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  1. Life smirked, it seemed despite his visual dislike for the floor she was still rather cheery about it. Oh well guess that was it on that topic. It was good to see her happy like this, her smile was almost infectious. Then came her following statements... They weren't great to think about to say the least. The idea of both of them withering away always made him squeamish. Life looked down at his own body, clenching his hands into fists, tensing his body to feel his abs and body muscles. He sighed. "Yeah... well. This is how my body would have looked like before coming here. Lean, athletic... Something you'd expect from a farmer boy that spent most of his days heavy lifting, plowing for hours with the water buffalo... even longer for harvesting by hand with a sickle... Threshing them to separate the grains. Yeah.. I'm probably a stick by now too. All my muscles have probably shrunk. Doubt I'd be very useful to my father.." He gave a lopsided frown before recomposing himself. "Well, all the more reason to hurry towards this next quest huh." @Zajcica
  2. Ugh, floor four, AGAIN! Life sighed with annoyance as he passed into the cold tundra that was floor four. It seemed Yuki was rather excited about it though... making at least one of them happy about it. For him at least his dislike stemmed from being on it so many times, killing avalanche, soso many times, and the constant cold... Well the cold wasn't too bad ever since he got the survival skill. Though he hadn't spent too much time here compared to the jungles on floor eight. "I guess it isn't too bad. Ever since i got the survival skill it just makes me feel a little numb. Which is preferable." Life followed her towards the location of the next dragon as she talked. "Right, two years in and only a quarter of the way done.Seems like we'll be stuck here for quite some time. Maybe I should look into getting a house for myself, doubt I'll have the col for it though." @Zajcica Stats (Using Yui's Grace 3 left)
  3. 'Try being original' Life couldn't help but smirk at the quippy remark, figuring it was an attempt at humor. He supposed there were plenty of people going around and claiming to be an ex front liner so he supposed he wasn't any different. Oh well. It was probably true that no one was special, and you'd have to be delusional to think you were any different. After all, his old guild was about was throwing their power around like a bunch of crooks anyway. He continued to listen, thinking over some of the implications of her words before letting out a heavy sigh. "Well, its good to see nothings changed in two years then. Tch, honestly..." Life spat with a visible tinge of sarcasm. He trailed off in thought, it seemed when one problem player was taken down, four more arose, just like a damn hydra. "Didn't think my old guild was the first when they took over aincrad, knew it wouldn't be the last. Hmm, oh well. Guess that just means I'll have to race to the front lines sooner and try to unite everyone. Wonder how long it'd take before I get back stabbed in a boss fight though." Life tittered, he was only half joking that time, though it wouldn't be the first occurrence. Players couldn't keep restoring to killing guild leaders in power to dismantle them, and they couldn't keep stepping over each other for power. Life's expression stiffened, solemnly looking over to the surface of the lake. "Why does it always have to be this way.." Life mumbled under his breath. They were all trapped in a death game together, all their goals should be the same. To beat the game and return back to their real life.Yet they just kept killing each other, murdering and taking for themselves. Perhaps this was the answer he had been searching for. Fate didn't exist. It couldn't with so much chaos. But if all there was is chaos, then what did that mean for the innocents? The mass player ones avoiding conflict, hoping for the higher level players to get their [censored] together and save them. What did it mean for this world in general? This isn't right...
