now about what you've been up to."

Level - 33
HP - 137
ENE - 33
DPS - 9 +2 (from DPS pot) = 11
Acc - 4
Evasion - 2
Mit - 2
Paralyze - 1

Sprint & Acrobatics
Battle Healing - 3
1H Curved Sword - 1
Katana - 5
Martial Arts - 1
Meditation - 1

Silver Fang (Katana) +2 DMG, +1 Paralysis
Swordsman's Coat (Cloth) +1 Evasion, +2 Acc
Gauntlets of Myrmidon (Armor) +2 Mit, +1 Acc 

Teleport Crystal x1
Healing Potion x10

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I could see the massive doors looming over the raid group just ahead of me. In comparison everyone looked so small. They all gathered n the direct middle of them but I didn't take any steps closer yet. Just like the raid planning meeting I was hesitating entering into the group, and from the looks of it I was once again again late. It wasn't unusual for me to not arrive on time so I wasn't worried about that particular part; I was bothered by how I was presenting myself. I was wearing an entirely different outfit and had lots of news to share, mostly to Zelrius though. Instead of wearing my normal black and white dress with black tights and matching boots I wore a black dress that had thin straps and reached just above my knees. Under the dress I wore a pair of two tones tights, like my hair; one half of the tights was white and the other was black. For the shoes I kept the same I had always worn seeing as though I was the most comfortable in them. Over this outfit I wore my Azure Brigade cloak, one that every commandant had ordered and was paid for by none other than Zelrius. My cloak however stuck out a little in the back because of the Cupid Wings item I received from the Valentine's event from this year. I did nothing strange with my hair, it stood out already how it was dyed half black and half white. Behind me was my dagger, resting in it's pouch for easy access. Armor-wise I was wearing the bear minimum of stater armor. Anything heavier would simply hinder my movement and cause me to miss a lot of attacks. Being me I was also stubborn and didn't want to change my armor after so long in the game, even after being told that I would die because of it.

From where I was standing I stood on my tippy toes and looked at the cluster of players gearing up for the long battle ahead. I smiled when I saw that I knew more that half of the people. It was a relief that I would be fighting yet another boss fight with people I knew. Of the players I recognized I could immediately spot Zelrius and his golden Azure cloak. I also saw Ariel, the woman who helped me in my time of need and was no longer part of our guild. There was Azide and Calrex next to her. I once fought Azide but I forgot who won. Calrex and I were planning on attempt two of a quest since it didn't really work out the first time. Near them was Teayre, someone I lost to and Rebekah, someone whom I held in high respect. Like me, she was high damage dealer that needed to be quick. After looking at everyone I knew I then assessed the people I did not know. A couple that looked very familiar were hanging around but I couldn't quite put my finger on who they were, I would have to ask Zelrius. "Zelrius.."  I thought, then realization hit me. "Oh shoot I'm still standing here." I smoothed out my cloak, fixed my hair, and stepped into the view of the other players, making a straight path over to Zelrius. On my way I waved to Ariel and her group along with Rebekah and Teayre with a friendly smile. As I approached him I made a more serious face, letting him know that I meant business. "Hello Zelrius, long time no see? Hah..not really the case but really have to speak with you in private, like right now." I said, tugging arm a little to the side and facing away from the others. I stepped closer to him and began in a low voice. "...it's about Keith, I've found him." I crossed my arms and looked form left to right.  "He's not really the vibrant Keith we've known anymore, it's because of the events he went through while he was away. After this boss fight I plan to find the person behind this. If you are available I would like you to join me in my search." I then let out a sigh and stepped back, smiling. Making myself look upset or anything right now could change the mood. I was trying to avoid conflict right now so I pretended as if this wasn't as big of a deal as it was. "Anyways. You ready? I highly doubt you're nervous about it.." There was a certain feeling I had while explaining. Relief. Happiness. Ease. I placed my hands on my hips and raised an eyebrow towards the blonde.


