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  1. Free from the block of ice? Nice. But it didn't save him from taking a direct hit from the Hydro Pump, condensed water being splashed around freely for him to enjoy. At least the hotter levels of water didn't hurt as much, but his health bar did take a considerable amount of damage. Looking back towards the others, only the blonde was in any real danger. And now that they returned things back to normal, Sey could call an end to the fight sooner than later. Today, he felt lucky, what was ice to the one who boasted the enjoyment of the cold? Now what was the next step? Theoretically, he could howl to get the attention of Leviathan again. But that add was going to run hell if he didn't take it up soon. It would be in his best interest to pull it towards him, and his turn wouldn't be wasted regardless since Leviathan will receive a bit of attention. "If Zandra doesn't mind cleaning up that Sagahin, we'll have a ball. Oh, and attacking Leviathan now doesn't seem like a bad idea." A mutter rather than a command, this fight was a bleeding mess anyways. Now that his skills were not blocked in ice, he would activate <<Howl>> to obtain the attention of the two enemies. "How long do you think it takes for ice to freeze water, Leviathan? Even your slave could guess the answer. In a couple minutes, you're in quite a critical state. Want to continue spitting nails into your watery coffin?" It was simple, but what's the point of effort at this point? His job was to put his health bar in danger, did he look like a writer? [Auto-succeeded the Scald Check Howl, +3 Hate to Leviathan and Sagahin +73 BH]
  2. "Do what you must to get the hate then. I could mitigate the damage well in theory, but I would rather focus on my damage output." Sey replied, lazing back against the boat. Mina took the liberty of getting her face munched on by one of the fish, and he had absolutely zero idea what she was going for with that. Her squealing was mighty painful, a shame that he didn't have first aid. At least her health bar wasn't threatened, so he'll just leave that situation on the table. They soon arrived on the entrance, and Sey took the liberty of getting off first, looking to cause a mess instead. "I'll see you lads up top, I'm going to cause a scene~." And with that, he simply hopped up the side before charging towards the top, moving at a swift enough pace to prevent gravity from being a factor. A swift hop up from the edge and onto the deck, an intruder has entered the scene. Plenty of crew members as well, ooooo, who was he going to be down today! "Oh hey, mates. Mind having a stowaway?" He asked. A sword from behind soon entered the scene, a Boatswain taking the initiative to stop him in his tracks. A firm grip, though nothing strong in the slightest. "Not in ze sligh'st, lad! Hand ye trashure or else ye meet Davey person'ly!" The lady cried out, the deckhands soon aiming to take a strike while Sey was held by the sword to his throat. One managed to land a softer punch, though it didn't really tap into his health bar. The second would receive a swift kick, though sword arts couldn't be a factor. The same momentum used to jump for the kick would then be used to fall forward, flipping the Boatswain over his body and freeing him from her grasp. But she was swift to roll up to her feet, allowing them both to face each other as equals. By then, Sey's eyes were glowing and his calm lips now seemed far less... Inviting. "Ooooo... I have a much better idea~. Beg me for mercy, And maybe I'll use a pint less of your blood to paint my humble boat." It was time to dance. @Alec @tricolor_mina @Hestia
  3. Well, if Zandra fell short on the howling, she at least knew how to heal. They were all back and they seemed to be in good shape. Ariel was an intellectual with her incessant preaching, clearly. Shouldn't she be busy dying? Cutting the whole sarcastic quip stage of his life, he would then see the Hydro Pump coming... Towards no one? That aim was terrible, it flew by him without finding a target. On top of that, Leviathan seemed to be free to attack, but Sey would find his skills being put under lockdown the moment adds end up forming. "Nope. Plan B, Zandra will have to clean up those adds or else we have more DPS blood. Unless you find a way to free up my skills again, those adds are going to give you all a run for your money. I'll just exist. Mmmmmm, yeah, a stun wouldn't be such a bad idea either." Being immune to frozen by taking flames was a nice thought for him to have. His health was in great shape, and he wouldn't have frozen affect his evasion against hydro pump. http://prntscr.com/nsed77 [Frozen Boi]
  4. All seemed well with Hestia's plan and the boat was headed on it's way towards the enemy boat. One boasted superiority in size, but the crew strength was severely differently. Though Mina seemed less interested in fighting, instead taking the stronger approach of placing herself in a defensive curled up position. Alec wasted no time in trying to help the poor thing, so he wouldn't do anything in turn. Instead, he would take to Hestia. "All right, I'll be single-targeting anything that doesn't go down in a hit. Though if there are just small adds on that ship, I doubt that'll be a concern." Sey explained, the waters rocking as the boat continued its course. Alec was the next to obtain some attention from him. "You do have howl, right? It's the start of your rotation as a tank... Usually. I don't have fighting spirit anymore, so it won't be a race for the aggro. And I'll delete enemies before they do anything serious, so no worries about your health." @Hestia @tricolor_mina@Alec
  5. Sey

    Trade to Hestia

    Trading Sandstone Armor Potion [T2 Potion - Gives a player +30 MIT for a thread] to @Hestia
  6. Sey