  4. Life supposed he'd play distraction for now, besides they both had the desire to get stronger and they worked well in that regard. Though it did seem there was something bothering her after all, she did feel like a mess despite giving the appearance that she was on a path of redemption. She had been helping inexperienced players just like he was, in fact she probably had helped more players than he did, not that it was a contest. "You should have more confidence in yourself Mari, you're doing well. Despite everything you've been through. Sometimes I wonder what the measure of success was anyway. For some it's to have everything they want, be the most powerful, be the most feared even. But for some people it's simply surviving until the next day, or making it through a bad winter... I guess everyone has different standards... so I guess its just by my own that I believe it." Life stopped himself before he rambled any further, he tell her 'good job; but he didn't really want to come off as patronizing. It was true that for him at least when times were tough, simply making it to the next day was enough. Back home a bad winter would mean many struggles for him and his father, the will to never give up was what separated them from the streets and their home. @Mari
  5. Seemed as though the other lady that shared newcomer status what quite bubbly. It seemed everyone here was getting along well, which helped ease his nerves a bit, even Mari would give him a pass tonight it seemed. Life couldn't help but smile, though a little embarrassed he turned his attention to Cordelia. Guess I will get a night to relax after all. The conversation about leveling however made him a little sheepish, he definitely wasn't making excellent use of his time. Life watched intently as the shopkeeper expertly made two bowls of ramen, sadly they weren't for him, but he hadn't eaten in two years so it wasn't like another fifteen minutes would hurt him. Speaking of which, the raven haired girl seemed to pick up on his earlier statement, asking for more information. He cast his gaze off to the side, not really wanted to get into it seeing as everyone was in a good mood. "Well.." He began. "There aren't many cooks when you're hiding out in the jungles on floor eight." It seemed like a poor attempt at humor, but it was more of a deflection than anything else. "Let's just say I had a lot to think about... Besides, after the first few months you barely notice the hunger pains. It's not like we need to eat, but eating together with other players like this, is nice." Hopefully that was enough to satisfy curiosity. Life watched as Cordelia brought out the two bowls she just finished making, handing one to Mari and one to the raven haired girl. "Say, Cordelia. What inspired you to make the noodle factory?" Life had to admit even though he swore he wouldn't bother with a profession, that having your own little place of solitude out in somewhere with peace and quite was a rather tempting prospect. The heat of the ramen and the atmosphere of the shops light contrasting the cold darkness outside made for a very cozy location. @Mari@NIGHT@Cordelia@Akaiko
  6. He thought for a moment wondering if he had missed anything about the quest, to be honest the NPC didn't really give him much to go by. "Ha, preaching to the choir, I think I've killed that guy at least six times. As for this guy, well I guess he's just a bigger stronger version of avalanche. Apart from some environmental effects that bypasses survival i don't think there's much to think about. Though I have a feeling that a boss like this will probably end up freezing us if we're not careful. Wish there was some kind of potion or crystal that cured those kinds of things." Perhaps there was something like that and Life just wasn't aware of it. To be honest he hadn't exactly been in the loop on the latest in game discoveries being cooped up in the jungle for years, or in the loop with anything for that matter. "Submitting your dagger? Huh, that burn would have been useful for this quest if you had it. Sounds like you got things figured out, not quite sure if my whole relying on my reflexes to dodge everything strategy still pans out. Especially since I'm so rusty. Maybe I'll think of something as I clear up some more of these quests. For now though It's not like I need to think to hard about skills when I've got you teaming up with me on every boss." He gave her a friendly smirk as they kept walking deeper into the frozen wasteland. @Mari
  7. Life wasn't too surprised that she refused to tell him anything that weighed on her, but it still hurt like a dagger turning in his chest. Though she probably had others to share her troubles with he still wanted to be there for her, however way he could. Life let the hood of his cloak down as she accepted his offer to go on the quest together, the duo back in action for yet another boss fight. "No need to apologies, I get it." Life exhaled letting out a small puff of mist, he loved doing that, it was the one of the only good things about the floor. "Hm, well. Apparently avalanche, but bigger, and meaner. Called absolute zero, I don't think <<survival>> works against it from what I've gathered, so i came prepared with the cloak Alkor made for me ages ago. Also used that Tigers rage potion we got from that deforestation quest, I think a flaming sword would probably be effective against a hunk of ice." He gestured to the hilt of his katana, slight embers flickering out from where it connected to the saya. "I was just heading over to the spot avalanche usually is, made the most sense to me." @Mari