Le stats

Level: 15

Energy: 15

HP: 60

DMG: 8 (+1 base +3 dagger +4 rank)

MIT: 3

ACC: 2

EVA: 1


â–ºCupid's Wings: An item of light armor classed clothing which allows the wearer to experience Cupid's strength, the cape looks like a pair of wings, but these do not function as normal wings. +3 Damage mitigation (Special received from Cupid)

Banshee Shiv  (Rank 4 Master, +4 extra damage from ranks)

Quality: Perfect
Shop: The Black Forge
Description: A perfect dagger, the blade is extremely well tempered and the edge is very fine and sharp.

Originally +3 damage, but with added ranks (+4 extra, +1 base, +1 ATH) it is now +9 Damage [On a 9, +10 damage and on a 10, +11 damage.]

Cold Reflection
Item Type: Lucky Charm
Quality: Perfect
Enhancement: +2 Accuracy +1 Evasion
Shop: The Lion's Den
Description: Kiru's hair accessory, an ice-like crystal that releases a faint blue-silver glow. Apparently can't be removed from her hair unless she wants to.


Antidote Potion - Cures the target of one Condition. Requires a post action.
Recovery Crystal II
Effect: HP Recovery Crystal  Heals 10 HP instantly! This does not require a post action
Description: This Crystal glows a soft blue and feels cool to the touch, when you use it you feel as though you just stepped out of a shower, aahhh refreshing!
Recovery Crystal II
Effect: HP Recovery Crystal  Heals 10 HP instantly! This does not require a post action
Description: This Crystal glows a soft blue and feels cool to the touch, when you use it you feel as though you just stepped out of a shower, aahhh refreshing!

Healing Potion
Heals the user for 5 Hp. Requires a post action.


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Lisa was late! She didn’t have much time to make it to the boss fight, and if she didn’t hurry her party was going to be short a medic which meant that everyone would die! Okay so maybe it wouldn’t be THAT bad, after all, most smart players did have a teleport crystal on them. She however, was not one of the smart ones. As she ran, she shoved the well-fed item that she’d bought in the Sunflower Café in her face. The temporary boost in health was going to help her somewhat; she just wasn’t sure it would be enough to keep her alive. She hoped it would be, but there was just no way of knowing.

Reaching her destination, she found the party waiting outside the doors. She quickly ran over to Zelruis. “I’ve got all I could pick up… one of the merchants didn’t have stuff ready, so I wasn’t able to get everything. I’m sorry.” She apologized to the young man, feeling that she somehow had failed him. She returned the rest of his Col and his materials along with the items. She’d purchased. “I’ve held on to the healing crystals as you’ve instructed. Everything else had been accounted for. I shall go join my party now. Good luck to you,” She said as she nodded to the young man acknowledging him. He was the captain on this magic carpet ride after all, and one of the strongest players within the game. He deserved the respect he commanded.

Lisa rushed to find her party which wasn’t hard to do. All she had to do was to look for the lanky ginger hottie in a tin can, and he was easy enough to spot. “I’m here… I’m here,” she said to her party mates. “Well hello again!” she greeted Tristan whom she’d met at Zelrius’s shindig. “Now, I’m counting on you to keep whatever is in there off me, and I’ll keep you alive.” She was about to greet the other two but she was taken aback by the person standing there behind her. “Well hello gorgeous,” she said giving Lowenthal a knowing wink and a smile. Lisa had not seen him in a nearly a week as she’d been so busy power leveling that she hadn’t the time to go flirt with her handsome friend again. “Fancy seeing you again in a place like this,” she giggled. “Finally going to show me that it’d not the size of the weapon?” she teased.




lv 10

HP 40 (60 next post when wed fed kicks in)

energy 4

dmg 3 

mit 3

regen 4

para 2

first aid 8%

combat craft 3



rank 2 first aid

rank 1 one hand curved sword



The white queen +2 regen +1mit

Light reaper +2 para +1dmg

breath of the white dragon +3 combat craft



4 +15 health crystal

4 +20 healing crystals

3 mass healing +15 crystals

1 mikasa (well fed) +20 hp boost (consumed this post)

1 antidote crystal

5 green tea + 4 energy


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WARNING: Consumables require one turn to activate. Those who have activated several must change their posts accordingly to reflect or face being kicked out the fight if they join the fight in their current state. No more players may join for preparation or the fight at any time.

