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  1. WTB any amount of  T2 and T3 Materials. Offer Price.

    1. Kimi


      check out shields shop


    2. Macradon


      I'd sell some Mats for 850 for each T2 Mat, and 1400 for each T3 Mat

  2. Question, do we need the resident drug dealer back in Aincrad once again?

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    2. Ryo


      Hate to break it to ya @Rain but being high in Aincrad is no more. Players can no longer experience those highs, highs from other drugs, or even being drunk.

    3. Rain


      But... yall need some high quality H2O. and other alchemy stuff.

    4. Ryo


      Always :D

  3. Rain

    [F4-PP] Ghosts of the Past

    The wanderer walked past the rougette woman. Completely ignoring what she was saying. He felt drained. His past was coming back to haunt him one after the other, he needed to get away. He stops in his tracks and flicks his fingers in the air. He quickly sends items to Kaya. Soon after, he leaves the party. "Call this an investment. For now, I'm retiring this all this. "I expect to get my items back when I call for them one day." That was the most he's ever spoken in a long long time. His voice felt distant, empty. Without looking back he kept walking forward into the snowy forest. His figure slowly disappeared through the thicket. In that moment, that was the last time, anyone has seen the wanderer for years. - Fin - Rain 1 SP @Kaya 1 SP Rain traded to Kaya 1 Ring of Accuracy [+3 ACC]; 1 Thief's Gamble v2 [+3 LD]; Assurance [+2 EVA, +9 MIT]; Brawler's Bout [+3 DMG]; Reindeer Antlers of Finding [+2xTier LD]; 50,000 Col; 150 T1 Materials
  4. Rain

    [F4-PP] Ghosts of the Past

    Kneeling right before him, was the random girl he dragged into this mess. If she died, her blood would've been on his has as well as Zamira's, but there's nothing he could do. The moment he moves, she'll cut her throat open. "No, there has to be something I could do!" His mind wandered trying to think of any possible way to save the innocent player. "Don't-" Before the wanderer could finish his words, Kaya, managed to get out of Zamira's hold. Now it's her and the wanderer staring straight at Zamira. He turns her his for a moment to look at Kaya "Stay back." He says as he turns his head once more and begins to charge at Zamira. In that moment, Zamira froze. It's like time stood still for her. Moments later, the wanderer's spear pierces through her core. The wanderer raises his spear along with her before smashing her into the ground where her body slowly broke into crystal. As she died, she looked and reached out for the wanderer. Her face had the expression of pity and regret. He didn't want to look at her anymore. Leaving his spear impaled in her, the wanderer looks back to Kaya. ID# 87293 results: Battle: 10 Craft: 11 Loot: 5 MOB: 8 Rain | Level 31 | HP 560/620 | E 24/62 | DMG 18 (14+4) | ACC 4 | EVA 2 | MIT 18 Mighty Charge | (DMG 18 + Crit 2)SA 4 = 80 Zamira | Level 24 | HP -14/480 | E 33/40 | DMG 9 | ACC 2 | EVA 2 | MIT 9 -71 HP Kaya | Level 1 | HP 11/20 | E 2/2 | DMG 4 | ACC 0 | EVA 0 | MIT 0 @Kaya
  5. Rain

    [F4-PP] Ghosts of the Past

    As the dust, began to settle, the wanderer looked down at the defeated Zamira. "Give up, whoever you are." His voice sounded chilling and cold to the core. His spear pointed at the throat of the fallen warrior. "Okay okay... I give up." The crimson haired woman slowly raises her hands with a pitiful look on her face. As the wanderer slowly lowered his weapon, a voice echoed from the trees. Before the wanderer could react, Zamira grab held of her weapon and swung her scythe at the unsuspecting Kaya. The wanderer tried to stop her, but fumbled to the ground. Without anything he could do. He watched as kaya took the blow. Fortunately, Zamira had other plans for Kaya. She held her with the blade of her scythe at her throat. "Hehehehehehahahaha, you thought it was over?!" She says as she kicked the back of kaya's legs till she knelt on the ground. "I may not be able to kill you, but just know that Zamira killed your princess over here." She wounded for unstable than ever before. She was really going to kill Kaya. "Damnit! Leave her out of this! She's got nothing to do with this!" ID# 87289 results: Battle: 1 Craft: 10 Loot: 10 MOB: 5 Rain | Level 31 | HP 560/620 | E 27/62 | DMG 18 (14+4) | ACC 4 | EVA 2 | MIT 18 Missed Zamira | Level 24 | HP 57/480 | E 33/40 | DMG 9 | ACC 2 | EVA 2 | MIT 9 Attack | DMG 9 Kaya | Level 1 | HP 11/20 | E 2/2 | DMG 4 | ACC 0 | EVA 0 | MIT 0 -9 HP @Kaya
  6. Rain

