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  1. to the people that I owe posts, once I get back from job training I'll be able to reply to all of you. Wish me luck!!

  2. for those threads that I'm involved...pot might get slow as I am looking for a new job since I just resigned a few days ago but I'll try to reply as soon as I can

  3. the dice gods are a little cruel to me today

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    2. Zeke
    3. Vigilon


      Hang on, wait a second, so the dice have gods? Is that why the dice are ever-hateful and sometimes have tea with satan???

      *Clearly joking around*


    4. Crozeph


      yeah sometimes and they're like...

      Battle Dice god: hey let's give Crozeph a good shake on his RP

      Mob Dice god: sure I'll up my results while you f*** up yours

      Satan: what lovely neighbors I have

  4. so who wants to RP with me...I don't bite much

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    2. Aoda


      i heard crows can carry diseases tho

    3. Calrex


      Correct, no rabies or venom, but did you wash your mouth?! XD

    4. Crozeph


      well I did wash my mouth... a few days ago

  5. looks like there's much to do for me character...especially getting stronger and participating boss raids, hopefully

  6. still trying to fix my journal and stats, thank you @Ariel - The Crowned Lion and @Nocturn you two are great help

  7. in dire need of a private tutor for the new system...pm me 

  8. and the crow is back but it looks like the site got a whole new level of awesomeness...and new battle system?

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    2. Baldur


      Two crows would be attempted murder. Does this mean you and @Corvo are making an orange guild? :P

    3. Corvo


      Hoo wee, I'm down for that! Sounds like a good time!

    4. Azide
  9. whoa this feeling after I logged in...I can hear Jeff Bridges saying "Welcome to the Grid" in my head

  10. the exams are upon me...better consult the dice gods

    1. Zelrius


      The Holy Lord RNGezus be with you

  11. setback is a setup for a comeback...wow I think I'll have an epic comeback this semester

    1. Zelrius


      That comeback's more of a setback than you staying quiet

  12. I can't access one of my thread...maybe I did something wrong, the dice gods are punishing me!!! -cowers in the corner-

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    2. Kiru


      yeah, only one of mine got deleted though

    3. Golden


      9 threads of mine were deleted I think lol

    4. Helios


      The 3 active posts i had were deleted ._.

  13. the need for comma lessen as one turns lazy...it was a bit evil for me, let the reader catch their breath kufufufu

    1. Zelrius


      The need for a grammar lesson, for the person complaining about comma lessons, is high as all hell.

  14. Hirai Shouko's death was quick, painful, heart breaking and...ok let me cry as a man should be *carries two liters of vodka*

    1. Ssendom


      You need this too. *tosses a bottle of Jack 'n' honey*

    2. Zelrius
  15. hey guys join my OP, I'd like to know the new and promising players here one thread at a time

    1. Jomei


      Im down. Just posted.

    2. Helios


      I'm joining in a bit

    3. Helios


      Actually, I'll let someone of a higher level join. I don't think Helios is ready for floor 10 yet haha

  16. man I'd like to bet on the matches too but seeing how everyone can put 1000 col...I feel broke -counts the coins in the pocket-

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    2. Zelrius



    3. Crozeph


      whoa...all right!!! -grabs the piglet piggy bank-

    4. Helios


      Betting on Vaan right now. He'd better win or i'll find him, and end him.

  17. oh wow...the site got so lively today -laughs in japanese-

  18. just when I found a chance to go online I got skipped already in the battle...I'm sorry -whimpers in the corner-

  19. all right free cookies for everyone...just don't swallow the burnt part

    1. Lowenthal


      *Starts with burnt parts*

    2. Ariel - The Crowned Lion

      Ariel - The Crowned Lion

      *return the cookie because of burn parts and demands recompense for the insult*

  20. wha!? it's Lessa's birthday? this place should be celebrating like there's no tomorrow lol

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    2. Hikoru


      I feel as if I have missed something....

    3. Calrex


      ^ Lessa left the site dude Q_Q

    4. Hikoru


      O...Oh.... *stays silent* a moment of silence for those who have fallen and/or left the site....

  21. the boss fight seem to go well right now but still I'm wondering how many forms it has and at this point... I'm too afraid to ask -empties a mug of beer-

    1. Lowenthal


      Like freiza. It has 4 forms. Then a robot one. Then it goes gold

    2. Tristan Delaney

      Tristan Delaney

      Well Zero aint running it and his sadism is endless, so you should be fine ;)

  22. I'd like to join OPs but then...it's scary for no particular reason

    1. Shuyin


      You can join mine if you want

    2. Breeze


      *Nods vigorously*

  23. I flew back yay!!! though I have no idea what to do right now..-sobs in the corner while peeling potatoes-

    1. Hyun


      At first I thought that said peeing on potatoes and I was very concerned.

    2. Teayre


      You don't know? Peeing on potatoes is the best way to grow them. xD

  24. enrollment begins...and so is the boss battle -picks up katana ang enrollment form-

    1. Reusririasuir


      What are you on about CrooooZEPH?

    2. Crozeph


      -hides dynamites- oh! nothing, nothing special

    3. Zeri


      Good luck Crozeph, you'll need it

  25. it's so quiet in here I can make loud noises using needles as drumsticks

    1. Klick


      I can make loud noises using my vocal cords...