Tristan walked into the room, fully kitted out in gear and seeing everyone ready for combat. Some chit chat was exchanged, but important points were already thrown out. The most important to note was that on comsumables, to which Tristan said: "I will not be using any, however I heavily encourage that people activate them on me for healing purposes, the same goes for the other tanks in this fight if they are struck. While the damage dealers will be what gets this fight ended, we must keep the tanks alive, or we will all be horribly mutilated.". He thought for a bit, seeing everyone had attended, which made the main plan simple.

"Okay one last run through of the main plan. Tanks will tank, I heavily suggest parry if you have it. Otherwise focus on keeping hate up and healed up, I don't want lives thrown away. Nikki is tanking dregs and should handle fine. I will be main tank for the boss, with Ssendom and Calrex as backups if things go pear shaped and I am not healed fast enough. You two need to be literally tailing me in terms of Hate. Anyone with First Aid focus on tanks and as for damage dealers, hit with the hardest you can do. Throw everything you got. For now though, let's take a moment to take anything we need to munch or drink for buffs, because I want us to enter this fight prepared.".

Tristan stood ready and awaited for them all to take what they required to buff up. He wasn't having any himself, mostly because he had been too busy lately to have anything. Tristan gripped to his spear tightly, nervous. Not because of completing the boss, which he was confident they could do. No, these were some of the best. However he was nervous people would die. He still had not fully wrapped his head around the concept that he could not protect everyone, though he will be trying his darn hardest.

Damage: 3
HP: 128/128
Energy: 32
Mitigation: 69 (heh)
Battle Heal Rank 2: Heal 10 HP on CD 10+

Howl 1
Parry 1
Battle healing 2
One-Handed Assault Spear 2
Heavy Armor 5
<<Disguise>>, It temporarily transforms you into the other player/enemy, giving you a +1 on your combat die and them a -1 on their next action. It only during your and his turn, and can only be used once every twelve turns.
<<Meditation>> Rank 0, allows the user to lessen negative effects such as paralysis and poison, this skill also allows one to regain lost HP (1 HP to begin and increases by skill rank, the max rank being 5), the negative effect healing is activated by rolling 7+ while the HP heal effect activates alongside the negative effect one when rolling a natural 10+ on the Crafting Dice. No points invested
<<Surivival>> Increases the health you regenerate per post to 6 when out of combat. Survival also gives immunity to damage dealing environment effects.


ItemTwinfire Reflector
ShopDrop from Phoenix, gifted by Alkor
DescriptionA shield dropped by a Phoenix. It is said those who hold it hold great power to protect those dear to them, and any who dare touch it will feel the wrath of the Phoenix. Grants +6 Damage Mitigation and +4 Flame Thorns.
Flame Thorns is similar to normal thorns but works slightly different. When a player rolls a 6-8, it will deal the normal 4 damage for burn damage. However if an attacker hits with a 9 or 10 on the battle dice towards the player with this item, instead of normal thorns it will deal the initial 4 damage, and then 2 turns of burn damage that deal 2 damage each turn.

Item:Breastplate of the Iron Lord
ShopForged by Lessa
DescriptionA sturdy, jet-black breastplate. Provides an additional +3 damage mitigation and +4 Thorns (Proc when non critical hit). Said to be worn by Drax the Iron Lord, a legendary dragon rider from a time long gone that rode a black iron dragon.

Name: Serpent's Pierce
Item Type: One Handed Spear
Quality: Perfect

Shop: Forged by Meokka
Enhancements: +2 Bleed +1 Paralysis
Description: A weapon based on a lizards vicious bite, it incapacitates its foes and makes them bleed profusely for a slow, painful death.


