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  1. Life

    The Name Is Life

    Yea I remember most of the people here. Good to see you still dude
  2. Life

    The Name Is Life

    Nevermind I'm making my own Rpg with strippers and blackjack
  3. Life

    The Name Is Life

    Just wanted to announce my formal return to SAO-RPG. It's been a long time and I look forward to seeing how far everyone has come since I've been gone.
  4. Yo how do you play this game xd

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    2. Life


      Seriously how do i play someone help this account didn't come with instructions when i bought it off ebay xd

    3. Baldur


      You gotta get a job, and a house, and you spin to see how many spaces you move down the road of life. Oh Did you mean sao? ;)

    4. Hirru


      You get a Profession, get a 'house', and you roll to see how much you missed the target.  Oh, you mean helpful guide?

  5. Gah, so many memories.

    1. Hirru


      Life returns to the masses, and all rejoice in undead reverie.

    2. Hikoru



    3. Helios
  6. Azide

    Hope life's treating you well. Happy birthday!

    1. Mack


      Happy Birfday Life!

  7. Medium and Hard RGQs now give more sp

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    2. Baldur


      I don't see why not.

      Take for a grain of salt I'm not staff, but the (6 total) etc... comments were Life's way of making it easier to calculate total SP. So yes, you still get the +1 SP per page, he just forgot to include that change in his revision.

    3. Life


      What baldur said,ty for remind me. The idea is to make the rewards at least on par with the easy rewards

    4. Life


      Yes RGQ's are open. I believe they were locked by mistake.

  8. Grave

    About RGQs:
    'at least 5 'floor levels' above their highest level player'
    materials required is 1 + floor level divided by 5 rounded down'
    What is meant by 'floor level' in both of these cases?

    1. Ariel - The Crowned Lion

      Ariel - The Crowned Lion

      for example, a player is level 25.. then he need to kill at least 5 mobs of floor 30 strength mobs like you'd find on a dungeon at floor 30 : 

      floor strength mobs:   (Floor Level x 4 Health, Floor Level x 3 Damage), mitigation that is at least 1/4 of the mobs HP 

      loot mobs:   (Floor Level x 4 Health, Floor Level x 3 Damage), mitigation that is at least 1/4 of the mobs HP and at least half the health of the highest player in the thread.

      so a group with a player with max. level = 25 would need to fight 5 mobs with the following stats:

      Health: 120 [(25+5)x4]
      Damage: 90 [(25+5)x3]
      Mitigation: 30 [120/4]

      if the mob's health is least half the health of the level 25 player, then he's also a loot mob.


      Hope that cleared it out. If I'm wrong then a GM will correct me.

    2. Grave


      Don't worry, Zaz cleared this up for me last night :D Thanks!

  9. 20384 Ez pez Edit: 26884 rip
  10. Teen drinking! Is very, very, bad!

    Yo i got a fake ID tho~

  11. Reading Azides last few posts left me speechless. Painful to see him go..

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    2. Macradon


      That's what I said

    3. Hirru


      Sorry, just got back from work, and I'm rather tired.

    4. Macradon
  12. Stonewall has been nerfed.

  13. Reveal has been updated.

  14. New Mod system has been added into SAO RPG! Let me know what you think of them

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    2. Life


      @Calrex Glad you like it ^_^

    3. Zandra


      I like it as well. So if I have grandmaster heavy armour and want sprint and acrobdtics, I need to grandmaster that as well right? Cant abandon heavy for light :)

    4. Life


      That is correct. Though i understand what you're saying, i'll have a talk with the other gms and make an announcement later if we are allowing armour skill points to be switched.