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    Me and the sweet release of death

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  6. Today is the day that I married the woman I love. It's been one full year since our marriage. So today I'll be spending the day at the Ren Fest ^-^

    Love everyone here. Make sure to save the Dance Contest for when I return. ;)

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      It ... it has already been a year???

      I remember us sitting in main chat, arranging that we come to your wedding and Zel was like
      "Hello, I'm Zelrius Blackfyre"
      "Sir, you're not on the list"
      "Put me on the list!"

  7. Lowenthal looked at the sign. "Actually, now that I think about it." He said, taking the form and writing what he was wanting. "I'm gonna need a ring, or a necklace to increase my accuracy. Three slots of it should be fine. And a vanity ring, but nothing just normal. I'll give you, ten materials for the pair." He said, looking up at the girl. "But it needs to be marvelous. I need it to represent something, but I don't have the word for it." Lowenthal said, before rubbing the back of his head. "I mean, I probably sound like an idiot right now. But it's for this girl." Lowenthal said, trying to explain his ramblings before sliding over the order form back to the woman behind her. "By the way, I'm Lowenthal. Vice-Commander of the Knights of the Blood Oath. It's a pleasure to meet you." Lowenthal said, sending the trade request her way. -10 materials to Birdie-
  8. Lowenthal stood in front of a small shop that had recently opened. Lowenthal looked at the shop, enjoying it's certain, quaintness. "Bluebird Workshop? Not so much as a title, but it's something." Lowenthal said, much preferring the shop titles that were humorous in nature. Upon entering, the door made a chime noise singling his entry. Looking down, he could see that gears and cogs littered the floor. Along with crumbeled scraps of paper, and other miscleanious things. There he saw a woman working, which he could only assume was the owner. Blue hair, like Calrex, but at least this one was cuter than Calrex. Lowenthal gave a polite wave. "Hey, I take it you're the owner?" Lowenthal asked aloud. "I've got an order I'd like to place. I need something that I can wear to boost my accuracy stat." Lowenthal asked. "I can pay you in materials, or Col. Whichever you need." Lowenthal said again, opening his menu and preparing to start the trade.
  9. Lowenthal stared at the door in anticipation, awaiting the moment when it would burst down and whatever it was behind would come charging at them. But that moment never came. The pounding stopped, the room growing eerily quiet. Only Hikoru's heavy breathing emanated noise, which echoed through the room. Then Lowe could hear it, he shuffle behind the door, and he braced himself. The door fell under the beasts strength finally, and caved in. One door was thrown to the ground, the other now busted beyond use. Lowenthal's eyes grew wide as he stared at the faceless monster in front of him. As disturbing as it was, it was just a monster. Jomei took point, and quickly used his rapier to do a decent amount of damage to it. The monster's health bar dipping was a breath of fresh air, if it bleeds, then they could kill it. Hikoru's attack was a surprise. Not that Hikoru gathered the courage to attack, but that it was such a low damage compared to Jomei's. "Hikoru! Don't hold back!" Lowenthal called out to him, before rushing forward himself. Lowenthal had his dagger in his hand, and long the way he crushed the damage potion he had stored away. A nice trade from when he made Ariel and Hikorus wedding garments. The beast moved suddenly, and lifted one of it's appendages at him. The base split into two, revealing a mouth. Lowenthal reacted, and rolled underneath it's attack, and activated his charge ability. His sword art cut into the monster several times, before lowenthal took a step back. "Dammit! It's still standing!?" Lowenthal looked at his weapon, unsure of what happened. He took every precaution. He even popped a crystal, but why was his damage still behind that of Jomei's? Was the DPS side of things nerfed again by the system, or was it something else? He gritted his teeth in frustration. "Whatever, it's on it's last leg! Let's finish it!" Lowenthal said, focusing back on the matter at hand. ID: 68894 BD: 6(4+1Concentration + 1Accuracy) MD: 5(8-3) [H: 1] Jomei: 946/946 (83/94)[H: 0] Hikoru: 855/855[H: 1} Lowenthal: 640/640 Closer: 23/500 (273-50=223)Mit: 50 Dmg 120
  10. Lowenthal threw a bedframe from the room he was in. "Screw this!" Lowenthal shouted as he continued to look around, his eyes scanning for something, anything. He turned as the door was struck again, the door now sporting a large dent. "Well, seems like we're about to get a bit of company. We best be ready." Lowenthal said, forging searching for the key. He stood in the hallway, his kunai at the ready. "Hikoru, get in a room. Enter stealth, hit it when you can. Jomei, stand with me and be prepard to take some hits if it hits me to hard." Lowenthal said, a bead of sweat appering on his head. To e honost with himself, he didn't even try to find the key. He wanted to know what was behind that door, whatever it was it made him curious, and he wanted to see it.
  11. im looking for quick quest runs, or dungeon crawling. ^-^