7x Basic Health Potion (+15 HP)
2x Basic Teleportation Crystal's

The lock on the giant door clinked in an intricate manner, latches swinging and cogs turning. A faint light seeped between the doors where there were locks, but the gap was too small to be able to look through it or see anything. The door was unlocked, ready to be opened by any player. Once the door is opened by a player, all players are assumed inside the cathedral, to which the enemy awaiting them will make the first move. It is not required to open the door until players feel ready to be able to embark to their journey.

Hate will be tracked individually based on who attacks what opponent (each opponent has their own hate) and Howl will target either all mobs or the boss.
Turn Order:

Nikki Styx 

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Zelrius began greeting the players one by one. He waited patiently for Persephone to arrive with the items, and in doing so, took out the bottle of Extract of Devastation, and began to drink it slowly. It was during this time, He also handed Nikki an Armor Infusion Crystal, and Tristan the Crystal of Armor. "These will enhance your mit. I suggest using them now." His voice still muffled by the Hydra Helmet, and not it's usual arrogant tone. It was somber, and sullen. A clear indicator that Zelrius was not in his general mood on this day.  Also dropping off the Item Teayre had given him by Tristan. "Teayre, I apperciate you even bringing anything. It is fine that we didn't get enough for everyone, so long as we can do this right, That would have been a waste of resources." The boy spoke, thinking back to the long hours both Zandra and Piera spent in their shops the last few days. He felt bad for them, but would never admit it. It was necessary, that is all. Zelrius was eyeing the room about until Kiru came over to him. The first thing he noticed was her change in attire That's different. The second thing was her trying to pull him aside. "Not right now, Kiru. We have to get-" He was cut short when she mentioned that it was about Keith. He listened only for a moment then closed his eyes and sighed. Lifting the Hydra Helm from his head, the blonde spoke. "I am going to be honest Kiru. I know you loved him, and he was my friend, but, we need to move on. Let him go. If he wants to run away and live in his own fantasy world, then he can. I am not going to waste my time trying to find someone who has wrong done him or the man himself. I have scouting parties to do, Boss meetings to run, Bosses to fight. I do not have the time to be worrying about some prissy who hasn't been seen in months."  For a second, he looked into her eyes with his own Dark blue ones. They watered up, he felt bad about what he had just said. Too late, The damage is done. His pensive thoughts reminded him. Pulling the Hydra Helm back down, and the Azure and Gold trimmed cloak's hood over it, the boy spoke to the assembled party while approaching the door. Passing by Takao, Zelrius handed the Lemon to him. "Have fun eating that during battle."

"You all have ten minutes to eat, drink, or use any consumables you have on you that will be used for the fight. Tanks, Come get Mitigation from me, and DPS, come get Attack Damage from me. When I push those doors open, you best all be ready."\


STOCK: (Message me if you want one, Then I will confirm you getting it, Then make post.)

1 Alcoholic Tier III +3 DMG/-3 EVA

4 Extracts of Devestation Tier II +2 DMG

2 Armor Infusions Tier I +3 Mit

2 Armor Infusions Tier II +6 Mit

4 Teleport Crystals

7 Antidote Potions

3 Antidote Crystals

(This may Change if Zandra's stock gets here)

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OOC: Tristan, I think I've got it sorted now. Also, if you want/need a consumable that I have, feel free to RP taking it from Mack. The At Ready Items are things he's keeping, but I've used all the consumables I'm going to use, so seriously, take if you want them.

Having finished the application of the damage enhancement to Invictus, Mack activated his menu again and produced a bottle of rum. The perfect beverage would greatly enhance his damage once again, at the cost of his evasion. Of course, with four tanks in the fight, the massive red-bearded man wasn't overly concerned with needing to worry about absorbing hits. He had one job, and one job alone, kill Kayaba's mobs and that would be most easily accomplished through the judicious use of over-powering damage since there were four other tanks in the fight. Gnawing the cork from the bottle, the red-headed axe man spat it upon the ground and placed the bottle of his lips, taking a long pull as Tristan arrived and began to speak. Mack frowned as the red-head said he wasn't using any consumables for the fight.