  8. Upon leaving the small town Life equipped to himself the cloak Alkor made for him long ago, the Knightmare cloak. It wasn't just merely a cloak, the gear came equipped with leather protection for his torso and legs, but the main craftsmanship was put into the cloak which surrounded him. The cloak was also made from a lighter leather that was extremely durable, attempting to cut through it was like trying to cut through malleable plate armor. The inside of the cloak was padded with wolf fur to keep the wearer warm, and around the collared hood of the cloak was also wolf pelt that was largely fluffy for the most part. Between the leather and fur layers of the cloak was ring-mail, making the entire thing rather heavy, and extremely durable. As Life made his way through the frozen tundra, he could just spot a familiar flame just out in the distance. It would seem that Life and Mari's paths would cross once again, though it made sense considering she lived on this floor. Perhaps she preferred the silence, the isolation. Maybe she felt like she deserved to be bitten by freezing winds and storms of snow, or maybe she just liked it because she liked it. Sometimes she was an anomaly to him. Life pushed through the cold winds, closing in on the woman who innocently sipped her tea and cuddled with a blanket while sat on a tree stump. He found it strange she'd be outside when the inside of her house would likely be a lot more pleasant to be. "Why the long face?" He asked with his usual friendly tone before continuing. "I'm going on a quest, wanna come with?" @Mari
  9. <<Absolute Zero>> Nothing is what it seems anymore. That phrase still rattled inside Life's head as he tried to figure out its meaning. What was that old fool even talking about? It was true since coming back from his isolation thing felt... different... maybe a little off. But it wasn't anything earth shattering. Life shrugged it off and kept moving regardless, he was looking over some housing information, seeing that there were some really enticing plots on beautiful floors he'd never seen before. But he couldn't afford something like a house, he'd been slacking off for too long. "Oh well." Life mumbled. "Hey you!" A voice called from behind a window. Life turned his head, confused as to where the voice came from. Shuffling came from inside the build Life walked past, an NPC bursting through a door behind him. "You're a hero right? You've got to help us! Avalanche is tearing our town apart!" Life snorted. "I'm hardly a hero." Though he was confused as to why he was being asked to do avalanche again, not only did he clear it on his own, he had done it on five other occasions with other players just for the hell of it too. "I think you've got the wrong player here, I've defeated avalanche plenty of times." Life smiled politely and with a nod turned away. The NPC chased after him, pulling on his Yukata. "Sir please, this isn't normal. He's nothing like before!" Life was about to scold the man for grabbing him, but when hearing him speak he couldn't help but respond with curiosity, considering what the old man had told him. Sighing he caved in. "Alright, give me the quest details then." The NPC's expression softened with relieve. "Thank you! Ok so.. he seems to be a lot bigger, less snow more ice." Life looked at him with a mixture of inquisition and aversion. "Ok and?" The NPC continued, it seemed to struggle with this sort of thing. "Uhm.. he's just a lot stronger... and meaner... Oh! And the temperatures reach absolute zero!" Ok well then that's a bit more useful information. "Anything else?" The NPC paused, thinking hard for a moment. "Well... the cold will make it hard to move a lot. Even those who can brave the toughest conditions will struggle with the cold. Make sure you're well protected, it'll be worth your effort!" Life could tell he wouldn't get anything more out of the man but he had enough. He'd have to use his old gear for this one, and perhaps put to use that tigers rage potion. "Very well thank you, I'll see to it." Life nodded and turned away, heading to the all too familiar location. @Mari Stats Level: 30 | Health: 620 | Energy: 60 | Damage: 17 (15+2) | Evasion: 2 | Mitigation: 48 | Acc: 2 Using Tigers Rage Potions (+2 Damage)
  10. A player he never seen before disabled and hit three trees at once with an impressive feat. Nice. And there it was, the tree of springs taken down by another mysterious player he'd never seen before. Impressive.. he wondered to himself the legitimacy of these weapons, while also wondering why none of his other gear was working properly. Seemed these bosses nullified his stats in some way, probably why these weapons were given to use. Life gripped onto the handle of his new weapon tightly, watching as the other players shifted their attention towards the tree of the fall after Raidou shouted to take it down. "R-right." Life followed after Yuki trying to get its attention after she missed, slipping under its legs and spinning one eighty while swinging the weight of the blade across its leg, cutting straight through its roots and bark. The tree let out a deafening hollow whisper in response to the attack. "Hah that one looked like it hurt you piece of driftwood." ID: 138648 ID: 7 HIT Using attack 1 against tree of the fall. Hate Tracker: Tree of the Fall Raidou: 0 Mishiro: 0 Zajcica: 0 Life: 1 Mac: 1 Mari: 1 Tree of the Summer Raidou: 0 Mishiro: 0 Zajcica: 0 Life: 0 Mac: 1 Mari: 0
  11. Life watched as the rest of the players that showed up chose questionable attire, clearly he didn't get the memo. Though Mari of all people, squeezing into a bunny costume? "Ahem" Life cleared his throat and refocused on the task at hand, trying not to be distracted. Life turned to another familiar face, Yuki, also in a bunny costume. You can't be serious... Life kept searching, until he found the red swordsman, a familiar face. Life scratched his chin trying to think of where he had seen him before. Oh right, the essence of steel so long ago. Life decided to stick by the non-bunny costume wearers, hoping he wouldn't get stuffed in one himself. *grooowww* A low pitched hum came from his side, three large treants split from a root which erupted from the earth beneath them emerged and came rushing toward the players. Seemed there would be no time for chatting just yet. Raidou was the first to strike, it seemed he was watching and waiting for them to spring forth while everyone else was distracted. The other players charged in ahead too, though only the red swordsman landed a blow so far though he did remember him specializing with straight swords. "Alright lets see what this dinky piece of metal is all about" Life joked as he readied the straight sword, there was something about using a different type of sword than the katana he was used too... it felt... off. As Life attacked, so was his aim, completely misjudging the timing of his swing and the force required to hit his target. Oops. ID: 138497 BD: 5 Miss Weapon Info:
  12. Life smirked and nodded at her determination. "Yes lets finish it shall we." The dragon came toward Life, trying to get past him and attack Yuki, but he had proven himself a big enough threat to it now. Life flickered his blade as it got closer and his blade highlighted with that familiar neon blue. "Take this!" He sliced right downed its shoulder and let it through to Yuki. She lifted her shield in response, the dragons maw clenched onto it as if it could bite through metal. Life shook his head at the creature. "Muda!" Life shouted, allowing his blade to follow through with multiple slices in rapid succession before any harm came to the girl. It's body exploded into a sea of thorns against his body, while Yuki remained safe behind her shield. Life twirled his blade before returning it into his saya with a satisfying click as it secured. The scars on his body where the damage once displayed began to mend together due to his survival ability. This signaled to him the battle was officially over. "Well, there we go Yuki. Another dragon down. Either two or seven to go I think, we'll have to see won't we?" He smiled faintly as the next quest popped up on his screen, of course the next dragon would be located on the fourth floor. "You feeling ok?" He added, concerned that she actually took a hefty chunk of damage this time. Life's ID: 138490 BD: 5+3-1=7 Damage: San ge - 14*15=210 Party: @Life: [H:3]Health: 500/560 (18 thorn damage) | Energy: 28/56 (-14 SA Iai) | Damage: 14 | Evasion: 3 | Accuracy: 3 | Mitigation: 12 @Zajcica: [H:3] Health: 193/200 | Energy: 38/40 | DMG: 2 | EVA: 0 | MIT: 27 | ACC: 0 | Thorns: 18 | Regen: 5  Enemies:  1. Ghidorah - the Opal Hatchling: MIT: 40 - ACC: 1 - EVA: 1 - DMG: 70 - Thorns: 14  HP: 0/215 (210-40=170)
  13. Life smirked as the feminine voice came, telling him that he'd have been fine on his own. Though he wasn't exactly sure if a strike of lightning would have boded well for him if he actually got hit. Raven locks of hair peered out from her hood. When her question came he couldn't help but laugh, though mostly at his own expense. "Sorry, It's just kind of funny. The reason you haven't heard of me is probably because I've been in isolation among some trees like a hermit for the past two years. I haven't seen anyone, nor has anyone seen me in quite awhile. Though take that into account as we slayed this boss together. This is how strong I was that many years ago." He shrugged, probably not that impressive considering she was almost twice his level, however to someone thinking hard enough about it could assume he was one of the strongest of his time. Life's didn't relax too much, she was either friendly or just trying to get information about him, couldn't be sure. "How about you Hidden, I don't know much about the current players of the front line. What's your deal?" He asked politely.
  14. Days turned to weeks as the two trained in the harsh colds, hardening their bodies as their skills were sharpened. It seemed they both learned many things with each lesson. Life had found a new appreciation for the restraint in which he had to show when sparring, though that restraint was minimal, just enough so that he wasn't lethal. Though as they spent more and more time with each other he began to develop a soft spot for the girl. He knew eventually when she had completed her task, and no longer found a use for herself, it would become a sad day for Life. Life really did enjoy the experience of teaching someone inexperienced, it was rewarding to watch someone who had no skill at all flourish into something with such elegance and power. As they spared like any other day, something clicked for her. Life's pupils refocused as he watched her body turn into mist. I see. Life smirked as he reversed his blade, placing it to where the mist would travel. 'Maketa' came with a slightly cocky tone that made Life wonder. "Hm, not quite" Life retorted as he pressed his blade closer against her stomach without piercing. Life relaxed, returning his blade into his saya for the last time. "You've come far. I think I've taught you everything I can. The rest will come with experience and time." Life turned to bow at his student, concluding their training. "Go forth, Setsuna. Do not waver, and do not perish." Setsuna returned his bow, showing respect she rarely had shown others. "This is not the end, I will see you again. Learn more to teach me." Life gave a bittersweet smile before turning as they parted ways. He hoped they next time they did meet, that she would not be burdened by her choices.
  15. Setsuna Meika He'd remember her name, though he found it interesting that she preferred not to know his. "Yes, well I'm not your assailants and If I wanted you dead you would have been at the first maketa. If you wish to control your focus while out of stamina then I suggest repeated strikes. Practicing the technique of drawing your blade and striking at the same time, while returning it back to the saya with control. If you are able to do that without wavering perfectly, even if you slow down while exhausted, then you will not lose control of yourself ever. The intervals in which you can strike will also be reduced, even while tired. Eventually combat will become muscle memory, and your body should react before your mind does, allowing you to turn off your mind and be fully present in the moment. This is my sword art. The art of nothingness." He paused after that statement, this was the first time teaching what he had taught himself all those years ago, and he was slightly taken aback. He quietly laughed to himself. "Well, before that you'll need to master basic Iaido. Come, if you've caught your breath we can continue."