  12. Lowenthal stared at the blood infused door. "Th-that's nothing. I'm sure it's got like, two things behind it. All level ones." Lowenthal said, letting out a light chuckle. Then, Hikoru let out a scream as something banged on the door. Lowenthal spun, his dagger drawn in an instant, his breathing fast and shallow. "JESUS!" Lowenthal exclaimed, entering a laugh. "Gave me, a ddamn good spook there. Ah, fekking hell." Lowenthal said, sheathing his dagger as he walked off looking for a key of any sorts. ID: 66480 LD:1 Lowenthal entered the closest room to him. Searching the room lead to no key like results, but he did find something else. "Hey, Hikoru. Look what I found. Boogah boogah boogah!" Lowenthal said, holding a human skull in his hands, and making the jaw move. Lowenthal chuckled at his small joke, as he tossed the skull back into the room. "Yeah, no key there either. Maybe whatever's behind that door has it?" Lowenthal thought aloud. That was a normal thing in games, was for a large mob of some kind carry the means to proceed. Either it be a key, or conveniently crushing something.
  13. Lowenthal stiffed a chuckle as he turned to look at Hikoru. "Ouh come on Hikoru. Scared?" Lowenthal asked sarcastically, giving a spooky chuckle. "We'll be in and out before ya' know it. Let's just not do horror movie cliches. Like, split up. Or investigate strange noises emanating from the cellar." Lowenthal said, waving his hand in the air. To be honest, he wasn't all too comfortable going into the Pysch Ward of an abandoned hospital. In fact it was in the top fives places that he wanted to avoid at all times. Lowenthal turned back around and stretched. "Well, here goes." Lowenthal said taking the first steps inside of the building. As Lowenthal entered the building lit up. And by lit up, he meant one or two fluorescent bulbs flickered in the distance. The low buzzy hum of a faulty bulb echoed and filled the hall, as his footsteps echoed ever so slightly. Lowenthal exhaled, only to see his breath take to the air. The hall was built like a prison. An elongated hallway, with rooms mirrored on either side. As lowenthal pressed onward, the smell of rotten wood and dried paint filled his nostrils. Also noted, was that some of the doors were open and dark. Other were closed, thier contents unknown. Lowenthal pressed onward until he reached the end of the halway. Lowenthal pressed against the door, only to see it would not move. A tutirial pop-up appeared. -Picking 3 required(DC:10) or :Ward Key: needed- Lowenthal's eye twitched at the popup. "Since when the hell was lock picking a thing?" Lowenthal said, kicking the door. He turned to face his compatriots. "Well, unless one of you two has got three ranks in lock picking. We need a key." He said, crossing his arms.
  14. Lowenthal

    [F06] <<Calming the Soul>>

    Guess I'll take it. Something for me to do whilst everyone else sleeps away.
  15. Lowenthal rubbed the back of his head. "Yeah, I guess we didn't die. But someone did..." Lowenthal said to Jomei, keeping his mumbling to himself. Lowenthal saw the tunnel and entered it without drawing his weapon. Lowenthal didn't fear what lurked in the dark, but something else. And what he feared wasn't Hikoru either. But none the less, he pressed onwards waiting for everyone else to come through. "Tartarus isn't be that bad. I mean, I spent some time here training with Mari and we spent a few days in there." Lowenthal said, unable to see Tartarus fully. Lowenthal took a peek behind him and could clearly see Jomei exit the tunnel, followed by Hikoru. "Jomei, you lead the way. It's been a good while since I've been there so my mind's a bit fuzzy on the directions." Lowenthal said, rubbing the back of his head.