"Tristan," Mack called, pulling up his inventory and extracting the Kopi Danish that carried with it a nine point boost to damage mitigation. "Catch," he said, drawing his arm back and tossing the pastry across the area to the tank. "Nine point mit boost. That's the best I got. Anyone else need anything," the Grandmaster of the Crimson Blades asked, taking another long pull on the bottle of rum. "AOE will hit even if I've had a bit to drink," he muttered darkly, more to himself than anyone else.

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Calrex gave a nod as he accepted the small statue of himself from Teayre, giving her a quick peck on her head before immediately activating it, seeing that an extra chunk of yellow-colored health appeared next to his original green HP bar, "Thanks Teayre, this will definitely come in handy. Go ahead and get yourself geared up. I've got a rank three alcoholic drink from Takao which can increase your damage output, although it'll cost some of your reaction time. However, since Tristan, Ssendom, and myself are going to be drawing attention away from the strikers, that might not be a strong concern."

"I was originally going to use it to boost my own damage further, but if I'm going to serve as a tank it might be more helpful overall to keep my Evasion high. That way it can spare the healers some work. I've still got the damage potion that Clarence gave me I need to use."

Listening intently to Tristan and Zelrius speak about the battle as the items the blonde had procured for the raid team he made note to keep it in mind, giving a small calming breath. He could definitely tell there was some tension in the air, likely because it wasn't too long ago that a few players had lost their lives in a raid, the first ever in the "career" of the floor bosses. It was understandable, and with a large number should the boss use area of effect attacks the low mitigation players would certainly take a hard hit.

"That's what the tanks are for. It's going to be rough, but I'll do what I can to keep the boss off of the strikers. I probably won't be able to endure as many hits as Tristan or Nikki, but I'll definitely keep the boss' attention and keep it from hitting back."

Closing his eyes as he centered himself he reached back and removed the Grand Blade and its sheath from the back of his hip. Holding it horizontally and parallel to his shoulder with his left hand he grasped the handle with his right, pulling with both arms as the blade extracted from the scabbard. Releasing his grip on the sheath it vanished into crystals, returning to his inventory. A sign that he had no intention of stopping mid-way. He was going to see this raid through.

Looking over at the new unlocked doors he activated his <<Reveal>> skill while keeping his distance, checking to see if there was something he could discern for the group before they were ready to enter. It was likely there might not be anything useful he could find, but if there was it certainly could only benefit the group.

Added Active Modifier: Overhealth (+20 Health)

HP is now 185 for battle

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Ssendom watched as each individual arrive at the boss doors. Greeting everyone that chose to speak to him. Ssendom was a bit frustrated that everything he had ordered for this boss fight hadn't been made and knew his complete damage output was going to suffer greatly, infact he wasnt so sure he could tank the boss any or even if at all due to the lack of buffs. He felt more annoyed at himself mostly, he shouldn't have taken that month and a half leave after being abandoned and should have been more diligent on acquiring what he needed to be prepared.

After Tristran arrived and began repeating the strategy they were going to employ that they had formulated at the boss meeting which he didn't attemd, but had Oikawa give the boss information he felt a slight bit calmer but only a slight bit. He needed to focus on what his job was, he needed to maximize his damage output but didn't have any means of doing so. He took a deep breath and decided to do what he never wanted to do, he obtained a Damage potion from Zelrius which he then chugged to improve what felt like an impressive amount of damage already.

Before anyone could answer his call for help, he turned to look at Tristan, "I'll leave the focus of Back-Up tanking to Calrex, I recently acquired the Banner of Support thanks to help of Mack, Teayre and Takao. And my little buddy Amethyst here-" he motioned his head toward his companion that rested on his shoulder, "And he has healing flames as one of his traits. So I will also focus on assisting in keeping others alive at the same time with healing properties. So if anyone has Mass Healing Crystals and wishes me to hold onto some, I'll assist however I can." He finished saying. After which he lifted his Dusk Reaver and rested the massive blade and rested it upon his shoulder.

DMG Before Buff: 11

DMG After Buff: 13

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