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  1. Missing sao so much but know if I come back I won't have the time to stay active :'(

    1. Stryder


      Was trying to find a cool song to put here but i couldn't find one XD Hope lifes going well for ya!

    2. Damien
  2. Happy 101st birthday, bro!


  3. Yo guys apologies for the absence. Gonna try to come back now.

  4. Sorry for my inactivity the last week, my dog ran away and have been looking for him. Anyways, will try to get back as soon as possible.

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    2. Shield


      Putting familiar things out where your dog can smell them and find its way home is supposed to help. Good luck, man.

    3. Vale


      Yeah we lost Izzy. One of our four Cats. She has a collar and everything. We hope she gets found, and we're contacted.

    4. Damien


      Thank you guys.

  5. Poll on a change to the loot minimum here: 

    Post your opinions! 

  6. I had an idea. As there are overhealth potions, skills that buff up HP, etc. I feel the loot minimum should be based on level.

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    2. Calrex


      @Damien I believe that the Loot rules have actually been updated to be off of level rather in level recently. Just checked here: 


      Loot Minimum Parameters
      HP = (Floor# * 4) OR (x * 10) -- Whichever is higher
      Damage = (Floor# * 8) OR (x * 3) -- Whichever is higher
      ( x = Level of the highest level character )

      Is this the type of change you were referring to?


    3. Damien


      Yep! Takao beat you to it, sorry. But thank you all the same! @Calrex

    4. Aereth


      *gets summoned by his boss*

      i assume the problem is already solved? 

      Well at least no we know that the summoning works. xD

  7. I love my @Shark on Tuesdays. Shark is love, Shark is life.

    1. Shark


      <3 Damien is love, Damien is life! On Wednesdays @Damien

  8. Shark is love, Shark is life. @Shark
  9. Damien

    [F02] «Long Live the Queen»

    Damien accepts quest.
  10. Damien

    New Loot Table Poll

    Tell me when this becomes a thing, cuz I'm going searching for equipment! xD
  11. Woohoo first indoor track meet tomorrow morning! So excited! Also, good job to @Morgenstern at our power-lifting meet.

    1. Morgenstern


      *Flexes* It was nothin

  12. @Hydra I believe in you! Can't believe you are taking the bet with the risk of having to join the Knights of the Blood Oath.

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    2. Mack


      Pfft... only support and not membership! A NEW BET APPEARS!

    3. Hydra


      Haha, sorry, Mack. I would have accepted the original bet if not for the crescent moon having some stuff going on behind the scenes. This alternative bet I will definitely agree on!

    4. Mack


      Want dat weapon.

  13. Woohoo just signed up for my first indoor track meet! So excited!