    [F4-PP] Ghosts of the Past

    The wanderer stretched his neck as he prepared for his neck attack. It been a long time since the wanderer had gone wild like this. He still felt rusty. Brushing off Zamira's attack, the wanderer glared at the woman. "You don't have to do this..." It was already too late, for the wanderer's status, but he still wanted to spare this woman if he had the option to. "Hehehheahahaha You honestly think I'd just go and leave after you slaughtered my underlings? What's the late Opal going to think if I just let this go?" The woman began to laugh hysterically. It was like a screw was loose in her brain. She was down right, mental. Her eyes glared back at the wanderer, with her head tilted to the side. "You honestly thought, that you can just walk away from the guild without any repercussion? You know the only way out of the guild is through a death." With those last words, She once again rushed the wanderer, only for the wanderer to dodge her attack with ease. Reacting to the crazed woman's action, the wanderer pierces the woman in mid air. Retracting once more, he pierces her body again, and again, and again. As she fell to the ground, the wanderer jumps up in the air, and with one fell swing smashes straight down at the woman. ID# 87288 results: Battle: 4 Craft: 9 Loot: 12 MOB: 2 Rain | Level 31 | HP 560/620 | E 28/62 | DMG 18 (14+4) | ACC 4 | EVA 2 | MIT 18 Dimension Stampede | (DMG 18)SA 15 = DMG 270 Zamira | Level 24 | HP 57/480 | E 33/40 | DMG 9 | ACC 2 | EVA 2 | MIT 9 -261 HP Missed @Kaya
  7. Rain

    [F4-PP] Ghosts of the Past

    The wanderer didn't want to wait anymore. This was going to happen. He has no other choice. Gritting his teeth, he tightly gripped his spear. "Why must you do this?" The wanderer spoke as if desperately not wanting to kill them, but forced his hand. "Why?!" He yells out one last time before his spear begins to glows azure. I one sweeping motion, he cuts through all 6 players. Each one falling to the ground before breaking up into crystals. The woman, was also cut by the wanderer, but she survived. Angry at the wanderer, she glares at the wanderer. "Tch...Useless noobs. " She claims as she takes out a black crystal and breaking it in her hands. The wanderer stared at it. He knew that crystal well. He made it. The woman suddenly feels energy course through her veins. Laughing, she speaks to the wanderer condescendingly. "Muahahahha, You really do make the best crystals, Rainer, sadly, you have to die." She quickly rushes the wanderer with a large scythe in her hands. She begins to swing her scythe cutting through the wanderer's guard once, twice, and finally the third time, she manages to push the wanderer back, unfortunately it wasn't enough to take him down. +3 DMG crystal for Zamira ID# 87284 results: Battle: 5 Craft: 4 Loot: 9 MOB: 9 Rain | Level 31 | HP 578/620 | E 44/62 | DMG 18 (14+4) | ACC 4 | EVA 2 | MIT 18 -42 HP Sweeping Moon | (DMG 18 + Charge 1)SA 9 = DMG 171 Zamira | Level 24 | HP 318/480 | E 34/40 | DMG 9 | ACC 2 | EVA 2 | MIT 9 -162 HP Crimson Blood | (DMG 9 + Crit 1)SA 6 = DMG 60 Kane | Level 8 | HP -2/160 | DMG 5 | ACC 2 | EVA 0 | MIT 9 -162 HP Lin | Level 4 | HP -91/80 | DMG 2 | ACC 1 | EVA 2 | MIT 0 -171 HP Niles | Level 5 | HP -61/100 | DMG 4 | ACC 2 | EVA 0 | MIT 9 -162 HP Yuri | Level 7 | HP -31/140 | DMG 3 | ACC 2 | EVA 1 | MIT 0 -171 HP Watanabi | Level 5 | HP -62/100 | DMG 5 | ACC 0 | EVA 2 | MIT 9 -162 HP @Kaya
  8. Rain

    [F4-PP] Ghosts of the Past

    "Remember this well, Rainer..." The woman crept closer. She completely stopped laughing now, as she began to take off her gloves. Her tone became more serious. "Laughing Coffin never forgets." She says as she raises her right hand to show the back hand to the wanderer. On it was the symbol of laughing coffin. He hasn't seen it for year, since he stopped communications with them. He didn't want anything to do with them anymore. Not since he left the Knights of the Blood Oath. As he faced the woman with a new found determination and knowledge of why they're after him, the woman glared the wanderer with intense angry eyes. Within seconds, five more strangers came out of nowhere. Mostly-likely members of laughing coffin too. He knew he has no way out of this now. It's either killed or be killed now. He quickly flicks his fingers in the air taking out a bottle and chugging it. "Fall back Kaya, you'll only get in my way." Greater Damage Potion II [+4 Damage] @Kaya
  9. Rain