    MORE THINGS! @Hazado gets a thorn! Of Blood! @tricolor_mina, a new player to this show, clearly!
  7. Seems like the party was getting their stuff together, and Sey was obtaining free spare consumables. "Well, I'll take them both then! I'm kind of on tanking duty." He confidently declared, accepting both of the consumables before eating the both of them. A nice stat boost was given to him, and his original build idea was almost formed. A bit more and he would find himself doing the maximum amount of offense. Mina then offered her first aid healing for anyone who needs it. "Looks like no one is dying today. And the guild possesses two people with First Aid, death will be a foreign thing for the lot of us." Sey declared as they were off. It shouldn't take too long for them to arrive towards their destination, Ill Man's Cove. "We'll burn through these fools. No pirates will be stopping us." If there was nothing left, the party would soon find themselves arriving at the docks of their destination. From there, it was go time. +2 ACC +1 EVA +1 Prosperity
  8. They seemed on rather nice terms, with nothing that seemed too bad for anyone. At the worst, they were all on just neutral terms, but they seemed far friendlier and kinder to each other than for that to be the case. Mina's frown was something to get used to, but he's had tougher customers. The atmosphere was somewhat warm, he could appreciate that. Hestia promised under the guild that the both of them would be safe, which is always nice. "As if a few pirates could stop us. You're in good hands! And maybe yours would be much heavier in due time." A nice addition, placing his own hands out of his pockets. The gauntlets radiated white light from them, seemingly calm and caring. Quite the opposite was true, for they possessed a heavy level of threat to those that oppose. There was bound to be pirate blood. "Oooo, an accuracy buff? I'll take that! I compromised my accuracy gear for something a liiiiittle bit better." Sey would explain. Quick change was a good investment in case he ended up missing his chance to strike. Soon, Hestia talked to an NPC, obtaining a boat for them to row in turn. He was the first to step into it, though he wasn't the brawns to be rowing. Looked like the big man had that strength.
  9. "Funnily enough, I don't think I've cleared that quest myself. That should be a fun bit of experience for me." Sey replied, looking out towards the other two, they were going to build their way up to the top of the game hopefully. That was what this was all about. They were an interesting crew of their own, but they were also technically a full mini-party. And so they just had to fight a few pirates and get some skill points. You first had Alec, and he was the one they just fought alongside with! And then there's Mina, the one he knew from the old guild back. Looks like she hasn't gone off her rocker, a nice cherry on top for him. "Welcome to the team, let's do this! Hey Hestia, did you talk with the NPC quite yet? Or is that something we have to slash off the bucket list first?" And if that was answered, they would have their first plan laid out. From there, it was just them going on a pirate adventure! He needed to buy a feathered hat. @Hestia @tricolor_mina @Alec
  10. Sey

    Housing Evaluation

    House Name: Villa la Coda Location: Floor 4 Description: Plot Size: Estate Room(s): Storage Attic, Slime Farm, Bathroom, Bedroom, Dining Room, Storage Closet Total Cost: Donor (+$25)
  11. What a lovely first meeting! Kind of. What was Hestia planning on doing again? Regardless, Sey obtained a hellish amount of uniques from the previous encounters with Dagger. As a result of this, he would then place himself quite high in terms of damage against a single target fool. Hestia would soon be found alongside Alec, then came a Sey. And he came loaded with the new weaponry and items. "Ayyyyy, how are you lovely people doing?" The player would ask, tilting his head to the side and placing his hands in his pockets. The necklace and gauntlets were new, the armor was somewhat newer, but they were overall leaving little a difference on Sey. His abilities would have to be shown in combat, and he could not wait. He also brought himself the ability to change his abilities quite quickly as well. "I assume we are going through another mini-dungeon? If so, I have quite a surprise for you lot today!" Sey: 1,345 HP | 130 EN | 19 DMG | 6 Holy | 6 Recovery | 62 MIT | 1 EVA | 3 Heavy Momentum | 1 Paralyze | 1 Bleed
  12. Summary: Both Sey and @Hikoru- 3 SP, 200 Col, Rhino's Horn [Consumable]: (Applied to a Weapon. When attacking, on the First Crit, the attack ignores 40% Mitigation of the target it's attacking. If it is an AoE it only applies to the first target hit, not all 4. If this item is stacked with a Phase Weapon, the 40% Phase ONLY affects Block instead of overall Mitigation.) [This Item drops Once Per thread]
  13. Wouldn't you know it, Sey would walk into the shop with a smile on his lips as he saw his order waiting for him. Kirbs did a fine job by the looks of it, an evasion and a set of recoveries. How lucky for him~. "Thanks, love. Much appreciated~." And with that, the boy would take the item and put it into his inventory. The materials were paid over to Kirbs thrice over, so he was quite secure in what he had for his build. This was all about luck and to see what effects would trigger at what time. But that was besides the point! Now he just needed to make a grand exit and go help with some pirate business, apparently there was already a plan in motion for it. +1 Meralia
  14. Sey

    Skill Refund Evaluation

    Mods(s) Being Dropped: Rank 5 Heavy Armor Mod, Stonewall SP Refunded: 15 Cost: 15,000 Col
  15. Sey and Hestia are back to deliver more gifts on behalf of the Sanctuary! Enjoy! Burn, Keen, Bleed? Sounds like we have a DoT build on ours hands for @Itzal! A king is not without his crown, but does one forget @Domarus' armor? Our show, our rules! @Hestia gets a spiky armor, so pointy! How elegant and dangerous~ And for the lovely @tricolor_mina, we have the Sanguineaire Sol! Looks like we have lot's of DoT people, all the passive aggressive damages to be had~ That is all, everyone! Make sure to claim em!