    [F4-PP] Ghosts of the Past

    It wasn't long until the two find themselves at the frozen falls. Looking around, there was no one around here, but the wanderer didn't wanna believe that everything was safe. He was summoned here by someone, and he doesn't know who that was really. He unsheathes his spear, brimming in white, the wanderer slowly walks forward, prepared for the fight the might come ahead. A few more moments go by, until the wanderer hears an unfamiliar voice echo behind him. "You've finally come, Rainer." He slowly turns around to face the stranger. It was a woman. A purple haired woman. She looked almost like Sierra. Not wanting the trust his eyes, he kept a tight grip on his spear. "Who are you?" Short, simple, and to the point. The wanderer didn't want to dance around with the topic. This woman knew his real name, just who was she? "Oh come now, you're remember me? It's Sierra!" Angered by the strangers lies, the wanderer stepped forward, his spear ready to kill. "Lies! Who are you?!" The stranger walked forward a little bit more, all the while laughing a sinister laugh. "I'm only playing with you, wanderer." the stranger says as he raises his hand to take off his wig, revealing a woman with crimson colored hair. @Kaya
  10. Rain

    [F4-PP] Ghosts of the Past

    "What?" With a chilling tone, the wanderer questioned the woman who was sitting in the snow... crying. Just what the hell was she thinking? That crying would make it any better? "Get up." He says as he gave out his hand to help her up. The wanderer was furious. A woman clad in black. "Zandra?" He thought as he mumbled through the people he knew. Just why would Zandra even bother doing that? She has more things on her plate. No.. it has to be someone else. They've been persistent all this time, just what could they really want? After helping the woman to her feet, the wanderer began to walk to town. "Where in town is she?" His voice, angry. All he wanted was to be left alone, but this rumor has killed his peace. As soon as he arrived in town, he went directly to where the red headed woman found met the person who told her the rumor. "Where is she?" There was no one there, but a note. "Tch... Let's go." He says as he began walking to the southern gate. Behind him were the crystals of the note that was waiting for the wanderer. @Kaya
  11. Rain

    [F4-PP] Ghosts of the Past

    The wanderer measure the red headed woman. What she spoke of was familiar. She wasn't the first to seek him out and this probably will not be the last. The wanderer slowly lowered her weapon as kept a close eye on the woman. He slowly turned to his left and looked up to the trees and the sky. "Where'd you hear this rumor?" Spoken in a soft and cold tone. He's grown tired of this rumor and he's going to put an end to if it wasn't the last thing he'd do. This woman wasn't the 1st, 10th, nor the 20th person to shop up. There's been so many and it's hard for someone to retire from if he's still constantly getting nagged about. After finding out where the woman heard the rumor from, the wanderer turns to face his shop and begins to walk. While turning, he flicks his cloak as if he was batman. "You found him." He says as he continued walking to his shop. "But, I don't have what you're looking for. That item isn't real." He says as he enters his shop quickly. Moments later, he comes right back up, and swiped his fingers in the air, sending the woman a party request. @Kaya
  12. Rain

    [F4-PP] Ghosts of the Past

    Seeing that the the wolf was pretty preoccupied with the red head, the wanderer encircled the creature blindsiding him. Once directly behind him, he rushes the boar. Tightly gripping his spear, his weapon begins to glow azure. Under his breath he whispers "Fatal Thrust." Within seconds, she thrusts his weapon through the boar piercing through him all the way to Kaya, only stopping as soon as it's about to hit her. Behind him, the beast breaks into pixels. He didn't care for the wolf at all. He's killed many of it's ilk. "What do you want?" He asks with a cold and chilling voice. As she stares at her with his azure eye, a chilling wind blows, revealing his crimson left eye. "What are you doing in my forest?" His voice sounded angrier than last time. As he asked once more, he points the tip of his spear at the read head. "Answer wisely." ID# 87261 results: Battle: 5 Craft: 2 Loot: 3 MOB: 3 Rain | HP 620/620 | E 60/62 | DMG 14 | ACC 4 | EVA 2 | MIT 18 || Hate 1 Kaya | HP 20/20 | E 0/2 | DMG 4 | ACC 0 | EVA 0 | MIT 0 || Hate 3 Wolf | HP -8/40 | DMG 12 -42 Fatal Thrust | 14x3=42 @Kaya
  13. Rain

    [F4-PP] Ghosts of the Past

    "The snow seems more troublesome today." says Rain as his feet broke through the newly laid snow. It's been months since he's last seen any player and he's planned to keep it that way. He even left town to be a hermit out in the forest. He wanted to stay from everyone. Ever since Seirra died... life for him just felt.... bland, lifeless. He wants to take revenge at Beatbox, but he knows he's not strong enough. He knows his limits. As he pondered his past, he hears some growling and sounds of fighting just right outside his shop. Without a second thought, he rushes out to see what was happening. As soon as he stepped out, he quickly spots a red headed woman trying to fight a timber wolf. Normally, the wanderer wouldn't care, until he noticed that all that woman's equipment are basic. "[censored]." Without anymore hesitation, he unsheathes his weapons and attacks the wolf, only for him to miss. Damn, I guess I'm still rusty. Looking right at the noob with piercing eyes, "You.... here." Greater Life Crystal I Used on Kaya = +80 HP ID# 87239 results: Battle: 1 = Missed @Kaya
  14. Sooooo, what'd I miss in the 2 or 3 months I was gone? ._.

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    3. Seul


      Not much. Still on floor 20. xD

    4. Hikoru


      *looks at himself* Hit level 60 and... Grandmastered my Unique Skill :D